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This is extreme sky-diving. Nils is an extreme sport enthusiast. Jumping from a plane is no longer enough to satisfy him. With his friend Hans, he plans to scale a 100-meter-high rock face in Voss, and then jump off it. He turns his sky-diving skills to base jumping. It's a nice wall because it's a little bit 1 . So we have good space. The special thing about this spot is that we have to land on the road, so we have to take care of the cars. Assessing the traffic so that they can land safely requires precise timing, adding an extra layer of risk for these thrill-seekers. The climbing up the rock face was painful,all that hard work for a jump that will be over in seconds. When the extreme sport elites from across the world meet in Voss,a lot of parachutists deliberately land directly on the 2 in front of the Fleischer's hotel, for a beer. The hotel was built in 1889. Famous guests even included the German Emperor Kaiser Wilhelm. The hotel's changed a lot since then. But the Kaiser's old toilet has been preserved.注释:①enthusiast: n. 狂热者,热心家例句:Each article is by an enthusiast in the relevant field, for no pay, and edited by fellow volunteers.每篇内容都由某相关领域的热心人士撰写,没有稿酬,编辑者也同样是志愿人士。②parachutist: n. 伞兵;跳伞人例句:The parachutist dived from the plane. 那名伞兵从飞机上跳伞。③jump off: 跳下来;开始,开始进攻例句:The attack will jump off at midnight. 午夜一到,进攻就开始了。 课后题目: 学习完后,你能告诉我文章中空缺的单词吗?201110/156194。

Economic Downturn Hits Charities Just about every sector of the economy and every household has been hit by the global economic downturn. But spare a thought for those who rely on charity to get by. The squeeze has spelt disaster for them too. Sara Merchant has more. Just when some people are most in need, others have less to give. In these lean times, greater numbers are relying on charity. But donations are getting harder to raise. Judy Nord hopes her card-making will some day raise money for charity. Her cancer diagnosis forced her to give up paid work. And when she’s not receiving treatment in hospital, she is at home, often worrying about how to survive on benefits of less than 60 pounds a week. The cost of living has risen sharply. And for the first time in her life, she is dependent on help from family and from charity. I saw a lot of people out there that really really do need that support. I wouldn’t have this roof over my head still, that, you know, that would have been gone, cause I just wouldn’t be able to afford the mortgage. I wouldn’t be able to afford the bills or anything. I don’t know. I don’t know where I’ll be. Charities are being squeezed in two ways-- demand for their services has increased by 72% in the last twelve months, but almost a third have suffered falls in donations. That means many charities are having to cut costs by making staff redundant. Gee, for the governments are bailing out the banks who have caused this problem, they need to think about the victims of recession and our work and therefore a financial package to support our work with the victims of recession is important. Corporate donations from the city are dwindling, and falling property prices mean the value of legacies is diminishing. It means there’s more pressure on individuals to be generous. Charity begins at home, I think, at the moment. (I think we will.)If we could afford it, we would donate it. I think I would volunteer as well in different ways than probably just giving money. I still give. You know, I give every month through like on direct debit, so now I don't get it affect me much at all. As tougher times threaten, charities just can’t afford to keep losing.Sara Merchant Sky News.参考中文翻译:经济体中的每一个部门和每一个家庭都受到经济低迷的冲击。但是想一下那些依靠慈善救济来生存的人。经济危机对他们也造成了巨大的灾难。Sara Merchant来报道详细内容。当一些人最需要帮助的时候,其他人却没有什么可以给予的。在这个困难的时候,更多的人需要救济,却更难得到捐赠。Judy Nord希望有一天她能够募集到慈善资金。她身患癌症,不得不放弃带薪工作。不在医院接受治疗的时候,她待在家里,一直担心依靠每周60英镑怎么生存。生活成本急剧上升。在她生命中第一次,她要依靠家庭和慈善救济的帮助。我看到许多人真的非常非常需要帮助。我也已经没有房子住了,你知道,房子会被收回的,因为我无力付抵押贷款。我没钱付账单和任何东西。我不知道,我不知道我今后该怎么办。慈善机构两天之内就变得资金薄弱,对慈善救济的需求在过去的12个月里增加了72%,但是几乎三分之一的慈善机构受到的捐赠减少。这意味着许多慈善机构要通过减少员工来削减成本。现在政府在拯救那些导致这些问题的,但是他们也需要考虑一下经济萧条的受害者,考虑一下我们的工作,然后出台一套财政方案来持经济萧条的受害者,这是非常重要的。该城市公司的捐赠减少,下降的财产价格意味这遗产的价值缩水。这导致个人面对这更大的压力,很难慷慨起来。我认为,目前救济要从家庭内部开始。(我认为我们会的。)如果我们能可以付的起,我们会捐赠的。我认为我会通过各种不同的途径来帮助别人,而不一定只是给钱。我现在仍然会捐赠。你知道,每个月我都直接通过借记卡捐钱,所以现在根本不会影响到我。随着形势更加严峻,慈善救济款越来越少。200812/57700。

