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There are many ways to express love.爱有许多种表达方式。Some people bestow their loved ones with flowers or chocolates. Others express their feelings through poetic words on cards and letters.有的人用鲜花和巧克力来表达爱,还有人用卡片或信件中的情诗表达爱。But one Chinese woman has caught the eye of social media by painting a huge portrait of her crush on the side of a cliff. The unusual expression of admiration has inspired a passionate online debate.但有一个中国女人在悬崖壁上画了一幅巨大的心上人画像,迅速在社交网络上传播起来,并引起了激烈的讨论。The female rock climber, who is in her thirties, told local media that she doesn#39;t want her real identity to be revealed. So she has been given the pseudonym #39;Lingling#39; (a generic name for a woman). She told Chinese radio station FM93 that her mural, which was painted on a rock at Xianju National Park, in Zhejiang province in eastern China, was created during several weekends over a two month period.这位女性攀岩者30多岁,她对当地媒体称不想暴露自己的真实身份。所以我们叫她化名玲玲。她对FM93广播站的记者说,她在浙江省仙居国家公园的画作,花费了两个多月周末的时间。She said she would begin painting at 3am in the morning, and go on for several hours.她说自己凌晨3点就开始画,一直持续好几个小时。The portrait, which is around seven metres tall, achieved fame when it was spotted by another rock climber who shared a photo on social media. The image soon went viral. Some netizens on Weibo called it ;rock painting of love;, saying that it shouldn#39;t be allowed to remain. However, others on the social media site said that Lingling should be prosecuted, as she had vandalised the natural scenery.这幅画大概7米高。有另外一名攀岩者看到了这幅画并拍下了照片,然后发在微上。于是这组照片迅速火了。微上的网友把它叫做“告白岩石画”,并称这属于非法涂鸦。也有网友说玲玲应该接受起诉,因为她破坏了自然景观。;I have strong feeling for him but he hasn#39;t responded my affection,; she told the radio station, ;I asked him to take me to climb Fanzheng Rock but every weekend he was always busy either with mountain rescue or training.;玲玲对广播站的记者说:“我真的很喜欢他。但是他对我的感情却没有回应。我曾让他带我去攀登饭蒸岩,但是每个周末他都忙着攀岩救援或训练。”;I want to keep my love on the top of rock for ever and worship him up there,; she said.她说:“我想把自己的爱镌刻在山岩之巅,并在那里表达对他的爱。”This wasn#39;t the only time she had drawn a picture in public of him. She added that she also drew an image of him on a toilet door. An image of that has also been located by cyber sleuths and shared on Weibo.这并不是她第一次在公众场合花下意中人的肖像。她补充说,自己曾在一个厕所的门上画过他。当时那幅画也是被人发现发到微上去的。But so far, these expressions of love, haven#39;t ended in a happily ever after for Lingling.然而到目前为止,这些对爱的表达并没有为玲玲带来满意的爱情。Social media users expressed their feelings about this particular, albeit one-sided, romance. Some said they were touched and felt sympathy for Lingling.对于这份独特的单恋,网友们表达了自己的观点。有人说自己被感动了,同时也为玲玲感到惋惜和同情。Another user suggested that the painting ;might become an ancient monument a few hundred years later.;也有网友称,这幅画作“几百年后也许会成为一个古老的不朽之作”。 /201610/471518

Different Purpose of Dragon Dances between Ancient and Present China古代和现今舞龙的不同目的Dragon dances originated with ancient ceremonies for the Dragon King. At first these dances were a prayer for favorable weather. Today performers are more concerned with demonstrating their skills or unique techniques for simulating a dragon. Making a dragon for this dance using colorful paper or silk fabric requires special skills and craftsmanship.舞龙起源于古老的龙王仪式。起初,这些舞蹈是为了一个祈求风调雨顺。今天的表演者更关心的是展示他们模拟龙的技能或独特的技术。用五颜六色的纸或丝绸面料制作舞龙需要特殊的技术和工艺。 /201611/479110

  The man decided to launch the prank on his unsuspecting girlfriend after he claims she kept checking his phone.在被无数次检查手机之后,一男子决定给不知情的女朋友来一场恶作剧。He decided the only way to make her change was to make her think he was cheating on her. So he asked his mate to send him a ;sexy text; pretending to be another girl.他认为唯一能让女朋友改变的方法就是让她以为自己真的劈腿了。因此,他让自己的小伙伴假装是某个女孩,给他发了条;性爱短信;。But funnily enough the prank spectacularly back-fired on him when his girlfriend believed the text was real and feared he was cheating on her.不过有趣的是,当小伙子的女朋友信以为真、坚信小伙子劈腿后,结果却事与愿违。The boyfriend, who calls himself Papa Crazy, placed the phone next to his girlfriend as she watched a filmed on the bed.一开始,这位自称;疯狂的爸爸;的小伙把手机放到了正在床上专心看电影的女朋友身旁。