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皖南医学院弋矶山医院治疗包皮包茎多少钱芜湖市包皮手术医院哪里好Private-equity firms are divided over whether Myanmar will be a source of huge profits, or just another place to endure losses.缅甸是巨额利润的源头,亦或只是又一个让人亏钱的地方?在这个问题上,私募股权行业出现了分歧。Some private-equity funds aly are scrambling to raise cash to pour into the Southeast Asian nation, which has only just cracked open to Western investors after a secretive military junta stepped down in 2011. They see big opportunities in health care, real estate and other businesses that were starved of capital during five decades of military rule, while other Asian nations zoomed ahead. Yet many other firms, including big-name players such as KKR amp; Co. and Blackstone Group LP, are holding back.部分私募股权投资基金已经在急急忙忙地筹集资金投入这个东南亚国家。2011年行事诡秘的军政府下台之后,缅甸刚刚向西方投资者开放。50年军事统治期间,在其他亚洲国家快速发展之际,缅甸的医疗、地产等行业极度缺乏资金,因此私募公司从中看到了巨大的机遇。但还有很多公司按兵不动,比如KKR amp; Co.和黑石集团(Blackstone Group LP)等知名品牌。The clash of views has important implications for Myanmar, which struggled to raise money during the years of military control and still has limited options for tapping international finance, despite more than a year of reforms. Western governments have lifted most of the sanctions they imposed over the past two decades to punish Myanmar for alleged human-rights violations.这种观点的碰撞对于缅甸有着重要的意义。缅甸在军政府统治期间筹资困难,而目前在改革了一年多之后,利用国外资金的渠道仍然有限。西方国家过去20年为惩罚所谓缅甸侵犯人权而施加的制裁措施,大部分已经取消。But while multinational firms such as General Electric Co. GE -0.90% and PepsiCo Inc. PEP +0.16% are looking for opportunities in Myanmar, many have focused mainly on selling products here rather than investing capital to build factories or other assets. To make matters worse, local banks still don#39;t have lending systems in place to finance many major corporate expansions.但在通用电气(General Electric Co.)和百事(PepsiCo Inc.)等跨国公司到缅甸寻找机会之际,很多公司主要侧重于在缅甸销售产品,而不是投资建厂或投资于其他资产。更糟的是,当地仍然没有建立起为很多重要企业扩张活动提供资金的贷款体系。Silk Road Finance, an investment firm that recently opened an office in Yangon, says it has raised million so far from private investors. Cube Capital, an investment company with offices in London and Hong Kong and .3 billion under management, recently invested in two Myanmar property deals worth more than million. The firm is looking to raise up to 0 million for deals in several emerging Asian markets, with about one-fourth of the funds targeting Myanmar.相关报道投资公司Silk Road Finance最近在仰光开了一家办事处。该公司说,目前为止它已经从私人投资者手中筹集资金2,500万美元。在伦敦和香港都有办事机构、管理资产13亿美元的投资公司Cube Capital,最近投资了缅甸的两笔房地产生意,价值逾2,000万美元。该公司打算筹集最多2亿美元的资金用来投资亚洲的多个新兴市场,约四分之一的资金以缅甸为目标。Others in the hunt include Leopard Capital, whose chairman is veteran emerging-markets fund manager Marc Faber, which is seeking to raise 0 million for two Myanmar-focused funds. Bagan Capital, with offices in Hong Kong and Myanmar, is also seeking to scoop up million for Myanmar deals.其他追逐机会的公司还包括资深新兴市场基金经理麦嘉华(Marc Faber)任董事长的Leopard Capital。该公司计划为两只以缅甸为主要投资对象的基金筹资1.5亿美元。在香港和缅甸都有办事处的Bagan Capital也打算为投资缅甸筹集7,500万美元。Some investors, however, worry that the political and economic risks in Myanmar are still too big, and that asset prices are getting pushed beyond reasonable levels. Others figure any deals to be had will simply be too small.