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It#39;s a safe bet that some 200 countries and regions competing in the London Olympics are represented in the British capital.保守地说,有来自200多个国家和地区的代表团在本届伦敦奥运会上一决胜负。But who will represent London? One of the city#39;s oldest and signature communities is trying not to get lost in the *clamor.但是谁能代表伦敦呢?整个城市中最古老和最具代表性的群体正试图在喧嚣中表明自己的地位。Cockneys have been proud residents of London#39;s East End for centuries – and they want to make sure the world knows it.考克尼人是多个世纪以来自豪的伦敦东区市民not;——并且他们想要全世界都知道这一点。Traditionally, a Cockney is anyone ;born within the sound of Bow bells; – the bells of St Mary-le-Bow church in the heart of medieval London. It#39;s usually taken to mean a working-class native Londoner.在传统意义上,考克尼人指的是;出生时能听到圣玛丽-勒-波教堂钟声的人;——该教堂位于中世纪时伦敦的中心地带。它通常泛指土生土长的东伦敦区工人。Cockneys speak in a distinctive accent. East Enders, as they are often called, use a distinctive form of rhyming slang, in which ;would you believe it; becomes ;would you Adam and Eve it?;考克尼人的口音与众不同。人们常常称他们为;伦敦东区人;,他们使用独特的同韵俚语(同韵俚语使用一个与单词押韵的短语代替这个单词)。比如把;would you believe it(你相信吗?);说成;would you Adam and Eve it(;Adam and Eve;是伦敦东部地区的押韵俚语,与;believe;是相同意思。)Pearlies盛装的伦敦小贩Flamboyantly dressed figures with their black costumes covered in thousands of pearl buttons - does that ring a bell?这些身穿缀满珠母纽扣的黑色饰、盛装打扮的小贩,是不是让你觉得很熟悉?They are probably among the most recognizable Cockney symbols – the so-called Cockney royalty: Pearly Kings and Queens.他们或许是最鲜明的考克尼象征之一——这就是所谓的;考克尼皇室;:珠母纽王和王后。Organized by local officials before the Olympics, these ;Kings and Queens; met journalists and guests in an East End pub to help raise some awareness for the Cockney culture.奥运会开幕之前,在当地官员的组织下,这些;国王和王后;们在东区的一家酒吧里同诸位记者和来客见面,借此让人们了解考克尼文化。The ;pearlies; have their origins a century ago in a street sweeper named Henry Croft, who adapted the button-festooned clothes worn by London apple-sellers to help draw attention to his charity *fundraising.这些;穿着缀满珠母纽扣节日盛装的伦敦小贩;的历史可以追溯到一个世纪之前,那时有位名叫亨利#8226;克罗夫特的清洁工。他将伦敦苹果商贩所穿的以纽扣镶边的装加以改造,以吸引人们来参加他的募捐活动。Today, pearlies across London elaborately decorate hand-sewn outfits to raise money for charity. Many pass their honorary Cockney titles on from parent to child. But they worry their traditions may soon be lost.如今,为了筹钱做慈善,整个伦敦的盛装小贩精心装饰着一件件手工缝制的装。许多小贩将这种象征荣誉的考克尼人头衔传给下一代。但他们还是担心这种传统文化不久将消亡。;We are dying out,; said Jimmy Jukes, the Pearly King of Bermondsey and Camberwell in south London. ;A lot of people think we#39;re just about fancy dress.;;我们这种传统濒临衰退,;来自伦敦南部坎伯威尔和柏孟塞区的;珠母纽王;吉米#8226;朱克思如是说。;很多人认为我们只是喜欢穿着花哨罢了。;Changing times时代在变Some believe the distinctive Cockney brand of English is also in danger of dying out. In today#39;s East End, the children of immigrants speak with Cockney accents, but their slang is as likely to come from American *jargon.有些人相信,与众不同的考克尼英语也面临着消亡的危险。在如今的伦敦东区,虽然外来移民家庭的孩子说的是考克尼口音,但是他们说的俚语可能来自美国方言。Yet most Londoners recognize that ;apples and pears; is a slang for stairs or ;trouble and strife; means wife, even if they wouldn#39;t use the expressions themselves.然而大多数的伦敦人还是能够辨别出俚语;苹果和梨;指的是楼梯(编辑注:pears和stairs押韵),;麻烦和冲突;指的是妻子(编辑注:strife和wife押韵),尽管他们自己可能不会使用这些表达。