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横峰县割双眼皮多少钱上饶胎记专科医院 Spring is coming in the oil market. That was the message from the heads of the world’s largest trading houses at the FT’s commodities conference in Lausanne this week. The overwhelming consensus among these influential figures in the market is that crude is unlikely to return to the prices below per barrel that it reached in January, and the trend is now upwards. 石油市场将迎来春天。这是全球各大交易商的掌门人在本周英国《金融时报》洛桑大宗商品会议上传递出的信息。这些在石油市场举足轻重的人物达成了压倒性的共识,声称油价不太可能回到今年1月触及的每桶30美元以下的水平,现在的趋势是上行。 The markets do seem to support that interpretation. After a 4 per cent jump on Tuesday, internationally traded Brent crude is almost 60 per cent above its low point in January. 市场走势似乎确实持这种解读。在周二大涨4%以后,在国际上交易的布伦特原油(Brent)价格较1月低点高出近60%。 Even now, prices of about per barrel are still below the level that most people in the oil industry would consider sustainable for the long term, so it is certainly plausible to think that the correction is now under way. 即便现在,每桶约44美元的价格仍低于石油行业多数人认为长期可持续的水平,因此认为油价正在修正的看法貌似是合理的。 Before oil producers start planning for happier days, though, there are a couple of more gloomy points that they need to consider. 然而,在石油生产商开始为更美好的日子做打算时,它们需要思考两种较为悲观的观点。 First, there are good reasons to think that oil prices could go down again in the short term. And second, even if the longer term trend is upwards, it will be hard to see a return to the prices of about 0 per barrel that seemed normal only two years ago. 首先,我们有充足的理由认为油价短期内可能会再次走低。其次,即便较长期趋势是上涨,人们也很难看到油价重新回到每桶100美元左右的水平——两年前这个水平还显得很正常。 One immediate spur to prices has been the prospect of the meeting of oil-producing countries, including Russia and most members of Opec, in Doha on Sunday. Several countries have been talking up the prospect that they will confirm the “freeze” in oil production that was provisionally agreed by Russia and Saudi Arabia in February, signalling to the market that the excess supply that has been driving down prices will soon disappear. 目前刺激油价的一个直接因素是产油国本周日将在多哈召开会议,包括俄罗斯和石油输出国组织(Opec,简称欧佩克)的多数成员国。几个国家一直在谈论这种前景:他们将实由俄罗斯和沙特在2月暂时约定的“冻结产量”计划,从而向市场表明,拉低油价的供应过剩局面将很快消失。 But when Igor Sechin, chairman of the Russian state-controlled oil group Rosneft, told the FT conference that “everyone is expecting the successful outcome of our work” in Doha, he was indulging in wishful thinking. 俄罗斯政府控股的俄罗斯石油公司(Rosneft)董事长伊戈尔#8226;谢欣(Igor Sechin)在洛桑会议上表示,“所有人都期待我们(在多哈)的工作取得成功的结果。”他这样想未免太一厢情愿了。 For some countries, including Russia, promising not to increase production will merely confirm what they were doing anyway. Others are showing less than resolute commitment to solidarity with other producers. Iraq is rapidly increasing production before the freeze, while Iran has said it will not join in any deal and plans to continue raising its output. 对于包括俄罗斯在内的一些国家而言,承诺不增产只会实他们现在正在做些什么。至于其他国家,它们与其他产油国抱团的决心算不得坚定。伊拉克正抢在冻产之前迅速增加产量;伊朗已表态不会加入任何协议,并计划继续提高产量。 Regardless of what is said at Doha, the global oil market is likely to remain oversupplied for a while. 不管多哈会议上说了什么,全球石油市场的供应过剩局面可能仍会持续一段时间。 We have been here before, exactly a year ago. After the steep crash from the summer of 2014, oil rebounded from January to April 2015, and held on over for some time. It looked then as though the worst had passed, too. But in July the oversupply started weighing on the market again, and another leg down in prices began. 我们以前曾经历过这种情况,准确来说是一年前。在经过2014年夏季油价暴跌后,从2015年1月到4月,油价出现反弹,并在60美元上方维持了一段时间。当时也是这样,看上去好像最糟糕的时期已经过去。但去年7月,供应过剩开始再次令市场承压,油价再度下跌。 Since then, the US shale industry has been battling to cut costs and raise productivity so it can survive at lower prices. 此后,美国页岩油行业一直在努力降低成本和提高生产率,以求在低油价时期维持生存。 