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固原市妇幼保健院肠胃科好不好陕西省妇幼保健院胃肠科官网专家在线咨询Track your friends and enemies with google google's new service enable you to track your friends and enemies or to be tracked? Let's hear what Greg Gutfled would say about this. So Google is releasing free software that helps people keep track of each other via their cell phones. The devices use GPS systems along with something called "cell tower triangulation", which help parents keep track of their stupid kids as well as monitoring whether you husband is really at work, or to make sure your girlfriend isn't banging a cameraman from the Glenn Beck show. Sorry Bill. Look, this idea that everyone needs to know exactly where you are at any given time makes me wanna throw up through my eyeballs and cry through my mouth. You see it in restaurants, where a person walks in on the phone, seeking directions to their table, as though they might take a wrong turn somewhere between the door and the bar. These people would have made great pioneers.Now I freely admit that all of this new technology is pretty awesome, but it makes me long for the days when you could just disappear and no one could find you. I once drove cross country in a crappy car, with nothing but a few hundred bucks, three pairs of underwears and suppliers. I made it in one piece and never called anyone for help. Even better, because there were no cell phones back in the 80s, folks could go missing for days before other people noticed. It was a boon for me, but it's sucked for the hitchhikers. And if you disagree with me, then you sir, well, you are worse than Hitler.bang: To have sex with someonehitchhiker: a person who travels by getting free rides from passing vehicles02/63169宝鸡市中心医院胃肠科在哪 国际足联今日强调没有发现任何关于尼日利亚的实质性据。B曾报道过一名欧足联官员在世界杯前警告国际足联,认为尼日利亚很可能参与。在希腊同尼日利亚赛前,这名欧足联官员担心尼日利亚的球员会操纵比赛,最终的比赛似乎印了他的判断,尼日利亚在先进一球的情况下被希腊逆转,凯塔主动申请红牌,奥巴西曾错失空门。FIFA对此作出了回应,表示迄今为止,他们没有获得关于任何这届杯赛的据。“正如大家所知,FIFA经过长时间的信息收集,并没有获得关于的情报。可以这么说,直到今天,没有任何据表明这届世界杯发生过的行为。” B News with David Austin. The US has announced for the elaborate spy swap with Russia has taken place successfully. 10 Russian agents arrested in US last month were flown to Vienna and exchanged for 4 people who've been jailed in Russia. David Villas reports from Washington.Shortly after private plights from Russia and America brought the spies to Vienna where they change planes and then took off, the American Justice Department announced the biggest spy swap since the Cold War had been successfully completed. The American plane carrying four spies from Russia stopped briefly at a British air-force base on its return to the US, and reports suggest that two of the four may have got off there. Senior US officials have the spy saga as important achievement, saying that by shutting down the network, they had demonstrated strong counter-intelligence capability and sent a warning to other countries that might be counter-planting spying on the US.The ed Nations Security Council has unanimously condemned the attack that caused the South Korean warship, the Cheonan, to sink earlier this year. But the statement drafted by the ed States stopped short of naming North Korea, despite the international inquiry which found that the communist country was to blame. The South Korean ambassador to the UN, Park In-kook welcomed the UN statement.I am sure that today's strong and unanimous statement will serve to make North Korea refrain from further attack or provocation.North Korea denies it carry out the attack.A massive police man hunting in North of England seems to be approaching its end after more than a week. Police negotiating with a man who matches the description of Raoul Moat who allegedly shot his ex-girlfriend, killed her new partner and shot a policeman after being released from prison last Thursday. A large number of armed police have surrounded the area in a town of Rothbury. Nick Ravenscroft has just filed this report.there are few confirmed details from police except a man fitting Raoul Moat description has