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Conflict, unsustainable government debt and the need for new ways to tackle global challenges in a post-crisis era are among the key issues as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund gear up for the groups' Spring meeting in Washington next week. Complicating prospects for the uneven global economic recovery is the turmoil in the Middle East and quake devastation to the world's third largest economy.暴力冲突、巨额债务,以及应对后危机时代全球性挑战所需的新的路径...这些都是世界和国际货币基金组织春季会议面对的主要问题。此外,中东的动荡局势,以及地震给世界第三大经济体带来的灾难,也使得原本就不平衡的全球复苏的前景更为复杂。Unforeseen events, including the massive quake and tsunami in Japan that triggered a man-made nuclear disaster - and the political unrest that has roiled the Middle East and North Africa are expected to loom large as members of the World Bank and IMF gather in Washington. 世界和国际货币基金组织的成员在华盛顿召开今年的春季会议,象日本强震和海啸这样无法预见的天灾,及其触发的核灾难,再加上席卷中东和北非的政治动荡等问题,都成为与会者关注的焦点。"I think they'll be an important focus, precisely because the developments there are not only critical for people of the region but they have the possibility of having enormous global implications as well," said Marcus Noland, deputy director at the Peterson Institute for International Economics.华盛顿智囊机构彼得森国际经济研究所副所长马库斯·诺兰(Marcus Noland)说:“我认为这些都是关注的焦点,因为那些地区的发展状况不仅关系到当地人民,还有可能造成巨大的全球性影响。”Among the implications is the rapid spike in oil prices and its potential to trigger another global economic slowdown. Although the world economy is projected to grow at a moderate pace this year, IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn, said the recovery remains lopsided, with China and other emerging economies growing faster than Western economies. 这些影响包括骤然上涨的石油价格,以及由此可能引发的另一场全球经济衰退。尽管世界经济今年预期会以温和的步伐增长,但国际货币基金组织总裁施特劳斯-卡恩(Dominique Strauss-Kahn)说,复苏仍然不平衡,中国和其他新兴经济体的增长速度比西方国家快。"Beyond Japan and more for a longer term, the question of European countries is certainly an important one," he said. "Some of these countries are at crossroads because of sovereign debt problems, because of financial sector problems."施特劳斯-卡恩说:“欧洲国家面临着切实重要的问题,而且比起日本,这是个更为长远的问题。这些国家中,有些因为主权债务问题,或者金融部门的问题,现在正处在一个十字路口。”Ahead of the meeting, Portugal, one of the poorest countries in the eurozone, is now the third EU country to ask for a bailout to deal with its crippling debt. Economists say other countries could follow. 会议之前,在欧元区位居最穷之列的葡萄牙,成为欧盟中第三个因沉重债务而申请救援的国家。经济学家说,其他国家也有可能陷入同样境地。201104/131632US Autoworkers Voice Frustrations, Suggestions on Auto Restructuring美国汽车工人国会山表达心声  As Congress and the Bush administration continued negotiations on a billion loan for U.S. auto companies, a group of autoworkers traveled to Washington to draw attention to their concerns about the future of the American auto industry. 美国国会和布什政府正在讨论汽车工业是否应该获得150亿美元的救助。与此同时,一些美国汽车工人来到华盛顿,表达他们的心声。他们对美国汽车工业的未来感到担忧,并希望引起舆论的关注。Members of the ed Auto Workers and other labor unions appeared at a news conference on Capitol Hill Monday as lawmakers and the White House were negotiating details of a loan package for General Motors, Ford and Chrysler. 就在白宫和国会针对向通用、福特和克莱斯勒三大汽车公司提供贷款的方案细节展开讨论的时候,美国汽车工人联合会(UAW)和其他工会组织在国会山召开了记者会。They came not only from Michigan, where the companies are based, but also from Indiana, Ohio, New York and other states where tens of thousands of Americans work directly in or contribute to automobile production. 这些工会成员不仅来自三大汽车公司总部所在地密西根,同时也来自印第安纳、俄亥俄、纽约和其他一些州。在这些地区,成千上万名美国人从事和汽车生产直接或间接有关的工作。