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China#39;s top food safety regulator demanded on Monday a thorough investigation into the whereabouts of 17,000 cans of fake-brand baby formula-which have been sold nationwide-to eliminate risks.中国最高食品安全监管机构本周一要求彻查1.7万罐冒牌婴幼儿配方乳粉的流向,以消除风险。这些假冒乳粉已销往全国。According to the China Food and Drug Administration, quality inspections by police in Shanghai showed that the formula met national standards and posed no safety threat. The administration said online sales platforms will be held accountable if found to have been involved in food safety crimes.国家食药监总局表示,上海公安部门对假冒乳粉进行的质检显示,产品符合国家标准,不存在安全风险。国家食药监总局表示,网络销售平台一旦被发现涉嫌食品安全犯罪行为,将被问责。The Supreme People#39;s Procuratorate said on its website in March that six people were arrested in Shanghai in January for producing and selling the fake-brand formula, from which they profited by nearly 2 million yuan (0,000).最高人民检察院3月份在官网发布消息称,今年1月份,6人因生产销售冒牌乳粉、获利近200万元(这和31万美元)而在上海落网。The procuratorate said the suspects were accused of buying cheap baby formula, or milk powder, for ;non-baby use; and packaging it in cans bearing the labels of top brands.检察院表示,这些嫌疑人被指控购买廉价婴儿奶粉或非婴儿奶粉,并将其装入顶级品牌奶粉的瓶罐中。They then sold the products to salespeople in places including Zhengzhou in Henan province and Xuzhou in Jiangsu province. The salespeople sold them in a number of places across China, the procuratorate said.然后,他们将这种产品销售给河南省郑州市和徐州省江苏市的销售人员。检察院表示,随后这些销售人员在全国各地分批销售。The China Food and Drug Administration said on Monday that consumers should be cautious when buying baby formula online.国家食药监总局周一表示,消费者在网上购买婴幼儿配方奶粉时一定要谨慎小心。 /201604/436224A Chinese traffic policeman prevented a disastrous accident thanks to his experience, winning praise from the world after a surveillance was broadcasted by CNN.在美国有线电视新闻网(CNN)播出一则监控视频后,一名凭经验阻止一场灾难事故发生的中国交警获得了来自全球的称赞。Li Weiqi, the traffic police on duty on April 21, was patrolling at a big busy intersection in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. At some point, he noticed there was something weird about the road as minor cracks showed even though most people would have ignored it.4月21日,值勤交警礼为奇在浙江省杭州市某繁华十字路口巡查。突然,他注意到路面有问题,路面开始出现小裂缝,但是大多人都忽视了这个问题。Li didn#39;t miss the signal of danger. He started to ease the traffic and directed passing cars to bypass the questionable road surface.但是,礼为奇并没有放过这一危险的信号。他开始疏导交通,引导来往车辆绕过该可疑路面。It was not an easy job as the crossing was quite busy. Soon, he brought some road cones from nearby and blocked the area. His colleagues came and helped him to surround the area to warn the passing vehicles to stay away from it.但是这并不是一件容易的事情,因为该路口交通情况异常繁忙。不久,他从附近拿来了一些路障,将该区域隔离开来。之后,他的同事们赶到并帮助他将该区域围起来,以提醒过往车辆远离。It was only four minutes from the time Li noticed the problem and set up all the cones. Then, a two-meter-deep sinkhole appeared. Thanks to the police#39;s foresight, nobody was hurt.从礼为奇注意到这个问题到设置完所有路障,仅仅花了4分钟。然后,路面出现了一个2米深的大坑。多亏了礼为奇的预见性,无人受伤。CNN uploaded the on its official Facebook account and received more than 3.9m clicks and over 21,000 shares.之后,CNN在其脸书官方账号上传了该视频,播放次数超过了390万,分享次数超过了2.1万。Li Weiqi said he never met this situation before but he knew it might be something wrong and needed to be cautious when he saw the cracks, according to zjol.com.