His friend then sent a texting saying ;Hey baby, I want you tonight again. Lots of kisses and hugs. Can still feel your lips on mine. Mmmmwwaahh.;接着,他的小伙伴发了一条短信,内容如下:;宝贝儿,我今晚还想要。亲亲抱抱。仍能感觉到你嘴唇的温度。么么哒。;As she heard the phone buzz she picks it and s the text before laying into her man. She screams at him and demands to know who #39;Monika#39; is before she appears to try to strangle him and slaps him all across the body.女友听到手机震动,拿起手机阅读了短信内容,随即暴打了男朋友一顿。她朝男友怒吼,追问谁是;莫妮卡;,然后试图勒男友脖子,并对他拳脚相加。The has been viewed more than 1,200 times since it was posted at the end of September. Snehal Jagdale commented: ;You just got lucky that she didn#39;t kill you.;据悉,这段视频自九月底发布以来,浏览次数已超过1200次。网友Snehal Jagdale道:;她没杀了你都算你走运。; /201610/470454

  If you#39;ve ever stuck rigidly to a diet, managed to lose weight but then piled the pounds back on, it#39;s not your fault.如果你曾严格坚持节食并减肥成功,但之后体重却又反弹,这不是你的错。After about five years, 41 per cent of dieters gain back more weight than they#39;d lost - it#39;s just that your brain takes charge, doing what it has to do: fighting back against the perils of potential imminent starvation.41%的节食者在五年之后体重会反弹,并且要比减下去的还要重。这一情况应该是你大脑负责的,因为它要做必须做的事情:那就是与潜在的、迫在眉睫的饥饿作斗争。The truth is everyone#39;s brain has a set body weight range that it will fiercely defend.实际上,每个人的大脑都会拼命把体重维持在特定范围内。The range, which varies from person to person, is determined by genes and life experience.这个范围因人而异,取决于基因和生活经历。In an ideal world, your brain defends this range with a natural process of subconscious weight regulation which gently nudges hunger and activity levels so you eat or exercise no more or less than your body needs.理想情况下,大脑会自然而然地进行潜意识的体重管理,对饥饿程度和运动量进行微调,确保食物的摄入量和运动量既不超过也不少于身体所需总量,使体重维持在该范围内。Within this range your weight will be relatively easy to manage. There#39;s every chance if you drop below your ;brain weight;, you#39;ll meet powerful resistance in the form of cravings for quick-fix calories.在这个范围内,体重相对容易管理。如果你的体重下降到低于;大脑体重;的水平,身体很可能会以对速效热量渴望的形式进行强烈的抵抗。The best way to discover your true brain weight is to make the conscious decision to stop dieting and try ;intuitive eating;.发现真实大脑体重的最佳方法是有意识地停止节食,尝试;直觉饮食;。It is simple: eat only when you#39;re hungry and stop when you#39;re full.这个方法很简单,即饿了就吃,饱了就停。Within six to 12 months, your weight should stabilize to your brain#39;s desired range.6到12个月内,你的体重就会稳定在大脑希望的范围之内了。 /201609/466764。

  Forget flip flops and sun tan lotion, it’s coffee and ketchup that holidaymakers consider their packing essentials, according to a study.一项研究显示:别提什么人字拖和防晒霜了,对于那些度假的人来说——咖啡和番茄酱才是他们出行必备的东西。A survey of travellers from 29 countries has revealed the top unexpected items each nationality takes abroad, ensuring that wherever they go they have a taste of home with them.一项针对于来自29个国家旅行者的调查显示:最让人意想不到的、各国人民出国旅行携带的几样东西——就为确保他们不论走到哪里,都能尝到家乡的味道!The study by lowcostholidays surveyed 7,500 people from around the world ensuring that a minimum of 250 locals had been interviewed for each country.lowcostholidays (低价出游)发起的调查有来自全球7500个人参与,每个国家至少有采访250个人。Illustrated in an infographic, the study found that 56 per cent of respondents from Japan packed Miso soup while 64 per cent of Italians couldn’t travel without coffee.在图中可以详细的看出,56%来自日本的受访者会打包味增汤,而64%的意大利人会在出行时不带咖啡不能活。Perhaps fearing that food overseas might need seasoning, ketchup was the essential item for 38 per cent of New Zealanders, while 41 per cent of Indonesians packed hot sauce and 38 per cent of Mexicans carried canned chillies.或许是担心国外的食物需要佐料,番茄酱对于38%的新西兰人来说是旅行必备,而41%的印尼人会带辣椒酱,38%的墨西哥人会带罐装辣椒。Australians couldn’t bear to be without vegemite (41 per cent packed it) while 55 % of South Koreans can be found carrying Kimchi and 39 per cent of Chinese travellers pack instant noodles.澳大利亚人没咸味酱就不行不行了(41%的人会打包),55%的韩国人会带泡菜,39%的中国人会带方便面。For Germans with a sweet tooth, 43 per cent packed treats in the form of Haribo while 43 per cent of Irish tourists squirrel away Silvermints in their suitcase.喜好甜食的德国人,43%会带哈瑞宝的食品,43%的爱尔兰人会带银薄荷。Interestingly, those from the USA, Hong Kong and Belgium were more pre-occupied with packing essentials that related to grooming and hygiene. The study found 32 per cent of Americans take toilet paper with them on their travels, a staggering 66 per cent of Belgians pack Washandjes (wash cloths) and 60 per cent of people from Hong Kong carry pocket tissues with them.有趣的是,来自美国、香港和比利时的人会打包一些和美容以及卫生用品相关的东西到行李箱。研究还发现32%的美国人会在旅行时携带厕纸,令人吃惊的是66%的比利时人会带洗衣剂,60%来自香港的人会带面巾纸。 /201705/509949