但部分投资者担心缅甸的政治经济风险依然太大,并担心资产价格已被哄抬至不合理的水平。另一些投资者则认为,要投资的话,投资规模实在太小。And there are lingering questions about legal protections for foreign investors, and how the funds will be able to exit their investments even if they do well. Myanmar has no corporate bond market or stock exchange of note, and only a rudimentary banking system, limiting the ability of investors to cash out of their investments through the local markets.对外国投资者的法律保护如何,以及即使投资业绩不错,基金公司能不能退出,这些都是投资者心中悬而未决的疑问。缅甸缺乏有一定分量的公司债券市场或股票市场,只有一个不成熟的系统,所以投资者很难通过当地市场将其投资套现。#39;I assure you that all the projects now in Myanmar will fail,#39; said John Van Oost, founder and managing partner of Yishan Capital Partners, an investment firm with offices in Singapore and Indonesia that specializes in real estate. Land prices aly are too inflated there, he said, and it isn#39;t yet clear which local partners are reliable.Christopher Davy / The Wall Street Journal仰光一处接近完工的房地产项目前,一名人力车夫在等待顾客。在新加坡和印度尼西亚设有办事机构、专注于房地产的投资公司Yishan Capital Partners的执行合伙人John Van Oost说,我向你保,目前缅甸的所有项目都将倒闭。他说,缅甸地价已经太高,而且当地的哪些合作伙伴可靠也还不清楚。#39;A lot of people are rushing into Myanmar. We don#39;t think that market#39;s y,#39; said Ming Lu, regional leader for KKR in Southeast Asia.KKR东南亚地区负责人路明说,很多人都在涌向缅甸,而我们认为这个市场还没有做好准备。To be sure, business leaders, both foreign and local, widely expect Myanmar to become one of Asia#39;s fastest-growing economies if overhauls continue. But a failure by companies to get capital from outside investors could delay economic growth. In turn, a sputtering economy could dash the hopes of Myanmar#39;s 60 million people, many of whom are expecting to see benefits from recent changes.诚然,缅甸国内外商界领袖都普遍预计,如果改革继续进行,缅甸将成为亚洲增长最快的经济体之一。但如果企业不能从境外投资者手中获得资金,经济增长就有可能遇到阻碍。而如果经济发展不顺利,则有可能浇灭缅甸6,000万人的希望。很多缅甸人都期待能够从最近的改革当中获益。More skeptical private-equity players in Asia say they have learned from previous market openings─especially Vietnam in the 1990s─that first movers don#39;t always make money, in part because changes rarely move as quickly as investors hope.对此表示更加怀疑的亚洲私募投资者说,他们从过去某些国家开放市场(特别是90年代的越南)的过程中领教到,先行者未必挣钱。这在一定程度上是因为改革的进度很少像投资者希望的那样快。Myanmar also has seen private-equity investments go sour before, during a brief economic opening in the 1990s. Still, more adventurous investors are betting that they will be able to secure relationships with the most reputable local entrepreneurs and lock up some of the best opportunities.缅甸以前也出现过私募投资失败的案例。这些投资发生在90年代一场短暂的经济开放期间。但是,更有冒险精神的投资者觉得,他们将能够与当地最有声望的企业家建立关系,从而锁定一部分良机。#39;It#39;s the first in, the early mover, that benefits from the best deals and the best relationships,#39; said Kenneth Stevens, a managing partner at Leopard Capital.Leopard Capital执行合伙人史蒂文斯(Kenneth Stevens)说,受益于最佳交易、最佳关系的,是第一批进入的人,也就是先行者。 /201212/211781芜湖东方男科医院治疗生殖感染价格 AIR pollution levels in Beijing have hit dangerous levels in recent days, with smog drastically reducing visibility and authorities warning people to stay indoors and avoid strenuous exercise.北京的空气污染水平最近几天已经达到危险水平,雾霾大大降低了能见度,政府提醒人们呆在室内,避免剧烈运动。Local authorities said the severe pollution is likely to persist until Tuesday, as weather conditions are preventing pollutants from dispersing.地方机构说严重污染可能持续到周二,随着天气状况正防止污染物扩散。