been found near the centre of town. And they on a negotiating with him. And eyewitness Peter is watching events unfold from nearby and told the B what he could see.He moved from the lying down position to an upright position, he's sitting there, unfortunately got the short gun placing underneath his head.Earlier the public were urged to get in their homes by police officers who sealed off the roads.The American official overseeing the clear up operation for the oil spill in the gulf of Mexico says a new containment capped on the well with additional ship collecting oil could mean that the spill was effectively contained as early as Monday. Thad Allen, the national incident commander, said the existing cap which isn't stopping all of the oil would be replaced over the Weekend.this is the World News from the B. The Colombian politician, Ingrid Betancourt to spend six years as a hostage of the Farc guerrillas is seeking compensation from the Colombian government for her all deal. The government rejected the demand and expressed surprise and regret. James Reed reports.When Ingrid Betancourt was rescued by the Colombian army without a shot being fired, she described the operation as perfect. Now She and her family are seeking more than 6m dollars in damages for emotional distress and loss of earnings during her six years as a captive. The government says it sees no reason why it shall pay, noting that Colombian troops risked their lives to save hers. It said she ignored repeated warnings not to travel to the Rebel controlled area where she was kidnapped while campaigning to be president.The super model Naomi Campbell is to get evidence in the war crime's trial of the former president of Liberia, Charles Taylor. Earlier this month Mr Campbell was ordered to testify at the international criminal court in the Netherlands over allegations that she received a rough cut diamond as a gift from Mr Taylor, a former Liberian president has allegedly revealed such diamonds to buy weapon for rebels in Sierra Leone but has denied ever possessing them. Naomi Campbell spokeswoman said on Friday that the model wanted to help the dual process of law.The B has learned that the football's world governing body FIFA was warned before this year's world cup and fears that Nigeria's team could be vulnerable to match fixing. And investigator from UEFA, European football's top body raised concerns such as betting patterns, Nigeria went out the tournament to the first round losing to Greece. It's alleged certain Nigerian players came fouled during qualifying suggesting that their team was vulnerable to manipulation. FIFA doesn't deny getting a warning, but said it had no indication of match fixing in any World Cup matches.That's the latest B News. 201007/108768Helen Mirren pens memoirThe Oscar winning actress talks about her new book “In the Frame,” her mother and what a palm er predicted for herHelen Mirren took Hollywood by storm when she took on an Emmy Award, two Golden Globes and an Academy Award all in one year. The international super star took on the challenge of playing two of Britain’s most iconic figures, Elisabeth I and Elisabeth II. And now the 62-year-old is taking on the past again, telling her own life story. Helen Mirren’s book is In the Frame, My Life in Words and Pictures.Helen, good morning to you.Good morning.And I have to say, first of I learned in the book right away, Helen Mirren is not your real name.Well, actually it is my real name. But, em, you know, well, I was born with the name of Mironov. So, officially I guess I would be Mironov now, because my father was born in Russia.Which I didn’t realize (is) your paternal side, your grandfather actually was in the military during the Tsar. He came to England to purchase arms and live. (Absolutely) Russian Revolution breaks out; he’s suddenly a refugee and your dad was born in England.Yes, well, no, my dad was actually..