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盐城协和男科医院贵吗响水县中医院治疗膀胱炎多少钱The Hong Kong government has threatened to take legal action against those advocating full separation from China, as it tries to deter growing support among young people for independence. 香港政府警告称,将对主张香港从中国彻底独立出来的人采取法律行动。目前,香港政府正在努力遏制年轻人当中不断增强的持独立的倾向The government of the semi-autonomous Chinese territory said in a statement that Hong Kong was “an inalienable partof China and that it would “take action according to the lawto uphold this position. 中国这块半自治领土的政府在一份声明中称,香港特别行政区是中华人民共和国“不可分离的部分”,对于“港独”言行,“政府将依法处理”“Any suggestion that Hong Kong should be independent or any movement to advocate such ‘independenceis against the Basic Law [the territory’s mini constitution], and will undermine the stability and prosperity of Hong Kong and impair the interest of the general public,it said. 声明称:“‘港独’言行违反《基本法》、危害香港稳定繁荣、损害广大香港市民的利益。The comments came after an activist said he wanted to launch an organisation called the Hong Kong National party, the latest in an expanding line-up of young campaigners calling for independence. 香港政府是在一名活动人士称想成立一个名为“香港民族党Hong Kong National party)的组织后发布上述声明的。香港现在有越来越多的年轻活动人士呼吁独立,这个党派是最新的一例Upset at the refusal of Beijing to grant Hong Kong democratic elections, thousands of activists occupied swaths of central Hong Kong during the Umbrella movement in 2014. 2014年,由于对中央拒绝答应香港实行民主选举感到失望,数千名活动人士发动了“雨伞”运动,占领香港市中心多个地段Tensions between the mainland and the former British colony have continued to escalate since then, with Beijing taking a tougher line towards Hong Kong and some democracy campaigners becoming more radical. 此后,中国内地与这块前英国殖民地之间的紧张关系持续升级,北京方面对香港采取了更强硬的态度,香港一些民主活动人士也变得更为激进A series of student union leaders have voiced their support for independence, previously a taboo, and a political activist who promotes the use of violence in defence of the rights of Hong Kongers won 15 per cent of the vote in a recent by-election. 许多学生会领袖纷纷发声持独立,而在以前,独立是一个禁忌词汇。在最近一次香港立法会补选中,一名持使用暴力手段维护港人权益的政治活动人士赢得5%的选票Although these remain fringe views, Beijing has been taken aback by the speed and extent of the radicalisation. 尽管这些仍属于非主流观点,但北京方面对香港激进思潮的发展速度和声势感到吃惊“The attempt by a very few people in Hong Kong to set up a ‘Hong Kong independenceorganisation undermines national sovereignty and security, jeopardises Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability and risks the fundamental interests of Hong Kong,said the Chinese government’s Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office. 中国国务院港澳办表示:“香港极少数人成立‘港独’组织的行为危害国家的主权、安全,危害香港的繁荣稳定,危害香港的根本利益。Albert Ho, a veteran pro-democracy lawmaker in Hong Kong, said young people were increasingly frustrated with the political deadlock in the city and saw calling for independence as one way to express this feeling. 香港资深的亲民主立法会议员何俊仁(Albert Ho)表示,年轻人对香港的政治僵局越来越感到失望,他们把要求独立视作表达这种情绪的一种方式Mr Ho, who is also a lawyer, said that under Hong Kong’s existing laws it was hard for the government to take action against people simply for expressing a view about the status of Hong Kong. 何俊仁还是一名律师。他表示,根据香港现行法律,如果有人只是单纯发表对香港地位的看法,政府很难对其采取法律行动Under the Basic Law, Hong Kong committed to enacting a law against secession and subversion but it dropped a previous attempt to do so after widesp opposition. 