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上饶信州区复合彩光祛斑多少钱上饶治疗狐臭哪里好Why lips go dry?为什么嘴唇会干呢?Let’s start by reviewing the ways in which the surface of our lips is different from the surface of the skin on the rest of our bodies. Basically, our lips are made of the same mucusmembrane that coats the inside of our mouths. This means two things.首先,我们需要知道嘴唇的表皮有别于身体其他部位的。基本而言,嘴唇有相同的粘液膜组成,保护我们的嘴巴。这就说明了两件事首先。First, our lips don’t have the same protective outer layer as the skin elsewhere on our bodies. This layer is part of the barrier to evaporation, and its absence means our lip skin retains less fluid. Second, our lips don’t have the same glands and pigments as ordinary skin. For example, lips don’t have oil glands, which also help keep moisture from evaporating, and they contain less melanin, the pigment that helps protect our skin from sunburn.第一,我们身体其他部位的肌肤有一层“保护层”,这是嘴唇所没有的。“保护层”能有效保湿,嘴唇因为没有而不易保湿。第二,嘴唇不像其他肌肤有腺体和色素。比如,嘴唇不能分泌油脂,不易保湿。此外,嘴唇缺少黑色素等色素保护皮肤免受太阳灼伤。What this means is that our lips have little to no protection from the environment, and their main source of moisture is the saliva that comes from our mouths. What’s more, unlike much of the rest of our body, our lips are almost always on display, and rarely covered by clothing. As a result, the moisture on our lips is continually evaporating. And that’s before we take into account exposure to sun, wind, cold, and air-conditioning. Plus, if you’re sick or have allergies, and your nose is congested, your lips end up drying more quickly because you tend to breathe through your mouth.这就说明嘴唇易受环境影响,而嘴唇水分大多来源于嘴里的唾液。此外,嘴唇有别于身体其他部位的皮肤(有衣蔽体),嘴唇经常暴露在外面。这样一来,嘴唇的水分一直在蒸发,这还不算阳光、大风、天冷、空调的“摧残”。此外,如果你生病了或者过敏而鼻塞,不得不用嘴巴呼吸,嘴唇会干得更快! /201303/230436江西上饶去黄褐斑多少钱 Business商业报道Power in Japan东京的电力The troubles of TEPCO东京电力公司的困难The fallout from the Fukushima nuclear disaster is sping throughout Japans energy industry福岛核电站的影响正在日本能源业蔓延THROW yourself into a nuclear reactor and die! one investor shouted.一位投资者叫喊到,死在核反应堆里吧!Japanese shareholders are usually more polite, but this was the annual meeting of TEPCO, the Japanese power company that owns the Fukushima nuclear plant.日本的股民一般应更有礼貌,但这次情况不同,这次是拥有福岛核电站的东京电力公司的年会。Since an earthquake in March caused a meltdown, TEPCO faces unlimited demands for compensation.自从三月地震以来,该公司股价一直走低,还面临是无穷无尽的赔偿要求。Its shares have fallen by nearly 90%.其股份已经跌了将近90%。A man at the meeting on June 28th suggested that the board take responsibility by committing seppuku, or ritual suicide.一个人在6月28日的会议上提议董事会引咎切腹。Not everything went wrong for TEPCO.东京电力公司不是每件事都有问题。A shareholder motion to close all its nuclear plants was defeated.所有核电站都关闭遭到了否决。But apart from that, things look grim.但是除此之外,事情就很糟糕了。TEPCO faces claims for compensation that, in a worst-case scenario, could exceed its assets of ¥15 trillion.一位股东提议将其东京电力公司面临的损失赔偿要求,在最坏情况下将超过其资产15万亿。No one knows how much it will have to pay.没人知道该公司将赔偿多少。Estimates of TEPCOs liabilities range between ¥4 trillion and ¥25 trillion.东京电力公司估计要承担4万亿到25万亿的赔偿责任。The firm also owes ¥7.8 trillion to bondholders and bank creditors.该公司仍欠持券人和债权人7.8万亿。If TEPCO goes bust, these people take precedence over those affected by the disaster, a fact that is politically radioactive.