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《都是戴茜惹的祸电影台词 -- :18: 来源: 《都是戴茜惹的祸电影台词1. This is temporary. So don't go getting your hopes up.这只是暂时的所以你别想得太美了. I made an exception the kid. But there is no exception that mongrel.我是为了孩子才破例的但是我可不会为那只杂种破例3. I make the rules here, and it's plain: no pets.在这里我说了算,而且我说得很清楚:不许养宠物. Opal thinks the world of him.欧宝非常喜欢看重他5. Get lost, you bald-headed babies!滚开,你们这两个秃头娃娃6. You're just a couple of skinny-armed chickens.你们不过是两个细胳膊细腿的胆小鬼7. I don't know what's gotten into him.我不知道他着了什么魔8. You're such a goody-goody.你真是个好好先生伪君子9. You're so busted.你真是一败涂地. Well... don't dwell on it, child.别惦念这事了,孩子精对白欣赏:1. I can see only the general shape of things. So I rely on my heart. Why don't you go ahead and tell me everything about yourself, so I can see you with my heart?. She said she couldn't stand havin' all those ladies at church judgin' her on how she sang and what she was wearing and what she cooked. She said it made her feel like a bug under a microscope.3. But, you know, we should judge Otis by the pretty music that he makes and how kind he is to all them animals. 'Cause that's all we know about him now... right?. Gloria said that Naomi was like one big mistake tree. And every person was its own bottle, hanging in the wind, all empty and alone. Miss Franny thought it had been that way ever since the candy factory closed years ago. People lost more than their jobs. They lost each other.5. I swept the floor real slow that day. I wanted to keep Otis company. I didn't want him to be lonely. Sometimes it seemed to me like everybody in the whole world was lonely.6. I thought about how life was like a Littmus lozenge (sugar), how the sweet and the sad were all mixed up together and how hard it was to separate them out.7. Miss Franny said the problem with people here is that they got how to share their sadness. but what I think is that people got how to share their joy.8. You cannot hold onto anything that wants to go. Do you understand what I'm sayin'? You just got to love it while you got it. And that's that.精对白片段:Opal: Doesn't it look better?Winn-Dixie: (barks)Opal: Now where you takin' me. Winn-Dixie?Dewberry boys: That dog looks like a dirty carpet! (boys giggle) Yeah.Opal: I can hear you. I can hear you guys behind me.Dewberry boys: You better watch out! That dog's headed right the witch's house.Opal: Winn-Dixie. Come back here! Winn-Dixie!Dewberry boys: You better go get your dog out of there.Opal: Get lost, you bald-headed babies!Dewberry boys: Hey. That witch is gonna eat that dog dinner and you dessert! I wouldn't go in there, Baloney Breath.Opal: Baloney Breath? You're just a couple of skinny-armed chickens.Dewberry boys: We'll tell the preacher what happened to you.Opal: (whispering): Winn-Dixie? Winn-Dixie, where are you?Gloria: Give me this. I said. Let it go. Let it go! Give it! Give it to me!Winn-Dixie: (grunts softly )Gloria: Let it go. I said.Opal: Stop it!Gloria: Oh! (grunts, then gasps) Who's there?Opal: (shuddering) Um. Please, don't eat me. D-D... Don't eat me! I don't taste good! I don't taste good! Please, help!Gloria: Eat you? You silly child. How can I eat you? (laughs)Opal: Where's my dog? Did you eat my dog?Gloria: Hardly. But he darn near bit my hand off stealing my sandwich! Where is he? Where is the dog? Where's the dog? Where is the d... Oh. I hear him. I hear him. He's smackin' his lip. He sure loves peanut butter. Listen at him. (laughs)Opal: I'm sorry I got on your property.Gloria: Hmm.Opal: My name's Opal.Gloria: My name is...Gloria. Gloria Dump. Isn't that a terrible last name? Dump?Opal: Well, my last name's Buloni. Sometimes the kids at school, they call me Lunch Meat.Gloria: "Lunch Meat." (chuckling) Oh, my. Well, I'm pleased to meet you, Lunch Meat. What you call your friend here?Opal: Oh, that's Winn-Dixie.Gloria: Winn-Dixie? You mean like the grocery store? Now, that takes the strange-name prize, don't it? Woo-wee! (laughs)Winn-Dixie: (whines)Gloria: Oh, no. Hmm-mm. This one's mine. I'm gon' eat this one. You know, baby girl...these eyes of mine, they don't see too good no more.Opal: You can't see?Gloria: Well...you know, I can...I can see only the general shape of things. So I rely on my heart. Why don't you go ahead and tell me everything about yourself, so I can see you with my heart?Opal: Well. The first thing you should know about me is that...my dad's the preacher, which was why we moved to Naomi. (voiceover) I had been waiting so long to tell a person everything about me, I couldn't stop. I told Gloria Dump everything. And the whole time I was talkin', Gloria Dump was listening.Gloria: I see. I see.Opal: But the most important thing you should know about me...is that I don't have a mama.Gloria: You don't have a mama.Opal: Somethin' happened to her that made her go away, and I don't know what it was. Well, then the Dewberry boys... (voiceover) I could feel her listening with all her heart. And it felt good. 都是戴茜惹的祸电影台词。

