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(MUSIC)Today's story is called "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. It is about something strange that happed long ago in a valley called "Sleepy Hollow". It was written by Washington Irving. The story is told by Doug Johnson.(MUSIC)Narrator: The valley known as Sleepy Hollow hides from the world in the high hills of New York state. There are many stories told about the quiet valley. But the story that people believe most is about a man who rides a horse at night. The story says the man died many years ago during the American revolutionary war. His head was shot off. Every night he rises from his burial place, jumps on his horse and rides through the valley looking for his lost head. Near Sleepy Hollow is a village called Tarry Town. It was settled many years ago by people from Holland. The village had a small school. And one teacher, named Ichabod Crane. Ichabod Crane was a good name for him, because he looked like a tall bird, a crane. He was tall and thin like a crane. His shoulders were small, joined two long arms. His head was small, too, and flat on top. He had big ears, large glassy green eyes and a long nose. Ichabod did not make much money as a teacher. And although he was tall and thin, he ate like a fat man. To help him pay for his food he earned extra money teaching young people to sing. Every Sunday after church Ichabod taught singing. Among the ladies Ichabod taught was one Katrina Van Tassel. She was the only daughter of a rich Dutch farmer. She was a girl in bloom…much like a round red, rosy apple. Ichabod had a soft and foolish heart for the ladies, and soon found himself interested in Miss Van Tassel. Ichabod's eyes opened wide when he saw the riches of Katrina's farm: the miles of apple trees and wheat fields, and hundreds of fat farm animals. He saw himself as master of the Van Tassel farm with Katrina as his wife. But there were many problems blocking the road to Katrina's heart. One was a strong young man named Brom Van Brunt. Brom was a hero to all the young ladies. His shoulders were big. His back was wide. And his hair was short and curly. He always won the horse races in Tarry Town and earned many prizes. Brom was never seen without a horse. Sometimes late at night Brom and his friends would rush through town shouting loudly from the backs of their horses. Tired old ladies would awaken from their sleep and say: "Why, there goes Brom Van Brunt leading his wild group again!" Such was the enemy Ichabod had to defeat for Katrina's heart. Stronger and wiser men would not have tried. But Ichabod had a plan. He could not fight his enemy in the open. So he did it silently and secretly. He made many visits to Katrina's farm and made her think he was helping her to sing better. Time passed, and the town people thought Ichabod was winning. Brom's horse was never seen at Katrina's house on Sunday nights anymore. One day in autumn Ichabod was asked to come to a big party at the Van Tassel home. He dressed in his best clothes. A farmer loaned him an old horse for the long trip to the party. The house was filled with farmers and their wives, red-faced daughters and clean, washed sons. The tables were filled with different things to eat. Wine filled many glasses. Brom Van Brunt rode to the party on his fastest horse called Daredevil. All the young ladies smiled happily when they saw him. Soon music filled the rooms and everyone began to dance and sing. Ichabod was happy dancing with Katrina as Brom looked at them with a jealous heart. The night passed. The music stopped, and the young people sat together to tell stories about the revolutionary war. Soon stories about Sleepy Hollow were told. The most feared story was about the rider looking for his lost head. One farmer told how he raced the headless man on a horse. The farmer ran his horse faster and faster. The horseman followed over bush and stone until they came to the end of the valley. There the headless horseman suddenly stopped. Gone were his clothes and his skin. All that was left was a man with white bones shining in the moonlight. The stories ended and time came to leave the party. Ichabod seemed very happy until he said goodnight to Katrina. Was she ending their romance? He left feeling very sad. Had Katrina been seeing Ichabod just to make Brom Van Brunt jealous so he would marry her?Well, Ichabod began his long ride home on the hills that surround Tarry Town. He had never felt so lonely in his life. He began to whistle as he came close to the tree where a man had been killed years ago by rebels. He thought he saw something white move in the tree. But no, it was only the moonlight shining and moving on the tree. Then he heard a noise. His body shook. He kicked his horse faster. The old horse tried to run, but almost fell in the river, instead. Ichabod hit the horse again. The horse ran fast and then suddenly stopped, almost throwing Ichabod forward to the ground. There, in the dark woods on the side of the river where the bushes grow low, stood an ugly thing. Big and black. It did not move, but seemed y to jump like a giant monster.Ichabod's hair stood straight up. It was too late to run, and in his fear, he did the only thing he could. His shaking voice broke the silent valley. "Who are you?" The thing did not answer. Ichabod asked