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  • 网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:某件事还没有确定up in the air是一个常用的习惯用语,我们来给听众们介绍一下。Air是空气,up in the air就是在空气中,也就是悬在空中,意思就是:某件事还没有确定。通常我们会说,某个计划还没有确定 - the plan is still up in the air。要是有的人对某件事没有办法作出决定,你就可以说:their decision is still up in the air。下面让我们来听一个例句。这是一个建筑公司的老板在说他们的一个项目为什么迟迟不能开工。Now with the new regulations about building next to an airport, it looks like we might not be able to start on struction of the golf course until next year. The whole project is up in the air.这位老板说:因为对在机场附近兴建设施有了新的规定,因此我们在年底之前要开始修建高尔夫球场看来是不行了。这整个工程就因此悬而不定。up in the air这个习惯用语倒是挺生动的。说某件事情在空气里,自然是悬而未决,也就是不确定的意思了。是啊, 这个习惯用语在18世纪中叶就开始流行了,只是当时的人说,in the air,而不是up in the air。那是从什么时候开始说up in the air的呢?那是到了20世纪人们才开始用up in the air。下面我们再来听一个例句。这是一个人在说他对自己的未来一点都不清楚。I wish I could tell you where Ill be in six months time, but I dont even know. Im not sure if I will have the same job. Im not even sure if my girlfriend will be able to stay in this country. Everything is so up in the air.这个人说:我希望能告诉你六个月后我在哪里,可是我自己也不知道。我不知道我是否会作这同样的工作,我甚至都不知道我女朋友是否能留在这个国家。一切都无法确定。 /201209/201659。
  • 繁忙的都市生活,让年轻的白领一族每天都奔波于紧张的工作中,何不找几个;合得来;的朋友聊一聊,放松放松,那会让你的生活增加幸福感和踏实感。今天我们就来讲几个表达;合得来;的英语短语吧!1. have good chemistry with each other 有缘分;谈得来We have good chemistry.我们一见如故。2. be in sync 同步的;协调的Do your personalities clash or are you in sync?你们的性格是矛盾还是很合拍?3. click (两人)合得来I really like talking to her. I think we two really click.我很喜欢和她说话。我觉得我们两个蛮合得来的。4. hit it off 聊得投机;相处融洽Weve hit it off ever since we knew each other.我们从刚认识就很投缘。5. congeniality [k#601;nd#658;i:niaelig;liti] 趣味相同;意气相投In such a fragile alliance, the congeniality may be vital.对于如此脆弱的联合来说,他们的;情投意合;可谓至关重要。6. compatible 表示想法、方法的;兼容;,引申一下,两个人如果能在想法上;兼容;,那就是;志趣相投、协调一致;了According to the zodiac, she is compatible with Aries and Virgo.根据星座来看,她跟白羊座和处女座的人比较合得来。7. have a lot in common 有很多共同之处;有很多共同点I thought she was just a rich princess, but it looks like we have a lot in common.我以为她不过是个千金,但看来我们有许多共同点。8. be easy to get along with 平易近人We all consider the teacher easy to get along with.我们都认为这个老师很好相处。9. birds of a feather 一丘之貉;特性很相同的人Im not surprised those two are such friends; theyre birds of a feather.那两个人交情这么好我不惊讶,他们是一类人嘛。 /165202。
  • 特别声明该文章中的迷你对话选自口语书籍,对话精讲为可可编辑编写。第一、迷你对话A: Could you give me some advice on how to bring up my son properly?您能给我些建议如何才能教子有方呢?B: He’s a bright boy, isn’t he?他不是很聪明吗?A: But he always wimps out of difficulty.可是他一遇到困难就退却。B: Don’t worry, he’ll make good progress step by step.别着急。他会慢慢长进的。第二、对话精讲1. 地道表达【地道短语】wimp out (of)【解词释义】wimp原本是名词,意思为“懦弱的人”,是一种非常正规的口语表达方式。在改习语中,wimp转化为动词,其意转为“退缩”。Wimp out of是指“遇到困难而退缩不前”,意即“贪图享受,知难而退”。其英文解释为:to not do something that you intended to do because you are too frightened or not confident enough to do it【持范例1】They don’t wimps out of arduous work. 他们对艰辛的工作不会知难而退的。【持范例2】Brezhnev did not wimp out and rambled on about its historical importance for the ed States and the Soviet Union. 勃列日涅夫并没有知难而退,他继续无休止地谈论它对美苏两国所具有的历史意义。 2. 词海拾贝1. give somebody some advice on something:给某人某方面的建议Can you give us some advice on how to improve our English? 你能给我们提一些关于怎样提高英语水平的建议吗? Could you give me some advice on answering these questions? 对于如何回答,你能不能给我一些建议? Can you give me some advice on how to make up for the time I have lost?你给我说说怎样才能弥补损失的时间好吗? Could you give me some advice on how to prepare for the exams? 能不能就怎样准备考试给我提点建议? 2. make progress:进步,进展Modesty helps one to make progress, conceit makes one lag behind. 虚心使人进步,骄傲使人落后。 So you make progress with Miss Barkley? 原来你和巴克莱的关系有进展了? It was a long time before we seemed to make progress. 好长时间后,我们才似乎有了点儿眉目。 Study well and make progress every day. 好好学习,天天向上。 3. step by step:逐步地This may appear complex, so we shall explain it step by step. 它似乎很复杂,因此我们将逐步地加以说明。 If you want to obtain knowledge,you must learn step by step. 你想得到知识,就必须循序渐进地学习。 We should enrich our knowledge step by step. 我们应当逐步地丰富自已的知识。 Step by step, he knew the importance of it. 渐渐地,他晓得了它的重要性。 /201307/244697。
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