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佛山市人民医院治疗男性不育多少钱顺德区新世纪医院在哪个区In November 1997, Kim Young-sam began the final weeks of his presidency by seeking a massive bailout from the International Monetary Fund in an attempt to rescue South Korea’s crisis-hit economy.19971月,金泳Kim Young-sam)以争取国际货币基金组IMF)的大规模纾困作为其总统任期最后几周的开始,试图借此拯救受到危机冲击的韩国经济。“We cannot avoid the criticism that we’ve hesitated on bold reforms,he said in a grim televised address, after failing to find alternatives to the tough conditions that would accompany IMF assistance. “The economic management of the past has reached its limit.”他表情严肃地在电视讲话中表示:“我们不能回避那种认为我们没有决心实施大胆改革的批评。过去的经济管理方式已达到极限。”在此之前,他未能找到替代方案,来避免因接受IMF援助而必须满足的苛刻条件。The Asian financial crisis brought a traumatic finale to a four-decade political career that was one of the most important in South Korea’s tumultuous journey to democracy. Kim, who died yesterday aged 87, was a leading opposition figure during 32 years of military rule, finally becoming the civilian president who brought that period to an end.亚洲金融危机为金泳三的政治生涯画上了一个令人难过的句号。他四十年的从政生涯,在韩国颠簸曲折的民主进程中极为重要。金泳三于昨日逝世,享7岁。他在韩2年的军事统治时期曾是头号反对派人物,并最终成为结束这一时期的文职总统。Born on the southern island of Geoje on December 20 1927, Kim became the youngest MP in modern Korean history when he was elected in 1954 at the age of 26. But he truly rose to prominence in the years after the authoritarian leader Park Chung-hee pushed through a new constitution in 1972 that in effect granted him absolute power.金泳92720日出生在韩国南部的巨济岛(Geoje)954年,26岁的金泳三当选议员,成为现代韩国历史上最年轻的议员。不过,他真正在政坛崛起,还是在1972年独裁领导人朴正Park Chung-hee)推动通过新宪法后的几年里。那部新宪法实际上赋予了朴正熙绝对的权力。Elected leader of the opposition New Democratic party two years later, Kim took the fore in demands for political reform. 两年后,金泳三当选反对党新民New Democratic Party)领导人,带头要求韩国实施政治改革。A climactic point came in 1979, when Kim granted sanctuary in his party headquarters to about 170 dismissed female workers from a wig factory, who had been evicted and beaten by police. The building was stormed by a thousand policemen, who injured dozens of people and killed one of the workers. The incident drew international condemnation, emboldening Mr Kim to step up his criticism of the government, which in turn prompted Park to have him expelled from parliament.1979年,局面发展到高潮。那一年,金泳三在其新民党总部为大70名被一家假发厂开除的女工提供庇护,这些女工此前曾遭警方的驱赶和殴打000名警察冲进新民党总部大楼,导致数十人受伤,一名女工丧生。这一事件引起了国际社会的谴责,鼓舞了金泳三加大对政府的批评力度,这反过来又促使朴正熙将金泳三逐出韩国议会。Park’s assassination later that year resulted in the accession to power of the repressive general Chun Doo-hwan, who oversaw the killing of hundreds of people following protests in the city of Gwangju in 1980. Kim marked the third anniversary of the atrocity with a 26-day hunger strike that ended only when he was detained and force-fed.同年晚些时候,朴正熙遭到暗杀,这使实行高压政策的全斗Chun Doo-hwan)将军上位,他980年光Gwangju)的抗议活动之后下令武力镇压,导致数百人死亡。金泳三在那次暴行三周年时进行了长达23天的绝食抗议,在被拘留和强迫进食后才结束绝食。Opposition to military rule continued to grow, and Kim played a big role in organising the protests that persuaded the government to hold direct elections in 1987. But when Kim and his fellow campaigner Kim Dae-jung both ran, the split allowed Roh Tae-woo, Chun’s chosen successor, to win the contest.反对军事统治的力量持续增强,金泳三在组织抗议、最终说政府在1987年举行直选中发挥了重要作用。但当时金泳三和与他一起开展运动的金大Kim Dae-jung)都竞选了总统,这种分裂造成全斗焕选择的继任者卢泰愚(Roh Tae-woo)赢得了大选。