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Moscow on Tuesday lifted a ban on the Russian-language version of Wikipedia less than a day after imposing it.俄罗斯官方周二解除了不到一天前实行的针对俄文版维基百科(Wikipedia)的禁令。Internet regulator Roskomnadzor said an article about Charas, a form of hashish, ruled illegal by a local court in June, had now been sufficiently edited on Russian Wikipedia to put the online encyclopedia in compliance with the ruling.互联网监管机构——联邦电信、信息技术和大众传媒监督局(Roskomnadzor)表示,俄文版维基百科上关于Charas(某种形式的印度大麻脂,6月份被俄罗斯一家法院裁定为非法)的条目已得到充分编辑,这个在线百科全书网站遵守了法院裁决。The webpage has therefore been excluded from its internet blacklist, it added.该机构称,相关网页因此已被剔除出其互联网黑名单。Several Russian internet service providers started blocking access to the Russian-language Wikipedia site after the regulator added it to its registry of forbidden information on Monday.该监管机构周一将俄文版维基百科列入封禁网站的名单后,俄罗斯几家互联网务提供商开始屏蔽这个网站。Internet users in some Russian regions saw a notice from the registry instead of the Wikipedia page when trying to access it.俄罗斯某些地区的互联网用户在试图访问该网站的时候,会看到封禁网站登记机构的一份通知。Wikipedia said the outlawing of some information triggered a blacklisting of the entire service because the website uses the secure protocol HTTPS which prevents the filtering and censoring of its content from the outside.维基百科表示,某些信息被列为非法,连累整个务被列入黑名单,因为该网站使用HTTPS加密协议,使第三方无法从外部过滤和审查网站内容。Russian Wikipedia said the entry in question had aly been edited to rely only on public scientific and UN sources before Monday’s ban.俄文版维基百科表示,在周一遭遇封禁之前,相关条目已经过编辑,完全采用了公开科学和联合国资料来源。The lifting of the ban defuses what threatened to become the most serious fallout yet from growing Russian internet censorship on global internet services. So far, stricter internet regulations introduced over the past three years have mainly hit Russia’s online media.解除禁令化解了俄罗斯对全球互联网务不断强化审查本来有可能产生的最严重后果。到目前为止,过去三年更严格的互联网法规主要打击了俄罗斯的在线媒体。However, the shortlived ban demonstrated to a larger audience the impact stricter internet control rules introduced in early 2014 can have. Since then, the authorities have had the power to blacklist websites without a court order.然而,这一短暂的禁令向世人展示了2014年年初出台的更严格互联网控制规则可能产生的冲击。自那以来,当局有权在没有法庭命令授权的情况下将网站列入黑名单。Following these legal changes, the list of web pages blocked in Russia on orders of the prosecutor-general has quickly grown. Information on drugs tops the list of reasons given for blocking orders, but charges of extremism and threats to state security are also common.法律变化出炉后,根据俄罗斯总检察长的命令被封的网页列表迅速变长。封禁名单上给出的最常见理由是含有有关毒品的信息,但极端主义和威胁国家安全的罪名也很常见。 /201508/395600

An appeals court on Monday upheld the bulk of Apple’s patent victory against Samsung Electronics in 2012, but overturned part of the decision and said that a lower court should reduce the total amount that Samsung would have to pay.本周一,一家上诉法院维持了苹果(Apple)2012年在三星电子(Samsung Electronics)专利侵权案中获得的大部分胜诉裁决,但推翻了其中一部分。它表示,一家下级法院应该减少三星必须付的赔偿总金额。The ed States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, which deals with patent lawsuit appeals, said that the overall aesthetic of the iPhone — a rectangular product with rounded corners, black borders and a flat, clear surface — could not be protected and part of the damages would have to be recalculated.美国联邦巡回上诉法院(ed States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit)处理涉及专利诉讼的上诉,它表示,iPhone的整体美学造型——长方形的产品、圆角、黑色边框、平整的表面——不能受到保护,苹果的部分损失必须重新计算。Apple had accused Samsung of diluting its brand by copying the overall look of its iPhones. But the court said Apple failed to prove that the iPhone aesthetic was not “functional.” In other words, giving Apple protection for the overall look and shape of a smartphone would essentially grant it a perpetual monopoly over making smartphones work better, and the three-judge panel decided not to go in that direction.苹果此前指控三星抄袭其iPhone手机的整体外观,令其品牌蒙受损失。但该法院表示,苹果未能明iPhone的美学造型不是“功能性的”。换句话说,在一部智能手机的整体外观和形状上为苹果提供保护,基本上会为其在智能手机的功能改善上提供一个永久性垄断地位,由三名法官组成的合议庭决定不这么做。“We therefore vacate the jury’s damages awards against the Samsung products that were found liable for trade dress dilution and remand for further proceedings consistent with this opinion,” the appeals court wrote in its decision.“因此,对于发现三星在产品外观上进行模仿,我们取消了陪审团在损害赔偿上的决定,并将这个案件发回,根据这个意见进行重审,”上诉法院在裁决中写到。