(was aly born) was born in Russia. But he came at the age of two or three with my grandparents to England. So absolutely I’m half Russian, I would say it’s, my bottom half is Russian. HaWhy the bottom half?Well, you know, good old Russian peasants stopped down there, somewhere.Talk to me about your childhood, because your dad was a cab driver (Yes) and your mom was sort of a reluctant homemaker who wanted more for her girls.Yes, my mom was, is a very early feminist I guess. You know. The, you know, the issue of marriage and never came in up in our family. You know. "Oh, don’t worry, darling, you’ll get married and a man will take care of you." That was never promoted as a, as a sort of life choice. Our life choice was always, you must make your own money, you must have your own money, you must be economically independent of any one. And where my mom got that from, I don't know, but, yes, I think she was a reluctant mother. She was a great mom and she was fun, and you know, she cooked if you think she didn’t get up in the morning. But she was a great mother, but I don’t know if she really, really wanted to be a mother. I think a lot of women don’t actually.So, where did your love of acting come from?I don’t, I don’t know. I mean, er, I think a perfect combination of my parents. My, certainly one of my ancestors in Russia started one of the earliest theaters in Russia. It was a surf theater on Neri state. That was sort of like 300 hundred years ago. Em, so I had that in on my father side, or on my mother side, she was just a huge drama queen. So, you know.And yet, you write in your book: "Even now my relationship with the audience is ambivalent. I’m vaguely embarrassed by the idea of being looked at."Yes, yes, I just don't. Not all liked that to be looked at at all. They act sort of disappearance to something. And I think that is sort of the case…01/61403西安妇幼保健院消化病正规吗?怎么样

渭南市能治疗胃病吗India Decries Lack of Progress at Climate Talks印度指责气候谈判缺乏进展With three days remaining at the Copenhagen climate talks, India's government is expressing its disappointment with the proposals put forth so far.Officials are also maintaining India will keep to its hard-line stance of not compromising on what they call New Delhi's "non-negotiable positions."印度官员还坚持说,印度将维持其强硬姿态,也就是不会在他们所说的新德里方面“不可谈判的立场”上作出妥协。On the eve of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's departure for the U.N. climate conference in Copenhagen, government officials did little to hide their frustration and pessimism with the talks. 在辛格总理启程前往哥本哈根参加联合国气候大会前夕,印度政府官员并没有掩饰他们对此次谈判表现出的挫折感和悲观。Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao expresses hope for a bridging the gap between developed and developing countries, but acknowledges there has been little progress. 印度外交秘书尼鲁帕玛·拉奥琪表示,她希望看到发达国家和发展中国家的分歧能够得到弥合,但是她认为在这方面没有取得什么进展。"The numbers put on the table, so far, unfortunately are disappointing," Rao said.拉奥琪说:“不幸的是,到目前为止,放在桌面上的数字令人失望。”Rao reiterates Prime Minister Singh will not be negotiating on certain issues that are at the core of India's stance. 拉奥琪重申,辛格总理将不会就某些涉及印度核心立场的议题进行谈判。"We will not accept a legally-binding emission reduction cut," Rao said. "We will not, under any circumstances, accept an agreement which stipulates a peaking order for our emissions."  她说:“我们将不会接受一个具有法律约束力的减排方案。我们将不会在任何情况下接受一个强制为我们设定排放峰值的协议。”India also maintains it would not allow any international scrutiny of whatever voluntary mitigation actions it funds domestically with its own money. 印度还坚持不会允许国际间对其在以自有资金在国内进行的任何自愿性减排行为进行监督。Mr. Singh's special envoy on climate change, Shyam Saran, says India is still trying to reach an accord with other countries for what he terms a "good" outcome at the talks. 辛格的气候变化特使萨兰说,印度还是在努力与其他国家达成一个协定,也就是他所说的“良好的”谈判结果。And the top Indian negotiator on site at the meeting in Denmark tells reporters the current global emissions treaty, the Kyoto Protocol, "is in intensive care, if not dead." 正在丹麦参加会议的印度高级谈判代表对记者说,当前的全球排放协定,也就是京都议定书,“即便没有死掉,也可以算是病危了。”Supporters of the 1997 agreement have been hoping the current talks would pave the way for extending or toughening the pact which obligates 40 rich countries to limit carbon emissions. The Kyoto accord expires in 2012. 