All urged Congress and the Bush administration to approve the loan, which is now less than half of the billion originally requested by the "Big Three" car companies. 他们敦促国会和行政部门批准对汽车工业提供贷款。目前讨论的贷款额度不足三大汽车公司原先要求的340亿美元的一半。But their main goal was to combat the assertion by auto industry executives and other critics that a large portion of the blame for the industry's inefficiencies and financial weakness can be placed on the shoulders of high cost union workers. 但是,他们此行最主要的目的是想反驳汽车公司高管和行业批评人士常常表达的一种看法,即美国汽车工业的不足和财务困境在很大程度上应该归咎于工会成员高昂的劳动成本。Frank Hammer, a retired president of the ed Auto Workers union, or UAW, Local 909 in Detroit, says now is the time for big solutions, not criticisms of workers. 弗兰克.海默是美国汽车工人联合会底特律地区909分会的前主席。他说,美国汽车工业现在需要的是庞大的解决方案,而不是对工人的指责。"The reality is that our labor constitutes just eight percent of the price of a new car," he said. "We could work for free and it would not solve the crisis." “现实情况是,劳工成本仅仅构成一辆新车价格的8%。我们可以不要钱白干,但是公司还是会赔钱。”Tony Browning has worked for more than 34 years in a Chrysler plant in Sterling Heights, Michigan. 托尼.布朗宁在密西根州斯特灵海茨地区的克莱斯勒工厂干了34年。"People are giving the auto industry a bad reputation," he said. "They are saying we are lazy, we are overpaid and under worked. But that is far from the truth." 他说:“人们对汽车工业的一些指责是没有道理的。他们说汽车工人懒惰,挣钱太多、工作太少。事实不是这样的。”The workers contrasted federal money that General Motors, Ford and Chrysler are seeking with the hundreds of billions of dollars the government quickly came up with for banks and financial institutions. 这些工人还把汽车公司希望获得的联邦贷款和美国政府为业提供的上千亿美元的救助计划加以对比。Bill Alfred, President of UAW Local 235 in Michigan, says the government needs to help the U.S. auto industry survive the current financial storm. 比尔.阿尔弗雷德是汽车工人联合会密西根235分会的主席。他说,政府需要帮助汽车工业度过金融风暴。"It's just ridiculous that the auto industry is getting tormented over getting a fraction of the money we have given Wall Street," he said. "And that was a blank check. It was [for Wall Street] a walk in, take the money, and walk out."  “我们要的钱只不过是华尔街得到的零头而已,但是汽车工业为此却倍受指责。这太荒唐了。而且华尔街得到的还是张空白票。他们什么都不用做,拿了钱就走。”Wendy Thompson, a retired former president of UAW Local 235 in Michigan, says the federal government should provide oversight of the auto industry as it attempts to transform itself. 温蒂.汤普森是汽车工人联合会密西根235分会的前主席。她说,联邦政府应该带领汽车行业进行变革。Among her suggestions: retooling factories to focus on rebuilding America's transportation system. 她的建议包括围绕重新建设美国交通系统这个重心来重组汽车工业。"Remember World War II? Do you know your history? Auto plants transformed into making airplanes and other war products overnight," said Thompson. "Why can't we do this again? It's another crisis. Let's start making mass transportation; let's start doing light rail [and] speed trains. We can do that work; we're skilled workers; we have shown that we have the capabilities. Let us do that work." 她说:“记不记得第二次世界大战?记得那段历史吗?当时的汽车生产线一夜之间就转换成了飞机和其他武器装备的生产线。现在为什么不能这样呢?现在我们面对的是又一次危机。我们应该开始着眼公共交通,我们应该开始建造轻轨和高速列车。我们可以做这些,我们是高技术工人,我们有这个能力。”Mark Deagle and Steven Waskul are auto industry workers in Michigan.[If] you start closing these plants, you're not only going to affect them, you're going to affect our membership, you're going to affect the suppliers, you're going to affect a lot of Americans," Deagle said."Nobody has mentioned rail cars that transport the vehicles throughout the country. Nobody has mentioned the car haulers. Nobody has mentioned all the people, the peripheral people, who are involved in the auto industry," Waskul said.When they received auto company restructuring proposals last week, U.S. lawmakers also heard from experts about the effect of potential bankruptcy by any or all of the Big Three companies - something a government loan is aimed at preventing. 