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突破口语之独白(14):The best kind of education最好的教育“There is much debate as to the best kind of education for students today. Some think private schools are tops. A lot of money goes into these schools and the programs are usually of a high quality, yet the tuition fees are often more than the average person can afford. Others think that given a good administration and teachers who care, public schools can offer good educations as well. One problem is that classes in public schools tend to have many more students than private schools, and therefore individual attention can sometimes suffer. Generally, however, quality is based on the individual schools and student interests rather than whether the schools are publicly or privately funded.”当今,关于什么才是给予学生的最好的教育这个问题是有很大争议的。有些人认为私立学校是首选。这些学校聚集了大批资金,因而通常有着较高的教学质量。然而学费却不是一般人能够付得起的。另有些人则认为如果学校管理较好,老师也负责任的话,公立学校同样也能够提供良好的教育环境。问题之一是公立学校的班级人数往往比私立学校的多,因而,个人受注意的程度便会降低。然而,一般说来,质量跟各所学校各自的情况及学生的兴趣有关,而不是看学校到底是政府出资还是个人集资。注解 : 1) debate n. 争论, 辩论2) tuition n. 学费3) administration n. 管理, 经营, 行政部门 /200708/16471。

【中文这样说】这些强盗能够做出很草率的事情。【英文对比翻译】Chinese Style These thugs are quite capable to do really hasty things.American Style These thugs are quite capable of doing really hasty things. /200604/6459。

A潘玮柏教学地道日常口语 19 /200707/15464。

To everyone who sent in contributions, as small as and kept us going, thank you. Thank you from all of us.对每一位送来捐款,哪怕只有五美元,并让我们保持前进的人,我们所有的人都感谢你们。And to the young people in particular, I hope you will hear this — I have, as Tim said, spent my entire dog life fighting for what I believe in.年轻人,我特别希望你们听到这点,就像蒂姆所说,我毕生都在为我所信仰的而奋战。Ive had successes and Ive had setbacks, sometimes really painful ones.我有过成功,有过挫折。有时真的是痛苦的挫折。Many of you are at the beginning of your professional, public, and political careers — you will have successes and setbacks too.你们当中很多人刚刚开始你们的专业、公共和政治生涯,你们也会有成功和挫折。This loss hurts, but please never stop believing that fighting for whats right is worth it.这次失利是痛苦的,但请永远不要停止相信你们所为之奋战的是值得的。It is, it is worth it.是的,它是值得的。And so we need — we need you to keep up these fights now and for the rest of your lives.所以我们需要你们坚持奋战,不仅是现在而且是毕生坚持。And to all the women, and especially the young women, who put their faith in this campaign and in me:对所有把她们的希望寄托在这场竞选和我本人的女性,特别是年轻的女性,I want you to know that nothing has made me prouder than to be your champion.我想让你们知道,没有什么能够比为你们冲锋陷阵更令我自豪了。Now, I know we have still not shattered that highest and hardest glass ceiling, but someday someone will — and hopefully sooner than we might think right now.如今,我知道我们还没有打破最高、最硬的玻璃天花板,但总有一天会有人做到的,而且希望这一天的到来比我们现在预想的要早。And and to all of the little girls who are watching this, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams.所有正在关注的小女孩们,永远也不要怀疑你的价值和力量,不要怀疑在这个世界上你理应有各种机会追求和实现自己的梦想。201611/477354。

062 movies Words Blockbuster leading actor director supporting actor plot make-up costumes minor role theater cinema clip thriller scene award film festival lines script movie comedy romance sci-fi Stuntman horror Phrases Be based on Be a box office hit Cost…to make Have special effects Be an extra Star in a movie Play a part Filmed on location in Beginner A: shall we go to cinema this evening? The new blockbuster starring mel gibhson is showing. It’s supposed to be really good. B; what kind of movie is it? I don’t like many of his movies, actually. A: it’s a thriller. It has Julia Roberts playing the female lead. B: I like thrillers and I like Julia Roberts, so it might be interesting. I a review today and the critic didn’t seem to be very impressed. A: what did the critic say? B: he didn’t say it was bad, but he said that it wasn’t as good as it could have been, particularly as there were some good actors and actresses in it. A: the movie starts at eight o’clock, so we have plenty of time to eat and get y. B: good. Dinner is nearly y and I’d like to watch the news before we go. The Oscars were last night and I want to see the results. A: I won’t spoil your enjoyment by telling you who won. There were a few surprises. Intermediate A: what’s the plot of your new movie? B: it’s a story about a policemen who is investigating a series of strange murders. I play the part of the detective. He has to catch the killer, but there’s very little evidence. It’s a psychological thriller with some frightening scenes, but I hope audience won’t be too scared to go to the movie theatres! A; did you enjoy making the movie? We heard stories of disagreement with other actors and with the director. B; I have had disagreement with every director. I’ve worked with. We’ve always disagreed in a friendly way and we have always resolved our differences. It was the same when I made this movie. I don’t know where rumours of my disagreement with Rachel Kelly come from. We got on very well and I hope to work with her again. I enjoyed making the movie very much. A: critics are not very happy with the movies that you’ve made recently. Does that bother you? B: not at all. The feedback from audience has been great. I care about what they think more than what the critics think. A: did you do you own stunts in the movie? B: I wanted to , but my insurance company wouldn’t let me. All of my stunts were done by a stuntman. As you know, I used to do my own stunts, but I’ll leave that to the experts in future. A; thank you very much for doing this interview. B: my pleasure. Have you seen the movie yet? A; yes. I have. I liked it very much. Like you, I was very impressed with rachel’s performance in the movie. She’s going to be a star. /200705/13726。

A潘玮柏教学地道日常口语 19 /200707/15464。

【学习提示】第一步:先听,理解句子;第二步:看原文模仿!【原声模仿】1. I am Buzz Lightyear. I come in peace.2. Now thank you all for your kind welcome.3. Ah, ah, ah, ah! Please be careful. You don’t want to be in the way when my laser goes off. /200605/7344。

And so some time around 200,000 years ago, our species confronted this crisis.大约二十万年前,人类遇到了这一困境And we really had only two options for dealing with the conflicts that visual theft would bring.我们只有两种选择来解决观察性窃取导致的冲突One of those options was that we could have retreated into small family groups.一个选择是我们可以退回到小的家庭单位Because then the benefits of our ideas and knowledge would flow just to our relatives.如此一来我们的想法和知识仅仅在亲属间交流Had we chosen this option, sometime around 200,000 years ago,假如我们在大约二十万年前的时候选择了这个方法we would probably still be living like the Neanderthals were那也许4万年前我们进入欧洲的时候when we first entered Europe 40,000 years ago.还过着尼安德特人一样的生活And this is because in small groups there are fewer ideas, there are fewer innovations.这是因为小团体只能产生很少的想法和发明And small groups are more prone to accidents and bad luck.却更有发生事故和厄运的倾向So if wed chosen that path, our evolutionary path would have led into the forest -- and been a short one indeed.所以如果我们选择了那条路,我们的进化之路就会通向森林,并且是短命之路The other option we could choose was to develop the systems of communication另一个选择就是发展交流的系统that would allow us to share ideas and to cooperate amongst others.从而分享想法和相互合作Choosing this option would mean that a vastly greater fund of accumulated knowledge and wisdom选择这条路意味着积累起来的海量知识和智慧would become available to any one individual向每一个个体开放than would ever arise from within an individual family or an individual person on their own.而不仅仅是单个家庭的或者个人的积累。201701/489443。