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盐城/检查不孕不育要多少钱盐城/治疗前列腺囊肿的价格盐城市盐都区第二人民医院泌尿系统在线咨询 Russia on Monday unblocked the sale to Iran of one of the world’s most advanced air-defence systems, in a move that will irk the US and other world powers involved in talks to limit Tehran’s nuclear programme.周一,俄罗斯解除了向伊朗销售S-300系统的禁令,此举或激怒美国及其他参加限制伊朗核计划谈判的国家。S-300系统是目前世界上最先进的防空系统之一。President Vladimir Putin cancelled a decree under which he had banned delivery of the S-300 system to the Islamic Republic in September , a restriction imposed under intense diplomatic pressure from the US and Israel.俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)取消了一项禁止向伊朗提供S-300系统的禁令。该禁令009月,普京在美国和以色列的强大外交压力下提出的。His move comes at a highly sensitive point in the negotiations over Iran’s nuclear programme, with the White House attempting to sell this month’s framework agreement with Tehran to a highly sceptical US Congress.普京此举恰逢伊朗核计划磋商进入高度敏感时刻,白宫方面正试图向十分多疑的美国国会推销本月与伊朗政府达成的框架协议。Opponents of the nuclear deal which imposes conditions on Iran’s nuclear programme in exchange for sanctions relief see the resumption of Russian arms sales as evidence of Iran winning space to hone its capabilities and better protect nuclear facilities from outside military action.伊朗核协议为伊朗的核计划设置了限制条件,以换取其他国家解除对伊朗的制裁。该协议的反对者认为,俄罗斯恢复对伊军售明,伊朗赢得了锻炼自身能力、更好地保护其核设施免受外来军事攻击的空间。On Monday, Yuval Steinitz, the Israeli intelligence minister, said that the green light for S-300 sales was “a direct result of the legitimisation that Iran is receiving from the nuclear dealthis month, of which Israel’s government has been fiercely critical.周一,以色列情报部长尤瓦#8226;施泰尼茨(Yuval Steinitz)表示,S-300系统销售解禁是这个月“核计划协议赋予伊朗合法性的直接后果”。以色列政府对该协议始终持强烈批评态度。“Instead of demanding Iran stop its terrorist activities which it is sping in the Middle East and around the world, they are enabling it to arm with advanced weapons which will only increase its aggression,Mr Steinitz said.施泰尼茨表示:“他们并未要求伊朗停止在中东和全球不断蔓延的恐怖活动。相反,他们却令伊朗得以装备先进武器,这只会增加伊朗的侵略行为。”Washington and Israel have long objected to the possible sale of the S-300s to Iran, saying they would destabilise the military balance in the region. Since 2006 successive US presidents have raised the issue with Mr Putin.长期以来,美国政府和以色列政府一直反对向伊朗销售S-300系统,并表示这么做会打破该地区军事平衡。自2006年以来,连续多任美国总统都曾向普京提出这个问题。The Obama administration played down the potential impact of the Russian announcement. Marie Harf, spokeswoman at the state department, said that the US does “not believe it’s constructive at this time for Russia to move forward withthe sale of the missiles. However, she added that “we don’t think this will have an impact on unity in terms of inside the negotiating rooms奥巴马政府则试图淡化俄罗斯声明的潜在影响。美国国务院发言人玛#8226;哈夫(Marie Harf)表示,美国“认为,俄罗斯在这个节点上推进”对伊导弹销售“毫无建设性”。不过,她补充说“我们认为这不会影响谈判桌上的团结”。US secretary of state John Kerry talked to his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, on Monday and repeated Washington’s longstanding concerns about the potential deal, she said.她说,美国国务卿约翰#8226;克里(John Kerry)周一与俄罗斯外长谢尔#8226;拉夫罗夫(Sergei Lavrov)举行了磋商,并重申了美国政府长期以来对俄伊潜在协议的担忧。Some analysts in the US questioned whether Russia would actually ever deliver the missiles.美国部分分析人士则质疑俄罗斯是否真的会向伊朗供应这批导弹。来 /201504/370407盐城/妇幼保健医院看男科好吗

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江苏省东台市人民医院妇科整形多少钱NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Prime MinisterNarendra Modi on Thursday appealed to millions of people of Indian originacross the world to turn to their homeland after he eased visa rules to lureoverseas talent,in a bid to make the country a top power.新德里(路透社)——总理莫迪周四呼吁无数的海外印度人回到自己的祖国印度,为了吸引更多人才,莫迪已经放宽了签,目的是为了把印度建成一个世界强囀?India has the worlds second largestdiaspora after China, with more than 25 million people settling overseas sincecolonial times, from Guyana in South America to Singapore in East Asia.