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The 12th annual World Ice Fishing Championship kicks off in Kuopio, Finland this week.Michigan native Myron Gilbert is there, representing the USA. Gilbert is part of the USA Ice Team. The team won the World Championship in Wisconsin back in 2010. Now its in Finland to reclaim that title.Statesides Mercedes Mejia got a lesson in ice fishing when she caught up with Gilbert out on Wamplers Lake in the southwest part of the state, right before he set out for Finland.In his snow pants and yellow sweatshirt, Gilbert cut five holes in the ice with his power auger – each hole around five inches in diameter. Hes also using a fish finder to locate his prey.This fish-finding technology is allowed in U.S. competitions, but not in world competitions.;Im not allowed to use a power auger, Ive got to use a hand auger, and I have to use no electronics, so I just got to drop in and fish,; Gilbert said. ;Overseas theyd no more dream of fishing like this than a man on the moon. They would always chum. They would throw b crust, chum of some sort. Theyre always throwing stuff in the hole. Its literally unbelievable what they do over there. Over here in the U.S. we just drop in and fish. Put bait down and make the fish respond to that.;At least 13 countries will participate in this years competition. Heres how it works. The teams fish for two days, and at the end of the two days, the teams weigh the fish theyve caught. The team with the highest weight wins. 201503/366396。

The world this week-Business本周经济要闻The European Union opened up a new front in its antitrust battle with Google by accusing the company of using the dominant position of its Android operating system in the smartphone market to limit competition.欧盟在针对谷歌的反垄断斗争中开辟了一条新战线,它指控谷歌在智能手机市场上利用对安卓操作系统的配地位来限制竞争。The EU is focused on the strict licensing rules that Google imposes on smartphone-makers—for example, requiring them to pre-install its Chrome browser as a condition of licensing some Google apps.欧盟专注于谷歌针对智能手机生产商实行严厉的安卓许可规则—例如,要求他们预装谷歌的Chrome浏览器,作为允许使用某些谷歌应用的条件。Google, which has a few months to respond, pointed out that apps for Facebook, Amazon and others are also usually pre-installed on phones.谷歌需在数月内作出应对。该公司指出,脸谱、亚马逊及其他公司的应用也通常预装在手机之中。The deadline passed for potential buyers of Yahoo to submit their offers.雅虎的潜在收购方提交出价的最后期限已过。Verizon, Americas biggest wireless telecom firm, is said to be leading the field of contenders.据闻,美国最大的无线电信公司威瑞讯(Vorizon)在竞价者中属于领跑者。Marissa Mayer, Yahoos chief executive, responded to investor criticisms that the process was slow and disorderly by saying that the huge interest shown by the suitors was humbling.雅虎的首席执行官马利沙·梅耶对投资者们批评并购进展缓慢而无序作出回应,声称有意收购方展现的巨大兴趣是令人羞恼的。Intel decided to cut 12,000 jobs worldwide, 11% of its workforce, as it rejects its business to focus more on powering cloud-computing services and less on making chips for PCs, which still account for 60% of its sales.英特尔公司决定在全球削减1.2万个工作岗位,占到其员工总数的11%。该公司正在进行结构调整,将更多精力集中于持云计算务,减少计算机芯片生产方面的投入,而后者仍占其销售额的60%。A mooted freeze in oil output among most of the worlds big producers was scuppered when talks collapsed in Doha, the Qatari capital.在卡塔尔首都多哈的谈判破裂,世界上绝大多数石油生产大国之间有争议的固定产量协议就此崩溃。