But don#39;t count the Cockneys out just yet. This is a community that#39;s proud of its resilience. East Enders, after all, withstood the bulk of wartime bombing and personify Britain#39;s ;Blitz Spirit;.但是,不要忽视考克尼人。这是一个以坚韧为荣的群体。毕竟这些伦敦东区人经受住了战火的考验,而且赋予了大不列颠的;闪电战精神;。Local resident Vicky Groves hopes to share that culture with the world during the Summer Games.作为土生土长的考克尼人,维奇#8226;格洛夫斯希望借夏季奥运会之机,与全世界分享考克尼文化。;All eyes are on London,; she said. ;I think it#39;s great to be able to say, we#39;ve got traditions that go back hundreds of years.;;全世界都注视着伦敦,;她说。;我们有着几百年的传统,我想这样向世界宣告是再合适不过的了。; /201208/194590。

Color颜色Colors can influence more than your mood. Each color has a special significance in attracting, or repelling, the power of the planets.颜色能够影响你的不仅仅是你的情绪。每种颜色在吸引或抵制行星的作用力时都有特殊的意义。Black黑色Saturn is attracted by black, and because Saturn has a negative effect on children, youngsters are cautioned never to wear black clothing. It is a good color, however, for persons born under the signs of Libra, Aquarius, or Capricorn.土星被黑色所吸引。因为土星对孩子有负面影响,所以年轻人被告诫决不要穿黑色的衣。但是对于出生属于天秤座、宝瓶座或羯座的人来说,黑色却是好的颜色。Blue蓝色The color associated with Venus as well as the color of the sky, blue has been sacred in religions dating back to prehistoric times. Today it is associated with the Virgin Mary. We sometimes say we are ;blue; when we are less than happy. Still, blue is a happy, even lucky color for most of us. And when we have unexpected good luck, we often say it came ;out of the blue.; It is an especially lucky color for people born under the signs of Aquarius, Libra, and Taurus.让人联想到金星和天空的蓝色,在史前时期就具有宗教上的神圣意义。如今,人们把它与圣母马利亚联系在一起。我们不大高兴时,有时会说我们“blue”,表示有些忧郁。但对于我们大多数人来说,蓝色仍然是个象征快乐、甚至吉祥的颜色。当我们有意外的好运时,我们常说“喜从天降”。对于出生属于宝瓶座、天秤座和金牛座的人来说,蓝色是个特别吉祥的颜色。Blue neckbands have been worn for centuries by nursing mothers in parts of Europe. They believe the color protects their babies from fevers. And what bride would tempt fate by walking down the aisle without ;something borrowed, something blue;?在欧洲部分国家,奶妈佩戴蓝色的围颈带已有数百年的历史了。奶妈们相信蓝色能够防止婴儿发热。再说新娘,哪个敢冒险在举行婚礼时不戴得“有借有蓝”? /201205/181125。

In the Water在水里Sure, we#39;ve all heard that swimming laps and water aerobics will keep us fit, but there are plenty of less fitness-focused activities that can also count as, well, exercise.大家当然都知道,游泳和水中有氧运动会让我们保持健康,但是还有许多较少关注身材保持的活动也可以算作运动。Snorkeling: Burn Factor 318 calories浮潜:燃烧值318卡Many of us lucky enough to be hitting a tropical beach this summer will find ourselves strapping on fins and snorkel masks to check out the local marine life. The upside to getting those masks tangled in our hair is that we#39;ll burn over 100 calories for every hour we#39;re exploring.这个夏天,我们当中的许多人都有幸能够来到热带海滩,自己穿上脚蹼和潜水面罩一探海洋生物。虽然浮潜会让面罩与头发纠结在一起,但好处是每次进行潜水活动都消耗了超过100卡路里。Kayaking: Burn Factor 318 calories划独木舟:燃烧值318卡Many oceanside areas offer kayak tours to check out nearby landmasses and wildlife. While smelling that fresh, salty sea air and figuring out just how to make that canoe like thing turn the way we want, you#39;ll torch just as many calories as you would on a stationary gym machine-sans sweaty-shorts guy panting next to you.