1997年协议的持者希望正在进行的谈判能够为该协议得以延长,或者得以加强铺平道路。京都议定书强制性要求40个富裕国家限制其碳排放。该协定将于2012年到期。The Copenhagen negotiations, in which nearly 200 nations are participating, are deemed to be deadlocked. That is dashing hopes a meaningful deal - or even a political agreement - can presented by Friday to Mr. Singh and other key heads of government, including U.S. President Barack Obama and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao.有近200个国家参加的哥本哈根谈判看样子陷入了僵局。这令在星期五时产生一个有意义的协议,或是形成一个政治协议的希望变得渺茫。12/92216西京医院看肠胃病咋样 D: 3.1415926535 . . . Y: Don. Don? D: What? Y: What are you doing? D: I was trying to break the record for memorizing pi. Now I'll have to start over. Y: Memorize pi? Oh yeah, I remember that from 7th grade geometry. But how can you memorize pi? We usually abbreviate it as 3.14, but the numbers just keep going after the decimal point. D: I'm trying to memorize as many numbers as I can. The record is 42,000 decimal places. Y: Wow. You're really going to try to memorize that much? Why? What is pi, anyway. D: It's only one of the most fascinating numbers in the history of mathematics. It sounds simple: Pi equals the circumference of a circle divided by its diameter. No matter how large or small the circle, the ratio always equals pi. Y: That's interesting. D: Yes, and it has been for over 4000 years. The Babylonians were the first to approximate pi, and ever since, mathematicians have come up with ways of figuring it more accurately. In modern times we've used supercomputers to calculate pi to billions of decimal places. Y: That's really something. But what's all the excitement about? I mean, what is pi used for? D: It's used to measure the length of arcs and other curves and to determine the area of sectors and other curves. It's also used to measure the volume of solids. For instance, if you're a rocket scientist trying to calculate the fuel capacity of a cylindrical fuel tank, pi's your guy. Y: Cool. D: Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a record to break. Y: Good luck. D: 3.1415 9265 3589 7932 3846 . . . 【生词注释】memorize v.记住, 记下pi n.圆周率start over 重新开始geometry n. 几何学decimal point 小数点fascinating adj.迷人的curve n.曲线sector n.扇形201110/157161西安市中心医院胃病科专家地址电话

延安市妇幼保健院肠胃科专家咨询Russia Accuses Ukraine of Blackmail on Gas Transit俄罗斯和乌克兰的天然气管道之争 Russia and Ukraine have ended 2008 with an escalating dispute over gas deliveries through a key pipeline that supplies much of Western Europe. Each side is blaming the other for the dispute. 俄罗斯和乌克兰两国以不断升级的争吵度过了2008年,两国的争论围绕着通过一条主要管道向西欧提供天然气的问题。双方都认为争论的责任在对方。A spokesman for the Russian gas giant, Gazprom, held up a letter at a Moscow new conference on New Year's Eve that he says was signed by the head of Ukraine's gas company. He says the letter threatened to cut off supplies flowing through a pipeline that supplies Western Europe with 25 percent of its gas. 俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司的发言人新年前夕在莫斯科举行的新闻发布会上展示了一封信,他说这封信是乌克兰天然气公司的负责人签署的。这位发言人说,这封信威胁要切断通过一条输送管道向西方提供的天然气供应。这部分天然气占西欧天然气消费总量的百分之25。Gazprom's deputy chief, Alexander Medvedev referred to the Ukrainian letter as blackmail and unprecedented in the history of the international energy business. He added that Ukraine would be violating a contract it signed to continue deliveries to Western Europe through the end of 2010.  俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司的副总裁阿列克山德尔·麦德维杰夫把乌克兰方面的这封信说成是勒索,并且在国际能源交易史上还没有先例。他补充说,乌克兰违反了它签署的一份向西欧输送天然气的合同,这份合同2010年末到期。Medvedev says Ukrainians did not respond when asked directly why they do not want to honor the contract. He says Ukrainians insist there is no contract, even after they are shown signatures and laws, simply because they do not want an agreement. 麦德维杰夫说,乌克兰对于俄罗斯方面有关为什么不遵守合同的直接提问没有做出答复。他说,乌克兰方面坚持认为并不存在这份合同,甚至俄罗斯向乌克兰方面出示了签名和文书之后,他们还坚持这种说法,因为他们只是不想承认这份协议。A spokesman for Naftohaz, the Ukranian gas company, told VOA that its obligation extends only to a contractual framework for gas transit valid through 2013. However, Valentyn Zemliansky says agreement on specific issues is reached on an annual basis. 