  Having an erection is natural, so when that ability is lost, it’s a sign that something has gone wrong.勃起是自然的事情,因此当这种能力丧失时,这种迹象表明身体出毛病了。Men may find it difficult or impossible to achieve an erection when the nerves have been damaged by a radical prostatectomy or spinal cord injury. Performance anxiety can trigger erectile dysfunction in a young man.当前列腺切除术或脊髓损伤造成神经损伤时,男人可能很难或不可能达到勃起。在年轻人中,这种焦虑会引起勃起功能障碍。But when a man in his 40s or older gradually begins having difficulty achieving an erection, the underlying cause is nearly always cardiovascular disease or diabetes mellitus.然而当一个男人40岁或更大时,逐步开始有勃起困难,根本原因差不多总是心血管疾病或糖尿病引起的。Few men consider erectile dysfunction good news. However, in these cases, making certain lifestyle changes can lower the risk of heart attack and stroke and may restore potency, as well. The sooner these modifications are made, the higher the chance normal sexual function can be restored.没有男性认为勃起功能障碍是好事。然而,在这种情况下,改变生活方式可以降低心脏病和中风的风险,也可能恢复雄风。越早改变生活方式,恢复正常性功能机会更大。First Signs of Trouble第一个疾病迹象When a man does not get regular checkups, erectile dysfunction may be the first indication he has cardiovascular disease or diabetes. In both diseases, fatty plaques build up in the arteries, interfering with blood flow. Plaques that slow blood flow to the heart can cause a heart attack. When the brain or neck arteries are affected, a stroke can occur. When the arteries of the penis become narrowed, erectile dysfunction happens.当一个人没有定期检查时, 勃起功能障碍可能是他有心血管疾病或糖尿病的是第一个迹象。在这两种疾病中,脂质斑块积聚在动脉里,干扰血液流动。斑块减缓血液流向心脏会引起心脏病发作。当影响到大脑或颈部动脉时,中风就会发生。当阴茎的血管狭窄时就会发生勃起功能障碍。As soon as a man begins experiencing erectile dysfunction, he should see a primary care physician.一旦一个人开始出现勃起功能障碍,他应该首先看保健医生。The doctor will perform a cardiovascular workup to assess factors that increase the risk of cardiovascular disease—blood pressure, blood lipids, blood sugar, weight and smoking status.医生将履行一个心血管的检查来评估心血管疾病增加的风险,例如血压、血糖、体重和吸烟状况。Depending on the findings, medications and lifestyle changes may be needed to lower the risk of heart attack and stroke. While lifestyle changes alone may not be sufficient to restore potency, they are likely to increase the chance that first-line medications for erectile dysfunction will work.根据研究结果, 降低心脏病和中风的风险可能需要药物和生活方式的改变。虽然单一的生活方式改变可能不足以治愈,但先进行药物治疗可能会增加治愈勃起功能障碍的机会。译文属 /201611/478082It was the author Kelly Oxford, a socialmedia powerhouse, who got things started on Friday night.整件事是由作家、社交媒体达人凯利·奥克斯福德(Kelly Oxford)在周五晚上引发的。Women: tweet me your first assaults, shewrote on Twitter at 7:48 p.m. 们,请和我分享你们第一次遭受侵犯的经历,她于7点48分在Twitter上写道。They aren’t just stats. 它们不仅仅是统计数字。I’ll go first: Old manon city bus grabs my ‘pussy’and smiles at me, I’m 12.我先来:一名老年男子在市内的公共汽车上抓我的‘下体’,还冲我微笑,那年我12岁。When she first posted the message, MsOxford said in an interview later, she did not expect more than a handful ofreplies. 奥克斯福德后来在采访中表示,她当初发帖时,觉得响应者肯定寥寥无几。It was such a personal question, she said. 这是一个非常私人的问题,她说。I thought, ‘No one is going toshare anything on Twitter.’我心想,‘谁会在Twitter上分享呀’。Yet by Saturday morning, she was getting asmany as 50 responses per minute: often-explicit, first-person accounts ofmolestation. 然而到了周六早上,她竟然每分钟可以收到多达50条的回复:人们以第一人称讲述着被骚扰的经历,大多都颇为直白。A hashtag had materialized: #notokay. 一个标签是#notokay(不OK)。The Twitter posts continued to pour inthrough the weekend. 这类Twitter帖子在周末继续大量涌现。And by Monday afternoon, nearly 27 millionpeople had responded or visited Ms Oxford’s Twitter page.截至周日下午,将近2700万人回帖或者浏览了奥克斯福德的Twitter。As swiftly as the release of a recording ofDonald J. 