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The other day an acquaintance of mine, a gregarious and charming man, told me he had found himself unexpectedly alone in New York an hour or two between appointments. He went to the Whitney and spent the "empty" time looking at things in solitary bliss. him it proved to be a shock nearly as great as falling in love to discover that he could enjoy himself so much alone.What had he been afraid of, I asked myself? That, suddenly alone, he would discover that he bored himself, or that there was, quite simply, no self there to meet? But having taken the plunge, he is now on the brink of adventure; he is about to be launched into his own inner space to the astronaut. His every perception will come to him with a new freshness and, a time, seem startlingly original. anyone who can see things himself with a naked eye becomes, a moment or two, something of a genius. With another human being present vision becomes double vision, inevitably. We are busy wondering, what does my companion see or think of this, and what do I think of it? The original impact gets lost, or diffused."Music I heard with you was more than music." Exactly. And theree music itself can only be heard alone. Solitude is the salt of personhood. It brings out the authentic flavor of every experience."Alone one is never lonely the spirit adventures, walking in a quiet garden, in a cool house, abiding single there."Loneliness is most acutely felt with other people, with others,even with a lover sometimes, we suffer from our differences of taste, temperament,mood. Human intercourse often demands that we soften the edge of perception, or withdraw at the very instant of personal truth fear of hurting, or of being inappropriately present, which is to say naked, in a social situation. Alone we can afd to be wholly whatever we are, and to feel whatever we feel absolutely. That is a great luxury! me the most interesting thing about a solitary life, and mine has been that the last twenty years, is that it becomes increasingly rewarding. When I can wake up and watch the sun rise over the ocean, as I do most days, and know that I have an entire day ahead, uninterrupted, in which to write a few pages, take a walk with my dog, lie down in the afternoon a long think (why does one think better in a horizontal position?), and listen to music, I am flooded with happiness.I’m lonely only when I am overtired, when I have worked too long without a break, when from the time being I feel empty and need filling up. And I am lonely sometimes when I come back home after a lecture trip, when I have seen a lot of people and talked a lot, and am full to the brim with experience that needs to be sorted out. Then a little while the house feels huge and empty, and I wonder where my self is hiding. It has to be recaptured slowly by watering the plants and perhaps,by looking again at each one as though it were a person. It takes a while, as I watch the surf blowing up in fountains at the end of the field, but the moment comes when the world falls away, and the self emerges again from the deep unconscious, bringing back all I have recently experienced to be explored and slowly understood, when I can converse again with my hidden powers, and so grow, and so be renewed, till death do us part. 901

36Plate Tectonics and Sea-floor Sping36.Plate Tectonics and Sea-floor SpingThe theory of plate tectonics describes the motions of the lithosphere, the comparatively rigid outer layer of the Earth that includes all the crust and part of the underlying mantle. The lithosphere(n.[地]岩石圈)is divided into a few dozen plates of various sizes and shapes, in general the plates are in motion with respect to one another. A mid-ocean ridge is a boundary between plates where new lithospheric material is injected from below. As the plates diverge from a mid-ocean ridge they slide on a more yielding layer at the base of the lithosphere.Since the size of the Earth is essentially constant, new lithosphere can be created at the mid-ocean ridges only if an equal amount of lithospheric material is consumed elsewhere. The site of this destruction is another kind of plate boundary a subduction zone. There one plate dives under the edge of another and is reincorporated into the mantle. Both kinds of plate boundary are associated with fault systems, earthquakes and volcanism, but the kinds of geologic activity observed at the two boundaries are quite different.The idea of sea-floor sping actually preceded the theory of plate tectonics. In its original version, in the early 1960rsquo;s, it described the creation and destruction of the ocean floor, but it did not specify rigid lithospheric plates. The hypothesis was substantiated soon afterward by the discovery that periodic reversals of the Earthrsquo;s magnetic field are recorded in the oceanic crust. As magma rises under the mid-ocean ridge, ferromagnetic minerals in the magma become magnetized in the direction of the magma become magnetized in the direction of the geomagnetic field. When the magma cools and solidifies, the direction and the polarity of the field are preserved in the magnetized volcanic rock. Reversals of the field give rise to a series of magnetic stripes running parallel to the axis of the rift. The oceanic crust thus serves as a magnetic tape recording of the history of the geomagnetic field that can be dated independently; the width of the stripes indicates the rate of the sea-floor sping.板块结构与海床扩展板块结构理论描述岩石圈的运动岩石圈是相对坚硬的地球外层,包括全部地壳和部分地幔岩石圈被划分为几十个大小不同形状各异的板块,一般而言这些板块都处于相对运动之中一道中海脊是板块之间的边界,在那里新的岩石圈的物质从下部注入当板块从中海脊脱离时,它们滑向在岩石圈基部较易变形的地层上因为地球的大小本质上是不变的,只有同等数量的岩石圈物质在其它地方被吞没,新的岩石圈才能生成销毁旧岩石圈的地方形成另外一种板块边界:一块潜没的区域在这里,一块板块潜没到另一板块的边缘之下并结合入地幔之中两种板块边界均与地层系统、地震以及火山活动有关,但在两种边界处观察到的诸般地质活动却迥然不同海床扩展说实际上早于板块结构理论在世纪60年代它的理论雏形中,描述了海底的生成和毁灭,但没有详细介绍坚硬的岩石圈板块这个假定不久之后为发现所实该发现表明地球磁场周期性的逆转被记录在海洋地壳中当岩浆从中海脊下涌起的时候,岩浆中的磁铁矿物质地磁场的方向被磁化岩浆冷却并凝固下来后,地磁场的方向和磁极被保留在磁化了的火山岩中磁场的逆转形成一系列与断层轴线平行的条形磁区这样海洋壳就扮演了磁带的角色,记录下可以鉴定时间的地磁场的历史条形磁区的宽度表明了海底扩展的速度 6