当美国国会议员收到汽车公司递交的重组方案的时候,专家也对议员发出警告说,三大巨头中的任何一家,或者三家一同破产的话,后果将非常严重。而政府贷款的目的正是为了使这些公司免于这种命运。David Friedman, Research Director for the Clean Vehicles Program of the Union of Concerned Scientists, said the question is whether U.S. automakers can change. 大卫.弗里德曼是"关注时事科学家联盟"(Union of Concerned Scientists)的低污染汽车项目负责人。他说,现在的关键问题是汽车工业能否变革。"We need to acknowledge what we aly know," he said. "The survival of the Detroit auto industry depends on their ability to deliver the products consumers need in a world of volatile oil prices and a changing climate." “我们必须承认我们已经知道的事情。底特律的生死存亡取决于他们能否在油价剧烈波动和全球气候变暖的情况下生产消费者需要的产品。”Key points in auto company loan legislation include strong government oversight to ensure that companies implement restructuring plans. 为汽车工业提供贷款的立法草案包括政府加强对汽车行业重组过程的监管。Representative Barney Frank, Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, says change will require significant sacrifices and compromise. 巴尼.弗兰克众议员是众议院金融务委员会主席。他说,汽车工业的变革需要有关各方做出实质性的妥协和牺牲。"There would be requirements that the various parties here, the stakeholders - whether they are the bond holders or the workers or the shareholders or the top rank employees - that all of them are going to have to make some kind of sacrifice in this," he said. "There will have to be contributions from all sides." “最终的方案会要求所有有关方面,所有利益攸关者,不论是股东、债券持有人、工人、还是高级主管,他们所有人在这个过程中都必须付出一定代价。他们要为这个过程做出贡献。”House of Representative Speaker Nancy Pelosi says that if by early next year - in the early months of President-elect Barack Obama's administration - companies are not meeting conditions, they should not expect what she calls "an endless flow of money". 众议院议长南希.佩洛西说,如果汽车公司在明年早些时候,也就是奥巴马执政的最初阶段无法达到国会的要求的话,这些公司就不应该指望获得政府源源不断的救助。200812/58446Iraqi Parliament Debates New US Military Pact伊拉克议会辩论美伊安全协议 Iraq's parliament has begun debate on a new military pact with the ed States that was approved Sunday by the country's Cabinet. Among other things, the deal calls for coalition forces to withdraw from Iraq in three years. But radical Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, is threatening to torpedo the vote. 伊拉克议会开始就一项新的军事协议进行辩论。伊拉克同美国的协议星期天得到伊拉克政府内阁的批准。这项协议包括要求盟军部队在三年内从伊拉克撤军。但是激进的什叶派教士萨德尔威胁要破坏议会的投票。Iraq's parliament began deliberations on a new military pact with the ed States, which is to replace a U.N. mandate that expires December 31. The Iraqi Cabinet approved the pact Sunday, after a bitter and protracted debate and the obstruction of several influential Shi'ite leaders. 伊拉克议会开始就伊拉克同美国之间的一项新军事协议进行辩论。该协议将取代12月31日到期的联合国授权。在经过激烈和长期的辩论,以及一些有影响力的什叶派领导人的反对后,伊拉克内阁星期天批准这项军事协议。The text of the agreement was to Iraqi legislators, before the special session of parliament was adjourned. More than two-thirds of Iraq's 275-member parliament attended the session, despite calls from anti-U.S. Shi'ite cleric Muqtada al Sadr to obstruct debate.  在这项协议的文本向伊拉克议会进行宣读后,议会的特别会议休会。The pact is scheduled for a vote on November 24. 预计伊拉克议会将于11月24日对这项协议进行投票表决。Earlier, U.S. Ambassador Ryan Crocker and Iraqi Foreign Minister Houshiar Zebari signed the accord. Ambassador Crocker saisd the new pact would be the cornerstone of U.S.-Iraqi relations for "economy, culture, science, technology, health and trade." 早些时候,美国驻伊拉克大使克罗克和伊拉克外交部长兹巴里签署了这项协议。克罗克大使说,新协议将是美国和伊拉克“经济、文化、科学、技术、卫生和贸易”关系的基石。