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Rice Warns Against Foreign Aid Cuts, Protectionism赖斯告诫不要削减对外发展援助 U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is appealing to wealthy countries not to cut development aid or resort to protectionist trade practices in the face of the global economic crisis. Rice was the opening speaker at a White House-organized summit on international development. 美国国务卿赖斯呼吁富裕国家不要削减发展援助,也不要在面对全球经济危机时诉诸贸易保护主义的做法。在白宫组织的国际发展峰会上赖斯发表了开幕讲话。The White House summit was organized in part to highlight foreign aid efforts by the Bush administration, which Rice says collectively amount to the biggest U.S. international development initiative since the post-World War Two Marshall Plan. 组织这次白宫峰会的部分目的是为了强调布什政府所作的对外援助努力。赖斯说,这些援助努力加起来相当于第二次世界大战的马歇尔计划以来美国最大的国际发展项目。But the proceedings have been overshadowed by the global market and credit crisis and there is deep concern among participants that U.S. and other world development aid will fall victim to crisis-related austerity moves. 但是项目受到全球市场和信贷危机的阴影笼罩。与会者担心美国和其他世界发展援助将受到与危机相关的紧缩行动的制约。In her opening address, Rice said moves to trim foreign aid and protect home markets are understandable under the circumstances, but in the long run, counterproductive. 赖斯在开幕词中说,削减对外援助和保护国内市场的行动在目前情况下是可以理解的,但是长期看,会产生相反效果。"When times are hard, as they are now, every nation is focused on protecting its own interests. That is entirely legitimate and it is to be expected. But what we cannot do, what we must not do, is to allow our generosity and our concern for others to fall victim to today's crisis. Reneging on our commitments to the world's poor cannot be an austerity measure," she said. 赖斯说:“当局势艰难的时候,就像现在这样,每个国家会集中在保护自己的利益上。那也是完全合理的,而且是可以预料的。但是让我们把对他人的慷慨和关切受制于今天的危机,这是我们不能做的,我们不允许做的。放弃我们给世界上的穷国的承诺不能成为一种紧缩措施。”Rice said while recent foreign-aid budgets might now seem unaffordable, the world cannot afford not to come to the aid of poor, weak and poorly governed third-world states that could be sources of regional or global instability. 赖斯说,虽然最近对外援助的预算现在看来无法承受,但是世界不能承受不帮助穷人、弱者和管理混乱的第三世界国家。这些国家可能是地区或全球不稳定的源头。The secretary also warned of the slide into trade protectionism that economists believe made the economic depression of the 1930s even worse. She said completion of the stalled Doha round of international tariff-cutting negotiations would send a powerful signal that the world's response to the current crisis will be fundamentally different than the past. 赖斯国务卿还对贸易保护主义倾向提出警告。经济学家认为贸易保护主义让1930年代的经济萧条更为严重。她说,完成停滞的多哈回合国际削减关税谈判将发出一个强烈信号,那就是世界对当前危机的反应会和过去有根本的不同。Rice was followed to the podium by Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who praised U.S. aid to her country following its civil war, and said the world looks to the ed States to lead the way out of the current crisis. 在赖斯之后上讲台的是利比里亚总统瑟利夫,她称赞美国在利比里亚内战后对利比里亚的援助。她说,世界指望在美国的带领下走出目前的危机。"Developing countries will be looking to the ed States to step up during these turbulent times and emerge as the true global leader for democracy, stability and expanding economic opportunities for the poor," she said. "Strong global leadership and vision, alongside local country commitment, is needed now more than ever." 瑟利夫说:“发展中国家将指望美国在这动荡时刻期间能够挺住,并且作为全球民主、稳定和为穷国扩大经济机会的领导者。现在比以往更需要坚强的全球领导和视野以及当地国家的承诺。”The elected Liberian leader said her country is now well on its way to stability and can be a model for a West African region known in the recent past for civil warfare, warlords, child soldiers and so-called blood diamonds. 这名通过选举产生的利比里亚领导人说,利比里亚现在正迈向稳定,利比里亚能够成为西部非洲地区的典范。这个地区最近因为内战、军阀、儿童士兵和所谓血钻石而出名。200810/53607。

