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In New Delhi’s halls of power, manufacturing in India is certainly an idea whose time has come. On Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the “Make in India Campaign setting his sights on raising manufacturing’s share of Indian GDP to 25 per cent, up from 15 per cent, to create jobs for the more than 12m young people entering the country’s labour market each year.在印度的权力中心,印度制造业的时机已到。周四,印度总理纳伦德拉#8226;莫迪(Narendra Modi)推出“印度制造”计Make in India Campaign),希望将制造业占印度国内生产总GDP)的比重从目前5%提升5%,并为每年进入印度劳动力市场的200万年轻人创造就业。In an impassioned speech broadcast to invited business guests in India and Indian embassies abroad, Mr Modi sought to persuade sceptical international companies, and weary domestic entrepreneurs, that India can be a competitive global manufacturing hub. He pledged to provide “efficient and effectivegovernance that facilitated rather than obstructed job-generating industrial investments.在向印度受邀企业嘉宾以及印度驻外使节发表的一篇演讲中,莫迪希望让怀有疑虑的国际企业以及忧心忡忡的国内企业家相信,印度能够成为一个具有竞争力的全球制造业中心。他承诺将提供“有效”治理,促进(而非阻碍)创造就业的工业投资。“Those who feel India is a big market never think about whether the citizens have purchasing power or not,he said. “It is our collective responsibility to work together so that the poorest of the poor get employment and our growth trajectory will move ahead.“那些认为印度是一个巨大市场的人们从未想过印度公民是否具有购买力,”他表示,“联合起来让穷人中的最穷人群获得就业,能够延续我们的增长曲线,这是我们的共同责任。”“When the government becomes a facilitator, we can achieve everything we want to. We have no dearth of potential.”“当政府变成一个推动者时,我们就能实现我们想做的事。我们并不缺乏潜力。”India is a formidable global supplier of IT-enabled services. But with its overstretched infrastructure, restrictive labour laws and notorious bureaucracy, it has struggled to find a role in the global supply chain of manufactured goods, despite its huge young population.印度是全球IT务的强大供应商。但由于基础设施不完善、限制严格的劳动法以及臭名昭著的官僚主义,尽管印度年轻人口众多,但该国一直难以在全球制造业供应链上发挥作用。India’s share of world exports in 2013 was just 1.7 per cent, up from 0.5 per cent in 1990 but far behind the 11 per cent of China, where manufacturing accounts for 34 per cent of GDP.013年的全球出口中,印度仅占1.7%,高990年的0.5%,但远远落后于中国的11%,在中国,制造业占GDP4%。Since taking power in late May, Mr Modi’s administration has put a renewed focus on manufacturing, first tackling the niggling regulations and reporting requirements and obstructive bureaucratic mindsets that have underpinned India’s poor rankings on international “ease of doing businesssurveys.自从5月末上台以来,莫迪政府将注意力重新投向了制造业,先是解决了令人头疼的监管和上报要求问题,着眼于破除阻碍发展的官僚主义思维——正是这些因素导致印度在全球“经商便利度”调查中的排名靠后。Yet luring manufacturing investments will take more than mere tinkering with government processes. At Thursday’s event, Mukesh Ambani, the industrialist, urged the government to be “open to capital and expertise from all over the world Cyrus Mistry, chairman of the Tata group, said India had to upgrade physical infrastructure, ensure cost-effective energy and logistics, and “improve our people’s employability然而,要吸引制造业投资仅修补政府程序还不够。在周四的活动上,实业家穆克什#8226;安巴Mukesh Ambani)敦促印度政府“向全世界的资金和专业技能开放”。塔塔集Tata group)董事长塞勒斯#8226;密斯特里(Cyrus Mistry)表示,印度必须更新实体基础设施、加固具有成本效率的能源和物流系统,并“提高民众的就业能力”。来 /201409/332502John Kerry, the US secretary of state, has warned that the Paris climate change talks will not deliver a “treatythat legally requires countries to cut carbon emissions, exposing international divisions over how to enforce a deal.美国国务卿约翰克John Kerry)警告称,巴黎气候谈判不会达成一项从法律上要求各国减排的“条约”,这暴露出国际社会对于如何执行协议的分歧。