据浙江在线报道,礼为奇表示,他此前从未遇到过这种情况,但是当他看到裂缝时,他知道可能会有问题发生,并且需要谨慎小心。He said there was a breath-stopping moment when a driver tried to go over the problematic area but he did his best to stop the vehicle. The driver was impatient and asked him if he violated any regulation. Just at that moment, the road collapsed just in front of them.礼为奇说,当一个司机试图通过该问题区域时真是千钧一发。但是他尽了自己全力拦下了这辆汽车。这名司机非常不耐烦,询问礼为奇是否自己违反了什么交通规则。就在这时,道路就在他们面前塌陷了。;He kept saying thank you for saving my life,; Li said, ;I told him it#39;s not a big deal. This is my job.;礼为奇表示:“之后,该司机不停地感谢我救了他的命。我告诉他,这没什么大不了的。这是我的本职工作。” /201605/441435Silicon Valley’s stereotypical approach to solving public problems is to invest in social entrepreneurship. Bypass lumbering government bureaucracy to find innovative solutions that harness economic incentives to create social value. In place of government-run schools, find corporations to fund charter schools. Instead of foreign aid, fund Kiva, a platform that allows individuals with capital, however small, to lend directly to development entrepreneurs who need it.硅谷解决公共问题的模式化做法是投资社会企业。绕过迟缓的政府官僚体制,找到利用经济激励创造社会价值的创造性解决方法。找到企业资助特许学校,以替代政府办学。不是直接对外援助,而是资助Kiva平台,无论数额有多小,拥有资金的个人都可以通过该平台直接借钱给需要资金的创业家。The tech titan perhaps most identified with the concept and practice of social enterprise is Jeff Skoll, first president of eBay, whose eponymous foundation has invested directly in social entrepreneurs around the world, as well as establishing the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at the Sa#239;d Business School, Oxford university, and the annual Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship.最能体现社会企业的概念和实践的科技业巨子可能是eBay的首任总裁杰夫#8226;斯科尔(Jeff Skoll)。他的与自己同名的基金会直接投资给全世界的社会企业家,他还在牛津大学(University of Oxford)赛德商学院(Sa#239;d Business School)建立了斯科尔社会企业中心(Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship),并举办一年一度的斯科尔社会企业世界论坛(Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship)。The growing class of social entrepreneurs that Skoll and others fund stands between the private and public sectors, applying new tools and approaches to the work government has traditionally done. But in a new book, Getting Beyond Better: How Social Entrepreneurship Works, Skoll Foundation chief executive Sally Osberg and Roger Martin, former dean of the Rotman School of Management, present a model of social enterprise that directly engages government in a number of critical ways.斯科尔和其他人资助的不断扩大的社会企业家队伍立于私人部门和公共部门之间,将新的手段和方法运用到传统上由政府完成的工作上。但在一本新书《超越更好:社会企业是如何运作的》(Getting Beyond Better: How Social Entrepreneurship Works)中,斯科尔基金会的首席执行官萨莉#8226;奥斯贝格(Sally Osberg)和罗特曼管理学院(Rotman School of Management)前院长马丁#8226;罗杰(Roger Martin)提出了一种社会企业模式,以多种极其重要的方式直接让政府参与进来。They offer a helpful definition of social entrepreneurs, as distinct from direct social service providers and social advocates. Social entrepreneurs, they write, “seek to shift a stable but suboptimal equilibrium in a way that is neither entirely mandated nor entirely market driven. They create new approaches to old and pernicious problems.”他们提出了一种有益的社会企业家定义,与社会务的直接提供者和社会事业的倡导者区分开来。他们写道,社会企业家“寻求以一种既非完全授权,又非完全市场驱动的方式,改变稳定但并非最优的均衡。他们创造应对旧的、有害的问题的新方法。”