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And then our mothers tell us, Careful you dont fall down, because youll fall over.然后母亲告诉我们,没有跌倒也要小心,因为你还会掉下来。Now, go into the real atmosphere of this planet.现在,进入这个行星真正的大气层。This planet has an inner atmosphere of water;its its inner atmosphere. It has two atmospheres a lesser, outer gaseous atmosphere, a lighter one.这个行星具有一个由水组成的内部大气层。这就是内部大气层。它有两个大气层。外面一个是小点的,气体的大气层,重量较轻。Most of life on earth is in that inner atmosphere.地球上绝大多数的生物生活在内部大气层里。And that life enjoys a three-dimensional existence,which is alien to us.这些生物的享受着一个三维立体的生活空间,对我们来说这简直天方夜谭。Fish do not sit in seats.鱼儿不会坐在椅子里。They dont. Their mothers dont say to little baby fish,Careful you dont fall over.它们不会。鱼儿的妈妈也不会对它们说,没有摔倒你也要小心。They dont fall over. They dont fall.它们不会摔倒,不会的。They live in a three-dimensional world where there is no difference in energy between going this way, that way, that way or that way.它们活在一个三维的世界里,在那里,向这个方向,或那个方向,所需要的能量是没有区别的。Its truly a three-dimensional space.这是一个真正的三维空间,And were only just beginning to grasp it.而我们才刚刚开始理解它。I dont know of any other submersible,or even remote, that just takes advantage that this is a three-dimensional space.我不知道其他潜水器,甚或是遥控潜水器,有没有想到利用这种三维空间。This is the way we should be going into the oceans.这才是我们迈向海洋所要采用的方式。This is a three-dimensional machine.这就是一个三维的机器。What we need to do is go down into the ocean with the freedom of the animals,and move in this three-dimensional space.我们要做的就是像那些动物一样,在这个三维的海洋空间里遨游。OK, this is good stuff.这确实是好东西。This is mans first attempt at flying underwater.这是人类第一次尝试在水下飞翔。Right now, Im just coming down on this gorgeous, big, giant manta ray.此刻,我正在水下和这只漂亮的,巨大的鲾鲼一起。She has twice the wingspan that I do.她的翼展是我的两倍。There Im coming; she sees me.我开了过去,她看到我。And just notice how she rolls under and turns;she doesnt sit there and try and blow air into a tank and kind of flow up or sink down she just rolls.请注意她是如何翻滚和转体。她不是坐在那里,也没有通过鼓气到槽罐里来控制上浮或下沉,她就是翻转。And the craft that Im in this hasnt been shown before.而我的飞船,这是第一次在这里展示的。Chris asked us to show stuff that hasnt been shown before.克里斯让我来这里秀一些从未展示过的东西。I wanted you to notice that she actually turned to come back up.我希望你们注意到她实际上是翻个身又转回来的。There I am; I see her coming back,coming up underneath me.那就是我;我看到她回来了,从我下面游上来。I put reverse thrust and I try and pull gently down.我翻转推进,想慢慢地往下。Im trying to do everything very gently.我试着很小心地做这一切。We spent about three hours together and shes beginning to trust me.我们花了大概三小时,她逐渐开始信任我。And this ballet is controlled by this lady here.而这位女士也主导着这芭蕾。She gets about that close and then she pulls away.一到完结,她就转身离开了。So now I try and go after her, but Im practicing flying.我试着要去追她,但我还在练习怎么飞…This is the first flying machine. This was the first prototype.这是第一架会飞的潜水器。这是最原始的雏形。This was a fly by wire. It has wings.这是次连接导线的飞行。它拥有翅膀,Therere no silly buoyancy tanks its permanently, positively buoyant.没有愚蠢的浮箱,它具有持久的浮力。201501/353765

And I just look at this, and I think, yes,看到这些,我想,是的we could take that so much further by allowing people to set targets我们能可以把它带到更广阔的境界,以让人们去设定目标的方式by setting calibrated targets,以设置校准目标的方式by using elements of uncertainty,以使用不确定因素的方式by using these multiple targets,以使用这些多重目标的方式by using a grand, underlying reward and incentive system,以一个浩大的,潜在的奖励和激励系统by setting people up to collaborate in terms of groups, in terms of streets to collaborate and compete,依靠建立合作以群体形式,路边组合形式协作,竞争to use these very sophisticated group and motivational mechanics we see.以这些我们看到的非常复杂的群体和激励机制In terms of education,这在教育方面perhaps most obviously of all, we can transform how we engage people.大概显然是最有效的就是我们可以改变和人共事的方式We can offer people the grand continuity of experience and personal investment.我们可以提供人们在经历和个人投资上浩大的连续性We can break things down into highly calibrated small tasks.我们可以把事情拆分为可高度校准的小任务We can use calculated randomness.我们能用数理随机性We can reward effort consistently as everything fields together.我们能持续奖励努力正如所有东西传递承接在一起And we can use the kind of group behaviors that we see evolving when people are at play together,并且我们能用这种群体行为,我们看到它在人们共同游戏时演变these really quite unprecedentedly complex cooperative mechanisms.这些极空前复杂的合作机制Government, well, one thing that comes to mind is the U.S. government, among others,政府,有件事在我脑海中浮现,那就是美国政府,是所有政府中is literally starting to pay people to lose weight.首次书面声明付费用给人们用于减肥So were seeing financial reward being used to tackle the great issue of obesity.所以我们在谈论财政激励被用于解决肥胖症的巨大问题But again, those rewards could be calibrated so precisely但,那些激励能够被如此精确地标量if we were able to use the vast expertise of gaming systems to just jack up that appeal,如果我们能够用游戏系统中庞大的专门技术来持这种需要to take the data, to take the observations, of millions of human hours去积累数据,执行观察分析代替百万人工作量and plow that feedback into increasing engagement.和艰苦劳动来反馈提升人的参与度And in the end, its this word, ;engagement,; that I want to leave you with.最后,关键词是,参与度,这是我要留给大家的Its about how individual engagement can be transformed这是关于如何用心理学和神经学的经验来转换by the psychological and the neurological lessons个人的参与行为we can learn from watching people that are playing games.我们可以从观察人的游戏中学习But its also about collective engagement这同时也是关于集体参与and about the unprecedented laboratory for observing what makes people tick这是前所未有的实验室,我们通过游戏世界这个平台and work and play and engage on a grand scale in games.观察什么让人行动,什么让人工作,游戏和投入And if we can look at these things and learn from them如果我们观察这些并从中学习and see how to turn them outwards,并找到将它通用到游戏之外的方法then I really think we have something quite revolutionary on our hands.那么我真的任务我们正在做的士一件具有革命性的事情Thank you very much.非常感谢201511/411968