Fat fingered sumo wrestlers given iPadsJapanese sumo wrestlers have been given iPads to communicate because their fingers are too fat to use a standard mobile phone.The Japan Sumo Association is distributing about 60 iPads among all the 51 training stables and top association officials from this week to help improve communication."It seems rather easy to use," association chief Hanaregoma. "Sending emails was very easy."The 62-year-old former wrestler admitted that while he can incoming text messages on his mobile phone, he does not know how to write replies and does not usually use a computer.But "time flies if you play with this", he said of the Apple gadget.The iPad was chosen because the sumo association believed the device was big enough to cater to wrestler's fat fingers, unlike the smaller keys on mobile phones, according to reports.Sumo officials decided to go digital and buy iPads as the ancient sport attempts to mend its ways after scandals over wrestlers' ties with gangsters and illegal gambling, match-fixing and brutal hazing of apprentices.The sport's authorities faced loud public criticism for their clumsy efforts to investigate the scandals, in part due to insufficient sharing of information among sumo leaders.With a reliance on faxes and phone calls, the sumo association has occasionally failed to distribute urgent messages to its officers and stable masters."If we place this (iPad) in all the stables, we should be able to contact them anytime," the association's spokesman Nishonoseki has said.Vocabulary:sumo: a Japanese style of wrestling, in which the competitors are extremely large(相扑)cater to: 满足……的需求mend one's way: 改变作风,改邪归正,改正错误match-fixing: 内定比赛结果,非法操纵比赛haze: to play tricks on somebody, especially a new student, or to give them very unpleasant things to do(戏弄,欺凌)背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/112504。

阿卡帕纳是最大的梯形金字塔,曾被认为是一座人工堆建的小山。阿卡帕纳金字塔是遗址中最大的建筑,塔底平面呈长方形,长180米,140米。One thousand years before Columbus, they were pyramid builders, warriors, the architects of an empire in South America. The Tiwanaku lived in a valley of Lake Titicaca for 1,500 hundred years. And then their civilization vanished, leaving behind only stone ruins and the enduring mystery of their passing. The center piece of Tiwanaku's spiritual power was the Akapana Pyramid, surrounding the pyramid, cities and temples, was a vast maze of channels and regions, though they look like irrigation ditches, they were far too complex.The mystery of their purpose is one that archaeologist Alan Kolata had been struggling to solve. Kolata had a hunch, and to prove it he asked the local farmer to plant crops along the channel banks. Then the archaeologist and the farmers led in the water. Crops spouted and began to grow. But then a tremendous frost hit the outer planter. It devastated other fields, but the crops landed along the canals were not affected.The key to the sophistication of these, uh, of these raise fill system are really these canals that you see here all around me. What's important about the maze is they function like gigantic solar collectors. If you fetch this water you'll see that it's warm enough to bay, and it's truly remarkable and here we are up at 14,000 feet. And that's really the key to the system. It really prevents frost