如果东京电力公司破产了,这些人先于那些事故受害者受到补偿,而这将在政治上有放射性的影响。Four months ago, TEPCO was the cornerstone of corporate Japan.四个月前,东京电力公司曾是日本公司的顶梁柱。Some 750,000 people, many of them elderly, still own its shares.大约有75万的人们仍然拥有它的股份,他们中有很大一部分是老年人。The company, which accounts for a hefty 8% of Japans total domestic debt market, had its bond rating cut to junk by Moodys on June 20th, following a similar downgrade by Standard amp; Poors in May.该公司的债券占据了日本国内市场8%的全部份额,在6月20日的Moodys排名中被列入垃圾债券一列,而且在标准普尔指数中也有下滑。Only the government can save TEPCO from bankruptcy.只有日本政府才可以挽救东京电力公司。A bill submitted on June 14th to the Diet, Japans parliament, aims to enable the firm to pay compensation without going under.6月14日在向日本国会提交的一项议案中提议公司在不破产的情况下进行赔偿。It would establish a mechanism for the government to channel truckloads of money to TEPCO, which the firm would then pass on to the victims.该议案将建立一种机制,即政府把钱流入东京电力公司,再由公司分发给受害者。This would be repaid from TEPCOs earnings, with help from other nuclear operators.这些钱将用该公司在其他核电站的收益偿还。The new entity could purchase TEPCO assets.这个新机制可以购买公司的财产。One insider thinks this will lead to partial nationalisation.一位业内人士认为,这一做法将会导致公司部分国有化。Another reckons that the new entity might buy fresh bonds that TEPCO could issue to meet its obligations.另有人士认为,这一举措可以使人们买到公司为了进行赔偿而发售的新债券。The bill has not been seriously debated in the Diet, in part because of political paralysis.由于政治瘫痪,该议案在国会中没有进行认真讨论。But officials believe it will be ratified before the end of the summer because the consequences of shelving it are unthinkable.但是官员认为这个议案最迟将在今夏得以通过,因为将这搁在一边的后果是不可想象的。Compensation must be paid, the recovery work at Fukushima must go on and the lights in Tokyo must stay on.赔偿一定要赔,福岛核电站的修复工作也必须进行,而且东京电力公司也不能倒闭。However, the bill is only a stop-gap.但是该议案只是一个权宜之计。It may soothe TEPCOs creditors.它可以安抚公司的债权人,It may even reassure the public that payouts wont lead to higher electricity bills.也可以使得公众不会为了高昂的电费而担心。But critics grumble that the plan protects shareholders at the expense of taxpayers.但是家指责该计划保护了股东而损害了纳税人的利益。The long-term solutions being considered include bankruptcy, temporary nationalisation for the purpose of selling off assets, or capping TEPCOs liability and making it, in addition to an energy provider, a vehicle for compensation payments.长期的解决方案包括破产,暂时收归国有变卖资产,或者对于东京电力公司限定责任上限,使其又提供能源又进行赔偿。TEPCO favours a liability cap.公司比较倾向于第三种方案,Only this, the thinking goes, will lure back investors and let TEPCO become a normal company again.因为只有通过这种方法才可以重新吸引投资者并且把公司再次变成普通公司。But this may scupper any chance of energy-sector liberalisation, since the company would need fistfuls of profits in order to make its payouts.但是由于公司需要大量的利润来付出,这一举措将使得能源产业自由化的希望破灭。When I meet with TEPCO officials, I dont see any change in mindset; its as if nothing has changed, sighs a nuclear-energy official.当我会见东京电力公司官员时,我发现他们的想法没有任何改变,就好像什么都没有发生过一样,一位核能源官员叹息道。Bankruptcy or temporary nationalisation would be bolder.破产倒闭或者暂时国有化会显得更加大胆。Either could herald energy deregulation, since a regional monopoly would be broken up and sold.采取任何一种方法都会标志着放宽能源管制的来临。The government could then separate energy generation and transmission, which the prime minister, Naoto Kan, supports but few other politicians do.