乌克兰的NOFTOHAZ天然气公司的发言人瓦兰亭·泽姆连斯基对美国之音说,他们公司的义务只涉及到有关输送天然气的合同框架,协议框架在2013年到期。但是他表示,双方在具体问题上的协议是每年都需要更新的。Zemliansky says additional agreements cover the volume and quality of gas, as well as transit costs, and he notes that an agreement on these items for has not been signed. 泽姆连斯基说,一些补充协议涉及天然气的数量和质量,以及运输成本。他指出,有关这些问题的年协议还没有签署。Senior Gazprom officials have made conflicting statements about the status of Ukrainian payment of its billion debt to Gazprom. Gazprom chairman, Alexei Miller, says the funds have yet to appear in company accounts. That statement came a day after Ukraine announced it had paid its obligations for November and December deliveries. However, a deputy to the Gazprom chairman, Alexander Medvedev, says payment has in fact been received. 俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司的高层官员在乌克兰向俄罗斯的这家公司偿还20亿美元债务的问题上说法不一。俄罗斯天然气公司董事长阿列克赛·米勒说,这笔钱还没有出现在公司的账面上。就在他说这番话的前一天,乌克兰宣布它已经付了11月和12月输送天然气的费用。然而,俄罗斯天然气公司的副总裁麦德维杰夫说,乌克兰方面的付款已经收到了。Gazprom Chairman Alexei Miller has said there must be an agreement for Russia to have a legal basis to continue gas deliveries to Ukraine after January 1. 俄罗斯天然气公司董事长米勒说,俄罗斯方面必须有一个以法律为基础的协议才能够在1月1号之后继续向乌克兰输送天然气。Gazprom has been seeking to increase Ukraine's price for gas in the New Year to 8 per 1,000 cubic meters, more than double the current rate.  俄罗斯天然气公司一直寻求在新年后把乌克兰的天然气价格涨到每千立方米418美元,几乎是现有价格的两倍。In 2006, Western European consumers noticed a drop in gas pipeline pressure after Russia cut supplies to Ukraine in a similar mid-winter payment dispute.  2006年,西欧消费者注意到,俄罗斯在进入冬季之后和乌克兰在付款问题上发生了类似的争吵,然后俄罗斯切断了对乌克兰的天然气供应,输气管道的压力出现下降。Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has warned that Ukrainian relations with Russia and the European Union will suffer serious consequences if Kyiv disrupts supplies to Western Europe. 俄罗斯总理普京警告说,如果基辅中断对西欧的天然气供应,乌克兰同俄罗斯以及同欧盟的关系将面临严重后果。01/60159 If threw these nails out into the crowd, extremely deadly shrapnel. Once the FBI knows what materials were used to build the bomb and how it was concealed, agents make a public appeal for information about the bomber. Today in showing you this backpack of this reconstructed bomb here, we believe we've given every possible opportunity to recount to the public to refresh their memories and perhaps can follow additional information. But Sachtleben reveals another secret for rebuilding bombs. Actually go to a bombing range and use, and sometimes, thousands of pounds of explosives inside of a vehicle that we think similar to the one used, detonate it. Go out, measure the crater, measure where the pieces were, were found, collect the evidence that we find there and compare it to what we had at the bombing scene. There is also another reason for these dramatic recreations. These images give jurors an unforgettable look at the devastation a bomb can cause. Sometimes, we'll actually go to our explosive range and reconstruct the device, detonate it, film that, so we can go into court and show that to the judge and jury. Eric Rudolph, the man accused of the bombings of both the Olympics and the abortion clinic in Atlanta has yet to face a jury, he remains at large. But thanks to the Explosives , McVeigh and Kaczynski will never again pose a threat to society. However, the FBI's ultimate goal is to catch terrorists before they strike. Bridgeport, Texas, the residents of this sleepy farm town outside Dallas have no idea that their lives are in danger. That's because the people caught on this surveillance are planning a terrorist attack. The suspected bombers are members of the Ku Klux Klan. They are scheming to destroy the Mitchell Energy refinery as a diversion for another crime, an armored car heist which would fund the war they are planning against the US government. But these terrorists are unaware that the FBI is watching their every move, that's because one of their own is secretly working undercover for the FBI as an informant.201001/93846蓝田县萎缩性胃炎反流性胃炎食道炎西安电力中心医院肠胃科在哪个区



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