根据《基本法》,香港有权立法禁止任何分裂国家和颠覆中央人民政府的行为,但在遭到普遍反对后,香港放弃了此前的立法尝试The criminal ordinance on sedition, which originates from the colonial era, makes it an offence to “bring into hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection againstthe government of Hong Kong. 有关煽动叛乱的刑事条例(起源于殖民时代),把“引起憎恨、藐视”香港政府或者激起对香港政府“叛离”的行为列为犯罪行为But Mr Ho said that under established legal principles in other common law jurisdictions, action would normally only be taken if there was an element of “inciting people to commit violence or civil disorder 但何俊仁表示,依据其他普通法司法管辖地的现有法律原则,一般而言,只有涉及“煽动他人使用暴力或煽动民众骚乱”的行为才可被追究法律责任The Hong Kong National party, which claimed that the government prevented it from registering as an official entity, said in a statement that “the Basic Law is a piece of evil law unauthorised by the citizens of Hong Kong, lacking any legitimacy 香港民族党称,香港政府阻止该党注册成为一个正式的实体。该党在一份声明中表示:“基本法乃未经香港公民授权之恶法,于香港没有认受性。It warned that any attempt to prosecute it would spark a backlash. “If the despot is unwise enough to actualise such absurdity, we are more than pleased to be the trigger of this crisis,it said. 香港民族党警告称,一旦控告该党将招致激烈反弹。“如独裁政权一意孤行,我党乐意成就此危机的出现。”来 /201604/435537盐城哪家不孕不育看的好 Hundreds of thousands of people have marched through the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, in rival demonstrations.近日,数十万反对派持者在委内瑞拉的首都加拉加斯的街头游行示威。Opposition supporters, staging their largest rally for two years, called for President Nicolas Maduros removal.这是两年来反对派持者举行的最大规模集会,他们要求总统尼古拉斯·马杜罗下台。They blame him for Venezuelas economic crisis and accuse the electoral commission of delaying a referendum that could shorten his stay in power.他们谴责了当前委内瑞拉国内严重的经济危机,控告国家选举委员延迟举行可能会缩短马杜罗的执政期的公投。Mr Maduro, whose supporters also rallied in huge numbers, accused the opposition of trying to stage a coup.马杜罗的持者也举行了大规模集会,谴责反对派试图发动政变;The nation has triumphed. They wanted to intimidate the people but the people are here,; said Mr Maduro at a rally in central Caracas. ;We have defeated an attempted coup that tried to fill Venezuela and Caracas with violence, death.;马杜罗在加拉加斯中心的集会上说道:“我们已取得胜利。他们想要恐吓人民,但是人民就在这里。我们挫败了一次未遂政变,他们试图让委内瑞拉、让加拉加斯充满暴力。;We have shown to the world the importance of Venezuela and how much it wants change,; said opposition politician Jesus Torrealba.反对派政治家耶稣·托瑞艾巴则称:“我们向全世界表明了委内瑞拉的重要性及其期望改变的意愿。”Protesters said they had enough of the policies of the governing ed Socialist Party of Venezuela.抗议者表示,他们已准备了充足的政策来统治委内瑞拉执政党社会主义统一党;We are going to defeat hunger, crime, inflation and corruption. Theyve done nothing in 17 years. Their time is finished,; Naty Gutierrez told Reuters news agency.娜蒂·古铁雷斯在接受路透社采访时表示:“我们准备解决饥饿、犯罪、通货膨胀以及贪污问题。马杜罗政府在过7年里什么也没做成,是时候结束他们的统治了。”A small group of protesters clashed with riot police as the peaceful rally ended. In the run-up to the march, a number of opposition politicians were detained.和平集会结束后,一小部分抗议者与防暴警察发生冲突。在游行的准备阶段,许多反对派政界人士已经被逮捕。来 /201609/465740建湖县看男科好吗