因为一个地区垄断公司都将会被分化和出售,然后政府可以将能源生产与能源传输分开。Outsiders, such as Softbank, a mobile-phone operator, are keen to enter the energy business.一些业外人士,比如手机运营商Softbank公司,一直想进入能源产业。But big business, which ought to favour competition to lower energy prices, is against deregulation.但是对于那些更倾向于竞争而非更低能源价格的大公司来说,他们反对放宽能源管制。This may be because so many big firms act as suppliers to the utilities, which pay high prices to reward loyalty.这可能因为许多大公司是公用事业的提供商,这些提供商十分重视忠诚。Across Japan, regional power companies are caught in Fukushimas fallout.全日本的当地能源公司都受到福岛核事故的影响。Most prefectural governors are refusing to restart nuclear plants that shut for regular maintenance.大多数县官员不愿意重新启动经过日常维护后的核电站。Power shortages loom.能源短缺问题越发明显。Other shareholder meetings have been almost as stormy as TEPCOs.其他公司的股东大会与东京电力公司一样暴躁不安。The biggest shareholder of KEPCO, the utility in the Kansai region, is the city of Osaka, which has a 9% stake.在韩国电力公司是关西地区的公用事业公司,其最大股东是拥有9%股份的大阪市。Its mayor turned up at the annual general meeting and urged the firm to diversify away from nuclear energy.大阪市长在全体大会中催促韩国电力公司摆脱核能。Such demands are popular.这一要求受到广泛欢迎。Three-quarters of Japanese want to reduce or eliminate the countrys reliance on nuclear power—many more than before the accident.现在,有75%的日本市民希望国家减少或者消除对于核能的依赖,这比事故前任何时候都要强烈。The utilities now face more scrutiny and tighter energy supplies.公用事业单位现在面临着更严格的检查与能源供给,They are also unlikely to win permission to raise rates.而且他们也不太可能提高价格。Their solid credit ratings could liquefy.他们的良好的信用评级将会消失。KEPCO and another utility recently cancelled new corporate-bond offerings because yields soared.最近由于出飙升,东京电力公司和其他公用事业公司取消了新公司债券的发行。Firms that had cross-shareholdings in the utilities have also taken a hit.那些交叉持股的公司也受到影响。Even banks are affected: cabinet members have suggested they share the pain by forgiving a portion of TEPCOs pre-quake loans.即使是也受到影响,内阁成员建议,免除东京电力公司部分震前贷款,损失由他们承担。Naturally, this whacked their share prices.自然而然地,这将极大影响他们的股价。The Fukushima disaster presents an opportunity for radical reform.福岛的灾难提供了改革的机会。But in a crisis people often grow conservative.但是在危机中人们会变得保守。Since the government holds the purse-strings, it can more or less dictate terms to TEPCO.由于政府掌管着金钱,它将多多少少给东京电力公司发布指令。The fear is that it will bankroll a return to business as usual.令人担心的是政府会像平常一样给公司提供资金使其恢复经营。 /201302/225209江西省上饶韩美医院祛疤手术多少钱

上饶切割双眼皮哪家好Books and Arts; Literature and its influences;Mother, may I文艺;书评;文学及其影响力;妈妈,我能不能...New Ways to Kill Your Mother: Writers and Their Families. By Colm Tóibín.Viking;《弑母新法》:讲述作家及其家庭的文献。科尔姆·托宾著。When the mother of Henry James, a 19th-century American novelist, appeared at a seance with a message for him, he was not surprised. As in life, so too in death, did his ;dear Mother; have an uncanny knack of ;pouncing upon the first occasion ... to get at me;.当十九世纪美国小说家亨利詹姆斯的妈妈出现在降神会上,给他留句话,詹姆斯并不感到惊奇。活着的时候,“亲爱的母亲”有神秘的能力能够“在第一时间冲出来……修理我”,死后亦然。;New Ways to Kill Your Mother;, the latest collection of essays from Colm Toibin, an Irish novelist and critic, is full of such moments when a writer and his family ;get at; each other. Fractious family relations may not be uncommon, yet the extent to which these writers-including W.B. Yeats, Thomas Mann, James Baldwin and John Cheever-managed to fight with their parents, siblings and children make arguments over the dinner table seem like a specialised art form.