唐纳德·J·特朗普(Donald J. Trump engaging in banter about forcinghimself on women had dealt a potentially fatal blow to his presidentialcampaign, it also had become a rallying cry for survivors of sexual assault,harassment and other forms of abuse.Trump)以满不在乎的口吻谈及自己非礼女性的录音曝光后,恐怕对其总统竞选立刻造成了致命打击,同时也成为了遭受性侵、骚扰以及其他侵害行为受害者的集结令。I won’t give details, butI was 12, and he went to jail, Emily Willingham, a writer, posted on Twitter.我不想谈论细节,但我当时12岁,他进了监狱,作家艾米莉·威林厄姆(Emily Willingham)在Twitter上写道。A social media movement was born asmultitudes of women came forward to share their stories. 许多女性站出来分享自身经历,引发一场社交媒体运动。The result has been a kind of collective,nationwide purge of painful, often long-buried memories.结果,往往被埋在心底的痛苦记忆从全国各地纷纷涌现出来。Facebook pages and Twitter feeds filledwith comments and multiplying ths from women who recalled being groped bydoctors, by piano teachers, by photography instructors, by perfect strangers. 女人们回忆起医生、钢琴老师、摄影老师乃至完完全全的陌生人对自己动手动脚的往事,Facebook和Twitter上充斥着她们给出的和讨论串。They told stories of being flashed on thebus by masturbators, of having male colleagues rub up against them at the copymachine in their office, of dates and bosses demanding sex.她们说有手淫者在公交车上冲着她们露阴,男同事在办公室的复印机旁磨蹭她们的身体,约会对象或老板要求发生性关系。Sasha Stone, an entertainment journalist,told of being forced to perform oral sex on a man after he offered me a ridehome and then threatened me. 记者萨沙·斯通(Sasha Stone)说自己曾被迫为一个男人口交:我搭他的顺风车回家,后来受到威胁。I was 14.我当时14岁。Wendy Luxenburg, 45, a hospitaladministrator in Chicago, recalled being in a Florida department store with hermother: She was an aisle away. 芝加哥一家医院的管理者、现年45岁的温迪·卢森布格(Wendy Luxenburg)回忆起与母亲在佛罗里达州一家百货商场里的遭遇:我跟她隔着一个通道。Man walks by me, rubbed by crotch. 一个男人经过我时,摸我的裆部。I was 11.当时我11岁。And the actress Amber Tamblyn wrote onInstagram of being accosted at a nightclub by an ex-boyfriend who grabbed herby the hair and, with his other hand, lifted her by her vagina, bruising herbadly, and carried me, like something he owned, like a piece of trash, out ofthe club.女演员爱波·塔布琳(Amber Tamblyn)在Instagram上写下了在一家夜店里被前男友挑衅的经历,那人一手抓住她的头发,另一只手抓住她的下体向上抬,结果造成了严重的皮外伤,他把我带出夜店,就好像我是他的附属品,一件垃圾。This is scarcely the first protest movementto emerge in response to violence against women: The 1970s gave rise to thefirst Take Back the Night candlelight marches.这并非针对女性的暴力首次引发抗议活动:还我安宁夜(Take Back the Night)烛光游行最早爆发于上世纪70年代。More recently, after a Toronto policeofficer told college students that if women wanted to avoid rape, they shouldnot dress like sluts, groups in cities from New York to New Delhi have stagedSlutWalks.往近里说,在多伦多警方告诉大学生,如果女性想不被强奸就别穿得像个之后,从纽约到新德里等许多城市的女性团体都举行了游行(SlutWalk)。Nor is Mr Trump the first public figurewhose sexual behavior has been scrutinized. 特朗普也不是性行为受到密切关注的第一个公众人物。It seems fair to wonder if Bill Clintoncould be elected today, given what is now known about his extramarital history.鉴于比尔·克林顿(Bill Clinton)已经被曝光的婚外情史,似乎有理由质疑如果是在今天他是否还能当选。And, of course, there was Anthony Weiner,with his penchant for sending lewd social media messages and photos.当然了,还有安东尼·韦纳(Anthony Weiner),他喜欢通过社交媒体发送猥亵信息和图片。But to many victims of sexual assault, MrTrump’s words struck a particular nerve. 但对很多性侵受害者而言,特朗普的话触动了最敏感的神经。It was not simply that he is the Republicanpresidential nominee, and that a hot microphone had captured him speakingunguardedly. 这并非仅仅因为他是共和党总统提名人,以及没关闭的麦克风录下了毫无顾忌的言辞。It was his casual tone, the manner in whichhe and the television personality Billy Bush appeared to be speaking a commonlanguage, many women said, that gave Mr Trump’s boasts a specialresonance.许多女性都表示,特朗普那种随意的语气,以及他和电视名人比利·布什(Billy Bush)似乎颇有共同语言的样子,令他的自夸之词引发特殊反响。What he said and how he said it seemed tosay as much about the broader environment toward women —anenvironment that had kept many of these women silent for so long —as they didabout the candidate. 他所说的话以及说话的方式,似乎反映了女性所面临的大环境——这种环境让许多女性在很长时间里缄口不言——也揭示出这位候选人的本性。And Mr Trump’s dismissal of hisactions as locker room talk only underscored the point.而特朗普把自己的言辞轻描淡写地归为更衣室谈话,只会更加突显这一点。This is RAPE CULTURE —thecultural conditioning of men and boys to feel entitled to treat women asobjects, Jill Gallenstein, 40, a retail executive in Los Angeles, wrote onFacebook. 