Olympic Legacy: At What Cost? 奥运后的希腊 National pride, budding sports stars and fantastic facilities -we hear about the 'legacy' the Olympic Games will leave behind in London -but at what cost? Athens hosted the 2004 games, but the 'legacy' has left people angry. Sky's Greg Milam reports. Four years on this is the Olympic legacy in Athens. Millions of pounds were spent on venues like the Beach Volleyball Center. Like many now, it's empty, locked up and its future uncertain. Graffiti covers the outside of the gymnastics arena, what should have been a huge public park looks like this. And a venue built specially for taekwondo is deserted, nothing more than a backdrop for the local fishermen. And the Greek authorities would rather you didn't see it. "No.No.NO."And it is not just the security guards. No one from the Greek government or from the company that now runs these sites or even from the ruling party here in Greece wanted to speak to us on camera. And maybe it's not surprising because 10 of the 20 venues from 2004 are not used at all for anything. And many of the others like the main Olympic Stadium here are only used every now and then. This is the Olympic legacy here in Athens. Try to visit the state-of-the-art Sailing Center and a fence blocks the way. The Greek people who paid for this can't see what they got for their money. A man down there didn't want to appear on camera, but he said that what's happening to the facility like that one there was a terrible waste. He said it was wrong that the Greek public had paid for facilities like that but weren’t allowed to use them. In fact, he said he felt ashamed to be Greek. Staphos Calliopsis was in the Olympic Kayak Squad in 2004. He, like most Greeks, is proud of the way the country staged the Games, but they worry about the long-term cost. The cost was huge, I mean, like a billion Euro per day and Greece is a small country, aly had the financing problem with, you know, the health system, with the educational system, as all know, even I think what’s worse was all this money spent. Officially all these cost Greece 8 billion pounds, unofficially the bill might eventually reach 15 billion. The district of Hellenico is home to what was some of these showpiece venues. The neglect here angers Hellenico’s mayor. Money, he says, seems more important than using venues for the public good. The cost was very big and the result was not what it should have been. The venues have not been given to the local communities with very few exceptions. The government agency that runs these venues is confident that it will eventually find people who want them. Politicians say that highlights a failure of planning. I don't think that the Greek people mind the bill, perhaps what they mind is that after the Olympics we did not use the Olympics as a springboard for the country. And the quarrel leads of the question "Was it worth it" is could we have done more to explore the Olympics afterwards and the answer is absolutely yes, we could have, in terms of using the facilities more, in terms of using the feeling that is great for a country. Everywhere people will remember 2004 this man told me, nowhere did it happen as it happened in Greece. National pride and some positives, the Athens transport network is now the envy of many countries. The Olympic Village, once temporary home to thousands of athletes is now short-term accommodation for the city's under-privileged. The country that gave the world the modern Olympics didn't get it all right in 2004. There is still time for London to learn the lessons. Greg Milam Sky News, Athens.