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世界先生冠军是他 这颜值我的鼻血啊 --30 18:00: 来源:chinadaily Rohit Khandelwal has won Mr World contest and the title the world's most desirable man held Southport in the UK on last Tuesday evening. 英国南安普顿上周二晚上Rohit Khandelwal在世界先生大赛中脱颖而出并且赢得了世界上最理想男人的称号 Judges of the biennial male pageant base the results over days of five different challenges. 两年一次的男性选美大赛裁判是基于超过天中五个不同的挑战的成绩进行评判 Mr Sur Roy, a friend and photographer, has seen him transm himself from a 'humble, simple guy' into the sharp-looking model and actor. 他的摄影师朋友Sayan Sur Roy告诉澳大利亚每日邮报说,他见了Khandelwal从一个谦虚、简单的男孩到今天优秀的模特和演员的转变 According to Mr y, Khandelwal hadn't heard about the Mr India bee until a friend told him about it he worked hard, especially on his fitness, to take the title. 据Sur Ro先生说, 此前Khandelwal从没听说过印度先生,直到一位朋友告诉他这件事,他努力锻炼,特别是健身的时候,就是为了赢得这个称号 Mr Sur Roy said Khandelwal has worked very hard since arriving in Mumbai two years ago aspiring to be a model and actor. Sur Roy先生说Khandelwal自从两年前来到孟买之后就一直努力工作,励志成为一名演员和模特 'I feel so privileged and humbled to be Mr World .... It has been an amazing journey to this point, and I cannot wait to see what happens next' “能成为年世界先生我感到很荣幸和骄傲...至此我感觉这简直是一个神奇的旅行,我已经迫不及待想要看看接下要发生的一切” Sayan Sur Roy said 'he’s aly a big sensation in the country at the moment' and hopes winning the pageant will open more doors him. 他的事迹已经轰动了印度这个国家,希望为他赢得选美比赛会使很多机会的大门向他敞开 Mr Sur Roy said that he will be returning to India the entire country is extremely proud of him Sur Roy说Khandelwal很快会回到印度,整个国家都为他而感到骄傲东部700名教师教西藏学校 -- :: 来源: 由教育部等部门联合资助了一项教项目,鼓励东部发达地区的教师前往西藏教,以提升自治区的教育水平Some 700 teachers from Chinarsquo;s developed regions have been dispatched to schools in the Tibet Autonomous Region a three-year program to improve the quality of education in the region.来自中国东部发达地区的700名教师已经前往西藏进行教,他们被派往自治区的所学校,进行一项为期3年的教项目,该项目旨在提高西藏地区的教育质量The first group of 76 teachers have arrived in Tibet, y to take up positions in the regional capital of Lhasa, and in more remote areas such as Xigaze, Nyingchi, Shannan and Qamdo.第一批教的76名教师已经抵达了西藏,他们将在西藏省会拉萨,以及更偏远的日喀则、林芝、山南和昌都开始教活动Sponsored by the ministries of education, finance, human resources and social security, the program will improve education in Tibet, which is dependent on both central and regional government funding to ensure education farmers and herdsmen.该项目由教育部、财政部、人力资源部和社会保障部联合资助,旨在提升西藏自治区的教育质量该项目是由中央政府和自治区地方政府联合拨款,以期保障藏区农牧民的受教育权利Fang Lingmin, vice chairman of the regional government, said that the teachers from municipalities and provinces including Beijing and Jiangsu Province, will be divided into groups to assist teaching in the schools.西藏自治区副主席方灵敏(音)说,从北京和江苏等个省市来的教师们将被分成个小组,前往各地学校援当地教学工作Under the program, 00 teachers will also be selected from Tibetan kindergartens and schools every year to receive training and hands-on experience in schools in developed regions.该项计划的另一个内容是将每年从西藏的幼儿园和学校里选派00名教师前往东部发达地区接受培训和教育实践训练The central government has carried out various programs to support Tibetrsquo;s development. Under the assistance mechanism, teachers from developed areas are encouraged to take short contracts at Tibetan schools to help improve the local education.长久以来,中央政府都一直致力于采取措施以援西藏地区的发展在本次的教援助项目中,政府鼓励东部发达地区的教师前往西藏进行短期教活动,以求提升自治区的教育水平The new initiative, however, aims to concentrate the efts in the designated schools to make more significant changes.