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If you#39;re a snorer, pregnant or just want to show your body some love, try sleeping on your left tonight.如果你睡觉打呼,或者怀着宝宝,或者只想对自己身体好点,那今晚就试着向左侧睡吧。There#39;s bad news for those of us who do it on our backs, on our tummies, on our right-hand side, spooning - or even hanging upside down. We are, of course, talking about sleeping.这对那些喜欢仰躺,俯卧,右侧卧,搂抱,甚至倒挂的人来说就不是什么好消息了。我们说的……当然是睡觉姿势。The position we sleep in may not be the sort of thing worth paying much attention to, but it can have a huge impact on our health.睡觉姿势或许并不值得这么大惊小怪,但它确实对我们的身体健康产生巨大影响。Sleep in general, and #39;getting it right#39; is a source fascination, prompting studies and research into its effects.“平常睡姿”和“正确睡姿”是个很有趣的话题,让人不禁想要对其影响研究调查一番。We want to know how best to fall asleep during a heatwave. We want to know why we wake up when we do. And of course we want to know how best to get our children to sleep.我们想知道在酷热环境下如何最快进入睡眠,想知道为什么会突然醒来,还想知道哄孩子睡觉的最好方式。And we should be sleeping on our left我们应该向左侧睡As the Daily Record reports, sleeping on your left side is the least harmful position for your spine.据《每日纪事报》报道,向左侧睡是对脊柱伤害最小的睡觉姿势。If you lie on your back, there is a danger you#39;ll end up putting too much pressure on your hips and upper back.仰着睡有可能会压迫到髋骨和上背部。If you prefer to sleep on your front, then this can lead to neck and lower back strain.趴着睡可能会压迫到我们的颈部和下背部。Whereas sleeping on your left-hand side can do you the world of good. The body is able to take the pressure off lymph drainage from the heart and spleen, which is crucial for encouraging the natural flow of lymph fluid and preventing lymphatic congestion.但向左侧睡却对身体大有好处。这种姿势能够缓解心脏和脾脏的淋巴引流压力,对促进淋巴液自然循环及防止淋巴堵塞具有非常重要的意义。As positions go, it#39;s also better for your breathing - especially if you find yourself congested of a nighttime.尤其当我们夜间气息堵塞、喘不过气时,向左侧睡更有助于呼吸顺畅。Partner who snores?睡觉爱打呼的人By encouraging them to lie on their left, the volume and frequency of their snoring will be reduced.睡觉打呼的朋友向左侧睡能够降低他们打呼的音量和频率。That#39;s because lying on your side gives optimum air flow to your lungs and prevents the base of your tongue from lolling into the back of your throat, obstructing breathing.那是因为向左侧躺既可促进空气进入肺部畅通无阻,又能防止舌根挡住咽喉后部阻碍呼吸。If you suffer from heartburn, sleeping on your left can reduce the uncomfortable symptoms and reduce acid reflux.对胃灼热患者,向左侧睡还能够缓解胃酸反流等不适症状。Pregnant?怀宝宝的妈妈Women expecting a baby are advised to adopt this position when falling asleep to encourage healthy blood flow.怀宝宝的妈妈向左侧睡能够促进良好的血液循环。And on a more toilet-related topic , adopting the left-hand side will allow your body to process waste quicker, which in turn helps guard you against constipation.从如厕的角度来说,向左侧睡有助于快速清理体内的废物残渣,不容易便秘。Because of the route the intestines take, lying on the left means food is able to travel easier towards your colon.根据肠道所在人体位置,向左侧躺能够加快食物进入结肠,促进消化。So, remember. When it comes to sleep, go left.因此,记得睡觉时要向左侧躺哦。 /201610/473800