《弑母新法》是科尔姆托宾,爱尔兰小说家家最新的散文集,书中充满这样的细节,作家和他的家人如何“修理”对方。家人之间的剑拔弩张也许并不少见,但是和一些大师,包括叶芝,托马斯曼,鲍德温和约翰契福等,曾和父母兄弟子女动手的程度相比,在晚餐时拌拌嘴就像是种特殊的艺术形式。Mann justified spoiling his eldest child over his five others with the line, ;One should get the children used to injustice early.; ].M. Synge, an Irish playwright, was similarly pampered by his mother, and another, Samuel Beckett, admitted that he was what his mothers ;savage loving has made me;. Georgie Yeats implored a friend of hers not to speak with her mother, because she ;loves to make a whirlpool and especially if she can suck me in to it;, and W.B. Yeats was busy dissuading his father from trying his hand at writing, an effort inspired in old age by his sons success.托马斯曼溺爱长子超过其他五个孩子,他为自己辩护道,“人们应该让孩子在小时候就对不公平习以为常”。爱尔兰剧作家辛格也曾经得到过母亲如此的溺爱。荒诞派作家贝克特承认,他是母亲“野蛮的爱造就的”。诗人叶芝的夫人Georgie曾经请求她的一位朋友不要告知其母,因为她“喜欢制造混乱,特别是那种能把我吸走的混乱漩涡”,叶芝曾经忙于阻止父亲尝试写作,这股劲头是他在晚年因为儿子的成功而激起的。Mr Toibin writes in muscular prose and has a keen eye for detail. Dividing his book in two, ;Ireland; and ;Elsewhere;, he places these family wranglings within the larger context of trying to find an Irish voice, and of the struggle for writers such as Tennessee Williams to work out their identities as gay men in America. In Mr Toibins opinion, ;killing your father or your mother; is a necessary precursor to becoming an original writer.托宾散文笔道刚劲,拥有对细节敏锐的观察力。他将自己的书分成两部分:“爱尔兰”和“其他”,他将这些家庭争吵融入更广阔的背景中,那就是找寻一种爱尔兰式的创作,以及为如田纳西威廉姆一样的作家,为在美国寻求同性恋的作家身份而斗争。在托宾看来,“弑父弑母”是称为一个原创作家的必要前提。For most of his book, this argument is persuasive. However, not all of Mr Toibins chapters hang together well. The essay on Beckett s more like the book review it started out as, and the final piece on Baldwin only just about succeeds in comparing his literary style with the recent autobiographies by President Barack Obama.对于托宾的大多数作品,这个观点是有说力的。但是,并不是托宾书中所有的章节都很好的结合在一起。关于贝克特的文章读起来更像是他将着手写的书评,写鲍德温的最后一部分只谈及了他在文体上更胜一筹,是和总统奥巴马新近出版的自传之间做的比较。Instead, the finest moments of Mr Toibins book are when he focuses on the writers prose and how they went about creating their ;grim black marks on the page;. Hart Crane, a young American poet who committed suicide aged 32 in 1932, writes with a syntax that has ;something hard and glittering in it;. Baldwin had ;a fascination with eloquence itself, the soaring phrase, the rhythm pushed hard, the sharp and glorious ring of a sentence.;反而,托宾书中最棒的章节是关于作家的文章本身,以及他们如何写出“纸页上的冷酷黑色文字”的。年轻的美国诗人哈特克莱恩于1932年自杀身亡,年仅32岁,他的写作句法有种“坚硬闪光的东西在里面”。鲍德温“对雄辩,高翔的措辞,迅猛推进的节奏,句子尖锐辉煌的回环很着迷”。Such phrasing stands out and suggests the strength of Mr Toibins writing style. In this respect, it is a shame that not more of Mr Toibin comes through. 0bviously fascinated with families, he has written eloquently elsewhere about his relationship with his mother, and has peopled his fiction with fractured family relationships. But in this volume his parents are never mentioned, and any personal recollection is brief. By concentrating only on the liberated voices of others, Mr Toibin has somehow managed to constrict his own.这样的措辞出类拔萃,也显示了托宾行文的强有力。由此看来,非常可惜没有更多托宾的作品取得成功。托宾显然对家人入了迷,在别的地方,他富有表现力地道出和母亲的关系,让自己的小说充满了折裂的家庭关系。但是在这卷书中,托宾的父母没有被提及,个人回忆也一笔带过。和着重描写其他人的无拘无束的语言相比,托宾不知为什么对自己的故事如此压抑。 /201212/213442上饶市立医院去痘多少钱 上饶做双眼皮哪家比较好