The EU and many other countries have long argued that the accord due to be finalised next month should be an “international treatycontaining legally binding measures to cut emissions.长期以来,欧EU)和许多其他国家一直主张将于下月敲定的气候协议应该是一项“国际条约”,包含具有法律约束力的措施以减少温室气体排放。But in an interview with the Financial Times at Norfolk naval base in Virginia, which is threatened by the prospect of rising sea levels, Mr Kerry insisted that the agreement was “definitively not going to be a treaty但在因海平面上升的前景而受到威胁的弗吉尼亚诺福Norfolk)海军基地,接受英囀?金融时报》采访的克里坚称,这项协议“一定不会成为一项条约”。It would still contain measures that would drive a “significant amount of investmenttowards a low carbon global economy, he said.他表示,协议仍将包含拉动“巨额投资”,以促成低碳全球经济的措施。But he added: “They’re not going to be legally binding reduction targets like Kyoto or something,a reference to the 1997 UN treaty that contained targets for cutting emissions that countries ratifying it were legally obliged to meet.他提997年的联合国气候公约,补充道:“它们不会是诸如《京都议定书Kyoto Protocol)之类具有法律约束力的减排目标。”《京都议定书》包含了各国签署批准、有法律义务遵守的减排目标。Delegates from 195 countries are due to finalise a new global climate accord in Paris that will replace the Kyoto treaty, which failed to stop emissions rising. The US signed but did not ratify it, largely because it did not cover China, now the world’s largest carbon polluter.来自195个国家的代表将在巴黎达成一项新的全球气候协议,以替换未能遏制温室气体排放上升的《京都议定书》。美国在《京都议定书》上签字了,但并未批准执行,主要原因是它不要求当今全球最大的碳排放国中国减排。The Paris deal is supposed to cover all countries. But Mr Kerry’s comments underline the differences between the US and other nations over how to ensure it is robust enough to shift billions of dollars of investment away from fossil fuels and towards greener energy.巴黎气候协议应该覆盖所有国家。但克里的凸显出美国和其他国家在以下问题上的分歧——如何确保这项协议足够强力,能够将巨额投资从化石燃料转向更加清洁的能源。A spokeswoman for the European Commission said: “For us and for many other countries, we would like the Paris agreement to be in the form of a protocol or a treaty. That represents the strongest expression of political will and also for the future it provides predictability and durability.”欧盟委员会(European Commission)的一位女发言人表示:“对我们和其他许多国家而言,我们希望巴黎气候协议采用议定书或者条约的形式。这是对政治意愿最强大的表达,也为未来提供了可预见性和可持续性。”Privately, EU officials acknowledge that the Obama administration is eager for a deal in Paris, but not one with legally binding measures because these would strengthen arguments the deal needs approval from a hostile Senate.私下里,欧盟官员们承认,奥巴马政府热衷于在巴黎达成一项协议,但不是一项包含具有法律约束力的措施的协议,因为那会加强有关该协议需要抱有敌意的美国参议院批准的主张。To that end, negotiators are trying to craft an agreement that satisfies all sides. One option is to make its rules and procedures legally binding, but not the actual targets in many of the climate pledges that nearly 160 countries have made this year for the deal.为此,谈判者正试图拟定一项使各方满意的协议。一个选择是,制定具有法律约束力的规则和程序,但不提出实际目标。对于这项协议,60个国家都在今年做出了气候方面的目标承诺。The issue is particularly sensitive ahead of the 2016 presidential election given the chasm between the Democrats and most of the Republicans running for the White House over the need and urgency to tackle climate change.考虑到竞选总统的民主党候选人和大多数共和党候选人在应对气候变化的需求和迫切性方面的分歧,在2016年美国总统大选前,这个问题尤为敏感。Mr Kerry said it was too early to tell how the Republican-controlled Congress would respond to a global deal.克里表示,目前要判断共和党控制的国会将如何回应一项全球性协议还为时过早 /201511/409654ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) Six people were arrested Sunday in connection with a terrorism investigation in Minnesota, where authorities have been tracking youths who have traveled or tried to travel to Syria to fight with militants, including the Islamic State group, authorities said.