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芜湖第一人民医院治疗阳痿早泄芜湖那家医院男科好皖南医学院弋矶山医院包皮手术多少钱 The author, most recently, of “The Road to Little Dribbling” says he’s been ing “Anna Karenina” at such a glacial pace that “I have long since lost track of who most of the characters are.”前不久,《小溪之路》(The Road to Little Dribbling)的作者说,他曾以非常缓慢的速度阅读《安娜·卡列尼娜》(Anna Karenina),“我早就忘了大部分人物是谁”。What books are currently on your night stand?问:你的床头柜上现在放着什么书?I have so many books stacked beside my bed that I can’t be absolutely sure that there is actually a night stand in there. Those at the very top of the pile are: “The History of Modern France,” by Jonathan Fenby; “Life’s Greatest Secret: The Race to Crack the Genetic Code,” by Matthew Cobb; “The Planet Remade: How Geoengineering Could Change the World,” by Oliver Morton; and the one I am most actively immersed in at present, a funny, moving, very entertaining memoir called “Flesh Wounds,” by the Australian writer Richard Glover.答:我的床边堆了很多书,我都不太确定我真的有个床头柜在那儿。放在最上面的是乔纳森·芬比(Jonathan Fenby)的《法国现代史》(The History of Modern France);马修·科布(Matthew Cobb)的《人生最大的秘密:破解基因密码的竞赛》(Life’s Greatest Secret: The Race to Crack the Genetic Code);奥利弗·莫顿(Oliver Morton)的《再造的星球:地球工程学能如何改变世界》(The Planet Remade: How Geoengineering Could Change the World)。目前我最积极投入阅读的是一部有趣、感人、非常令人愉快的回忆录,名叫《肉体伤口》(Flesh Wounds),出自澳大利亚作家理查德·格洛弗(Richard Glover)之手。What’s the last great book you ?问:你读的上一本很棒的书是什么?While doing a short biography of William Shakespeare a few years ago, I all his plays over the course of one summer. (Actually, if I am honest, I didn’t “Timon of Athens.” I don’t think anyone ever has.) That was the last really ambitious ing I can recall.答:几年前,为了写一篇关于威廉·莎士比亚的短篇传记,我一个夏天读完了他的所有剧作(坦白地说,我没有读《雅典的泰门》[Timon of Athens]。我觉得谁也没读过)。那是我能想起来的最近一次最有雄心的阅读经验。Who are your favorite travel writers, and what is your favorite travel book?问:你最喜欢的旅行作家是谁?你最喜欢的旅行书籍是哪部?For their descriptive powers and command of material, I admire Paul Theroux, Jonathan Raban, Sara Wheeler and Colin Thubron, but for pure pleasure I don’t think you can beat the travel books of S. J. Perelman, though they are not so easy to find now. My favorite travel book of all is “In Trouble Again,” by the British writer Redmond O’Hanlon. It concerns a trek into a dangerous corner of Amazonia. It is sidesplittingly funny to begin with, but then grows increasingly dark and scary in a way that is both unsettling and unforgettable.答:从叙述能力以及对素材的使用上讲,我很喜欢保罗·泰鲁(Paul Theroux)、乔纳森·拉班(Jonathan Raban)、萨拉·惠勒(Sara Wheeler)和科林·休布伦(Colin Thubron),但是从纯粹的角度讲,我觉得谁也比不过S·J·佩雷尔曼(S. J. Perelman),不过,现在他的书不好找。我最喜欢的旅行书是英国作家雷德蒙·奥汉伦(Redmond O’Hanlon)的《再次陷入麻烦》(In Trouble Again)。它讲述的是在亚马孙地区一个危险角落的艰苦跋涉。一开始非常好玩,但是后来变得越来越黑暗吓人,让你既不安又难忘。Which genres do you especially enjoy ing? And which do you avoid?问:你特别喜欢哪些体裁的书?又会避免读哪些体裁?When I can what I want, I generally go for histories and historical biographies, though much of my ing is naturally dictated by research requirements. For escapist ing, I especially like the sea novels of Patrick O’Brian. I don’t consciously avoid any genres, but it is unlikely you would find me lingering in the section where they keep books like “Eat, Pray, Love” or memoirs of life with a pet.答:我能自己选择读什么书时,我通常选择历史书或历史传记,不过我读书大多是为了研究需要。如果是为了逃避现实而阅读,我特别喜欢帕特里克·奥布赖恩(Patrick O’Brian)关于大海的小说。