Foreign Minister Zebari addressed the concerns of many Iraqis, saying the government had gotten the best possible deal in its negotiations with the ed States. 伊拉克外交部长兹巴里谈到了很多伊拉克人的担忧。他说,在同美国的谈判中,伊拉克政府取得了最好的协议。He says most important was the Iraqi negotiating team's skill in arriving at a final date for the withdrawal of U.S. troops. No clear date was set, before this pact, he says, and everyone was putting out conflicting signals, but now the government has hammered out a final accord. 他说,最重要的是伊拉克的谈判人员运用他们娴熟的谈判技巧,取得了让美国撤军的最后日期。他说,在这项协议之前,从来没有明确过美军撤出的日期,而且每个人都发出相互矛盾的信号,但是现在伊拉克政府终于制定了一个最终协议。Firebrand Shi'ite cleric Muqtada Sadr has threatened to withdraw his 30 members from parliament in a bid to obstruct that body's vote to approve the deal.But Iraq's revered top Shi'ite authority, Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani gave his blessing to the new pact, several days ago, saying he would not object if it was approved by a substantial majority in parliament. 但是伊拉克倍受尊敬的什叶派最高权威、大阿亚图拉阿里-西斯塔尼却表示祝福新协议。他几天前曾经表示,如果协议得到大多数议员的批准,他将不会反对。Analyst Paul Salem of the Beirut-based Carnegie Center for Peace in the Middle East describes the logistical achievement of concluding the new Iraqi-U.S. military pact. 贝鲁特的卡内基中东和平中心的分析人士塞勒姆论述了达成一项新的伊拉克和美国军事协议在逻辑上取得的成就。"There was a clear common interest, there, but the great difficulty was the political situation in Iraq, and I think there is still a bit of a challenge," said Paul Salem. "It was an achievement that Maliki was able to get it through the government. That is a good sign he should be able to get it through parliament. It indicates, I think, that Nouri al Maliki himself is more in control of the situation." 塞勒姆说:“在达成协议的议题上,显然双方共同的利益很明显,但是最困难的问题是伊拉克的政治形势,而且我认为仍然存在一些挑战。能够在政府内阁中推动这项协议是马利基取得的成就。这是一个好征兆,表明他能让协议得到议会批准。同时也表明,马利基本人更能左右目前的局势。”Neighboring Syria, which has long opposed the U.S. presence in Iraq, slammed the new accord, calling it a "surrender" to U.S. interests.But Iran's judiciary chief, Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi, said the Iraqi Cabinet acted "very well" in approving the pact. Shahroudi is reportedly very close to Iran's top leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenai.  但是伊朗司法部长沙赫鲁迪说,伊拉克内阁在批准这项协议的问题上采取了“很好”的行动。据报导,沙赫鲁迪同伊朗最高领袖哈梅内伊私交甚好。The Website of Iran's state television ed Shahroudi as saying he hoped the ed States will withdraw from Iraq within the time specified in the deal. A television commentary called it "a victory" for Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's government. 伊朗国家电视台网站援引沙赫鲁迪的话说,他希望美国将在协议规定的时间内从伊拉克撤军。电视台的说,这是伊拉克总理马利基政府的“一个胜利”。The Iranian government has long expressed opposition to the pact, arguing that a continued U.S. presence in Iraq undermines its own security and stability.Analyst Salem says he does not think Tehran will attempt to scuttle the deal, especially after its previous history of reining in ally Muqtada al Sadr."Iran has sort of pulled back Muqtada al Sadr in 2007, and in general the Iranians have been playing the double game of wanting the Americans to stay long enough to secure the situation, but also to be uncomfortable enough to seriously commit to leaving at some point," he said.Al-Sadr is calling for a popular protest against the accord Friday in Baghdad.200811/56498The U.N. Children's Fund has unveiled a treasure box of activities for very young children caught in emergencies. UNICEF says its new early childhood development kit is fun, stimulating and helps provide children in difficult circumstances a sense of normalcy.   