again. Still no answer. Ichabod's old horse began to move forward. The black thing began to move along the side of Ichabod's horse in the dark. Ichabod made his horse run faster. The black thing moved with them. Side by side they moved, slowly at first. And not a word was said. Ichabod felt his heart sink. Up a hill they moved above the shadow of the trees. For a moment the moon shown down and to Ichabod's horror he saw it was a horse. And it had a rider. But the rider's head was not on his body. It was in front of the rider, resting on the horse. Ichabod kicked and hit his old horse with all his power. Away they rushed through bushes and trees across the valley of Sleepy Hollow. Up ahead was the old church bridge where the headless horseman stops and returns to his burial place. "If only I can get there first, I am safe," thought Ichabod. He kicked his horse again. The horse jumped on to the bridge and raced over it like the sound of thunder. Ichabod looked back to see if the headless man had stopped. He saw the man pick up his head and throw it with a powerful force. The head hit Ichabod in the face and knocked him off his horse to the dirt below. They found Ichabod's horse the next day peacefully eating grass. They could not find Ichabod. They walked all across the valley. They saw the foot marks of Ichabod's horse as it had raced through the valley. They even found Ichabod's old hat in the dust near the bridge. But they did not find Ichabod. The only other thing they found was lying near Ichabod's hat. It was the broken pieces of a round orange pumpkin. The town people talked about Ichabod for many weeks. They remembered the frightening stories of the valley. And finally they came to believe that the headless horseman had carried Ichabod away. Much later an old farmer returned from a visit to New York City. He said he was sure he saw Ichabod there. He thought Ichabod silently left Sleepy Hollow because he had lost Katrina. As for Katrina, her mother and father gave her a big wedding when she married Brom Van Brunt. Many people who went to the wedding saw that Brom smiled whenever Ichabod's name was spoken. And they wondered why he laughed out loud when anyone talked about the broken orange pumpkin found lying near Ichabod's old dusty hat. (MUSIC)Announcer: You have heard "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" written by Washington Irving. It was first published in eighteen twenty. Listen next week to the Voice of America for another AMERICAN STORY in Special English. (MUSIC) Article/200801/23659。

  • Short in size.断码了。 /201602/424547。
  • 每日一句口语:There is no clear, nor does it always rains. A sunny day in the sun, the rain listen to the rain, it is the mood!没有永远的晴天,也没有永远的雨季。晴天晒晒太阳,雨天听听雨声,这就是心情!【知识点讲解】listen to 听例句:Don#39;t listen to him.别听他的。 /201602/425632。
  • Sometimes love blinds us. It#39;s sacrifice. It#39;s giving up everything for the person you love.语音讲解:1.blind /bla#618;nd/2.sacrifice/#39;s#230;kr#618;fa#618;s/3.giving up连读 /#39;ɡivi#331;#39;#652;p/词汇讲解:1.blindblind的基本意思是“失明”,引申则表示对显而易见的事物“视而不见”,也可指“盲目的”。blind date 男女间的初次会面,相亲All the time I was blind to your suffering.一直以来,我都没有意识到你遭受的痛苦。2.give up...for 为了...放弃...give in 妥协让步关注微信号:TeacherGwen,跟着Gwen老师每天学点英语 /201611/475450。
  • Our story today is The Riverman. It was written by Stewart Edward White. Here is Shep O' Neal with our story. I first met him in a small lumber town. I was sitting in front of a hotel watching people pass by. It was a warm day. Now and then a group of laughing rivermen marched by. One group especially caught my eye. They wore bright red shirts and heavy boots. Suddenly one of them came up to me, "Say, Mister," he said, "You look mighty interested. Are we your long lost friends?" His voice was friendly enough, but he seemed y for any answer, trouble if I wanted it or help if I needed it. "Can you tell me where all these people are going?" I asked. He pushed his little cap farther back on his head. "Birling match," he said, "come on." I joined him and we followed the crowd to the river. There we saw 6 men running toward the river with the peaveys they used to control logs. They used the round metal hooks on the end of the peaveys to push a heavy log into the water. Then one of the men took a long leap and landed on the end of the log. The force of his jump pushed the log out into the middle of the river. The man, arms folded over his chest, stood straight up like a statue of bronze. The crowd roared its approval. The man's name was Darrell. He was a small man but he had wide shoulders and long arms. He walked to the center of the long heavy log and turned to face the crowd. Then slowly, he began to walk, not forward or backward, but in the same place, in the center of the log. The log began to turn under his feet. His folded arms, his straight back did not move, only his legs and feet. Soon, the log was spinning. Suddenly the man jumped up in the air. He came down on the log with both feet. The log stopped turning. It rested under him like a great moving animal. The man on the log then dropped his arms and stood still for a moment. He jumped into the air again. But this time he turned completely over in the air then landed on the log with both feet. The crowd roared again. Someone then pushed a long pole out toward the log. The log with Darrell on top was pulled toward