这是强奸文化——在这种文化环境中,男人和男孩们会觉得自己有权把女性当成物品来对待,洛杉矶的零售业主管、现年40岁的吉尔·加伦斯坦(Jill Gallenstein)在Facebook上写道。It’s women and girlsquestioning what they have done to provoke such behavior. 女人和女孩们会怀疑自己是不是做错了什么,才会招致此类行径。这类行径会被淡化,因为‘事情一贯如此’。It’s the dismissing ofthis behavior because ‘it’s the way it has always been.’It’s justifyingthe behavior because other powerful men have done it too. 这类行径会显得合理,因为其他有权势的男人也这么做。‘Locker room talk’normalizes this behavior —what we saymatters.‘更衣室谈话’会让这类行径成为常态——我们的话很重要。That locker room talk also seemed to createits own momentum online.更衣室谈话这种说法似乎也在网上发酵了。I’ve never really thought about thesemoments cumulatively before, Julie Oppenheimer of Chicago wrote on Facebook,after listing a few episodes of her own, including being kissed on the mouth bythe janitor at her synagogue when she was 13. 以前我从未把这些时刻串起来思考过,芝加哥的朱莉·奧本海默(Julie Oppenheimer)在Facebook上写道。那之前,她列出了自己经历的一幕幕往事,包括13岁那年在常去的犹太教堂被看门人亲吻嘴唇。In part, because they seem so ‘small’compared towhat many have experienced —not worthy of consideration. 在某种程度上是因为,比起很多人的遭遇,它们似乎都是很‘小’的事情——不值得考虑。That’s because all of usaly live in Trump’s world, where these behaviors are commonplace.因为我们所有人都身处特朗普生活的世界之中,对这类行为见怪不怪。Laura Sabransky was one of many women whoadded to Ms Oppenheimer’s th, writing that she had been given date-rape drugs threetimes between high school and college. 劳拉·萨布朗斯基(Laura Sabransky)是给奧本海默回帖的许多女性之一。她写道,上高中和大学期间,她曾三次被人下约会迷奸药。I call Trump a walking trigger alert, shesaid in an interview. 我管特朗普叫‘会走路的触发警报器’,她在接受采访时说。He is triggering anxiety and PTSD-likereactions in women, me included.他正在女性群体中引发焦虑和类似于创伤后应激障碍(PTSD)的反应,我也是其中一个。Even before the release of the 2005recording of Mr Trump, 2016 was shaping up as something of a watershed year forawareness of sexual harassment, between the pending trial against Bill Cosbyand the high-profile case of Brock Turner, the former Stanford Universitystudent who was convicted of sexual assault.在特朗普2005年的那段录音被曝光前,比尔·考斯比(Bill Cosby)候判一事,以及被控性侵的斯坦福大学前学生布罗克·特纳(Brock Turner)那桩引人注目的案子,已经把2016年变成了反性骚扰意识的分水岭之年。For many women watching and reacting to theweekend’s events, the surprise news conference on Facebook Live that Mr Trumpstaged before Sunday night’s debate, with three women who have long accused MrClinton of sexual assault or harassment, only compounded the damage he had donein the original recording. 参加周日晚间的辩论前,特朗普在Facebook Live上召开了一场新闻发布会,找来了长期指控克林顿性侵或性骚扰的三名女性。对许多密切关注周末的事件并受到触动的女性而言,这场令人吃惊的发布会只会加重他最初的那段录音所造成的伤害。They saw him not as giving voice to victimsof sexual abuse but as using the women as props.她们认为他并不是给性侵受害者发声的机会,而是把这几位女性当成了可资利用的道具。It’s pretty sad whenyou see it as, ‘My behavior is not as bad as another man’s behavior,’said SoniaOssorio, the president of the National Organization for Women of New York. 那意思是说‘我的所作所为还没有另一个男人那么恶劣’,真是太悲哀了,全国妇女组织(National Organization for Women)纽约分部主席索尼娅·奥索里奥(SoniaOsorio)说。The irony for me is, in a campaign short onany concrete policies, Donald Trump has accidentally shed light on a veryserious issue.在我看来颇为讽刺的是,特朗普在竞选中虽然没拿出任何像样的具体政策主张,却意外地让世人关注到了一个非常严肃的议题。Amy Richards, a co-founder of the ThirdWave Foundation, a group for young feminists, said that many sexual abusevictims who unburdened themselves after Mr Trump’s did not wanthis comments to be seen as anomalous. 青年女性主义者团体第三次浪潮基金会(Third Wave Foundation)的联合创始人艾米·理查兹(AmyRichards)说,在特朗普的视频曝光后吐露心声的许多女性,并不希望人们认为他的话有多异常。Some of it was so that we automaticallydidn’t go to this place of having this one instance be an exception andtherefore more excusable, she said. 在某种程度上是如此,因为这样一来我们就不会自动把这件事归为特例,觉得有情可原,她说。Yes, this is women speaking up, but it’s speakingup to all of the Donald Trumps in our lives.是的,女性在喊话,但喊话的对象是我们生活中所有的唐纳德·特朗普们。And there appear to be many.这样的人似乎太多了。Grabbed from behind on the street. 我在街上曾被人从身后抓了一把。Thought it was my fault because I waswearing a dress, Lynne Boschee, 50, of Phoenix, wrote on Twitter. 尽管那是我的错,因为我穿着一条连衣裙,来自凤凰城、现年50岁林恩·斯奇(Lynne Boschee)在Twitter上写道。Never told anyone. 我从来没跟任何人提起过。I was 14.我当时14岁。 /201610/471054