Saudi Arabia walked away when Iran, which only recently regained full access to international oil markets, refused to attend.伊朗最近才重获国际石油市场的进入权,该国拒绝加入限产计划之后,沙特阿拉伯随即退出谈判。Russia had joined the Saudis to call for a freeze in output in order to ease the current glut and thus boost oil prices, the collapse of which has hammered oil-producing economies.俄罗斯原本联合沙特呼吁固定产量,以缓解当前的过度供应,进而刺激油价上涨。油价暴跌已经使石油生产国的经济遭受打击。Oil workers in Kuwait achieved what the negotiators in Doha could not when they went on strike for three days, which helped lift prices.科威特的石油工人则取得了多哈谈判方未能取得的成就,他们持续罢工三日,已助推油价有所上升。Underscoring the effects of cheaper oil, Saudi Arabia turned to international creditors for the first time since 1991, raising 10 billion in loans over five years to help cover its budget shortfall.沙特阿拉伯自1991年起向国际债权人求助,5年内筹集了100亿美元的贷款来帮助其覆盖预算缺口,这凸现了石油价格下跌的效应。American and Asian banks led the consortium of lenders. See article.美国和亚洲的牵头组成了银团提供这些贷款。A Dutch court approved Russias application to set aside a billion arbitration award to former shareholders of Yukos, a forcibly nationalised oil company.荷兰一家法院批准了俄罗斯的申请,留出500亿美元的仲裁奖励金给尤科斯公司的前任股东们,这家公司已经被强制国有化。The court ruled that the arbitration panel had lacked jurisdiction in the case.该法院裁决,当时负责的仲裁小组在该案中并不具备管辖权限。The dispossessed former owners plan to appeal.被剥夺所有权的前股东们计划上诉。201605/441038。

Britain Sterling英国 英镑Weaker still and weaker屋漏偏逢连天雨The downgrade of British sovereign debt by Moody’s did not spook the markets. But investors were aly worried穆迪公司下调了英国主权债务评级,没有引起市场震荡,但却使投资者忧心忡忡“We will safeguard Britain’s credit rating with a credible plan to eliminate the bulk of the structural deficit over a parliament,” the 2010 Conservative manifesto. Well, so much for that. The decision by Moody’s, one of the three big rating agencies, to downgrade Britain from Aaa to Aa1 on February 22nd was a colossal embarrassment. Moody’s now ranks Britain’s credit lower than that of Luxembourgor the Isle of Man.2010年,保守党宣言称,“我们将通过议会出台一项减免大量结构性赤字的计划来捍卫英国的信誉评级。”但那也只是说说而已。2月22日,三大信誉评级机构之一的穆迪公司,决定把英国债务评级从Aaa下调至Aa1。这项决定让保守党十分尴尬。目前,穆迪公司将英国的信誉评级排在卢森堡和英国的属地曼岛之后。Will the downgrade harm the economy? In the past countries with lower credit ratings have had to pay higher borrowing costs. But neither America, which was downgraded in 2011, or France, which suffered a similar fate last year, have suffered much.这样的信誉评级的下降会对经济造成危害吗? 在过去的几个世纪里,一个拥有低信誉评级的国家只不过意味着他需要付更高的借贷成本。但不论是于2011年遭遇信誉降级的美国还是去年遭受同样命运的法国,却都蒙受了巨大的损失。It is hard to spot an immediate impact in Britain, either. Investors had expected the ratings agencies to act after last year’s autumn statement revealed that the government was struggling to reduce its deficit on schedule. The two other big ratings agencies—Fitch and Standard and Poor’s—both have Britain on “negative watch”.Sterling dropped to a 32-month low against the dollar and reached its weakest level against the euro since October 2011, but gilt yields actually fell.但是要立刻察觉出信誉评级的下调对英国经济产生的影响是很难的。在去年秋天的一份报告中指出英国政府正在按计划努力减少赤字后,投资者都盼望着信誉评级机构对英国会有所改观。但是另两家信誉评级机构惠誉和标准普尔都将英国评级下调至负面展望。英镑兑美元的汇率连续32个月走低,英镑兑欧元的汇率更是在2011年10月跌至历史最低点。国债的收益也有所下跌。