盐城医院做人流吗This time last year, I wrote that I have a nightmare vision for 2017: President Trump, President Le Pen, President Putin. 去年这个时候,我写道,我对2017年有一个噩梦般的想象:特朗普总统、勒庞总统,普京总统。So, after Donald Trump’s victory, the next question is whether Marine Le Pen can indeed capture the French presidency?因此,唐纳德.特朗Donald Trump)获胜后的下一个问题是,马勒庞(Marine Le Pen)是否能真能成为法国总统?Following this weekend’s centre-right primary, it seems likely that Ms Le Pen will face a run-off in May against either Fran#231;ois Fillon or Alain Juppé. 在上周末中右翼阵营初选之后,勒庞看上去可能在明年5月份与弗朗索菲永(Fran#231;ois Fillon)或阿朱佩(Alain Juppé)进行终极对决。Both are Hillary Clinton-style establishment figures, who would be ideal opponents for the leader of the far-right.这两人都是希拉里.克林Hillary Clinton)式的建制派人物,将是极右翼领袖勒庞的理想对手。The consequences of a victory for the far-right in France would be drastic for both European and world politics. 如果极右翼在法国获胜,将为欧洲和世界政治带来非常严重的后果。A Le Pen presidency could well lead to the collapse of the EU. 勒庞当上总统很可能导致欧EU)的崩溃。She wants to pull France out of the European single currency and to hold a referendum on France’s EU membership.她希望让法国退出欧洲单一货币,并就法国是否留在欧盟举行公投。Even if Ms Le Pen softened her stance in office, it is hard to see how Angela Merkel’s Germany could work with a nationalist and authoritarian France. 即便勒庞上台后软化了自己的立场,也很难设想安格拉.默克Angela Merkel)领导下的德国如何能跟一个民族主义、威权主义的法国携手合作。With Germany and France set on radically different paths, Franco-German antagonism would return to the heart of European politics.随着德国和法国走上截然不同的道路,法德的对立将重回欧洲政治的中心。The global implications of a Le Pen victory would also be severe. 勒庞获胜对全球的影响也将是严重的。Four of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council would be occupied either by undemocratic governments (Russia and China), or by democracies led by nationalist rightwing leaders (US and France). 在联合国(UN)安全理事Security Council)的五个常任理事国中,有四个将要么是非民主国家(俄罗斯和中国),要么是由民族主义右翼领袖领导的民主国家(美国和法国)。Under such circumstances, the international legal order could crumble, as might once again became right.在这种情况下,国际法律秩序可能崩溃,世界秩序可能再次向右转。Of course, even post-Brexit and post-Trump, there is nothing inevitable about a Le Pen victory in France. 当然,即便在英国退欧和特朗普上台之后,也不存在什么因素决定勒庞必然在法国获得胜利。For what it is worth, the opinion polls still show her likely to lose decisively in the second round of the election. 无论有多少参考价值,民意调查仍然表明,她可能会以明显差距输掉第二轮选举。And although Ms Le Pen has moved to embrace the Trump White House and has been keenly supported by Mr Trump’s alt-right advisers, there are important differences between the Trump and Le Pen phenomenons.虽然勒庞对特朗普政府表示了极大的欢迎,并且得到特朗普的另类右alt-right)顾问的持,但特朗普现象和勒庞现象之间存在着重大区别。Unlike Mr Trump, the National Front has been around for decades and is more of a known quantity to voters. 与特朗普不同的是,国民阵National Front)已经存在了几十年了,在更大程度上已经为选民们所熟悉了。France’s bitter memories of the Vichy regime of the 1940s may also mean that the country is better inoculated against far-right politics than the US.法国对上世纪40年代维希政权的痛苦记忆或许也意味着,比起美国,法国对极右政治更加免疫。Set against that, however, is the possibility that French voters, who might have feared that a Le Pen presidency would turn their country into an international pariah, may now feel that Mr Trump’s victory has given them permission to vote for the far-right.然而,与此相反的一种可能性是,曾担心勒庞把法国变成国际社会贱民的该国选民,现在也许觉得,特朗普当选让他们获得了投票持极右翼的许可。The objective conditions for a turn towards authoritarian nationalism are clearly stronger in France than in the US. 法国转向威权民族主义显然具备比美国更充分的客观条件。France has been subjected to savage terrorist attacks by Islamist extremists. 法国遭到了伊斯兰极端分子的野蛮恐怖主义袭击。There are large, poorly integrated Muslim populations in most big cities. 在大多数大城市中,存在着大量未融入当地社会的的穆斯林人口。Unemployment among the general population is over 10 per cent.全国总人口的失业率超0%。Above all, the political establishment is despised. 最重要的是,政治建制派遭到鄙视。