很多海边地区提供皮船旅行,让人们探索附近的陆地和野生动植物。一边呼吸着这般新鲜而咸咸的海滨空气,一边想着如何让这种皮筏运动变成我们想要的运动方式。虽然在固定健身器材上你将消耗一样多的卡路里,但是周围却没有了穿着短裤还喘着气儿卖命划桨的人。Around the House在屋子周围Summer often adds more outdoor chores to our to-do lists. The good news? Many of these are tiring, because they also count as exercise.夏天通常会在我们的任务清单中多添上很多户外劳作。好消息是:很多劳作都很累人,因为他们也被算作是一种锻炼。Mowing the Lawn: Burn Factor 350 calories修剪草坪:燃烧值350卡We all love two-for-one deals, and when chores can double as exercise.我们都喜欢买一赠一的交易,当这种家务劳作也可以当成锻炼的时候也是这样。Gardening: Burn Factor 255 calories园艺:燃烧值255卡The good news is that all that digging, raking, pushing, pruning, and weeding is worth a significant amount of calories. Lack a garden? Find a local farm that#39;ll let you go berry picking.好消息就是挖掘、耙松、推挤、修枝和播种都是消耗大量卡路里的活动。没有花园?那就找一个当地的农场,去采采浆果吧。Washing the Car: Burn Factor 286 calories洗车:燃烧值286卡Another summertime double whammy-you can save money and get fit just by sudsing up your own vehicle. All it takes is breaking out the sponges, soap, and towels, and you#39;ve put in just as much effort as we would have on the StairMaster.另一个夏季;双重灾难; 是:你可以自己洗刷爱车,既省了钱,又达到了塑身的目的。所需要的就是拿上海绵,肥皂和毛巾,然后使出你在阶梯器上花费的力气就可以咯。In the Great Outdoors在美妙户外Without rain in the forecast, we can get outside in the sun (wearing plenty of sunscreen, of course) to try these recreational activities, and spend less time indoors at the gym while we#39;re at it.天气预报说没有雨的话,我们就可以到外面的阳光下(当然要涂些防晒霜)来尝试这些活动,能出门的时候就花少一些时间在室内健身室里喽。Playing Tennis: Burn Factor 445 calories打网球:燃烧值445卡It doesn#39;t take very long on the court to break a sweat. Turns out, that#39;s thanks to the massive amount of calories you#39;ll burn perfecting that backhand.在球场上,不消多久你就会流汗。事实明,熟练的反手击球会帮你燃烧掉大量的卡路里。Biking for Fun: Burn Factor 509 calories骑单车消遣:燃烧值509卡That#39;s right, biking at just a moderate speed burns around 500 calories in an hour. I#39;ve started riding my bike to work every day-incorporating activity naturally without it really feeling like ;exercise time.; Work too far from home to ride there? Just bike to the store when you can, or for fun around your neighborhood.没错,速度适中地骑单车能够在一小时内燃烧大约500卡路里热量。我每天开始骑车上班,把活动自然地合并,让它看起来不像是;锻炼时间;。上班的地方离家里太远,不能骑过去?那就在去商店的时候骑车过去喽,或者在附近骑车消遣也可以。Rollerblading: Burn Factor 764 calories轮滑溜冰:燃烧值764卡It#39;s a little cheesy, sure, but for 700-plus calories per hour, what more creative way to get from place to place when the sun is shining than Rollerblading—especially if you#39;re somewhere with a nice bike path.这个运动稍微有点俗气,当然了,冲着一小时燃烧700+的卡路里的份儿上,在如此烈日炎炎之下,又有什么更加有创意的方式能让你从一处很快到另一处呢---特别是如果你在一处有很好自行车道的地方。Dancing: Burn Factor 414 calories跳舞:燃烧值414卡Spending a steamy summer night learning salsa or grooving to some live music? Yes, please. Calories or no calories, jamming alfresco screams summer for all the senses.是说学跳萨尔萨舞曲或是在现场音乐中起舞来度过潮湿的夏季夜晚吗?对,就是这样。不管能不能消耗卡路里,先让所有感官被户外热热闹闹的夏季填满吧。 /201207/188780。