Both Kims ran again five years later but this time Kim Young-sam emerged triumphant. A year into his term, North Korea refused to allow international inspectors into a plutonium reprocessing plant, sparking a stand-off between Pyongyang and Washington. In his memoirs, Kim wrote that he had persuaded President Bill Clinton not to launch air strikes against North Korea’s nuclear facilities, telling him it would have prompted attacks on South Korea.金泳三和金大中都年后再次参选——但这一次金泳三获得了胜利。金泳三当选总统一年后,朝鲜拒绝让国际核查人员进入一处钚再处理工厂,这引发了朝鲜和美国的对峙。在回忆录中,金泳三写道,他说美国前总统比尔克林Bill Clinton)不对朝鲜核设施发动空袭,因为那将使韩国遭到袭击。Kim’s domestic record was mixed. He oversaw a law forbidding bank accounts under false names, a favoured tool of corrupt businessmen and politicians. In 1996 his predecessors Chun and Roh were respectively sentenced to death and jailed for life for crimes committed in office; Kim pardoned both in the final days of his presidency.金泳三的内政记录毁誉参半。他推动一项禁止用假名开设账户的法律获得通过,这种做法曾是腐败商人和政客青睐的手段996年,他的前任全斗焕和卢泰愚分别因掌权时犯下的罪行而被判处死刑和无期徒刑,金泳三在总统任期的末期赦免了两人。But he faced controversy over economic policy notably a labour law that gave companies the right to shed workers and declared the country’s second biggest union illegitimate. After weeks of demonstrations the government scrapped the law. This climbdown, along with the bribery conviction of a son (one of five children who survive him along with his wife Son Myung-soon), left his authority depleted.但他的经济政策面临争议——尤其是一部允许企业裁员的劳动法,以及宣布韩国第二大工会为非法组织。在数周的游行示威后,政府撤回了这部劳动法。这一退让、以及他的一个儿子(金泳三的五个子女之一,他与金泳三的妻子孙命顺(Son Myung-soon)依然在世)因受贿被判罪,让他的权威消失殆尀?Yet perhaps more than for his time as president, Kim will be remembered for his defiant work in opposition as characterised by his most celebrated aphorism, delivered in the face of state intimidation in 1979: “Dawn will come even if you wring the rooster’s neck.”比起金泳三任总统时的作为,人们可能更多地会因他在野时的反抗活动而铭记他——这些反抗可以用他在1979年面对政府恐吓时发表的最著名的一句格言来概括:“黎明总会到来——即使你拧断了公鸡的脖子。”来 /201511/412216佛山市顺德区乐从医院看泌尿科怎么样 Japan has protested bitterly after Russia’s prime minister visited a disputed island in a row that threatens improved relations between the two countries.在俄罗斯总理访问日俄争议岛屿后,日本提出了强烈抗议。两国围绕争议岛屿展开的争吵对两国间本已改善的关系构成了威胁。Dmitry Medvedev visited the island of Iturup, known as Etorofu in Japan, and declared the Kuril islands were part of Russia. “This is how it is and how it will be,said Mr Medvedev on Saturday. The island is one of four disputed since the end of the second world war.俄总理德米特里蔠德韦杰Dmitry Medvedev)访问了伊土鲁朴岛(Iturup,日本称择捉Etorofu)),并宣称千岛群Kuril islands)是俄罗斯的一部分。“现在如此,将来也如此,”梅德韦杰夫上周六表示。伊土鲁朴岛是二战结束后日俄存在争议的四个岛屿之一。Japan summoned the Russian ambassador for a dressing down, telling him the visit was “extremely regrettableand “injured the feelings of the Japanese people while the foreign minister will delay a planned visit to Moscow.日方召见俄罗斯大使提出强烈抗议,告诉他此次登岛“非常令人遗憾”,而且“伤害了日本人民的感情”,而日本外长也将推迟原本计划好的对莫斯科的访问。The tension reduces the chances of a summit this year between Shinzo Abe, Japan’s prime minister, and President Vladimir Putin of Russia and hurts a relationship both countries need to offset their frosty dealings with other neighbours.这种紧张降低了日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)和俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔渠Vladimir Putin)在年内举行峰会的可能性,也伤害了两国关系。日俄两国现在都与其他一些邻国关系冷淡,日俄关系改善对于它们缓解这一局面有着重要意义。Japan never signed a peace treaty with the Soviet Union after the war because of Moscow’s claim to the four southernmost islands of the Kuril chain, which Tokyo calls the Northern Territories.由于莫斯科方面声称对千岛群岛最南边的四个岛屿(日方称北方领Northern Territories))拥有主权,战后日本始终未与苏联签订和约。Covering about 5,000 square kilometres, the islands offer rich fishing and have a Russian population of thousands. The previous Japanese population was expelled after the war.