参考中文翻译:民族自豪感,涌现的体育明星,出色的设备——我们听说了奥运会将会留给伦敦的遗产——但是成本呢?雅典举办了2004年奥运会,但是这些“遗产”将人们激怒了。Sky节目的Greg Milam报道。雅典奥运会过去已经死年龄。体育竞技场花费了数百万英镑,比如沙滩排球中心。像其他奥运体育设施一应,现在它空空如也,大门深锁,前途未卜。体操竞技场的外面满是涂鸦,就好象一个巨大的公园。特意为跆拳道建立的体育场被遗弃了,仅仅是当地渔民的巨大的背景。希腊当权者宁肯你没有看到。“不,不。”不仅仅是保卫人员,无论是希腊政府,还是现在运营这些竞技场的公司,还是希腊的统治党都没人想接受我们的采访。这或许并不出奇,因为2004年以来,20个体育场中有10个没有加以任何的利用。其他的像主要的奥运体育馆也只是偶尔利用一下。这就是雅典奥运会留下的遗产。看看最新式的帆船中心,栅栏挡住了去路。希腊人民为此付了钱,却什么都看不到。从那里经过的一个人不想在镜头中露面,但是他说那些设备简直是可怕的浪费。他说,希腊人民为这些设施付钱却不允许人民利用,这种做法是错误的。事实上,他说作为一名希腊人他感觉到耻辱。Staphos Calliopsis 是2004年奥运会皮船队的队员,他说为雅典举办奥运会的方式感到自豪,但是也担心长期的成本。我的意思是,成本非常巨大,大概一天10亿欧元。希腊是一个小国家,现在卫生系统,教育系统已经面临这严重的财政问题。我认为更糟糕的是白白的花了这么多钱。根据官方宣布,希腊花费了80已英镑,但是实际上可能高达150亿。这些仅供展览的竞技场坐落在Hellenico区。这引发了Hellenico市长的愤怒。他说,钱看上去比让公众利用这些竞技场更加重要。成本非常高,而结果不应该是现在这样。这些竞技场毫无例外的,没有向当地社区开放。政府雇佣的经营这些竞技场的代理机构确信最终他们会找到想要这些场所的人。政治家说这强调了计划的失败。我认为希腊人民不在乎花费这么高的成本,或许他们介意的是奥运过后,希腊没有将奥运作为跳板。问题“是不是值得”的焦点是我们是不是应该更多的开发奥运,毫无疑问是肯定的。我们应该做更多,应该更好地利用这些设施。世界各地的人们都会记得2004雅典奥运会,没有任何一个地方的奥运会像希腊这样。民族自豪感,还有一些积极的方面,雅典的交通网络引起许多国家羡慕。曾经是数千名运动员的居住场所的奥运村,现在成了这个城市没有特权的人都短暂居住地。这个举办世界现代奥运的国家2004做的并不完美。伦敦需要吸取这些教训。200811/57108。

Countdown starts in Beijing It's just two weeks until Beijing, China, becomes the focus of the sporting world. Sports stars don’t come bigger than this man and all simply because he is seven-foot-six. Yao Ming is the symbol of China’s lofty Olympic ambitions, and in a country now /is/ searching for new heroes. You might say that Yao is far bigger than Mao. Yao Ming is the first of a(n) new breed, an international icon from a communism nation where individual success has never been so richly rewarded. He is every inch made in China-the child of two basketball players whose union was encouraged by the government. He is adored by millions and playing in America. He earns millions. Now it is time to give his country something back. How much pressure do you feel that you and /an/other Chinese athletes are under to deliver success? It’s a big challenge. We have huge pressure and possible glory. One can’t come without the other. I will try to enjoy it. Shi Qingyu is only four but knows the same pressures. Hours each week she spent in training. Hours that would become years. Success would mean a childhood sacrifice but the reward---an escape from this that backbreaking life. Her family have known for generations. Life here is very tough, her step-father tells me. If she can be a champion, it'll change everything for us.Late at night in the remote mountain village, Qingyu and her team entertain the locals. The Olympics are uniting a diverse nation. But they have separated this mother from her daughter. Since Xiao Sha left to join the national squad, there have been nine years of newspaper cuttings but barely any personal contact.I feel sorry that I couldn’t give her a mother’s love but I believe she is doing the right thing. She is winning /the/ glory for the country. Shi Qingyu’s quest for Olympics glory is a decade away. Yao Ming starts in two weeks and the nation expects big things.John Ray, ITV News, China.