from damaging the crops that would be growing up on these field platform services here.The mystery was solved. The Tiwanaku had found a way to control the environment of the valley itself. Their canals store heat during the day, then radiate it over the fields at night. This remarkable system provided the wealth to build an empire, and to keep it for over a millennium. But then a mid-growing political turmoil, the empire began to decline. For the Tiwanaku, it was the end, but for the local farmers, it is a new beginning. Secure from the frost, the raise fields proved to be seven times more productive, providing hope for a better harvest, and pride for their ancestor wisdom that is returned from the past.04/67630。

Immigration: The Human CostThe Onion News Network's Jean Anne Whorton looks at how immigration has affected one former corporate executive. America's Immigration Problem.This controversial issue is often reported with facts and information that are very difficult to relate to. Our Jean Anne Whorton filed this report on the human cost of Mexicans.“Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free.” These are the words enshrined at the base of the Statue of Liberty and in the hearts of every true American. But those words were written thousands of years ago and as millions of new immigrants flood across our borders each year, the American worker is paying the price.Until July of last year, Raymond Boyle was a senior vice president of business development at Lucent Technologies, headquartered in Dallas, Texas.I never thought this would happen to me. The man who took Ray Boyle's job is Alberto Fuentes, who illegally crossed the Arizona-Mexican border in the back of a melon truck 2 years ago. I think the job gave me a sense of pride. Every week I brought home a cheque. It was able to feed the family.And how much were you making? 840,000 and a half percent share on the company. An internal memo leaked to the Onion News Network revealed that Fuentes was willing to work for significantly less. Boyle was forced to sell his Texas estate and moved his family into their summer home in The Hamptons. Unless you’ve gone through it yourself, you can’t imagine what it’s like to live year-round in your summer home. I don’t know what we’re gonna do. I refused to work, so it’s been very hard for us. Fuentes, who speaks no English and has no formal business training, has spurred double-digit growth since last quarter. His supervisor say it’s his ability to put in long hours without taking vacations. I hope that Mexican man is happy with daddy’s job. So Raymond Boyle and thousands of other Americans just like him face an uncertain future. It’s a difficult adjustment, no doubt about it. I’m working long hours and the waitresses make a lot more because they get the tips and I don’t. It’s really unfair. The whole system is really unfair. For the Onion News Network, I’m Jean Anne Whorton.01/60355。

If yoursquo;ve ever driven by a wind farm, you may have noticed that the turbines most likely have three blades. Not two, not five, but three. Now, you may think that if the point of a wind turbine is to capture wind, wouldnrsquo;t five blades capture more wind than three? And wouldnrsquo;t capturing more wind translate to generating more electricity? Why? The answer depends on whatrsquo;s meant by capturing wind. The goal of an electricity generating turbine isnrsquo;t exactly to capture the most wind possible. Itrsquo;s to capture wind with the greatest efficiency. And engineers have found that three blades is the most efficient and least troublesome way to harvest wind.如果你曾经经营过风力发电的农村,你可能已经注意到,涡轮机,最可能有三个叶片。不是两个,也不是五个,而是三个。现在,你可能会认为风力涡轮机的就是为了能尽可能多地捕捉到风,个叶片捕获的风不是更多吗?捕获更多的风能从而产生更多的电力?为什么呢?取决于捕捉风的平均数。风力发电涡轮的目标是并不完全使要进坑捕捉到多的风。而是要最有效第捕捉风。工程师们发现,三个叶片是最有效地捕捉风,而且是最不麻烦的方式。164413。