我没有刻意避免阅读任何体裁的书,但我不大会浏览《美食、祈祷和恋爱》(Eat, Pray, Love)或与宠物生活的回忆录这类书。What is the last book that made you cry?问:上一本让你大哭的书是什么?I was one of the judges for last year’s Wellcome medical book prize, and the winning book, “The Iceberg,” by Marion Coutts, was the most moving book I have in some time. It is her account of the decline and death of her husband from a brain tumor. It is a harrowing , as you would expect, but also beautifully written and intensely powerful.答:我是去年惠康医学图书奖(Wellcome medical book prize)的评委之一。去年的获奖图书《冰山》(The Iceberg)是我在那段时间里读过的最感人的书。那本书的作者是马里昂·库茨(Marion Coutts),她讲述了丈夫得脑瘤后身体的衰弱直至最终的去世。你肯定能料到,这本书读起来令人痛心,但它同样写得很优美,很有力量。What was the last book that made you furious?问:上一本让你特别义愤填膺的书是什么?“The Ocean of Life,” by Callum Roberts, a marine biologist at the University of York in England. It is a very sober, nonpolemic look at how we are ruining the Earth’s oceans through overfishing and poor management. If nothing else, it will make you think twice before ordering mahi-mahi again.答:英国约克大学(University of York)的海洋生物学家卡勒姆·罗伯茨(Callum Roberts)的《生命的海洋》(The Ocean of Life)。它非常冷静地审视过度捕捞和管理不善在怎样毁坏地球上的海洋。至少,它会让你在点鲯鳅鱼之前再考虑一下。Tell us about your favorite poem.问:跟我们谈谈你最喜欢的诗歌吧。I am not a good er of poetry, but recently I happened upon “In Flanders Fields,” the celebrated poem of the First World War. I had never it all the way through and was astounded by how powerful and moving a few simple lines could be. I had always assumed that the author was British, but in fact he was a Canadian doctor named John McCrae, who wrote it just after the Second Battle of Ypres. McCrae died a short while later himself without ever seeing home again, which clearly adds to the poignancy of it.答:我不是很爱读诗,但是前不久我碰巧读到《在法兰德斯战场》(In Flanders Fields),它是关于第一次世界大战的著名诗歌。以前我一直没读过这首诗,所以我为如此简洁的诗句竟然有那么强大且感人的表现力而感到震惊。我一直以为作者是英国人,但实际上他是一名加拿大医生,名叫约翰·麦克雷(John McCrae),那首诗是他在第二次伊普尔战役(Second Battle of Ypres)之后写的。不久之后,他也死了,再也没能看上家乡一眼,这无疑增加了这首诗歌的辛酸。And your favorite movie adaptation of a book.问:你最喜欢哪部根据图书改编的电影?If by that you mean which movie is much better than the book (or books) on which it was based, I would instantly say “The Wizard of Oz.” If you mean which is most enjoyably faithful to the original, I would propose “The English Patient.”答:如果你是想问,哪部电影比它所依据的书还精,我会不假思索地说《绿野仙踪》(The Wizard of Oz)。如果你是想问,哪部电影最忠于原著,让人觉得享受,我会说《英国病人》(The English Patient)。Who is your favorite fictional hero or heroine? Your favorite antihero or villain?问:你喜欢的虚构主人公或女主人公是谁?你最喜欢的反派主角是谁?When I was young I had a period of ing J. D. Salinger’s books and wanting intensely to be a member of the Glass family, partly because they lived in a big apartment in Manhattan, which seemed terribly exciting to me as a boy from Iowa, and partly because their conversations struck me as so much more scintillating and profound than those we had in our house. I don’t think I especially identified with any of the characters, but just wanted to be taken into the family. I haven’t Salinger’s books since I was about 15, and I am pretty nearly certain I would find all the characters shallow and insufferable now, which is why I haven’t them again. The only villain that springs to mind for me is Captain Hook in the Disney cartoons of my childhood. He scared the daylights out of me. But I can’t think of a good literary choice offhand.