Josh Rosenstock, an Apple spokesman, lauded the decision as having “confirmed Samsung blatantly copied Apple products.”苹果发言人乔希·罗森斯托克(Josh Rosenstock)称赞这个决定“明三星明目张胆地抄袭了苹果的产品”。“This is a victory for design and those who respect it,” he said.“这是设计的胜利,是那些尊重设计的人的胜利,”他说。Samsung did not have a comment.三星并未予以置评。In 2012, a jury unanimously decided that Samsung had violated a series of Apple patents and needed to pay more than billion in damages, an amount that was recalculated to 0 million by another jury in a separate trial in 2013. The lawsuit was prominent, pitting two of the world’s top smartphone makers against each other.2012年,陪审团一致裁定三星侵犯了苹果的一系列专利,需要付逾10亿美元的赔偿金。2013年,一个不同的陪审团参加的另一次庭审对这笔金额进行了重新计算,调整为9.3亿美元。由于原被告是全球两大智能手机制造商,该案件令世人瞩目。The two companies have gone on to duel in other legal entanglements, before calling something of a truce. Last year, in a separate case, a federal jury found that Apple and Samsung had infringed on each other’s patents in some mobile devices and awarded most of the damages to Apple. In August, however, the companies said they agreed to drop suits against each other outside the ed States.这两家公司也因其他一些法律纠纷对簿公堂,后来基本宣告休战。去年,在另一个案件中,联邦陪审团认为,苹果和三星均在一些移动设备上侵犯了对方的专利,并裁定苹果获得大部分赔偿。但在去年8月,这两家公司表示,他们同意在美国以外的地方放弃针对对方的诉讼。Separately on Monday, Carl C. Icahn, the activist investor, published an open letter to Apple. In the 2,200-word letter, he said Apple’s shares were still “dramatically undervalued,” and urged Timothy D. Cook, the chief executive, to buy back more of Apple’s stock because the company was sitting on too much cash.另外,在本周一,激进投资者卡尔·C·伊坎(Carl C. Icahn)向苹果发出了一封2200字的公开信。他在信中说苹果公司的股价依然“被严重低估”,并敦促苹果首席执行官蒂莫西·D·库克(Timothy D. Cook)回购更多苹果的股票,因为该公司目前坐拥太多现金。 /201505/376331When Nick Simmons’s teenage son came home from school with a request to provide work experience to a classmate, he came up with a cunning response that inspired the website he has just launched.尼克#8226;西蒙斯(Nick Simmons,见上图)十几岁的儿子放学回家时向他提出了一个要求:给他的一位女同学找实习工作。对此,西蒙斯想出了一个巧妙的应对,并且由此产生灵感,在不久前创建了一个网站。“I rolled my eyes and agreed, but on one condition,” he recalls. “My son needed a placement too, and when I learnt what her father did, I emailed politely and asked if he would be interested in reciprocating. We ended up creating two internships that otherwise wouldn’t have existed.”“我想了想同意了,但有一个条件,”他回忆道,“我儿子也需要一份实习工作,当我了解他同学的父亲做什么工作后,我礼貌地给这位父亲发了一封电邮,问他是否有兴趣为我的儿子找一份实习工作。我们最终创造了两个原本不会存在的实习生岗位。”Neither placement was typical nor easy to find in a school dominated by parents who were bankers and lawyers. Mr Simmons offered the schoolgirl an insight into his work as a graphic designer, while his son spent a week with the head of an international policy think-tank.在这所父母大多为家和律师的学校里,这两份实习工作并不常见,找起来也不容易。西蒙斯为那位女生提供了了解他平面设计师工作的机会,他的儿子则在一家国际政策智库的负责人手下工作了一周时间。Like most people of his generation, Mr Simmons’s own teenage work experience amounted to little more than some weekends working in a pub for money. But today, he recognises the pressures parents and their children are under to understand more and earlier in life about the world after education.与他这代人的多数人一样,西蒙斯十几岁时候的工作经验只不过是周末在酒吧工作赚钱。但如今,他意识到父母和子女都面临压力,要更多更早地了解毕业后的世界。“It’s a given now for schools, on university applications and for jobs,” he says. “All the statistics are out there. Employers say that work experience is almost more important than the grade they achieved in their exams.”“现在这是上学、申请大学和找工作所必需的,”他表示,“所有数据都明明白白。企业表示,工作经验几乎比他们在考试中得到的分数还要重要。”He trawled the web to see whether there were any useful sites to help find placements, but found few had many postings and most were “pseudo employment agencies” targeting people aly in their 20s to offer internships as a cheap alternative to hiring staff full-time.他在网上努力搜寻了一番,看看是否有有用的网站可以帮助找到实习工作,但他发现发布很多职位信息的网站很少,多数是“假冒的职业介绍所”,针对的是已经20多岁的年轻人,向他们提供廉价的实习岗位,以取代聘用全职员工。Over the past four years, he instead developed in his spare time MyInternSwap.com, his own online service, using his design expertise and paying coders to write the software needed for messaging, database management and security.于是,过去4年,他利用闲暇时间开发了他的在线务网站MyInternSwap.com,发挥他的设计专长,并付费给程序员编写信息发布、数据库管理以及安全所需的软件。