圣保明尼苏达(美联——周日在明尼苏达州进行恐怖主义调查时有六人被当局一直在明尼苏达州追踪前往叙利亚或试图前往叙利亚抗击激进分子(其中包括伊斯兰国家组织)的年轻人,当局说。A spokesman for the Minnesota U.S. Attorneys Office said the arrests were made in Minneapolis and San Diego but there is no threat to public safety. Spokesman Ben Petok did not give details about the charges. He said more information would be released Monday.明尼苏达州美国检察官办公室发言人说,是在明尼阿波利斯和圣地亚哥实施追捕的,但并没有对公众安全造成威胁。发言人Ben Petok没有给出指控的相关细节。他说周一会发布更多信息。The U.S. Attorneys Office and the FBI planned a news conference Monday to announce details. The news c nference was billed in a press release as an announcement of a joint terrorism task force operation.美国检察官办公室和联邦调査局计划周一在新闻发布会上公布相关细节。新闻发布会是联合反恐任务行动在新闻稿中的正式声明。Kyle Loven, spokesman for the Minneapolis office of the FBI, said six people were arrested Sunday but ga ve no further details. An FBI spokesman in San Diego referred questions to Loven.Kyle Loven,明尼阿波利斯联邦调査局办公室发言人说周日有六人被但没有交代更多的细节。圣地亚哥联邦调査局 的发言人也提供了同样的说法。Authorities say a handful of Minnesota residents have traveled to Syria to fight with militants within the last year. At least one Minnesotan has died while fighting for the Islamic State.当局在过去的一年里,有一小部分明尼苏达州的居民前往叙利亚抗击激进分子。在抗击伊斯兰国家组织的过程中,至少有一个明尼苏达人因此死亡。Since 2007, more than 22 young Somali men have also traveled from Minnesota to Somalia to join the mili ant group al-Shabab.007年以来,超过22名原在美国的索马里年轻人也从明尼苏达州前往索马里加入了激进组织沙巴布党。Angela Four Minnesotans have aly been charged in connection with supporting terror groups in Syria, includi ng the Islamic State group.四位明尼苏达人已经因持叙利包括伊斯兰国家组)的恐怖组织而被指控。One man, 19-year-old Hamza Ahmed, had been stopped at a New York City airport in November as he and three others were attempting to travel to Syria. Ahmed has been indicted on charges of lying to the FBI during a terrorism investigation, conspiring to provide material support to the Islamic State group, and attempting to provide material support. He has pleaded not guilty.19岁的哈姆扎·艾哈迈德(Hamza Ahmed1月起就一直呆在纽约机场。他和其他三人正试图前往叙利亚。艾哈迈德(Hamza Ahmed)已经因以下罪名被起诉:在恐怖主义调查期间对联邦调查局说谎;与他人合谋向伊斯兰国家组织提供物质持,和试图提供物质持。但他不承认自己有罪。But there have been no public charges filed against his three companions, and little information had been released about them. An FBI affidavit said they are all between the ages of 19 and 20 and live in the Twin Cities.但他的三个同伴却没有受到公开指控,也没有被公开信息。联邦调查局的词中因为他们都是住在双城90岁的年轻人。来 /201504/371037

George Osborne is Britain’s biggest political risk-taker; indeed, on a five-day tour of China the chancellor’s relish for the grand gesture suggests the mindset of the thrill seeker, constantly looking for an even bigger challenge.乔治攠斯George Osborne)是英国政界最敢于冒险的人。这位财政大臣在为期五天的访华之旅中饶有兴致地摆出大度的姿态,实际表明了他寻求刺激的心态,他在不断寻找更大的挑战。Mr Osborne calls his approach “bold at home, bold abroadand his China trip is the clearest sign yet that he intends to deploy his radical approach to domestic policymaking on a much wider stage. A trade mission to Iran is next on his agenda.奥斯本称自己的作风“在国内大胆,在国外也大胆”,而他的中国之行是最明显的信号,表明他打算将自己的激进作风应用到更广泛的国内政策制定上。他的下一行程是携贸易代表团前往伊朗。The China tour, covering four cities and thousands of miles, saw Mr Osborne accompanied by a sizeable retinue of British officials, business and civic leaders, and the kind of security normally associated with a visiting head of state.奥斯本此次中国之行共访问了四座城市,行程数千英里。他的随行代表团规模相当庞大,包括英国官员,商界和民间领袖,以及规格堪比国家元首出访的安保团队。