答:我小时候有一段时间读J·D·塞林格(J. D. Salinger)的书,很想成为格拉斯家的一员。一是因为他们住在曼哈顿的一个大公寓里,对我这个来自艾奥瓦州的小男孩来说,这特别令人兴奋;二是因为我觉得他们的谈话比我们家里的谈话要精得多,深刻得多。我没有特别喜欢其中哪个人物,就是想生活在那个家庭里。大约15岁以后,我再也没读过塞林格的书,我现在肯定会觉得那本书里所有的人物都很肤浅,令人难以忍受,所以我再也没读过那些书。我唯一能想到的反派是童年时看到的迪士尼动画片中的钩子船长(Captain Hook)。他吓得我魂飞魄散。不过我一时想不起书中的哪个反派让我印象深刻。Which childhood books and authors stick with you most?问:童年的哪些书或者哪些作家陪伴你的时间最长?I was completely devoted to an imprint called Landmark Books when I was growing up. I don’t know whether anyone remembers this series anymore, but they were nonfiction hardback books, on historical subjects, written for children or adapted from adult books. They made you feel that you were taking part in a grown-up activity but at a level that you could handle. A good deal of what I know about American history came from Landmark Books. I used to spend nearly all my pocket money on either Landmark Books or, if I was feeling rakish, Hardy Boys books. I am hugely indebted to both.答:我在成长的过程中彻底迷上了一套名叫《里程碑图书》(Landmark Books)的书。我不知道还有没有人记得这个系列,它是非虚构类精装书,讲述的是历史主题,是写给孩子的或者是从成人图书改编来的。这套书让我感觉自己在参与一项成长活动,而这项活动的水平我应付得来。我对美国历史的很多知识来自《里程碑图书》。小时候,我几乎把所有的零花钱都花在这套书或《哈迪男孩系列图书》(Hardy Boys books,这套是放纵的时候买)上了。这两套书都让我受益匪浅。If you had to name one book that made you who you are today, what would it be?问:如果你必须说出是哪本书造就了现在的你,你会选哪本?Goodness, that’s a big question. I remember in early adolescence ing “The Sot-Weed Factor,” by John Barth, and being so enchanted with it that I wanted to become a writer, too. At about the same time I had a similar experience with “The Grapes of Wrath.” I have never written anything like either of those books — never attempted fiction at all — but there was something about the magic and possibility of the written word that captured me.答:天哪,这是个大问题。我在青少年早期读过约翰·巴特(John Barth)的《烟草经纪人》(The Sot-Weed Factor)。这本书让我特别着迷,产生了当作家的愿望。几乎在同一时期,《愤怒的葡萄》(The Grapes of Wrath)让我产生了类似的感觉。我从没写过任何跟这两本书类似的书,也从未尝试过虚构题材,但是文字的魔力和可能性迷住了我。What author, living or dead, would you most like to meet?问:在世或死去的作家中,你最想见哪一位?William Shakespeare, as long as I didn’t have to tell him that when we’d finished talking he’d have to go back to being dead again.答:威廉·莎士比亚。条件是我不必告诉他在谈话结束后,他得再次回去安息。What was the last book you put down without finishing?问:上一本你没看完就放下的书是什么?Nearly ever summer when we go away on vacation I pack an old copy of “Anna Karenina,” and every year I manage to move the bookmark about 20 pages along before it is time to go home. I have long since lost track of who most of the characters are or what their relationships are with one another. I can’t pretend that any of them have ever interested me. At the rate I am going, I estimate that I will need approximately 74 more vacations to finish the book.答:几乎每年夏天我们去度假时,我都会带上一本老版的《安娜·卡列尼娜》。每年回家之前,我都会把书签向前移动20页左右。时间隔得太久,我早就忘了大部分人物是谁以及他们之间的关系。我不能谎称里面有哪个人物特别吸引我。按照我的阅读速度,估计大概需要再花74个假期才能把它读完。Of the books you’ve written, which is your favorite?问:你写过的书里面,你最喜欢哪一本?I suppose that would have to be “A Walk in the Woods,” my account of a profoundly hopeless attempt to hike the Appalachian Trail in the company of an equally hopeless companion named (pseudonymously) Stephen Katz. The Appalachian Trail is physically very grueling, but it is also awfully hard to write about. Walking, even when it is going well, is an intensely repetitive experience. The whole time we were out there, I kept thinking: “All we are doing is walking every day. I don’t know how I am ever going to get a book out of this.” So the fact that it did eventually result in a book is to me a kind of permanent miracle.