The Beijing Municipal Environmental Monitoring Center has reported air quality ings between 176 and 442 from its monitors throughout the greater Beijing area since Friday.北京市环境监测中心报告了自上周五以来监控整个北京地区的空气质量数据在176和442之间。The monitors measure levels of airborne PM 2.5 particulates. These tiny particles are considered among the most harmful as they can travel deep into the respiratory tract, reaching the lungs. Exposure is linked to respiratory and other problems.监测是以空气颗粒物PM 2.5来衡量的。这些微小粒子被认为最有害因为他们可吸入呼吸道到达肺部。暴露其中会引发呼吸道等其他问题。Air quality is considered good when ings are 50 or below but hazardous at between 301 and 500, when people are told to avoid outdoor physical activities.当数据PM2.5低于50时空气质量被认为是好的,但在301和500之间时就有危险,当人们被告知要避免户外体育活动时。The elderly, children and those suffering from respiratory and cardiovascular diseases are advised to stay indoors to reduce exposure to polluted air.老人、儿童和那些患有呼吸系统和心血管疾病的人建议尽量留在室内,减少接触污染的空气。Monitors in Beijing reported air quality indexes above 300 on Friday, and the center#39;s real-time reports showed the capital remained heavily polluted yesterday, with ings around 500 at 5pm from some stations.周五北京公布的空气质量监测指标PM2.5高于300,中心的实时报告显示首都仍然严重污染,昨天下午5时一些地区的PM2.5在500左右。A warning on the monitoring center#39;s website yesterday said the density of PM2.5 had reached 700 micrograms per cubic meter in many parts of Beijing and that the pollution was set to linger for three more days.监控中心的网站昨日提醒说在北京的许多地方PM2.5的密度已经达到700微克每立方米,污染将持续三天。This air quality data is the worst in Beijing since the municipal government began to track PM2.5 early last year.自北京市政府去年年初开始追踪PM2.5以来,这是最糟糕的空气质量数据。Sports activities stop体育活动停止According to rules issued by the city government in December, all outdoor sports activities are to stop and factories have to reduce their production capacity if Beijing#39;s official air quality ing goes over 500.根据市政府在12月发布的规定,所有户外体育活动都叫停了,如果北京的官方空气质量读数超过500时工厂不得不降低他们的产能。Several other cities, including Tianjin on the coast east of Beijing and Wuhan, capital of central Hubei Province, also reported severe pollution.其它几个城市,包括位于北京东面沿海的天津和中部湖北省的省会武汉也报道污染严重。In eastern Shandong Province, more than 20 highways were closed as visibility in some areas was reduced to less than 50 meters, the provincial meteorological center said.位于中国东部的山东省20多条高速公路被关闭,由于省级气象中心说一些地区的能见度降到50米以下。And 63 flights in and out of Shandong#39;s eastern coastal city of Qingdao had been canceled or delayed by 2pm yesterday, affecting about 5,000 passengers, said airport authorities.进出山东东部沿海城市青岛的63趟航班已经取消或推迟到昨天下午2点,影响大约5000名乘客,机场称。In southeastern Jiangxi Province, visibility in eight cities was reduced to less than 500 meters. Five highways were closed and dozens of flights delayed at an airport in the provincial capital of Nanchang yesterday morning, said meteorological authorities.西南部江西省8个城市的能见度降到低于500米。昨日上午5条高速公路被关闭,省会南昌机场数十架航班被延误,气象部门说。 /201301/220264Qian Xuesen (simplified Chinese: 钱学森; traditional Chinese: 錢學森; pinyin: Qián Xuésēn; Wade-Giles: Ch'ien Hsüeh-sên) (11 December 1911 – 31 October 2009) was a scientist who made important contributions to the missile and space programs of both the ed States and People's Republic of China. NASA documents commonly refer to him as H.S. Tsien.钱学森(简体中文:钱学森,传统中文:錢學森,拼音:Qián Xuésēn,威妥玛拼音:Ch'ien Hsüeh-sên)(1911年12月11日 - 2009年10月31日)是一位对中国和美国的导弹航空领域做出杰出贡献的科学家。美国航天局的文件通常称他为H.S. Tsien。 /200912/91682芜湖三山区男科医院龟头炎症

