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Another very unique thing for China is that,另一件在中国特别的事情是for this chart at the bottom,从图表底部you can tell that there are more than 700,000可以看出每年有超过70万的engineering graduates each year.工科毕业生Engineering - meaning computer science-related engineering.这里的工科指的是与计算机相关工程科学So the talent pool there is huge.中国有着巨大的人才库But many of them are not so experienced.但他们中的多数人缺乏工作经验When I started this company back almost nine,大约是9到10年前,公司成立初期ten years ago, I started to recruit talents,我们开始招聘人才,招聘工程师recruit engineers, and I wrote in the job description职位介绍由我亲自执笔that requires five-plus years of related experience.要求具有五年以上的相关工作经验Then I found that I couldnt find anyone in China because结果在中国没有人符合要求nobody at that time really focused on technology.因为那是没人致力于技术研究Multinational companies usually hire跨国公司常常雇佣工科学生engineering student to do pre-sells, to do technical support.去做售前顾问,或者,技术持Theres little research,那时候,根本没有研究little development, little innovation at that time.何谈发展,何谈创新So for us to train the students,这就需要公司对学生to train the engineers to become more experienced以及工程师进行培训in developing innovative products,使其在开发产品创新性方面更有经验but thats where the opportunities are.这也是机会所在If you are experienced,如果你经验丰富if you have, say, better ways of managing engineering team,如果你有更好的管理方式this is a very good space you can be in.百度欢迎你加入You can really manage a lot of people.你可以管理很多人There are a lot of people that can do work,人们的工作能力毋庸置疑and if you have a more efficient way如果你能够有效管理to manage a large crowd of engineers,一个大的团队you can be very competitive in the technology world.那么在这个领域,你的竞争力就提升了Well, this is the real purpose Im here.这就是我来到这里的真正目的Baidu welcomes talents like you! So what kind of people we like?百度欢迎你们这样的精英! 那么我们选材的标准是什么呢?We like people who fit in our culture.第一,能够适应百度文化And we like people who is competent,第二,能够胜任工作who can do the job that we require them to do.也就是能够完成公司要求的工作的人And more importantly,更重要的是we like people who have the desire and ability to learn quickly.有求知欲,并且有快速学习的能力Because this is a fast-changing market.市场时刻都在变化Its a fast-changing industry.这个行业也在变化Its very exciting, but if you think you这很令人兴奋,但如果你认为know everything you dont need to learn,你什么知道,你不需要学习了you dont belong to us. I always need to learn.那么请你退出百度,因为人总是在学习Everyone from our company need to be y to每一位公司员工都要做好准备learn new things almost on a daily basis.几乎每天都要学习新的东西So thats very important. Whats our culture?这很重要Its simple and reliable. Simple means theres no politics.我们的文化是;简单可依赖; ;简单;意味着没有政治Theres no ladder, no differences between CEO没有阶级划分and an average engineer on the surface.表面上看来,普通员工和CEO也没有差别And reliable means everyone is competent.;可依赖;意味着每个人都能胜任工作They can deliver the job thats assigned to him or her.他们能够完成指定的工作They are very smart. They are intelligent. They can be counted on.他们聪明伶俐,他们才华横溢,他们值得信任So thats the culture of Baidu.这就是百度的企业文化201503/366155So for any of us in this room today,今天在座的各位,lets start out by admitting were lucky.我们先承认我们是幸运的。We dont live in the world我们没有生活在our mothers lived in, our grandmothers lived in,我们母亲和我们祖母生活过的那个世界,where career choices for women were so limited.在那时女性的职业选择是非常有限的。And if youre in this room today,今天在座的各位,most of us grew up in a world大多数人成长于一个where we had basic civil rights,女性有基本公民权的世界。and amazingly, we still live in a world令人惊讶地是,我们还生活在一个where some women dont have them.有些女性还没有这些权利的世界。But all that aside, we still have a problem,但除上所述,我们还有一个问题,and its a real problem.