答:我猜是《林中漫步》(A Walk in the Woods),它讲述的是我在阿巴拉契亚山道(Appalachian Trail)的一次非常绝望的徒步旅行,我的旅伴是一个同样绝望的人,名叫斯蒂芬·卡茨(Stephen Katz,化名)。阿巴拉契亚山道非常折磨人,也同样很难描述。即便是在顺利的情况下,行走也是个重复乏味的过程。我们在那里徒步的时候,我一直在想:“我们每天做的事就是走路。我不知道这怎么能写成一本书。”所以,最后能够成书在我看来永远是个奇迹。Whom would you want to write your life story?问:你想让谁写你的人生故事?My wife. She is kind, and she was there.答:我的妻子。她很仁慈,而且见了一切。 /201601/424050芜湖念珠菌龟头炎

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芜湖治疗包皮包茎多少钱The first quality standards for pollution filter masks will take effect on March 1 in a bid to regulate the rapidly growing domestic market.今年3月1日,首个空气过滤器质量标准将会生效。该标准将会规范快速增长的国内市场。The Group Standard on Protective Masks against PM 2.5 was released on Jan 18, with the goal to regulate filter efficiency. The standard will also ban the use of cancer-causing aromatic ammonia in the fabric and list the details of domestic producers.1月18日,PM2.5防护口罩团体标准已经正式发布。该标准旨在规范过滤器的有效性。此外,该标准还将会禁用工厂致癌物质芳香胺,并且将国内生产的细节一一公示出来。The China Textile Commerce Association conducted research on facial protective masks and initially drafted the regulations in February 2014. Li Jianhua, head of the association, said the domestic market has grown quickly due to the frequency of severe smog blanketing many cities.中国纺织品商业协会开展了关于面部保护面罩的研究,并于2014年2月首次起草规范。商会负责人李建华表示,由于国内很多城市频繁收到严重雾霾的影响,国内市场需求增加迅速。Of the 37 tested masks from major brands in China, only nine were adequate in filtering air borne pollutants and enabling smooth breathing, said a survey conducted by the China Consumers Association in March 2014.2014年3月,中国消费者协会展开的一项调查表明,在37个中国主要品牌的测试面罩中,只有2个品牌可以有效过滤空气中的污染物,使得呼吸顺畅。Data from newrank.cn, an analysis agency, showed mask sales outstripping condom salesonline on Nov 23, according to a report from the South China Morning Post.《南华早报》的一份报道称,11月23日,来自newrank.cn分析部门的数据显示,面罩的线上销量已经超过了避套。 /201602/426191 Virtually every day we are required to remember a name, a face, a number, or some other piece of information. For many people it is a struggle. It no longer needs to be so – here is a list of ten great tips to improving your memory.几乎每一天,我们都必须记住一个名字,一张脸,一个数字或者一些其它的信息。对于很多人来说十分痛苦。以下清单是提高你的记忆的10个技巧,好好运用,你将不再为记不住信息而苦恼。10.Patterns10.模式法An excellent way to remember a large number or phrase, is to look for patterns. Here is a simple example:3810151722242931363843一个记住一长串数字或者词组的最好方法,是寻找它的模式。下面是个例子:3810151722242931363843The number appears to be random until you realize that it is following a pattern: add 5, then add 2, repeat. Once you know the pattern, you only need to remember the first number in the sequence. This can be a useful way to create a numeric password that changes regularly. Another way to use this system is to remember the numbers in the form of a numerical keyboard. You can use your spatial awareness to remember the number rather than just blind memorizing.这组数字看起来是随机的,但你会发现它其实是有个模式的:加5,然后加2,再重复。一旦你发现了它的模式,你只需要记住这组序列的第一个数字。这对于创建一个定期更换的数字密码非常有用。还有一个方式是记住数字中的一个数字键盘的形式。你可以运用你的空间意识来记忆数字,而不是盲目的记忆。9.Associations9.关联法This is an excellent method for memorizing numbers. In this system, you associate portions of the number with a word that has some relation to it. For example:74736052007365这是一种记忆数字的好方法。