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A Chinese documentary about reformist leader Deng Xiaoping’s 1979 visit to the US has triggered a wave of excitement over a scene depicting an attack at a hotel in Texas.中国近日上映的一部讲述改革派领导人邓小平1979年访美的纪录片,因描绘了邓小平在德克萨斯州一家酒店遇袭的一幕而引发强烈关注。Mr Deng Goes to Washington , including interviews with then-president Jimmy Carter, opened this weekend in Beijing. The documentary depicts for the first time in China an attack on Deng by a Ku Klux Klan member, which was not then reported by China’s heavily controlled official press, but stops short of calling it an assassination attempt.《旋风九日Mr Deng Goes to Washington)上周五在北京首映,情节包括邓小平与时任美国总统的吉#8226;卡特(Jimmy Carter)的会晤。这部纪录片首次在中国披露了邓小平遭遇三K党人袭击的事件,但没有将之称为行刺事件。中国受到严格管控的官方媒体当时并未报道这起事件。Reactions to the incident show the growing sense of the US as a menace combined with a public hunger for previously suppressed incidents.纪录片引起的反响表明,中国公众日益觉得美国是个威胁,同时又十分渴望了解先前被禁止报道的事件。But the documentary also promotes a positive vision of engagement with the US, at a time of increasing friction between the two countries. The trip was a momentous one for Deng, who had recently consolidated power after the Cultural Revolution.但在中美两国擦加剧之际,这部纪录片还能够促使人们积极看待中美交往。对文化大革命之后刚刚巩固了权力的邓小平来说,那次访美之旅意义重大。The KKK attack, previously reported in the US, has consumed local media. “A KKK member rushed to the podium where Deng Xiaoping was speaking and pulled a knife out of his sleeve,according to one report. Going a step further, the Beijing News described “details of Deng Xiaoping nearly being assassinated during his visit中国国内媒体对影片中的刺杀一幕十分着迷。一家媒体报道称,一名三K党成员“一边朝讲台上的邓小平冲去,一边从衣袖中抽出一把短刀”。《新京报Beijing News)则更进一步,称上述纪录片还原了“邓小平访美险遇刺杀这一惊险情节”。In fact, Deng was approached in a hotel lobby by a white supremacist who planned to spray him with red paint. The would-be assailant was punched by a member of Deng’s secret service detail.实际上,当时在酒店大堂,是一名白人至上主义者企图接近邓小平,向他身上泼红油漆。这名图谋不轨者被邓小平身边的一名特勤人员制。The inclusion in the documentary makes the incident a part of “official history said Victor Gao, who joined the foreign ministry a few years later. “Real history in China is something the government officially reports.Lucy Hornby, Beijing事件发生数年后进入中国外交部工作的高志凯(Victor Gao)表示,这部纪录片提到这起事件意味着,它已成为“正史”的一部分。“在中国,真正的历史是官方讲述的东西。”来 /201505/376116。

This past month may be remembered as the moment the ed States lost its role as the underwriter of the global economic system. True, there have been any number of periods of frustration for the US before, and times when American behaviour was hardly multilateralist, such as the 1971 Nixon shock, ending the convertibility of the dollar into gold. But I can think of no event since Bretton Woods comparable to the combination of China’s effort to establish a major new institution and the failure of the US to persuade dozens of its traditional allies, starting with Britain, to stay out of it.刚刚过去的这个月可能会作为一个历史性时刻载入史册,它标志着美国失去了全球经济体系担保人的角色。诚然,美国以前经历过数段挫折期,很多时候它的行为也算不上多边主义,比如1971年结束了美元兑换黄金的尼克松冲击(Nixon shock)。但除布雷顿森林体系(Bretton Woods)以外,我想不到有任何事件可与以下两件事的结合相提并论:中国力求建立一个重要的新机构;而从英国开始,美国未能说几十个传统盟友不要参与该机构。This failure of strategy and tactics was a long time coming, and it should lead to a comprehensive review of the US approach to global economics. With China’s economic size rivalling America’s and emerging markets accounting for at least half of world output, the global economic architecture needs substantial adjustment. Political pressures from all sides in the US have rendered it increasingly dysfunctional.