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广州长安不孕不育医院评价怎么样广东省长安医院是私人的汕头输卵管通水 North Korea is known as one of the world#39;s most totalitarian, closed-off nations, with a claim to fame consisting of shoddy missiles, nuclear weapons of questionable yield, and a starving population.朝鲜是世界上最著名的封闭极权主义国家,以其劣质导弹、核武器以及贫穷等问题闻名于世。But despite its general malaise, the Hermit Kingdom exports things of some value for foreign currency. There are both legitimate and illegitimate items North Korea sells abroad.但除了这些让人不安的因素,这个;隐士之国;还出口一些价值不菲的物品来换取外汇。下面,前十君就向各位介绍朝鲜远销海外的那些或合法或不合法的产品。10.Coal10.煤When we think of China#39;s largest foreign source of coal, we do not think of North Korea. However, that#39;s exactly what North Korea recently became.说到中国最大的煤炭进口国,我们怎么也不会想到朝鲜。然而朝鲜却正逐渐成为中国最大的煤炭进口国。Coupled with an overall fall in China#39;s coal imports from other nations, shipments from North Korea jumped 25 percent to a total of 1.8 million tons of coal in May 2015.相比于中国对其他国家的煤炭进口量的整体下滑,2015年5月,中国从朝鲜进口180万吨煤,进口量猛增25%。Exporting natural resources is an easy way to earn foreign currency for the Kim regime, without the structural and institutional reforms required to deregulate the broader, ;official; economy.出口自然资源对于金氏政权来说是一种赚取外汇的便捷之策。他们不用担心为了打开国门而出台变革社会结构和政府机构的政策,这种出口是;官方的;经济出口。In other words, exporting coal allows North Korea to earn money without making hard choices and loosening its totalitarian hold over its population.换句话说,煤炭出口可以让朝鲜不必费尽心思做出抉择,更不必放松对人民的极权管制就能赚到钱。And while coal mining in the first world requires complex heavy machinery, in North Korea, where human life is cheap, many things are still done by hand.在发达国家,开采煤矿需要复杂的重型机械设备,而在人命都不被重视的朝鲜,很多事情都是靠双手解决。Another advantage is that while North Korea has been slapped with UN sanctions, the export of natural resources has not been sanctioned, so the country can make money from coal exports legally.煤炭出口的另一个好处就是尽管朝鲜受到了联合国的制裁,但是自然资源的出口没有受限,所以朝鲜可以通过煤炭出口合法赚钱。9.Ballistic Missiles9.弹道导弹North Korea is well known for firing ballistic missiles in provocative ways, usually accompanied by bombastic rhetoric about raining fire down on the evil capitalists.大家都知道,朝鲜发射弹道导弹总是充满了挑衅意味,他们吹嘘自己要发射导弹干掉邪恶的资本主义。However, North Korea#39;s ballistic missiles serve another, more immediate function to the regime, with ballistic missile exports netting North Korea tens of millions of dollars annually.然而朝鲜的导弹还有另一个用途,一个对于朝鲜政权来说更加方便快捷的用途——导弹出口每年可以为朝鲜带来上千万美元的纯利润。Exports of ballistic missiles not only earn the regime cash, they also make it easier for North Korea to continue producing missiles for domestic use due to economies of scale.弹道导弹的出口不仅可以为朝鲜政府赚钱,还可以提升国内经济,便于政府继续生产导弹以供内需。However, North Korea appears to have shot itself in the foot. Instead of exporting just the missiles themselves, it was also willing to export manufacturing equipment and technical knowledge to other countries, including Pakistan and Iran.然而,朝鲜似乎搬起石头砸了自己的脚。他们不仅出口导弹,还乐意向包括巴基斯坦和伊朗在内的其他国家出口生产设备,并教授他们技术知识。This means that their customers will eventually rely less on North Korea, reducing sales over the long term.这意味着这些国家最终将不再依赖朝鲜,而长此以往,朝鲜的出口贸易额也会有所减少。Another issue for North Korea is that its customers have been at peace, so they have not been using their ballistic missiles and do not need to buy more.朝鲜面临的另一个问题就是,与之贸易往来的国家一直都处于和平安定的状态,所以他们不需要使用并且也不会再继续购买朝鲜的导弹。Maybe North Korea should have slapped an expiration date on those rockets?要是朝鲜专门在这些导弹上加个有效日期,倒是说不定他们会常来光顾……8.Arms Factories8.兵工厂North Korea is one of the most militarized nations in the world, with over one million men under arms. Those men have to be equipped with weapons.朝鲜是一个军国主义国家,军队人数超过一百多万,每个人都配备武器。North Korea#39;s extensive domestic arms industry is another way to earn foreign currency for the cash-strapped nation, with exports of heavy weaponry including rocket launchers and surface-to-air missiles.朝鲜国内遍布的军工厂也是这个囊中羞涩的国家赚取外汇的另一渠道:出口包括火箭发射器和地对空导弹在内的重型武器。