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The Spring Festival break finished up Saturday and it#39;s been smooth sailing in terms of transport.According to the Spring Rush office at the Ministry of Railways, the seven day Spring Festival holiday saw over 31 million passengers on the rails, with over 29 hundred temporary trains deployed to help with the load.The railway department reports 6.5 million ticket sales made through internet and telephone booking. That#39;s over 20 percent of total ticket sales nation-wide. As for air travel, preliminary numbers show over 41, 000 flights between January 22nd and Jan 28th, up by 5.7% on last year.Those planes carried over 5.4 million passengers, an increase of 7.2 percent. Road traffic accidents numbered nearly 18 hundred, leaving 547 people killed and 2,080 injured, with direct property losses tallying over 5.6 million yuan. These were all down significantly compared to last year.春节长假已于周六正式宣告结束,人们已经搭乘各种交通工具平安顺利返回自己熟悉的工作岗位中。根据春运铁道部统计,春节长假期间铁路承载超过3100万名乘客,有超过2900辆临时列车参与部署协助工作。 Article/201201/169580J.J.Abrams对于神秘事物的爱要追溯到一个魔幻般的开端,他在许多影视作品中都表现出了这种热爱,包括:《科洛弗档案》,《迷失》和《双面女间谍》。 Article/201302/226116

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Just the facts: in 1949, China officially changed its name to the People#39;s Republic of China.这就是事实。在1949年,中国正式改名为中华人民共和国。The country had existed for centuries, but 1949 was when China became a communist nation.这个国家已经存在几千年,但是在1949年中国成为了共产主义国家。In a communist country, the government controls the economy and one political party holds all the power.在一个共产主义国家里,政府控制着经济,一个政党掌握所有的权利。AZUZ: That government and country are set to get a new leader.那个政府和国家计划着选举一个新领导人。Now, there won#39;t be a new party in charge of China.现在,不会有一个新的政党领导中国。The Communist Party will still lead the country#39;s government, but there will be a different person heading up that party.共产党仍会继续领导中国,但会由一个其他人来领导这个党。Every five years, more than 2,200 delegates from the Communist Party Congress get together.每五年,来自人民代表大会的2200个代表会聚集在一起。They evaluate the country#39;s progress and set new directions for China.他们评价国家的进步,为中国发展定出新的方向。Every ten years, they pick new leadership.每十年,他们选择新的领导班子。That process started today.这个过程从今天开始。Most, maybe all of the decisions are determined in advance.实际上,可能所有的决定都是预先做好的。And that#39;s why we can tell you that this man, Xi Jingping, is expected to be China#39;s next president.这就是我们为什么能告诉你这个人,习近平,会是中国的下一个主席的原因。He#39;s been the vice president for nearly 5 years, but some experts describe Xi as a mystery.他成为副主席已经接近5年了,但一些专家认为他很神秘。They say they are not sure what type of leader he would be.他们说他们不确定他将会是怎样的领导。 /201211/208880

Today in History: Wednesday, November 07, 2012历史上的今天:2012年7月,周三On Nov. 7, 1917, Russia#39;s Bolshevik Revolution took place as forces led by Vladimir Ilyich Lenin overthrew the provisional government of Alexander Kerensky.1917年11月7日,列宁领导的力量推翻了亚历山大·克伦斯基临时政府,俄罗斯的布尔什维克革命爆发。1893 Passage of a referendum made Colorado the first state to grant women the right to vote.1893年,全民公投决定,科罗拉多成为第一赋予妇女选举权的州。1911 Marie Curie became the first multiple Nobel Prize winner when she was given the award for chemisty eight years after garnering the physics prize with her late husband, Pierre. (She remains the only woman with multiple Nobels and the only person to receive the award in two science categories.)1911年,在与丈夫皮埃尔共同获得诺贝尔物理学奖八年后,居里夫人再获化学奖成为第一个多次获诺贝尔奖获得者。1916 Republican Jeannette Rankin of Montana became the first woman elected to Congress.1916年,蒙大拿共和党人Jennette Rankin成为第一位妇女国会议员。1944 President Franklin D. Roosevelt won an unprecedented fourth term in office, defeating Thomas E. Dewey.1944年,罗斯福击败Thomas E.Dewey,史无前例的赢得第四次连任。1962 Richard M. Nixon, who failed in a bid to become governor of California, held what he called his last press conference, telling reporters, ;You won#39;t have Nixon to kick around anymore.;1962年,理查德·尼克松,在努力成为加州州长失败后,称这是自己最后一次新闻发布会,告诉记者,“你们不再把尼克松当回事了。”1962 Former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt died at age 78.1962年,前第一夫人埃莉诺·罗斯福去世,享年78岁。