Pull back a little, though, and the picture is more worrying. So far the pound is the weakest major currency of 2013. It has fallen even farther than the yen, where the decline had the explicit backing of the Japanese prime minister. In the past few weeks gilt yields have been rising relative to the cost of borrowing of the German government, too.但是,反观过去这段时间的走势,其形势更令人担忧。时下,英镑已算的上是2013年最疲软的货币之一。英镑比日元贬值的更多,但是日元的贬值状况已经得到日本首相详细规划以期有所改善。在过去的几周里,国债的收益有所提升,这与德国的借贷成本的下调不无关系。Several things are making investors wary of British assets. As Moody’s noted in justifying its downgrade, the performance of the economy has been poor; figures released on February 27th showed that GDP had shrunk by 0.3% in the fourth quarter of 2012 and is still 3% smaller than it was in the first quarter of 2008. Growth forecasts for the next few years were lowered in the autumn statement.一些事的存在不得不让投资者对英国资产的态度变得谨慎。就在穆迪声明实英国信誉降级之时,英国经济状况就已经不佳了。2月27日公布的数据显示,2012年第四季度中,英国的GDP缩水了0.3%,相比于2008年第一季度的GDP值还少3%。在去年秋天的一份报告中称,对于未来几年的经济走势并不看好。A fall in the pound makes Britain’s goods cheaper for foreign buyers—a welcome tonic for exporters at a time when the current-account deficit is running at 3.5% of GDP. But sterling’s big decline in 2008 and did not cut the trade deficit. The downside of a weaker pound is that the price of imported goods, such as oil, will increase, further squeezing consumer spending. “It’s not just that our gilt outlook is weak; it’s not just that we’ve lost our triple-A credit rating; it’s that we’re really addicted to imported goods” says Jim Leaviss of M and G, a fund-management group. “A current-account deficit this large has historically preceded a sterling crisis.”英镑贬值对于外国买家来说是件好事,因为商品的价格更加便宜。而一向受欢迎,创造喜人收益的出口商,此时往来账户的赤字却占据GDP的3.5%。但是2008年和年的英镑贬值并未减少贸易赤字。疲软的英镑造成了一种下降的趋势,这种趋势使得类似石油这样的进口商品的价格增加,并使消费者的手头更加拮据。“之所以造成这样状况,不是因为我们国债的前景一片灰暗的,也不是因为我们已经失去了3A的信誉评级,而是因为我们的确是习惯于进口商品”,一位来自MG投资管理公司的吉姆·里维斯(Jim Leaviss)说道,“如此之大的贸易逆差使得它历史性的领跑了这场英镑危机。”Higher import prices are also likely to ensure that the Bank of England continues to overshoot its 2% inflation target, as it has for the last 38 months. Indeed, the bank recently predicted inflation would stay above the target for the next two years. Despite this, three members of the nine-strong monetary-policy committee—including the governor, Sir Mervyn King—recently voted for more quantitative easing.更高的进口价格也极可能把英格兰继续送上超出它所定的2%通货膨胀的目标的不归路上,因为这已经持续38个月。事实上,英格兰最近也预测到,在接下的两年里,这样的通货膨胀都将会超出预定目标。尽管有此预测,但在九强货币政策委员会中,包括英国央行行长默文·金恩(Mervyn King)在内的三名成员在,最近都投票持实行更大规模的量化宽松政策。With ten-year gilts yielding just 2%, domestic investors seem likely to lose money in real terms. Foreign investors might not be too keen to buy such a low-yielding asset in a depreciating currency. If Britain’s borrowing costs rise sharply, the government’s deficit-cutting task will be made even harder. However, this yield rise could be offset if the Bank buys more gilts in a further extension of QE.10年期的国债收益仅为2%,实际上,国内投资国债的人极有可能在赔钱。在货币贬值的情况下,外国投资者可能不太会热衷于购买这样的低收益资产。假如英国的借贷成本激增,政府想要完成减赤的计划就会更加困难。但是,假如英格兰在更大规模的量化宽松政策中,购买更多的国债,所增加的收益又会被抵消。The good news is that the foreign exchange and government bond markets are an ugly contest these days, in which few options look attractive. The indecisive Italian election result reawakened investor fears about the stability of the euro zone, and may make gilts appear relatively safe, as was the case in 2011 and 2012. Both Japan and America could loosen their monetary policy further, an approach that may put pressure on their currencies. Britain is not the only country with problems.这些天,外汇和政府债券市场进行了一场胶着的竞争,但双方都并未成为投资者看好的投资对象,这算的是一个好消息。但悬而未决的意大利大选却再度唤起投资者对欧元区经济稳定的担忧。但这样的状况对国债而言,还是相对安全的,这样的结论在2011年和2012年都得到了印。日本和美国都可能会进一步放宽他们的货币政策,并以此来作为对货币进行施压的一种方法。由此可见,英国并不是被麻烦缠身的唯一一个,他并不孤单。翻译:沈晓旭译文属译生译世 /201610/471396。