South Korean President Park Geun-hye spoke at a joint session of Congress on May 8, 2013. She discussed U.S.-Korean collaboration regarding regional security and economic initiatives.201412/348265

Chancellor Wrighton, members of the Board of Trustees and the Administration, distinguished faculty, Class of 1965, hard-working staff, my fellow honorees, proud and relieved parents, calm and serene grandparents, distracted but secretly pleased siblings, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, graduating students, good morning. I am deeply honored that you have asked me here to say a few words at this momentous occasion, that you might find what I have to say worthy of your attention on so important a day at this remarkable institution.It had been my intention this morning to parcel out some good advice at the end of these remarks – the ;goodness; of that being of course subjective in the extreme – but then I realized that this is the land of Mark Twain, and I came to the conclusion that any commentary today ought to be framed in the sublime shadow of this e of his: ;Its not that the world is full of fools, its just that lightening isnt distributed right.; … More on Mr. Twain later.I am in the business of history. It is my job to try to discern some patterns and themes from the past to help us interpret our dizzyingly confusing and sometimes dismaying present. Without a knowledge of that past, how can we possibly know where we are and, most important, where we are going? Over the years Ive come to understand an important fact, I think: that we are not condemned to repeat, as the cliché goes and we are fond of ing, what we dont remember. Thats a clever, even poetic phrase, but not even close to the truth. Nor are there cycles of history, as the academic community periodically promotes. The Bible, Ecclesiastes to be specific, got it right, I think: ;What has been will be again. What has been done will be done again. There is nothing new under the sun.;What that means is that human nature never changes. Or almost never changes. We have continually superimposed our complex and contradictory nature over the random course of human events. All of our inherent strengths and weaknesses, our greed and generosity, our puritanism and our prurience parade before our eyes, generation after generation after generation. This often gives us the impression that history does repeat itself. It doesnt. It just rhymes, Mark Twain is supposed to have said…but he didnt (more on him later).Over the many years of practicing, I have come to the realization that history is not a fixed thing, a collection of precise dates, facts and events (even cogent commencement es) that add up to a quantifiable, certain, confidently known, truth. It is a mysterious and malleable thing. And each generation rediscovers and re-examines that part of its past that gives its present, and most important, its future new meaning, new possibilities and new power.Listen. For most of the forty years Ive been making historical documentaries, I have been haunted and inspired by a handful of sentences from an extraordinary speech I came across early in my professional life by a neighbor of yours just up the road in Springfield, Illinois. In January of 1838, shortly before his 29th birthday, a tall, thin lawyer, prone to bouts of debilitating depression, addressed the Young Mens Lyceum. The topic that day was national security. ;At what point shall we expect the approach of danger?; he asked his audience. ;…Shall we expect some transatlantic military giant to step the Earth and crush us at a blow?; Then he answered his own question: ;Never. All the armies of Europe, Asia, and Africa … could not by force take a drink from the Ohio [River] or make a track on the Blue Ridge in a trial of a thousand years … If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.; It is a stunning, remarkable statement.That young man was, of course, Abraham Lincoln, and he would go on to preside over the closest this country has ever come to near national suicide, our Civil War – fought over the meaning of freedom in America. And yet embedded in his extraordinary, disturbing and prescient words is a fundamental optimism that implicitly acknowledges the geographical force-field two mighty oceans and two relatively benign neighbors north and south have provided for us since the British burned the White House in the War of 1812.We have counted on Abraham Lincoln for more than a century and a half to get it right when the undertow in the tide of those human events has threatened to overwhelm and capsize us. We always come back to him for the kind of sustaining vision of why we Americans still agree to cohere, why unlike any other country on earth, we are still stitched together by words and, most important, their dangerous progeny, ideas. We return to him for a sense of unity, conscience and national purpose. To escape what the late historian Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., said is our problem today: ;too much pluribus, not enough unum.;It seems to me that Lincoln gave our fragile experiment a conscious shock that enabled it to outgrow the monumental hypocrisy of slavery inherited at our founding and permitted us all, slave owner as well as slave, to have literally, as he put it at Gettysburg, ;a new birth of freedom.;201508/395101

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