这四个岛屿总面积约000平方公里,拥有丰富的渔业资源,居住着数千名俄罗斯人。之前生活在那里的日本人在战后遭到驱逐。Settling the Northern Territories dispute is one of Mr Abe’s most personal diplomatic goals. His father, Shintaro Abe, tried and failed as foreign minister in negotiations with Mikhail Gorbachev in the 1980s. The younger Mr Abe was at his side as a secretary.解决北方领土争议是安倍个人最想实现的外交目标之一。上世纪80年代,他父亲安倍晋太郎(Shintaro Abe)以日本外长身份尝试与米哈伊尔戈尔巴乔Mikhail Gorbachev)谈判解决该问题,但以失败告终。当时,年轻的安倍晋三作为秘书伴随父亲左右。“It’s kind of a family business,said Nobuo Shimotomai, an authority on Russia at Hosei University in Tokyo. “Mr Abe wants to solve the issue himself with President Putin.”“这有点像是家族事业,”东京日本法政大Hosei University)俄罗斯问题权威专家下斗米伸夫(Nobuo Shimotomai)表示,“安倍想由他本人来与普京总统解决这个问题。”People close to Mr Abe say he has good personal chemistry with the Russian leader but many experts doubt whether Mr Putin will ever relinquish territory gained at great cost, and think he is playing “good cop, bad copwith Mr Medvedev.熟悉安倍的人表示,安倍与这位俄罗斯领导人有着良好的个人关系,但很多专家怀疑普京可能永远都不会放弃这块付出极大代价获得的领土,他们认为普京正在和梅德韦杰夫玩“一个唱红脸、一个唱白脸”的把戏。Shigeki Hakamada, a professor at the University of Niigata, believes Japan suffers from a degree of “Putin illusionin its fond hopes that the judo-loving Russian president who unlike Mr Medvedev has never visited the Kurils is y for a deal.新潟大学(Niigata University)教授袴田茂树(Shigeki Hakamada)认为,日本存在一定程度的“普京幻想”,自作多情地期望这位热爱柔道的俄罗斯总统——不像梅德韦杰夫,普京从未访问过千岛群岛——愿意达成协议。In 2012, Mr Putin used the judo term for a “drawin talking about the islands, referring to a 2008 settlement in which Russia and China agreed to split disputed Bolshoi Ussuriyskiy island down the middle. But the Russian president is now riding a wave of nationalism after annexing Crimea in 2014.2012年,普京在谈论该群岛时,曾用柔道中表示“平局”的术语,提008年俄罗斯与中国同意平分俄中存在争议的大乌苏里斯基岛(Bolshoi Ussuriyskiy island,中方称黑瞎子岛——译者注)。但014年吞并克里米亚后,这位俄罗斯总统如今正得到民族主义浪潮的撑。That move and Japan’s support for international sanctions on Russia has left a more pragmatic diplomatic calculation for both sides.吞并克里米亚之举——以及日本对国际社会对俄制裁的持——使得日俄双方更务实地进行外交盘算。“The Abe administration has a dilemma. If it doesn’t take a strongly critical stance to violations of sovereignty then it risks its future position with China over the Senkaku Islands,says Mr Hakamada. China claims the Japanese-controlled islands, which it calls the Diaoyu.“安倍当局进退两难。如果不就俄侵犯日主权的举动采取强硬的批判立场,那么它未来与中国在尖阁诸岛(Senkaku Islands,中国称钓鱼岛及其附属岛屿——译者注)问题上的立场也受到威胁,”袴田称。中国宣称对这个由日本控制的群岛拥有主权。On the other hand, Mr Abe is determined to make progress on the Northern Territories, and given its difficult relationships with China and South Korea, Japan is reluctant to alienate Russia as well.另一方面,安倍决心在北方领土问题上取得进展,考虑到日本与中国和韩国之间的困难关系,日本也并不愿意疏远俄罗斯。Russia, meanwhile, is conducting its own diplomatic pivot towards Asia. To avoid that being purely a pivot to China, however, it needs to strengthen relations with other regional players such as Japan although the strength of Japan’s US alliance gives Russia little incentive to make concessions.与此同时,俄罗斯正将自己的外交重心转向亚洲。然而,为了避免完全以中国为重心,它需要加强与日本等其他亚洲国家的关系——尽管日本与美国的紧密同盟让俄罗斯没什么动力作出让步。来 /201508/395281顺德中医院在哪个区