这一新项目计划集中力量,将教教师集中派往所指定学校,以期能够对当地的教育现状做出更大、更显著的改变Tibet has 1,855 schools and more than 600,000 students. The region was the first in China to offer a -year free education all children from kindergarten to high school, which has helped increase the average enrollment rate of primary, junior high and high schools to 98 percent, 96 percent and 7 percent, respectively.西藏自治区一共有1855所学校,学生总数超过60万人西藏是中国第一个提供从幼儿园到高中年义务教育的地区,这一举措将西藏平均受教育水平为小学、初中、高中的人口比例分别提高到了98%、96%和7%However, schools in remote areas still lack basic infrastructure to ensure stable power supply and even access to clean drinking water.然而,在西藏的一些偏远地区,基础设施建设仍然缺乏,人们难以有稳定的电力供应,甚至清洁用水也很难得到保障无惧年龄! 80岁作穿普拉达女王 -- ::36 来源:sohu 花花裙、高跟鞋和超大太阳镜不再只属于年轻人的风格最近一名八十岁的老太太重新诠释后现代的时尚造型, 她的照片上传后立即轰动整个互联网 Floral dresses, high-heels and oversized sunglasses are no longer styles exclusive to young people! An 80-year-old woman from southwest Chongqing municipality recently wowed the internet with her post-modern interpretation of trendy fashion items. 为甚么她八十岁还可以当时尚教主呢? 原来这辑照片是侄孙女(林女士) 送给她的礼物: “虽然她已经上了年纪, 但姑奶奶的身体还是非常健康”“那双鞋鞋跟有厘米,我们拍的时候很担心,本想让她穿着照几张就脱下来,结果她说不行这样出不来效果”“因为我们想拍出最自然的一面,不是那种拍出来谁看了也不认识的”所以姨姥脸上的斑点与皱纹也没有刻意遮盖,更没有让摄影师过分修饰 The octogenarian fashion icon was gifted a photo shoot as a present from her grandniece, Ms. Lin. Though advanced in age, Lin's grandaunt is in excellent physical condition.“Even the -inch heels didn't scare her, and she asked the photographer not to do too much retouching. She wanted the pictures to be natural--wrinkles, freckles and all!”said Lin. Photo amp; Source: People's Daily Online Baidu

人体冷冻学能否将长生不老变为现实? -- :38:6 来源: 自古以来人类从未停止尝试长生不老的方法,“人体冷冻学”是否能够将长生不老变为现实? Since the beginning of time, humankind has been fascinated with the idea of what happens to us after we die. We deal with the question in innumerable ways, including through philosophy and religion. We also explore the idea through books, movies and music. Driven by the thought that it might be possible to live ever, some people have tried to figure out how to accomplish that.自古以来,人类一直对死亡后会发生什么这一话题非常痴迷我们尝试了无数的方法来解决这一谜题,包括哲学和宗教,当然还有书籍、电影和音乐被“长生不老”的可能性驱使,人们想方设法朝着这个目标迈进In 196, an American academic named Robert Ettinger published a book called “The Prospect of Immortality,” which would become the basis “cryonics.” Cryonics is the process of freezing a human body after death with the hope that, sometime in the future, science will find a way to bring the frozen body back to life. Intrigued by the idea of cryonics and the people interested in it, photographer Murray Ballard embarked on a nine-year journey into that world, which took him around the globe. He offers the results of his investigations in his new book, also called, ‘The Prospect of Immortality.” (Gost Books, )196年,一位名叫罗伯特艾丁格的美国学者出版了一本名为《永生的前景的书,在后来成为了“人体冷冻学”的基础人体冷冻学指在人死后将尸体冷冻起来,希望日后发达的科学能够找到复活尸体的办法这一概念以及对这一概念感兴趣的人引起了摄影师莫里巴拉德的好奇,由此他展开了一场长达九年的探索之旅,足迹遍布全球他在新书中向世人展示了自己探索的结果,书名也叫《永生的前景Ballard traveled everywhere from quiet seaside resort towns in the ed Kingdom to high-tech labs in Arizona where he met some of the people who want their bodies to be frozen along with the people who provide that service. There are aly some 0 people stored in liquid nitrogen and at least another ,000 who have signed up to be frozen after they die. Through his photos, Ballard offers us a glimpse into this seldom-seen world.