1972 President Richard M. Nixon was re-elected in a landslide over Democrat George McGovern.1972年,理查德M.尼克松击败民主党人George McGovern连任美国总统。1973 Congress over-rode President Richard M. Nixon#39;s veto of the War Powers Act.1973年,国会搁置尼克松总统对战争权力法案的否决权。1991 Basketball star Magic Johnson announced that he had tested positive for the AIDS virus and was retiring.1991年,篮球明星魔术师约翰逊宣布他的艾滋病病毒检测呈阳性,正在退休。1998 House Speaker Newt Gingrich resigned following an election in which the Republican House majority shrunk from 22 to 12.1998年,在选举共和党众议院多数票从22减到12后,众议院议长纽特·金里奇辞职。2000 Republican George W. Bush was elected president over incumbent Democratic Vice President Al Gore, though Gore won the popular vote by a narrow margin. The winner was not known for more than a month because of a dispute over the results in Florida.2000年,共和党人乔治W.布什击败现任民主党副总统戈尔,当选美国总统,尽管此前普选中戈尔赢得了微弱的优势。因对佛罗里达结果的争论,获胜结果一个多月后才公布。2000 Hillary Rodham Clinton was elected to the U.S. Senate from New York, becoming the first first lady to win public office.2000年,来自纽约的希拉里·罗德姆·克林顿当选美国参议院,成为第一个赢得公职的女士。2006 Keith Ellison, a Democrat from Minnesota, became the first Muslim elected to Congress.2006年,来自明尼苏达州的民主党人基思·埃利森,成为第一位当选国会议员的穆斯林。2009 The Democratic-controlled House narrowly passed, 220-215, landmark health care legislation to expand coverage to tens of millions who lacked it and placed tough new restrictions on the insurance industry.2009年,民主党控制的众议院以220 - 215微弱差距通过具有里程碑意义的医保立法,以此扩大数千万缺少医保的覆盖范围,并在保险行业实行新的约束。 /201211/208021Back in the northeast in mid winter回溯到东北地区的往昔冬日the Great Wall still dominates the landscape长城依旧配着这块土地Originally built to keep out dangerous warriors最初建立以防范外敌入侵today it#39;s a little more than a curiosity如今成为了世界奇观The Han Chinese whose ancestors built the Wall先祖筑建了长城的汉族人now live in great cities like Harbin现在大多聚居在如哈尔滨之类far to the north.的极北城市Each year the artists of Harbin每年 哈尔滨的艺术家们get y for a special winter celebration都为了一场特殊的冬季盛会而做准备Giant blocks of ice from nearby rivers从临近河道中取来的巨大冰块undergo a magical transfermation正被施予一场不可思议的改造Tourists flock to Harbin from all over China中国各地的旅客们齐聚哈尔滨to see the spectacular carvings来观赏这些壮美的冰雕艺术品and the ice city that has sprung up all around一座冰雪之城拔地而起 /201209/198349How can I make women want to approach me?我怎样才能让女人愿意靠近我呢?The most important thing that I do when I want a girl to approach me is I want to look like I#39;m the most popular person in that club, whether it be talking to everybody. That#39;s usually what I do, is I talk to everybody in the club, from the bouncer, to the bartender, to everybody. She#39;s going to notice that. You#39;ve got to be a little bit more loud. When I go out I don#39;t wear what everybody else is wearing. I make myself look interesting. This again is going back to your hairdo, wearing louder clothes, making yourself look like “that guy looks different, is he from here?;, or whatever. That#39;s important, and when you do this and you go around the club and people are coming up to you and you act like you#39;re friends with everybody,they#39;re going to want to know who the hell that person is. Again that#39;s how you make them drawn to you. That#39;s exactly what happened recently. I went into a club and I only knew a few people, but this girl kept staring at me wondering who I was and eventually her friend came up to me and says ;hey, my friend wants to meet you.;当我想要一个女孩靠近我的时候,我经常做的最重要的是就是让自己看起来像是整个俱乐部最受欢迎的人,跟每一个人说话。也就是我经常跟俱乐部的每一个人说话,从保镖到侍者,以及每一个人。她一定会注意到的。你应该更高调一点。当我外出的时候,我的衣着一定与众不同。我让自己看上去很有趣。改造一下发型,穿夸张一点的衣,让你自己看上去“看,那个家伙如此与众不同,他是这里的人吗?”或者其他令人惊艳的感觉。这很重要。当你在俱乐部内走动的时候,人们都会看你,看上去就好像你和每个人都是朋友,他们想要这个这个家伙到底是谁。这也是你吸引人们注意的方法。最近我就是这样做的。我走进俱乐部,实际上我认识的人寥寥无几,但是这个女孩一直盯着我,想知道我是谁。结果,她的朋友走过来对我说,“你好,我的朋友想认识你一下。”Thanks for watching How To Make Women Want To Approach You.感谢收看“怎样让女孩愿意靠近我”视频节目。 Article/201211/208447