The approval ratings of President Fran#231;ois Hollande recently hit an astonishing low of 4 per cent. 法国总统弗朗索瓦.奥朗Fran#231;ois Hollande)的持率最近创%的惊人低点。The political, social, economic and international environments could not be more favourable for Ms Le Pen.如今的政治、社会、经济和国际环境对勒庞都简直不能更有利了。In recent years, Ms Le Pen has moved to distance herself from her father, Jean-Marie, whose racist views are embarrassingly open. 近年来,勒庞已跟父亲马里.勒庞(Jean-Marie Le Pen)撇清了干系,后者的种族主义观点是公开的,让人感到难堪。These days, Ms Le Pen’s rhetoric is indeed less inflammatory and dishonest than that of Mr Trump. 近来,勒庞的言论确实没有像特朗普那样煽动性十足和不诚实。But the French far-right leader has had her moments. 但这位法国极右翼领袖也发表过令人瞠目结舌的言论。She has, for example, compared Muslims praying in France’s streets with the Nazi occupation.比如,她曾把在法国街头祈祷的穆斯林与纳粹占领军相比。On the other side of the channel, there might even be some in the British government who would quietly welcome the prospect of a far-right victory in France. 在海峡对岸的英国,政府里甚至可能有些人会暗自希望极右翼在法国取胜。While the current French government is leading the demands that Britain must pay a heavy price for Brexit, Ms Le Pen has applauded the British decision to quit the EU. 法国现政府带头要求英国必须为退欧付出沉重代价,而勒庞赞扬了英国的退欧决定。A Le Pen victory might even solve the Brexit problem since there might no longer be an EU left for the UK to leave. 也许勒庞获胜甚至可能解决掉英国退欧问题,因为欧盟或许将从这个世界上消失。Boris Johnson, UK foreign secretary, hailed the opportunity represented by the election of the pro-Brexit Mr Trump, and might sniff similar opportunities in the rise of Ms Le Pen.英国外交大臣鲍里约翰Boris Johnson)对持英国退欧的特朗普胜选所代表的机会表示欢呼,他或许也在勒庞的崛起中嗅到了类似的机会。More sober heads in London, however, must surely realise that the rise of the French far-right cannot ultimately be good news for Britain. 然而,伦敦更多头脑清醒的人们必须明白,法国极右翼的崛起最终肯定对英国不利。A National Front victory in France would mean that the forces of authoritarian nationalism would be flourishing across Europe, from Moscow to Warsaw to Budapest and Paris. 国民阵线在法国的胜利将意味着,威权民族主义将在整个欧洲抬头——从莫斯科到华沙、再到布达佩斯和巴黎。Under Mr Trump, the US could no longer be relied upon as a stabilising force to push back against political extremism in Europe.在特朗普领导下,美国再也不能像人们指望的那样发挥稳定作用、阻止欧洲政治极端主义兴起了。Instead, many in Europe are now looking towards Ms Merkel, who has just announced that she will be running for a fourth term as German chancellor, next year, as the anchor of European stability. 相反,欧洲许多人目前正把目光投向默克尔,希望她能维系欧洲的稳定。她刚刚宣布明年将参加竞选,如果获胜,将开始第四个总理任期。But the challenges facing Ms Merkel are truly daunting. 但是,默克尔面临的挑战确实很艰巨。She confronts a hostile Russia to the East and a Middle East in flames to the south. 德国东面有敌对的俄罗斯,南面是战火连绵的中东。Mr Trump has been openly contemptuous towards Ms Merkel.特朗普则一直公开对默克尔表示轻蔑。Within the EU, Germany’s relations with southern Europe have been poisoned by the euro crisis, while its relations with eastern Europe have been soured by the refugee crisis. 在欧盟内部,德国与南欧的关系因欧元危机而恶化,与东欧的关系因难民危机而变坏。Meanwhile, Britain has voted to leave the bloc. 同时,英国已投票决定离开欧盟。The election of Ms Le Pen in France could be the final blow to the vision of Europe represented by Ms Merkel, and constructed by generations of European leaders, since the 1950s.若勒庞在法国当选,可能对于由默克尔代表的、自1950年代以来几代欧洲领导人构建的欧洲愿景构成最后一击。来 /201611/479837盐城治疗包皮过长 Greek and Egyptian crews are searching for a missing Egypt Air flight that disappeared Thursday en route to Cairo from Paris with 66 passengers and crew on board.