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2020年02月23日 12:21:33 | 作者:放心养生 | 来源:新华社
Donald Trump, making his first appearance on “Saturday Night Live” as a presidential candidate, was satirized by two well-coiffed doppelgangers, who attempted (admirably) to outboast him in matching red ties.唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)第一次以总统候选人身份出现在“周六夜现场” (Saturday Night Live,简称SNL),被两名顶着满头秀发的模仿者挖苦,他们(令人钦佩地)企图用同样的红领带来跟他抢镜“Now that Im here, this is actually the best monologue in `SNL history,” one of them declared.“此刻我站在这里,事实上今天的独白就是 ‘SNL史上’最棒的,”其中一个模仿者宣称Trump was loudly and provocatively heckled by actor Larry David, who repeatedly called him a “racist” from offstage.演员拉里·戴维(Larry David)在台下大声挑衅特朗普,一再称他为“种族主义者”And he was lavished with praise by a fictional White House aide, who told him that “everyone loves the new laws you tweeted.”他还得到一位虚构的白宫助手的极力吹捧,对他说“大家都很喜欢你在推特上发布的那些新法律”Trump, a man famed his self-aggrandizing ways, seemed to relish the chance to show that he could take a joke — a point that he made explicitly in his opening monologue as host on the N show.因其自我夸大的手法而闻名的特朗普,似乎很乐意展现自己开得起玩笑的一面——这一点在他主持这个N节目的开场白里有明确的表示But his was a stilted and sometimes unfunny permance, suggesting Trump is most at ease when hosting his own, seemingly never-ending TV show, rather than appearing as a guest host on somebody else.但从他生硬且时而无趣的表现可见,特朗普还是在主持自己那个永无止境的电视节目时才最自在,而作为嘉宾主持出现在别人的节目里就差远了Trump appeared in a variety of skits, amid protests from Latino activists who had demanded that the network bar him from the show because of his controversial remarks about immigrants and his stated position that he would deport millions of undocumented residents.由于针对移民发表的争议性言论,再加上曾表示自己会驱逐数百万无居民,在特朗普此次登台参演多个小品之时,拉丁裔活动人士发起了抗议活动,要求N禁止他上节目Outside the show studio in midtown Manhattan, at least 0 demonstrators marched with signs in English and Spanish. Carrying placards declaring “We are the people” and “Shut it down” to the beat of drums, they also brandished large papier-m masks depicting Trump and held aloft such other messages as “Trump: La Cara del Racismo” and “SNL: This is how you fix your diversity problem?”位于曼哈顿中城的节目摄影棚外,有至少0名持英文和西班牙文标语的示威者在游行他们伴随鼓声节奏,手拿写着“我们是人民”和“停止节目”的牌子,还有人挥舞着特朗普的巨大纸面具,高举“Trump: La Cara del Racismo”(特朗普:种族主义的面孔)和“SNL:就这样解决你的多样性问题吗?”这样的标语“Saturday Night Live” seemed sensitive to the critique: David prominent, defiant cameo during the opening monologue seemed designed to both acknowledge and answer the protesters.“周六夜现场”似乎感受到了这些批评:戴维这个刺眼、挑衅的客串角色,似乎既是表示知悉抗议者的存在,也是对他们的一种回应But overall, Trump was his usual, colorful and playful self: When David explained that he had heard he would be paid ,000 to shout that Trump was a racist, Trump said he understood.但总体来说,特朗普还是他一贯的样子,活分而生动:戴维解释说,他听说只要喊一声特朗普是种族主义者,就能得到5000美元,特朗普说他能理解“As a businessman,” he said, “I can respect that.”“作为商人,”他说“我尊重你的做法”Trump trotted out plenty of bravado. After reciting a list of his attributes — rich, funny, handsome — he answered the question on everyone mind:特朗普不断抛出虚张声势的话一一讲诉完了他一系列的特点──富有、好笑、英俊──他还回答了每个人心中的问题:“So why are you hosting `SNL? Why? And the answer is I really have nothing better to do.”“那为什么你还在主持‘SNL’呢?为什么?是,我真的没有更好的事情可以做了As the show dragged on, that seemed apparent. Trump sketches seemed to become increasingly less compelling. In one, he appeared as a profoundly unwelcome guest — a musician crashing a family dinner and offering a wide, somewhat menacing grin as he thrust a microphone into the hand of the man at the head of the table.随着节目拖拖拉拉地进行,这一点变得愈发明确特朗普的小品似乎越来越没意思在其中一个小品中,他作为一个极度不受欢迎的客人出场──一个到别人家蹭饭的音乐家,一边做出有点恐吓性的夸张笑容,一边把麦克风塞到坐在餐桌主人位的男人手里Trump also appeared aware of the perils of live sketch comedy. Referring to episodes of “Saturday Night Live” past, he said: “This show has been a disaster me.”特朗普似乎也清楚现场喜剧小品的风险提到过去的几集“周六夜现场”,他说:“对我来说这个节目是场灾难”The show concluded with a tawdry touch. Two women said to be mer prostitutes stood on the stage, promoting “clown-themed political pornos.”节目以带有一丝俗气的手法结束两位据称曾是的女士站在台上宣传 “以小丑为主题的政治色情片”Trump appeared at the end of the skit, vowing that he did not in any way endorse the message.特朗普在小品结尾登场,发誓自己完全不会为刚才那段言论背书Then he turned knowingly to one of the women.然后他故意转向其中一个女人“Didnt you used to be a brunette?”“你原来不是深色头发的吗?”“Yeah,” she replied.“是啊,”她回应“That what I thought,” Trump said.“我就说嘛,” 特朗普说 1837

Michelle Trachtenberg is scary good at playing unhinged people (Georgina Sparks, anyone?) and Criminal Minds has taken notice!Michelle Trachtenberg 演疯纸的角色还是相当出的(比如Georgina Sparks),现在《犯罪心理也看到她的这个优点了The show, currently in its eighth season, has booked Trachtenberg an upcoming episode. Bonus scoop: I’m told this episode will prominently feature Reid’s new love interest. (And no, it’s not Trachtenberg!)《犯罪心理第八季正在热播,剧组已经确认Michelle将会来客串据说这一集Reid的新爱人就会很明显可以看出是谁喽She will appear in episode , which is slated to air early .她将会出现在本季的第集,这一集将会在年的早些时候播出Trachtenberg can currently be seen on Gossip Girl, where she is helping the Upper East Side gang close out their final season.我们现在可以在《绯闻女孩中看到Trachtenberg的身影,她出演了《绯闻女孩的最后一季 1839

Leonardo DiCaprio was photographed on the set of his new movie in Brooklyn on Tuesday, sharing a smooch with a woman nearly three decades his senior.周二,莱昂纳·迪卡普里奥在新片布鲁克林的片场被拍到,他正在跟一位年龄差不多大他三十多岁的女人深情拥吻In the photo, DiCaprio, 38, is locked in a passionate kiss with actress Joanna Lumley, 66, while filming The Wolf of Wall Street in Prospect Park.我们可以从照片中看到,在展望公园拍摄新片《The Wolf of Wall Street的38岁男星迪卡普里奥正在跟66岁的女演员Joanna Lumley深情相吻According to IMDB, the crime drama (out next year) is about a New York stockbroker and corruption on Wall Street. The film also stars Matthew McConaughey and Jonah Hill.从IMDB网站上,我们了解到,这部罪案片(明年上映)讲述华尔街股票经纪人和腐败的故事这部电影还有Matthew McConaughey 和 Jonah Hill的加盟

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