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河源源城区妇幼保健人民男科中医院有治疗前列腺炎吗惠城区人民男科医院泌尿科咨询惠城友好男科医院怎么走 UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Time for the Shoutout.“大声喊出来”的时间到了!American scientist William James is known for his research into what subject?美国科学家威廉·詹姆斯以哪方面研究出名?If you think you know it, shout it out.如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it emotion, speech, reflex or biology?是情感、演讲、反射作用还是生物学?Youve got three seconds. Go.你有三秒钟的时间,开始!UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The philosopher and psychologist William James is known for his theories surrounding emotion.威廉·詹姆斯既是哲学家,又是心理学家,他以情感有关的理论而出名。Thats your answer and thats your Shoutout.那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: Weve talked before how Internet companies like Google and social media sites like Facebook use the sites you visit and the subjects you like to help advertisers reach you. 我们节目曾探讨过像谷歌这样的互联网公司以及Facebook这类的社交网站利用你浏览的网站、你点的赞来为你推送广告。Its called data mining.这叫做数据挖掘。One thing thats new, technology that allows some computers to track your emotions while youre online. 在你上网时,电脑通过一些技术能监测你的情感,则是新鲜事。One thing thats not new, the privacy concerns.而并不新鲜的则是对泄漏隐私的担忧。 /201504/371048Romes aqueducts will deliver 250 million gallons of water a day,这项水利工程每天可以输送两亿五千万加仑水Enough for 1300 fountains,可供一千三百座喷泉900 baths and 144 public toilets.九百个浴缸和一百四十四个厕所同时使用Rome is the most advanced city in the world.罗马是世界上最发达的城市Apartment blocks six stories high,拥有六层高的居民楼Each with up to 380 residents.每栋楼可供三百八十个居民居住Under the roads, a sewage system helps sweep away在地下建造的下水道系统每天可以清理55 tons of waste a day.五十五吨的生活垃圾Theres a police force,A fire brigade,A postal service.城中还有警局 消防队 邮局30 libraries, 3 theaters and 80 temples.三十座图书馆 三个剧院和八十座庙宇Rome, the worlds first mega-city.罗马是世界上第一座大都市Today, for the first time in history,Over half of us live in cities.今天 超过半数的人生活在城市里 这是史无前例的Across the world there are 21 cities With a population above 10 million,全球有二十一座城市 人口超过一千万Based on the blueprint pioneered by Rome 2,000 years ago.它们按照两千年前罗马的蓝图逐渐发展起来But Rome is more than a city,Its an empire.但罗马不仅仅是一座城市 它是一个帝国201510/402989惠州割包皮手术的的价格

惠州妇幼保健院泌尿外科President Xi travels to Chongqing on first trip of 2016国家主席习近平2016年首次国内考察赴重庆President Xi Jinping has visited China’s southwestern mega city of Chongqing for his first home inspection tour of the year.中共中央总书记、国家主席、中央军委主席习近平赴重庆调研。Xi has aly made a stop at the Guoyuangang transport hub of ports and high-speed railways, newly built on the Yangtze River.习近平来到两江新区果园港。果园港是正在建设的第三代现代化内河港口、国家级铁路公路水路多式联运综合交通枢纽。 译文属201601/420781惠州市妇幼保健院泌尿系统在线咨询 Extracted from the poppy seed pod,鸦片是从罂粟籽当中提取而出的It activates a natural substance in the brain, dopamine,它刺激了大脑中一种天然物质的分泌:多巴胺That controls feelings of pleasure and reward,这种物质传递着快乐与兴奋Generating a sense of euphoria And physical addiction.使人产生一种欢愉的感觉 并且导致生理上的依赖Ho lao chin runs a lucrative opium den.何老金开设了一家利益颇丰的鸦片馆He gets the drug from the British.They grow it in India.他从英国人那里买来鸦片 他们在印度种植For the British traders, its like printing money.对英国贸易商来说 这就像印钞票For the Chinese, its devastating.而对中国人来说 这是毁灭性的This one drug opium had such a powerful impact on peoples minds鸦片这种药物对人的大脑 有着巨大的影响力that it became the single largest commodity traded worldwide in the early 19th century.在十九世纪早期 它就成为了 世界贸易中唯一销量最大的商品 Twelve million Chinese are addicted.一千二百万中国人沉迷于此Fifteen times more than the number of heroin addicts In the US today.比今天美国海洛因吸食者的数量 要高出十五倍Draining Chinas silver reserves And tearing the country apart.这掏空了中国的白银储备 国家变得四分五裂The addiction to opium was so widesp,鸦片吸食普遍到that we have about 30% of court officials addicted.近百分之三十的官员有毒瘾It really was a disease that would cripple a great empire.这个病害足以使 一个伟大帝国的衰落201604/437840龙门县妇幼保健人民中医院男性专科