The closest model he found was dating sites. But he is using the same principle of matchmaking for a very different purpose. His vision is to encourage and facilitate family-to-family swaps, primarily with a social purpose: to create opportunities and avoid the awkwardness of children spending time at their own parents’ workplaces.他找到的最接近的模式是交友网站。但他在利用相同的配对原则实现不同的目的。他的设想是鼓励和方便家庭与家庭之间交换实习工作,主要是带着一个社会目的:创造机会,同时避免孩子们在自己父母工作的地方实习的尴尬。“There are no openly offered work experience slots,” he says. “Who would want to take it on unless they were coerced by family or friends? We can generate them.” Listing and search — which can be done by location and job category — will be free, although he plans to charge an annual membership fee of #163;24 to cover development and marketing costs.“现在没有公开提供的实习机会,”他表示,“除非家人或朋友强迫,否则谁愿意接受这种工作?我们可以创造这样的机会。”登记和搜索(可以根据地点和工作种类搜索)将是免费的,不过他计划向会员收取24英镑的年费,以弥补开发和营销成本。During a pilot phase recently, he signed up nearly 500 placements, with each school student seeking work experience required to offer one in exchange with parents or close family or friends. Given the cosmopolitan nature of London, where the pilot was promoted, the postings span 17 countries.在最近的试运营阶段,他签约了近500个实习岗位,每个试图寻找实习机会的学生都需要由他们的家长、近亲或朋友提供一份工作来交换。鉴于伦敦(试运营推出的地方)的大都市特点,该网站提供的职位遍及17个国家。Not everyone is convinced that the initiative will make work experience easier and fairer. “It troubles me,” says Tony Watts, a veteran careers adviser and academic. “I can see its attraction at an individual level but it provides a further reinforcement of the ways in which current pressures for internships foster elitism and privilege, and inhibit social mobility and social justice.”并非所有人都相信,这项计划会让实习变得更为容易和更为公平。“这让我担心,”资深职业顾问、学者托尼#8226;瓦茨(Tony Watts)表示,“从个人角度来看它颇具吸引力,但它进一步强化了当前找实习工作的压力催生的精英主义和特权,而且会阻碍社会流动和社会公平。”Mr Simmons counters that alongside more conventional and professional jobs in finance, law and marketing, MyInternSwap includes offers in yoga, farming and a fish-and-chip shop. He also has plans for an “orphan scheme” that would allow larger employers to offer placements as matches for those seeking work experience whose parents cannot provide reciprocal slots.西蒙斯反驳称,除了金融、法律和营销领域等更传统和专业的工作,MyInternSwap还提供瑜伽、农业和炸鱼薯条店的工作。他还计划推出一个“孤儿计划”,让规模较大的企业为那些希望寻找实习机会、但他们的父母无法提供交换实习岗位的人提供实习机会。Tristram Hooley, professor of career education at the University of Derby in the UK, says: “New technologies can loosen and extend networks to a wider group of people but#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;there is clearly a risk this will only permit access to the relatively privileged. With any app the biggest challenge is to get it used at all.”英国德比大学(University of Derby)职业教育教授特里斯特拉姆#8226;胡利(Tristram Hooley)表示:“新技术能够为更多人开放并扩大网络但……显然这可能只会向相对有特权的阶层开放。任何一款应用最大的挑战是真正让人用起来。”Practicality and equity aside, the website offers at least some hope to create more transparency and opportunities in a world that remains obscure to most teenagers.把实用性和平等放一边,该网站至少会给一些人带来希望:在这个多数青少年仍很懵懂的世界,它可以提供更多透明度和机会。 /201504/370012The possibility that robots may one day take all the jobs and put the human race out of work is an idea that has taken a strong hold on the public imagination of late. Not since the 1960s has the prospect of machines replacing people inspired such awe and angst.也许有一天,机器人会抢走所有的工作,让所有人类失业,这是近来公众的想象中挥之不去的一个念头。自20世纪60年代以来,机器代替人类的前景还从未引发眼下这种程度的畏惧和焦虑。Left out of this picture, however, is a bigger narrative about how the onrush of robot technology could change humanity’s future. Automation — for which, sophisticated software routines informed by advanced algorithms — is aly creeping into many walks of life far beyond the workplace, steering our decisions and promising to take the effort out of everyday tasks.然而,被排除在这种想象之外的,是关于机器人科技的汹涌来袭可能如何改变人类未来的更大议题。自动化,也就是用先进的算法设计的复杂软件程序组,已经悄然进入各行各业,出没的地方远不止工作场所。自动化不仅引导着我们的决策,更许诺让日常工作变得简单轻松。What is to stop automation from ultimately assuming all of mankind’s mental and physical efforts? And when the machines do all the heavy lifting — whether in the form of robots commanding the physical world or artificial intelligence systems that relieve us of the need to think — who is the master and who the slave?有什么能阻止自动化最终承担人类所有的脑力和体力劳动?