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Paul: Good afternoon.Annaamp; Tom: Hi, good afternoon.Paul: Anna, Tom, room 301 please. Now.Narrator: 欢迎回到 Tip Top 贸易公司,今天公司的气氛有点紧张。 Paul 把 Tom 和 Anna叫进 room 301。一般大家都会在这个房间里谈些严肃的话题。会不会是 Paul 听说昨天来投诉的事情了?Anna: Oh dear.Narrator: Ah, dont worry Anna 你应该没问题。 昨天你面对 Mr Lime,处理的很好,应该受到表扬才是。Anna: Really? What do you think Paul will say?Narrator: Well, if he is pleased, hell say things like:好样的。 Well done.你处理的很好。 You handled it well.做得好。 Great job.你的表现我很满意。 Im really impressed.Anna: And if hes not?Narrator: Well, I suppose…oops!Paul: Well, Tom, Anna... Yesterday was not a great day. Two clients came in with serious complaints. Mrs Kumquat received a delivery of imitation bananas that were purple, not very convincing. And Mr Lime ordered grapefruits, but got pineapples. Tom.Tom: Yes, listen…Paul: Were you responsible for these errors?Tom: Well... yes, but…Paul: Look, mistakes happen. But it seems that Mrs Kumquat left our offices even angrier than when she came in and she says she will never use Tip Top Trading again.Tom: I tried my best.Paul: Hmmm. I understand you told her to spray-paint the bananas and to stop being such a miserable old witch.Tom: Yeah, well look, shed been very rude to me.Paul: If you werent such a good salesman I would fire you for that. Anna.Anna: Yes.Paul: Well done. Not only was Mr Lime satisfied that his business would be resolved, but we might even get some extra business from him, thanks to your Imperial Lemon proposal.Anna: I hope so.Paul: You were in a difficult situation and you handled it well. You remained calm, friendly and professional. So, great job. Im really impressed. Im going to…(phone rings)Paul: Oh no. Its a call from the USA.Tom: Oh god!Anna: What?Tom: The boss!Anna: Whose boss?Tom: Ours! The big, big boss, based in America.Narrator: Oh No! 美国总部的大老板来电话了!Paul: Shhhh! (on the phone) Hello? Ah, good afternoon Mr Socrates, I mean, er- morning, ha ha, where you are its … yes … no, n-yes … Im not sure. Mrs Kumquat did she? Well, it was very unfortunate purple, yes totally unacceptable I will. If youd like I could- Mr Socrates? Hello? Mr Socrates? Oh, hes gone.Right where was I? Tom, great work. Anna, Im disappointed. No no, Anna, great work, I want you to take charge of the Imperial Lemon presentation. Tom, if you speak to a client like that again there will be disciplinary action. Mrs Kumquat was so angry she even emailed Mr Socrates. OK thats it.Narrator: Phew! 至少 Anna 没事儿!Paul 在表扬 Anna 的时候用了几种不同的表达方式,我们再听一词:Well done.You were in a difficult situation and you handled it well.So, great job. Im really impressed.他解释了为什么他认为 Anna 做得好:You remained calm, friendly and professional.不过 Tom 犯下的这个错误可是给大家带来了不少额外的工作。Paul: First thing tomorrow we need to sort this mess out. Tom, I want you to phone every single client and check the orders. Anna, you can go to the warehouse and find out whats going on in there!听力挑战:TIP TOP 公司的大老板在哪个国家?上期:LIME 先生应该从 TIP TOP公司收到多少釉子水果模型?8,000 /201207/192706Whats the catch?有什么内幕?Whats the catch 的翻译比较灵活,依语境而定。日常交谈中,对方免费给你好处,常常反问:Whats the catch?就是问“有什么诡计?”;也可译为“你这是什么意思?”或者“有什么内幕?”。因此,当美国人说;Whats the catch?;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;Any more information about it?;、;Can you give me more details about it?;。情景对白:Shirley: Our company is going to stage a party to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its foundation.雪莉:公司要举办成立十周年庆祝晚会。Jane: Great. Whats the catch?简:太好啦。有什么内幕吗?搭配句积累:①It is said that the coming holiday is canceled.听说即将到来的假期被取消了。