For some couples, it can be weeks or months before they put any kind of label on it. Maybe you’re in a situation where things started out casual and your feelings crept up on you. Or that window where you clarify that things are now serious somehow came and went, and things just feel awkward. Or maybe you’re just on the cusp and neither one of you wants to blow up the status quo so you both just play it cool.对于一些CP(情侣)来说,给一段感情贴上标签可能需要几周或几个月。也许你正处于这种情境:刚开始事情发展的很随意,但你对他/她的感觉却越来越强烈了。又或是你极力明现在变得认真的那层窗户纸被捅破了,一下子就尴尬起来。又或是你正处于风口浪尖,你们俩谁都不想打破现状,所以你们都假装正常。1. You’ve met his friends.1. 你见过了他的朋友。Specifically, he made a point to *bring you along* to meet his friends. This is very different from him messaging you at 1 AM to swing by a party and pick him up, so you meet his friends fleetingly. But if he actually makes plans with you to go out with his friends, and it all feels like a big deal, he’s at least a little into you.具体来说,他特别重视带你见他的哥们儿。这与他凌晨一点给你发短信,让你去派对接他是不一样的,因为那种情况下你只是急匆匆的和他们打了个照面。但如果他真的计划约你去见他的朋友,而且还特别正式的话,那他至少是有点喜欢你的。2. He’s bringing you around to “couple’s events.”2. 他会带你出席“情侣活动。”Meeting his friends is one thing. But if you’re unsure of how he views you, and you go out to a dinner that’s all couples… you’ve pretty much got your answer. No guy who wants to keep things casual is going to take you out with a bunch of other couples.见他的哥儿们是一回事。但如果你不确定他对你的想法,而且你们出席的晚宴又都是情侣……那你心里应该已经有了。如果只想玩玩儿,男生们是不会带你出席情侣活动的。3. You slept over and didn’t have sex.3. 你们睡过了,但没有发生关系。When you can spend the night with a new-ish hook up and not feel obligated to actually hook up, it#39;s a good sign. The more this happens, the more likely it is you can have a “talk” without it being cringy. Any guy who wanted to set boundaries with a casual fling wouldn’t have even let this happen once.当你和一个刚刚勾搭上的男生共度了一夜,并且没有那种必须要发生关系的感觉时,这可是一个好迹象。这种事情发生的越多,你们就越有可能真心交流,丝毫不用顾虑。那些划清界限只想要一夜情的男生,是不会让这种事情发生的,一次都不会。4. He makes plans around you.4. 他会以你为中心制定计划。You’re probably not at the point where he’s going to make major career changes with you, but he’s thinking of you beyond the next few weekends, that’s a sign. Whether it means you made casual plans to go see a movie in three weeks, or he’s taking you as his plus one to a wedding in a month, that’s something.也许他还没有准备和你一起进行重大的职业生涯变化,但接下来的几周他的计划都与你有关,这就是一个迹象。不管你们俩是约好在这三周内看场电影,还是在一个月内他带你去参加婚礼,这都意味着猫腻。译文属 /201703/500192




  Shanghai Disneyland authorities have finally decided to take action against their resident flower thieves – romantic as they seem - after losing over 100 kilograms of flowers.在损失了200多斤鲜花之后,上海迪士尼官方终于决定对频繁光顾的;采花贼;(似乎有点浪漫)采取行动了。Local police at the Disney Resort in Shanghai have arrested a middle-aged couple who have been frequenting the new tourist spot in Shanghai, ;harvesting; about 150 kilograms-worth of chrysanthemums.据悉,当地警方已经在上海迪士尼度假村逮捕了一对中年夫妻,这对夫妻频繁光顾该景点,并;收获;了重达300斤的菊花。The pair is now under criminal detention for their theft.这对夫妻目前因其盗窃行为已被警方刑事拘留。The couple admitted that they have been sneaking into the resort since late October to collect flowers after midnight.这对夫妻承认自从十月下旬以来,一直在午夜过后偷偷溜进迪士尼采摘鲜花。Their latest excursion led them to bag some 2,500 chrysanthemums within 90 minutes. The couple planned to sell the flowers in neighboring cities.