Social entrepreneurs who fit this definition include Muhammad Yunus, the pioneer of “microfinance”, or Molly Melching, the founder of Tostan, who found a way to convince African villagers to reject female genital mutilation on their own terms.符合这一定义的社会企业家包括“小微金融”的先行者穆罕默德#8226;尤努斯(Muhammad Yunus),以及Tostan的创始人莫莉#8226;梅尔欣(Molly Melching),后者找到办法说非洲的村民放弃以他们的方式对女性行割礼。It is interesting, and significant, that social entrepreneurs have found ways to work with government rather than around it. They increase “the willingness or ability of the government to invest” in a particular government service “by reframing the way its value is articulated”. Madhav Chavan, for instance, found a way to measure the efforts of Indian teachers in terms of actual student learning, creating an incentive for the government to invest not in inputs (the numbers of teachers in the field), but in outcomes — the numbers of literate students. As Paul Farmer, the founder of Partners in Health, puts it: “Nongovernmental organisations can and should strengthen the faltering public sector.”社会企业家找到了办法和政府合作,而不是围绕着政府开展工作,这很有趣,意义也很重大。“通过重构价值的表达方式”,他们提高了对特定政府务的“政府投资意愿或者能力”。比如,马达夫#8226;恰范(Madhav Chavan)找到一种办法,以实际学习的学生数量衡量印度教师的工作,不仅推动政府投资于投入(实地教学的教师数量),也投资于产出——有文化的学生数量。就如Partners in Health的创始人保罗#8226;法默(Paul Farmer)所说:“非政府组织能够且应该加强衰落的公共部门。”The public sector, however weak, provides vast scale. And, for all its flaws, it is a source of legitimacy. What is more, it turns out that private entrepreneurs can do more public good when they team up with government. The ride-sharing company Lyft, for instance, has partnered with government planning agencies in California on data-sharing projects to help provide a more detailed picture of how it fits into the regional transport network. It has also shared data about how many customers call Lyft to be picked up or dropped off near train, bus, or subway stations, raising the possibility of an integrated public-private transit system.无论多么衰落,公共部门所提供的规模是巨大的。而且,虽然有诸多缺陷,公共部门是合法性的来源。此外,事实表明,在和政府合作的时候,私人企业家能够更好地造福大众。比如,拼车公司Lyft和加利福尼亚州的政府规划机构合作开展数据分享项目,就Lyft如何融入地区交通网络描绘一幅更详尽的图景。该项目还分享有关有多少通过Lyft叫车的用户在铁路、公交或者地铁站附近上车或者下车的数据,提高公共-私人交通运输系统一体化的可能性。For its part, the American Public Transportation Association has published a report on “Shared Mobility and the Transformation of Public Transit.”美国公共交通协会(APTA)方面则发布了“共享移动性和公共交通转型”的报告。There are similar examples in other industries. Airbnb has agreed with the cities of Portland and San Francisco to help streamline disaster response by identifying hosts who will take in needy citizens in the event of an earthquake or other emergency and sharing that information with city planners. Uber has launched a pilot project with Macomb County in Michigan to offer free rides for jurors and has begun a programme in several cities to increase the number of Uber drivers with wheelchair-accessible vehicles.其他行业也有类似的例子。Airbnb已经和波特兰、旧金山等城市达成协议,通过确定哪些房主能够在发生地震或者其他紧急情况时接收有需要的市民,并将这一信息与城市规划者分享,来帮助简化灾难应对流程。优步(Uber)和密歇根州马科姆(Macomb)县合作启动了一个试点计划,为陪审员提供免费乘车务,并在几个城市启动了增多有轮椅无障碍车辆的优步司机的项目。The larger point here is the emergence of an ecosystem for public problem-solving in which government is no longer the only or even necessarily the primary actor. It includes universities, public policy organisations, direct service and advocacy groups, social enterprise and far-sighted private enterprise. All must learn to work together more closely. If they do, the result will be a new model of effective, engaged and connected democracy.这其中更重要的一点是一种解决公共问题的生态系统的诞生,政府不再是唯一、甚至不再是必不可少的主要参与者。这个生态系统包括了大学、公共政策机构、直接务和倡导群体、社会企业和有远见的私人企业。所有参与方都必须学会更紧密地合作。如果他们做到了,结果会是一种饶有成效、多方参与、相互联通的新民主模式。 /201606/448719