美少年那西斯在水中看到了自己的倒影,便爱上了自己。年轻美丽的你,想不想欣赏赤果果的自己呢?下面几个很有用的Tips让你发现自己的另一面。A Girl's Guide To Looking Good NakedHow to look good naked. This definitive guide provide some great techniques on how to look good naked through grooming, setting the scene, and accessories. A great to enhance your confidence, so come on girls, get naked and look great.Step 1: Long term fixes(长期保养) You only have the one body so look after it well. Everyday drink at least 2 litres of water, and exercise regularly to keep you looking your best. This needn't take over your life - just 10 minutes a day will make a difference. Your skin puts up with a lot of flak, so treat it right; exfoliate once a week and moisturize often. Not only does this increase you skins elasticity but the act of smoothing on lotion puts you directly in touch with the shape and feel of your body.Step 2: Grooming(打扮打扮)Before you bare your body take time to look your best. Defuzz any areas that are looking unkempt, this includes legs, arm pits and don't neglect your bikini area. Pubic topiary is all the rage right now - choose from a neat triangle, the strip, the full Brazilian, a heart, or whatever takes your fancy. Fake tan can do wonders to boost your confidence, try the new gradually colour products to get a natural sun kissed look rather than the baked orange effect. Your hair should look natural and touchable, your make-up flawless, and an alluring hint of perfume never goes a miss. Finish the look with a pedi and mani, well kept hands and feet instantly make you look polished and prepared.Step 3: Set the scene(设置场景)There is nothing more unflattering than the glare of over head lighting, so leave that switch alone. Get a soft, gentle glow by placing low wattage lamps around the room. Or for real impact light some candles, the seductive flicker will blur out any imperfections and create an amorous atmosphere. Back lighting is great for smoothing out lumps and bumps so position yourself in front the strongest light, or in front of a window if you are getting naked before nightfall. But don't forget, those outside will also be able to see in! Get the room temperature right. Although the cold will make your breasts stand to attention, shivering with hunched shoulders isn't a sexy look. A glow is good, but sweating profusely is not.Step 4: Work it(付诸实施)Avoid the temptation to suck in your tummy, it will make you appear stilted and unnatural. Instead imagine you are suspended by an th on the top of your head, this will elongate all your body parts, especially your neck and middle. Aim to stand on the diagonal, with a twist at the waist to the front instead of facing your viewer straight on - this will natural cinch you in. Drop your shoulders down and subtly arch your back, this will flatten your belly and make your boobs appear perkier. Love handles are called that for a reason so stop fretting over them, it's curves that make the naked body interesting - so be proud of yours. Whether standing, walking or sitting down aim to keep one leg in front of the other, this slims the body. And when sitting, a quick trick to elongate your legs is to point your toes.Eye contact is crucial, it makes all the difference between being just a naked body, or somebody naked, so use it wisely. Keep your hands relaxed and free, or place one on your hip to emphasis your curves. And whatever you do - don't fiddle.Step 5: Accessorize(装饰)Accentuate your nakedness with a prop or accessory. A necklace, scarf or feather boa are great, but don't be afraid to go with something a little more unusual. This will give you something to work with if you are a little nervous, and also, tantalizingly, emphasises your au natural state. Get confident and get naked. No one else has a body like yours - so show it off in all it's glory. Article/201105/135414

