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Ask an American-Corporate Data Security; consulting versus consultancy; to conduct versus to operate Words:system administratorsocial media to craft painfully tool kit attack technique solution packaged optimist to up (one) gamenext-generation defense innovation consulting consultancy to conduct to operate 0666#6579;Part . Opting a slower pace of life in the 1st century.A. Keywords. life, fast, slow down.Vocabulary. embrace, drench.Now listen to the first part of a report on how some people opt a slower pace of life in the 1st century. Read the outline first, while listening focus on some supporting details. Then answer the questions.As you may have noticed life is fast-paced.We travel on bullet trains and jets. News comes to us at the speed of light.And with cell phones and the Internet and of course, fast food, most people rush through their days, trying to do more in less and less time.But not everyone. Some people are trying to slow down, and instead of racing through life, actually experience it.Journalist Carl Honore admits that not long ago his life was a breathless race with time.;In the old days, when I was a speedaholic, if you like, my whole life was just a long list of things to do.To finish all those tasks, day after day, Mr Honore says he became obsessed with saving time whenever he could... a minute here, a few seconds there.He says people usually dont realize that their whole life has turned into an exercise in hurry up until they get a wake up call... and something stops them in their tracks.Mr Honore wake up call came three years ago when he began ing bedtime stories to his 3-year-old son.Id go into his room at the end of the night and I just couldnt slow down.Id be speed ing The Cat in the Hat, which is ridiculous. I heard about a series called one-minute bedtime story, which is a horrible idea, but in my first reaction was, What a great idea, I must get some.And that when I caught myself, and I just thought ;No, this has gone too far.;To improve the quality of life, Mr Honore says, people need to embrace what he calls ;the philosophy of slow;.;I think that one of the cultural assumptions we make nowadays is that slow is bad and that slowing down means being lazy, or unproductive or giving up.But the opposite is true. Now more than ever in this high-tech 7 technology drenched society, we need moments if slowness.When you work more slowly, you actually work better, your productivity goes up.So you know, sometimes you have to go fast at work. People need to do things at the right speed.They need to re-learn the lost art of shifting gears. 5031. What is the girl shopping ?A. a present her motherB. a present a friendC. a present her father. How much is the black wallet?A. .95B. .95C. $.953. Why doesnt the girl like the brown wallet?A. There isnt a place to put pictures.B. It too big and heavy.C. She doesnt like the color.. About how much does the girl have to spend?A. .00B. $.00C. $.0. What does the girl decide to buy?A. a black walletB. a brown beltC. a tie 3735Voice 1: Aid groups around the world are working to stop the illegal slave trade. These include Anti-slavery International, World Vision, and Tearfund. They encourage people to work together to help stop the slave trade. But what can normal people really do to stop the slave trade?声音1:全世界的救援组织都致力于阻止这种非法的奴隶交易这些救援组织包括“反奴役国际”、“世界宣明会”、“泪水基金”等他们鼓励人们团结起来,为阻止奴隶交易提供帮助那普通人能做些什么来阻止奴隶交易呢?Voice : Well, it is important to remember one thing. Knowledge is power. And knowing about the human slave trade can prevent you and other people becoming victims. Do you know people who want to travel to Europe or America? Do you know men who claim that they can help? You can warn people about the dangers. There is no way to get legal travel documents except from an embassy or consulate. There are no honest people who make illegal travel documents! If someone offers these things, you cannot trust them.声音:重要的是要记住一件事知识就是力量了解人口奴隶交易可以防止自己和他人成为受害者你认识想去欧洲或美国的人吗?你认识声称能提供帮助的人吗?你可以提醒人们这样做很危险除了大使馆或领事馆以外,没有其他地方能提供合法旅行文件制造非法旅行文件的人都是不诚实的人!如果有人提供这些东西,你不能相信他们译文属 50

6,000 Chinese Employees Vacation Together6000中国员工同游法国Chinese health care company, Tiens, sent over 6,000 employees on a trip to France to celebrate its th birthday last weekend. In addition to becoming the largest tour group to visit the country, the group, dressed in matching hats and T-shirts, set a Guinness World Record. While in Nice, they used their bodies to spell out the largest human sentence: Tiens’ Dream Is Nice In The Cote d’Azur. The Chinese company spent million dollars on the all-expenses-paid trip, which included a private tour of The Louvre.上周,中国保健品公司天狮集团为了庆祝集团成立周年,组织6000多名员工游法国这也是史上最大规模的旅行团,除此之外,他们整齐划一的帽子和T恤也创造了吉尼斯世界记录在尼斯,他们用人体队形拼写出了“天狮梦想尼斯绽放”的最长句子天狮此次旅行的所有费用为00万美金,还包括在罗浮宫的私人游译文属原创,,不得转载 376330

