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And so, in 1306, Bruce,the most politically intelligent and militarily successful figure,因此 在1306年 布鲁斯 这位在苏格兰中世纪史上最具政治才干 in medieval Scottish history, did just that.伟大的军事奇才 首先解决了内部问题He met with John Comyn, his main rival,and ended up stabbing him before the altar of Greyfriars Church in Dumfries.他与他的主要对手约翰·科明进行了一次会面 在格雷弗利尔斯教堂的圣坛前 一刀结束了他的生命The murder is neither explained nor justified by it being the case of a patriot knocking off a quisling 这一谋杀行为没有掀起任何政治波澜 被简单定性为一次爱国者铲除卖国贼的行动for Comyn had been a lot more consistent in his opposition to the English than Bruce,虽然科明的反英情绪 甚至要比布鲁斯更胜一筹he remained loyal to king Balliol, who still lived,and so had to be removed.但他一直对尚在人世的苏格兰王贝列尔忠心耿耿 因此成了布鲁斯的眼中钉Barely six weeks after he had murdered Comyn,Bruce had himself inaugurated king at Scone.科明死后仅仅六周 布鲁斯在司康加冕为王Instead of unifying the Scots behind a single leader,布鲁斯的行为没有使自己成为统领群雄的君王Bruce#39;s actions only intensified what was aly a Scottish civil war,one that he initially lost.反而激化了苏格兰的内部混战局势 他一开始就偏离了正确的道路He fled Scotland and so created a vacuum of knowledge,他不得不逃离苏格兰 造成史料空白filled by heroic mythology the fable of the cave and the spider, 只留下一段英雄佳话 那便是洞穴蜘蛛的传说whose patience gave Robert the resolution to persevere.蜘蛛的坚持不懈给了罗伯特坚持到底的决心There was no cave, no spider,but there was something more extraordinary 没有什么洞穴 也没有什么蜘蛛 但有件事却意义非凡the polished noble turning himself into a guerrilla captain.这位优雅的贵族脱下长袍成了游击队长It was Robert the Bruce, not William Wallace,who wrote the book on partisan warfare.是罗伯特·布鲁斯 而非威廉·华莱士 向我们演绎了游击战的精髓 /201610/475010栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201608/460629There are 29 beauty salons behind this door, each one has only one stylist.这扇门后面有29个美发沙龙。每个沙龙只有一位造型师。And to make an appointment, all you need to do is contact the stylist directly.直接联系造型师即可进行预约。Every professional has his or her own salon and brand and has fewer worries that are typical for small business owners.每个专业人士都有自己的沙龙和品牌,而他们却少有那些小企业主常有的担忧。They are their own bosses with no employees and only one requirement—paying rent on time.他们自己做老板,不雇佣员工,对于他们的唯一要求就是:准时缴纳房租。;People want to be independent and they want to have control of their own schedules.“人们想要独立,想控制自己的时间表。They want to have control of their pricing and the services that they offer.他们希望自主定价,能对自己提供的务有主动权。And it provides the incentive for them to make more money if they know that the money they get paid is theirs.如果他们知道挣到的钱就是自己拿到的钱,这就会激励他们赚更多的钱。So they can build their business, okay? And they pay a fixed rent.;所以他们就可以拓展自己的业务,对吧?他们需付固定的租金。”The first Sola Salon Studios Franchisee opened in Denver in 2004.第一家Sola沙龙工作室特许经营商于2004年在丹佛开始经营。Don and Jeff DeBolt heard about its success and visited it in 2012.唐·德伯特和杰夫·德伯特这对父子听说了它的成功,在2012年前去参观。;We walk in and were greeted by this lovely, lovely stylist.“我们去到那里,见到了非常、非常可爱的造型师。We said, #39;we#39;re not just looking because we#39;re interested in this. We may want to take it into Washington, D.C..#39;我们说,‘我们不只是随便看看,因为我们对此很感兴趣。我们想把它带到华盛顿。’