这是一场早有预兆的战略和战术上的失败,它应该引来一场有关美国对全球经济采取什么姿态的全面检讨。随着中国的经济规模赶上美国,以及新兴市场在全球产出总量中至少占一半份额,全球经济架构需作出大幅调整。而国内各方的政治压力使美国的行为变得越来越不正常。Largely because of resistance from the right, the US stands alone in the world in failing to approve the International Monetary Fund governance reforms that Washington itself pushed for in . By supplementing IMF resources, this change would have bolstered confidence in the global economy. More important, it would come closer to giving countries such as China and India a share of IMF votes commensurate with their new economic heft.美国政府009年推动国际货币基金组IMF)进行治理改革,但主要由于右翼的阻挠,美国未能批准改革方案,令其在国际社会陷入孤立。该改革方案本可以通过补充IMF的资源,提振全球经济信心。更重要的是,它可以赋予中国和印度等国与其新的经济份量更加相称的投票权份额。Meanwhile, pressures from the left have led to pervasive restrictions on infrastructure projects financed through existing development banks, which consequently have receded as funders, even as many developing countries now see infrastructure finance as their principal external funding need.与此同时,美国国内左翼的压力导致基础设施项目在通过现有开发融资时处处受限,这些开发作为出资者已逐渐退缩,尽管许多发展中国家现在将基础设施融资视为它们主要的外部融资需求。With US commitments unhonoured and US-backed policies blocking the kinds of finance other countries want to provide or receive through the existing institutions, the way was clear for China to establish the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. There is room for argument about the tactical approach that should have been taken once the initiative was put forward. But the larger question now is one of strategy. Here are three precepts that US leaders should keep in mind.鉴于美国不能兑现承诺,而且美国持的政策阻止其他国家通过现有机构提供或接受资助,中国建立亚洲基础设施投资(Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank,简称亚投行)的道路是畅通的。在这个倡议提出后,对于在战术上应该采取什么样的姿态是存在争论空间的。但现在更大的问题是战略问题。美国领导人应牢记以下三条准则。First, American leadership must have a bipartisan foundation at home, be free from gross hypocrisy and be restrained in the pursuit of self-interest. As long as one of our major parties is opposed to essentially all trade agreements, and the other is resistant to funding international organisations, the US will not be in a position to shape the global economic system.首先,美国的领导力必须在国内有两党的基础,摒弃严重虚伪,并收敛对自身利益的追求。只要我们的两个主要政党仍然一个基本上反对所有贸易协定,另一个不愿资助国际组织,美国就无法影响全球经济体系的格局。Other countries are legitimately frustrated when US officials ask them to adjust their policies then insist that American state regulators, independent agencies and far-reaching judicial actions are beyond their control. This is especially true when many foreign businesses assert that US actions raise real rule of law problems.每当美国官员要求其他国家调整政策,然后坚称自己无法控制美国各州监管机构、独立机构以及影响深远的司法行动时,其他国家有充分理由感到郁闷,尤其是在许多外国企业宣称美国的举动引发实质性法治问题的情况下。The legitimacy of US leadership depends on our resisting the temptation to abuse it in pursuit of parochial interest, even when that interest appears compelling. We cannot expect to maintain the dollar’s primary role in the international system if we are too aggressive about limiting its use in pursuit of particular security objectives.美国领导力的合法性取决于我们能否抵挡住诱惑,不利用它追求美国一国之利,即便这种利益看上去非常具有吸引力。如果我们将美元的使用局限于追求某些特定的安全目标,在这方面过于咄咄逼人,我们就不能指望能维持美元在国际体系中至高无上的地位。Second, in global as well as domestic politics, the middle class counts the most. It sometimes seems that the prevailing global agenda combines elite concerns about matters such as intellectual property, investment protection and regulatory harmonisation with moral concerns about global poverty and posterity, while offering little to those in the middle. Approaches that do not serve the working class in industrial countries (and rising urban populations in developing ones) are unlikely to work out well in the long run.