With 2012 London Olympics approaching, the 396 athletes of the Chinese Olympic team are in the spotlight. Many people have paid particular attention to the of the athletes, especially Chinese star hurdler, Liu Xiang.随着2012年伦敦奥运会逐渐临近,中国奥运代表团里的396名运动员成为了各方瞩目的焦点。运动员们的食谱是怎样的,特别是“飞人”刘翔会吃些什么,让很多人十分好奇。At his training base in Xinzhuang, in southwest Shanghai, Liu Xiang has his own ;champion canteen;. For athletes, what and how to eat actually is not a simple nutrition issue, because eating out could cause an accidental intake of illegal drugs contained in the food, which could lead to doping accusations during the games.在位于上海西南部的莘庄训练基地里,刘翔在基地食堂拥有一个单独的“冠军灶”。因为外出就餐可能造成兴奋剂误,导致比赛中药检不合格,所以运动员吃什么、怎么吃已经不单纯是一个普通营养学问题了。Special chefs have been put in charge of Liu Xiang#39;s diet. Besides considering Liu Xiang#39;s personal tastes and eating habits, the chefs must ensure foods offered to him are safe and healthy.刘翔的饭菜由专门的厨师负责。除了考虑到口味和饮食习惯,厨师更要保刘翔在饮食环节安全、健康,避免吃到不放心的食物。According to the regulations of the Shanghai Sports Bureau, meat offered to athletes must first be sent to Beijing for testing. Everyone at the bureau takes food safety as the top priority.根据上海市体育局的相关规定,目前上海所有优秀运动员食用的肉禽产品,都要送到北京经过检测后方能下厨。体育局将食品健康问题当做最重要的工作来抓。In the cafeteria at Liu#39;s training base, the hurdler has his own dining table. Generally, once he arrives at the cafeteria, the chef will prepare five to six dishes for him, which generally arrive five minutes later. Staff on duty inform the chef to prep for Liu#39;s meals in advance.在训练基地的食堂里,刘翔拥有自己的专座。一般情况下,每顿饭厨师会为他专门准备五六个菜品;当刘翔来到餐厅落座后,厨师会在五分钟内为他端上热气腾腾的饭菜。刘翔如果要回基地就餐,会有专人提前通知食堂,厨师立即投入准备。One day in the middle of June, the outside air temperature was 33 degrees. Liu Xiang came to the cafeteria in a sweat at 11:30 a.m. after his training program. Once he took his seat after washing his face, one dish had aly been served. One chef, who was preparing fried beef steak for other athletes, immediately stopped his work and started to cook a different steak in another pan, once he heard that Liu Xiang was coming.六月中旬的一天,气温达到了33℃。中午11点30分左右,刘翔从训练场直接来到餐厅。他进来后打开水龙头洗了一把汗津津的脸,然后坐到自己的位子上。此刻,厨师已经出锅了一盘蔬菜,端到刘翔面前。正在为其他运动员煎牛排的另一名厨师听说刘翔来了,立刻停下手头还没有煎熟的牛排,换上另一口锅,然后往锅里放上一片与前一锅形状不一样的牛排,翻煎起来。The chef said all the beef prepared for Liu is imported from overseas. Before being cooked, the meat is sent to Beijing where it is inspected for safety and quality.厨师说,这是供刘翔吃的进口牛肉,每批都要送到北京检测,确认安全合格后方能下厨。According to chefs at the training base, the milk Liu Xiang drinks was finally chosen after he evaluated dozens of imported and domestic milk brands, amounting to thousands of individual tastings.训练基地的厨师说,刘翔喝的牛奶也是餐厅专门为他选购的。刘翔经过无数次试喝之后,从国内外几十种品牌中选出了其中的一种。Liu also eats seafood and organic vegetables, he said, but he doesn#39;t eat pork, as the fat content is too high. In order to win the men#39;s 110 m hurdle competition, he needs to reduce his body fat as much as possible to allow all muscles to play a good role to the greatest extent.除此之外,刘翔还吃海产品和有机蔬菜,但他不吃猪肉。厨师介绍说,猪肉的脂肪含量太高。为了在男子110米栏比赛中获胜,刘翔要尽可能地减少无用的脂肪负担,让全身的肌肉最大程度地发挥作用。;Liu Xiang is always polite to all of the staff in cafeteria,; his chef said emotionally, ;He eats all of foods that I prepare, without any complaints or any special offers. He is worthy of being called a #39;star athlete#39;.;厨师向记者感叹说,刘翔对食堂工作人员一贯很客气,厨师做什么他就吃什么,从不挑剔抱怨,是一位实至名归的体育明星。 /201207/191610。