希腊和埃及的搜救人员正在寻找埃及航空公司一架失踪客机,这架班机星期四从巴黎飞往开罗途中失踪,机上有66名乘客和机组人员。The carrier said that it lost contact with Flight MS804 at 2:30am Cairo time, when the Airbus A320 was at an altitude of about 11,278 meters and approximately 16 kilometers inside Egyptian airspace. The cause of the planes disappearance was not immediately clear, but airline officials said the aircraft may have crashed.埃及航空公司说,在开罗时间凌0分与这架空客A320客机失去联络,当时该班机的飞行高度约278米,刚刚进入埃及领空16公里左右。目前还不清楚班机失踪的原因,但民航官员说,这架客机可能已经坠毁。The airline stated that Egyptian armed forces received a distress message before communication with the plane was lost; however, a military spokesman posted on his Facebook page a statement denying a distress call had been received.埃及航空实,在与这架班机失联之前,埃及军方曾收到求救信号。但埃及军方发言人在脸书上发表声明,对此予以否认。Fifty-six passengers were on board, including one child and two infants. Saudi officials say the flight included passengers from France, Britain, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Chad, Portugal, Algeria and Canada. No U.S. citizens were reported among the missing.这架班机上有56名乘客,包括一名儿童和两名婴儿。沙特官员说,机上乘客来自法囀?英囀?埃及、伊拉克、科威特、沙特、苏丹、乍得、葡萄牙、阿尔及利亚和加拿大。据报机上没有美国乘客。Aviation experts are reiterating that at this point too little is known to draw any conclusions.航空专家再三重申,目前了解的情况太少,还不能下任何结论。来 /201605/444672盐城不孕不育检查哪几项

盐城妇保医院治疗阴道炎多少钱Saudi Arabia is in a mess. That conclusion seems to be common ground the view of serious outside analysts and of the country’s own government. The only question is whether the problems can be corrected by shock treatment of the sort announced in Riyadh last week.沙特阿拉伯眼下一团糟。这个结论似乎是外界认真的分析师和沙特政府的一致看法。唯一的问题是,这些问题能否通过上周利雅得宣布的那种休克疗法得到解决。The immediate challenge is clear. Last year, revenue from oil exports fell by 23 per cent. That matters in a country that is 77 per cent dependent on oil income. Unemployment is officially 11.6 per cent, not counting the millions who hold non-jobs in and around the agencies of the state. In total, 70 per cent of Saudis work for the government. In the first half of last year, according to Mohammed al-Sheikh, the chief economic adviser to the all-powerful deputy crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman (known universally as MbS), the kingdom’s financial reserves were being drawn down at a rate that would have exhausted them by the end of 2017 far earlier than had previously been estimated by outside authorities such as the International Monetary Fund.直接挑战显而易见。去年,来自石油出口的财政收入下3%。对于一7%的财政收入依赖于石油的国家来说,这一点关系重大。在不计算数以百万计的在政府机构内部及周边无所事事的雇员的情况下,官方失业率为11.6%。总共70%的沙特人为政府工作。去年上半年,为掌握实权的沙特副王储穆罕默德#8226;#8226;萨勒曼(Mohammed bin Salman,被普遍称为MbS)担任首席经济顾问的穆罕默德#8226;阿尔-谢赫(Mohammed al-Sheikh)表示,沙特王国的资金储备正在迅速流失,017年底就可能会彻底干涸。这比国际货币基金组IMF)等外部权威机构此前的预测要早得多。All those problems were well summed up in a note from McKinseys published at the end of last year that talked of the prospect of a rapid economic deterioration in Saudi Arabia over the next decade.麦肯McKinsey)去年底发表的一份报告很好地总结了沙特的种种问题,该报告预测了未0年沙特经济迅速恶化的前景。So radical change is needed, which brings us to the announcement last week of MbS’s Vision 2030, designed to create a modern economy free of dependence on oil. The full announcement is worth ing because it demonstrates the sheer scale of the ambition, but a few headlines will give you the flavour.因此,沙特需要大刀阔斧的改革,这就让我们回到上周沙特副王储宣布的《愿030Vision 2030)。