But North Korea goes even further than this, sometimes offering to help build arms factories for clients for quick cash at the expense of long-term profits. Or does it?但是朝鲜所做的远不止这些,有时它还会为了赚外快而牺牲长远利益,主动帮助贸易国修建兵工厂。而朝鲜真是主动的吗?For almost 30 years, North Korea has been involved in two Ethiopian arms factories, supplying industrial equipment and providing expertise to keep the factories running.近30年来,朝鲜一直与埃塞俄比亚的两个军工厂有联系,朝鲜为保工厂的正常运作,提供了很多工业设备和专业技术。We would think that after building the factory, the Ethiopians would no longer need to keep the North Koreans around, but it turns out that the Ethiopians do not have the scientific or engineering knowledge to run the facility themselves.我们想想,工厂修建成功后,埃塞俄比亚应该不再需要朝鲜的帮忙了,但是结果却是埃塞俄比亚人自己根本没有科学或工程方面的技术来运营工厂。And given that the factory was designed by North Korea, only North Korea can provide spare parts for its industrial machinery, forcing Ethiopia to continue to rely on it.而且,鉴于工厂是朝鲜人设计的,那么只有朝鲜人可以为这些机器提供配件,这样就可以迫使埃塞俄比亚继续与之合作了。North Korea has also built other facilities in other African countries, such as Nigeria and Madagascar, which presumably also rely on North Korean spare parts.朝鲜在其他非洲国家,包括尼日利亚和马达加斯加,都建有兵工厂。这些国家大概也依赖朝鲜的配件。And given North Korea#39;s attempts to hide its illegal activities, there are likely more such facilities that have not come to light.而且鉴于朝鲜有意隐藏其不合法交易,很可能还有很多兵工厂我们都不曾知晓。It turns out the Stalinist North Koreans have a keen nose for capitalism that would make Henry Ford proud.这也充分明奉行斯大林主义的朝鲜对让亨利·福特倍感骄傲的资本主义特别警惕。 /201608/463146Anyone who was left scratching his or her head at the bone broth diet craze is going to be particularly flabbergasted by the latest development in the trend.对骨汤饮食热潮大惑不解的人们势必要对这一潮流的最新发展目瞪口呆了。New York City restaurant Springbone Kitchen is one of the very hotspots that spearheaded the #39;bone broth#39; movement, which sees health-conscious dieters sipping the warm meat-flavored soup as a meal replacement.名为“春骨厨房”的纽约餐馆是引领“骨汤”运动的先锋热店之一。重视饮食健康的节食者们在此啜饮温暖的肉汤代替餐饭。And it seems the Greenwich Village eatery is intent on enticing customers to down bone broth even when it#39;s hot outside — and to that end, they#39;ve debuted a new bone broth popsicle, which mixes the meaty liquid with fruit and coconut milk for a frozen dessert treat.而今,这家格林威治村的餐馆似乎铁了心要引诱顾客臣于骨汤,即使外面烈日炎炎——为此,他们推出了新的骨汤冰棍,将肉汤与水果和椰奶混合,制成冰冻甜点。Bone broth as a healthy foodie trend first started to take off in 2015, but really gained momentum during the winter earlier this year, with Gwyneth Paltrow, Salma Hayek, and Shailene Woodley coming out as fans.骨汤作为一种健康饮食潮流在2015年初露锋芒,但在今年早前的冬季才真正形成发展势头。著名影星格温妮丝#8226;帕特洛、萨尔玛#8226;海耶克和谢琳#8226;伍德蕾都成为其粉丝。Dr. Kellyann#39;s Bone Broth Diet, a guide book written by a nutritionist, became a bestseller, and several soup-focused stores and restaurants began popping up in major cities.一位营养学家所写的指南《凯莉安士的骨汤饮食》成为畅销书,多家主打汤类的商店和餐馆开始出现在各大城市。Made by slowly boiling animal bones in water, the trendy broth is specially prepared to have little sodium but plenty of collagen, vitamins, and minerals, promising health benefits like weight loss, shiny hair, radiant skin, and a stronger immune system.时尚骨汤是由动物骨头加水慢慢炖煮,特制而成。只含有很少的钠,但富含大量骨胶原、维他命和矿物质,有望带来众多健康功效。比如使人体重减少,秀发闪亮,皮肤有光泽,免疫系统增强。So it#39;s no surprise it became such a hit this past winter, when temps were frigid and a steaming cup of soup was a welcome meal-on-the-go.因此,骨汤在上个冬季成为爆点毫不奇怪。当天气严寒,一杯热腾腾的汤无疑是大受欢迎的便携饮食。Now, however, when temperatures are reaching into the 90s in New York City, Springbone Kitchen seems to have been searching for a way to appeal to its broth-guzzling masses with something that would help with the heat, not make it worse.但现在,纽约市气温将达到90多华氏度(32摄氏度以上),“春骨厨房”餐馆似乎正寻找新的方式,满足其骨汤爱好者。餐馆要提供解暑的食品,而不是让酷热加剧。Though they tried just serving the broth cold, they found that it was #39;too gelatinous#39;, and instead decided to simply freeze it and sweeten it up.他们尝试过供应冷却的骨汤,却发现冷汤“凝胶似的太过粘稠”,于是决定干脆把汤冰冻再变得更甜。