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Posefen was a goddess. She was the only daughter of the Greek Goddess of harvest Demeter. Wherever Posefen went, the places would be full of flowers.泊瑟芬是一个纯洁的女神。她是人间的大地之母、谷物之神狄蜜特的独生女儿,是春天的灿烂女神,只要她轻轻踏过的地方,都会开满娇艳欲滴的花朵。One day, when Posefen played with her friends in the valley, she found a silver narcissus flower. She liked it and picked it up. Suddenly, the narcissus became a handsome man with purple eyes. Posefen was scared and took a step back. The man smiled and said, “Goddess, you broke the curse and saved me. Please let me fulfill my promise and marry me.” Before she understood what happened, Posefen was thrown into a rift in the ground.有一天,泊瑟芬和同伴们在山谷中的草地上摘花,她惊奇的发现一朵银色的水仙,美的光照人。她渐渐远离了同伴,伸手去采摘那朵水仙。就在她摘下它的一瞬间,水仙化作一团紫色的烟雾,一股淡淡的阴间的香气弥漫开来。烟雾渐渐散去,眼前出现了一个一身黑色,有着紫色眼眸的俊逸非凡的男子。泊瑟芬惊的后退了一步。只见那男子嘴角边流露出一丝可怕的笑,说到:“女神,你破除咒语救了我,那就履行我的誓言嫁给我吧!”泊瑟芬还没有弄明白是怎么一回事,地上就裂开一道缝,一股强大的力量把她卷了进去。After hearing her daughter’s cries for help, Demeter threw corn away and saved her daughter. However, without the Goddess of harvest, seeds did not grow and human beings would confront a great disaster. Zeus quickly got the news and knew it was Pluto that took Posefen away. Pluto could not win Zeus but he really loved Posefen. He knew he would be cursed and told Posefen, “My fragrance should belong to the world. Take it away.” Then he closed eyes.泊瑟芬的呼救声回荡在山谷里,狄蜜特抛下手中的谷物,飞跃千山万水去寻找女儿。人间没有了大地之母,种子不再发芽,肥沃的土地结不出成串的麦穗,人类面临巨大的灾难。这一切很快传到了宙斯的耳中,他知道劫走泊瑟芬的是冥王海地士,便下令再一次诅咒他。海地士终究敌不过宙斯的法力,但他是真的爱着泊瑟芬。他知道自己马上就会再次陷入长长的昏睡,于是对泊瑟芬说:“我身上的香气应该属于人间,请你把它带走吧!”说完,海地士闭上眼睛,再也看不见心爱的春天女神泊瑟芬了。 /201108/151417崇义县中医医院祛除腋臭多少钱愿意惹的麻烦As someone who subscribes to and s a dozen personal finance blogs, I have noticed something that many of those in the blogosphere would probably see as a wonderful problem to have. As both a hard worker and a diligent saver, I have been able to save the maximum retirement amount and the maximum SEP amount each year. I no longer meet the income level to contribute to a Roth, but you better believe I did when I was able. I also fund my 3 kids’ 529 plans every month. Educational charities and my kids’ PTA also get nice donations every year.After doing this for a decade or more, I realize that I love the idea of saving the money. I have prepaid my mortgage so that I have only a year to go to pay off a 15 year loan in 8 years. I also have non-retirement assets that have experienced the ups and downs of the uncertain economy.Poor me, right?What astounds me is that for the first time in my life, I can do whatever I want, but I don’t know what to do. I never prepared myself for this day. After 15 years’ of diligent and careful saving, I find that the spending of money doesn’t provide the joy or happiness I thought it would.Don’t get me wrong. The freedom to not worry when a car breaks down or I need a suit is satisfying. I love my house even more now that it is about to be all mine. My favorite luxury is actually using a service to do our laundry. For .00/lb they get it, wash it, fold it, and return it. I know it isn’t worth it, but both my wife and I hate doing laundry.For all you savers, please pay attention — do your best to figure out why you are saving the money. For me it was always the ability to stop working early — something I coveted when I was 25. Now that I am about to turn 40, I realize that I like my jobs, and that I don’t do as well without structure in my days. So yes, I saved, but now what?Here are 7 questions to consider in advance:What are you going to do once your financial moves come to fruition?What will you concentrate on next?What will make you happy?What will you do with the money?What aspects of my financial planning will be difficult to change?How have your priorities changed over time?And finally—how are they likely to change going forward?I always thought I could turn off the saving, frugal, careful part of my brain once I reached a certain level of financial security. However, I am increasingly aware of the fact that if you pursue something diligently for 15 years, it becomes who you are.Be careful in what you wish for. Please comment if you have experienced something similar. 