它是一个实际问题。And the problem is this:这问题是:Women are not making it在世界各地,女性没达到to the top of any profession任何职业anywhere in the world.的高管职位。The numbers tell the story quite clearly.这些数据很清楚地告诉我们这实情。190 heads of state --190个国家元首里,nine are women.九位是女性领导。Of all the people in parliament in the world,在世界上议会的总人数中,13 percent are women.13%是女性议员。In the corporate sector,在公司部门,women at the top,女性占据高位,C-level jobs, board seats --C级职位,董事会席位tops out at 15, 16 percent.高管职位比例占15%,16%。The numbers have not moved since 2002自从2002年起这数据没变化过and are going in the wrong direction.有下降趋势。And even in the non-profit world,即使在非营利的行业,a world we sometimes think of我们有时认为这一行业as being led by more women,是被更多女性所领导的,women at the top: 20 percent.女性领导人占20%。We also have another problem,我们还面临着另一个问题,which is that women face harder choices就是女性between professional success and personal fulfillment.在职业成功和个人价值实现中所面临的艰难选择。A recent study in the U.S.美国最近一个研究showed that, of married senior managers,表明,已婚高管人员,two-thirds of the married men had children三分之二的已婚男性高管人员有孩子and only one-third of the married women had children.只有三分之一的已婚女性高管人员有孩子。A couple of years ago, I was in New York,几年前,我在纽约,and I was pitching a deal,出席一个协议,and I was in one of those fancy New York private equity offices在那种别致的纽约私募投资办事处中的一个you can picture.你能想象到的。And Im in the meeting -- its about a three-hour meeting --我在这个大约有3小时的会议上,and two hours in, there kind of needs to be that bio break,过了2小时,有个间歇休息,and everyone stands up,所有人都站起来,and the partner running the meeting这会议组织者starts looking really embarrassed.开始显得的确很尴尬。And I realized he doesnt know我意识到他不知道where the womens room is in his office.在他办公室哪里是女洗手间。So I start looking around for moving boxes,所以我开始寻找移动厕所,figuring they just moved in, but I dont see any.盘算他们刚搬进来,但我没有看到任何移动厕所。And so I said, ;Did you just move into this office?;然后我说,“你是刚搬到这办公室吗?”And he said, ;No, weve been here about a year.;他说,“不是,我们在这儿已经有一年了。”And I said, ;Are you telling me我说,“你能否告诉我that I am the only woman这一年来,to have pitched a deal in this office in a year?;我是唯一一个来这间办公室的女性吗?”And he looked at me, and he said,他看着我,说到,;Yeah. Or maybe youre the only one who had to go to the bathroom.;“是的。或者说你可能是唯一一个要上女性洗手间。”So the question is,所以问题是,how are we going to fix this?我们该怎样解决这样的尴尬?How do we change these numbers at the top?我们怎样改变这些高管职位的比例?How do we make this different?我们怎样使这个变得不同?I want to start out by saying,我首先想说,I talk about this --我谈这个about keeping women in the workforce --女性就职because I really think thats the answer.因为我的确认为我们得找到。In the high-income part of our workforce,在我们劳动力的高收入的部分,in the people who end up at the top --在高管的人员中Fortune 500 CEO jobs,财富500强首席执行长官中,or the equivalent in other industries --或在其它类似的高管行业中,the problem, I am convinced,我确信,问题is that women are dropping out.是女性被排除在外。Now people talk about this a lot,当下人们对此谈了很多,and they talk about things like flextime and mentoring他们谈到像弹性时间和指导and programs companies should have to train women.和公司应该培训妇女的计划的事。I want to talk about none of that today,今天我不想谈这些even though thats all really important.尽管所有这些事都非常重要。Today I want to focus on what we can do as individuals.今天我想关注作为个人我们所能做到的事。What are the messages we need to tell ourselves?我们要告诉给自己的事是什么?What are the messages we tell the women who work with and for us?我们告诉给女同事和打工的女性的事是什么?What are the messages we tell our daughters?我们要告诉给我们女儿的事是什么?201509/397063The thing again I want you to think about is,再强调一次,大家想一下dont look at these graphics and think of thats the way it is.