其次,在国际以及国内政治中,中产阶级都应该是摆在第一位的。有时候,主流国际议程一方面是精英们关心的问题,如知识产权、投资保护和监管协调,另一方面是有关全球贫困和子孙后代的道德担忧,但很少关心中产阶级。不为工业化国家里的劳动者阶级(以及发展中国家不断壮大的城市人口)谋福利的政策,从长远来看不太可能成功。Third, we may be headed into a world where capital is abundant and deflationary pressures are substantial. Demand could be in short supply for some time. In no big industrialised country do markets expect real interest rates to be much above zero in 2020 or inflation targets to be achieved. In the future, the priority must be promoting investment, not imposing austerity. The present system places the onus of adjustment on “borrowingcountries. The world now requires a symmetric system, with pressure also placed on “surpluscountries.第三,我们的世界或许在朝这样的方向前进:资本充足,通缩压力巨大。需求不足的问题可能会持续一段时间。在所有大型工业化国家,市场都不指020年的实际利率会比零高出太多,也不指望通胀目标能够实现。未来的重心必须是促进投资,而非实施紧缩政策。现行体制将调整的责任放在了“借款”国身上。如今世界需要一种对称的体制,让“盈余”国也承担起责任。These precepts are just a beginning, and many questions remain. There are questions about global public goods, about acting with the speed and clarity that the current era requires, about co-operation between governmental and non-governmental actors, and much more. What is crucial is that the events of the past month will be seen by future historians not as the end of an era, but as a salutary wake up call.上述原则只是个开始,还存在许多问题。有全球公共品问题,有在采取行动时拿出当今时代所要求的速度和清晰度的问题,有政府和非政府行为主体之间合作的问题,等等。重要的是,过去一个月的事件将被未来的史学家视为一记及时的警钟,而非一个时代终结的标志。The writer is Charles W Eliot university professor at Harvard and a former US Treasury secretary注:本文作者是美国哈佛大学(Harvard)查尔#8226;W#8226;艾略特校级教Charles W. Eliot University Professor),曾担任美国财政部长。来 /201504/368849。

India’s prime minister has issued a blunt warning that rich nations still have a moral imperative to lead the fight against global warming, highlighting the challenges facing the UN climate talks starting in Paris today.印度总理发出强硬警告称,富裕国家仍有道义责任领导对抗全球变暖的努力,这突显了今日在巴黎开幕的联合国气候变化会议面临的挑战。Weighing into one of the most divisive issues at the talks, Narendra Modi writes in today’s Financial Times that advanced countries that “powered their way to prosperity on fossil fuelmust continue to shoulder the greatest burden. “Anything else would be morally wrong,he says.纳伦德拉莫迪(Narendra Modi)介入了气候谈判中最容易引起分歧的问题之一,他在今日英囀?金融时报》撰文表示,“当年依靠化石燃料实现富裕”的先进国家,必须继续肩负起最沉重的负担。“其它安排在道德上都是错误的,”他说。Many wealthy countries insist there can be no deal unless large emerging economies take on more responsibility for fighting climate change than they have in the past.许多富裕国家坚称,除非大型新兴经济体在应对气候变化方面担负起比以往更大的责任,否则就不可能达成协议。Mr Modi’s comments underline the fraught difficulties confronting negotiators from nearly 200 countries at the two-week Paris meeting due to produce the first new global climate accord in 18 years.莫迪的言论突显了00个国家的谈判代表在为期两周的巴黎会议期间面临的棘手困难,本次会议的目标是达成18年来首份新的全球气候协议。The Indian PM will join more than 130 world leaders who will open the meeting with a string of eye-catching pledges on ways to cut fossil fuel use, a central aim of the new agreement.印度总理将同世界各国130多位领导人一道参加巴黎会议的开幕式,这些领导人将在削减化石燃料使用量(新协议的核心目标)方面作出一系列令人瞩目的承诺。Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates is expected to join several countries unveiling plans to advance renewable energy technology and help poorer countries lower their carbon emissions.预计亿万富翁慈善家比尔盖Bill Gates)将加入几个国家的行列,公布推进可再生能源技术、帮助较贫穷国家减少碳排放量的计划 /201512/413487。