联合国儿童基金会公布了给那些处于紧急状态下的幼童准备的宝盒。该组织表示,这个为幼儿早期发展的宝盒具有性和启发性,给那些处在艰难环境中的儿童有一些正常生活的感觉。The U.N. Children's Fund estimates 175 million children are affected by war and natural disasters every year. A large number of these children are six-years old or less. But, until now, only ad hoc recreational toys and materials have been available to help these very young children cope with their traumatic experiences.   联合国儿童基金会估计每年有1亿7千5百万儿童受到战争及天然灾害的影响。这些儿童中大多数才6岁或是不满6岁。然而,到目前为止,这些年幼的小孩只有一些临时做的玩具及材料来帮助他们应对所经历的创伤。UNICEF Executive Director Ann Venemann says the new development kit provides young children with resources so they can play and interact with others.   联合国儿童基金会执行主任安.维尼曼表示,新的宝盒能提供幼童一些资源,让他们可以玩游戏并与他人互动。"Studies show that early childhood is the most critical period for brain development, making young children the most vulnerable to the stresses brought on by war and disasters, such as hurricanes, floods and earthquakes," she said.   她说:“研究显示,童年的早期对大脑发展来说是最关键的时刻,这也使幼童很容易受到战争和灾害带来的压力,像飓风、洪水和地震等。”"Early experiences create a foundation for physical and mental health, optimal growth and lifelong learning, social emotional competencies and productivity. If there is a disruption in development, for example, through serious trauma that is not addressed early on, it could result in life-long development problems," she added.   “童年时期的经历给身体和心理健康,最佳生长,终生学习,和在社会上应具备的情绪能力及生产力打下基础。如果由于灾难等受到挫折而没有及早解决,就可能会在发展方面成为终生的问题。”The kit is a box containing 37 different items, for use by 50 children up to six years of age. Each kit costs 0 and is bursting with soft, pastel colored animal dolls. It also contains multi-colored puzzles, construction blocks, coloring pencils, memory games and even soap for promoting hygiene.   一个宝盒里面有37种不同的玩具,可以给50名6岁以下的儿童使用。每个宝盒的费用是230美元,里面都是柔软和色的动物玩具。里面还有色拼图、积木、着色铅毕、记忆游戏,还有推广卫生的肥皂。UNICEF says the activities are wide-ranging. They encourage development, social interaction and promote playing, drawing, and story telling.   联合国儿童基金会说,这些活动范围广大。它们鼓励发展,社会互动,并且促使孩子玩游戏,画图和讲故事。Office of Emergency Programs Deputy Director Dermot Carty recalls the magical effect produced by a recreational kit upon the lives of children suffering the traumatic effects of the Indonesian tsunami.   紧急方案办公室副主管德莫特.卡蒂回想起这个宝盒在印尼遭遇海啸时对儿童生活上所产生的神奇效果。"The children's lives changed immediately. I always remember when the box was opened and the response of the children," said Carty. "First of all they started looking at each other, looking for the box and then looking at each other and it resulted in smiles and then suddenly there was a rush for the box and then suddenly you had interaction. You had children laughing. They were running around. They were playing with each other ... And it was just an amazing experience to have been there to witness that. In a period of five minutes you could see the lives of 100 children changing almost in front of your face."   “这个宝盒立即改变了儿童的生活。我一直记得,打开这个箱子时小朋友的反应。一开始,他们你看我,我看你, 然后看箱子,之后他们又彼此相看,结果露出微笑,大家突然冲向箱子,然后就有了互动。你听到小孩的笑声。他们在四处跑着。他们互相玩耍。在现场目睹这些情景真是惊人的经历。5分钟的时间内,你看到100名小孩的生活几乎在你眼前转变了。”The kit was tested in Chad, Liberia, Congo Brazzaville, Jamaica, Guyana, Maldives and Iraq before being launched. Carty says UNICEF has 1,100 boxes y to go to 18 countries and this number will grow.   在开始推出这个宝盒前,它已经在乍得、利比里亚、刚果首都、牙买加、圭亚那、马尔代夫和伊拉克进行了测试。卡蒂说,联合国儿童基金会已经有1,100个宝盒,准备送给18个国家,得到宝盒的国家数字还会继续增加。