巴拉德走过了很多地方,从英国安静的海边疗养镇到美国亚利桑那州的高科技实验室,他认识了想把自己的身体冷冻起来的人,也结识了能够提供这项务的人目前已经有0多人将自己贮存在液氮中,而且至少还有00人签订了协议,准备死后将自己的尸体冷冻巴拉德的照片带我们走进了一个鲜为人知的世界Catstat. Cryonics Institute, Clinton Township, Mich. March .Catstat人体冷冻机构,克林顿镇,Mich.年3月.DNA archive. Home of David and Ellen Styles, Macclesfield, Cheshire, Britain. February .DNA档案大卫和艾伦斯泰尔斯的家,麦克莱斯菲尔德,柴郡,英国年月Patient storage demonstration. Alcor Life Extension Foundation, Scottsdale, Ariz. August .病人存储示范 阿尔科生命延续基金,斯科茨代尔,亚利桑那年8月Temporary storage container, KrioRus facility, Alabushevo, Moscow. September .临时储存容器,KrioRus设备,Alabushevo,莫斯科年9月Cryostats, Cryonics Institute, Clinton Township, Mich. April .低温恒温器,人体冷冻机构,克林顿镇,Mich年月Murray Ballard is a photographer born and based in Brighton, the ed Kingdom. He graduated from the University of Brighton in with a degree in photography. His work has been exhibited around the world and published in the British Journal of Photography, Esquire and GQ among others.莫里巴拉德在英国的布赖顿出生和长大,年毕业于布赖顿大学,获得摄影学位他的作品在全球展出并发表在英国摄影杂志、Esquire和GQ等多项杂志期刊中

位减肥达人教你如何甩掉赘肉 --01 :39: 来源:chinadaily With all of the hype that goes into promoting weight-loss pills, diet programs, and the miraculous benefits of bone broth, it can be easy to let weight-loss myths get in the way of what you actually need to know to drop unwanted pounds. To help trim the fat, people who have lost 50lbs or more shared the weight-loss advice that helped them reach their goals.宣传减肥药、节食餐,还有骨汤神奇效果的广告满天飞,你很容易就迷失在减肥的神话故事里,而没有去了解减掉赘肉需要真正做些什么为了帮更多的人减重,一些成功减掉50磅(约3公斤)或更多的人分享了他们实现目标的经验和建议Don't expect a miracle 不要期待奇迹It probably took you a lifetime to reach the size you are now, and that means it might take years to become the healthiest version of yourself, says Alicia Marie, a holistic enthusiast who has dropped more than 0lbs. It may be a long time bee you see physical changes -- but don't let that discourage you.艾丽西亚bull;马里耶是个彻头彻尾的减肥狂,她减掉了0多磅她说,可能你用了一辈子的时间才达到现在的体重,所以也许还要好多年才能回到最健康的状态可能还要很久才能看到身体上的一些变化,但不要而气馁Don't go on a diet 不要节食Embracing an eating plan specifically designed weight loss is a temporary measure to a permanent problem. "A 'diet' is something a person goes on, knowing there comes a time when they go off of it," says Randy Hartman, a reinvention coach who has lost more than 80lbs. "This only exacerbates the problems and ends in yo-yo weight loss. It's far better to embark on an eating plan that you can follow the rest of your life. Consistency over the long haul is key."遵守一个专门为了减肥而设计的节食计划是在用暂时的办法解决永恒的问题兰迪bull;哈特曼减掉了80多磅,把自己塑造成了一个健身教练,她说:“如果一个人坚持‘节食’,那么他就知道总会迎来摆脱掉节食的那一刻这只会使问题加剧,最终体重减了又长如果能制定一个可以坚持一辈子的饮食计划会好很多长时间坚持才是关键”Don't be drastic 不要太过猛烈Instead of making lots of big changes, Becky Lehman, who, after losing 0lbs, is now a certified health coach, recommends making one small change a day to move yourself closer to your health goals and avoid becoming overwhelmed. "Drastic changes don't tend to stick, but the basic concepts of weight loss remain the same: move more, eat more vegetables, drink more water," she says. "Drinking one extra glass of water today will not cause the scale to drop lbs, but those small changes can add up to huge and lasting transmations."