George Osborne has tentatively raised concerns on China’s human rights record in the restive region of Xinjiang, as news emerged that at least 40 people had been killed or injured in a new outbreak of violence.乔治攠斯George Osborne)在不安定的新疆地区试探性地提出了对中国人权记录的关切。有消息称,该地区最新爆发的暴力行为导致至少40人死伤。The chancellor’s trade mission to Urumqi, the Xinjiang capital, was always politically risky but the latest violence in the region involving alleged Muslim Uighur “separatistscast a shadow over his visit.英国财政大臣对新疆首府乌鲁木齐的经贸访问在政治上始终是有风险的,但是,涉及所谓维吾尔族穆斯林“分裂分子”的最新暴力事件仍给他的到访蒙上一层阴影。Mr Osborne’s visit is a first by a serving British minister and one of few by any leading western politician to the autonomous region in the far north-west of China. Asked if his visit would be used as a propaganda tool by Beijing, Mr Osborne insisted he had raised human rights issues as part of a “broader conversation with China奥斯本是首位访问新疆的英国在职部长级官员,也是迄今访问中国西北这个偏远地区的少数西方高层政界人士之一。在被问及他的访问会不会被北京方面用作宣传工具时,奥斯本坚称,他提出了人权问题,作为“同中国全面对话”的一部分。Mr Osborne said he had also publicly criticised the life sentence given to Uighur academic Ilham Tohti exactly a year ago. “Our concerns about the Tohti case are well known and we have made them very public,he said.奥斯本表示,他还公开批评了恰好一年前维吾尔族学者伊力哈木土赫提(Ilham Tohti)被判无期徒刑一事。“我方对土赫提案的担忧是众所周知的,我们已经非常公开地表达了这些担忧,”他说。Dilxat Raxit, Munich-based spokesman for the World Uighur Congress, one of the two main Uighur exile groups, said: “George Osborne’s inability to publicly denounce China’s suppression of Uighurs is disappointing.两个主要的维吾尔族流亡团体之一世界维吾尔代表大World Uyghur Congress)驻慕尼黑的发言人迪里夏Dilxat Raxit)说:“乔治攠斯本不能公开谴责中国对维族人的镇压是令人失望的。”“Britain can’t give the silent nod to China’s particular suppression of the Uighurs due to economic benefits, sending the wrong signal to China and leading to China increasing monitoring and suppression in the region. China is using economic interest to divide the west.”“英国不能因为经济利益就对中国镇压维吾尔人作出无声的点头,从而向中国发出错误信号,导致中国加大对该地区的监控和镇压。中国正利用经济利益来分裂西方。”The chancellor has refused during his five-day tour of China to let concerns about human rights get in the way of his principal goal of building political and trade ties between Beijing and London.在为期五天的访华行程中,英国财相拒绝让人权关切妨碍他的主要目标——在北京和伦敦之间构建政治和经贸关系。He declined to say whether he would raise the Tohti case personally during meetings in Urumqi, adding: “It would be very strange if Britain’s relations with a country that has one-fifth of the world’s population was solely about human rights.”他拒绝透露他会不会在乌鲁木齐的会晤中当面提到土赫提案,并补充说:“如果英国与拥有世界上五分之一人口的国家之间的关系纯粹关乎人权,那将是很奇怪的。”Mr Osborne personally requested to visit Urumqi and spent the morning at a company that was investing in property in the north of England and at an English Premier League football training camp, whose players hail mainly from the Uighur minority.奥斯本亲自提出访问乌鲁木齐。周三上午,他访问了一家曾在英格兰北部投资房地产的公司,还去看了一个英超足球训练营,那里的多数球员是维吾尔少数民族。The visit has taken place under tight security; Mr Osborne has travelled in a 17-vehicle convoy with roads sealed off. Beijing-based British journalists were advised by the authorities not to travel to the region. Beijing’s sensitivity was reinforced by news that a knife attack orchestrated by alleged separatists at a coal mine at Sogan in Xinjiang had resulted in at least 40 casualties, including the deaths of five police officers.这次访问的安保工作十分严密;奥斯本一行的车队7辆车,沿途实行封路。中国官方建议常驻北京的英国记者不要前往新疆。加剧北京方面敏感的是,有消息称,据称的分裂分子在新疆拜城县铁热克镇附近的一座煤矿发起持刀袭击,造成至少40人伤亡,其中五名警员死亡。The attack, reported by Radio Free Asia, cited local security officials as saying that several suspects were believed to be on the run, resulting in a massive security crackdown in the area. Although the attack happened on September 18, news has only just emerged.这次攻击导致当地实行大规模戒严。自由亚洲电Radio Free Asia)援引当地安全官员的话称,数名嫌疑人据信在逃。虽然攻击发生在98日,但相关消息刚刚传出。来 /201509/401284。