弋阳县妇幼保健人民中医院光子嫩肤手术多少钱But if you kept recycling urine by urinating and drinking it multiple times, wouldnrsquo;t those minerals eventually build up until the urine was no longer safe? Over several days, your urine would become saturated with minerals. And drinking it would really tax the kidneys, whose job it is to flush unwanted minerals and toxins from the body. Drink urine long enough and you may go into kidney failure. On a related note, you may have heard that in some cultures, urine is used as medicine. Therersquo;s no hard evidence that urine has any curative powers, which doesnrsquo;t mean it has none. But urologists tend to believe that whatever healthful powers drinking urine has would be negated by toxic buildup in the kidneys.但是,如果你一只排尿和并喝尿很多次,这些矿物最不会积累吗?那直到尿液不再安全?过一些天,你的尿液会变成饱和的矿物质。这时再喝会加重肾脏的负担,而肾脏的功能是排掉身体不需要的矿物质和毒素。如果长时间喝尿,你可能会肾功能衰竭。在一些相关的记录,你可能已经听说,在一些文化中尿可以当做药物。没有确凿的据明尿有任何疗效的功能能,但这并不意味着它没有治病的功能。但是,泌尿科医生往往认为健康的人无论喝什么样的尿都会在肾脏中积聚毒性。201201/168672 Mr Clean清白先生Ian King wants to transform the way the worlds third-biggest defence company does business伊安·金想转变世界第三大军工公司的经营之道ON JUNE 27th last year, just six weeks after Mike Turner, the chief executive of BAE Systems, had been detained on arrival in America in connection with corruption allegations, Ian King was announced as his successor. Mr Turner and another of the firms directors were not held for long, and many felt that the Department of Justice, which seized their laptops and BlackBerrys, had acted heavy-handedly. But the incident, which stemmed from a long-running investigation into claims that BAE had lubricated the amp;pound;43 billion ( billion) “al-Yamamah” arms deal with Saudi Arabia with bribes to government officials and members of the royal family, was yet another embarrassment for the worlds third-biggest defence company. 去年6月27日,就在英国BAE系统公司的首席执行官Mike Turner抵达美国即因牵涉腐败案件而被拘留之后六周,伊安·金被宣布接替他的职务。Turner先生和另一位公司主管并没有被扣押太久,很多人认为,收缴了他们的手提电脑和黑莓手机的司法部出手过重。但这一事件使这个世界第三大军工公司又一次陷入尴尬。这一事件源于一个长期调查,旨在明BAE向沙特阿拉伯的政府官员和皇室成员行贿,以促成430亿英镑(合700亿美元)的“al-Yamamah”军火交易。In some ways Mr Kings appointment was a surprise. Dick Olver, BAEs chairman since 2004, has been on a mission to restore the reputation of a firm that has all too often found itself at the centre of corruption allegations. In 2007 he took the extraordinary step of asking a former Lord Chief Justice, Lord Woolf, to lead an independent inquiry into BAEs ethical standards. After he pushed Mr Turner into early retirement, it was assumed that Mr Olver would make a clean break with the past by choosing an outsider to carry forward his crusade. Indeed, several Americans were considered for the job (America is the British firms biggest market). So when Mr King, the only internal candidate, got the nod, some suspected that the British government had used its “golden share” to veto the appointment of a foreigner.从某些方面来说,金先生的任命出人意料。2004年上任的BAE主席Dick Olver一直都肩负着重塑公司声誉的使命,这个公司已过多地陷入腐败案件的中心。