芜湖割包皮费用China#39;s attempts to crack down on illegal prostitution have led to increased police brutality of sex workers in a country where educational and economic challenges lead many to seek opportunity in the underground industry.中国试图打击非法卖淫活动的举措导致警方愈加野蛮地对待性工作者。在中国,教育和经济上的困境导致许多人在这一见不得光的地下产业寻求机会。According to a new report from New York-based Human Rights Watch, periodic sweeps of places such as karaoke bars, hair salons and massage parlors result in detentions, harassment and blackmail of sex workers in China. Police abuse of workers in custody is often so severe that it constitutes torture under China#39;s domestic law, according to the report, which was based on interviews with 140 sex workers, clients and experts.纽约的人权观察(Human Rights Watch)的一份新报告显示,中国对卡拉ok厅、发廊和房的定期“扫黄”行动导致性工作者受到拘留、骚扰和勒索。报告显示,警方常常严重虐待被拘押的性工作者,按中国的法律,这构成了刑讯行为。报告是基于对140名性工作者、客户和有关专家的采访。The Beijing Public Security Bureau did not respond to requests for comment.北京公安局没有回复置评请求。Many women reported having been beaten into confession of prostitution, the study said, noting that confession relieves officials from having to present other, harder-to-acquire evidence of prostitution. #39;They attached us to trees, threw freezing cold water on us, and then proceeded to beat us,#39; one woman was ed as saying.报告显示,许多女性说自己是被屈打成招才承认卖淫,并指出这种供词让官员们无需再提出其他更难获取的卖淫据。报告中引述一名女性的原话说,他们把我们绑在树上,朝我们泼冰水,还打我们。The stories of abuse highlight the lengths to which police force is used in China to stamp out prostitution, a taboo issue that remains rampant despite crackdowns. While prostitution is illegal in China, it is supported by the business and political culture.性工作者遭虐待的事件突显出中国运用警力打击卖淫活动所达到的程度。卖淫在中国被视为禁忌,但屡禁不止并依然猖獗。虽然卖淫在中国是非法的,然而却受到了商业和政治文化的持。Prostitution in China is also the byproduct of an economy that has opened opportunities for many to improve their living standards, but not all. Social disparities created by limited education and employment opportunities have led many women, rural women in particular, to turn to prostitution as the fastest way to improve their livelihood, the report said.卖淫是经济发展的一个副产品。中国经济为许多人提供了改善生活水平的机会,但并非所有人。报告说,因受教育和就业机会受限造成的社会不平等导致许多女性、尤其是农村女性将卖淫当成提高生活水平的最快途径。The report also underscores the extent to which most Chinese citizens are unaware of their rights, or do not feel that they have the right, to protect themselves against law-enforcement officials. None of the women interviewed in the study filed a complaint or criminal charges against police who abused them. Most were unaware that they could hire an attorney for protection, the study said.报告还强调,大多数中国民众不清楚保护自己不受执法人员侵犯的权利,或不觉得自己有这种权利。报告采访的女性没有一人投诉虐待她们的警察或提起刑事诉讼。报告说,她们大多数人都不知道可以请律师保护自己。Human Rights Watch said that police actions open an estimated 4 million to 6 million of China#39;s sex workers under to additional safety and health risks. Many women interviewed also said that they stopped carrying and using condoms after police deemed the condoms as evidence of prostitution.人权观察说,警方的行动令为数估计达400万至600万的中国性工作者面临额外的安全和健康风险。