Ah!Hey!Oh.Well done, Boys! Looks like ice-cold sushi breakfast.No, no, son, over here. See the lion? Look at the lion and you get the lion. Ooh, hah, now son, you gonna grow up and be like your daddy someday. You got to learn how to fight.Dada.That that Alakay, let me show you something, Okay? You see this mark? You and me are the same, and when you are bigger, you are gonna be alpha lion just like your daddy. Now let me see you fight. Ready? No, Alakay. No dancing. You just amuse yourself, don't you? You are a strange kid. You're a strange one. Hah hah hah. Come on. Let's try it again. Stop it. Stop! Doggone it! It's so disappointing when they don't grow up the way you want them to.Oh, come on. You are not to challenging me again, are you?Look on the bright side, Zuba, perhaps I defeat you and take over as alpha lion you'll have so much more time to spend with your pathetic excuse of a son.Bee I kick your butt, let me ask you why do you really want to become the alpha lion?I'm better looking. I have better hair and I'm deceivingly smart and I want everyone to do what I say.Oh.We'll fight on three.One.Pay attention, Alakay. Daddy wanna show you how it's done.Two three!Who's alpha lion?You are.Don't you get it and that, Alakay, is how you attack. Alakay?That's it! Here, kitty kitty. 81

Olympic Dogs Saved By Billionaire亿万富翁救助“奥运”Hundreds of stray dogs wandering around Sochi were at risk of being disposed of last week until a Russian billionaire swooped in to save the day. Prior to the opening of the XXII Winter Olympics, the dogs had been looked after and fed by the builders working at Olympic Park. The stray dogs began to go hungry after Olympic Park was finished, and became a concern to organizers. When a multi-billionaire heard the news that the animals were going to be disposed of, it reminded him of the stray dog he rescued as a child. He decided to help fund a nearby shelter to pick up the strays. Since then, the shelter has saved over 0 stray dogs in Sochi. Many of the animals have aly been adopted by local families.上周,数百只流浪“漫步”索契,并遭屠杀危险,俄罗斯亿万富翁救了它们第届冬奥会开赛在即,奥林匹克公园内的建筑工人曾一直照料它们公园建成后,小们开始挨饿,并引起了主办方的担心当亿万富翁听到小即将遭到屠杀时,这让他想起了小时候曾经救过的一只流浪犬并决定在附近寻找庇护所收养小自此,救护所收养了0多只索契流浪许多已得到了当地民众的收养译文属原创,,不得转载 18970

Part 3. Returning to the moon.Keywords. UK, China, the moon, collaborate, Change program, scientific instruments, space station.Vocabulary. robotic, phase, Briton, Apollo , Beagle Probe.Listen to a news report about returning to the moon, complete the news summary and briefly answer the questions you hear.Scientists in the UK have expressed enthusiasm China plans to explore the moon with robotic spacecraft and are keen to take part in the adventure.British scientists are seeking to collaborate with their Chinese counterparts on the Change program.This four-phase program could see the return of astronauts to the moon surface the first time since the Apollo mission in 197.Ties between the Chinese and UK space commy have been strengthened since a visit to China made by a term of British academics, agency officials and space scientists earlier this year.At that time, discussions took place regarding the UK building scientific instruments the second phase of China lunar missions.One British academic who participated in the discussions, Professor John Zarnecki of the Open Univeristy said,;I think they are looking significant collaboration. They have got good technology themselves, but they will admit they are fairly new in space science. So they dont have all of the instrument capabilities and so on.;China has aly established itself as the third space superpower.Having successfully launched two manned spaceflights, last year two Chinese astronauts spent 5 days in orbit bee safely returning to earth.But China space ambitions dont stop there.As well as a lunar landing, plans are being made to set up a permanent space station.The UK, on the other hand, has had a more modest space program.Only a handful of Britons have broken free of the earth atmosphere.Most recently, UK-born astronaut, Piers Sellers spent days on board the American space shuttle Discovery.However, British space exploration has not always gone according to plan.The Beagle probe to Mars disappeared without a trace on Christmas day, .Questions. 1. How many phases are there China Change program?. What is the aim of the Change program?3. What was discussed during UK team visit to China earlier this year?. How many days did the two Chinese astronauts spend in space bee returning to earth?5. How many days did Piers Sellers, the UK-born astronaut spend on board Discovery? 198


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