US Criticizes Gadhafi Plan to Pitch Tent Near New York for UN Meeting美官员批评卡扎菲出席联大住自搭帐篷 A senior State Department official on Monday criticized, as "awful," a reported plan by Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi to pitch a tent in a New York City suburb next month when he is due to attend the opening of the U.N. General Assembly. The Obama administration is aly upset over the warm welcome the Libyan government gave last week to the man convicted of the 1988 Pan Am airliner bombing over Scotland.美国国务院一名高级官员星期一批评利比亚领导人卡扎菲参加联合国大会开幕式的时候在纽约市郊搭建帐篷的计划“糟糕透顶”。与此同时,奥巴马政府对利比亚政府上周热烈欢迎曾经于1988年在苏格兰上空炸毁泛美客机的一名被法庭定罪的罪犯表示失望。As host country of the ed Nations, the ed States is obligated by treaty to allow Mr. Gadhafi and other world leaders to attend U.N. activities. 作为联合国的东道国,美国有责任根据国际条约允许卡扎菲和其他世界领导人参加联合国的活动。But officials here are making no secret of their unease about his reported plan to pitch his trademark Bedouin tent at the New Jersey residence of Libya's U.N. mission chief during his stay.但美国官员并没有掩饰他们对卡扎非在逗留期间的一项计划表示不满。据报导,卡扎非计划参加联大期间在位于新泽西州的利比亚驻联合国代表团团长官邸的空地上起一座他的招牌帐篷。The Libyan leader greets visiting foreign dignitaries in a tent at home. And in recent years, he has stayed in a tent while attending some international meetings.这位利比亚领导人经常在帐篷里接待外国贵宾。近些年来,他在出席一些国际会议期间也住在帐篷里。A report in Newsweek magazine this week says Mr. Gadhafi decided to put up the tent at the Libyan residence in Englewood, New Jersey after having been denied permission to pitch the elaborate tent in New York's Central Park.美国的新闻周刊本周的一篇报导说,卡扎菲提出在纽约市的中央公园搭起一座引人嘱目的帐篷的要求被拒绝之后,他决定在新泽西州英格尔伍德市的利比亚驻联合国代表的官邸搭一座帐篷。The plan has stirred opposition in Englewood, which has a large Jewish population and which is near the homes of some family members of Americans killed in the 1988 airliner bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland, for which Libya accepted responsibility and paid compensation.该计划在英格尔伍德引起争议。这个地区有大量犹太人,同时也靠近1988年在苏格兰洛克比上空的客机爆炸事件中丧生的一些美国家庭的居所。利比亚同意对爆炸事件承担责任,并向这些家庭付了赔偿。A senior official who spoke to reporters here called the idea to put the tent in Englewood "awful," but said the State Department was still discussing its formal position on the matter. 一名高级官员向记者表示,利比亚领导人在英格尔伍德搭帐篷的想法“糟糕透顶”。他表示,国务院仍在讨论对于此事的正式立场。The same official termed as "disgusting" the hero's welcome the Gadhafi government gave to convicted Lockerbie bomber Abdel Baset al-Megrahi, who was released from prison by Scottish authorities on Thursday because he suffers from terminal cancer.这位官员说,卡扎菲政府给予被法庭定罪的利比亚人阿卜杜勒.巴塞特.迈格拉希英雄般的欢迎“令人憎恶”。他星期四被苏格兰当局释放,因为他患有晚期癌症。At a news briefing, State Department Spokesman Ian Kelly said Libya's treatment of Megrahi will affect the U.S.-Libyan relationship.在新闻发布会上,美国国务院发言人凯利说,利比亚对迈格拉希的态度会影响美国和利比亚的关系。"The celebration of his return was extremely disturbing, and we have made it quite clear to the Libyan government - both publicly and privately - that we're going to be watching very closely how they receive this man," said Ian Kelly. "And if they continued to lionize him in a public fashion, that these kinds of public demonstrations can only have a profoundly negative effect on our relationship."凯利说:“凯旋般迎接他的返乡令人感到极为不安。我们已经在公开和私下场合向利比亚政府很清楚地表示,我们会非常密切地关注他们如何接待这个人。而且,如果他们继续大张旗鼓地欢迎此人,这种公开展示的方式只能对我们的关系产生深远的负面影响。”Saif al-Islam Gadhafi, the son of the Libyan leader, was among a jubilant crowd that welcomed Megrahi at the Tripoli airport on Thursday. The Libyan leader himself visited Megrahi at his home on Saturday.利比亚领导人的儿子赛义夫.伊斯兰.卡扎菲也在星期四出现在的黎波里机场欢迎迈格拉希的人群中。卡扎菲本人星期六到迈格拉希家中亲自看望他。President Barack Obama called last week for Megrahi to be put under house arrest. The senior official who spoke here noted that the convicted terrorist has not left his home since arriving there, and credited Libyan authorities with acting to limit the size of the airport crowd.奥巴马总统上个星期呼吁把迈格拉希软禁在家。不过,这位美国高级官员注意到,这位被定罪的恐怖分子回家之后还没有离开过家,他也对利比亚当局采取措施限制在机场欢迎的人数表示肯定。Spokesman Kelly said the ed States disagreed "passionately" with the decision of Scottish authorities to release Megrahi on health reasons. 美国国务院发言人凯利说,美国坚决反对“苏格兰当局决定出于健康原因释放迈格拉希”。But he said it will not damage the traditional warm relationship between the ed States and Britain and that U.S. officials accept at face value British denials that trade considerations affected the Scottish decision.但他表示,这个事件不会损害美国与英国传统的友好关系。美国官员也接受英国关于苏格兰的决定并非是受到贸易因素的影响的表面说法。08/82548。