②The sales manager is said to be suspended.据说,销售经理将要被停职了。③The company went bankrupt overnight.这个公司在一夜之间破产了。④ Unbelievable! Such a bum like him have been promoted.难以置信,像他这样的懒鬼居然升职了。单词:1. anniversary n. 周年纪念A series of movies will be shown to commemorate the 30th anniversary of his death. 为纪念他逝世30周年,有一系列的电影要上映。He bought her a diamond ring on their tenth wedding anniversary. 他们结婚10周年纪念,他给她买了一枚钻戒。She reproached her husband for having forgotten their wedding anniversary.她责怪丈夫忘了他们的结婚周年纪念日。2. bum n. 懒鬼,流浪汉The bum wore a tattered sweater and ripped pants.那个流浪汉的运动衫和裤子破旧褴褛。John lost his job and went on the bum. 约翰失业后过着流浪生活。Youre just a good for nothing bum!你一无是处! /201306/245719Claims amp;Settlement索赔与理赔A: Have you checked how much of the contents of the damaged bales can still be used?A:你们查过了吗?破损包中有多少货物还可以用?B: The report said that the majority could be salvaged. About 20% cant be used or sold out. We are very anxious about it. We had counted on receiving the shipment to complete several orders.B:检验报告说,大部分还可利用,约有20%左右不能用或无法售出,我们对此事很着急,因为我们原来指望收到这批货来履行好几批订单。A: We understand your problem.A:我很理解你们的困难。B: Im sure we can count on your support to help us to overcome the present difficulty.B:我确信我们能得到你们的帮助来克目前的困难。A: What do you suggest for a settlement?A:你建议怎样来处理这个问题?B: We are willing to accept the shipment if you will allow a 30% reduction in price.B:如果你方减价20%的话,我们 愿意接受这批货物。A: Lets compromise on a 20% reduction in price on this shipment. And for your next order, well give you some preferential terms in addition to what you are getting from us now.A:咱们折中好了,这批货物减价 20% ,下次你们订货时,除目前已有的条件外,我们另外再给些优惠。B: I appreciate your quick decision, Mr. Mathew. We accept the proposal. Im glad we have found a solution.B:张先生,你们这么快就做出了决定,我表示赞赏,我们接受建议。很高兴,我们找到解决的办法。 /201504/36682946.谈论工作常用应急场景范例一:My jobWhat is the most enjoyable part about your job?I think meeting people. There are people from all over the country, all over the world, all walks of life which is the most interesting part of my job.What do you find annoying?Well, I work very long hours, ten hours a day is quite normal. And if something important comes up, I’m often in the office until 8 or 9 in the evening. /201001/94938This Business English Pod lesson is the first in a two-part series on idioms that come from football, or soccer.这是2节英语商务播客中的第1节,将学到源自足球的习惯用语。Groups of employees work together as teams. Teams, or companies, compete against each other, trying to win recognition, profits, or new clients. Given these similarities, it’s not surprising that language would be similar when we talk about business and sports. And a number of different sports have contributed idioms to the English language.很多员工按团队来工作。团队,公司,彼此竞争争取认同,利润或新的客户。有这些相同点,谈论商业和运动的语言有很多相似处也就不足为奇了。许多不同的运动都为英语贡献了很多习惯用语。Today, our focus will be on football idioms. As you listen to the dialog, you might hear some phrases that are new to you. Remembering the relationship between business and sports may help you out. Of course, we’ll go over all of them in the debrief and you’ll have a chance to practice them, too. 今天我们来学习与足球相关的习惯用语。听对话时,你可能听到一些陌生的短语。明白商业和运动的关系会帮助你理解。当然,我们会重温这些习语,同时你会有机会来练习使用它们。We’ll be listening to Karl and Marilyn, two friends that work at a publishing firm. Karl is thinking about applying for a manager’s job at the company’s Sydney location. He’s not sure about it, though, so he asks Marilyn what she thinks.我们会听到工作在同一家出版公司的Karl和 Marilyn之间的谈话。Karl想申请公司悉尼分布的经理职位。但是他拿不定注意,所以他询问Marilyn的建议。Listening Questions:1. Why does Karl want to leave his current job?2. What are two things Marilyn knows about the Sydney branch?3. What has Karl heard about the Sydney branch? /201103/127932