该计划旨在打造摆脱对石油依赖的现代化经济体。整套报告值得一读,因为它展现了沙特的勃勃雄心,但是几个标题就会给你一个大致印象#8226;A stake in the state-owned oil company will be floated in an IPO within the next two years.#8226; 未来两年内,将对沙特国有石油公司的部分股权进行首次公开发行(IPO)#8226;The funds from that and other asset sales perhaps tn dollars or more will be invested in a new sovereign wealth fund to give the country a regular income from non-oil sources.#8226; 这笔IPO和出售其他资产所得——可能达万亿美元以上——将投资于一只新的主权财富基金,使国家得以从非石油类资产获得固定收入#8226;The country will be opened up to tourism.#8226; 沙特将开放旅游业#8226;Expats will be allowed to own property within Saudi Arabia.#8226; 允许外国人在沙特境内拥有房地产#8226;New small and medium-sized enterprises will be encouraged to the point where they account for 35 per cent of economic activity.#8226; 政府将鼓励创办中小型企业,目标是让这类企业占5%的经济活动#8226;Subsidies for oil, water and electricity will be progressive eliminated.#8226; 逐步取消对成品油、水和电力的补贴#8226;Unemployment will be reduced to 7 per cent#8226; 将失业率降至7%#8226;A range of new industrial sectors will be developed, including petrochemicals, manufacturing and finance on the basis of foreign investment.#8226; 依靠外资发展一系列新的产业,包括石油化工、制造业和金融业#8226;An anti-corruption drive in the Ministry of Defence will be combined with the development of a domestic military equipment business that will be capable of meeting at least half of the country’s needs.#8226; 将在国防部发起反腐运动,同时发展国内军工产业,使其至少可以满足沙特一半的军事装备需求。All this builds on a full-scale McKinsey study called “Saudi Arabia Beyond Oil which was published at the end of last year.这一切措施都建立在麦肯锡去年底发表的全面报告《沙特阿拉伯——超越石油Saudi Arabia Beyond Oil)之上。The only problem with this grand plan is that is completely unrealistic. To say, as MbS did last week, that by 2020 Saudi Arabia will no longer be dependent on oil revenue is beyond a dream. To say that the country doesn’t care whether the oil price is a barrel or is ridiculous. But the real problem is the reality when it comes to implementation. Last week’s policy statement makes no reference to any of the difficulties of delivering what is promised.这份宏伟计划的唯一问题是它完全不切实际。说沙特020年将不再依赖石油收入(就像上周副王储所说的那样),简直比梦话还要乌托邦。说沙特不在乎油价是每桶30美元还是每桶70美元,实在荒唐。但是,真正的问题在于落实这些措施时的现实。上周的政策声明压根没提到兑现这些承诺的难度。Are we really supposed to believe that Saudi Arabia can create an industry to build technically complex military equipment from a zero base?我们真的应该相信沙特可以从零开始、创建一个有能力制造先进军事装备的产业吗?Or to believe that western tourists are going to flock to a country whose laws allow people to be stoned to death for adultery or gay sex? The human rights problems are amply and regularly set out in reports from Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. How many western women will be happy to slip into a burkini for their holidays?或是相信西方游客会蜂拥来到这个依法可对通奸者或同性恋者处以石刑的国家吗?大赦国际(Amnesty International)和人权观察组Human Rights Watch)的报告中定期详细描述沙特的人权问题。有多少西方女性愿意在度假时套上穆斯林泳装“布基尼”?How is the civil service which MBS accepted last week was corrupt and inefficient to be reformed when so many of the brightest and best Saudis are happier to live and work in London or New York?在那么多最聪明最优秀的沙特人更乐于在伦敦或纽约工作生活的情况下,怎么对副王储承认腐败而低效的行政部门进行改革呢?How is Aramco to be converted into a company that can meet western standards of transparency and good governance? Will the kingdom, for instance, allow an independent external analysis of the company’s claimed oil and gas reserves?