游戏将来会是什么样子Think about thats where we are right now,想一下我们现在在哪里and the curve that were on means that this is going to continue to get better.再根据那个发展曲线推算一下,将来的游戏会发展成什么样子This is an example of the kind of graphics you need to be able to draw如果你现在想进入游戏领域的话if you wanted to get a job in the game industry today.你就得能画出这样的画面You need to be really an incredible artist.你得是一个非常有才华的艺术家And once we get enough of those guys,一旦我们有了足够的这样的人,were going to want more fantasy artists that can create places weve never been to before,我们就会需要更多的幻想艺术家来创作出我们从没去过的地方or characters that weve just never seen before.和我们从未谋面的人So the obvious thing for me to talk about today is graphics and audio.很明显今天我说的都是计算机图形和声音But if you were to go to a game developers conference,但是如果你去参加一个游戏开发者大会what theyre all talking about is emotion, purpose, meaning, understanding and feeling.你会发现那里的人都在谈论情绪,目的,意义,理解,感情Youll hear about talks like, can a game make you cry?你会听到像这样的问题:一个游戏可以让你流泪吗?And these are the kind of topics we really actually care about.这才是我们真正关系的话题I came across a student whos absolutely excellent at expressing himself,我遇到这样一个很有才华的学生,他很善于表现自己and this student agreed that he would not show his to anybody until you here at TED had seen it.他同意把他的这段视频最先放给TED上的观众看So Id like to play this .现在我想开始放这段视频So this is a students opinion on what his experience of games are.这是一个学生对于游戏的看法I, like many of you, live somewhere between reality and games.我,就像你们一样,生活在游戏和现实生活之间Some part of me -- a true living, breathing person --作为一个生命有呼吸的个体,我的一部分has become programmed, electronic and virtual.已经变成了一个被编程过的虚拟的电子体The boundary of my brain that divides real from fantasy has finally begun to crumble.我的大脑中把现实与虚拟世界区分开的那个界线终于开始渐渐消失Im a game addict and this is my story.我是一个游戏爱好者,这是我的故事In the year of my birth the Nintendo Entertainment System also went into development.我出生的那年,任天堂开始开发他们的系统I played in the backyard, learned to , and even ate some of my vegetables.童年的我,在后院里玩耍,学习认字,甚至有时候吃自己种的蔬菜Most of my childhood was spent playing with Legos.我的童年大部分时间花在玩乐高玩具上But as was the case for most of my generation,但是作为我们这一代,那是平常不过的I spent a lot of time in front of the TV.除此以外,我还经常看电视Mr. Rogers, Walt Disney, Nick Junior,Mr. Rogers, 迪斯尼, Nick Juniorand roughly half a million commercials have undoubtedly left their mark on me.还有无数个电视广告已经无疑都在我心中留下了印记When my parents bought my sister and I our first Nintendo,当我爸妈给我和我买了第一台任天堂的时候whatever inherent addictive quality this early interactive不管它有多好玩,总之electronic entertainment possessed quickly took hold of me.它一下子占据了我的生活At some point something clicked.好像一切都不谋而合With the combination of simple, interactive stories通过简单互动的故事情节and the warmth of the TV set, my simple 16-bit Nintendo还有温热的电视机,我的16位任天堂became more than just an escape.已经不仅仅是一种我对生活得逃避It became an alternate existence, my virtual reality.而变成了另外一种存在形式,我的虚拟现实201511/412741

Hi, everybody. 大家好!For millions of Americans, this time of year holds great meaning.对数百万美国人民而言,每年的这个时候都有着特殊的意义。Earlier this week, we hosted a Passover Seder at the White House, and joined Jewish families around the world in their retellings of the story of the Exodus and the victory of faith over oppression.本周早些时候,我们在白宫举行了逾越节圣餐仪式,与全世界各地的犹太家庭一起重述出埃及记的故事,纪念反压迫的信念所取得的胜利。And this Sunday, Michelle, Malia, Sasha, and I will join our fellow Christians around the world in celebrating the Resurrection of Christ, the salvation he offered the world, and the hope that comes with the Easter season.