07/78480Somalia's Transitional Government Fears Withdrawal of Ethiopian Troops索马里过渡政府担心埃军撤离Officials in Somalia's transitional federal government are expressing deep concern about the future of the government after its chief military backer and political ally, Ethiopia, announced its intention to withdraw its forces from Somalia by the end of the year. The government is battling for its survival as Islamist insurgents close in on the capital Mogadishu and the seat of parliament in Baidoa. 索马里过渡联邦政府官员对该政府的未来深表担忧,因为索马里政府的主要军事后盾和政治盟友埃塞俄比亚宣布准备在年底之前从索马里撤军。伊斯兰叛乱分子正在向首都加迪沙和议会所在地拜多阿逼近,索马里政府正在为自己的生存而战。Somalia's Deputy Speaker of Parliament Osman Elmi Boqore says if Ethiopian troops leave Somalia next month, the government, which depends heavily on Ethiopian forces to protect it from insurgent attacks, may cease to exist. 索马里议会副议长奥斯曼.艾尔米.克尔说,如果埃塞俄比亚军队下个月撤出索马里,索马里政府可能会不复存在。索马里政府严重依赖埃塞俄比亚军队的保护,才能免受叛乱分子的攻击。The deputy speaker says an Ethiopian troop withdrawal is necessary because it is stipulated in a peace agreement signed between the government and an Islamist-led opposition faction earlier this year in Djibouti. But he says the Ethiopians should not leave before the deployment of a more robust African Union peacekeeping unit, which can protect the government and maintain security. 索马里议会副议长克尔说,埃塞俄比亚从索马里撤军是必要的,因为这是政府跟一个伊斯兰分子领导的反对派系今年年初在吉布提达成的和平协议规定的。不过克尔表示,在实力更强大的非洲联盟维和部队进驻索马里之前,埃塞俄比亚军队不应该撤离。非盟维和部队既能保护索马里政府,也能维持治安。There are currently about 3,000 AU troops from Uganda and Burundi in Somalia, who patrol only a small area of Mogadishu. 目前索马里有一由乌干达和布隆迪军人组成的3000人的非盟维和部队,他们只在加迪沙的一小块地区巡逻。In late 2006, Ethiopia sent thousands of troops to Somalia to oust Islamists from power and install a secular-but-unpopular government made up largely of former factional leaders. Since then, Ethiopian troops have been battling a ferocious Islamist-led insurgency while factional feuds, corruption, and allegations of war crimes and human rights abuses by both Ethiopian and Somali troops have continued to weaken the government and drain popular support.  2006年年底,埃塞俄比亚向索马里派出几千人的部队,推翻了伊斯兰分子掌权的政府,扶植了一个政教分离、但不受欢迎的政府,政府成员基本是原来的派系领导人。从那时起,埃塞俄比亚军队一直在打击由伊斯兰分子领导的残酷的叛乱活动,同时,派系争斗、腐败、以及有关埃塞俄比亚军队和索马里军队犯有战争罪行和践踏人权的指控继续削弱索马里政府,使之失去民心。The situation has also created a humanitarian disaster in Somalia, where more than three million people are said to be in critical need of food aid.  这种局面还在索马里造成人道主义灾难,据说该国有300多万人急需食品援助。The violence has also dampened enthusiasm for the deployment of several thousand more AU peacekeepers in Somalia. And a U.N. peacekeeping force called for in the Djibouti accord has yet to be formed. 索马里的暴力状况也打消了非洲联盟向索马里增派几千名维和军人的热情。吉布提协议中要求部署的联合国维和部队还没有组成。For months, Ethiopian officials have expressed frustration at the transitional federal government's inability to function as a governing body. Ethiopia says this has allowed Islamist groups, including the militant Shabab group listed by the ed States as a terrorist organization, to steadily regain control over most of the country.  几个月来,埃塞俄比亚官员对索马里过渡联邦政府无力行使政府职能表示失望。埃塞俄比亚认为,过渡政府的无能得以让被美国列为恐怖组织的青年党激进分子组织等伊斯兰分子组织稳步重新控制了索马里大部分地区。Earlier this week during an interview with a local news agency, Ethiopia's Foreign Minister Seyoum Mesfin openly lashed out at Somali leaders, saying they "have shown little, or at times, no iness to shoulder responsibility for the situation in Somalia."  埃塞俄比亚外长塞尤姆.梅斯芬这个星期早些时候接受当地新闻机构采访时公开抨击索马里领导人,说他们几乎没有表现出或者有的时候没有做好为索马里承担责任的准备。Mr. Seyoum warned that Ethiopian forces would not stay long in Somalia sacrificing themselves in defense of the government. 塞尤姆警告说,埃塞俄比亚军队不会继续待在索马里,牺牲自己来保卫这个政府。