2007年他走出了不同寻常的一步,他请来前最高法院首席法官Woolf阁下展开对BAE道德标准的独立调查。在他迫使Turner先生提前退休之后,人们认为Olver先生将与过去做出果断的决裂,选择一位局外人来推动他的改革运动。的确,曾有几个美国人被考虑过担任这项职务(美国是这家英国公司最大的市场)。所以,当金先生,这个唯一的国内候选人,获得首肯的时候,有些人怀疑英国政府投出了它的“金票”来否决一个外国人的任命。BAE executives deny that happened, but the government must have been relieved that the countrys dominant defence contractor would be run by someone it knew well. Mr King began his career in 1976 as a trainee accountant with Marconi, a defence-electronics subsidiary of Arnold Weinstocks GEC, Britains biggest industrial conglomerate. In the late 1990s a wave of consolidation hit the defence industry on both sides of the Atlantic and Marconi Electronic Systems, as it had become, was taken over by British Aerospace to form BAE Systems.BAE的执行官们否定了这种说法,但英国政府一定为这个国家最重要的军工商由一个它了解的人来管理而感到放心。金先生于1976年在Marconi担任会计实习生,从而开始了他的事业,这是Arnold Weinstock建立的英国最大的工业联合企业GEC的军防电子子公司。1990年代后期,合并浪潮席卷了大西洋两岸的军工业,Marconi成了Marconi电子系统公司,并被英国航空航天公司兼并,成为BAE系统公司。John Weston, the abrasive boss of British Aerospace asked Mr King, who had been finance director at Marconi for several years, to handle strategy for the merged firm. A number of operational roles followed, which ultimately left Mr King running most of the business outside America. Mr Kings background at Marconi may well have counted in his favour when it came to appointing a new chief executive. British Aerospace, which did the first al-Yamamah deal in 1985, had a buccaneering culture very different from that of GEC, where, says Mr King, Lord Weinstock always demanded the highest standards of commercial behaviour.粗暴的英国航空航天公司老板John Weston要求担任Marconi财务主管多年的金先生来把握这个合并公司的战略。后续的几个运营管理角色接踵而来,最终让金先生掌握了除美国以外的几乎所有业务。到了任命新的首席执行官的时候,金先生在Marconi公司工作的背景也为他加分。英国航空航天公司在1985年做成第一单al-Yamamah生意,它海盗般的文化和GEC截然不同,金先生说,在GEC,Weinstock阁下一直都以最高的商业行为标准来要求他们。After nearly a decade of steadily growing profits and armed with a strong balance-sheet, BAE is in many ways in good shape. But the next few years are likely to be more testing. With the exception of Saudi Arabia, where the firm has recently completed another multi-year deal to sell and maintain fighter aircraft, BAEs major customers are pulling in their horns. Spiralling government debt in America and Britain means that “wars of choice” are no longer affordable and the search is on for cuts in big procurement programmes. The review recently undertaken by Robert Gates, Americas defence secretary, resulted in the cancellation of part of the Future Combat Systems programme, a big army-modernisation project for which BAE is a prominent contractor. In Britain, cuts to an aly overstretched defence budget are only being postponed until after next years election.拥有强有力的资产负债表,且保持近十年的利润稳步增长,从很多方面来说,BAE都状况良好。但接下来的几年可能会经受更多考验。除了沙特阿拉伯——BAE刚又跟它签署了一项多年的销售和维护战斗机的协议——之外,BAE的其他客户都在缩减开。螺旋上升的债务使得美国和英国无力承担“选择之战”,对于大额采购项目缩减方案的搜索行动也开始启动。美国国防部长Roberts Gates最近展开的调查,令美国取消了部分未来战斗系统项目,这个庞大的军队现代化项目最主要的承包商就是BAE。在英国,对已经过于铺张的国防预算的缩减计划被推迟到明年大选之后。