Icebergs Icebergs are among nature's most spectacular creations, and yet most people have never seen one. A vague air of mystery envelops them. They come into being -- somewhere -- in faraway, frigid waters, amid thunderous noise and splashing turbulence, which in most case no one hears or sees. They exist only a short time and then slowly waste away just as unnoticed. Objects of sheerest beauty they have been called. Appearing in an endless variety of shapes, they may be dazzlingly white, or they may be glassy blue, green or purple, tinted faintly or in darker hues. They are graceful, stately, inspiring -- in calm, sunlight seas. But they are also called frightening and dangerous, and that they are -- in the night, in the fog, and in storms. Even in clear weather one is wise to stay a safe distance away from them. Most of their bulk is hidden below the water, so their underwater parts may extend out far beyond the visible top. Also, they may roll over unexpectedly, churning the waters around them. Icebergs are parts of glaciers that break off, drift into the water, float about awhile, and finally melt. Icebergs afloat today are made of snowflakes that have fallen over long ages of time. They embody snows that drifted down hundreds, or many thousands, or in some cases maybe a million years ago. The snows fell in polar regions and on cold mountains, where they melted only a little or not at all, and so collected to great depths over the years and centuries. As each year's snow accumulation lay on the surface, evaporation and melting caused the snowflakes slowly to lose their feathery points and become tiny grains of ice. When new snow fell on top of the old, it too turned to icy grains. So blankets of snow and ice grains mounted layer upon layer and were of such great thickness that the weight of the upper layers compressed the lower ones. With time and pressure from above, the many small ice grains joined and changed to larger crystals, and eventually the deeper crystals merged into a solid mass of ice. 57876

实用英语口语:怎样赞美老外,效果超好 -- :9:38 来源: 虽然我们也知道“忠言逆耳利于行”,但是是个人都喜欢听表扬的话所以在生活中,记得嘴上常挂些小小的赞美,这并不是阿谀奉承,而是为了让彼此更舒心看了这篇文章,你就可以随时随地夸别人了哦You have a good sense of humor你真幽默(别人讲笑话不管好笑不好笑,都用这句美国人极其喜欢的表扬!)Your Chinese is really surprising!你的中文令人惊讶!(用来鼓励说汉语的老外)Your English is incredible我真不敢相信你的英语(用了六星级形容词!)You have a very successful business你的事业很成功(现代人喜欢听!)Your are very professional你非常专业(他会更认真!)Your are so smart你非常聪明(谁都愿意听!)I envy you very much我非常羡慕你(接下来你可以诉苦了)You two make a lovely couple你们真是天生的一对(他们会为选择了彼此而自豪)Your sondaughter is so cute你的孩子很可爱(外国人绝对喜欢听的表扬!)Your are really talented你很有天赋(给他动力和勇气)You look nice in that color你穿那种颜色很好看(搞不好,她会买一大堆那种颜色的衣)You have a good taste你很有品位(高层次的赞美)You look like a million dollars. (You look outstanding. You look like a movie star)你看上去帅呆了(多么昂贵的赞美!)You look great today你今天看上去很棒(每天都可以用!)We are so proud of you我们真为你骄傲(表扬孩子最有效)I'm very pleased with your work我对你的工作非常满意(正式、真诚的赞扬)This is really a nice place这真是个好地方!(随口就说且效果很好的赞美!)You are looking sharp你看上去真精神真棒真漂亮!(可令他兴致盎然)Everything tastes great每样东西都很美味(吃完了就说这句)I admirerespect your work我对你的工作表示敬意(世界通用!)You've got a great personality你的个性很好(非常安全的表扬)You always know the right thing to say. (You are very eloquent)你总是说话得体(高层次的表扬!)Nice going! (You did a good job)干得好!(极其地道的表扬!) 效果 赞美 怎样 英语口语

莎士比亚的才华高于一切作家,至少高于当今的所有作家他是一位自然的诗人,他的作品将人间百态真实地展现在读者眼前他的人物塑造并不拘泥于只为一部分人所遵循的某个特定地区的习俗,也不局限于一小部分人所从事的特定的研究或职业,也不追随短暂的潮流或暂时的思想观点:他们据有人们一贯具备的、普遍的人性特点就像世界能永不竭地供应,眼睛能永不停地发现他笔下人物的一言一行都受那些能够触动所有人的大众化的情感和能使整个生命体系得以延续的普遍原则所影响在其他诗人的作品中,一个人物往往就是一个个体,而莎翁笔下的人物通常代表着一类人 0193739

你必须不断学习和尝试新的事物从而发现自己的特殊才能时间需要你的贡献馈赠要明白即使是特殊才能如果不经常使用而且磨练的话也会失效要尽力使自己的天赋与所有的技能跟上时代Stick to your special talentsYou were born with a special talent. It may be to sing, write, teach, paint, mentor, preach, defend or befriend. You have something special to offer the world, something you can do better than ,000 others. You must keep learning and trying new things to find your special talent. The world needs your gift. Be aware that even a special talent can go stale if you don’t keep using and honing it. Endeavor to keep your talents and all your skills up to date.An advantage isn’t an advantage unless you use it. Find ways to use your advantages to set and reach your goals. Likewise, you should recognize and then try to minimize the impact of your limitations. Remember that not all advantages are transferable. Just because you are talented in one area doesn’t mean that you will be talented at everything you try. The successful real estate investor can easily lose her money opening a restaurant. Stick to your advantages and don’t stray from them without reasoned justification. 998

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