  • Me -- :55: 来源: MeHello , everybody! Do you know me ? My name is Liang Qikun. My English name is Jenny. I am from China . I am ten years old . I am a clever girl . I have short black hair , big black eyes , big ears , a small nose and a small mouth . I am not very tall and not very thin . My hobby is ing books . My favourite sport is adventuring. I can play the piano very well . This is me.。
  • 北京四日游 --19 :36:9 来源: 北京四日游There are many ways to tour the Chinese capital. A better approach is to savor it like a stick of candied haws, one haw at a time and with long intervals to relish the flavor, rather than like a big apple that you bite off simply because it's good you and will keep the doctor away.Day 1Given the unpredictability of the weather, you should be y to swap the days on this calendar. Unless visibility is very low, this detour out of town should be placed early in the schedule because there's a lot of climbing to do.Any visit to Beijing is incomplete without a hike on the Great Wall. However, the Wall is thousands of miles long and the Beijing section constitutes only a small part, albeit the most touristy part. The default choice is Badaling, but I recommend Juyong Pass, which is less crowded but no less spectacular. Depending on your health and preference, you can climb very steep steps or have a ramble on the relatively flat areas. There are numerous locations great photo opporties. (Did I say you should pick a clear day to go when your eyes can reach the most remote beacon tower?)A side trip to the Ming Tombs will take you into the underground palaces where of the Ming Dynasty (68-) emperors were laid to rest. Of course, you don't need to see them all. (Only two of them are open to the public anyway.) A sampling of Dingling, which is the mausoleum of the th emperor and his two empresses, should be enough.A hike on the Great Wall is a must firsttime visitors to Beijing.WEN BAO CHINA DAILYDay You can call this the axis tour as all sites designed this day are located along the invisible line that runs vertically through the center of Beijing. If possible, do this on a weekend and mingle with other tourists. It's a small price to pay the experience of being among Chinese, many of whom are not tourists.Start at the Temple of Heaven at the southern point of the axis. Where emperors used to hold ceremonies to pray to heaven, from which their power was presumably derived, ordinary Chinese derive their enjoyment from group singing, dancing, tai chi and all kinds of recreation on a weekend morning. Against the backdrop of imperial grandeur is a slice of Chinese life at its most heartfelt and spirited.Stop at the Echo Wall and discover the wonder of voices bouncing back and th, somewhat like an echoing chamber where opinions with strong similarity m an impression of diversity.Saunter north and cross the main street - you may have to take the underpass - you'll find yourself inside Tian'anmen Square, the political heart of China. There's the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall at the center, the Great Hall of the People to the west and the Chinese National Museum to the east, but not all of them may be open on any given day. But no matter, the outdoor part is where the awe is, being the largest square in the whole world and carrying all the political and historical gravitas associated with it.Where the square ends, the bidden City begins, at least as it stands now. Pass through the guard-protected Golden Water Bridge and the thick walls of Tian'anmen Rostrum, and - viola - you're inside the palace proper, now officially known as the Palace Museum. You have to plan carefully because you can sprint across it in one hour or take a full day and still won't finish a portion of it. A reasonable plan is to have lunch at Qianmen and spend a whole afternoon in the square and the palace. That involves miles of walking.You may want to skip the small hill where the last Ming emperor killed himself and ended a dynasty, but you should probably have dinner in the Drum Tower area where traditional food is in abundance. When dusk sets in, it's time to travel further north and discover new Beijing.Day 3If your feet ache miserably from the previous days' sightseeing, you may want to slow down. Skipped the National Museum? No problem, you can make it up with a trip to the Capital Museum where the exhibits have more surprises. Take a stroll along Wangfujing, the modern shopping street. The walking is much less intensive and the budgeted time much more flexible.In case you are wondering how Beijingers used to live, you'll need to veer from the grand architecture and into the residential alleys, known as hutong. The South Gong and Drum Lane (Nanluoguxiang) is a good choice because it also functions as a bohemian enclave frequented by arty types. There is even a tiny theater where expats put on English-language plays.A short walk northwest takes you to Shichahai, a lake surrounded by more bars and hutong. The traditional and the modern blend seamlessly into each other.You may want to finish the day off by catching a permance of Peking Opera. I'd recommend one of