Mr King appears unfazed. BAE is less dependent on big “platform” sales than it used to be and now sees itself as a provider of “through-life support” for complex systems, much like the aero-engine industry. He also believes that BAEs strength in army equipment, particularly armoured and mine-resistant vehicles, stands it in good stead for what he calls the “current fight” in places such as Afghanistan. It is all business as usual for an experienced operator like Mr King. What is not, however, is the companys effort to transform the way in which it does business. BAE admits to no wrongdoing over al-Yamamah, which was primarily a deal between governments, it says, nor over any of the other deals that are still under scrutiny (in 2007, the British government said BAE contracts in six countries were being investigated by the Serious Fraud Office). But BAE has promised not just to implement the 23 recommendations made by Lord Woolf in his report, but also to “embed” his ideas in its culture. To that end, Mr King has embarked on a huge training programme to inform all 97,000 BAE employees worldwide of their ethical responsibilities.金先生似乎并不担心。BAE已不再像过去那样依赖大的“平台”销售,它现在更将自己看作是复杂系统的“终身持”提供商,这很像航空引擎业。他还相信,BAE在军队设备方面的强项,尤其是装甲车和防地雷车,让它在发生在像阿富汗这样地方的他称之为“当前战斗”之中,处于有利地位。对于金先生这样一个经验丰富的管理者来说,这只是日常生意。而不寻常的,是这个公司转变经营方式的努力。BAE不承认在al-Yamamah中有任何过错,他说,这主要是政府之间的生意,它在其他任何仍在接受调查的案件中也没有过错(2007年英国政府指出BAE在六个国家的合同正在接受严重欺诈办公室的调查)。但是,BAE承诺,它不仅将实施Woolf阁下在报告中提出的23项建议,而且还将把他的理念融入公司文化。为了实现这个目的,金先生已经着手开展一个庞大的培训项目,向全球9万7千名BAE员工宣讲他们的道德责任。1-800-MORAL-FIBRE道德品质免费热线Mr King says he wants staff to be able to raise ethical issues in the same way they would an engineering problem—something to be discussed openly. Earlier this year BAE sent a 64-page code of conduct to each of its workers, with detailed advice on how to behave in every situation. With the booklet came a small card, to be carried at all times, with a list of toll-free numbers for the firms “ethics helpline”.金先生表示,他希望员工能够提出道德问题,就像他们提出工程技术问题一样,是可以公开讨论的事情。今年早些时候,BAE向它的每个工人发放了一本64页的行为准则,列明了各种情况下应该如何应对的详细建议。这个册子里还夹着一张便于随时携带的小卡片, 上面列有免费电话号码,可以打给公司的“道德帮助热线”。It is easy to scoff at the idea of an arms firm preaching ethics, particularly one that is still making money from deals concluded before its squeaky-clean rules were put in place. Nor is an industry veteran, such as Mr King, an obvious new broom. But he has all the fervour of a true convert. “You have to believe in it,” he says. “Its a journey you personally have to make.” Helpfully, a significant part of his own remuneration is, he says, linked to making BAE “a benchmark” for responsible behaviour in the industry. Shareholders, he claims, are supportive. They have accepted that it is better to lose business in some parts of the world than to expose BAE to reputational risk. As for the Saudis, Mr King says that they too now want to do things differently. And if a rival firm were to offer to do business with them in the “traditional” way? “Then the Saudis will have to make their choice,” he says.要嘲笑一个军火商去鼓吹道德是很容易的,尤其是这个公司在实施它一尘不染的规定之前达成的那些交易还在挣钱的时候。一个身经百战的业内老兵如金先生者也不是一个新官。但他拥有进行真正转变的所有热情。“你必须相信它,”他说,“它是一条你必须亲自踏上的旅途。”有帮助的是,他说,把BAE塑造成业内负责任行为的“标杆”这一目标将与他自己酬劳的很大一部分相关联。他表示,股东们很持。他们情愿接受在世界某地失去业务,也不愿BAE承受声誉风险。至于沙特人,金先生说,他们现在也想改变行事方法。那么如果一个竞争对手公司提出和他们用“传统”的方式做生意呢?“那么沙特人就必须做出他们的选择,” 他说。 /201209/197851上饶韩美整形美容医院去除肥胖纹手术怎么样上饶上饶县去粉刺多少钱



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