不管是在实体世界发号施令的机器人,还是让我们无需进行思考的人工智能系统,当机器挑起了一切重担,谁是主人,谁是奴仆?Despite the antagonism he sometimes stirs in the tech world (an influential article of his published by the Harvard Business Review in 2003 was called, provocatively, “IT Doesn’t Matter”) author Nicholas Carr is not a technophobe. But in The Glass Cage he brings a much-needed humanistic perspective to the wider issues of automation. In an age of technological marvels, it is easy to forget the human.尽管作者尼古拉斯#8226;卡尔(Nicholas Carr)有时会在科技界招来敌意(2003年他在《哈佛商业》(Harvard Business Review)上发表的一篇影响力巨大的文章标题富有煽动性,叫做《IT无关紧要》(“IT Doesn’t Matter”)),他本人并不是一个恐惧技术的人。但在《身处自动化的玻璃牢笼》(The Glass Cage)一书中,他为理解更广泛的自动化问题提供了一个我们迫切需要的人文主义视角。在技术大放异的年代,人类很容易遭到遗忘。Carr’s argument here is that, by automating tasks to save effort, we are making life easier for ourselves at the cost of replacing our experience of the world with something inferior. “Frictionless” is the new mantra of tech companies out to simplify life as much as possible. But the way Carr sees it, much of what makes us most fulfilled comes from taking on the friction of the world through focused concentration and effort. What would happen, in short, if we were “defined by what we want”?卡尔的论点是,通过将工作任务自动化以节省精力,我们让生活变得更轻松,代价则是用一种次级的体验取代了我们对世界的真实体验。“无擦”是试图最大程度简化生活的技术公司的新口号。但在卡尔看来,让我们感到充实的东西大多来自于全神贯注、努力应对世界中的“擦”的过程。简而言之,如果我们“用我们想要的东西定义自身”,那会怎样?Mankind’s mastery of the environment owes much to the use of tools that extend our limited physical and intellectual powers, as Carr ily admits. What’s different now, though, is both the pace of change — it’s hard to adjust when so much can alter in the course of a human lifetime — and the nature of the technology itself.卡尔坦然承认,人类对自然环境的掌控大多归功于对工具的使用,工具扩展了我们有限的体力和智力。然而,现在与以前的差异不仅在于变化的速度(在人一辈子的时间里就能发生如此巨大的改变,让人很难适应),还有技术本身的性质。At the risk of simplifying, Carr’s assertion is that there are two types of technology, which might loosely be described as the humanist and the anti-humanist. The former sets its makers free. Tools such as hammers or cars fall into this category: they extend the user’s capabilities.卡尔提出,存在两种技术,分别可大致称为人本型技术和反人本型技术(这样划分或许有过分简化之嫌)。前者旨在解放人类。锤子、汽车之类的工具就属于这个范畴:它们扩展了使用者的能力。Anti-humanist technology, on the other hand, sidelines its creator. Its sole purpose is to replace human effort, not enhance it. If humans are ever brought into the equation to interact with this technology — for instance, when pilots have to override automatic flight systems in an emergency — the results are often dismal: deskilled by the machines and forced into machine-like modes of behaviour to operate in the machine’s world, the people seldom excel. The inevitable result is a call for more automation to take fallible humans out of the picture entirely. Removing the need for sustained physical and intellectual effort causes a degeneration in people’s capabilities, argues Carr. His description of research into these areas is exhaustive, to the point where some chapters of this book like a glossary of academic work in the field. But it helps him build a persuasive argument.相反,反人本技术则会使人类边缘化。其唯一的目的是替代掉人的努力,而不是提高人努力的效率。如果让人类参与进来,与这种技术相互作用(比如,飞行员在紧急情况下被迫停止自动驾驶系统的时候),结果往往令人沮丧:机器使人变得低能,为了适应机器世界里的工作,人被迫在行为方式上向机器靠拢,因此在这种情况下很少得心应手。不可避免的结果是,进一步提高自动化程度、让容易犯错的人类彻底出局,成为人们的呼声。卡尔认为,消除对持续体力和脑力劳动的需要,导致人类能力退化。他对这些领域的研究描述得非常详尽,以至于书中的有些章节读起来就像是该领域学术成果的汇编。但详细的成果汇编也有助于提高作者论述的说力。In some instances, the effects of using technology to disintermediate the world sound minor. It’s hard to feel much sympathy for Carr’s complaint that automatic transmission systems in cars, for instance, have robbed him of the pleasure of driving. But others are more persuasive. As machines take on an increasing number of everyday tasks, they will inevitably have to make decisions with moral consequences, weighing courses of action that have different impacts on the people affected. And that is before even thinking about battlefield robots that are programmed to kill.在某些情况下,技术对于阻隔我们对世界的直接感知所起到的作用似乎微不足道。比如,对于卡尔抱怨汽车自动变速系统夺走了驾驶的乐趣,我们很难感到特别认同。但在其他一些情况下,他的说法更有说力。随着机器承担的日常工作越来越多,它们将不可避免地被迫做出有道德后果的抉择,权衡对相应人群影响不一的行动。我们甚至还没有开始考虑任务设定为杀戮的战场机器人。If there’s a criticism to be made of Carr’s attempt to save mankind from its own technology, it’s that he underplays the very substantial benefits. Driverless cars would go a long way towards eradicating the millions of deaths and injuries that are almost entirely caused by human error. Also, through advances in productivity, automation is a significant contributor to economic betterment.