贝基bull;雷曼曾甩掉0磅的肉,现在已经是一名经过认的健身教练,她建议说不要做太多太大的改变,每天做一点小小的改变就能离你的目标体重更近一点,避免被过重的任务压垮她说:“过度的改变往往不能持久,但减肥的基本要义一直都没有变:多运动、多吃蔬菜、多喝水今天多喝一杯水并不能减掉磅的体重,但聚沙成塔就会形成巨大持久的改变”Make fitness a priority, but go slowly 把减肥放在首位,但要慢慢来Naomi Teeter, the blogger behind Inspire Transmation, knew it was a priority to make working out a habit when she began her weight-loss journey -- all in all, she lost 0lbs and has managed to keep 5lbs off seven years. Yet she cautions against going too hardcore. "Too many people live by the philosophy, 'Go hard or go home,' when it comes to fitness and beat themselves to the ground when they first start out, causing them to give up more easily," she explains. "Your workout doesn't have to be insane to be good."内奥米bull;迪特是“激发改变”网站的客主,她在开始减肥之旅的时候就知道,应该首先把健身作为一种习惯——总而言之,她减掉了0磅,连续七年体重保持在5磅以下然而她很小心,防止自己走得太极端她解释说:“很多人减肥的时候都信奉‘要么努力要么回家’这个理念,第一次开始的时候就因任务太重把自己打倒了,这样更容易放弃你健身不一定非要达到疯狂的地步才是好的”Don't ban specific foods 不要给具体的食物下禁令Making certain foods “off limits” can tempt you even more -- and almost always leads to overindulging. According to Lehman, she eats chocolate "almost every single day," yet has still managed to keep the weight off. "Of course, willpower still comes into play here, but don't cut your favorite foods out of your diet completely."把某些食物设在“禁区”会带来更大的诱惑——几乎总会导致暴饮暴食据雷曼说,她“几乎每天”都吃巧克力而依然保持着体重“当然,意志力在这里依然很重要,但不要把你最喜欢的食物从饮食中完全删掉”Recruit someone who will hold you able 找个对你负责的人An ability buddy doesn't necessarily need to be a workout buddy, but they do need to be someone you can talk to when you're feeling unmotivated and who can remind you of your original goal, says Kelsey Byers, lifestyle coach and fitness blogger behind Good Morning Fit, who has lost 50lbs. Byers' husband helped her stick to her goals; social media can also help you find a supportive commy if you don't feel like there's anyone nearby who can help you as you try to drop weight.凯尔茜bull;拜尔斯曾减掉50磅体重,现在是生活方式指导教练和“早安,健身”网站的健身主,她说,一个对你负责的朋友并不一定必须是与你一起健身的人,但是他们确实得是你可以倾诉的对象,在你丧失斗志的时候鼓励你,提醒你不要忘了最初的目标拜尔斯的丈夫帮助她坚持实现了目标;如果你觉得身边没有人能帮助你减肥,社交媒体也可以帮你找一帮人持你Stop buying food products... 不要再买加工食品了……… and start buying whole foods. That means no more things in boxes, simple frozen meals, foods mushed into bar m, and so on, Marie says. Walk around the outside of the grocery store and don't mess with the inner isles. With the exception of dried beans and coffee, there's really not much you need in those aisles.开始买天然食品吧也就是说不要买盒子包装的食品,简单的速冻食品,压成条状的食品等等,马里耶说在杂货店的走一走就行了,不要挤进货架里面,那儿也就有干豆子和咖啡可以买,别的你都不怎么需要Manage your emotions 管理你的情绪Emotions can ruin your day, and subsequently any healthy progress you've made, Teeter warns. One bad day at work can lead to binge eating and drinking in front of the TV instead of preparing a nourishing meal and hitting the gym. When you're feeling bad, Teeter recommends paying attention to why you feel that way so you can comt yourself in a more productive way, instead of stuffing yourself full of food until you can't move.情绪会毁了你的一天,进而毁了所有你减肥取得的进步,迪特警告说某一天工作中心情不好,回家就会坐电视机前大吃大喝,而不会准备有营养的晚餐,去健身房锻炼迪特建议,如果你心情不好,关注你产生情绪的原因,就可以更有效地安慰自己,而不是自己吃撑到走不动路Focus on feeling better, rather than what you see in the mirror 把注意力集中于更好的感觉上,而不是镜子里的自己Sometimes "looking good in a bathing suit" isn't a big enough goal, at least not if you want to keep the weight off longer than the warm summer months. "It's important to establish the reason why you want to get healthy. Maybe it's your kids or grandkids," Byers suggests. "Maybe you want to get healthy so you can have a family. No matter where you are in your journey, I encourage you to think about your personal 'why' and post it on a vision board where you can see it every day."