许多受访女性还说,她们不再携带和使用安全套,因为警察认为安全套是卖淫的据。The report -- which focused on sex workers in Beijing#39;s parks, salons and massage parlors -- said that some workers were detained after servicing undercover police.报告说,一些性工作者在为卧底警察务后被拘捕。报告重点关注北京的公园、发廊和房的性工作者。Human Rights called on China to protect basic rights of workers and prohibit arbitrary detentions, arrests and brutality and to ensure protection of workers in a call for basic human rights. It also called on officials to prosecute police offenders and to create legislation that removes criminal sanctions against voluntary and consensual sex.人权观察在呼吁基本人权时,希望中国保护性工作者的基本权利,禁止任意扣押、逮捕和暴行,并确保性工作者得到保护。该组织还呼吁官员们惩处滥施刑罚的警方人员,并立法取消对双方同意的自愿性行为的刑事制裁。#39;Failure to uphold the rights of the millions of women who voluntarily engage in sex work leaves them subject to discrimination, abuse, exploitation, and undercuts public health policies,#39; the report said.报告说,数百万自愿从事性工作的女性的权利得不到维护,导致她们遭受歧视、虐待、剥削,并破坏公共卫生政策。 /201305/240423芜湖包皮手术切除多少钱 Airlines, trucking companies and other big energy consumers are betting on further oil price falls, with many reluctant to lock in at current levels amid fears prices could plunge if the global economy weakens further. 航空公司、货车运输公司及其他能源消费大户目前预测石油价格会进一步下降。鉴于市场担忧如果全球经济进一步放缓,油价可能会剧降,因而很多能源消费者都不愿意在目前的油价水平买进。 Consumers are largely on the sidelines of the oil market in spite of a 30 per cent drop in price, from 5 in March to now, commodities bankers said. The price of Brent crude hit an 18-month low last week. 大宗商品家指出,尽管油价已经从3月份的每桶125美元下降到了现在的90美元,降幅达到30%,但石油市场大部分消费者仍然持观望态度。上周,布伦特原油价格已经降到了18个月以来的最低点。 Oil consumers fear the current slide in prices–largely due to slower economic growth in China, the main engine of oil demand, and the eurozone sovereign debt crisis–is only the beginning of a major sell-off. Saudi Arabia has this year boosted production to a 30-year high, further subduing prices. 石油消费者担心,目前主要由于石油消费大国中国经济增速放缓、欧元区主权债务危机导致的油价下跌只是一次油价大幅;跳水;的开端。今年沙特的石油产量已经增加到了30年来的新高,进一步压低了油价。 ;If the global economy continues to deteriorate, I will not be surprised if we see more downward pressure on oil prices,; Fatih Birol, chief economist at the International Energy Agency, the oil watchdog, told the Financial Times. 国际能源署(IEA)首席经济学家比罗尔#8226;毕洛(Fatih Birol)告诉英国《金融时报》:;如果全球经济继续恶化,那么油价下行的压力增大也是意料之中的事。; This wait-and-see approach mimics the behaviour of big consumers in 2008 at the start of the financial crisis, as prices plunged from a record high of nearly 0 to a low of . It could yet backfire if oil prices rise on the back of US and EU sanctions on Iran or if Saudi cuts production. ;So far we have seen light hedging activity,; said a New York-based commodities banker. ;We expect some consumer buying if we [oil prices] go down another .; 目前的观望态度与2008年金融危机伊始主要石油消费主体的表现如出一辙,当时油价从每桶接近150美元的历史高位下跌到45美元的低点。然而,一旦美国和欧盟对伊朗的制裁或者沙特减产导致油价上涨,就会事与愿违。纽约一位大宗商品家表示,;目前为止,对冲活动还不明显,如果油价再降10美元,我们预计消费者就会适当买入。; Companies keep hedging plans close to their chests, but anecdotal evidence confirms bankers#39; views. Southwest Airlines, the US#39;s largest low-cost carrier, told investors this year that its hedge protection for the second quarter was ;minimal;. 企业纷纷制定了对冲计划,但坊间据实了家们的观点。美国最大的低成本航空公司西南航空公司(Southwest Airlines)告诉投资者,其第二季度的套期保值操作;极少;。 Brent crude fell .03 to .93 in afternoon trading yesterday. 昨日下午交易中,布伦特原油价格下跌1.03美元,跌至每桶89.93美元。 /201206/188109安徽芜湖市治疗内分泌多少钱