佛山新世纪医院看不孕不育是自费佛山哪家医院治早泄效果比较好 It has been a long time coming, but Rémy Cointreau shareholders have finally found something to toast shares of the Paris-based spirits maker jumped almost 9 per cent yesterday before trimming gains, marking the biggest intraday rise in six years.虽然姗姗来迟,但人头马君度集Rémy Cointreau)的股东们最终还是等到了值得庆祝之事——这家总部位于巴黎的烈酒制造商的股价周三开盘跳涨近9%,随后涨幅收窄,盘中涨幅创下6年新高。The shortlived surge came as the family-controlled group, famous for its Rémy Martin cognac, reported a 13.5 per cent increase in operating profit on an organic basis for its business year ending in March to 156m about 5 per cent ahead of market expectations.这次短暂的飙升出现在这家以人头马(Rémy Martin)干邑闻名的家族企业发布财报之后。在截止今年3月的一财年中,该集团的营业利润实现13.5%的有机增长,.56亿欧元,比市场预期高出约5%。Signalling its growing optimism, it also said that it expected operating margins to rise to between 18 per cent and 20 per cent by 2020, up from the 16.2 per cent that it reported yesterday.该集团还称,预计020年,营业利润率将从此次的16.2%升到18%0%,显示该集团对前景日益乐观。Rémy also said that it would increase its dividend payment this year more than 20 per cent to 1.53 from 1.27 in 2014. The situation presents a contrast to last year, when the group was struggling amid the Chinese government’s crackdown on lavish spending and gift-giving by officials an abrupt policy change that punished revenue and led to a brutal decline in operating profit. Could it mark a turnround not only for Rémy but also for rivals?人头马君度集团还表示,今年付的股息将从2014年的每股1.27欧元增至1.53欧元,涨幅超0%。这一局面与去年形成了鲜明对比——当时中国政府打击官员奢侈消费和送礼风,该集团陷入了困境。中国政府这一突然的政策变化打击了集团营收,并导致营业利润严重下滑。眼下的消息是否标志着不仅是人头马君度,其竞争对手也将迎来转机?Stephen Rannekleiv, analyst at Rabobank, said: “Among the most obvious reasons for optimism is the return of Chinese demand. The first couple of months of 2015 have signified some positive momentum gains after Chinese new year. Cognac is also seeing positive trends in other emerging Asian markets, such as Vietnam and Malaysia.”荷兰合作银Rabobank)分析师斯蒂芬#8226;兰涅克莱Stephen Rannekleiv)称:“一个非常明显的乐观理由是中国需求的回归015年头几个月已经预示了中国农历新年后的一些积极增长势头。人头马干邑在其他亚洲新兴市场也出现了积极的趋势,比如越南和马来西亚。”Diageo, the world’s largest spirits group, suffered a 78 per cent drop in its premium baijiu business in its financial year ending June 2014. However, in the first nine months of its current financial year, net sales rose by 13 per cent in mainland China, driven by recovery in baijiu.在截014月的那一财年中,世界最大酒业集团帝亚吉Diageo)的高端白酒业务下滑了78%。但在当前财年的个月,在白酒销量复苏的驱动下,该集团在中国内地的净销售额上涨3%。One bright spot for Rémy has been its newfound managerial stability, with the arrival in September of chief executive Valérie Chapoulaud-Floquet, a former L’Oréal and Louis Vuitton executive.人头马君度业绩的一个亮点在于,随着欧莱L’Oréal)和路易威Louis Vuitton)前高管瓦莱丽#8226;沙普弗洛Valérie Chapoulaud-Floquet)去年9月出任人头马君度首席执行官,该集团管理层重现稳定。The company appears to have drawn a line under a turbulent period that began when Frédéric Pflanz, its then newly appointed CEO, resigned in January 2014, just as tumbling sales of cognac in China were hitting performance.人头马似乎为014月以来的一个动荡时期画上了句号。当时刚上任不久的首席执行官弗雷德里#8226;普夫兰茨(Frédéric Pflanz)辞职,同时在中国的销售大幅下滑也开始打击集团业绩。Cognac from its Rémy Martin division last year accounted for about 53 per cent of group revenue but 73 per cent of operating profit.去年,人头马干邑部门约占集团营业收入3%,但却贡献了营业利润3%。The inevitable questions about leadership only grew louder when Patrick Piana, the much-respected chief executive of the Rémy Martin division, announced barely a month later that he was also leaving.普夫兰茨辞职后不到一个月,备受尊敬的人头马干邑部门首席执行官帕特里克#8226;皮亚Patrick Piana)也宣布辞职,使得该集团领导层问题不可避免地进一步凸显。Ms Chapoulaud-Floquet’s arrival at the group is aly having a positive impact on operations. The better numbers yesterday came in part from cost-cutting and a significantly lower advertising budget.沙普弗洛凯的到来已经给集团的运营带来了积极的影响。周三发布的出色报表,部分源于成本削减和广告预算大幅调低。A second case for optimism has come in the form of strong sales in the US, where the group has moved upmarket and where its stable of liqueurs and spirits such as Cointreau, Mount Gay rum and Metaxa has gone down well.