有时候“穿泳衣好看”并不是个什么远大的目标,至少如果你希望温暖的夏天过后仍能保持较轻的体重的话,这算不上什么拜尔斯表示,“设立一个你为什么想减肥的理由很重要也许是为了你的儿女或孙子孙女也许你为了生小孩而健身无论你处在健身的哪一阶段,我都鼓励你思考一下你的‘为什么’,把它贴在愿景板上,你每天都能看到它”Track your progress with pictures 用照片记录进步While it's important to focus on how you feel over how you look, Byers also suggests taking pictures every week so you can visually track your progress. On a day-to-day basis, you might not notice the changes that a photo will capture. "The scale can be misleading -- it doesn't know if you're replacing fat with muscle," notes Byers. "The more muscle you have, the more toned you look as long as your nutrition is on point."尽管重要的是关注你的感觉而不是外表,拜尔斯也建议每周拍张照片,就可以看见自己每次的进步每天都拍照的话,你也许注意不到照片捕捉到的变化拜尔斯注意到:“变化幅度可以误导人,因为你不知道是不是肌肉代替了脂肪只要你营养跟上,肌肉越多,你看上去就越健美”Don't eat or drink anything handed to you through a window 不要接受从窗户递过来的食物或饮料Yes, even coffee. Get up and go inside to get your coffee if you want it that bad, Marie suggests. Better yet, go someplace where you can control how much sugar and cream goes into it.是的,即使是咖啡如果你实在想喝,站起来走进去拿你的咖啡,马里耶建议如果你能去那种可以自己控制加多少糖和奶油的地方就更好了Step outside your comt zone 走出舒适区Embrace uncertainty, especially if you consider yourself a perfectionist. "Things will not always go your way, no matter how prepared you think you are," Teeter says. "Many folks throw in the towel after just one setback. But if you condition yourself to expect and embrace [setbacks], you'll be far happier with yourself and the progress you're making -- even during the difficult times."接受不确定性,如果你认为自己是个完美主义者就更要去接受“事情并不总是如你所愿,无论你觉得自己准备得多么充分,”迪特说“很多人仅仅遇到一个挫折就认输了但是如果你能调节自己,预料到(挫折)并欣然接受,那么你就会为自己和自己所做的进步而感到更加高兴——即使在困难的时候”Eat a lean protein and complex carb during each meal 每顿饭吃富含精益蛋白质和复合碳水化合物的食品 Byers, that meant lots of grilled chicken with sweet potatoes, grilled zucchini with asparagus, and meal-replacement shakes. "One of my favorite meals is scrambled egg whites with hash browns and green salsa mixed together," she says. "Another favorite is extra-lean turkey tacos on corn tortillas and avocado slices, plus salsa."对拜尔斯来说,那意味着很多烤鸡肉加地瓜,烤西葫芦和芦笋,和正餐替代品奶昔“我最喜欢的菜之一就是炒蛋白,薯饼拌上绿色的洋葱汁,”她说“另外喜欢的是精瘦火鸡肉玉米卷饼、鳄梨片加上洋葱汁”Start today 今天就开始The sooner you start, the sooner you'll see results: "There will always be reasons to start tomorrow, or wait until your busy season is over," Lehman adds. "Fight through your excuses and do something right now."越早开始,越早收到成效:“总有明天才开始的理由,或者等到忙季结束,”雷曼说“打败你的借口,现在就行动”Vocabulary:exacerbate: 加剧insane: 疯狂的grill: 烧,烤来源:斯里尔斯特网站翻译:实习生孙美真编辑#38;审校:yaning

奇才老太做出电影主题蛋糕 -- 19::9 来源: An incredible gran is bringing movies to life - and, better still, you can eat them.一个不可思议的老太太把电影做活了,更妙的是,她做的东西可以吃Carole Gregory, a talented artist, creates astonishingly detailed cakes by transming her favourite blockbuster films into sweet, spongy masterpieces.卡萝尔?格雷戈里是个有才华的艺术家,她擅长把喜爱的电影元素融入香甜松软的蛋糕,制出精巧无比的艺术之作The 68-year-old, from Rugeley, Staffs, has crafted jaw-dropping cakes featuring Yoda from Star Wars and Predator, from just sponge and icing.这位68岁的老太太来自英格兰斯塔福郡鲁吉利镇她已经以电影《星球大战系列中的尤达大师以及《铁血战士为主题,仅靠海绵蛋糕和糖衣,就制出了令人瞠目结舌的艺术蛋糕Brilliant baker Carole decided to take on a new challenge after watching one of her favourite flicks and has been inundated with requests from family and friends.卡萝尔是个才华横溢的面包师看过最喜欢的电影后,她总会进行新挑战,家人和朋友们的请求也令她应接不暇Carole said: "I love a new challenge, even though I've made thousands of cakes over the years, I've found making film cakes as a hobby the most fun - it's been great putting movies into the mix!