Oil company BP is considering a so-called "static kill" to seal off its damaged Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico, even as plans go forward to complete a relief well nearby. The plan would have to be approved by U.S. government officials who are working closely with BP engineers at the site.The static kill would consist of an operation to pump mud into the damaged well through the cap that was successfully placed over it last week. The mud would overcome the flow of oil and gradually reduce the pressure so that the well could be sealed from above. In a conference call with reporters, BP Senior Vice President Kent Wells explained."On the static kill we will actually start pumping at very low rates and just marginal pressure above what it is currently at," said Wells. "After we get some mud in the hole, assuming everything goes according to plan, the pressure at the well head actually starts to go down, so you very quickly start to see benefits."The advantage of the static kill is that it would push the flow of oil back down into the reservoir below the ocean floor and then seal it with cement. The procedure would effectively choke off the lines and openings of the old blowout preventer that failed to shut off the flow of oil after the explosion on the drilling rig in April. The static kill is similar to the unsuccessful top kill that BP tried in May. Company engineers think that a reduction in oil flow pressure now favors this approach.Kent Wells says BP is continuing with its plan to intersect with the underground well shaft by next week and that one of two relief wells being drilled is now within a few meters of that intersection 4,200 meters below the seabed. Mud and cement would also be used in this procedure to seel the well below the seabed. Wells said the tandem approach of the static kill and relief well should permanently seal the well by the middle of August, assuming U.S. officials approve the plan. But, he said, company engineers are moving very slowly with what he called an abundance of caution so as not to have any unintended consequences.Wells said BP is continuing to test the pressure of the well daily and is using seismic tests to make sure there are no leaks from the seabed."We are looking to see if we see any signs of oil and gas leaking out and, to this point, of all the lines we have run and all the analysis we have done, we have yet to see any anomalies that would indicate we have oil or gas leaking out of the Macondo well, i.e. that we do not have integrity of the well," he said.Over the weekend, scientists monitoring the seabed near the damaged well found seepage in an area around three kilometers away, but the U.S. government's point man on the disaster, former Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen, says the leaks are not consequential and probably are associated with another abandoned well in the same area. There are also natural seepages of oil from the Gulf seabed that are totally unrelated to oil and gas exploration and production activity. Even if all goes according to plan and the well is permanently sealed off sometime next month, clean-up operations will continue for some time to come. Skimmers are being used on ships at the site of the oil slick in an attempt to clean oil off the water surface, while crews in some coastal areas of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama are trying to clean befouled beaches and marshes. The ecological damage from the spill could take years to overcome and environmental experts say some sensitive areas may never completely recover.