对于卡尔试图从人类自己开发的技术手中挽救人类的举动,如果要进行批评的话,那就是他淡化了技术带来的巨大好处。交通事故几乎完全是由人类的错误导致的,无人驾驶汽车在这方面大有助益,能使数百万人免于伤亡。自动化还能提高生产效率,从而极大地促进经济状况的改善。Nor does he make allowances for the new types of work thrown up by making older forms of human endeavour redundant, or the possibility that mankind might find more rewarding outlets for its energy and creativity if the need to work was largely removed.他也没有考虑到,自动化虽然使一些旧式的人类劳动变得多余,但也同时创新了新型的工作;此外,在基本不需要工作之后,人类或许有可能找到更有价值的发挥精力和创造力的方式。Surprisingly, however, Carr manages to find a positive note to end on. He considers, but largely rejects, the possibility that a more human-centric form of design will emerge to put people back at the centre of their own technological creations.然而,令人惊讶的是,卡尔设法以一种乐观的方式进行了收尾。他考虑了一种可能性,那就是会出现一种更以人为中心的设计形式,使人重新回到技术创新的中心,但他大体上驳倒了这个可能性。The economic forces leading towards replacing people completely with software are simply too strong.用软件彻底取代人工的经济推动力实在过于强大。Likewise, he holds out little hope that people will voluntarily turn their backs on the latest technology in favour of less sophisticated tools that demand more of them, but which are ultimately far more rewarding to use. The lure of labour-saving is too great.同样的,对于人类自愿抛弃最新的技术,转而使用更需要人力、复杂程度较低、而且最终将更有益于使用者的工具,他也不抱多少希望。省力的诱惑太大了。The hope arises, instead, from a belief that the social strains from the present wave of technological advance will force a reaction. Just four pages from the end, after contemplating the dire consequences of putting all the world’s workers out of work, he ventures: “To ensure society’s wellbeing in the future, we may need to place limits on automation.” Ideas of progress may have to change, he adds: today’s blinkered celebration of all forms of progress would need to be replaced by a more sophisticated approach that takes into account the social and personal consequences.相反,我们只能寄望于这样一种信念,即当前的技术进步浪潮引发的社会压力会迫使人们做出反应。在考虑了让全世界劳动者失业的种种可怕后果之后,作者在离全书结尾仅剩4页时大胆提出:“要确保未来社会的健康,我们或许需要对自动化加以限制。”进步的概念或许也需要改变,他补充道:我们应该用一种更成熟的态度看待技术进步,将社会和个人影响纳入考虑,而不是像现今这样对任何形式的技术进步都盲目加以赞扬。How to achieve a more balanced view of progress when all of today’s incentives are geared towards an ever-faster cycle of invention and deployment of new technologies? There is no room for an answer in this wide-ranging book. As ever, though, Carr’s skill is in setting the debate running, not finding answers.眼下,所有的激励措施都在推动新技术的发明和应用周期加快,如何在这种情况下实现更全面地看待技术进步?这本书谈到了太多问题,限于篇幅,无法为这一个问题找到。不过,卡尔的长项一直都是挑起辩论,而不是找到。The Glass Cage: Where Automation Is Taking Us, by Nicholas Carr, Bodley Head RRP#163;20/WWNorton RRP.95, 288 pages《身处自动化的玻璃牢笼》(The Glass Cage: Where Automation Is Taking Us),尼古拉斯#8226;卡尔(Nicholas Carr)著,288页,建议零售价20英镑(Bodley Head出版社)或26.95美元(WWNorton出版社) /201503/363301

Faraday Future, a secretive US automotive start-up bankrolled by a Chinese internet billionaire, revealed its prototype electric vehicle for the first time on Monday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.本周一,神秘的美国电动汽车初创公司Faraday Future在国际消费电子展(Consumer Electronics Show)上首次揭幕了其电动车原型,该公司的投资人是一位中国互联网亿万富翁。Its Batmobile-style FFZERO1 concept car embeds a smartphone in the steering wheel to give the vehicle a “sixth sense”, personalised to its driver’s preferences but also capable of piloting itself.这款名为“FFZERO1”的概念车外观酷似“蝙蝠战车”,方向盘上嵌入了一部智能手机,为汽车赋予了“第六感”,不但个性化了驾驶者的喜好,还可用于驾驶本身。While it is uncertain whether the four-motor, 1,000-horsepower vehicle will ever go into production, Faraday Future said it used the same “modular” manufacturing technique that would underpin all its vehicles.虽然目前尚不确定这款配置了四台发动机、1000马力的汽车是否有投产的一天,但Faraday Future表示旗下所有汽车将全部采用同样的“模块化”生产工艺。Nick Sampson, senior vice-president of Ramp;D and product development, said the “Variable Platform Architecture” would allow Faraday Future to bring a range of electric cars to market at a faster pace than traditional automakers, who he said were moving too slowly to build environmentally friendly and internet-connected vehicles.Faraday Future主管研发和产品开发的高级副总裁尼克儠湨森(Nick Sampson)表示,“可变平台架构”将允许该公司比传统汽车更快速地向市场推出一系列电动汽车。桑普森表示传统车企进展太慢,打造不出环保的、联网的汽车。Speculation about the 18-month-old California-based company intensified in recent weeks after it said in December that it would build a 3m square foot, bn manufacturing plant in North Las Vegas, ahead of the planned launch of its first vehicle in 2017.