She exploded. She said, #39;I can#39;t tell you how this is changing my life, four years ago, I couldn#39;t even make a car payment some once.#39;;她很激动。她说,‘我无法告诉你这如何改变我的生活。四年前,我甚至有些时候付不起停车费。’”The DeBolts leased office space in Alexandria and furnished it according to the Franchisee agreement.德伯特父子在亚历山德里亚租赁了办公区域,并按照加盟商协议进行装修。Then they put an ad in the local newspaper that said, #39;Own you own salon and be your own boss.#39;然后他们在当地报纸刊登广告,说:“拥有你自己的沙龙,成为你自己的老板”。Within minutes, they got a phone call from local hairstylist Sue Scott.几分钟后,他们接到了当地的发型师苏·斯科特的电话。;I called Jeff and he said, I said, #39;Oh my gosh, do you have any more studios left?#39; And he said yeah.“我打电话给杰夫,他说,我说:‘哦,天哪,你们还有没出租的工作室吗?’他说有。I mean he posted it like ten minutes before I called him. ;I#39;d like to be a little bit lighter,;其实我想说,我打电话给他的时候,可能广告打出来还不到十分钟。“我想把头发打薄一些。”With the support from several clients, Sue was able to start her own business.在几位客户的持下,苏成功开创了自己的事业。;You#39;re like one... like a one-woman show, one -man show.;“就像一个人......就像个人秀一样。”Iya Dedo waited for an opportunity to open a salon for two years.两年来,伊娅·德多一直在等机会开美发沙龙。;They help with my life now because I don#39;t have to stay here till nine o#39;clock just sitting if I#39;m not busy.“他们帮助改变了我的生活,因为如果店里不忙的话,我不必一直在这里待着,非得等到九点钟才能走。I can do a client, go to something else, come back and you know, take another client and finish up my day like that.;我可以接待完一个顾客,去做点别的事情,然后回来,再接待别的顾客,这样来度过我的一天。”Some stylists have curtains and blinds on the window, some leave their doors open for privacy withdraws new clients.一些造型师店里的窗户上装有窗帘和百叶窗。也有的造型师会把店门打开,因为他们认为过于隐秘的空间可能会让新顾客们望而却步。;This is nice because it#39;s quiet and it#39;s private, so when we were here, just the two of us.;“这很好,因为很安静,也有私人空间。所以当我们在这里的时候,就是我们两个人。”Landlords Don and Jeff rarely drop by, their goal is to help the tenants, not to control them.房东唐和杰夫很少去到这些工作室。他们的目标是帮助租户,而不是要控制他们。They provide stylists with the equipment and pay for the first shipment of products.他们为造型师提供设备并付产品首次的运输费用。The DeBolts now own three Sola Salon Studios, all units are rented out, what is the secret of their success?德伯特家族现在拥有三家Sola沙龙工作室。所有店面都租了出去。他们成功的秘诀是什么?Don and Jeff have a simple criterion—Who wants to share their profit?唐和杰夫有一个简单的标准,那就是:谁想跟别人分享自己的利润呢?For Anush Avetisyan, I#39;m Joy Vagner, VOA News, Alexandria, Virginia.VOA新闻,Anush Avetisyan撰稿,Joy Vagner于弗吉尼亚州,亚历山德里亚为您播报。 Article/201706/514703We have a new favorite game around here we#39;re gonna play.在这里我们会玩一个最新受我们欢迎的游戏It#39;s called Five Second Rule, and Kevin is gonna say, like, a category,叫做五秒规则 凯文会说 像 一个范畴and we have to say five things--uh, three things in five seconds.然后我们要说五件事情--嗯 三件事情在五秒之内说完Okay. And then as soon as we say it, then you hit that, and I#39;ll go first好的 然后就我们说完 然后你就按铃就像我这样做的just so you see--it goes very, very quickly.就像你看到的是很快 非常快的I need to warm up anyway, so that#39;s great.我需要先热身 这真是太棒了All right. Ready? Ellen, three things you do in front of a fire.好的 准备好了吗?艾伦 在火炉前你会做的三件事You toast marshmallows, you kiss and you have hot cocoa. Nice.烤棉花糖 亲吻还有热可可 很好Oh, that was good. No. Cheating. Cheater. Three people you want to kiss under the mistletoe.