他们最近一次盗窃行为是在90分钟不到的时间里,打包走了2500株菊花。这对夫妻还计划在邻市出售这些鲜花。;They claimed that they were only cutting off leaves, and that they didn#39;t know it was against the law,; a police officer surnamed Hu told Thepaper.cn.一名胡姓警察对《澎湃新闻》透露称:“他们声称自己只是剪掉了叶子,并且不知道这么做是违法的。”According to local police, the chrysanthemums have been mature since late September.据当地警方表示,从九月下旬以来这些菊花就已经成熟了。Between late September and early November, local police caught more than a dozen people suspected of stealing flowers worth a total of 300,000 RMB.在九月下旬到十一月上旬,当地警方已经抓获了涉嫌盗窃鲜花的10余人,涉案金额高达30万人民币。 /201611/479758You may have had Chinese food in Chinese restaurants in your country. Have you noticed some differences between Chinese eating and Western eating? Besides chopsticks vs. knives and forks, there are more differences that you may not know...你可能在你国家的中餐馆里吃过中餐,但你注意到中西饮食之间有什么不同吗?除了筷子和刀叉之外,还有很多你可能不知道的区别。1.Chinese usually eat communally and share their dishes with others. Westerners usually enjoy individual servings.1.中国人通常是“围而食之”、一道菜大家一起吃。但是西方人一般是自己吃自己盘子里的东西。2.Chinese cooks chop everything into bite size pieces, thus people don#39;t need knives to cut it, and just pick up their food with chopsticks. Westerners cook food in big pieces and serve it with knives and forks for cutting it up.2.中国厨师一般会把所有食材都切成恰好一口能吃下的大小,这样人们用餐时就不需要用刀来切了,可以直接用筷子夹起食物就吃。而西方人往往用整块的食材直接烹调,吃的时候用刀切成小块。3.Chinese usually don#39;t remove bones, and just cut them and the meat into pieces. They cook fish whole. Westerners usually eat filleted fish, and meat with whole bones, or no bones.3.中国人通常不会给食材去骨,直接连骨带肉切成块。中国人会把整条鱼直接做成菜。而西方人却通常只吃鱼排,以及只有大骨或者干脆没骨头的鱼肉。4.Chinese always cook vegetables — frying, stewing, boiling, and steaming — sometimes with soy sauce, ginger, and garlic. Western salads, or just boiling vegetables in water, are virtually unknown in China.4.中国人做素菜时,无论是煎炒烹炸,会放入酱油、生姜、大蒜等作料。而西方人却总是把蔬菜做成沙拉,或者只用白水煮一煮就可以吃了,这在中国简直闻所未闻。5.Ingredients: Chinese cuisine uses many ingredients rarely seen in Western cuisine, like winter melons and yams, tree fungi and lotus pods, frogs and dogs, feet, tongues, ears, and all manner of internal organs, etc.5.食材。中国菜许多食材几乎都从不出现在西方菜肴中,例如冬瓜、山药、木耳、莲藕、蛙肉和肉,还有动物的脚、舌、耳和所有内脏器官。6.Using spices: Chinese cooks like to add fresh/dried spices when cooking, like ginger, spring onion, mint, pepper, garlic, chilies, etc. Western cooks usually use processed spices like pepper powder, ketchup, etc.6.香料的使用。中国大厨做菜时喜欢加入新鲜的和干的香料,例如生姜、葱、薄荷、胡椒、大蒜、辣椒等等。而西方人一般使用的是胡椒粉和番茄酱等经过处理的调料。7.Seasoning bottles: You usually won#39;t find any salt, pepper, tomato sauce, or mustard on the table in a Chinese restaurant. But if you have breakfast at a dumpling and steamed bun shop, you can enhance the flavor with soy sauce or vinegar from a bottle poured into a dipping dish.7.调味瓶。你通常不会在一家中餐馆的饭桌上找到盐、胡椒、番茄酱或芥末的瓶子。但是如果你在一家饺子店或者包子店吃早餐,你可以凭喜好往蘸碟里加酱油或醋。8.Desserts: Sweet desserts are served after Western dinners, while Chinese have fresh fruit or tea for dessert.8.甜点。吃完西餐后一般会上一份甜点,而中国人则是吃点儿新鲜水果或者喝杯茶。