去年12月Faraday Future表示将斥资10亿美元,在北建造一座300万平方英尺的制造厂,并计划于2017年推出首款汽车,令外界在最近几周对这家位于加州的、才成立一年半的公司增加了猜测。Thanks to constant connectivity and autonomous driving technology, Faraday Future’s cars might be owned outright by consumers or rented in a way that Mr Sampson likened to a mobile subscription or a digital media app such as Spotify or Netflix.由于稳定的联网以及自动驾驶技术,消费者也许可以立即拥有Faraday Future的汽车,或通过桑普森所说的手机订购方式,或是Spotify、Netflix等数字媒体应用来租赁该公司的汽车。Much of Faraday’s initial funding came from Jia Yueting, the founder of Chinese internet group Letv, who has said he hopes to beat Tesla in the nascent market for connected, electric cars.Faraday Future的大部分初始资金来自中国互联网集团乐视(Letv)的创始人贾跃亭,他曾表示希望在互联网电动汽车新兴市场打败特斯拉(Tesla)。On Monday, Faraday also announced its partnership with Letv, which offers internet and content in China as well as smartphones and connected television sets on which to watch it. Letv has previously partnered with Aston Martin on in-car “infotainment” systems.Faraday Future还在周一宣布了与乐视的合伙关系。乐视是中国一家互联网和视频内容提供商,同时还推出了智能手机以及可观看这些内容的网络电视机。乐视此前与阿斯顿氠丁(Aston Martin)合作推出了车载“信息”系统。Construction will start on its Nevada facility in the coming weeks, it said on Monday, as it continues a frantic hiring spree.Faraday Future还在周一表示未来几周将开始在其内华达州工厂开工,延续其招聘热潮。“We are growing a team very fast,” Mr Sampson, a former engineer at Tesla and Lotus Engineering, told the Financial Times, with more than 550 employees in the US and another 200 through partnerships around the world.桑普森曾在特斯拉和莲花工程(Lotus Engineering)担任工程师,他向英国《金融时报》表示:“我们团队的建设速度非常快。”该公司在美国的雇员已超过550人,另外通过合作伙伴关系在全球还有200名雇员。 /201601/421524Classic of Mountains and Seas《山海经》Shan Hai Jing(Classic of Mountains and Seas)was an important geo-graphical literature on geography in ancient China. The currently availa-ble version includes 18 volumes,among which 5 volumes are Shan Jing(Classic of Mountains),8 volumes are Hai Jing(Classic of Seas),4 volumes are Da Huang Jing(Classic of Big Land)and 1 Volume Is Hainei Jing(Classic of Mainland).It is said that Shan Hai Jing was written by Yu,one of the forefathers of ancient Chi-na,but the saying is quite doubtful.《山海经》是中国古代的重要地理文献。现在的版本有十八卷,包括《山经》五卷、《海经》八卷、《大荒经》四卷、《海内经》一卷。传说是禹所作,不太可信。In this book, Shah Jing and Hai Jing form their own specific systems accord-ingly,while they were finished in different periods,Share ,Zing contains the descrip-tion of famous mountains and great rivers,propagation and minerals on the main-land. It is estimated that this part of the book was finished in the early or mid peri-od the Warring States Period. Hai Jing contains a great deal of alien legends,fairy tales home and abroad,and was written in the Qin Dynasty ( 221 一206 ) or atthe beginning of the Western Han Dynasty.《山海经》的《山经》和《海经》各成体系,成书的时代也不一样。《山经》涉及巫术较多,记载了海内名山大川、动植物产、祯祥怪异等内容。写作年代一般推测为战国初期或中期。《海经》则是方士用书,记载海内外怪异传闻,还有大量神话传说,写作时代是秦(前221一前206)或西汉初年。Shan Hai Jing,containing rich legends and fairy tales,is very valuable for historical study,especially helpful for research on primitive society in China,and the primitive surname,tribes,and knowledge and understanding of the universe,nature and social development.《山海经》中有丰富的神话传说资料,具有重要的史学价值,这有助于研究中国的原始社会和上古的姓氏、部族,及上古人对宇宙、自然和社会历史的认识状况。According to the records in Shan Hai Jing,the Yellow Emperors is the heavenly emperor of the west. He was the great grandfather of Zhuan Xu(a legendary ancient emperor),the grandfa-then of Guan. He was also the ancestor of many tribes inside and outside China. Di Jun has no re-cords in other books and is not listed among San Huang Wu Di(Three Emperors and Five Gods),and is the only heavenly emperor in Shan Hai Jing.In this book, he was the inventor of farming,craft, vehicle,boat, musical in-struments,singing and dancing. Together with Xi(the legendary goddess),he gave birth to 10 suns and 12 moons,which relate to the astronomy and the calen-dar. There are still many legends about the water-control of the Great Yu,battle between the Great Yu and Gong Gonq .and so on.根据《山海经》的记载,黄帝是西方的天帝。他不仅是撷项的曾祖、稣的祖父,还是中国境内和四裔许多部族共同的祖先,这对研究中国民族史有着重要价值。帝俊在其他书中没有记载,也没有列人三皇五帝之中,他是《山海经》中独有的天帝。《山海经》把农、工、车、舟、琴瑟、歌舞的发明权都归于他,还说他和羲和生了十个太阳,又生了十二月,这又和天文历法有了关系。