参考中文翻译:任何体育明星都不会比这个人更有名气,就是因为他身高7.6英尺。姚明在这个寻找新的英雄的国家里是奥运梦想的象征。你 或许会说姚明比毛泽东地位都高。姚明是NBA里的第一个新的人种,来自社会主义国家的国际形象,在那里,个人的成功收到前所未有的尊重。他是土生土长的中国人——他的父母是都是政府篮球队的篮球运动员,他受到数百万人的敬仰,在美国打篮球。他每年赚数百万美元。现在是回报祖国的时候。你和其他中国运动员在追求成功的路上感到压力大吗?这是一个很大的挑战。我们可能获得荣耀,但是压力也非常大。荣耀和压力是相辅相成的。我会试着去享受。Shi Qingyu 才四岁,但是她也感受到了同样的压力。她每周要花费几小时的时间来训练。每周几个小时,可能要坚持几年。成功意味着要牺牲掉童年的美好时光,但是回报是——摆脱掉累人的生活。这是她的家人世世代代都知道的。这里的生活非常艰苦。她的继父告诉我们。如果她能赢得冠军,就会为我们改变一切。晚上晚些时候,在这个偏远的小山村里,Qingyu和其他队员与当地民众一起。奥林匹克把不同民族的人团结在一起,但是也让母女分离。自从Xiao Sha 离开家人参加国家队以后已经9年了,但是一直没有跟家里见面。不能给她母爱我感到很遗憾,但是我相信她在做正确的事情。她在为国家荣誉而战。Qingyu追求奥运会的荣誉已经十年了。姚明两周后就要上场,中国期待着这一刻。 200811/57387。

Women in business女人在商界Still lonely at the top高处不胜寒Several governments are threatening to impose as for women in the boardroom. This is a bad idea 一些政府威胁说要女性需要在董事会中占有一定的比例,这不是一个好主意July 21st 2011 | from the print editionIN Franccedil;ois Ozon’s latest film, “Potiche”, Catherine Deneuve (pictured) plays a trophy wife, a potiche, who spends her days jogging in a scarlet jumpsuit, making breakfast for her cantankerous husband and writing poetry perched on a sofa. But then her husband, the boss of an umbrella factory, is taken hostage by striking workers. Ms Deneuve takes over the factory and charms the workers into returning to work. She jazzes up the products and generally proves that anything a man can do, a woman can do better.在弗朗西斯#8226;奥宗(Franccedil;ois Ozon)最新电影《傀儡》 中,凯瑟琳#8226;德纳芙(Catherine Deneuve,图示)饰演一个有威望的妻子。她每天穿着鲜红色的紧身连衫裤慢跑,为她脾气坏的老公做早餐,栖息在沙发上写诗歌。但是她的丈,一家雨伞厂的厂主,被罢工的工人所扣押。德纳芙夫人接管了工厂,并以哄诱工人重新回到了工作。她重新装饰了产品,并大体上明了任何男人能做的事情,女人能做得更好。The film was set in 1977, when the only women in a typical Western boardroom were serving the coffee. Times have changed. These days no one doubts that women can run companies: think of Indra Nooyi at PepsiCo, Carol Bartz at Yahoo! or Ursula Burns at Xerox. Sheryl Sandberg, the number two at Facebook, is more widely applauded than her young male boss, Mark Zuckerberg.这部电影是以1977年为时代背景,此时在一个普通西方董事会会议室中,仅有的女性是务咖啡的。时过境迁,而今女性毫无疑问可以经营公司:想象百事可乐公司的英德拉#8226;努依(Indra Nooyi),雅虎的卡罗尔#8226;巴茨(Carol Bartz)或者施乐公司的乌尔苏拉#8226;伯恩斯(Ursula Burns)。Facebook的二把手谢勒尔#8226;桑德伯格(Sheryl Sandberg),比他的年轻的男上司马克#8226;扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)更加广受称赞。Yet the number of female bosses of large firms remains stubbornly small. Not a single one on France’s CAC 40 share index or on Germany’s DAX index is run by a woman. In America, only 15 chief executives of Fortune 500 companies are women. Britain does better, but not much: five of the FTSE-100 firms have female bosses.然而,大型公司的女一把手数量仍然相当少。法国CAC-40股价指数或者德国DAX指数所涉及的公司均不是女性所掌控。在美国,财富500强企业中,只有15家的首席执行官为女性。英国方面相对来说好一些,单也不太多。富时指数所涉及的100家公司中,5家拥有女老板。Several governments, especially in Europe, have decided that radical action is required to increase the number of women in the executive suite. Norway passed a law in 2003 that obliged all publicly listed firms to reserve 40% of the seats on their boards for women by 2008. Spain passed a similar law in 2007; France earlier this year. The Netherlands is working on one. 一些政府,尤其位于欧洲的政府,已经决定为了增加女性在经理层的数量,需要采取根本性的措施。挪威在2003年通过一项法案,要求到2008年,所有公开上市的公司有义务为女性保留董事会中40%的席位。西班牙在2007年通过了一项相似的法案;法国则是在今年早些时候。荷兰正在起草此类法案。201107/146275。