Finding the Approachable People at the Business/Social Function平易近人在业务/社会中的作用陈豪在北京的A美国公司工作。他下班后跟美国同事Amy一起去参加应酬。(Office ambience)C: 谢谢你陪我来,Amy, 每次公司有这种应酬,我都特别不自在。A: Why not? They are usually upscale events held in attractive places with good food.C: 吃的倒是不错,可我不习惯跟陌生人接触。A: Thats one of the reasons we go, to meet other business people and build productive relationships.C: 那除了多认识人,还有其他原因吗?A: Yes, reconnecting with people to maintain professional contacts.C: 遇到熟人还好,不过我最怕的就是跟陌生人打交道,老觉得特尴尬。A: We talked a while back about being prepared, finding out about the people who will be at the event and planning what you will talk about.C: 我每次都准备得挺好,可一到现场,就不知所措了。怎样做才能不让人觉得鲁莽呢?A: To be courteous, you need to know which people are approachable and which ones are not.C: 我怎么知道什么人愿意理睬我呢?A: Lets find a quiet spot where I can give you a few tips.陈豪和Amy走到一个人少得地方。C: Any,你快告诉我,什么样的人我可以主动走过去搭讪呢?A: The most approachable ones are standing alone. They are probably looking for someone to talk to.C: 如果他们不想说话呢?A: There are signals you can use to see if the person standing alone is friendly or not.C: 你是说肢体语言吗?A: Thats right. Look the other person in the eye as you approach. If he looks away or ignores you, thats a clear message that he is not interested in meeting you.C: 如果他避开我的目光,就是没兴趣。那你刚才说的微笑呢?A: After you have made eye contact, smile at the person. If he returns your smile, you have a non-verbal invitation to approach.C: 如果从对方的肢体语言能看出,他不愿跟别人交谈呢?A: Move on and look for someone else.C: 那如果大家都在交谈,我就只好能别人来找我了?A: That would be a waste of time. Look for a group of three or more people and try the same tactic.C: 那我是不是要立刻进行自我介绍?A: Walk up to the group, stand slightly back, make eye contact with each one and smile. A soon as they acknowledge you, introduce yourself.C: 如果他们对我不理不睬呢?A: Same as before. Keep moving until you find welcoming people.C: 那 是不是只有有两个人在交谈,应该更容易加入吧?A: Absolutely not. Those are the people you want to avoid. /201209/200493

Barter trade易货贸易A: We are sorry to say that we cant import your grain this year because we are short of foreign exchange.A:我们很抱歉,今年不能进口你们的谷物了,因为我们缺少外汇。B: Thats too bad. Your country is a big market for our grain and so we will also suffer a great loss if you import nothing. Maybe we can find a way out.B:太糟糕了。你们的国家是我们出口粮食的大市场,所以如果你们不能进口,我们的损失也很大。或许我们能想出一个办法来。A: What do you think of conducting a barter trade?A:您认为易货贸易如何?B: That can be a solution. What commodities do you have to exchange for our grain?B:这倒行得通。贵方用什么商品来交换我们的货物?A:There are so many goods. Our country exports huge quantities of timber, wool, leather and mutton. Which commodity would you prefer?A:那可多了。我国出口大量木材、羊毛、皮货和羊肉。您喜欢什么商品?B: We would like to exchange our grain for your timber.B:我们想用我们的谷物来换取你们的木材。A: Excellent. The total import of grain would roughly equal your purchase of timber.A:太好了。我们进口的粮食与你们购买的木材是等额的。B:It would be a little difticult for us to sign two contracts simultaneously.B:我们同时签订两个合同有点困难。A: We could sign two sales contracts in a month, one for grain and the other for timber.A:我们可以在一个月内签订两个合同,一个是谷物的销售合同,另—个是木材合。B:Then the L/C should be opened against one another though not necessarily at the same time.B:那么信用采用对开的形式,不必同时开立。A: What tolerance will be allowed for the counter purchase?A:补偿购买允许有多大的差额?B:We usually allow a tolerance of plus or minus 10%.B:一般我们允许有正负10%的差额。A:Then we have solved the problem of our shortage Of foreign exchange.A:我们已经解决了缺少外汇的问题。 /201512/414945

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