著名石油公司BP正在考虑一种叫作“静态封杀”的方法来封堵墨西哥湾受损的马孔多油井,尽管他们在附近完成一个减压井的计划不变。这个计划将要得到在现场和BP工程师密切合作的美国政府官员的许可。 “静态封杀”的程序包括通过上星期成功安放的堵油罩将泥浆泵入受损油井。泥浆会封堵泄漏的石油逐渐降低油压,从上方封闭这口油井。 在与记者的电话会议上,BP高级副总裁肯特.维尔斯对这个工程进行了解释。 他说:“在实际采用静态封杀技术时,我们开始会用泵以很低的速度输送,用比目前压力稍大的压力。我们在孔中填上一些泥浆后,如果一切都符合计划的安排,井口的压力会开始减弱,很快就可以开始看到成果。” 静态封杀的优点是可以将泄漏的石油用压力推回海底结构之下的天然蓄油仓,然后用水泥封堵。这个过程可以有效地封闭原有防喷器的管线和开口,这些部位在水上钻台四月发生爆炸后都无法止住原油从海底涌出。静态封杀技术和5月BP不成功的顶部封杀措施相似。公司工程人员认为,降低漏油压力最好使用这种方法。 肯特.维尔斯说,BP公司下星期将继续实行地下油井相交计划。两口减压井中正在钻探的一口井距离二者在海床下4200米处的接点只有几米远了。泥浆和水泥在这个过程中将得到利用,以便封堵海床下面的油井。维尔斯说,如果美国官员同意这个计划,静态封杀和减压井这种串联方式在8月中旬应该会永久性地将油井封闭。但是他说,公司工程人员正以非常谨慎的态度缓缓推进有关进程,以免出现不想得到的结果。 维尔斯说,BP公司还在每天继续测试油井压力,并利用地震试验来保海床不发生泄漏。 他说:“我们正在观察是否有任何漏油或漏气的征兆,到目前为止,我们放置的所有管线和我们做的所有分析都显示,我们还没有看到任何显示油气从马孔多井中泄漏出来的异常现象,就是说我们没有井融问题。” 在刚刚过去的周末,监测泄露油气的海底油井的科学家们发现,在漏油油井三公里远的海底某处,又有新的油气有渗透出来的现象。但是,美国政府负责处理这次BP漏油事件的官员、前海岸警备队将军艾伦说,这次新发现的漏油迹象,同前一段漏油油井没有关系,很有可能同那片海域另外一个废弃油井有关。201007/109841。

Rice Warns Against Foreign Aid Cuts, Protectionism赖斯告诫不要削减对外发展援助 U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is appealing to wealthy countries not to cut development aid or resort to protectionist trade practices in the face of the global economic crisis. Rice was the opening speaker at a White House-organized summit on international development. 美国国务卿赖斯呼吁富裕国家不要削减发展援助,也不要在面对全球经济危机时诉诸贸易保护主义的做法。在白宫组织的国际发展峰会上赖斯发表了开幕讲话。The White House summit was organized in part to highlight foreign aid efforts by the Bush administration, which Rice says collectively amount to the biggest U.S. international development initiative since the post-World War Two Marshall Plan. 组织这次白宫峰会的部分目的是为了强调布什政府所作的对外援助努力。赖斯说,这些援助努力加起来相当于第二次世界大战的马歇尔计划以来美国最大的国际发展项目。But the proceedings have been overshadowed by the global market and credit crisis and there is deep concern among participants that U.S. and other world development aid will fall victim to crisis-related austerity moves. 但是项目受到全球市场和信贷危机的阴影笼罩。与会者担心美国和其他世界发展援助将受到与危机相关的紧缩行动的制约。In her opening address, Rice said moves to trim foreign aid and protect home markets are understandable under the circumstances, but in the long run, counterproductive. 赖斯在开幕词中说,削减对外援助和保护国内市场的行动在目前情况下是可以理解的,但是长期看,会产生相反效果。"When times are hard, as they are now, every nation is focused on protecting its own interests. That is entirely legitimate and it is to be expected. But what we cannot do, what we must not do, is to allow our generosity and our concern for others to fall victim to today's crisis. Reneging on our commitments to the world's poor cannot be an austerity measure," she said. 赖斯说:“当局势艰难的时候,就像现在这样,每个国家会集中在保护自己的利益上。那也是完全合理的,而且是可以预料的。但是让我们把对他人的慷慨和关切受制于今天的危机,这是我们不能做的,我们不允许做的。放弃我们给世界上的穷国的承诺不能成为一种紧缩措施。”Rice said while recent foreign-aid budgets might now seem unaffordable, the world cannot afford not to come to the aid of poor, weak and poorly governed third-world states that could be sources of regional or global instability. 赖斯说,虽然最近对外援助的预算现在看来无法承受,但是世界不能承受不帮助穷人、弱者和管理混乱的第三世界国家。这些国家可能是地区或全球不稳定的源头。The secretary also warned of the slide into trade protectionism that economists believe made the economic depression of the 1930s even worse. She said completion of the stalled Doha round of international tariff-cutting negotiations would send a powerful signal that the world's response to the current crisis will be fundamentally different than the past. 赖斯国务卿还对贸易保护主义倾向提出警告。经济学家认为贸易保护主义让1930年代的经济萧条更为严重。她说,完成停滞的多哈回合国际削减关税谈判将发出一个强烈信号,那就是世界对当前危机的反应会和过去有根本的不同。