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栏目简介:Top officials of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization gathered at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences today to mark the 15th anniversary of its establishment. They vowed to further improve ties between member states and work together to ensure security in Central and East Asia. Reporter Wu Ying was there. 201701/488455栏目简介:Shanghai Childrens Medical Center is publishing a medication guide for children, which includes recommended dosages. China remains behind western countries in extensive clinical trials on childrens medicine, partly due to a lack of volunteers under the one-child policy. As a result, the country still lacks specific medicine for children, leaving prescriptions largely dependent on the experience of doctors. Our reporter Song Wenjing has the story.201705/507205栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201607/451770

You just look fantastic. Oh, well, thank you.你看上去很棒 哦 是么 谢谢Thank you. You look so good.谢谢你 你看上去很好Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.谢谢 谢谢 谢谢 谢谢Now, I have not been back since从八月份节目开播以后uh, I I started the show I guess back in August,额 我就没有回去过so I havent been, uh, up north lately,所以我最近没 额 北上去but we are neighbors and you have brought me vegetable once.但是我们是邻居 你曾经带给我蔬菜 就一次Actually, a couple of times. No, twice, twice. Okay, thank you. Twice.事实上 不止一次 哦对 两次 是两次 没错 谢谢 两次You missed that time. No, twice.你忘了那一次 不 两次But now, I know you have a big garden.但是现在 我知道你有一个很大的花园I know you have an overflow.我知道你大丰收What dont I get more? Because--为什么我没有收到更多?因为And see, you see how you just forgot然后你看 你看你忘了that I actually bought it the second time?我其实给你送过两次Uh-huh. Its because when--when I brought that big basket in--额 对 因为 当 当我带着那个大篮子去给你的时候Uh-huh. And you said, ;What am I supposed to do with this?;嗯 你说“我要拿这些怎么办?”Oh, no I didnt. Yeah, you did.哦 不 我这么说了么 是的 你说了You said, ;What am I supposed to do with this?;你说 “我要拿这些蔬菜怎么办?”because you--you know, I decided you dont cook--you dont cook. No.因为你 你知道么 我知道了你不做饭 你不做饭 不做And you are-- you do not get as excited about basil as I do.然后你 你不会像我这样对香料很感兴趣I get-I get really excited about basil, and keeping the basil, so--我对 我对香料很感兴趣 种植香料 所以I decided I would just give the vegetables to other people. Aw, no.我决定把这些菜给别人 哦 不I would give the vegetables to other people.我宁可把菜给别人Now, you all dont know this, or maybe you do,所以你们不理解 你可能知道that Ellen gave me an apple tree for my birthday. Yup. Yes.艾伦在我生日的时候送了我一棵苹果树 是哒 没错Which is now bearing fruit. I thought to bring you the fruit--这棵树现在结果了 我想过给你带点果实But? I thought better of it. Oh, no.但是?我想到更好的主意 哦 不Theyre my apples! I said, ;Im not bringing her those apples.;这是我的苹果! 我说“我不给她带苹果”Cause, first of all, Stedman loves apple pie, and we can just use the apples因为 最重要的是 斯特曼喜欢苹果派 所以我们决定用这些苹果for people who want to use the apples, cause--给那些想要用苹果烹饪的人 因为Well, I want-Ill come over for apple pie and have it with Stedman. Okay.好吧 我想 我会来吃苹果派的 然后和斯特丹一起分享 好的I thought-I thought you would, like, feed the apples to your horses or something.我猜 我曾经猜你会 比如用苹果喂马之类的Well, uh, Portia would definitely do that,这个么 额 波西娅肯定会这么做but theres nothing wrong with that either.但是这样也没什么错Are the big apples? Are they tiny?那些苹果大么 还是很小的那种Theyre not tiny. Theyre not the little cranberry-No, theyre not that.它们不小 不小 不是那种小浆果一样…不是 不是那样的Theyre not tiny. I should have brought them. I should have sent-I was gonna--它们不小 我应该给你带点的 我应该送 我本来准备while I was passing them this morning,当我早上分发苹果的时候I thought to take a photo-Yeah. And then, Im not--我想过拍张照 是么 然后 我没有拍You have the most amazing property你有着最令人惊奇的财产and the most amazing trees and thats why最令人惊讶的树 这也是我I gave you a tree cause I know you love trees.送你树的原因 因为我知道你爱树Yes. But really, you have a magnificent-Well, you know,是的 但是真的 你有着壮观的… 嗯 你知道having that property was a dream of mine.拥有这样一片土地是我的梦想I remember when I was doing ;The Color Purple.;我还记得当我还在拍《紫色》时Thats where I sit. Is that my--oh, thats my favorite tree on the property.我就坐在那里 那是我……哦 这是我花园里最爱的一棵树Um, we call that the promised land tree.嗯 我们叫它 应许之树So I I have, you know-I remember when I used to go to church with my father on Sundays.所以我 你知道么 我记得 小时候跟我爸爸一起去教堂做礼拜He had a big, green 1958 Oldsmobile.他那时候开着一辆大的绿色的1958通用汽车and we would drive through the rich people--rich white peoples neighborhood.我们会从有钱人旁边开过 有钱的白人邻居After church-- anybody, any black people ever do this--礼拜后…任何人 任何黑人也这样做过么drive through the rich white peoples neighborhood?从有钱的白人邻居家旁边开过?And you would--you would look at the houses--然后你会 你就会看着她们的房子I would drive through rich, white peoples neighborhoods.我会从有钱的白人邻居旁开过We drive through the rich, white peoples neighborhood--我们从富有的白人邻居旁开过I was poor. And youd look at all--look at the houses. And I would dream about我小时候也很穷 然后你就看着 看着这些房子 你就会梦想a house that I could own one day or possibly live in one day.我将来要拥有或者住的一栋房子And all the houses that I loved were surrounded by lots of trees.然后我爱的所有房子都被一大堆树包围着So I, in my mind, measured wealth with trees.所以我 在我心目中 我用树来衡量财富So the more trees you have, the wealthier you are.所以你有越多的树 代表你越有钱And I do believe I won. Yeah. I think I won. I think-- Yeah. I think you won.所以我相信我赢了 是的 我想我赢了 我觉得 耶 我也觉得你赢了Now I look out at my yard in the morning,现在每天早餐我看着我的院子and all the trees-I measure, you know--Yeah. Success by trees.和所有的树 我在算 你懂么 是的 我成功了201706/512490