those easy-to-digest shows customized international travelers, but if you're more adventurous, there's more variety at the National Center the Perming Arts - less touristy, more authentic and of a much higher caliber. The venue itself is worth the price of admission.Day This day is designed those with boundless energy and who have finished all stops on the previous portion of the schedule.The Summer Palace in a northwestern suburb of the city is a sprawl of exquisite corridors and a huge lake. Bee it was built, there was the Old Summer Palace, or Yuanmingyuan, which was looted and burned down in 1860 during the Second Opium War. The ruins are a stark reminder of imperialist invasion and feudal impotence.Buddhism is a major religion in China, with millions of temples dotting the nation's landscape. You cannot possibly avoid them when you venture deep into the country. But inside Beijing, the Lama Temple, though not a typical site of worship most Chinese, has a unique fascination. It is a symbol of Tibetan Buddhism.If people watching at Shichahai is tantalizing, you may want to spend the last night in Beijing in Sanlitun, the serious nightlife area and a favorite with the hip crowd, local and eign. Here, bartenders may be able to speak English and the favorite drink of your homeland could be available.Beijing has many charms, which it reconciles in a vibrant mix of rhythm and imagery. It may not represent all of China, but it is a pretty good place to start exploring the wonders of the whole country. 北京四日游。
  • :狐假虎威续 --01 :6:5 来源: :狐假虎威续旁白:I think everybody knows the Chinese story “A Tiger in Tow" . You know the fox cheat the tiger. When the tiger knew the truth, he felt very angry. He hated the fox very much. Can you imagine when the fox meet with the tiger again, what will happen?One day, a new story happens.Scene I 琵琶弹奏:《金蛇狂舞场景:狐狸在前面跑,老虎在后面追老虎一把揪住狐狸,喘三口气后,将狐狸翻转过来老虎:(暴怒地,用手指指着狐狸的鼻子)You cheat me last time. Cheat me! How dare you! Now, you are dying. Ah ha ha ha!狐狸:(背过头去,小声地):Oh, unlucky! What shall I do?(回过头来,可怜地):I feel very sorry cheating you last time,but, but ,but……(左顾右盼)老虎:(疑惑地)But what?狐狸:(推脱中)But…….(眼睛往远处上下打量,迷恋状,脚不由自主地走出去)Beautiful!老虎:(一把将狐狸拽回来) What?狐狸:(向远处努努嘴)You girl friend Linda! Look, she’s there!老虎:(傻呼呼,左右张望,急忙放手去找)Where? Where? Linda, I love you!(狐狸乘机溜走)(l老虎望着空空如也的手) I hate fox!(气得上窜下跳)Scene II旁白:Untunately, after a few days, the tiger meet with the fox again.老虎在森林里又遇到了溜达中的狐狸,又一下子冲上去把狐狸压在爪下(琵琶拨一下弦,以示紧张的情绪)老虎:(暴怒地)Now, you can make a choice. You want me bite you head first or your fat leg first?(先抚狐狸的头发,再打量狐狸的腿)狐狸:(回过头去,表情像遇到鬼)Shit!(又回过头来,非常可怜状)(二胡《梁祝响起)Oh, oh, oh, oh, help yourself to some fox please. I hate myself, too.(狐狸捂着脸痛苦地跪下)My mother says I’m not a good boy. I always tell lies.(狐狸突然蹿起来) But, they say, tiger is a kind of strong animal. Maybe the strongest animal in the world. Bee I die, can you show me how strong you are?老虎:(得意极了,做出各种健美展示姿势)Of course. I’m a great animal. I’m proud of myself.狐狸:(试探地)I heard there was a Chinese called 刘翔. He can cover 1 meters in seconds. Can you?老虎:(想想就好笑)Wa ha ha ha ! wa ha ha ha! Poor mankind! How slow! Wash your eyes! (老虎用手将狐狸的脑袋推开)Look!(老虎一溜烟跑了起来)狐狸:(挥挥手,远远望去)sa yu na la! (二胡配轻松得意的音乐) :狐假虎威续。
  • 和老虎(The Dog and the Tiger) -- :59:00 来源: 和老虎(The Dog and the Tiger)  Long long ago, a little dog lived near a stream.  One day, he went to the stream drink water. The water was clear. The tiger came. The tiger asked,“You are a big dog ,I want to eat you.”But the dog was not afraid. He said, "Look,in the stream there is a big dog.”The tiger trusted him. He jumped in the stream.  The tiger did not return. The dog was very happy.。
  • 日常聊天口语对话篇:()Golden Oldies 老歌金曲-- ::57 Kevin:: So what's your favorite golden oldies?Keiko: You mean my favorite song? I don't know. that's like asking me what was my favorite day last year.Kevin: Well, let's make it your favorite song from the sixties.Keiko: I guess, that's a little easier. No, wait, there's a lot of good songs from the sixties. Kevin: Okay, how about your favorite Beatles song from the sixties?Keiko: That still give me years to choose from.Kevin: All right. How about 1965?Keiko: That's better. Wait. I have no idea what songs came out in 1965.Kevin: Here, take a look at this top song hits chart from 1965. Keiko: Thanks. Oh, okay. This is easy. My favorite Beatle song from 1965 has gotta be "Yesterday.". Kevin: Isn't "Yesterday" every Japanese person's favorite Beatle song?Keiko: I have no idea. What makes you think that?Kevin: Well every time I go to a karaoke bar in Japan and look at the song selections, I only find about 3 English songs: "Yesterday", "My Way", and "I Left My Heart in San Francisco"Keiko: Oh, that's funny but you're right. My gosh, you must have been to a lot of karaoke bars.Kevin: As a matter of fact I have. I swear they all use the same song list book.Keiko: By the way, what's your favorite song from 1965?Kevin: "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" by the Rolling Stones.Keiko: I'm not surprised.。
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