Rice was followed to the podium by Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who praised U.S. aid to her country following its civil war, and said the world looks to the ed States to lead the way out of the current crisis. 在赖斯之后上讲台的是利比里亚总统瑟利夫,她称赞美国在利比里亚内战后对利比里亚的援助。她说,世界指望在美国的带领下走出目前的危机。"Developing countries will be looking to the ed States to step up during these turbulent times and emerge as the true global leader for democracy, stability and expanding economic opportunities for the poor," she said. "Strong global leadership and vision, alongside local country commitment, is needed now more than ever." 瑟利夫说:“发展中国家将指望美国在这动荡时刻期间能够挺住,并且作为全球民主、稳定和为穷国扩大经济机会的领导者。现在比以往更需要坚强的全球领导和视野以及当地国家的承诺。”The elected Liberian leader said her country is now well on its way to stability and can be a model for a West African region known in the recent past for civil warfare, warlords, child soldiers and so-called blood diamonds. 这名通过选举产生的利比里亚领导人说,利比里亚现在正迈向稳定,利比里亚能够成为西部非洲地区的典范。这个地区最近因为内战、军阀、儿童士兵和所谓血钻石而出名。200810/53607。

Bush Orders Airlift of Supplies for Darfur Mission布什下令向达尔富尔无偿空运物资  U.S. President George Bush has authorized an American airlift of equipment for African Union and ed Nations peacekeepers in Sudan's troubled Darfur region. 美国总统布什授权美国有关部门向苏丹战乱地区达尔富尔的非洲联盟和联合国维和人员空运设备。The president has spoken for some time of his resolve to help the peacekeeping mission in Darfur. 布什总统一段时间以来一直谈到他决心帮助达尔富尔的维和使命。Now he has told the State Department to start the airlift immediately without reimbursement from the ed Nations. 现在,他对美国国务院说,美国将在不需要联合国偿还有关费用的情况下立即开始向达尔富尔空运物资。"I have provided a waver to the State Department so they can begin to move 240 containers worth of heavy equipment into Darfur, and that the Defense Department will be flying Rwandan equipment into Darfur to help facilitate the peacekeeping missions there," said President Bush. 他说:“我已经批准国务院不收取联合国的费用,这样他们就可以开始向达尔富尔运送240个集装箱的重型设备,美国国防部也将把卢旺达的设备空运进达尔富尔,帮助执行那里的维和使命。”Mr. Bush spoke after talks with Salva Kiir, a former south Sudanese rebel leader who is now the First Vice President of Sudan. He is part of a national unity government established as a result of a 2005 peace agreement that ended 22 years of civil war between northern and southern Sudan.  布什是同苏丹第一副总统萨尔瓦.基尔会谈后说这番话的。基尔曾经是苏丹南部地区反政府武装的领导人,现在担任苏丹第一副总统。苏丹各派在2005年达成了和平协议,结束了苏丹北部和南部长达22年的内战。之后,苏丹成立了全国团结政府,基尔现在是政府的一部分。Salva Kiir also holds the title of president of semi-autonomous southern Sudan. And Mr. Bush invited him to the White House to get a status report on developments both in his region, and nationally as well. 基尔也是半自治的苏丹南方政府的总统。布什总统邀请基尔来到白宫,请他谈谈南部政府和整个苏丹的最新情况。"And the vice president brought me up to date on what had been accomplished and what still remains to be accomplished," said Mr. Bush. 布什说:“副总统告诉我苏丹已经完成的一些什么事,还有什么需要完成的。他使我了解到那里的最新情况。”The Bush administration has been relentless in its criticism of Sudanese President Omar Bashir - blaming him for the humanitarian crises in Darfur and elsewhere. 布什政府一直强烈批评苏丹总统巴希尔,指责他造成了达尔富尔和苏丹其它地区的人道主义危机。Salva Kiir has indicated he plans to run for the nation's top job when Sudan holds elections later this year. President Bush referred to him as a leader, who is trying to bring all the rebel groups in Darfur together for peace talks with the government.  基尔表示,他计划在苏丹今年晚些时候举行大选时竞选总统。布什称基尔是一位领袖,他试图将达尔富尔所有反政府组织聚集起来同政府进行和谈。The Bush White House has come under some criticism lately for its handling of the Sudan crisis - particularly in the New York Times newspaper.  最近,布什政府在处理苏丹危机方面受到了一些批评,特别是美国的“纽约时报”。In a written statement on the airlift, the president's national security advisor - Stephen Hadley - went to the unusual step of singling out Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, who has called for military pressure on Sudan to end the killing in Darfur. Hadley, who defended the administration's Sudan policy, said human-rights groups oppose military action. 布什的国家安全事务顾问哈德利在关于空运物资问题发表的声明中罕见地特别提到了“纽约时报”的专栏作家纪思道。01/60543。