这种方法是,你将数字的一部分与一个相近的字相关联。例如:74736052007365Split the number up and make an association for each sequence. Doing so can give us a list like this: Jumbo Jet (747), XBox (360), Deck of Cards (52), James Bond (007), Days in the year (365). This method can again be used for passwords that are easy to remember. To help you remember your images, try to imagine a scene that incorporates all of the items. For example, you may see a calendar with a photograph of James Bond playing poker on his XBox on a private 747. Sounds weird, but it works.把数字拆分,并且把每个序列相关联。这样做之后我们可以发现:喷气客机(747),XBOX(360),扑克(52),詹姆斯邦德(007),一年时间(365)。这种方法同样适用于记忆密码。为了帮助你记忆图像,试着想象一个包含了其中所有的东西画面。例如,你可以想象一个日历,画着詹姆斯邦德在私人飞机(747)上玩XBox,听上去很扯,但这很有用。8.Alphabetize8.字母顺序法We are all very familiar with the system of alphabetization – we see it every day in phone books, online directories, and a variety of other places. If you have a list of words to remember, put them into alphabetical order. If you wanted to learn a very long list – such as the States of the USA, start with one state per letter. Once you have that memorized, go back and add another state for each letter. Repeat until the whole list is stored in your mind. You would be surprised how much more effective this is than just trying to remember the whole list in one go.我们和字母顺序排列系统息息相关——我们每天都会看到它,在电话本、网上字典和其他地方。如果我们需要记忆一系列词语,把它们放到字母顺序表中。如果你想要记忆一个列表——比如美国所有的州,从一个州的每个字母开始。一旦你记住了,从头再来以及另外一个州的每个字母。重复记忆直到整个列表都记住了。你会发现这种记忆方法要比一气呵成的记住整个列表要有效的多。7.Categorize7.分类法In a way, alphabetizing is categorizing, but with this method you can go a lot further. If you have a big list of things to remember, you can find similarities and group them. For example a shopping list:Apples, Shampoo, Cheese, Milk, Sugar, Bananas, Soap, Coconut, Flour在某种程度上,按字母排列就是分类,但这种方法更为深远一些。如果你有很多东西需要记忆,你可以寻找相似处然后组成一类。例如购物清单:苹果、洗发水、奶酪、牛奶、糖、香蕉、香皂、椰子、面粉Now, reorder them into categories and we have this:Fruit: Apples, Bananas; Dried Goods: Coconut, Sugar, Flour; Dairy: Milk, Cheese; Bathroom: Shampoo, Soap现在把它们分类:水果:苹果、香蕉;干货:椰子、面粉、糖;乳制品:奶酪、牛奶;洗浴用品:洗发水、香皂Another great way to remember your categories (especially in the case of a shopping list) is to remember your categories in the order that they are found in the supermarket. For example, if your first aisle is Fruit, remember the fruit first and think of the fruit aisle while you are doing so.还有一个记忆分类的方法(特别是这种购物清单)是记忆你分类的顺序以便在超市中找到。比如,第一个过道的分类是水果,就记住水果是第一个,在你买的过程中想一下卖水果的区域。6.Chunking6.分块Chunking is such a useful method of remembering things that we all use it every day. The best example is telephone numbers. When we are told a phone number we have to remember we chunk it up – usually into area code – 3 digits – four digits. This is not out of conformity – it is because it is the most effective way to remember such random numbers. This is also an excellent way to remember long sequences like pi to n digits. Taking just four extra digits a day you can easily remember pi to many decimal places. Great for a party trick.分块记忆是我们每天最常用的记忆方法。最好的例子就是电话号码。当别人告诉我们一个电话号码,我们会把它分块——通常是区号——3个数字——4个数字。这个不是整合——因为这是最有效记忆随机数字的方法。这也是记忆一长串数字的好方法,比如记忆圆周率的n位数字。每天只需要记住4位数字,你就能记住圆周率小数点后很多位数字。这是聚会上可以展示的小把戏。 /201510/402937芜湖市三山区妇幼保健人民男科中医院前列腺炎多少钱芜湖看男科哪家比正规医院



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