卡萝尔说:“我喜欢新挑战,虽然多年来已经做了成千上万个蛋糕,我还是觉得把电影蛋糕当作业余爱好其乐无穷,在蛋糕中融入电影实在感觉太棒啦!"It makes a change from the usual wedding, birthday, or christening cakes that I'm used to and the reception I've had from friends and family has been amazing.“这不同于我平时习惯做的婚礼、生日或洗礼蛋糕,朋友和家人们的好评简直令我受宠若惊"They can take me anything from a few hours to days at a time to create depending on how big I decide to make them.“做蛋糕需要的时间从几小时到数天不等,这取决于我想做多大的蛋糕"Baking the sponge is the easy part but then moulding it into shape and doing the fine details to make the cake come to life is challenging.“烤海绵蛋糕比较容易,但随后的塑形、做栩栩如生的细节就很有挑战性了"The Predator cake has got the best response so far, everyone's going mad over it and it's been viewed over ,000 times online now.“目前,《铁血战士蛋糕得到的好评最高,大家都超喜欢这款,网上的点击率已经上万"Now I'm thinking about what I can do to top it."“现在我考虑的是怎样才能超越这款”Carole a grandma-of-four, and great-gran-of-two, has always been artistic and has been in the baking business over 30 years.卡萝尔已有四个孙儿,两个曾孙,她一直很有艺术天分,在烘焙这一行已经做了30多年The avid baker now makes the cakes with her husband of years, Richard, 50, and the duo can create anything from two to thirty cakes a week.这位狂热的面包师现在和丈夫一起做蛋糕,她和现年50岁的丈夫理查德已经结婚二十年什么要求的蛋糕两人都能做,一周可以做出二到三十个蛋糕Richard does all of the structural work while Carole spends hours on the finer details - making people double-take the amazing creations.理查德负责蛋糕塑形,卡萝尔则花数小时来完善细节,制出的蛋糕令人忍不住多看几眼Carole said: "We make a great team, over the years my cakes have become more and more popular so an extra pair of hands in the kitchen is great.卡萝尔说:“我们配合得很好,多年来我的蛋糕越来越受欢迎,所以说厨房里有个帮手真的很棒"We have such a close family so it goes without saying I'd do anything them, including all of their birthday, wedding, and cakes any occasion really.“我们家人之间很亲密,所以不用说我也愿意为他们做任何事情,包括生日、婚礼以及任何其他场合的蛋糕"People often ask if I've ever got bored or wanted to do anything else but I'm an artist and I wouldn't change my job the world.“人们常常问我是否会厌烦做蛋糕,或者想干别的,但我是个艺术家,我不会为任何事换工作"Our favourite all-time cake is my 'All you need is love' cake, we can adapt and change it but everyone's always blown away by it.“我们最喜欢的、所有场合皆宜的蛋糕是‘你只需要爱’主题蛋糕,我们偶尔会改动一下,但它总能艳惊四座"The most difficult one's to make are the wonky cakes, you have to balance them just right."“最难做的是‘摇晃蛋糕’,制作时必须平衡得恰到好处”Carole never makes two cakes the same as they all vary in flavour, shape and size depending on what individuals have asked .卡萝尔从不把同款蛋糕做两遍,她总会根据客人需求变换一下口味、形状和大小She said: "People come to me with ideas and visions and I do my best to make them as accurate as possible.她说:“人们来找我时总有自己的想法和希望,我会尽可能准确地再现这些东西"One of the cakes people are mad at the minute are the wedding cakes which are divided into two.“现在特别受欢迎的是一款可以一分为二的婚礼蛋糕"They're pretty and traditional from the front, but completely out there and different at the back.“这款蛋糕的正面既好看又传统,但背面却是另一番景象"We aren't your usual gran and grandad though, we're often out on our motorbikes or at rock nights in our spare time.“不过,我们可不像普通的爷爷奶奶,我们经常骑着托车出去玩,空闲时间还会跳跳摇滚舞"Some of my favourite cakes are ones covered in skulls which are a bit more daring, especially when brides and grooms go them.“我最喜欢的蛋糕中有些是头骨外形,这种设计很大胆,尤其是作为婚礼蛋糕"I'm looking ward to my next challenge, and continuing my hobby - I definitely won't be retiring any time soon."“我很期待下一个挑战,而且我的爱好会持续下去——我绝对不会老早退休”Vocabularyblow away:(从感情上)压倒,倾倒,镇住

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