芜湖东方生殖门诊部 Tokyo has regained the unenviable title of the world#39;s most expensive city for expatriates, while the eurozone crisis has made many European cities cheaper, according to a survey published on Tuesday.周二发布的一项调查显示,东京又重新荣获全球最贵移民城市的称号,而欧元区危机让许多欧洲城市的生活花费都降低了。At the other end of the scale, the survey by the Mercer group named the Pakistani port Karachi as the least expensive city, with living costs around three times cheaper than in the Japanese capital.在排行榜的另一端,美世集团开展的这一调查将巴基斯坦海港城市卡拉奇评为生活花费最低廉的城市,该城市的生活成本大约比日本首都东京低三倍。The report, published annually to help companies assess compensation allowances for expatriate workers, compared the cost of over 200 items in 214 cities, using New York as a reference. The items on the list included housing, food and transport.这一年度调查报告旨在帮助公司估算给驻外员工的补贴数额。该调查以纽约的生活花费为参照,比较了214个城市的200多项条目,包括住房、饮食和交通。Tokyo pushed the oil-boom Angolan capital Luanda into second place to retake the top spot in the survey. Another Japanese city, Osaka, came third, the Russian capital Moscow in fourth, and Geneva fifth.调查报告中,东京将盛产石油的安哥拉首都罗安达挤到了第二位,重新抢占冠军位置。另一个日本城市大阪位居第三,俄罗斯首都莫斯科排在第四位,日内瓦排在第五位。Cities in the eurozone slid in the rankings as the euro has slid against the US dollar during the debt crisis. Paris dropped 10 spots to 37th, Rome fell eight to 42nd, and Athens tumbled 24 to 77th.由于欧债危机中欧元对美元贬值,欧元区城市的排名有所下滑。巴黎降了10位,排名第37,罗马降了8位,排在第42位,雅典排名大幅下滑,降了24位,排名第77。London slipped from 18th in the table one year ago down to 25th place.伦敦从一年前排行榜中的第18位降到了第25位。Six Australian major cities are among the top 30 because of a stronger Australian dollar, according to Mercer.根据美世集团的调查,澳大利亚的6个主要城市都跻身前30名,因为澳元走强。The survey showed that the six cities had all experienced further jumps up the global list since 2011, with Sydney ranked 11th and Melbourne 15th, whereas Perth and Canberra both jumped 11 places to numbers 19 and 23.该调查显示,自2011年以来,这6个城市在这一全球排行榜上的名次都上升了。悉尼位居第11名,墨尔本第15名,珀斯和堪培拉都上升了11位,分列第19名和第23名。Brisbane rose by seven places to take 24th position while Adelaide moved up 19 places to 27th.布里斯班上升了7位,位居第24名,阿德莱德上升了19位,排在第27名。Australia now has three surveyed cities in the top 20 and all six surveyed cities in the top 30, Mercer said.美世集团称,澳大利亚现在有3个被调查城市进入了前20名,而且被调查的6个城市都进入了前30名。Sydney has become the most expensive Australian city for expatriates.悉尼已成为最昂贵的澳大利亚移民城市。;Demand for rental properties has also increased significantly in all the Australian cities we rank,; Mercer principal Nathalie Constantin-Metral said in a statement.美世集团的总裁娜萨莉#8226;康斯坦丁-梅特拉尔在一份声明中说:“在所有入榜的澳大利亚城市中,租房需求也大大提高了。”;Coupled with very limited availability, the result has been very tight markets and increased prices.;“再加上可供给量十分有限,其结果就是市场供不应求,价格上涨。”Shanghai climbed five places to 16th and Beijing moved up three places to 17th, overtaking Seoul.首尔排名被上海和北京赶超。上海上升了5位,排名第16,北京上升了3位,排在第17名。Shenzhen rose by 13 places to 30th while Guangzhou was up seven places to 31st.深圳上升了13位,排在第30名,广州上升了7位,排在第31名。 /201206/186756芜湖治疗包皮哪家好芜湖包皮切割价格



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