Running the B经营BAunties dilemma姨妈的困境Lord Pattens successor will be transient彭定康爵士的继任者的位子肯定坐不久A B comedy, “W1A”, sends up blame-shifting managers and corporate gobbledygook at the nations broadcaster. Real life in the upper echelons of the British Broadcasting Corporation has been similar, albeit with fewer laughs. Now the resignation of Lord Patten, chairman of the B Trust, which governs the Beeb, has thrown up fresh uncertainty.B的一台喜剧节目“W1A”将国家广播电台中善于推卸责任的管理者以及该组织内的官样文章披露给民众。英国广播公司的上层实际上差不多就是那样,尽管很少有人能笑出来了。如今,B的负责人、其信托基金主席彭定康辞职了,让该企业更加风雨飘摇。The timing of Lord Pattens resignation, following a heart bypass operation, is inconvenient. The former member of Margaret Thatchers cabinet was due to oversee talks with politicians over the renewal of the corporations ten-year royal charter, which expires at the end of 2016. But even those who admired his unruffled style could not claim that his three years at the helm have been an unqualified success.彭定康爵士的引退紧接着他的心脏搭桥手术,时间颇不凑巧。这位玛格丽特.撒切尔时期的内阁成员,原本要监督与政府领导人之间的就十年皇家特许执照更新展开的磋商。此特许将于2016年到期。但即使那些嫉妒其仕途平顺的人也不能说他掌舵这三年表现不及格。A laggardly response to revelations of sexual abuse by the late Jimmy Savile, a TV presenter, looked complacent. The Savile affair also did for George Entwistle, Lord Pattens candidate for the post of director-general, after only 54 days in the job. A digital media project cost 100m and never worked. Few now believe the Trusts multiple remit of representing the interests of viewers as well as regulating and cheerleading for the B is sustainable. As new technology and changing viewing habits make the annual licence fee harder to justify, better accountability is called for.该台对电视主持人吉米.萨维尔最近的性丑闻反应很慢,看上去相当骄傲自满。萨维尔事件也让乔治.恩特维斯尔措手不及。他是彭定康钦点的总裁候选人,刚接手工作54天。一个数字媒体计划花了1亿英镑(1亿7千万),但却没起什么作用。几乎没人相信信托基金数次拨款代表了观众的利益,或有助于B的管理,或者鼓舞B发挥作用。新技术和变动不居的观看习惯都让按年收取的牌照费愈发难以计算,因此需要更高的透明性。The priority for the next B chairman will probably be to find the smoothest way to oversee the transition from the Trust to an outside regulator. Favoured candidates for this evanescent role might include Sir Howard Stringer, erstwhile boss of Sony, or Marjorie Scardino, former chief executive of the Pearson Group (part-owner of The Economist).下一任B主席的首要任务可能是找到最快捷的方法,来监督完成从信托基金到某个独立的外部监管的转换。这个难坐的位子有几个候选人,最可能的包括曾任索尼CEO的霍华德.斯特林格爵士,或者强生集团的前任董事长马乔里?斯卡迪诺(经济学人的所有者之一)。Bequeathing the main supervisory role to Ofcom, the regulator which aly oversees privacy and taste and decency at the B, might appear sensible. But that would create an alarmingly mighty regulator: Ofcom also deals with telecoms as well as all commercial broadcasting.大部分监管权将移交给通信。而这个新的监管者早已经进驻B,对其保密性、品味和庄重都有所了解,因此可能会十分理智。但这也可能导致权力过度集中,因此值得警惕:通信既监督电信部门,也监管商业电台。Some, including the present director-general, Lord Hall, would prefer a more bespoke solution—a kind of “OfBeeb”, to keep Auntie in line and ensure the corporation does not crush commercial competition. Whatever the final outcome, Lord Pattens resignation looks like the end of an era, in which the Bs good health was guaranteed by benign, if barely accountable, Establishment types.现任总裁霍尔男爵在内的一些人更倾向于一个更有的放矢的解决办法—“OfBeeb”方案。该方案可以让B维持原样运行,又保其不会破坏商业竞争。无论最终结果如何,彭定康的辞职看上去都是一个时代的结束。那时B的良好运作都由平易近人的通情达理的规定来撑,虽然不那么透明。翻译:王化起 校对:毛慧 译文属译生译世 /201508/393515。