Health: Acupuncture in the UK 健康:针灸在英国 What is the single largest cause of sick leave in the UK? The answer is not the common cold or flu, but back pain. Back pain affects one in three British adults, costs the country over pound;5bn every year and is notoriously difficult to treat.But now Britain's National Health Service (NHS) will be offering a new solution: acupuncture.The ancient Chinese needle therapy has been around in the UK for many years, but this is the first time it has been officially endorsed by the NHS's advisory body, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE).Traditionally, doctors in the UK have advised back pain sufferers to stay active, do stretching exercises and take painkillers when necessary. In more serious cases some people are given X-ray treatment or injections with therapeutic substances.NICE, however, say there is evidence that acupuncture may be more effective than expensive X-rays or injections, so patients who have been suffering for over six weeks should be given a choice.As an alternative to acupuncture, patients will be able to opt for either a course of spinal manipulation, or a series of special exercise sessions.In the UK, acupuncture is classed as a complementary therapy, which is the term given to a medical procedure which hasn't been subjected to the strict trials by which scientists prove some treatments work.While many experts have welcomed the move to make acupuncture available on the NHS, some are still sceptical about its effectiveness.Research from the US earlier this month found that simulated acupuncture using toothpicks which do not pierce the skin could be as good as using real needles.So while some are yet to be convinced, back pain sufferers will be hoping that acupuncture helps get them feeling healthy and mobile again. Employers, on the other hand, will be hoping it gets them back to work.06/72460。

President Obama says that one week into the mission, U.S. and allied forces are successfully protecting civilians from attacks by Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi’s forces.奥巴马总统说,美国及其盟友已经在利比亚执行了一周的任务,成功地保护了平民免受利比亚领导人卡扎菲军队的袭击。"We are succeeding in our mission," he said. "We have taken out Libya’s air defenses. Gadhafi’s forces are no longer advancing across Libya. In places like Benghazi, a city of some 700,000 that Gadhafi threatened to show ‘no mercy,’ his forces have been pushed back."他说:“我们的任务正在取得成功。我们已经消除了利比亚的防空力量。卡扎菲的军队已经不再能在利比亚境内推进。卡扎菲曾威胁说要在像班加西之类约有70万人的城市,采取‘毫不留情’的行动,但他的部队现在也已经在那里被击退。”In his weekly address to the nation, Obama said the joint effort is showing results, and Libyan civilians have expressed gratitude. 奥巴马在他的全国每周例行讲话中说,联合行动正在奏效,利比亚平民对此表达了感激之情。"Because we acted quickly, a humanitarian catastrophe has been avoided and the lives of countless civilians - innocent men, women and children - have been saved," he said.他说:“由于我们行动迅速,避免了一场人道灾难。无数平民的生命、那些无辜的男女老幼,都得到拯救。”The president’s message was intended to reassure Americans about the purpose and effectiveness of the mission in Libya.奥巴马总统发出的信息是为了让美国人对利比亚行动的目的和效果感到安心。A Gallup opinion poll taken Monday shows 47 percent of Americans approve of the operation, while 37 percent disapprove. Separately, a CBS survey indicates that 50 percent of Americans agree with Obama’s handling of the situation, while 29 percent do not. Gallup says its approval figure was lower than for other U.S. military campaigns in the past four decades. 星期一进行的一项盖洛普民意调查显示,47%的美国人赞成这次行动,但37%的人表示并不认同。