9.Round tables vs. square tables: Chinese traditionally eat at round tables, particularly family meals, as it#39;s convenient to share dishes with others. Roundness symbolizes unity in China. Westerners eat at square tables, which is more convenient for individual meals, with long tables for bigger groups.9.圆桌对方桌。传统上来说,中国人吃饭用的是圆桌,尤其是当家庭聚会时,因为这很方便和其他人分享美食。在中国“圆”象征着“团圆”。而西方人一般用方形餐桌吃饭,这更加方便个人用餐,吃饭人数很多时,他们还会使用长条形餐桌。10.Cooking methods: Where Westerners limit themselves to boiling, frying, roasting, and baking usually, Chinese use more methods of cooking, like steaming, stewing, sautéing, braising, and quick-frying with a wok. Chinese usually use animal/peanut oil to fry food; Westerners use more butter, sunflower oil, and olive oil.10.烹饪方法。西方人的烹调方法一般就煮、炸、烤和烘焙四种,而中国人的做菜手艺就多种多样了,包括蒸、炖、煎、焖和爆炒等。中国人做菜一般用动物油或花生油;而西方人用的则是黄油、葵花籽油和橄榄油。 /201704/503464

  A half-Indian woman was last Monday crowned Miss Japan, the second year in a row a biracial person has won the beauty pageant.上周一,一名有着1/2印度血统的女性获得了“日本”选美冠军,这是连续第二年混血儿在选美大赛中获胜。Priyanka Yoshikawa, 22 and who also has an elephant training license, said she would use her win to ;change perceptions;.今年22岁的吉川·普里安卡还拥有大象训练执照,她表示自己会用她的获胜来“感变人们的认知”。Last year#39;s Miss Japan, Ariana Miyamoto was the first mixed-race person to win the pageant. Critics complained then that a ;pure; Japanese should have won.去年的日本宫本·亚丽安娜是首次摘取该桂冠的混血儿。当时就有批评者抱怨称,日本应该由“纯”日本人做代表。;We are Japanese,; Ms Yoshikawa told news outlet AFP. ;Yes, my dad is Indian and I#39;m proud of it, I#39;m proud that I have Indian in me. But that doesn#39;t mean I#39;m not Japanese.;吉川在接受法新社采访时表示:“没错,我的父亲是印度人,而且我为此自豪,我自豪于我体内的印度血脉。但是这并不代表我不是日本人。”She credited her win to Ms Miyamoto, saying she had helped show ;mixed girls the way;.她将她的获胜归功于宫本·亚丽安娜,并表示是宫本激励了“混血女孩”。;Before Ariana, haafu girls couldn#39;t represent Japan,; said Ms Yoshikawa. ;That#39;s what I thought too. Ariana encouraged me a lot by showing me and all mixed girls the way.;吉川说道:“在宫本获胜之前,混血女孩不能代表日本,我也曾对这个想法深信不疑。宫本的事迹激励了我,以及很多像她一样的混血女孩。”;I know a lot of people who are haafu and suffer,; she said. ;When I came back to Japan, everyone thought I was a germ.;她说:“我知道很多混血儿遭遇到很多不公。当我回到日本时,许多人当我是病毒一样的存在。”;Like if they touched me they would be touching something bad. But I#39;m thankful because that made me really strong.;“他们接触我的时候就像碰到了什么不好的东西。但是我对此表示感激,因为恰恰是这令我变的更为坚强。”The pageant winner, also an avid kick-boxer and qualified elephant trainer, said that she hoped to change perceptions.这位选美冠军同样热衷搏击,还是一位专业训象师,她希望自己能改变人们的看法。;When I#39;m abroad, people never ask me what mix I am. As Miss Japan, hopefully I can help change perceptions so that it can be the same here too.;吉川表示:“我在国外的时候,没人问我是哪里的混血,作为日本,我希望能够改变日本对混血的偏见。这样人们也就能慢慢接受。”Ms Yoshikawa#39;s win did not trigger the backlash that Ms Miyamoto received on social media. There were however, several on Twitter that expressed unhappiness.吉川的胜利,并未像去年宫本的获胜那样,在社交媒体上引发强烈的不满。不过,还是有推特用户表示了不快。;It#39;s like we#39;re saying a pure Japanese face can#39;t be a winner,; said one user.一网友说道:“看起来好像我们纯正的日本面孔就不可能是赢家。”;What#39;s the point of holding a pageant like this now? Zero national characteristics,; another complained.另一人抱怨说:“这样的选美有什么意义,选出来的人一点民族代表性都没有。” /201609/466369