“I’m the prime minister’s envoy,he tells the Financial Times during a trip on a high-speed train through the arid wastes of Xinjiang in north-west China. The 17-car convoy awaiting his arrival is on the scale of a prime ministerial visit.奥斯本在乘坐高铁前往新疆的途中对英囀?金融时报》表示:“我是英国首相的特使。”新疆位于中国西北地区,列车要穿过干旱的沙漠地区。由17辆汽车组成的车队等候着他的到来,迎接规模达到首相访问级别。Mr Osborne, a Sinophile who backpacked around China after graduating from Oxford 20 years ago, designed the itinerary himself in the knowledge that it would generate criticism in the west and approbation in Beijing.亲华派奥斯本从牛津大Oxford)毕业20年后,才开始了他的中国“背包”游。这一行程由他亲自安排,他很清楚此行会受到西方的批评,但会获得北京方面的赞许。“I just want to do something different with these China trips,he says. “I want to take a bit of a risk with the China relationship, pushing it so it really brings jobs and growth to our country.”奥斯本说:“我只是希望此次访华之旅能做些不一样的事。我希望在对华关系上冒一点险,推动英中关系发展,从而真正为我们国家带来就业机会和经济增长。”Mr Osborne’s visit to the Shanghai stock exchange was a gesture of economic solidarity, a defiant insistence that Britain should “run towards Chinawhen others were suggesting it might be better to head to the exit.奥斯本参观上海券交易所展现出了要在经济方面与中国紧密团结的姿态,当其他人都认为最好逃离中国之时,奥斯本用这一挑衅式表态强调英国应该“奔向中国”。His five-hour mission to Urumqi in the restive region of Xinjiang a highly unusual visit by a western politician was criticised by human rights groups concerned about Beijing’s curbs on the Muslim Uighur minority.乌鲁木齐位于不安定的新疆地区,奥斯本对这座城市进行了5个小时的访问,这在西方政客中是极不寻常的。一些关注中国政府压制维吾尔少数民族穆斯林的人权团体对奥斯本此行提出批评。Mr Osborne expected the reaction but his visit was appreciated in Beijing; only by conducting a walkabout in downtown Lhasa could Mr Osborne have raised the diplomatic stakes higher.奥斯本对这种反应已有意料,但此行受到了北京方面的赞赏。除非奥斯本在拉萨市区漫步,才会导致更大的外交风险。“Ultimately those who say don’t come to places like this don’t have an argument,he says of his stay in Urumqi. “They are saying you can best advance the interests of people living here by not turning up. I think that doesn’t wash.”奥斯本谈到乌鲁木齐之行时表示:“从根本上来说,那些说不要来这种地方的人毫无理由。他们说我不现身此地才能提高生活在这里的人民的利益,我认为这一说法无法令人接受。”Mr Osborne says he raised human rights issues as part of a wider “grown upconversation with his hosts. He says there is a false choice in public debate between “standing up to China and kowtowing to China奥斯本表示,他在与中方进行更广泛的“成熟”对话中提到了人权问题。他说有关“对抗中国还是屈从于中国”的公开辩论其实并不存在非此即彼的选择。China Daily, the state-run newspaper, purred in agreement that Sino-British relations presented “a desirable and harmonious pictureat the end of the chancellor’s visit, in contrast with the “downturnin 2012 after David Cameron met the Dalai Lama.中国官方报纸《中国日报China Daily)满意地赞同道,与2012年戴维愠蕓伦(David Cameron)会见达赖喇嘛(Dalai Lama)后英中关系的“低迷”状态相比,奥斯本此次访问结束之际,中英关系呈现出“理想而和谐的景象”。But are the commercial gains worth the political risk? After all, the chancellor’s diplomacy will not look so good in the event of an ethnic bloodbath in Xinjiang or another stock market crash. Mr Osborne admits British exporters have not been a great beneficiary so far in China’s economic growth but he believes that is changing.然而,为了获取商业利益是否值得冒政治风险?毕竟,如果新疆发生种族屠杀,或者中国股市再度崩盘,财相的外交手段看起来就不那么高明了。奥斯本承认,英国出口商迄今并非中国经济增长的重要受益者,但他相信这种情况正在改变。“In the early stage of China’s development, frankly our economy didn’t have a huge amount to offer,he says. But he argues that as China moves from an economy based on investment to one based on consumption, the country would want “to make use of services more: British high-end manufacturing, banking, pharmaceuticals, cultural products all come into play“在中国发展的早期,坦白说我们的经济并没有很多可以提供的东西,”奥斯本说。