It does look pretty dark and sinister, this tunnel.这条隧道看上去特别黑暗阴森No, but as long as Im feeling this wind on my face,不过只要我能感觉到这股风吹在脸上I know theres an airflow coming through here.我就知道这儿有一股冷气流通过And I can still see that light source.Its pretty clear.I reckon we can do this.我依然能看见那束光源 很清晰 我认为我们能做到This could be a way out,but its a narrow squeeze in this storm drain这可能是条出路 但是这个雨水渠很挤 with little headroom between the water level and the tunnel roof.因为水面到隧道顶部的空间特别狭小On the storm drains,they can fill up with water very fast, literally in minutes.在雨水渠里 水实际上能在几分钟内迅速将其灌满It is not a place to hang around.这可不是一个闲逛的地方Rain waters from outside can quickly fill up a storm drain,forcing out the air inside the tunnel,外面的雨水可以很迅速的灌满雨水渠 将内部的空气挤出隧道and right now, its aly getting hard to breathe.而且现在已经 这里越来越难呼吸了Gonna quell all the smoke build up now.要尽量把烟雾压下去My torch is using up precious oxygen and replacing it with noxious fumes.我的火把正在消耗宝贵的氧气 释放出有毒气体I want to get out of here, and fast.Just about enough room to get out of this.我想尽快离开这 空间刚刚够 来摆脱这困境Now let me get the torch through.现在让我们把火把弄过去There seems to be a way out,but this hole is getting tighter and tighter.那儿似乎有一个出口 但是这个洞越来越狭窄了Oh, god, man. Im hooked on this pipe.哦 天啊 我被这管道勾住了But Ive linked through to another tunnel,and theres a way out.但是我找到了连着的另一条隧道 那儿有条出路Well, were going up to the light here.Theres a manhole cover above me.Im gonna see if I can open it.我们上到了光亮这里 有个井盖在我之上 我来看看能否打开它We can get out of here.One final push, and the cover is off.我们可以从那里出去 最后一推 井盖打开了This takes us out onto the street,and for once, its not deserted.我们从这爬出去到了街道上 这一次 这里不是空无一物Back in the land of the living.Okay, dont get run over.重新回到有人烟的地方了 好了 小心别被车子撞了All I want now is to get cleaned up and head for home.我现在最想做的就是洗个澡然后直奔回家Using my wilderness skills, Ive shown you how to survive the challenges of the urban jungle.我用我的野外求生技能向你们演示了 如何在都市丛林的挑战中生存201610/471494

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