  International Women#39;s Day, originally called International Working Women#39;s Day, is celebrated on March 8 every year. The festival sets out to show respect, appreciation and love towards women for their economic, political and social achievements in modern society.3月8日是一年一度的国际妇女节。国际妇女节原名国际劳动妇女节,旨在对现代社会女性所取得的政治经济成就表示尊重、感谢以及赞美。During the past year, quite a few female celebrities have made significant achievements in their fields. Their persistence, enthusiasm and encouragement has led more females to pursue their own goals regardless of outside factors.在过去的一年里,许多女性名人在各自的领域取得了卓越成就。她们的毅力、热情以及勇气指引着更多女性专心追逐自己的目标。There is a saying in China that goes: ;Women hold up half the sky;. Now, let#39;s look at the lives of eight prominent sky-holders.中国有句古话叫:“妇女能顶半边天”。下面让我们来领略8位杰出女性的英姿。1.China#39;s Women#39;s Volleyball Team中国女排Profession: Sportswomen职业:运动员Key word: Persistence关键词:毅力Achievement: After a 12-year wait, China#39;s Women#39;s Volleyball Team re-gained its spot on top of dais, winning gold at the 2016 Summer Olympics. The team are now regarded as national heroes, proudly carrying the flag of China#39;s Olympic glory that first flew 30 years ago.成就:经历了12年的蛰伏之后,中国女排在2016年里约夏季奥运会上斩获金牌,重登最高领奖台。30年前,她们首次成为中国奥运之光,如今他们再次骄傲地扛起荣誉之旗,被国人视为民族英雄。Quote: ;We are a team, we never gave up and united as one to overcome difficulties. I believe this spirit can shine through in all walks of life.; — Lang Ping, coach of China#39;s Women#39;s Volleyball Team语录:“我们是一个团队,我们团结一致克困难,永不言弃。我相信这种精神在各行各业都会发光。”——中国女排教练郎平2.Liu Wen刘雯Profession: Model职业:模特Key word: Confidence关键词:信心Achievement: As the first Chinese model to walk the Victoria#39;s Secret runway and the first Asian model to make Forbes magazine#39;s annual highest-paid models list, Liu has led three other Chinese girls to the 2016 Victoria#39;s Secret Fashion Show, bringing a wave of Chinese chic to the fashion world.成就:刘雯是首位站上“维密”舞台的中国模特以及首位登上《福布斯》杂志最高收入超模排行榜的亚洲模特。2016年,刘雯带领着其他三位中国女孩一起登上了“维密”时装秀,在全球时尚界刮起了一股中国风。Quote: ;I am not born to be a model. But as long as I become a model, I take it seriously.; —— Liu Wen语录:“我不是非当模特不可的,但我成为模特,就会认真对待。”——刘雯3.Jolin Tsai蔡依林Profession: Singer职业:歌手Key word: Diligence关键词:勤奋Achievement: Reputed as the Queen of C-pop and described as an Asian Madonna, Jolin Tsai has achieved everlasting popularity in Chinese-speaking countries by releasing a series of commercially successful albums. During the past year, she has actively pushed into other fields winning the gold medal at the 2016 UK Cake International competition and becoming the first Chinese singer to be invited to take part in fashion shows including Victoria#39;s Secret Fashion Show, Met Gala and fashion week in Paris, New York, London and Milan.成就:蔡依林被誉为中国流行音乐天后、亚洲版麦当娜,她发行的系列畅销专辑为其在华语地区赢得经久不衰的人气。蔡依林去年一直在其他领域积极进取,她获得了2016年英国国际蛋糕大赛金牌,成为首位受邀参加“维密”时装秀、纽约大都会艺术物馆慈善舞会、巴黎时装周、纽约时装周以及米兰时装周的中国歌手。Quote: ;Pop singers should challenge pre-existing concepts and lead audiences to accept new genres of music. Madonna#39;s works were controversial and somewhat critically panned when just released, but after years they were considered masterpieces.; —— Jolin Tsai语录:“流行歌手应该挑战既定的概念,引领观众接受新潮的音乐类型。