Does China need Alibaba as much as Alibaba needs China? From an economic perspective, the answer might be “yes”. The company is the largest player in China’s online retail sales sector, reaching even remote rural consumers. It is an essential facilitator in the country’s attempt to shift from heavy industry towards services and consumption. 中国对阿里巴巴(Alibaba)的需要,是不是与阿里巴巴对中国的需要一样多?从经济角度来说,也许是“是的”。该公司是中国网络销售行业的最大商家,其影响甚至可以抵达偏远的农村消费者。在中国从重工业向务业和消费转型的努力中,阿里巴巴是十分必要的一大助力。 That does not mean that Alibaba is immune to political risk. Hence its 6m purchase of the South China Morning Post, Hong Kong’s most- English language newspaper. On Wednesday, to broaden the reach of the paper, the SCMP dropped its subscriber paywall. Alibaba hopes to reach more global subscribers, help them to understand China better — and thus, presumably, boost its own appeal. 不过这并不意味着阿里巴巴不会面临政治风险。出于这个原因,该公司斥资2.66亿美元收购了香港阅读量最大的英文报纸《南华早报》(South China Morning Post)。周三,为扩大该报影响力,《南华早报》取消了付费订阅墙。阿里巴巴希望将影响力延及该报全球更多读者,帮助他们更好地理解中国——从而或许也能提升该集团自身吸引力。 That may be only part of the story. In promoting a “balanced and fair” perspective on China, it may hope to score points with Beijing. Even for the private sector, such favour has suddenly become more critical. In December, Guo Guangchang, the entrepreneur and chairman of Chinese insurer Fosun, disappeared for a few days to assist authorities with unspecified investigations. Fosun’s shares dropped a tenth as investors realised that private sector scions are not beyond the reach of Party politics. 这也许只是故事的一部分。通过宣扬“平衡而公正”的对华视角,该集团也许希望能借此在中国政府处获得加分。即使在民营部门,这样的好感也突然变得更加重要。去年12月,中国企业家、复星国际(Fosun)董事长郭广昌曾失联数天,协助当局开展多项未公开的调查。复星的股价因此下跌了十分之一,原因是投资者认识到,即使是民营部门人士也无法超脱于党派政治之外。 Alibaba trades at 19 times forecast earnings for 2017, a very reasonable price given expected growth of 26 per cent. Political risk may be priced in (US tech leader Google trades on an 18 times multiple for slower growth). Given Alibaba’s cash pile of over bn, a quarter of a billion is affordable if it helps cut into the political discount, or keep it from widening. 阿里巴巴股票相对2017年预期盈利的市盈率为19倍。考虑到预计26%的增长率,这一价位非常合理。这其中也许已经把政治风险包括在内(美国高科技领袖谷歌(Google)增长率更低,市盈率却为18倍)。考虑到阿里巴巴逾80亿美元的现金量,如果有助于降低政治因素导致的估值减少,或者能阻止这类折扣因素继续扩大,2.66亿美元还是负担得起的。 If the SCMP becomes a full-time China-booster it will not win over global ers. There are plenty of state mouthpieces aly. Alibaba may not care, whatever it says. Its priority is to participate, and help investors participate, in the growth of China’s new economy. It can only do this if it stays on the right side of politics. 一旦《南华早报》变成一家全天候为中国打气的报纸,全球读者是不会买账的。如今,政府的喉舌已经够多了。阿里巴巴也许并不关心该报说什么。该集团的首要目标是参与及帮助投资者参与中国新经济的增长。而要做到这一点,它不能在政治上站错队。 /201604/436317

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