当某些人在预定以及阅读许多个人理财客的时候,我发现许多客里都能看到有一个麻烦大家都很乐意去惹。作为一个努力工作以及努力存钱的人,我已经存了足够退休养老的钱以及每年都交足够的公积金。我现在没有到达可以买得起陀飞轮腕表的工资水平,但是请相信我如果一旦我有能力我一定会买的。我还每月为我的三个孩子在529计划基金里交钱。每年教育慈善基金和我孩子的家庭教师协会也从我那里得到了不小的捐助。这样交了几十年的钱之后,我意识到我喜欢上了攒钱这个想法。我已经为我的抵押贷款存了一笔钱,现在十五年的贷款我把它缩短到了8年付清,现在还有一年我就付清了。我还有一些经受了不稳定经济震荡的永久资产。我很可怜,对吗?令我惊讶的是我第一次发现我可以随心所欲的做我想做的事情,但是我却不知道该做什么。对此我根本没有准备。经过了十五年的努力攒钱,我发现花钱竟然不能带给我原本我认为应该有的快乐。认为我做的不对?车抛锚不用担心或者随心所欲地买套套装都很令我感到满意。因为我的房子即将正真属于我的所以我更加爱我的房子了。我最喜欢的奢侈享受是让别人为我洗衣。取、洗、叠、送整个务按照每磅一美元计算。我知道不值那价,不过我和我的生活不能忍受自己洗衣的日子。所有的“存友”们注意了,你必须搞清楚你攒钱是为了啥。对于我来说就是为了早点退休,我25岁就有这打算了。然而我现在都快40了,我发现我喜欢上了我的工作,而我的日子也不会过得无所事事。所以我开始存钱, 但是当你决定要在攒钱的时候首先应该干嘛呢?以下是首先要考虑的7个问题:1. 一旦你手头的资金稳定下来你打算做什么2. 你下面将要以什么为重心3. 是什么让你开心4. 你的这些钱要怎么用?5. 在哪些方面我的攒钱计划很难做出相应的调整6. 随着时间的推移你的侧重点有哪些改变7. 最后,他们怎么样向好的方向改变我总是想着一旦我有了一定的经济实力我可以摆脱攒钱、节俭以及绞尽脑汁。然而,我越来越有一种感触:当你努力追求某样东西十五年之后,那样东西基本已经变得和你一样。谨慎地决定你到底要追求啥东西。如果你有同样的问题请给我留言。 /200803/30495赣州吸脂医院Ways to Look Good in Photos How to put your best face forward and pose(v.摆姿势) like a model. 1. Focus your eyes just slightly above the camera lens(摄影机镜头), move your face forward a bit, and tip down(向下倾斜) your chin. 2. Put your tongue behind your teeth and smile, which will relax your face. 3. Keep your arms by your side—but not glued(v.粘合、紧附于) there. To look natural, they should be a little away from your body. 4. Test-drive clothing against a white wall, with an indirect, natural light source (under a tree, indoors near a window)—it will show whether blue really is your best color. 5. Photos exaggerate(v.夸大,使扩大) everything, so go easy on the makeup. For women under 30, a little mascara(n.睫毛膏) and lip gloss(唇色);over 30, add a touch of concealer(n.遮瑕粉). 6. Practice the classic model pose: Turn your body three quarters of the way toward the camera, with one foot in front of the other and one shoulder closer to the photographer. When you face forward, your body tends to look wider. 7. For standing photos, belly in, buttocks(n.臀部) tight, shoulders back, spine(n.脊梁) straight. 8. Study photogenic(adj.很上镜的)people as well as photos in which you think you looked best. Look at your best angle. You’ll probably see that you were laughing or having a good time. Capturing(v.捕捉、捕获) someone when they’re relaxed or most animated(adj.愉快的) usually makes for the best results. 9. To feel at ease, try closing your eyes, then opening them slowly just before the photo is taken. /200909/84203/200903/64214龙南县妇幼保健人民医院去胎记多少钱

江西省中心医院打瘦腿针多少钱赣州整形医院怎么样摘要:魔法指试图用某些超自然的力量控制自然或他人的行为。现代科学已为很多神秘现象的原因提供了科学的解释,但仍然有人迷信星相和算命之类的魔法。Magic is the practice of trying to control human actions or natural events by using powers that are supposed to be unnatural or superhuman. Now science has provided an increasingly greater understanding of the true caused of natural events, but many people still trust in such forms of magic as astrology and fortunetelling. Many people who believe in magic may carry magic objects called amulets or charms to protect themselves from harm. Amulets or charms may be stones or rings engraved with magic symbols.To work most magic, the magician, who is supposed to have supernatural powers, sings or speaks special words in a certain order. These words are called incantations or spells. Some spells are prayers to demons, spirits, or other supernatural forces. Other magic words have no meaning, though they are supposed to have power when spoken by a magician. The magician may combine words