第二个乐观的理由是美国的强劲销量。该集团在美国已进入高端市场,而且包括君度(Cointreau)、凯(Mount Gay)朗姆酒和迈塔克瑟(Metaxa)在内的利口酒和烈酒一直卖得很奀?That performance has even pushed the US ahead of China in terms of Rémy’s biggest market by revenue. Growth in the US market also helped operating profit at the company’s liqueurs and spirits division jump 51.9 per cent on an organic basis .这一表现甚至已使美国超过中国成为人头马君度最大的营收市场。美国市场的增长也帮助该集团的利口酒和烈酒部门营业利润实1.9%的大幅有机增长。The shares closed up 3.04 per cent at 66.05 yesterday in Paris.该集团股票周三在巴黎股市收涨3.04%,收盘价为每6.05欧元。来 /201506/382071佛山哪里看淋病好

顺德区乐从医院割包皮 Japans move to expand the role of its armed forces has left both veterans and fighting families uneasy in a pacifist country unsure whether a military that has never fired a bullet in anger is y for combat.日本预扩张日军作战行动范围,致使日本老兵和军人家庭陷入不安,日本现在是一个爱好和平的国家,但人们开始怀疑这个从未因愤怒而开的国家,是否已准备好重新开战。Since the carnage of World War II, Japans Self-Defense Forces (SDF) have been banned from waging any kind of combat beyond defence of the nation thanks to a US-imposed 1947 constitution.自二战大屠杀后,根据一项美国颁布的1947年法案,除国防外,明令禁止日本自卫队开展任何形式的战争。As a result, Japans post war troops have never shot a bullet at an enemy, or been felled by one in a foreign land -- a track record many are proud of.日本战后军队从未向敌人开过一次,也没有在国外战场上牺牲过一人。这一记录另许多日本人深感骄傲。But in September the government of nationalist Prime Minister Shinzo Abe rammed through legislation allowing the nations troops to fight abroad.月,日本政府民族主义者,首相安倍晋三强行通过一项立法,该立法允许日军在国外开战。It caused significant uproar both at home and overseas, especially among regional neighbours, including China and Korea, which suffered under Japans wartime aggression. The legislation will give the government the power to send the military into overseas conflicts to defend allies, even if Japan itself is not under attack.这引起国内外强烈骚动,尤其是地区邻国,包括中国和韩国,两国都曾遭受日本战争的侵略。新立法将授予政府权利,即使日本没有遭受攻击,也可派遣日军加入海外战争,保护其盟友国。Military families are themselves divided over the move.就日本这一行动,军人家庭内部也是意见不一;I feel more apprehension than relief over the legislation,; explained one mother whose husband is stationed at a ground forces base on Tokyos outskirts. ;When I talked about the issue with my husband, he said he would have to go wherever if an order was issued. But for family members, its an extremely worrisome development,; she added, asking AFP not to use her name for fear of any backlash.一位日本母亲解释道:“对于这项立法,我感觉到更多的是恐惧而不是宽慰。”她的丈夫现驻扎在东京市郊的地面部队基地。她补充道,“当我和丈夫谈论这一问题时,他说军令下来,无论去哪儿,他都必须要去。但对于家庭成员来说,这是非常令人担忧的一步发展。”害怕引起激论,她要求法新社不要曝光她的名字。But another army wife in her 40s said she believed the legislation would beef up Japans security by strengthening the countrys alliance with the ed States, which welcomed Abes move.但另一0多岁的军嫂表示,她相信这一立法可通过强化与美国的联盟,加强日本的安全,因此她持这一行动。It would also, she said, embolden Japanese soldiers to protect themselves if they came under fire during peacekeeping operations. That means Japanese troops ;may have to be deployed close to battlefields,; thereby increasing the risk of losing their lives or killing others even if they are on logistical support missions, he said.她说道,如果日本士兵在维和行动中遭到攻击,这也能鼓励他们合法保护自己的安全。他说道,这意味着日军有可能被调遣到接近战场的地方,因而增加失去生命的风险,或即使在执行后勤保障任务时,也有权杀人。Whether a sceptical Japanese public -- or the military themselves -- would accept coffins returning home draped in white and red flags remains to be seen.持怀疑态度的日本民众—或军队内部—是否愿意接受披着白红国旗的棺材被遣送回日本,我们拭目以待。来 /201511/408766佛山顺德区男科咨询佛山市顺德区妇幼保健医院割包皮



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