The shale industry, which was largely responsible for the oil crash in the first place because of the production boom that began in 2010, has been mauled by lower prices, but its output has not collapsed as many analysts expected, and the principal producers are still in business. Even heavily indebted Chesapeake Energy, seen as one of the most vulnerable, this week managed to secure its future for a while longer with a renegotiated bn bank lending facility. 美国页岩油行业始于2010年的生产热潮是最初油价暴跌的主要原因,而油价下跌反过来对该行业造成重创,但其产量并没有像很多分析人士预期的那样大幅下滑,主要生产商仍在运营。甚至连被视为最脆弱的生产商之一、负债累累的切萨皮克能源公司(Chesapeake Energy)本周也争取到按重新谈判的条件维持40亿美元的信贷额度,从而确保自己能够存活得更久一点。 The US shale industry does not work with oil at , but at and certainly at , companies say they can drill plenty more wells that would be financially viable. Once oil starts returning to those levels, we can expect to see more drilling and more production from the US, in effect putting a ceiling on prices. 如果油价在每桶40美元,美国页岩油行业无法实现盈利,但生产商们表示,如果油价在50美元,它们可以在财务可行的情况下钻探更多油井,如果油价在60美元的话就更没问题了。一旦油价向这些水平回归,我们预计将看到来自美国的更多钻探和生产活动,从而有效为油价构筑上限。 Nothing lasts forever in commodity markets and it is quite possible that rising demand will eventually push crude back above 0 again. But while the worst may now be over for oil producers, those halcyon days of two years ago are likely for the foreseeable future to remain a golden memory. 在大宗商品市场,没有什么是永恒的,需求上升很有可能最终将油价重新拉升至100美元以上。然而,尽管对于石油生产商而言,最糟糕的时期可能已经过去,但在可预见的将来,两年前的那种盛况仍将是一段美好回忆。 /201604/437945上饶整形美容医院排名

上饶美白祛老年斑哪家医院好Child sex abuse is now punishable by death and chemical castration in Indonesia after its president on Wednesday issued a new law following the brutal gang rape and murder of a 14-year-old girl.印尼总统于上周三发布新法令,性侵儿童者将被处以死刑或化学阉割。此前,一名14岁的女孩遭到轮奸并被残忍杀害。The battered body of the victim was discovered, naked and tied up, in a forest on the island of Sumatra after she was attacked by a group of teenagers in April. Seven offenders have been jailed for 10 years.这个女孩在四月被一群青少年杀害,人们在苏门答腊岛的森林中发现了她的尸体,她手脚被绑,伤痕累累,赤身裸体。七名罪犯被判处10年监禁。;Sexual violence against children, as I have said, is an extraordinary crime,; President Joko Widodo told journalists, according to a statement.据一篇声明称,印尼总统佐科对记者说:“我说过,针对孩子的性暴力,是非常严重的犯罪行为。”;We hope that this law will be a deterrent for offenders and can suppress sexual crimes against children,; Widodo said, also tweeting the news on his official account.他说:“我们希望这条法律可以震慑犯罪分子,抑制针对孩子的性犯罪。”他还把这条新闻发布在自己的官方推特账户上。Chemical castration is the use of drugs to reduce libido or sexual activity. It is a legal form of punishment in South Korea, Poland and the Czech Republic, as well as in some US and Australian states.化学阉割是采用药物抑制性欲或性行为的方法,在韩国、波兰、捷克,以及美国和澳大利亚的一些州都是法定的惩罚措施。Convicted pedophiles who have served jail sentences could also be forced to wear ankle monitors so that authorities can trace their movements.曾被判刑的恋童癖罪犯也会被强制戴上脚踝监控器,这样有关部门就能查探他们的行踪。The law is effective immediately, although Indonesia#39;s parliament has the power to overturn it or demand revisions.此项法令立即生效,尽管印尼议会有权推翻或要求重新修订。;These acts threaten and endanger children, and they destroy the lives and development of children for the future,; the president#39;s statement said.总统在声明中说:“这些行为威胁并危及到了儿童,摧毁了未来孩子们的生活和成长。”The law was drafted to address a significant increase in cases of sexual violence against children, Widodo said, although he gave no statistics to illustrate an increase.他说,起草这条法令是为了解决针对儿童性暴力案件显著增加的问题,尽管他没有给出数据说明增加的情况。The country has long struggled with a high incidence of sexual violence, and several cases have been reported recently.印尼很久以来都在和高发的性暴力事件做抗争,最近又报道发生了几起案件。 /201606/446883 上饶哪里割双眼皮正规万年县妇幼保健人民中医院做祛疤手术多少钱



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