Three weeks ago, they began selling a popsicle made with coconut milk, raspberry puree, pomegranate juice, maple sugar, and bone broth.三周前,他们开始出售4美元一的冰棍。冰棍由椰奶、覆盆子酱、石榴汁、枫糖和骨汤制成。#39;It’s a little bit sweet,#39; 26-year-old Jordan Feldman, Springbone Kitchen#39;s founder, told the New York Post — adding that the meat is barely detectable.餐馆创始人、26岁的乔丹#8226;费尔德曼告诉《纽约邮报》:“它有点甜。”又补充说几乎尝不出肉味。#39;It’s there, but it’s totally overwhelmed by the other flavors,#39; he said.他表示:“确实是有肉,但完全被其他味道盖住了。”Not everyone seems to agree, however. Last week, Kelly Ripa and Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons tried the popsicles on air — and though they seemed pleased with the fruity flavor at first, they were less impressed with the surprise aftertaste.然而,并非所有人都能认同这一点。上周,主持人凯莉#8226;蕾帕和《生活大爆炸》的主演吉姆#8226;帕森斯在节目中尝试了这种冰棍。尽管他们似乎很喜欢一开始的水果味儿,但对其令人惊讶的余味就不怎么受用了。A young boy they called up from the audience had an even stronger reaction, pulling a face and remarking that he tasted #39;raw meat#39; and #39;something really disgusting#39;.节目邀请了观众一起品尝,一位年轻男孩的反应更为强烈。他做了个鬼脸,评价说自己尝到了“生肉”和“极为恶心的东西”。A reporter at Buzzfeed, however, didn#39;t mind the pop, writing: #39;It was tangy and vaguely fruity. I felt like I sensed a subtle, but not unpleasant meatness to it, but that could’ve just been psychological. It wasn’t bad!#39;Buzzfeed的一位记者倒是没有在意所谓流行风潮,而是写道:“冰棍味道挺重,有点儿水果味。我觉得尝到了细微的、但并非令人不快的肉质感,当然也可能仅仅是心理作用。它并不糟糕!” /201607/455914天河人流手术哪家医院好

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广州番禺看妇科病哪个医院 This is a great day for you, as you awake feeling energetic and optimistic. You feel as though you can take on the world. It may feel as though you are asked to do just that, as the challenges that are placed upon your desk would seem insurmountable to any other mere mortal. You, however, are absolutely up to the task. Don#39;t be surprised if you receive some recognition for all that you are able to accomplish today.对你来说今天是个好日子,因为你的活力和乐观精神都被唤醒了。好像想要拥抱全世界一样。因为放在你桌子上的挑战对其他凡人来说是无法战胜的,所以就好像是别人要求你这样做了。然而,你绝对可以胜任该任务。如果有人对你今天能完成的所有任务表示了赞赏,可别惊讶哦!Your love horoscope爱情运势Powerful feelings of love and affection for everyone around you are likely to attract more attention your way today. Even people you ordinarily aren#39;t drawn to will seem more appealing, and therefore relations with everyone around you should be friendly and congenial. This tendency is likely to spill over into your romantic life, so this is a great night to set some time aside for you and your partner. Have a great day!今天身边人对爱情和爱慕的强烈很有可能会吸引你的注意力。即使通常对你没有吸引力的人也会变得更加吸引人,所以今天与身边所有人的关系都应是友好友善的。这种倾向也可能会渗入到你的感情生活中,所以晚上留出点时间与另一半共处,这将会是十分美好的夜晚。祝你有美好的一天!Your well being horoscope幸福运势This could be the kind of day that tests your patience. You are likely to encounter some aggressive and grumpy attitudes. You will have to try to shift the energy with them so that a reasonable discussion can be had. Don#39;t let them vent unnecessary anger on you, because it is inappropriate. You might have to step in and coach someone in treating others more kindly or professionally.今天可能是个挑战你耐心的日子。你很可能遇到一些态度暴躁、好争斗的人。你需要试着与他们周旋,这样才有可能和他们理智的讨论。不要让他们对你发泄本可避免的怒火,因为这是不恰当的。你可能需要介入某人的生活,教会他/她更友善专业的对待他人。Your career horoscope事业运势You might be in an analytical mood. You#39;ll want to measure things and to organize data. If you work with numbers, you could find yourself checking figures and calculating equations throughout the day. Or you might simply decide to balance your checkbook, organizing your personal finances. You#39;ll pay extra attention to detail, and you#39;ll want everything to add up properly. You might want to keep a calculator on hand to verify your numbers.今天的你很想进行分析。你也想要测量事物、整理数据。如果你的工作是与数字打交道的话,你会发现你整天都在检查数字和计算方程。或者你也只是决定要保持收平衡、理清个人的财务状况。你将额外注意细节,你也希望所有的数字加起来不会出错。可能手边有个计算器更好,可以帮助你核实数字。译文属 /201607/457244广州天河看妇科去哪个医院好从化市人民医院在线咨询



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