Founders who go back to save their company from the brink of extinction have a mixed record. The second coming of Apple’s Steve Jobs was an unequivocal success, while Jerry Yang’s return to Yahoo was an unequivocal failure. And the jury is still out on Michael Dell’s efforts to revive his namesake computer maker.创始人回归公司,希望力挽狂澜,拯救陷入困境的公司,但最终的结果有成功,也有失败。史蒂夫·乔布斯重返苹果公司(Apple)取得了毋庸置疑的成功,但杨致远回归雅虎(Yahoo)却遭遇彻头彻尾的失败。至于迈克尔o戴尔能否带领以其名字命名的电脑公司实现复兴,现在下结论仍然为时尚早。Now HTC, a struggling Taiwan-based smartphone maker, is pinning its hopes of redemption on co-founder and chairwoman Cher Wang. Last year under pressure from agitated investors, Wang, 55, resumed day-to-day involvement. She hasn’t officially assumed a new title—she insists she’s merely there to support current CEO Peter Chou—but she’s actively working on marketing, building relationships with telephone companies that carry HTC devices, and, crucially, helping lift morale among employees, who have been battered by the handset maker’s loss of ?business and an exodus of senior executives.现在,HTC则寄希望于公司联合创始人、董事长王雪红能够拯救这家深陷困局的台湾智能手机制造商。去年,面对不安的投资者施加的压力5岁的王雪红重新开始参与公司的日常运营。她尚未正式担任新的职务——她坚称,自己只是为现任CEO周永明提供持。但她正在积极参与市场营销,与销售HTC设备的电话公司搞好关系,最重要的是,帮助提升员工的士气。经营亏损和大批公司高层出走,一度令员工士气深受打击。It is no surprise that Wang (rhymes with “gong prefers a more behind-the-scenes role at HTC, which she co-founded in 1997. Despite her wealth (estimated net worth: .6 billion) and the fact that she’s the daughter of Taiwanese tycoon Wang Yung-Ching, founder of petrochemicals conglomerate Formosa Plastics Group, Wang maintains a low profile and eschews many of the trappings of wealth. She’s been known to fly on discount carrier Southwest Airlines and favors a uniform of simple black suits. But she has serious technology chops: She founded chipset maker Via Technologies before HTC. “I started HTC because of the vision I had a long time ago,Wang tellsFortune. “I really wanted to do handheld computers.Indeed, HTC stands for “high-tech computer.”在1997年参与创立的HTC公司,王雪红更喜欢隐居幕后,这一点并不意外。虽然自己是亿万富翁(净值预计为6亿美元),而且是石油化工业巨头台塑集团(Formosa Plastics Group)创始人、台湾商界巨擎王永庆的女儿,但王雪红却一直为人低调,生活朴素。她经常乘坐价格低廉的美国西南航空公司(Southwest Airlines)的航班,喜欢穿一套简洁的蓝色套装。但她有着深厚的技术背景:早在HTC之前,她便成立了芯片组制造商威盛科技(Via Technologies)。她告诉《财富》杂志(Fortune):“我之所以创立HTC,是因为很久以前的一个愿望。我很想生产掌上电脑。”事实上,HTC三个字母的含义便是“高科技计算机”。Wang’s combination of humility and tech prowess may be exactly what HTC needs to rebound from its ignominious fall. After bursting on to the scene as a wholesale phone maker for Global 500 companies such as Hewlett-Packard (No. 50 on the Global 500), HTC shifted to marketing phones under its own name. The company scored a big win in 2008 when Google (No. 162) selected HTC to partner with it on the first phone to run on its Android operating system.HTC要想止住颓势,触底反弹,或许正需要王雪红身上的谦卑和技术实力。最初,作为惠普(Hewlett-Packard,世00强第50位)等世00强公司(Global 500)的批发手机制造商,HTC横空出世,后来开始销售以公司名称命名的手机008年,HTC赢得重大胜利。当年,谷歌(Google,世00强第162位)选择HTC作为合作伙伴,HTC手机成为第一款运行安卓(Android)操作系统的手机。