本周日,米歇尔,玛莉亚,萨莎和我将与全世界的基督徒一起庆祝基督的重生和他赐予世界的救赎,以及伴随复活节而来对于未来的希望。These holy days have their roots in miracles that took place long ago. 这些神圣的日子深深植根于很久以前发生的传奇故事里。And yet, they still inspire us, guide us, and strengthen us today. 而直到现在,这些故事依旧激励着我们,指引着我们,鼓励着我们。They remind us of our responsibilities to God and, as Gods children, our responsibilities to one another.他们提醒我们要牢记对上帝的责任,以及作为上帝的子民对他人的责任。For me, and for countless other Christians, Holy Week and Easter are times for reflection and renewal. 对我以及无数基督徒而言,神圣的复活节是沉思和反省的时候。We remember the grace of an awesome God, who loves us so deeply that He gave us his only Son, so that we might live through Him. 我们要牢记威严的上帝的恩赐,他深爱着我们,将他唯一的圣子赐予我们,我们应该自始至终信仰他。We recall all that Jesus endured for us–the scorn of the crowds, the agony of the cross–all so that we might be forgiven our sins and granted everlasting life. 我们要牢记耶稣为我们经历的一切磨难—人们的嘲笑,十字架上的苦难—所有这些才让我们的罪恶得以宽恕,并让我们生生不息。And we recommit ourselves to following His example, to love and serve one another, particularly “the least of these” among us, just as He loves every one of us.因此我们誓愿追随他的脚步,就像他爱我们每个人一样关爱他人,务他人,尤其是我们当中“最卑微的人们”。The common th of humanity that connects us all–not just Christians and Jews, but Muslims and Hindus and Sikhs–is our shared commitment to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. 人道的共同纽带将我们联系在一起—不仅仅是基督徒和犹太人,也包括穆斯林和印度教徒和锡克教徒—这是我们共同的承诺,爱邻友如爱自己。To remember, I am my brothers keeper. I am my sisters keeper. 要牢记,我是我兄弟的守护者,我是我的守护者。Whatever your faith, believer or nonbeliever, theres no better time to rededicate ourselves to that universal mission.无论你是何种信仰,信教者抑或无信仰者,再也没有比这更好的将自己奉献给这一非凡使命的时刻了。For me, Easter is a story of hope–a belief in a better day to come, just around the bend.对我而言,复活节是希望的传奇,饱含着最艰难时刻对美好未来的信念。So to all Christians who are celebrating, from my family to yours, Happy Easter.因此,对所有庆祝节日的基督教友们,我谨代表我的家庭祝大家复活节快乐!And to every American, have a joyful weekend.祝所有美国人民度过一个愉快的周末。Thanks, God bless you, and may God bless this country we love.谢谢大家!上帝保佑你们,愿上帝保佑我们深爱的这个国家。 201404/290596

Im going to talk about hackers.今天我要谈的是有关黑客的话题。And the image that comes to your mind当我说到“黑客”这个词的时候when I say that word is probably not你脑中所出现的画面可能不会是of Benjamin Franklin,本杰明·富兰克林,but Im going to explain to you why it should be.但我想要告诉你,为什么应该是富兰克林。The image that comes to your mind你脑中出现的画面is probably more likely of a pasty kid估计是一个面色苍白的年轻人sitting in a basement doing something mischievous,在地下室里做坏事or of a shady criminal who is trying to steal your identity,他可能要盗用你的身份,or of an international rogue或者进行有政治意图的with a political agenda.跨国诈骗。And mainstream culture has kind of fed this idea主流文化告诉我们that hackers are people that we should be afraid of.黑客是我们应当害怕,并且远离的人群。But like most things in technology但是,在科技世界里的and the technology world,大部分科技活动,hacking has equal power for good as it has for evil.黑客制造福祉,和破坏的能力是等同的。For every hacker thats trying to steal your identity有个在试图盗用你身份的黑客theres one thats building a tool同时就有一个黑客在创建that will help you find your loved ones after a disaster可以帮助你在灾难后寻找亲人的工具,or to monitor environmental quality或者在漏油事件后after an oil spill.监控环境质量的工具。Hacking is really just any amateur innovation黑客行为真的只是一种对现有系统on an existing system,的业余创新行为,and it is a deeply democratic activity.并且是一种影响深远的民主活动,Its about critical thinking.它与批判性思维有关,Its about questioning existing ways of doing things.它也与挑战现有的处事方式有关。Its the idea that if you see a problem, you work to fix it,主要的意义是,当你发现问题,and not just complain about it.你不是仅仅在旁边抱怨,而是会找到方法去解决问题。