A spokesman for fighters in the Islamic Courts Union, Abdurahim Isse Adow, tells VOA that while he welcomes the announcement of an Ethiopian withdrawal, he remains skeptical that it will happen.  伊斯兰法院联盟武装分子发言人阿杜对美国之音记者说,他对埃塞俄比亚宣布撤军表示欢迎,但是他仍然怀疑埃塞俄比亚是否会真地撤军。Adow says if Ethiopian troops, who are seen as an occupying force, left Somalia, it would stop much of the violence and bloodshed in the country. But he says there is still no evidence to suggest that the Ethiopians are serious about pulling out. 阿杜说,如果被视为占领军的埃塞俄比亚军队撤离索马里,索马里大多数暴力和流血事件就会停止。不过他表示,目前仍然没有据显示埃塞俄比亚当真要撤军。Ethiopia says it is committed to the withdrawal plans. But it has assured African Union officials that its troops would remain on the border, y to intervene again in Somalia if conditions deteriorate. 埃塞俄比亚表示决心执行撤军计划。不过埃塞俄比亚向非洲联盟保,埃塞俄比亚部队会待在边界一带,一旦局势恶化,埃军随时准备重新进入索马里进行干预。200811/57481

The economy美国经济Excuses, excuses总是找借口A litany of special factors exposes the recovery’s fragility次危机中的连环利空因素揭露美国脆弱的复苏RECOVERIES from financial crises are usually subdued, but America’s is starting to look comatose. On May 26th the government said GDP grew by an annualised 1.8% in the first quarter, identical to its preliminary estimate. Economists had hoped for an upward revision. Worse, as signs of weakness accumulate, forecasters have trimmed estimates for the current quarter from around 3.5% they were projecting a month ago to 2.7% or less now.金融危机后的经济复苏总是温和的,但是美国的复苏现在看上去有点疲软。在5月26日,美国政府声称在第一季度,美国的国内生产总值按年度计算增长了1.8%,这与之前的估计数字相一致。经济学家们本来希望经济增长率会有一个向上的修正。随着一系列的疲软迹象的增加,现在,经济预测员们把当前季度的经济增长估计值从上个月所预测的3.5%调整到了2.7%或者更低的数字。 Last December an agreement between Barack Obama and the Republicans to extend George Bush’s tax cuts and enact new ones led to forecasts of 3% to 4% growth this year. But the new consensus rate of 2.6%, for a recovery now two years old, is barely above America’s long-term potential and scarcely enough to bring unemployment down. To be sure, the post-crisis imperative for banks and households to reduce their debt meant a V-shaped rebound was never on the cards. Even so, this is a terrible performance.去年12月,奥巴马和共和党人士之间在关于延长小布什的税收减免和颁布新的减税政策的事项上达成了一致,这使得人们对今年的经济增长有了3%到4%的预测。但是,近期的被公认的2.6的增长率几乎不能显示美国的长期增长潜力,这也不足以使失业率下降,因为到现在,复苏已经维持了两年之久。可以肯定的是,后经济危机迫使和家庭降低自身的负债,这意味着v字型的经济反弹是不可能发生的。201106/139832

One is the giant business, whose software powers more than 90% of the world's computers. The other is the firm, which has revolutionised the way many communicate. Now Skype is being swallowed up by Microsoft.微软,一个商业巨头,它占有世界上90%的计算机软件权力,另外这一公司已经革命性地改变了许多交流方式,现在Skype正在被它收购。 It’s just eight years since Skype started helping people to make calls over the internet for nothing,and this the third time it’s been bought and sold.这仅仅是八年自从Skype开始没有任何利益的帮助人们能通过网络进行交流。这已经是第三次它被卖和收购。Microsoft has been struggling to prove it can compete with the likes of Google and Apple.Now as it tries to make an impact on the mobile-phone world,it wants Skype to help it become a bigger force.微软一直在努力地明自己是可以与谷歌和苹果进行竞争的,就象现在微软正试着在手机世界造成一定的影响,它要Skype帮助它成为更强大的一个集团。Skype is now used by 170 million people around the world(each month),not just on their computers,but on the move-on their mobile phones and even on their tablet devices.Skype现在每个月的客户流量达到170万,他们不仅仅在自己的电脑上使用,还把这个用到了他们的手机,甚至移到他们的平板电脑上。Microsoft wants to tap in to this connected community,but it's paying a huge price for a business that isn't even profitable.微软要进入这个网络连接的团体,但它为这一甚至没有利益的商业投入很大的资金。201110/156205

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