  HONG KONG — The Japanese public pays careful attention to the words and deeds of Caroline Kennedy, the ed States ambassador to Japan and one of the State Department’s best-known diplomats. 香港——对于美国驻日大使、国务院最为人所熟知的外交官之一卡洛琳#8226;肯尼迪(Caroline Kennedy)的一言一行,日本民众都十分关注。But Ms Kennedy generated an unusual buzz in Tokyo this week by doing something that is almost certainly not in her job description: wearing a Santa suit and dancing in a quirky .但本周,肯尼迪做了一件在她职责之外的事情:在一段古怪的视频中穿着圣诞老人的衣跳舞,这在东京引起了一阵不同寻常的轰动。The 93-second , uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday, features ed States Embassy employees and consular officials across Japan mimicking dance moves from We Married as a Job!, a popular Japanese television series. 这个时长93秒的视频是在周二被上传到YouTube上的,展示了来自日本各地的美国大使馆职员和领事官员模仿热门日本电视剧《逃避虽可耻但有用》中的舞蹈。By Friday afternoon, the had been viewed more than 3.5 million times on YouTube.到了周五下午,这段视频在YouTube上的播放量已达350万。Some social media users said the timing of the ’s release, 有社交媒体用户说这段视频的发布时间有欠考虑。one week after an American military Osprey aircraft crash-landed off Okinawa, setting off anti-American protests, was indelicate. 此前一周,一架美国军用鱼鹰(Osprey)飞机在冲绳坠毁,引发了反美抗议。But many others welcomed it as pure entertainment or as a sign of warm ties between the two countries.但也有不少人对该视频表示欢迎,认为它纯属,也有人将其视作两国间友好关系的表现。Wow, this is great, one person wrote in Japanese on YouTube. 哇,这不错,有人在YouTube上写道。Americans are really good at getting carried away. 美国人很容易被带动,A boring Japanese government would never do this.无趣的日本政府永远都不会这样做。The television series premiered in October and stars a lovelorn information technology worker who hires an unemployed woman to pretend to be his wife and do chores around his Tokyo apartment. 这部于十月首播的电视剧讲述了一个从事信息技术工作的人雇佣了一名失业女子为其东京的公寓做家务,后者假扮为他的妻子。They end up falling in love.二人最后相爱了。The show’s closing dance features five characters performing goofy, choreographed moves in the man’s living room, to the sounds of a peppy song titled Koi,’’ or Love.’’ 这部电视剧结尾的舞蹈,是五名剧中人在男子的客厅中伴随着活泼的歌曲,表演着傻乎乎、经过编排的舞蹈动作,歌曲名为Koi(爱)。It became a sensation on Japanese social media, and people around the country — including a group of famous figure skaters — have uploaded their own versions of the Koi Dance.这段舞在日本社交媒体上引发了轰动,来自日本各地的人们都上传了自己表演这段爱之舞的视频。In the embassy’s version, Ms Kennedy performs the opening move, which looks vaguely like a yoga pose, to the song from the show. 在大使馆的版本中,伴随着电视剧中的歌曲,肯尼迪表演了看起来像是瑜伽姿势的开场动作,Other scenes show members of her staff dancing around their offices in Christmas hats and sweaters, as one official lip syncs the lyrics.其他的场景则是她的工作人员戴着圣诞帽、穿着圣诞毛衣,在办公室里跳舞,还有一名官员对口型唱着歌词。The also includes a cameo by a person dressed as the bear Kumamon, the rosy-cheeked mascot for the southern prefecture of Kumamoto, who dances beside a team of fake reindeer.视频里还有一个人身穿熊本熊装,在一群假驯鹿旁跳舞。Asked to comment on the , Jonas D. Stewart, 当被要求对这段视频置评时,日本大使馆发言人乔纳斯#8226;D#8226;斯图尔特(Jonas D. Stewart)an embassy spokesman in Tokyo, said that quite a few of the embassy’s Japanese and American staff members were fans of the television show, and that they had been inspired to interpret the Koi Dance after watching others on social media. 说大使馆不少日本和美国工作人员都是这部剧的粉丝,在看到别人在社交媒体上的视频后,萌生了模仿爱之舞的想法。He also expressed gratitude to Kumamon for agreeing to dance in the embassy’s .他还对熊本熊愿意在视频中跳舞表达了感谢之情。We thought people would enjoy it, he said, but we had no idea how popular it would become.我们觉得人们会喜欢,他说,但完全没想到会有多受欢迎。 /201612/485740