And in many ways, hacking is what built America.从某种程度上来说,黑客行为建立了美国,Betsy Ross was a hacker.贝琪·罗斯是一个黑客。The Underground Railroad was a brilliant hack.地铁的设计是一个绝妙的黑客发明。And from the Wright brothers to Steve Jobs,从怀特兄弟到史蒂夫·乔布斯,hacking has always been at the foundation黑客行为一直是美国of American democracy.民主的基石。So if theres one thing I want to leave you here with today,所以今天,我想要告诉你们最重要的是,its that the next time you think about who a hacker is,下次当你们想黑客是什么样的时候,you think not of this guy你不要想到这个家伙,but of this guy, Benjamin Franklin,而是这位先生,本杰明·富兰克林,who was one of the greatest hackers of all time.他是史上最伟大的黑客。He was one of Americas most prolific inventors,他是美国最多产的发明家之一,though he famously never filed a patent,尽管他不曾有一个专利,because he thought that all human knowledge因为他认为,人类的知识发明should be freely available.应免费共享。He brought us bifocals and the lightning rod,他发明了双光眼镜和避雷针,and of course there was his collaboration当然,他还协助建立了on the invention of American democracy.美国民主制度。And in Code For America, we really try to embody我所在的机构“为美国编程”the spirit of Ben Franklin.就尝试去实践本杰明·富兰克林的精神。He was a tinkerer and a statesman他是一位多面手和政治家,whose conception of citizenship他认为,作为公民was always predicated on action.需要将公民的想法付诸行动。He believed that government could be built他认为政府可以by the people,由人民建立,and we call those people civic hackers.我们称呼这些人为公民黑客。So its no wonder that the values所以不足为奇的是that underly a healthy democracy,撑起健康的民主机制的价值基石,like collaboration and empowerment像协作和赋予权力、and participation and enterprise,参与和创业精神,are the same values that underly the Internet.和互联网的价值基石是同样的。And so its no surprise that many hackers所以不令人意外的是,很多骇客are turning their attention to the problem of government.把注意力转向政府的问题。But before I give you a few examples但在我给你举几个例子of what civic hacking looks like,告诉你什么是公民黑客之前,I want to make clear that you dont have我想要清楚地告诉你,to be a programmer to be a civic hacker.你不需要先成为一名程序员才能做公民黑客。You just have to believe that you can bring你只需要相信,你可以a 21st-century tool set to bear用21世纪的现代工具来解决on the problems that government faces.政府面临着的问题。And we hear all the time from our community我们时常发现,我们of civic hackers at Code for America“为美国编程”社群的公民黑客that they didnt understand how much nontechnical work并不懂到底有多少非技术性工作actually went into civic hacking projects.进入民间黑客项目。So keep that in mind.因此,请记住,All of you are potential civic hackers.你们都有可能成为公民黑客。So what does civic hacking look like?公民黑客是怎样的呢?Our team last year in Honolulu,我们团队去年在檀香山,which in this case was three full-time fellows这三位都是全职雇员,who were doing a year of public service,他们正在担任为期一年的公职,were asked by the city to rebuild the website.工作是按市政府的要求重建网站。And its a massive thing of tens of thousands of pages它是成千上万页面的大规模工作,which just wasnt going to be possible这工作,在他们仅有的几个月时间内in the few months that they had.是不可能完成的。So instead, they decided to build a parallel site所以,他们决定建立一个平行的网站that better conformed to how citizens actually更好地符合公民实际上want to interact with information on a city website.想要从城市网站上,汲取信息的需求。Theyre looking for answers to questions,他们在寻找,and they want to take action when theyre done,他们想要在网站做好的时候人们可以有实际的行动which is really hard to do from a site从这样的一个网站that looks like this.真的很难。So our team built Honolulu Answers,随后我们的团队搭建了“檀香山”,which is a super-simple search interface它是一个超简单的搜索界面,where you enter a search term or a question你只需要输入搜索词或一个问题,and get back plain language answers就可以得到用平实语言写成的,that drive a user towards action.这驱使用户继续使用。201504/368107

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