印度在海外拥有的印度人数量世界第二,仅排在中国之后,自殖民时代以来已经有2500万印度人移民海外,从南美的圭亚那到东亚的新加坡。Modis desire to harness the groups skillsand resources is bolstered by his Hindu nationalist leanings towardsreasserting Indias position as a global leader with a unique civilisationstretching back thousands of years.莫迪之所以想要利用这些人的技能和资源,是因为他想让印度再次恢复印度在千百年前所具有的那种世界领袖地位;There was a time when professionalsin India went to distant lands to explore new possibilities,; Modi told anannual gathering for people of Indian origin in Gujarat. ;Now India awaitsyou with opportunities.;“从前有一段时间印度的人才到遥远的他乡探索新的可能性,”莫迪在古吉特拉邦的年度海外印度人的聚会上说道。“现在印度以崭新的机会等待着你们的归来。”The diaspora event was timed immediatelyprior to a large investment meeting that will be addressed by U.S. Secretary ofState John Kerry and World Bank President Jim Yong Kim.这次聚会的时间安排恰恰发生在一个大型的投资会议之前,美国国务卿克里和世界主席金辰勇将在这次投资会议上发言。On Wednesday, President Pranab Mukherjeeapproved an executive order to ease the way for those whose families left Indiaas many as four generations ago, as well as their spouses, to get lifetimevisas and own property in India.周三,印度总统穆克吉颁布了总统令,那些最多于四代之前就离开印度的印度人后裔及其配偶们将能更容易的获得印度的终身签以及更容易的在印度拥有资产。Modis pitch has a harder economic aspecttoo, as the diaspora holds investments of more than 0 billion in India.莫迪的这个计划也有经济层面的考量,因为这些海外印度人在印度的投资达到000多亿美元。Young, foreign-educated Indians came backin droves at the turn of the millennium and poured in funds as the economy tookoff with a roar, but the flow has dried up as growth sputtered in the past fewyears. Modi is keen to reverse that trend.世纪之交的时候年轻的在外国接受教育的印度人蜂拥回国,随着印度经济的发展,他们开始在印度进行投资,但随着印度经济的走低,这些资金流开始萎缩。所以莫迪想要逆转这种趋势。Officials said they are also assistingcitizenship efforts by those whose ancestors left India centuries ago, shippedby British rulers to distant corners of the globe as indentured labourers.官员称他们还在帮助印度后裔们获取印度的公民身份,他们的祖先在几个世纪前被英国殖民者当作契约劳工运送到遥远的地方去。Last year, overseas Indians greeted Modiwith a rockstar welcome and stadium rallies on his state visits to the edStates and Australia.去年,莫迪在访问美国和澳洲时受到了当地印度人热烈的欢迎。The energetic leaders popularity hasaly won over some high-profile individuals, including Arvind Panagariya andArvind Subramanian, two of the worlds top economists, who recently joined hisgovernment after long careers in the ed States.这位精力旺盛的领导人的名气已经为他赢得了一些高知名度个体的心,包括两位世界级的经济学家Arvind Panagariya Arvind Subramanian,在美国经历了长久的职业生涯后他们最近加入了印度政府。The diaspora meeting was attended byGuyanas President Donald Ramotar, and also sought totap into the French-speaking Indian diaspora from island nations such asMauritius.圭亚那总统DonaldRamotar也参加了这次的海外印度人聚会,这个聚会还试图接近来自岛国的讲法语的海外印度人,比如岛国毛里求斯。来 /201501/353030 After weeks of alarm over the lightning advance of a brutal, transnational jihadi group in Iraq, a nation fearing for its very existence has been granted some short-term relief.在连续几周被一个野蛮的跨国圣战组织的闪电般军事推进所震惊之后,担心国家无法存续下去的伊拉克得到了一点喘息空间。Stepping back into Iraq, the US has ramped up air strikes against the jihadis of the self-styled Islamic State. For now at least, the oil-rich northern Kurdish region’s capital of Erbil appears secure and the group known as Isis has been driven out of the strategic Mosul dam.美国重返伊拉克,加大了对自称“伊斯兰国”(Islamic State,简称IS)的圣战组织的空中打击。至少就眼下而言,伊拉克北部石油储量丰富的库尔德地区的首府埃尔比Erbil)似乎是安全的,这个又被称为“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)的极端武装已被逐出具有战略重要性的苏尔水坝。Equally important has been the political change in Baghdad, where Nouri al-Maliki, the autocratic Shia prime minister, has agreed to withdraw his candidacy for a third term in office. He has been replaced by Haidar al-Abadi, a pragmatic, though untested Shia politician who is considered more acceptable to the country’s Kurdish and Sunni minorities.同样重要的是巴格达的政治变革。威权的什叶派总理努里#8226;马利Nouri al-Maliki)已同意放弃竞逐第三个任期。接替他的海德尔#8226;阿巴Haidar al-Abadi)是一个务实(尽管从未经受过考验)的什叶派政治人物,被视为更能让伊拉克的库尔德和逊尼派少数族群接受。