with actions to form a ceremony called a rite or ritual.Some people believe they can cause an event to happen by imitating what whey want to happen in a small scale. This magic is based on the belief that like produces like. For example, a magician trying to make rain fall may sprinkle water on the ground. Some people also believe a person can injure an enemy by damaging a lock of hair or a piece of clothing from the enemy. A magician can even cripple an enemy by putting a sharp object in that person’s footprint. People who believe in this kind of magic fear that an enemy can gain power over them by obtaining parts of their body. Therefore, they carefully dispose of their nails, hair, teeth, and even their body wastes. And for the same reason, witches and magicians may make a doll or some other likeness of an enemy, and try to harm the enemy by sticking pins into the doll or injuring it in some other way. The doll may have on it a lock of hair or a piece of clothing from the enemy. /200905/71424A man's genetic make-up may play a role in whether he has sons or daughters, a study of hundreds of years of family trees suggests.Newcastle University researchers found men were more likely to have sons if they had more brothers and vice versa if they had more sisters.They looked at 927 family trees, with details on 556,387 people from North America and Europe, going back to 1600.The same link between sibling sex and offspring sex was not found for women.The precise way that genes can influence baby sex remains unproven.But the Evolutionary Biology study could clear up a long-standing mystery - a flood of boy babies after World War I.While a woman will always pass a female "X" chromosome via her egg to her child, the father effectively "decides" the sex of the child by passing on either another "X" in his sperm, making a girl, or a "Y" chromosome, making a boy.While the birthrate is almost 50/50, suggesting that overall men will deliver equal amounts of "X" sperm and "Y" sperm, scientists have suspected that in some individual couples the balance is shifted in favour of either boys or girls.Various explanations have been put forward for this, ranging from differences in the time in the woman's monthly cycle that sex happens, to the amount of time thatsperm spend waiting in the testicles.The Newcastle study, by Dr Corry Gellatly, is strong evidence that there is a genetic component.He found that within families, boys with lots of brothers were more likely to have a higher number of sons themselves and those with lots of sisters were more likely to have lots of daughters.War babiesDr Gellatly said it was likely that a genetic difference affected the relative numbers of "X" and "Y" sperm within those produced by the man.This gene, while only active in the man, could be carried by men and women."The family tree study showed that whether you're likely to have a boy or a girl is inherited."He said that the effect was to actually balance out the proportion of men and women in the population."If there there are too many males in the population, for example, females will more easily find a mate, so men who have more daughters will pass on more of their genes, causing more females to be born in later generations."In the years after World War I, there was an upsurge in boy births, and Dr Gellatly said that a genetic shift could explain this.The odds, he said, would favour fathers with more sons - each carrying the "boy" gene - having a son return from war alive, compared with fathers who had more daughters, who might see their only son killed in action.However, this would mean that more boys would be fathered in the following generation, he said. /200812/59762南康市妇幼保健人民医院做隆胸手术多少钱赣州玻尿酸

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