German politics德国政治Gone boy on the right消失的极右领袖How an anti-foreigner, anti-establishment group is changing German politics一个反移民、反伊斯兰化组织如何改变德国政治Bachmann: only joking, honest巴赫曼:真的只是玩笑罢了THE march on January 19th in Dresden by Pegida, or “Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the Occident”, would have been its 13th. But it was cancelled because the police had “concrete” information of plans to assassinate its organiser, Lutz Bachmann. On January 21st Mr Bachmann was exposed in German tabloids for posing as Hitler on his Facebook page. He called it a joke, but later resigned his position. Pegida plans to resume its marches next week.1月19日,在德累斯顿爆发了一场由Pegida(或者称作“爱国欧洲人反对西方的伊斯兰化”)发起的游行。本来这次游行应该在13号举行,但是由于警方获知了刺杀该运动领袖卢茨巴赫曼行动的“详细”信息而被取消。1月21日,巴赫曼因为在“脸书”(Facebook)上传其模仿希特勒的照片而被德国小报争相报道。他声称这只是一个玩笑,但是随后他宣布辞职。Pegida计划下周恢复游行。Among its followers, despite Mr Bachmanns antics, neo-Nazis are a small minority. The typical marcher is a middle-aged, middle-class Saxon man who, says Hans Vorl?nder at the Technical University of Dresden, is alienated from politics and the liberal media, and yearns for a homogenous fatherland. The marches may have “passed the peak”, adds Dieter Rucht at the Berlin Social Science Centre. Yet there will be political fallout. Nine-tenths of Pegida supporters back the Alternative for Germany (AfD), founded only in 2013 and represented in three eastern state parliaments.在该运动众多的追随者中,除了巴赫曼这种滑稽行为的人,新纳粹仍是少数。据来自德尔德累斯顿技术大学的汉斯?福尔兰德尔讲,其中有一位的游行示威者是较为典型,他是一个来自于萨克森州的中年中产阶级男性,他对政治和自由媒体漠不关心,却呼唤一个同文同种的父国。柏林社会科学研究中心的Dieter Rucht说到,这游行队伍可能已经“越过底线”。也许会带来某些政治后果。 Pegida运动中有十分之九的持者拥护德国新选项党(AfD),该党于2013年刚刚成立,享有东部三个州的议会席位。The AfD began with an anti-euro message. Some leaders, such as Hans- Olaf Henkel, from Hamburg, want to keep it that way. But, especially in the east, the party has used populist innuendo against asylum-seekers, immigrants and homosexuals. Party elders like Alexander Gauland, in Brandenburg, openly flirt with Pegida. This is straining the AfD, which has three leaders. Bernd Lucke, an economics professor, favours an anti-euro message; Frauke Petry, a businesswoman from Saxony, and Konrad Adam, a former journalist, sympathise with Pegida. Mr Lucke wants to lead alone, but Ms Petry and Mr Adam have resisted him. In a compromise, Mr Lucke will take over as boss only next December.德国新选项党的兴起缘于对欧元的反对。一些领导人,包括来自汉堡的汉斯奥拉夫汉高希望继续使用欧元。但是,尤其在德国东部地区,该党利用民粹主义影射政治避难者、移民以及同性恋群体。该党的前辈——勃兰登堡的Alexander Gauland公然和Pegida“秀恩爱”。这使得新选项党内部更加紧张。该党有三个领导,经济学教授Bernd Lucke反对使用欧元,来自萨克森州的商人Frauke Petry以及之前是记者同样持Pegida的Konrad Adam。Lucke希望能够独自领导新选项党,但是一直受到Petry和Adam的牵制。折中之后,Bernd Lucke只能于明年12月份接任领袖一职。