但他认为,随着中国从依靠投资的经济转为依靠消费的经济,中国将希望“利用更多务:英国的高端制造业、业、药物和文化产品都会开始发挥作用”。He says the City of London could be the biggest beneficiary as China’s capital markets go global but it is a slow process. Mr Osborne says China is slowly opening its economy but has no qualms about the lopsided nature of the relationship. He says Britain’s “access all areasoffer to China is good in its own right. “There’s a powerful free trade doctrine,he says. “We had that idea in the 19th century and it’s served us well ever since.”奥斯本称,伦敦金融City of London)可能是中国资本市场走向世界的最大受益者,但这是一个缓慢的过程。他表示,中国正缓慢开放经济,但他对于两国关系的不平衡并无顾虑。他说,英国向中国提供“所有领域的准入”本身是不错的。“其中包含强大的自由贸易信条,”他说,“我们在19世纪萌生了这种思想,此后这一直让我们受益匪浅。”As the train speeds from Urumqi to Turpan on the old silk road, the chancellor admits he has an appetite for risk he cites his decision to bring a party of Labour leaders from northern cities with him from London but he says he is guided by the national interest.沿着古老的丝绸之路,火车从乌鲁木齐高速驶向吐鲁番,奥斯本承认,他有一种对冒险的渴望——比如说他决定带领英国北方城市的一些工党领袖一起从伦敦来华就是一个例子——但他表示,他是在国家利益的指引下这么做的。At home, policies such as revolutionising the pensions sector, slashing the welfare state or introducing a 9 national living wage speak to his love of the bold move. He says he is confident those policies will work out, but he cannot be sure. Could the minimum wage end up as a millstone around the neck of the economy; will handing over pension pots to individuals leave the state to pick up the pieces if they squander the money, or result in a mis-selling scandal? With Labour’s opposition in turmoil, is hubris only a step away?在英国国内,养老金改革、削减福利国家角色,或者引英镑的国家生活工资标准等政策,都表明他喜欢采取大胆举措。奥斯本说,他有信心这些政策将会奏效,但他不能确定。最低工资最后是否可能成为经济的负累?如果个人挥霍了移交给他们的养老金,国家是否要收拾残局,或者是否可能导致不当销售的丑闻?在一片混乱局势中不顾工党的反对,这离狂妄自大是否只有一步之差?Mr Osborne says: “I think in this job you have a responsibility to shift the dial a bit and take the big decisions the country needs for its future. Ultimately I’m paid to make decisions with the prime minister on the country’s future.”奥斯本表示:“我认为,身在这个岗位上,你有责任推动一些进步,做出国家未来所需要的重大决策。归根结底,我拿这份报酬是要和首相一起,为这个国家的未来做出决策。”He argues that not making decisions is more dangerous: for example not pushing ahead with the HS2 train line or striking out into riskier export markets. “I don’t want us to slowly decline into the sunset,he says, arguing that plenty of countries were following that route.他认为,不做决策更为危险;比如,不推进英国HS2高铁项目,或者不去开辟风险更高的出口市场。“我不希望我们慢慢衰退,走向没落,”奥斯本说,他表示有许多国家正走上这条路。“I’d agree with the broader point that if you take big bold decisions they won’t always be popular,he says. “In that sense it’s a risk. But sometimes the absence of decision and the consequences can be much worse.”“我认同一个更广泛的观点,也就是如果你做出大胆的决策,它们并不会总是受到欢迎,”他说,“就此而言,这是一种风险,但有时,没有决策,后果可能糟糕得多。”One minister said before the trip that Mr Osborne’s China mission was “all about George becoming prime minister but we can’t say that Even Mr Cameron’s team seemed surprised at the scale of the visit. “Five days?said one ally.一位大臣在这次出访前表示,奥斯本的中国之行“一切都在于乔治要成为首相,但我们不能说出来”。即使是卡梅伦的团队,似乎也对此次出行的规模感到吃惊。“五天?”一名助手说。But Mr Osborne shrugs off suggestions he is auditioning for the top job. “I’m very focused on my job which is to deliver economic success for Britain,he says. “Being here is about doing that. I do that in partnership with the leadership of DC without whom none of this would be possible.”但奥斯本对于他在“试演”最高职位的说法不以为然。“我非常专注于我的工作,那就是实现英国经济的成功,”他说,“身处这里是为了做那件事情。我是在戴维愠蕓伦的领导以及与他的合作下做这些事情的,没有他这些都不可能。”来 /201509/401116

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