哦 那太棒了 不可以 作弊 骗子 你想在槲寄生下亲吻的三个人My boyfriend, Ryan Gosling, and Ryan Gosling again. Ooh. Three people. Ding!我的男朋友 瑞恩·高斯林以及瑞恩·高斯林 喔 三个人 叮!All right. All right. That#39;s all right. Ellen.可以 可以 那个可以 艾伦Don#39;t give her a point for that! Oh, come on! We all love Ryan!她这样不能给她分!噢 拜托!我们都爱瑞恩I know, but he#39;s not three people. Okay, Ellen. All right.我知道 但是他不是三个人 好的 艾伦 好吧I#39;m competitive. Yeah. Three things you can pinch. Your cheek, your butt, a baby. Nice.我求胜心切 是的 三件你可以捏东西 脸颊 屁股 婴儿 棒I thought you were gonna say ;nipple.; Okay. Beth, besides your nipple, three--我以为你会说“奶头” 好的 贝丝 除了你的奶头 三--Three things you wouldn#39;t want an ant to bite.你不希望蚂蚁咬到的三个部位Oh, um, your toe, your wrist, and your, mm, uh--Ooh. Eye.噢 嗯 脚趾 手腕 还有 嗯 诶--噢 眼睛After the clock. You sure wouldn#39;t want it to bite your eye.超时了 你一定不会希望咬到你的眼睛I kept thinking dirty #39;cause of ;nipple,; and then I couldn#39;t say anything #39;cause it#39;s daytime.因为“奶头”这个词一直让我想歪 而且因为现在是白天 所以我啥也不能说Well, we just would#39;ve bleeped you. All right. All right.嗯 你要是说了我们就消音嘛 好吧 好的Ellen, three things you do on a nude beach.艾伦 你在裸体沙滩上会做的三件事You put sunscreen on, you cover yourself with a towel, and then you run.涂防晒霜 用毛巾盖住自己 然后开始跑Oh, with zero seconds. Oh. Beth, three things you bring on a first date.噢 零秒钟 噢 贝丝 你会在约会那天做的三件事Lipstick, breath mint, condom. Oh, boy.口红 清新的薄荷糖 避套 噢 天哪Well, we#39;ve learned a lot about you today.好的 我们今天了解很多关于你的事情 Article/201707/516006栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201607/451751

Dubrovnik, Croatia.克罗地亚杜布罗夫尼克It#39;s often said that Dubrovnik is one of the more expensive cities of the eastern Mediterranean,人们常说杜布罗夫尼克在地中海东部地区算是比较贵的,and indeed it#39;s one of the priciest destinations in Croatia,不错,它确实是克罗地亚最贵的旅游城市,but with a little effort the charming Dalmatian Coast city can still be enjoyed on a modest budget.但只要付出一点努力,不用大手笔也能欣赏美丽的达尔马提亚型海岸。Luckily, a lot of the main attractions in Dubrovnik#39;s historic walled Old Town, like the beautiful Sponza Palace and Rector#39;s Palace,庆幸的是,老城中的许多主要景点,比如壮观的斯庞查宫殿和王宫官邸,and even a walking tour of the city walls themselves are all reasonably priced or free.甚至徒步浏览老城的价格也都非常合理,甚至免费。Also, much more affordable accommodation and food can be found beyond the bounds of the Old Town.此外,游客可在老城外找到廉价酒店,还可品尝到便宜美食。Sofia, Bulgaria.保加利亚索非亚Sofia,nestled in the heart of western Bulgaria against the backdrop of the majestic Vitosha Mountain,索菲亚位于保加利亚中西部,背靠维多萨山脉,may be one of Europe#39;s cheapest capitals to visit, but that by no means makes it a second-rate destination.该城可能是欧洲最廉价的旅游城市之一,但并不意味它就是二流城市。The city, one of Europe#39;s oldest, is home to a rich history,索菲亚历史悠久,也是欧洲最古老的城市之一,from the medieval Boyana Church to the even older Rotunda of St. George, dating back to the 4th century.从中世纪亚纳教堂到四世纪圣乔治圆顶教堂。For tourists who like to travel in style, there are plenty of affordable multi-starred hotels alongside many inexpensive,对于喜欢时尚旅行的游客,该城有许多廉价星级酒店,yet upscale restaurants serving classic, authentic Bulgarian cuisine.周边的高档餐厅提供地道保加利亚美食,而且价格合理。Lisbon, Portugal.