German democracy is responding without hysteria. Marchers against Pegida have recently far outnumbered those for it. The centre-left Social Democrats and Greens refuse to debate with Pegida, and Chancellor Angela Merkel, leader of the centre-right Christian Democrats, has condemned it. Others are open to dialogue. One Christian Democrat, Jens Spahn, even joined a televised debate with Kathrin Oertel, one of Pegidas organisers.德国的民主制度对于这件事情的回应十分克制。如今反对Pegida的游行数量已经远远超出持者的游行。中左的社会民主党和绿党拒绝与Pegida对话,而中右派基督教民主党领袖——总理默克尔却谴责该运动。其他人则保持开放的态度。Jens Spahn,这位基督教民主党人士甚至参加了一个与Pegida组织者之一—Kathrin Oertel对话的电视栏目。That was a big step for a group that had previously refused to talk to the media. Its marchers chant “Lügenpresse” (“lying press”), a term once used by the Nazis. Yet on the very day of the cancelled march, Pegida held its first-ever press conference. In the public glare, its leaders tone down their language. When confronted, their counter-arguments seem weak. Asked why Saxons should worry about Islam when only 1% of Saxonys population is Muslim, Ms Oertel said some Germans march for the rainforest though Germany has none.这个举动为那些拒绝在媒体上发表观点的党派迈出了一大步。其游行者高呼曾经为纳粹使用过的“Lügenpresse”(“大话新闻”)。然而,就在取消游行的那一天,Pegida举行了首次新闻发布会。万众瞩目下,他们的领导人故意让自己的语气缓和。但在面对质疑时,他们的反驳又显得无力。当被问及他们为什么要在萨克森州仅有1%的人口是穆斯林的情况要担心伊斯兰教时,Oertel说尽管德国没有热带雨林,但仍有德国人为保护热带雨林而游行。The gradual conflation of the AfD and Pegida is a new and worrying phenomenon. There must never be a legitimate party to the right of the CSU, the Christian Democrats Bavarian sister party, said Franz Josef Strauss, a longtime leader of Bavaria, with Germanys Nazi past in mind. Such a party has now arrived, and could enter the Bundestag in 2017.德国新选项党和Pegida日益要好着实是一个令人担忧的新问题。巴伐利亚州的长期领导者Franz Josef Strauss对纳粹始终耿耿于怀,他认为,基社盟作为巴伐利亚的执政党,绝不会再有第二个政党取得像基社盟党—基督教民主党的地位,尤其该党还有纳粹倾向。但是他担心的事情似乎已经到来,新选项党有可能在2017年进入联邦议院。译者:胡雅琳 校对:唐宇译文属译生译世 /201505/377581。

听力参考文本:For 81 years, the majestic steamers the SS Columbia and the SS Ste. Claire took generations of Michiganders up and down the Detroit River to Boblo Island.The hour-long river cruise to the amusement park was pure magic.But the Boblo boats were taken out of operation in 1991, and the amusement park closed two years later.There sat the two boats, rotting and decaying for more than two decades.The Columbia has since been rescued by a group from New York State. Shes being fixed up and will be carrying passengers again, although not here in Michigan.Her sister, the SS Ste. Claire, was not as lucky.Now the Dan Austin of The Detroit Free Press is hoping to rally Michiganders to come together to save the Ste. Claire.In 2007, an emergency room physician named Ron Kattoo bought the Ste. Claire, and has been making progress renovating the ship, but as tells us, ;Its been a difficult process.;Kattoos plans were delayed by health issues, and in the interim the boat continued to decay, but Austin says the Ste. Claire has seen more work than her older sister.;He has been removing and replacing a lot of the rotted wood,; he tells us. ;Shes a little bit rough around the edges, a little worse for wear, but I still think that the bones are there.;Austin tells us that the Detroit Free Press editorial board has decided that if this cherished piece of Detroit history is going to be saved, it has to be done now.Dan Austin tells us more about the Boblo boats and how to move forward on restoration in our conversation above.201508/395652。