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The 12th annual World Ice Fishing Championship kicks off in Kuopio, Finland this week.Michigan native Myron Gilbert is there, representing the USA. Gilbert is part of the USA Ice Team. The team won the World Championship in Wisconsin back in 2010. Now its in Finland to reclaim that title.Statesides Mercedes Mejia got a lesson in ice fishing when she caught up with Gilbert out on Wamplers Lake in the southwest part of the state, right before he set out for Finland.In his snow pants and yellow sweatshirt, Gilbert cut five holes in the ice with his power auger – each hole around five inches in diameter. Hes also using a fish finder to locate his prey.This fish-finding technology is allowed in U.S. competitions, but not in world competitions.;Im not allowed to use a power auger, Ive got to use a hand auger, and I have to use no electronics, so I just got to drop in and fish,; Gilbert said. ;Overseas theyd no more dream of fishing like this than a man on the moon. They would always chum. They would throw b crust, chum of some sort. Theyre always throwing stuff in the hole. Its literally unbelievable what they do over there. Over here in the U.S. we just drop in and fish. Put bait down and make the fish respond to that.;At least 13 countries will participate in this years competition. Heres how it works. The teams fish for two days, and at the end of the two days, the teams weigh the fish theyve caught. The team with the highest weight wins. 201503/366396。

  • Johns theory supports one legend that tells a brutal and merciless execution, after having surrendered his kingdom, the king and his ministers were beheaded on the spot, the royal women also met an equally gruesome end, there is a poem that purportedly tells of the massacre,一则述说残忍死刑的传说持约翰的理论,投降后的国王及大臣当场被斩首,公主嫔妃亦命运悲惨,一首诗述说这场大屠杀。it describes how the royal women were taken and thrown from the palace ramparts, to the people below these brightly dressed princesses look like spring flowers falling from heaven, the Ladakhis soldiers yelled and shouted to see more and more flowers.这首诗描述公主嫔妃被人从王宫的碉楼丢下去,这些穿着华的公主皇妃,看来就像天堂掉下来的鲜花,拉达克人高兴大喊着要看更多的鲜花。As for the abbot, he met his doom with the end of Ladakhis sword, treachery was repaid by treachery, as he was double crossed by his supposed allies, but a mystery still remains, why was Tsaparang entirely abandoned?国王的胞弟死在拉达克人的利刃之下,背叛换来背叛,他死在他所认定的盟友手中,但谜团仍未解开,为什么札布让整个被荒弃?From the top of the citadel, you can still see the imprints left by the ancient aqueduct, following the contours of the hill,从札布让的碉楼然可以看见被丢下的公主皇妃留下的印记。even the legend Tsering Gyalpo speaks of has a basis in science, Guge is in the shadow of three of the worlds largest mountain ranges, the Himalayas, the Karakorum and the Kunlun.和嘉波才让所说的传说得到印,古格王朝位在世界最大三座山脉之中,喜马拉雅山,喀拉昆仑山及昆仑山。译文属201605/444016。
  • The price of fish鱼类的价格Different scales不同种类有不同情况Fish are getting more expensive, but they do not all move at the same speed鱼类的价格一路走高,然而上升的幅度却各不相同。Upwardly mobile上浮的鱼IT IS a good time to be a fisherman. The global fish-price index of the UNs Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) hit a record high in May. Changing consumer diets, particularly in China, explain much of the sustained upward movement. High oil prices, which increase the cost of fishing and transportation, also add to the price of putting fish on the table.这是个当渔夫的好时代。联合国粮农组织的全球鱼类价格指数在五月份创造了一个新的纪录。消费者们—尤其是中国的消费者们—饮食习惯的改变,是鱼价持续上涨的主要原因。此外,高昂的油价抬高了捕捞和运输成本,这些成本最后又被转嫁到了餐桌上。Not all fish are created equal, however. There are two types of fish production: “capture” (or wild) and “aquaculture” (or farmed). And they seem to be on different trajectories. Fish such as tuna, the majority of which is caught wild, saw much bigger price increases than salmon, which are easier to farm. Overall, the FAOs price index for wild fish nearly doubled between 1990 and 2012, whereas the one for farmed fish rose by only a fifth. What explains this big difference?然而,鱼的种类有许多,价格也参差不齐。鱼的生产方式有两种:捕捞野生鱼和养殖家鱼。两者的价格趋势不尽相同。相比如三文鱼那样容易养殖的鱼种,金鱼这些主要依靠捕捞的鱼种的价格增长就要大得多。 从1990年到2012年,联合国粮农组织的野生鱼类价格指数翻了一番,但家鱼的价格指数只增长了五分之一。这种差别来自哪里呢?The amount of wild fish captured globally has barely changed in the past two decades. The ceiling, of about 90m tonnes a year, seems to have been reached at the end of the 1980s. Overfishing is one reason, as is the limited room for productivity growth, particularly if consumers want high quality.