葡萄牙里斯本Perhaps a surprising addition given that most of the destinations featured here reside in Eastern Europe,虽然多数旅游城市坐落在东欧,但它却是个例外,but Portugal#39;s lovely capital Lisbon is doable on a shoestring budget.里斯本也是最便宜度假胜地。Modest accommodation gets the luxury treatment at locales like The Independente Hostel from as little as 12 euros per night 比如经济实惠的“独立旅社”,但待遇却是一流,每晚费用只要12欧元。(breakfast included), while many no fuss,包括早餐,且无后顾之忧。traditional restaurants serving typically Portuguese cuisine can be found dotted throughout the city.传统葡菜餐厅布满全城。Add to that, a lively cultural calendar featuring plenty of summertime festivals with free activities此外,夏季还有许多免费的文化活动,and the fact that on the first Sunday of each month, many of Lisbon#39;s main attractions,每月第一个周日,里斯本许多主要景点,the Torre de Belem and the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga included offer free entry,包括贝伦塔和国家艺术物馆都会免费开放。and Lisbon might not be as expensive as you thought.里斯本并没有你想得那么昂贵。Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina波斯尼亚-黑塞哥维那的首都萨拉热窝Blighted by the war as recently as a couple of decades ago, Bosnia and Herzegovina#39;s capital, Sarajevo,虽然萨拉热窝近几十年饱受战争困扰,has truly risen from the ashes and is today a cosmopolitan city home to a rich history,但它已脱胎换骨,如今成为了一国之都,不管是近代还是古代,both distant and recent, as well as a vibrant nightlife.该城历史悠久,且夜生活丰富多。Visit (free of charge) local landmarks like the Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque,您可以免费参观加齐哈兹维伯格清真寺,built in 1532 and considered one of the finest examples of Ottoman architecture in the Balkans,该清真寺建于1532年,也被认为是巴尔干半岛土耳其建筑的典范,and the Latin Bridge, site of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, which triggered World War I.还有著名的拉丁桥,这里也是一战导火索,斐迪南大公曾在这里遇刺身亡。Make sure to indulge in some of Sarajevo#39;s deliciously cheap Cevapi, Bosnia and Herzegovina#39;s national dish.别忘了享用该国最著名的传统美食“Cevapi”。Warsaw, Poland.波兰华沙While Krakow may often be Poland#39;s more raved about city, its capital, Warsaw is more than worthy of a visit.克拉科夫可能是活力之城,但作为首都的华沙更是值得一看。After being largely rebuilt in the aftermath of World War II, it boasts a far more modern ambience than its southern neighbor.经历二战大规模重建后,华沙比南方近邻更具有现代气息。For a dose of culture, there#39;s quite possibly no better place in Europe to visit on the cheap.想要领略当地文化,来一次廉价的华沙之旅再合适不过了。Many of Warsaw#39;s museums and art galleries, including the National Museum and the Zacheta National Gallery of Art,包括国家物馆和“Zacheta”国家艺术馆在内的许多展馆cost less than 5 euros to visit, while catching a ballet or opera performance at the Teatr Wielki can cost as little as 7 euros.门票不到5欧元,在华沙大剧院看芭蕾或听歌剧也才不到7欧元。 Article/201707/516665

In my view,he is the best person for this job.我个人认为他是这工作的最佳人选。view有风景的意思,在上句中view表示观点,看法。in my viewin my opinion 意思是在我看来,依我看。近似于I fhink/guess/feel/suppose(我想、我认为、我觉得)等表达形式,都是用来表示个人的看法或意见等。上句也可写成:I think he is the best person for this job/ In my opinion, he is the best person for this job.In my view/opinion, China is the greatest country on the world.依我所看,中国是世界上最伟大的国家。 /200802/27393

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