Significant though these gains might be, however, they provide no guarantee that Iraq will stop tearing itself apart. The break-up of one of the Middle East’s most important nations seems less inevitable than a few weeks ago, but Iraq’s territorial integrity is by no means assured. To defeat Isis and set Iraq on the path to reconciliation requires difficult choices from all religious and ethnic groups. It also demands concerted engagement by the US, which is in a position to trade security assistance for political concessions.不过,尽管这些进展可能是重大的,但它们并不能保伊拉克将就此停止解体。中东最重要国家之一的解体,现在看起来不像几周前那么不可避免,但伊拉克的领土完整绝非板上钉钉。要击败ISIS、使伊拉克走上民族和解的道路,需要各个宗教和族裔群体作出艰难的选择,需要美国协调一致的参与。美国所处的位置使其能够以安全援助为条件,换取政治让步。In pushing aside Mr Maliki, the US benefited from support from Iran as well as Iraq’s top Shia clerics. Tehran will continue to have the most influence with Shia parties but the US is the only country with sufficient leverage over Iraq’s three main communities. It will have to supplement its critical military role with a bolstered diplomatic intervention.在排挤掉马利基的过程中,美国得到伊拉克什叶派高层宗教人士以及伊朗的持。德黑兰将继续对什叶派政党拥有最大影响力,但美国是唯一对伊拉克三大群体都有足够影响力的国家。它必须以更大力度的外交干预来补充其至关重要的军事作用。Mr Maliki’s sectarian agenda and his concentration of authority in the prime minister’s office was a big contributor to the alienation of the Sunni and the decision by tribal leaders to allow, if not assist, Isis’s military campaign. The Shia leader’s monopolisation of power also drove the Kurds increasingly to question whether their northern semi-autonomous enclave should remain part of Iraq. Seizing on the Isis advances, Kurdish leaders have captured the disputed oil-rich city of Kirkuk and called for a referendum on independence.马利基的教派主义议程,以及他将权力集中于总理办公室的做法,在很大程度上疏远了逊尼派,并导致部族首领放任(即便没有协助)ISIS的军事行动。什叶派领导人的权力垄断,还导致库尔德人越来越怀疑他们在北部的半自治地盘应不应该留在伊拉克的版图内。借ISIS推进之机,库尔德武装攻占了有争议的石油重镇基尔库Kirkuk),库尔德领导人还呼吁举行独立公投。But while the exit of Mr Maliki was a necessary step to reverse Iraq’s disintegration, his successor faces a monumental task. He needs sufficient consensus to form a government in the short term, and a more fundamental contract among the main communities to secure the country’s longer-term survival.不过,尽管马利基的下台是扭转伊拉克解体趋势的一个必要步骤,但他的继任者面临艰巨的任务。这位继任者需要凝聚足够共识,在短期内组成一个政府,然后在主要群体之间达成一项更为根本的契约,以确保国家的长期存续。Iraq will have to move towards a federal system but the quest for an agreement on expanded powers for the regions cannot hold up the formation of a new government. Reforming a corrupt and sectarian security apparatus that has become an instrument of Sunni repression will not be achieved overnight. Nor will a resolution of the Kurdsoil disputes with Baghdad.伊拉克将不得不走向联邦制,但寻求就扩大地方权力达成协议的努力,不能妨碍新政府的组成。伊拉克安全系统近年来已变成一件压迫逊尼派的工具;改革这样一个腐败、教派主义的安全系统,不可能在一夜间完成。解决库尔德人与巴格达之间的石油纠纷也不会一蹴而就。The most immediate challenge for Mr Abadi is to turn Sunni tribes against Isis and stall the Kurdsdrive towards independence. This might be achieved by agreeing to security reforms under American guidance and committing to a more genuine dialogue with the Kurds. Both Sunni and Kurds should give the new prime minister time and not hold up the formation of a government until their demands are met.阿巴迪面对的最紧迫挑战是,争取让逊尼派部族反对ISIS,同时阻止库尔德人的独立努力。这或许可以通过同意在美国指导下改革安全系统和承诺与库尔德人展开更真诚的对话来实现。无论是逊尼派还是库尔德人,都应给予新总理时间,而不是以自己的诉求为要挟,阻止新政府的组成。To raise the pressure for compromise, the US should enlist the support of regional allies such as Saudi Arabia, which has influence with the Sunni tribes, and Turkey which has developed close economic ties with the Kurds. These Sunni states should realise that they too are threatened by Isis’s savagery. And they must recognise that US military support can only be effective if Iraqi politics becomes more inclusive.为了加大要求各方达成妥协的压力,美国应该争取地区盟友如沙特阿拉伯(对逊尼派部族具有影响力)和土耳其(与库尔德人发展了密切的经济联系)的持。这些逊尼派国家应该认识到,它们也受到ISIS野蛮行径的威胁。它们还必须认识到,只有在伊拉克的政治变得更加包容的情况下,美国的军事持才能有效。来 /201408/322979盐城协和做人流江苏省东台市人民医院挂号



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