麦当娜的作品颇具争议,有些音乐刚发布时饱受批评,但过几年后人们却将其视为大师之作。”——蔡依林4.Zhou Dongyu周冬雨Profession: Actress职业:演员Key word: Sincerity关键词:真诚Achievement: Known as one of the ;Four Renowned Actresses of the Post-90s Generation;, Zhou Dongyu made her career breakthrough with the film Soul Mate, receiving the best actress award at the 53rd Golden Horse Awards.成就:周冬雨被称为“90后四小花旦”之一,她凭借着电影《七月与安生》实现了事业上的突破,在第53届金马奖上收获最佳女主角奖。Quotation: ;Zhou holds the screen very well. She can turn an initially daft personality into an angsty but stoical heroine.; —— A Variety review of her performance in the film The Palace评价:“周冬雨对银幕的掌控很出色。她可以从初期单纯的形象切换成一个焦虑不安但坚忍不拔的女主角。”——《综艺》杂志对周冬雨在《宫锁沉香》中表现的5.Dong Mingzhu董明珠Profession: Businesswoman职业:女企业家Key word: Thoughtful关键词:深谋远虑Achievement: Dong Mingzhu has transformed Gree from a sleepy domestic brand into the world#39;s largest maker of air conditioners based on sales. Dong has won the award ;Top 10 Economic Figures in China;.成就:董明珠被评为“中国10大经济人物”,她将格力从一个默默无闻的国产品牌打造成全球销量最高的空调制造企业。Quote: ;One of the toughest businesswomen in China.; —— The New York Times评价:“中国最强势的女企业家之一。”——《纽约时报》6.Dong Qing董卿Profession: TV host职业:电视主持人Key word: Intelligent关键词:知性Achievement: As a well-known Chinese television hostess, she is the face of two cultural reality shows Chinese Poetry Conference and Readers. The shows are redefining audiences#39; opinions on traditional culture and seeking the beauty of life. She is also the producer of Readers.成就:董卿是国内著名电视节目主持人,她是《中国诗词大会》以及《朗读者》节目的门面担当。这两档文化类综艺节目重新定义了观众对于传统文化以及追寻生活之美的看法。董卿也是《朗读者》的制作人。Quote: ;The charm of life lies in its unpredictableness, so we just have to try and keep going.; — Dong Qing语录:“生活的魅力就在于它的不可知,我们只是去为未来做努力。”——董卿7.Hao Jingfang郝景芳Profession: Writer职业:作家Key Word: Creativity关键词:创造力Achievement: Chinese writer Hao Jingfang was named the winner of last year#39;s Hugo Award for best novelette for her short science fiction story, Folding Beijing.成就:去年,中国作家郝景芳凭借短片科幻小说《北京折叠》获得雨果奖最佳中短篇小说奖。Quote: ;Science fiction writers prepare for all future possibilities, whether good or bad, likely or unlikely. You can hear sci-fi writers talking about strategies to face aliens at the dinner table, seriously. We care about all possibilities. We live in parallel universes.; —— Hao Jingfang语录:“科幻小说作者喜欢预测所有的可能性,无论是好是坏,可能发生还是不大可能发生。有时,你会听到科幻作者在饭桌上很严肃地谈论应对外星人的种种策略。我们生活在全部可能情境中,我们生活在全部平行宇宙中。”——郝景芳8.Wu Yishu武亦姝Profession: Student职业:学生Key Word: Wisdom关键词:智慧Achievement: Wu Yishu, a 17-year-old senior high school student from Shanghai, is the champion of the Chinese Poetry Conference. Her rich knowledge of classical poetry impressed everyone and she has become famous online.成就:来自上海的17岁高中生武亦姝是《中国诗词大会》的冠军。她丰富的古典诗词知识给人们留下了深刻的印象,也让她成了“网红”。Quote: ;Her rich knowledge and mastery of Chinese traditional culture meets all my fantasies about how an ancient female lived in the past.; ——Online comment from a fan评价:“她丰富的学识以及中国传统文化底蕴完全符合我对古代女子的幻想。”——网友 /201703/497289





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