For a time HTC was on a roll. Emboldened by its success, management began to focus on high-end devices that would compete with Apple’s AAPL 0.59% iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy line. Revenue in 2010 climbed to .6 billion. But by Christmas 2011 the company had started to make execution errors. Management missed sales projections, and a critically admired new smartphone, the HTC One X, failed to reverse the decline. Supply issues plagued the company, as did a lack of marketing focus. Even a phone launched with Facebook FB -0.24% in 2013, which featured the social networking giant’s “Facebook Homeinterface, flopped and was quickly discounted by its exclusive carrier, ATamp;T T 0.48% . As HTC fumbled, Apple and Samsung solidified their positions at the top of the mobile food chain. HTC, once the top seller of Android-powered phones, eventually slipped from the list of the world’s top 10 smartphone makers. “In the beginning, the competition was not as severe,says Wang. “We didn’t think marketing was as important—we thought the product was more important than marketing. And we didn’t know how to communicate with the customer.”之后的一段时间,HTC的发展一帆风顺。受到之前成功的鼓舞,公司管理层开始将重点转移到高端设备,以期与苹果的iPhone和三星(Samsung)的Galaxy系列竞争010年,这家公司的收入达到了96亿美元。但011年圣诞节开始,这家公司出现了一系列执行错误。管理层无法达到销售预期,即便广受好评的新智能手机HTC One X也未能扭转局面。供应问题和缺乏营销重心导致公司深受困扰013年,HTC联合社交媒体巨头Facebook发布了一款手机,其中搭载了“Facebook Home”界面,结果却以失败告终。这款手机的独家运营商美国电话电报公司(ATamp;T)很快便开始将这款手机降价处理。而在HTC一路跌跌撞撞的同时,苹果和三星却巩固了在移动市场食物链顶端的位置。曾经最畅销的安卓手机制造商HTC最终被挤出了全球十大智能手机制造商行列。王雪红说:“最初,竞争没有这么激烈。我们当时认为市场营销没有那么重要——我们的观念是,产品比市场营销更重要。我们不知道如何与消费者进行沟通。”Wang’s return has yet to improve HTC’s financial performance. Revenue in 2013 fell 30% to .85 billion, and the company lost .6 million. Revenue for the recent quarter slipped 23% from the year before. And competing with Apple, Samsung, and a growing number of cheaper Chinese manufacturers, isn’t likely to get any easier.目前,王雪红的回归尚未改善HTC的财务业绩。这家公013年的收入减少0%,仅8.5亿美元,损失,460万美元。最近一个季度的收入同比下滑3%。而与苹果、三星和越来越多价格更低廉的中国制造商的竞争将会愈演愈烈。Employees say Wang’s presence has aly started to make a difference. She’s traversed the globe, meeting with employees and key suppliers and customers—including the chairman of China Mobile, the largest cellphone operator in the world by customers. “It’s been inspiring for the organization because you have somebody who’s really kind of an understated icon in the smartphone world,says Jason Mackenzie, president of HTC’s North America operations.但公司员工表示,王雪红的回归已经开始产生影响。她在全球四处奔波,会见员工,拜访主要供应商与客户,包括世界上客户数量最多的手机运营商中国移动(China Mobile)的董事长。HTC北美区业务总裁贾森o麦肯齐说:“她的回归让整个公司备受鼓舞,因为我们有这样一位智能手机业的低调偶像。”Wang comes from a family of accomplished business executives. In addition to her highly successful father, who ran his plastics empire until his death at age 92, her sister Charlene co-founded motherboard maker First International Computer in 1980. Another sibling, Winston, started a China-based semiconductor company. “They are a fascinating family,says Steve Zelencik, the former chief marketing officer of Advanced Micro Devices. Back when Wang started her career, working for her sister’s company in the 1980s, she was in charge of buying components from AMD AMD -2.30% . “She showed up as just a kid out of college, but she adapted quickly,says Zelencik, now retired from the tech industry.王雪红的家族商业人才辈出。她的父亲在92岁去世之前一直运营着自己的塑料帝囀?980年,她的王雪玲参与创立了电脑主板制造商大众电脑(First International Computer)。哥哥王文洋在中国大陆创办了一家半导体公司。超威半导体公司(Advanced Micro Devices,AMD)前首席营销官史蒂夫o契尔尼克说:“他们是一个非常了不起的家族。”上世纪80年代,职业刚刚起步的王雪红在的公司工作,负责从AMD采购组件。目前已从科技行业退休的契尔尼克回忆说:“当时的她就是一个刚刚走出大学校门的孩子,稍微显得有些青涩,但她很快就适应了自己的角色。”