  Peng Liyuan, wife of President Xi Jinping, said the education of girls and women is a ;noble and significant; pursuit.国家主席习近平的夫人彭丽媛近日表示,女童和妇女教育是一项很崇高也很重要的事业。Providing women and men with the same opportunities to reach their full potential is a key to promoting social development, gender equality and sustainable development of society, to which education plays a crucial role, Peng said.彭丽媛称,促进女性享有和男性同等的实现自身发展潜力的机会,是促进社会发展、推动性别平等、实现社会可持续发展的重要条件。在这个过程中,教育的作用十分重要。Peng made the remarks during an exclusive interview with the UNESCO Courier magazine.彭丽媛是在接受联合国教科文组织《信使》杂志专访时发表上述言论的。She was invited in 2014 to become the UNESCO special envoy for the advancement of girls#39; and women#39;s education by Irina Bokova, the organization#39;s director-general.她于2014年应联合国教科文组织总干事科娃的邀请,担任联合国教科文组织促进女童和妇女教育特使。Peng said she has visited many schools, institutions for the young, and organizations for women#39;s development in African and Asian countries during her more than two years of service as the special envoy.彭丽媛表示,担任特使两年多来,她访问了许多非洲和亚洲国家的学校、青少年机构和妇女发展机构。She hoped to get closer to the reality, learn from their wisdom and strength, and share experience.她希望更多地了解实际情况,从他们那里汲取智慧和力量,与他们分享经验。;I will carry out my duty as the special envoy to support UNESCO in improving education for girls and women all over the world. I will do whatever I can,; Peng said.彭丽媛说道:“我将履行好特使职责,持教科文组织促进世界女童和妇女教育,有一分热,发一分光。” /201705/507642

  Is it acceptable to use your commute to apply make-up? One Japanese rail company thinks not and has released a song-and-dance discouraging women from doing it.在公共场合化妆合适吗?一家日本铁路公司认为这不合时宜,还发布了一段歌舞宣传视频以阻止女性这样做。Two female commuters are seen applying mascara and lipstick and a woman watching whispers ;Mittomonai; or ;ugly to see;. She then angrily tells them off.两名女性在公共交通上染睫毛膏、涂口红,一女子在一边轻声吐槽“不雅观”,“真难看”,之后她生气的请她们不要在这里化妆。It#39;s one of several train etiquette s Tokyu corp plans to release. But some think it#39;s a step too far in restricting people#39;s behaviour.这是日本东急电铁公司日前播出的礼仪宣传片之一。不过也有一些人认为这太过于限制人们的行为。The 30-second released on 16 September starts with the phrase ;Women in the city are all beautiful. But they are ugly to see, at times;.这段时长30秒的视频于今年9月16日发布,开场是“都市女性都很漂亮,但有时却不太雅观。”The women applying make-up are rebuked by an actress Sawa Nimura and then the phrase: ;Please refrain from putting on make-up on the train; is heard.片中化妆的女性被女演员仁村纱和制止,随后的旁白是:“请勿在车厢内化妆。”;Of course I#39;d understand if they#39;d said, if you put make up on the train the powder might scatter, the scent might be strong, things might soil the car or other people#39;s clothing and would cause trouble for others,; said Twitter user ryudokaoruko. ;But there#39;s no reason I should be told by a rail company whether I look pretty or unseemly.;推特用户ryudokaoruko表示:“当然我能理解他们可能会说,如果你在车厢里化妆,粉底可能会被吹得到处都是,气味可能会太大,化妆品可能会弄脏车厢或别人的衣,会给别人带来麻烦等等……但是铁路公司不应以我看起来是否得体为由来制止女性在车厢化妆。”;People are angry not because #39;they want to put make up on in trains#39;. Absolutely not. They#39;re resisting #39;this society that comes up with so many different reasons to justify misogyny and to oppress women,; said hinase6s.网友hinase6s说:“人们会愤怒,并不是#39;她们就是想在车厢里化妆#39;,绝对不是。他们是在抵制#39;这个社会想出这么多不同的理由以明女性应当被贬低,并且去压制女性#39;这个观念。”Others pointed out that there are much bigger nuisances on the trains such as drunkenness or groping.还有一些人指出,车上还有一些情形比化妆更令人讨厌,比如醉汉,或者色狼等。However, many have supported the message of the advert even comparing applying make-up in public to defecating.然而,一些持者们甚至将公众场合化妆与大小便相提并论。Others brought up a traditionally-held view that women who apply make-up in public are of questionable character.还有一些持传统观点的人认为,公众场合化妆的女性人品有问题。;People are saying that in the West, applying make up in public is a sign that you#39;re a prostitute, but Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth is famous for often touching up her lipstick in front of the public (the talk is more about which brand she uses and no one criticises),; said Papurika dreams.网友Papurika dreams说:“在西方国家,女性在公共场合化妆将被视为。不过据称伊丽莎白女王陛下却常在公众场合补口红(公众议论更多的是她用什么牌子的口红,并没人批评不得体)。”Tokyu corp has said that the is one of a series aiming to educate passengers on rules and etiquette while using the trains.东急电铁公司方面表示,这段视频是一系列短片中的一篇,目的在于教育乘客乘车时遵守礼仪规则。 /201611/477953。

  My son here needs to get his teeth fixed...我儿子的龅牙需要修一修啊……That look of his is not suited for life in the wild...他那怂样可不适合野外生存…… /201703/499833