Reading short one page articles on the internet are not of any use for developing ing skills. As others have added aly, the more you the better you get. Don#39;t focus on individual words but rather the pargraphs as a whole. You might not know the word#39;s meaning but the context will help. I learnt many phrases, words etc just by the context.在网上读一页的短文章对于培养阅读能力一点用都没有。正如别人补充的,你读的越多,就理解得越好。不要只关注单词,应该把握整体段落。你可能不知道某个单词的意思,但语境有助于你理解单词。我有很多短语和单词就是通过语境学会的。Read a wide variety of styles and subject matter.读各种风格和题材的文章。Variety is the spice of life, as the old saying goes. It’s also the spice of understandability. Reading different kinds of writing styles and subject matter helps to extend your ‘range’ — your knowledge and familiarity of the different ‘textures’ of operation of the English language. So beyond your textbooks and set materials. There are no shortcuts to this.俗话说,丰富多样是生活的调味剂,它也是理解能力的调节剂。阅读不同的写作风格和题材帮你扩充知识面——知识和对英语语言各种运用方法的熟悉程度。所以不要只读教材和固定的阅读材料,提高阅读能力没有捷径可走。Here are my seven strategies for ing improvement.以下是7条提高阅读能力的技巧。1. Read about things that interest you. If you are interested in what you are ing about, the words will come alive, and you will be motivated to understand. You will feel satisfaction in accomplishing a task that you enjoy, and which you consider meaningful.1.读你感兴趣的东西。如果你对所读的东西感兴趣,你会觉得语言变得生动了,你会有动力去理解所读的东西。完成一件喜欢的而且你认为有意义的事会很有成就感。2. Read material that is at your level, or just a little difficult for you. Looking up many unknown words in a conventional dictionary is tedious, and the results of the dictionary search quickly forgotten. It is better to stay within your comfort zone and keep ing. Soon you will be able to take on more difficult content.2.读符合自己阅读水平的材料,或选择稍难的。用普通字典查很多不认识的单词是很乏味的,查到的东西也很快就忘了。最好选择读着舒的难度,并坚持阅读,很快你就能读更难的材料了。3. Learn to in depth, stay on the same subject for a while. If you are familiar with the subject you are ing about, you will understand better. If the subject matter is new to you, you should even try to a few different books or articles about the same subject, before you move on. This way you will meet the same vocabulary and ideas often, helping you to learn. You will also be able to get deeper into the subject and your ing confidence will grow.3.学会深入阅读,同一个题材多读一段时间。如果你熟悉所读的题材就能理解得更好。如果某个题材你没读过,你应该在读之前先试着读几本同题材的书或文章,这样你就能经常遇见相同的词汇和思想,有助于你学习。你也能更深入理解这个题材,同时也能增加阅读的信心。4. If you have trouble ing, listen first. Many great works of literature were written to be out loud. Learn to appreciate the art of the narrator. Listen to audio books or audio files of the material that you are ing. This will help make difficult content seem more familiar. Hearing the rhythm of someone ing a text will help your own ing.4.如果阅读有困难,可以先听。许多伟大的文学作品的创作都是为了被大声读出来,你要学会欣赏叙述的艺术。听听有声读物或阅读材料的音频文件会帮你熟悉较难的阅读内容。听听别人读文章的节奏对你自己的阅读会有帮助。5. Let your imagination get involved. Good ers get engrossed in their ing and let it trigger their imagination. Learn to enjoy your ing without asking too many questions or analyzing too much. It will just spoil the sensual enjoyment of the ing experience. You do not need to predict or analyze. Just enjoy and look forward to absorbing the information, ideas and thoughts expressed by the writer.5.激发你的想象力。好的阅读者会全神贯注地阅读,并让阅读激发想象力。学会享受阅读,不要问太多问题,也不要做太多分析,那样会破坏阅读体验的感觉上的享受。你不需要预测,也不需要分析,只需享受并期望获取作者传达的信息、思路和思想。6. Don’t worry about what you don’t understand. Most of your ing should be for pleasure. You can enjoy ing without understanding all of what you . You may even understand some things in your own personal way.6.不理解的地方不要担心。你大部分阅读应该只是为了乐趣。不理解所读的全部内容也能读得很享受,你甚至可以有自己的一些理解。7. Recognize that the key is to a lot. You may develop a system for keeping track of new words that you encounter in your ing. However, the main growth in your vocabulary and ing skill will come just from ing as much as you can. So learn to enjoy ing and a lot. Keep ing, and you will become a better er.7.记住提高阅读能力的关键在于多读。你可能习惯了记录阅读中遇到的新单词,然而词汇量的扩充和阅读能力的提升只来源于尽可能广泛的阅读,所以要学会享受阅读并多读。坚持阅读,你就会成为更好的阅读者。Unfortunately not all ing is just for pleasure. When you are ing a textbook or manual, or report or other material that have to for school or work, you may need to underline, take notes, and some parts over again, in order to retain what you are ing. However, if you have developed the habit of ing for pleasure, you will find that the cognitive techniques you need will come naturally, and that you will understand a lot better than before.不幸的是并非所有的阅读都是单纯为了乐趣。读课文、指南、报告或者其他学习或工作材料时,你可能为了记住所读材料需要划重点、记笔记,或反复读某些部分。然而如果你已经养成了为乐趣而阅读的习惯,你会发现你所需要的认知技巧自然而然就形成了,你的理解能力比之前更强。 /201706/513351

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