《山海经》中还有关于大禹治水、禹攻共工等神话传说。 /201512/410683Documentary Tells of Last Astronaut to Walk on Moon纪录片聚焦最后的登月宇航员In 1972, Eugene Cernan and two fellow astronauts began what would become the last mission to the moon, Apollo 17.在1972年,尤金·塞尔南作为队长,与另外两名宇航员一起乘坐阿波罗17号宇宙飞船,开始了最后一次登月之旅。On December 14, 1972, after scratching his daughter’s initials in the lunar dust and setting up a remote camera, he stepped into the lunar lander and left the moon.在当年的12月14日,尤金·塞尔南在月球表面的尘埃中写下自己女儿名字的缩写,架好遥控相机,之后便进入登月舱,离开月球。Cernan assumed someone else would go back but, in his view, the U.S. space program then took a wrong turn.塞尔南当时认为未来会有人再次前往,但是他说,美国的空间项目其后便走入错误的航道。“There is no space program,” he said — a situation he finds disappointing. “We cannot even put an American in space on a made-in-America piece of hardware to go to our own space station.”“完全没有相关的空间项目在运行。”塞尔南对现状感到十分遗憾。他说:“我们甚至不能用一个纯美国造的发射器,将一个美国人送入我们自己的空间站。”Cernan went to Austin, Texas, last week to the annual South by Southwest film festival to help promote a film about him, aptly called ;The Last Man on the Moon.;塞尔南来到奥斯汀帮助宣传这部关于自己的电影,该片恰如其分地被命名为:月球上的最后一人。The film tells of a time in the 1960s and early 1970s when the ed States was launching men into space every few months. It mixes archival footage of a young Cernan with shots of the older man of today, revisiting sites associated with his space adventure.这部电影回顾了二十世纪六十至七十年代美国经常性地将宇航员送入太空的光景。有成功,也有伤痛。塞尔南回忆说,家人为了持他的事业付出很多。There is triumph, but also sadness, as Cernan recalls the cost his family paid for his all-out commitment to his career.电影将档案资料中年轻塞尔南的影像与如今年老的他造访当年飞船的镜头剪辑在一起。Director Mark Craig said it was not hard getting frank, honest comments from Cernan.影片的导演马克·克雷格说,从塞尔南那里得到坦率诚实的意见并不困难。“Luckily for us, Gene is a very articulate character anyway, and so he was able to express his own feelings and emotions,” Craig said.克雷格说,“对我们而言最幸运的是,塞尔南健谈的性格使他能够充分表达自己的情绪和感受。”Cernan knows his days in space are over, but he hopes others will follow up on what he and his fellow astronauts started. “All we#39;ve got to do is inspire those young kids and give them the opportunity that someone gave myself and all my colleagues,” he said.塞尔南知道他的太空生涯早已结束,但是他希望有后来人能够继续他和同伴们所开创的事业。他说:“我们需要做的就是鼓励年轻人,给他们一样的、当年我和我的同事所获得的机会。”And what does it take to be a space explorer?要成为一名宇宙探索者,需要哪些特质呢?“If you believe that what you are doing throughout life is the right thing to do and you are willing to take the challenge and accept the risk to get it done,; he said, ;you have what I call #39;the right stuff.#39; ”塞尔南说, “如果你相信你毕生从事的事情是正确的,你就愿意接受挑战、承担风险,我认为这就是需要的特质。”And he hopes ;The Last Man on the Moon; helps sp that message.他希望电影《月球上的最后一人》能够传播这个信息。 /201503/367257

BEIJING (Reuters) - IBM Corp will share technology with Chinese firms and will actively help build China#39;s industry, CEO Virginia Rometty said in Beijing as she set out a strategy for one of the foreign firms hardest hit by China#39;s shifting technology policies.北京(路透社)——IBM将与中国公司共享技术,并将积极帮助中国建设科技行业。IBM是受中国的科技行业政策调整冲击最大的外国企业之一,在此情况下,IBM总裁Virginia Rometty称她制定了这一战略。IBM must help China build its IT industry rather than viewing the country solely as a sales destination or manufacturing base, Rometty said at the China Development Forum, an annual Chinese government-sponsored conference bringing together business executives and China#39;s ruling elite.Rometty在中国发展论坛上说,IBM必须帮助中国建设自己的IT行业,而不是仅仅把中国看作销售终端和制造基地。中国发展论坛是中国政府资助的年会,该会召集企业领导人和中国政府精英参加。;If you#39;re a country, as China is, of 1.3 billion people you would want an IT industry as well,; the chief executive said on Monday. ;I think some firms find that perhaps frightening. We, though, at IBM ... find that to be a great opportunity.;“如果你是一个,就像中国吧,一个13亿人口的国家,你肯定也想要有一个IT行业。”IBM总裁Rometty周一称。“有些公司可能觉得这很吓人。但是我们IBM认为这是一个极好的机会。”Rometty#39;s remarks were among the clearest acknowledgements to date by a high-ranking foreign technology executive that companies must adopt a different tack if they are to continue in China amid growing political pressure.Rometty的发言,说明外国科技公司高管层承认,如果想在中国越来越大的政治压力下继续经营,就必须采取与以前不同的策略。A number of U.S. technology companies operating in China are forming alliances with domestic operators, hoping a local partner will make it easier to operate in the increasingly tough environment for foreign businesses.