In fact, Wang spent much of her teen years learning how to adapt. At 15, she was sent from Taipei, Taiwan, to Berkeley to attend high school and eventually the University of California at Berkeley. A devout Christian, Wang lived with a Jewish host family, where she was exposed to new foods, customs, and responsibilities. “Wednesdays were my day to cook,Wang recalls. “I didn’t know how to, so they soon became Chinese restaurant night.”事实上,王雪红的少年时代一直都在学会适应5岁时,她被从台北送到伯克利读高中,后来就读于加州大学伯克利分校(University of California at Berkeley)。身为一名虔诚的基督徒,王雪红却不得不寄宿在一个犹太家庭。她要接触全新的食物、习俗和责任。王雪红回忆道:“每周三轮到我做饭。我不知道该怎么做,结果,周三很快就变成了中餐馆之夜。”Wang’s mother, Wang Yung-Ching’s second of three partners, eventually also left Taiwan and settled in the Bay Area. “She didn’t take any money with her,says Wang. “She learned English and got her driver’s license when she was 60.”王雪红的母亲、王永庆的二房(王永庆共有三位太太)最终也离开台湾,前往旧金山湾区定居。王雪红说:“她去美国时没有带太多钱。她0岁的时候学会了英语,还考取了驾照。”Wang tears up when she talks about her parents. Her father, clearly a prominent figure in her life, wrote her 10-page letters describing his business experiences. “I had to write back or he would be upset,says Wang during an interview at the Rosewood Hotel in Menlo Park, Calif. (She splits her time between the Bay Area and Taipei, close to where HTC is based.)在谈到父母的时候,王雪红忍不住潸然泪下。很显然,父亲在她的一生中扮演着最重要的角色。他曾给她写0页纸的书信,传授自己的经商经验。王雪红在加州门罗帕克的瑰丽酒店(Rosewood Hotel)接受采访时说:“我必须得回信,否则他会很生气。”(她要经常往返于旧金山湾区和台北,这里靠近HTC的总部。)After spending her formative years with her sister’s company, Wang helped build Via Technologies in the late 1980s. Later, through acquisition and investment, Wang and a small team of executives drifted into the phone business. “At that time I interviewed everyone,Wang says of HTC’s early days. “I would tell them the vision. Peter [Chou] was the first one to believe.”王雪红在的公司渡过性格形成期之后,她在上世0年代末帮助创建了威盛科技公司。后来,通过收购和投资,王雪红和几位高管逐渐转入手机行业。回想起HTC最初的日子,王雪红说:“当时,我参加所有人的面试。我会告诉他们我的愿景。周永明是第一个相信这个愿景的人。”Wang continues to place faith in Chou’s ability to turn around the company they built together. Now I can focus on building new products and new product categories,says Chou, who has reportedly said he would step down if the company’s current family of smartphones didn’t succeed. “She is my biggest supporter.She’s also HTC’s largest shareholder, and she’s seen the value of her holdings plunge 90% since 2011. Wang may be modest, but if HTC’s slide continues, few would be surprised if she pulls a Steve Jobs-like return.王雪红仍然相信,周永明有能力带领他们共同打造的公司走出困境。周永明说:“现在,我的重点是打造新产品和新的产品类别。”据称,周永明已经表态,如果公司目前的智能手机无法成功,他就会主动下台。“她是我最大的持者。”王雪红同时也是HTC最大的股东。从2011年以来,她所持有的股份的价值已经缩0%。虽然王雪红一直非常谦逊,但如果HTC继续下滑,就算她像乔布斯一样选择重新出山,也不会有多少人感到意外 /201407/310989。

The EU is warning Greece it faces suspension from the Schengen passport-free travel zone unless it overhauls its migration crisis response by mid-December, as frustration mounts over Athensreluctance to accept outside support.欧盟警告希腊,该国面临被暂停申根免护照旅行区资格——除非它2月中旬之前整改自己的移民危机回应。目前各方对雅典方面不愿接受外部持越来越恼火。Several European ministers and senior EU officials see the threat of pushing out Greece over “serious deficienciesin border control as the only means left to persuade Alexis Tsipras, Greece’s prime minister, to deliver on his promises and take up offers of help from the EU.欧洲多名部长级官员和欧盟高级官员认为,在边境管制“严重不足”的问题上,为了说希腊总理亚历克西斯倠溟拉斯(Alexis Tsipras)兑现他的诺言,接受欧盟的帮助,威胁把希腊赶出申根区是仅存的手段。