沙特阿拉伯国家石油公司(Saudi Aramco,简称沙特阿美)如何转型为达到西方透明度及优良治理标准的企业?例如,沙特王国会允许外部独立机构对该公司声称的油气储量进行分析吗?And, perhaps most important of all, how will the Saudi government break the hold ofWahhabist religious fundamentalism, something the royal family has not managed over the last century?同时,或许最重要的是,沙特政府将如何打破瓦哈比派原教旨主义的控制?过去一个世纪,沙特皇室都没能做到这一点。Without a serious analysis of the delivery process, Vision 2030 is meaningless rhetoric. The barriers to progress are not new. They have defeated every attempt to achieve change and reform made by successive Saudi governments. Promises of economic diversification, of industrial development, of education for all and of a transformation of the energy sector through the development of renewables have all ended in failure. To ignore the problems of delivery is to demonstrate the unreality of the whole approach. I hope McKinsey a firm of the highest integrity will point this out rather allowing its brand to be tarnished by association with a project that it must know cannot work.在不对改革落实过程进行认真分析的情况下,《愿030》只是毫无意义的空谈。进步的障碍并不新鲜。它们挫败了历任沙特政府推行改变和改革的所有尝试。对于经济多元化、工业发展、全民教育以及发展可再生能源以推进能源业转型的承诺,均以失败告终。忽视落实过程中面临的问题,暴露了整个思路的脱离实际。我希望麦肯锡作为一家具有最高诚信的公司指出这一点,而不是任由其招牌被它肯定知道行不通的项目玷污。The worst thing is that MbS, who is 30 and has not enjoyed the benefit of a western education with its inbuilt tone of scepticism, actually believes what he is saying and does indeed think that he can transform the country by an act of personal will. The deputy crown prince is the sort of character about whom Shakespeare could have written a great play. It would not have ended happily.最糟糕的是,这0岁、从未受过西方教育及其内在怀疑思维熏陶的副王储,实际上相信自己所说的话,真的认为他可以通过个人意志改变这个国家。他属于那种可以让莎士比亚写出一部伟大剧本的人物类型。该剧本不会以喜剧收场。It might be tempting to say that these are Saudi Arabia’s problems and that after innumerable further, and no doubt very lucrative, consultancy studies little will change and MbS will be swept away perhaps by a change of the guard after his father’s death.人们或许忍不住说,这些都是沙特的问题,在咨询机构无数次报酬丰厚的进一步研究之后,几乎什么都不会改变,副王储将被踢出历史舞台——或许是在其父亲去世、王位易主之后。That view is too narrow. Saudi Arabia matters in the region look at the damage being done in Yemen and by the wider conflict with Iran which MbS has been stoking. Provocative behaviour, driven on by economic weakness and competition for shares of the oil market, could make a bad neighbourhood even more volatile.这种观点太过狭隘。沙特在中东地区至关重要——看看也门遭受的损害,以及沙特与伊朗之间的全方位对抗(这位副王储正在火上浇油)。受经济疲软和争夺石油市场份额驱动,挑衅行为可能会让一个糟糕的地区更加动荡。And the country matters in the world, as well. Global oil consumption may be coming to its peak but it will stay at around 90 to 100mbd for a very long time. The kingdom is a crucial part of the equation and should be on the side of stability. Pretending the price doesn’t matter reflects a lack of interest or knowledge when it comes to the wider consequences of the policies being pursued.这个国家对整个世界同样举足轻重。全球石油消费可能即将见顶,但仍将在很长时期内保持在每日9000万至1亿桶水平上。沙特王国是石油供需平衡的关键组成部分,应该成为稳定的力量。假装油价无关紧要反映出,对于政策带来的更广泛的后果,某些人要么不关心、要么不懂。For Saudi Arabia, the lack of realism behind Vision 2030 can only make a messy situation worse. For those outside the kingdom, the naivity of the approach is another unwelcome source of instability and danger.对于沙特阿拉伯来说,《愿030》背后的不切实际只会让混乱的局面更加糟糕。对于沙特以外的国家来说,这种战略的幼稚是另一个不受欢迎的动荡和危险的源头。来 /201605/441909 响水县人民医院不孕不育多少钱射阳县人民医院前列腺炎多少钱

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