几家美国科技公司与中国当地企业合作,希望在对外国企业日益严峻的经营环境中,中国的合作伙伴能够使得他们的日子好过点。China has been pushing for the use of more Chinese and less foreign-made technology, to grow its own tech sector and in response to ex-U.S. National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden#39;s leaks about U.S. cyber surveillance.中国已经在大力推进多使用国产技术,少使用外国技术,以发展自己的科技产业,也是在美国前国安局承包商爱德华斯诺登揭露美国的网络监视之后的对应措施。IBM#39;s sales in China have stabilized after a sharp drop that began in the third quarter of 2013 following Snowden#39;s revelations. The Armonk, New York-based company reported a 1 percent slide in revenue in China during the fourth quarter of 2014, compared with the prior year.2013年三季度,IBM在华销售额因斯诺登的泄密而锐减,之后保持稳定。2014年4季度,IBM在华销售较上年下滑了1%。IBM#39;s new approach allows Chinese companies to build everything from semiconductor chips and servers b ed on IBM architecture, to the software that runs on those machines.IBM的新策略允许中国公司在IBM架构上制造各类产品,包括半导体芯片、务器,以及在这些机器上运行的软件。Last week IBM said Suzhou PowerCore Technology Co will begin producing a version of IBM#39;s Power8 chip run on Chinese-made servers. Its POWER line of processors is often used for intensive calculations in fi nancial services, where Chinese banks have been required by new government regulations to use more dorr ic vendors.上周 , IBM说苏州中晟宏芯信息科技有限公司将开始生产IBM的Power8芯片,用于中国制造的务器。IMB的POWER芯片 常用于金旨务业的大量运算,而在新的政府规定下,中国的得使用更多的本国供应商。The U.S. company had aly announced a series of partnerships with Chinese vendors and now packages its database software with products from Inspur, a server hardware maker and IBM rival, and has also struck agreements with Youyou, a Beijing-based software firm.IBM已经宣布了一系列的与中国供应商的合作关系,现在则把其数据库软件和其竞争对手浪潮集团的产品打包在一起,还跟一家总部在北京的软件公司优优软件达成了协议。Other vendors are making similar efforts.其他外国企业也在作出同样的努力。SAP SE Greater China head Mark Gibbs for instance said in October the company sought to be a ;complementary player to the Chinese market; by selling its software on hardware made by Lenovo Inc and Huawei Technologies.比如SAP大中华负责人Mark Gibbs就在去年10月说过,SAP应该成为;中国市场的替补球员;,即硬件由联想和华为生产,软件由SAP提供。Everyone that values the national security, national sovereignty of the ed States more than a ROI on an IBM investment should write to their representatives in Washington and demand a senate investigation as to this move by IBM.任何把美国国家安全和主权看作高于IBM的投资回报率的人都应该要求参议院调查IBM的这一举动It appears that Rommetty is more concerned about IBM profits IBMs failed five year plan and saving her job, than she is about the national security and sovereignty of the ed States.我看Rommetty更关心IBM的利润和她自己的位子,而不是国家安全和主权。IBM should not be allowed to bid on any government contract for development and support of any IT appl ations or systems that are critical for national defense or telecommunications, finance or utilities IT s ystems that would be attacked by China cyber-warfare during a military conflict.不应该让IBM承包任何与国防、电信、金融或者应用系统有密切关系的IT应用和IT系统开发的政府工程,在军事对抗中 ,这些领域会遭到中国的攻击。When a CEO of IBM appears in front of a group of Chinese Communist elites and describes a plan to ;share; technology with a Chines communist government that has a cyber warfare military division dedicated tc developing strategies to attacking critical U.S. infrastructure such as telecommunications, business, fin ance and utilities during a time of war, it is time to determine who the loyalties of that CEO and by ext ension IBM corporation are with.当一个IBM的CEO站在一群中共精英面前,讲述一个与中共政府“分享”技术的计划,而这个政府有一网络部队专门负责在战争时期攻击美国的重要基础设施,例如电信、企业、金融和公共设施,这就需要判断一下这个CEO和IBM公司到底效忠谁了。The Chinese Communist party and its plans for global domination or the national security of the people of the ed States of America.是效忠中共和中共统一全球的野心,还是效忠美国人民的国家安全。China will never have to wage war against the U.S.中国永远不需要对美国发动战争。American corporations like IBM are doing it for them.美国公司就像IBM都帮他们做了。IBM should not be allowed to bid on any government contract for development and support of any IT applications or systems that are critical for national defense or telecommunications, finance or utilities IT systems that would be attacked by China cyber-warfare during a military conflict...不应该让IBM承包任何与国防、电信、金融或者应用系统有密切关系的IT应用和IT系统开发的政府工程,在军事对抗中,这些领域会遭到中国的攻击。 /201503/366335

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