惠州惠城区泌尿科咨询栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201601/420732 Short Turns 小回转姿态Body position is something Im always looking at because its so important to your overall performance为了更好地表现,在滑雪过程要关注身体姿态。Get it wrong and it will compromise everything. Get it right and you will make big difference to your turns如果姿势错了,那所有的就都错了。如果姿势对了,那会让你的转弯动作改进不少。In short turn its important that the upper body stays facing down the hill在小弯滑行中,非常重要的一点是让上身保持面向山下(滚落线)The legs and skis will be working underneath the body while the torso is remaing still只让双腿和雪板在跨下运动,上身保持不动What we need to develop is seperation between upper and lower body你需要体会上下身分离Watch my upper body here, its facing down the hill while my legs and feet are turning underneath.看我的上半身,一直面向山下,而只有我的下半身(跨部以下)在动。A great way to visualise the seperation is imagine that you had two poles made at rest undermeath your arms一个好方法实现上下身分离,将雪仗夹在双臂下similar to gymnastics parallel bars想象成体操的双杠And upper body is gonna slide and stay still all the way down those poles while legs work underneath the body上半身沿着雪仗的方向滑动但保持稳定,双腿在身下运动Let me show you what Im talking about看我做示范Imagine that the poles are running down the length of the slope想象雪仗沿着雪面向下移动(滚落线方向)My body will follow that line staying straight and level from top to bottom身体沿滚落线保持方向笔直、水平稳定,从顶到底Im going to use these rollers down here to exaggerate the movement在雪包上做这种练习,放大动作幅度Im gonna retract my legs as my feets come under me and extend down again into the trough.在波浪顶收缩双腿,让双脚靠近身体,在波浪底伸展双腿retract收缩extend伸展This is great way to feel these movements combined这个练习可以很好的体会稳定的上身和收腿和伸腿动作body level legs retracting and extending上身水平稳定,双腿收缩、伸展if you can only find one or two rollers to practice on it will still help即使只在少量的雪包上练习,也会很有帮助that may feel like a strange sensation to start with but its the same movement on a smooth piste刚开始感觉有点不适应,但动作和在平整雪道上是一样的doing short turns and torso remain still and calm and the legs moving underneath.小弯滑行中应保持上身稳定,双腿做动作if you find the poles are getting in the way or adding extra complications如果你觉得雪杖碍事get rid of them and repeat the same movement but keeping the arms nicely in front丢掉它,把手放前伸重复做同样的练习and maybe one less thing to think about这样能集中精神removing the poles will allow your body to stay in a more relaxed and neutral position没有雪杖让你更稳定、放松和自然的站姿remember, hands in front, it will help keep your upper body stable但是要记得,手向前伸才会让你的上身保持稳定once you get your poles back, a good pole plant will help you with rhythm雪杖拿回手里时,正确的点杖会让你保持节奏now you should be able to feel the legs retracting under the body and extending into the new turn现在你应该能感觉到双腿在跨下收起,并随着换刃伸出the upper body staying calm and still and facing straight down the hill上身保持平静和稳定并持续朝向山下(滚落线)lets have a look at some longer turns下一节,让我们来看看如何进行大回转注:本文翻译由en88字幕组完成。201506/379788惠州治疗阳痿早泄要多少钱惠州看男科医院



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