  Imagine a society without fathers; without marriage (or divorce); one in which nuclear families don’t exist. Grandmother sits at the head of the table; her sons and daughters live with her along with the children of those daughters following the maternal bloodline. Men are little more than studs sperm donors who inseminate women but have more often than not little involvement in their children’s upbringing.设想一个没有父亲的社会。不结婚(不离婚),家里的不存在核心成员(父亲)的社会。奶奶的家庭地位是最重要,她的儿女们与女儿的孩子们,按照母系血缘与她生活在一起。男人们更像是负责令女人怀的种马,很少参与抚养孩子。This progressive feminist world – or anachronistic matriarchy as skewed as any patriarchal society depending on your viewpoint – exists in a lush valley in Yunnan south-west China in the far eastern foothills of the Himalayas. An ancient tribal community of Tibetan Buddhists called the Mosuo they live in a surprisingly modern way: women are treated as equal if not superior to men; both have as many or as few sexual partners as they like free from judgment; and extended families bring up the children and care for the elderly.这个女权主义世界--或者你可以认为,这是与父系社会一样过时的母系社会。处于中国西南部云南省,位于喜马拉雅山脉的东部的一个山谷中。源于藏传佛教徒名为梭的古老部落,她们有着惊人的现代生活方式,女人被视为与男人平等的,男女双方都拥有的或多或少的性伴侣,他们依照自己的喜好做决定。增加家庭成员,抚养孩子并赡养老人。But is it as utopian as it seems? And how much longer can it survive?这像不像一个乌托邦?这种生活方式,还能持续多久呢?(走婚的梭族人)Choo Waihong set about finding out. A successful corporate lawyer from Singapore she left her job in 2006 to travel. Having trained and worked in Canada the US and London she felt drawn to visit China the country of her ancestors. After ing about the Mosuo she decided to take a trip to their picturesque community – a series of villages dotted around a mountain and Lugu Lake – as many tourists do. But something beyond the views and clean air grabbed her.朱伟鸿(音译)开始着手寻找这些问题的。她是新加坡一位成功的公司律师,于2006年辞职后开始旅行。在加拿大、美国、伦敦培训和工作过后,她产生了游览中国的兴趣——那个她祖先的国度。在读到有关梭的资料后,她决定去拜访那个散落在大山中如画般的社区,并像许多外国游客一样游览泸沽湖。但一些美好景色和清新空气之外的东西深深吸引了她。“I grew up in a world where men are the bosses” she says. “My father and I fought a lot – he was the quintessential male in an extremely patriarchal Chinese community in Singapore. And I never really belonged at work; the rules were geared towards men and intuitively understood by them but not me. I’ve been a feminist all my life and the Mosuo seemed to place the female at the centre of their society. It was inspiring.”“我成长于一个男性主导的世界”,她说,“父亲和我经常吵架,他是极重父权的新加坡华人社区里的一个典型男性。我在工作中从来没有归属感,所有规则都面向男性,且能被他们男性的思维直观理解,而非像我这样的女性。我一直是一个女权主义者,梭似乎将女性置于他们社会的中心。这很让人振奋。” /201704/503101

  It#39;s something we do nearly every day but you could well be washing your hair wrong.尽管我们几乎每天都要洗头,但是你可能一直都洗错了。Indeed, haircare giants and hairdressers are waxing lyrical about a quirky new hair washing trend - and say it will give you the best locks of your life.事实上,护发用品巨头和理发师们正在推动一个快速洗头趋势--他们称这会给你带来一生中最好的秀发。Micellar washing is the latest buzzword sweeping the beauty industry and involves using a special micellar water shampoo to clean your hair.胶束洗头法是最近风靡美容行业的一个流行词汇,就是用特殊的胶束洗发水来洗头。Inspired by micellar cleansing waters, which French women have long used to cleanse their skin, a plethora of new shampoos are being created using the same technology.由于受到胶束清洁水(法国女性一直用它来清洁皮肤)的启发,大量新型洗发水正在用同种技术生产出来。Experts are singing the praises of micellar shampoos, which are a gentle and mild cleanser for hair.专家们对胶束洗发水大加赞赏,这种洗发水很温和、不会刺激你的头发。Micellar water takes its name from tiny particles of oil called micelles and it#39;s these micelles that attract the dirt to gently remove residue without stripping moisture.胶束水的名字来源于微小的油粒子“胶束”,而正是这些胶束可以吸附污垢、轻轻去除而不会剥夺水分。They are sulphate, silicone and paraben-free and work like a tiny magnet, which effectively picks up impurities, pollution and grease from hair without stripping or weighing it down.胶束含有硫酸盐和硅酮、不含苯,就像小型磁铁一样,可以吸附头发上的污垢、污染和油脂,而不会使其脱落。The mild cleansing technology promises to keep your scalp healthy, causing less chance for irritation and flaking.这种温和的清洁技术可以保你的头皮健康,头皮受到刺激更少、掉落的头皮也大大减少。It also apparently helps to keep coloured hair vibrant and protected and leave hair soft, lightweight and with natural movement.很显然这也有助于保持头发颜色鲜艳,使得头发柔顺轻巧、自然熨帖。 /201704/502095

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