哥伦比亚广播公司所作的另一项调查显示,50%的美国人认同奥巴马应对这一局势的举措,而有29%的人持有相反看法。盖洛普表示,美国利比亚行动的持率低于美军在过去四十年采取的任何其它军事行动。White House officials deny criticism by some lawmakers - both Republicans and members of Obama's own Democratic Party - that the president did not seek congressional authorization or adequately consult with lawmakers before embarking on the military action.白宫官员否定来自某些民主党和共和党议员的批评,那些人说,总统在开始军事行动之前没有寻求议会批准, 也没有与议员进行适当的磋商。Some critics contend that Obama did not exhaust all diplomatic options before calling out the military. They also say the U.S. cannot afford the cost of the conflict, and that the nation should not be taking on a mission Libya, when it is aly involved in Iraq and Afghanistan.一些批评人士争辩说,奥巴马在采取军事行动之前没有尝试一切其它外交途径。他们还说,美国无法再承受为冲突付出的代价,这个国家不应该在同时卷入伊拉克和阿富汗战争的情况下,再承担利比亚使命。201103/129445。

Hamas Says Extended Gaza Truce With Israel Unlikely哈马斯:不会延长与以色列的停火  There has been a strong show of support for the Hamas leadership in the Gaza Strip, where tens-of-thousands of supporters rallied Sunday. The demonstration comes amid growing tension with Israel. 成千上万的哈马斯持者星期天举行集会,对哈马斯的领导表示强烈持。在此同时,哈马斯和以色列的关系越来越紧张。Tens-of-thousands of Palestinians gathered in Gaza in support of the Islamic militant group Hamas, marking its 21st anniversary. There was a sea of green, as many wore caps and waved flags in the signature color of Hamas.  成千上万的巴勒斯坦人聚集在加沙地带,为纪念哈马斯成立21周年,对伊斯兰激进组织哈马斯表示持。人海呈现出一片绿色,因为许多人头戴绿色帽子,挥舞着绿色的旗帜。绿色是哈马斯的标记颜色。The rally shows that Hamas remains firmly in control of Gaza after seizing power a year and a half ago. Hamas routed the Fatah forces of internationally backed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who now heads a more moderate government in the West Bank. Mr. Abbas is holding peace talks with Israel, but the Hamas leader in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh, told the crowd that negotiations are a waste of time.  这次集会显示,哈马斯在夺得加沙地带的权力一年半以后仍然牢牢地控制着这个地区。哈马斯击败了国际持的巴勒斯坦主席阿巴斯,现在阿巴斯在约旦河西岸领导着一个温和派的政府。阿巴斯目前正在和以色列举行会谈,但是在加沙地带的哈马斯领导人哈尼亚告诉群众,谈判是浪费时间。Mr. Haniyeh said armed resistance is the only way to liberate Palestine.  哈尼亚说, 武装抵抗才是解放巴勒斯坦的唯一道路。In Damascus, Hamas announced that the six-month-old Gaza truce with Israel would not be renewed when it expires on Friday. That raises the prospect of a new round of Palestinian rocket and mortar attacks and Israeli retaliation.  在大马士革,哈马斯宣布,和以色列持续了六个月的停火在星期五到期后不会再延续。 这就可能发生又一轮的巴勒斯坦火箭和迫击炮袭击,和以色列进行反击。Israeli spokesman Mark Regev says the cease-fire is preferable, but there is a military option.  以色列发言人雷格夫说,停火是可取的,但是还可以选择军事行动。Israel has other options, and if we have to use those other options, it's better to say that we first of all tried a more peaceful path before we had to use the other ones," said Regev. 他说,以色列有其他选择。要是我们必须使用其他选择,我们在不得不使用其他选择前会首先设法走更和平的途径。While preparing for confrontation with Hamas in Gaza, Israel is taking steps to strengthen President Abbas in the West Bank. Israel plans to release 227 Palestinian prisoners on Monday. 以色列在准备和加沙地带的哈马斯进行对抗,但它同时也在采取步骤加强约旦河西岸的阿巴斯主席。以色列计划在星期一释放被拘留的227名巴勒斯坦人。200812/58835。

An old railroad line in New York City is back in use. It doesn't deliver livestock anymore, it delivers pleasure to thousands of people every day and stimulates economic development in a few New York neighborhoods. An elevated railroad line has been turned into an "elevated park" right in the middle of New York City. 07/77479。