If the EU follows through on its threat, it would mark the first time a country has been suspended from Schengen since it was established in 1985. The challenge to Athens comes amid a bigger rethink on tightening joint border control to ensure the survival of Schengen. The European Commission will this month propose a joint border force empowered to take charge of borders, potentially even against the will of frontline states such as Greece.如果欧盟兑现其威胁,那将标志着985年建立申根区以来首次有国家被暂停资格。欧盟叫板雅典方面之际,各方正在更大层面上反思如何加强共同边境管制,以确保申根区能够生存下去。欧盟委员会(European Commission)将在本月提议建立一联合边境部队负责边境事务,潜在甚至可能违反前沿国家(如希腊)的意愿。Greece’s relatively weak administration has been overwhelmed by more than 700,000 migrants crossing its frontiers this year. Given the severity of the crisis, EU officials are vexed by Athensrefusal to call in a special mission from Frontex, the EU border agency; its unwillingness to accept EU humanitarian aid; and its failure to revamp its system for registering refugees.面对今年涌入其国境的0万移民,实力相对虚弱的希腊当局不堪重负。考虑到危机的严重性,欧盟官员感到烦恼的是:希腊拒绝让欧盟边境(Frontex)派驻一特遣队;该国不愿接受欧盟的人道主义援助;以及该国未能整改其难民登记制度。EU home affairs ministers, who meet on Friday, are to make clear that more drastic measures will be considered if Greece fails to take action before a summit of EU leaders in mid-December, according to four senior European diplomats. The suspension warning has been delivered repeatedly to Greece this week, including through a visit to Athens by Jean Asselborn, foreign minister of Luxembourg, which currently holds the EU’s rotating presidency.欧盟各国的内政部长将在本周五开会。据四位资深欧洲外交官透露,他们将明确表示,如果希腊不能在12月中旬欧盟峰会之前采取行动,就将考虑力度更大的措斀?本周各方已一再向希腊发出暂停申根区资格的威胁,包括目前担任欧盟轮值主席国的卢森堡的外交大臣让阿瑟伯恩(Jean Asselborn)访问雅典期间。One Greek official strongly denied accusations of a lack of co-operation and said claims Mr Tsipras has failed to meet pledges made at a summit of western Balkan leaders last month are “untrue希腊一名官员坚决拒绝接受有关缺乏合作的指控,称有关齐普拉斯未能兑现上月在巴尔干西部领导人峰会上所作承诺的说法“不实”。But another official acknowledged the foot-dragging. He said it stemmed from a legal requirement that only Greeks were allowed to patrol the country’s borders, as well as sensitivity over the long-running dispute over Macedonia’s name and suspicions about Turkish designs on certain Greek islands, including Lesbos, point of entry for many migrants.但另一位希腊官员承认该国拖拖拉拉。他表示,症结在于法律要求只有希腊人才能巡逻国家的边界,还有就是某些敏感问题,比如围绕“马其顿”这个名称的长期争端,以及希腊对于土耳其对希腊某些岛屿的企图心的疑虑,这些岛屿包括许多移民的入境点——莱斯沃斯岛(Lesbos)。Eastern European leaders have been Greece’s most vocal critics. On Sunday Robert Fico, prime minister of Slovakia, said “it is high timeto evict Greece from Schengen, adding that all member states were privately in agreement on the issue. “We cannot tolerate one of the member countries openly refusing to fulfil its obligations to protect the Schengen borders. In such a situation, the Schengen area is useless.”东欧国家的领导人是迄今最严厉批评希腊的群体。周日,斯洛伐克总理罗伯特菲Robert Fico)表示,“早就应该”把希腊从申根区赶出去了,他还称,所有成员国私下都在这个问题上达成了一致。“我们不能容忍某个成员国公然拒绝履行其保卫申根区边界的义务。在这种情况下,申根区是没用的。”Additional reporting by Stefan Wagstyl in Berlin and Peter Spiegel in Brussels斯蒂芬瓦格斯蒂尔(Stefan Wagstyl)柏林、彼得施皮格Peter Spiegel)布鲁塞尔补充报道 /201512/414133。

Civil servants power cut文职官员权力被削弱[qh]The Japanese Diet has enacted legislation stripping civilian defense bureaucrats of seniority over uniformed Self-Defense Forces officers, placing them on an equal footing.日本国会近日通过一项法律,取消了防卫省文职官员相对于自卫队军职官员;统领;地位,文职与军职因此变成了平级。The change reflects the increasing importance of the judgment of SDF commanders as the forces roles have expanded to include UN peacekeeping missions overseas and disaster relief.此项更改后,此前已将行动职权扩大到联合国海外维和任务以及灾难救援的自卫队,权力范围又进一步扩大了。来 /201506/380282。