shore. Another man then ran to the river and jumped on the log with Darrell. They stood, facing each other. Then they began to walk, slowly at first, then faster. The log began to turn around under them, spinning faster and faster. Soon, it became clear that the other man could not keep up with Darrell. The man was being forced off the top of the log. Suddenly the man fell backward into the water. "Clean belled." my friend said. 12 other men, one after the other, tried to get Darrell to fall into the water but none of them could move their feet as fast as he could. The crowd now shouted for someone to stop Darrell. It wanted the best and began to shout, "We want Powers." Jimmy Powers was my new friend. He got up and ran to the river and jumped onto the log with Darrell. At first, the two men just stood looking at each other, waiting for the first move. Suddenly Darrell birled the log 3 times quickly then jumped up and down to stop it. The log shook under Powers but he kept his balance. The battle started. Sometimes the log rolled left to right, then right to left. They moved their feet together, faster and faster. At every move, the crowd shouted for Powers to throw Darrell into the water. Suddenly there was a big splash. There was Powers swimming toward shore. I walked over to him."How did he do it?" I asked. He turned to me and I saw the anger in his wet face. "Ah, it's you, well, that's how he did it." And he showed me a row of holes in his boots. Blood was running from the holes. He jumped on my foot with his boots and pushed the metal spikes right through. "Why didn't you say something?" I asked. "Look, Mister, " he said, "I am big enough to take care of myself. Don't lose any hair over this. I'll stop Darrell on next time. " The following year I visited the old lumber town again. But this time the town was empty. "Everybody has gone to see the logjam." said an old woman. The jam was up the hill, above the town. When I got there, everybody was looking down at the river. There, in the middle of the water was a mountain of logs, thousands of them, one on top of the other, blocking the river. About 50 men were using peaveys to free the logs. Sometimes one would break loose and ten others followed. All floated down the river away from the jam. At noon the men came to shore for lunch. "Hello, Powers," I said, "Do you remember me?" "Sure," he said, "aren't you a little bit early this year?" "No," I said, "this is better than a birling match, it will be a great sight when the logs break loose." "You bet it well," he said. We talked of many things. And finally I asked "Did you ever get a chance to birl Darrell off a log?" "Mister," he said, "Those little marks are still on my foot. Just you remember this. Dicky Darrell will get his from me." About 3 o'clock that afternoon, the logjam began to break up. There was no warning just a loud cracking sound that got louder and louder as the rows of logs began to hit each other. At first, a few hundred broke loose and fell into the swift water. Others quickly followed. The rivermen separated. They raced away in all directions, leaping and hopping from log to log to get to shore. One man fell into the water and started to swim to shore. It was Darrell. He was caught in the river. A thousand logs were rushing toward him. Suddenly, another riverman raced across the floating logs, seized Darrell by the coat collar and started to climb up the mountain of logs, pulling Darrell with him. It was an exciting rescue. The logs were falling and rolling down toward them. But they finally got to the top of the pile. Without stopping for thanks or shaking hands, the two men immediately went to work. They pushed and pulled the logs on top to keep the others moving. 40 other men attacked the logs. Then with a mighty roar, the mountain broke free. The falling logs leaped forward like animals down into the swift water. The logjam was broken. One by one, the town people left. The sun moved down behind the trees. A cool evening breeze came up the river. Jimmy Powers walked toward me. "You now," he said, "the owner of the largest lumber mill saw me work today and offered me a job as a boss. Imagine that, me, a boss." There was a strange look on his face. "Well," I said, "you earned it. I'm not going to call you a hero because you wouldn't like that. But what you did this afternoon showed courage. It was a brave act. But it was better because you saved your enemy. You are a leader of men." I stopped. Jimmy kept looking at me. "Mister," he said, "if you are going to hang stars on my Christmas tree, just stop right now. I didn't rescue Darrell because I had any Christian feeling for him. I was just saving him for the birling match next 4th of July. " You have been listening to the story: The Riverman. It was written by Stewart Edward White. Your storyteller was Shep O'Neal. The story appeared in Americans All published by Hokwerd Brace and World in 1920. This story is copyrighted, all rights reserved. Listen again next week for American Stories told in Special English on the Voice of America. I'm Shirly G. Article/200801/23676。
  • 每日一句口语:True liberty is to have power over oneself in all things.真正的自由是在所有时候都能控制自己。【知识点讲解】liberty n.自由;自由权;冒失例句:Everybody is at liberty to air his views.每个人都有发表意见的自由。 /201512/414986。
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