全球野生鱼类的捕捞数量在过去二十年中几乎没有变化。在20世纪80年代末期,就已经达到了9千万吨的极限值。过渡捕捞是一个原因,另一个原因是产率增长的空间有限,尤其是在消费者对质量有很高要求的情况下。Patrice Guillotreau of the University of Nantes tells the story of a fleet in France that decided to trawl, rather than line-catch, its tuna. It brought more back to shore, but the fish were damaged. It could not be sold as high-value fillets and was only good for canning. The old ways of catching fish are still best if you want the highest profits, says Mr Guillotreau.南斯大学的Patrice Guillotreau讲了这么一件事。法国的一个捕捞队用拖网而不是钓绳垂钓的方式来捕捞金鱼。这确实使产量增加了,但鱼也受到了破坏,从而无法做成能卖出高价的条状鱼片而只能用来制作罐头。Guillotreau说,想要保鱼能卖出最好的价钱,用传统的方式来抓鱼仍然是最好的选择。In contrast, the farmed-fish industry continues to make productivity improvements. Fish farms have found crafty ways to use lower quantities of fishmeal as feed. In the early days of aquaculture, it could take up to ten pounds of wild fish to produce one pound of salmon. Now the number is down to five. That may still be an inefficient use of protein, but the ratio is set to improve further. Fish farms have also become more energy-efficient, meaning that they are less affected by higher energy prices. And they have learned how to handle diseases better, reducing the quantity of fish that ends up being unsellable.与之相反,家鱼的产量却不断提高。鱼养殖场已经找到了节省鱼饲料的窍门。在水产养殖业开展的初期,生产一磅大马哈鱼需要多达10磅的野鱼当饲料。现在这个数字已经减少到了5磅。这样养鱼似乎仍然不是高效地利用蛋白质,但这个比率还有进步的空间。现代的养殖场还十分节约能源,这减轻了能源价格上涨带来的影响。而且他们学会了怎么控制鱼类的疾病,从而减少了最后无法卖出的鱼的数量。As a result of all these improvements, the global production of farmed fish, measured in tonnes, now exceeds the production of beef. Output is likely to continue growing: the FAO estimates that by 2020 it will reach six times its 1990 level.所有这些进步使得全球家鱼的产量如果以吨计算的话,已经超过了牛肉的产量,而且还将继续增长:据联合国粮农组织估计,这一数字将在2020年时达到1990年的六倍。This growth will further shake up the markets for fish. The farmed kind is expected to dominate the market for medium-value produce. Suppliers of wild fish, for their part, must slither into niche markets. At the low-value end wild sardine is a crucial input for farmed fish and is in abundant supply. More than a third of the total marine catch in 2010 was used for the production of fishmeal and fish oil.这样的增长还将造成鱼市的重组。家鱼将作为普通商品占据主要的市场份额。而野鱼供应商则逐渐占据高价市场。在市场的低价这一头,则是野生沙丁鱼。沙丁鱼产量巨大,而且是家鱼的一种主要饲料。2010年海洋捕捞总数的1/3以上都被用来制作鱼饲料和鱼油。But more money may be made serving the captains of industry rather than industry itself. Sapmer, a French fishing company, recently discontinued its canned-tuna production, instead concentrating on catching tuna for sushi and sashimi for the top end of the market.然而,务其他行业的巨头们似乎能比从事该行业本身得到更多的利益。法国渔业公司Sapmer最近就关闭了它的金鱼罐头生产线,转而专心于捕捞金鱼来为终端市场的寿司和生鱼片提供原材料。Frank Asche of the University of Stavanger, who helped to devise the FAO fish-price index, sees parallels with the divergence between farmed meat and wild game. As the supply of wild fish declines relative to farmed fish, it will become a luxury commodity, he explains. “In 20 years time people will think of wild fish like we now think of venison.”斯塔万格大学的Frank Asche曾参与了联合国粮农组织鱼价指数的设计。他认为家鱼和野鱼的区别同饲养得到的肉类和狩猎捕获的野味的区别类似。随着野鱼的数量和家鱼相比逐年减少,它将成为一种昂贵的商品,他解释说,“20年内”人们就会像如今怀念山珍野味那样怀念野鱼的味道。翻译 by 胡靓 译文属译生译世 /201509/397858。
  • On 9th November, the Nazis marched through these streets,but were stopped by the police.11月9日,纳粹分子上街游行,但遭警方制止。Here, at the corner of the Feldherrnhalle.在统帅堂的转角处。Shots were exchanged.双方开驳火。Four police and 16 Nazis were killed that day.4名警察和16名纳粹分子冲突中死亡。The uprising, or Putsch,had been an incompetent and violent attempt to overthrow a democratic state.这次暴动本是试图推翻一个民主国家的不自量力行为。But Hitler managed to turn it into a heroic myth.但希特勒却成功将此变成英雄神话。This annual re-enactment of the march,filmed after the Nazis came to power,shows just how Hitler tried to create that myth.这段纪念暴动而游行的影片是纳粹执政后拍摄的,揭示希特勒如何使其变成神话。Each of the Nazis killed in the Putsch was turned into a martyr.暴动中丧生的纳粹分子被描绘成烈士。Their flag became a sacred relic.他们的旗帜成为神圣符号。Where they were shot became a hallowed site.他们被击毙的地点成为神圣之地。Those in attendance were blessed.所有参与者都得到保佑。Hitler wanted to show how his devoted disciples had died for a great cause,a cause symbolised by their single, heroic leader.希特勒想要表现他虔诚的信徒们是为伟业而献身,这项事业全由唯一的英雄领袖打造。 译文属201511/412120。
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