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Beating the heat isn#39;t just about finding water.战胜高温不仅要找到水源It#39;s also about making the most of what you aly have.更需要你充分利用身边的一切And I#39;m mostly gonna have a pee.我得尿上一泡It always feels wasteful to lose good fluids straight into the sand,让这么多液体 直接流进沙子里 总让人觉得心疼but you can recycle pee to help you survive.不过你可以回收尿液 来帮助你生存下来Take your T-shirt and just pee on it.脱下你的衬衫 再对着它尿Try to capture as much of that fluid as you can.尽可能多地 收集尿液Rain it through the shirt and then I#39;m not wasting any of this to the sand.要彻底浸湿你的衬衫 这样我才能 不浪费一点尿液And even just, you know, a little bit of pee into the mouth it#39;s just gonna help moisten it,take the edge off the thirst.即便只是一点点尿液流入嘴巴 也能起到很好的湿润作用 缓解干渴的感觉And you#39;re not drinking it. It#39;s just to wet your wet your mouth a bit.你不一定要喝掉它 只是湿润你的 湿润你的嘴巴And that#39;s actually just wiping it on my face.It#39;s cool to my face stand.然后再用它 擦擦脸 让我的面部降温You will see that.on the infrared ray if you put that on.如果开了红外线 你就可以看到的You will see what a difference the fluids on the face makes as the pee evaporates and cools me.你会看到我脸上的液体 产生了巨大的效果 因为尿液蒸发后使我降温You see, the darker bit is where it#39;s so much cooler than all of this. It#39;s going to be bright and hot.你看 深色部分 的温度要比这一块 低得多 这一块 温度很高 所以很亮If I put this T-shirt on,that#39;s going to keep me cooler.如果再穿上这件衬衫 会让我更凉爽As the fluid evaporates from the shirt,it will draw heat from my body.随着尿液从衬衫上蒸发 能吸走我身体的热量 Article/201611/479124Roosevelt goes on to win and Morgan#39;s railroad monopoly is broken up.罗斯福最终赢了官司 根的铁路垄断被打破It#39;s a stunning setback for J.P. Morgan.这对J·P·根是个巨大的打击One he#39;ll agonize over for years and it#39;s a sign of things to come for his fellow Titans.他为此饮恨多年 这也是预示着他的巨人伙伴们未来的命运Roosevelt is elected to a second term and over the course of his administration, he files suit against dozens of trusts.罗斯福第二届连任总统 在他执政期间 他将几十个托拉斯送上法庭It#39;s a time of great change for the nation.这是国家的大变革时代J.P. Morgan, John Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie suddenly find Themselves as members of an old guard.J·P·根 约翰·洛克菲勒和安德鲁·卡内基突然发现自己是旧秩序的守卫者Aging Titans forced to defend their fading empires.年事已高时还要捍卫自己衰落的帝国But as other monopolies fall, one target refuses to go down.但是虽然其他垄断组织倒下去了 有一个却依然耸立John D. Rockefeller#39;s Standard Oil had managed to hold off a break up over multiple administrations.约翰·D·洛克菲勒的标准石油公司在经历几届政府之后依然成功地避免了被分拆的命运But Rockefeller won#39;t be able to hide forever.但洛克菲勒躲也躲不过一辈子 Article/201607/453041TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201607/452241I#39;m in an old, deserted homestead in the shadow of the Rocky mountains.我现在在落基山脉背阴处 一所荒弃的旧宅里Morning in the rockies after a thunderstorm is about the most spectacular place you#39;ll ever see.雨后山脉的清晨 会是你曾见过的最美妙的景色Just beautiful.And a nice time just to warm up before getting going,and also try and freshen up a bit.太美了 在出发前再暖和暖和 而且可以梳洗一下Out in the wild, washing and personal admin are not only important for your hygiene,荒野之中 洗漱干净和保持个人卫生 不仅仅是为了身体健康but they serve as a morale booster and help to lift the spirits.还可以提升士气 帮你重新振作精神I#39;ve got some of this alder branch.It#39;s like nature#39;s toothbrush.我找到些桤木树枝 这些可是天然的牙刷You can recognize it because it#39;s the only deciduous tree.因为是这片唯一的落叶树 所以可以辨别出来It#39;s got these little cones on it here.在这里可以看见锥形的部位All you got to do-chew the end to rough it up a bit, like that,你要做的就是 咬松它的根部 就像这样then use that to really get in your teeth and give them a clean.然后将它插到牙缝中 开始刷牙And then I got a bit of this mullein.That#39;s also known as cowboy loo paper.我还找到这些毛蕊花属的植物 它另外一个广为人知的名字是 牛仔的手纸Really velvety, soft leaves perfect. But you are not getting a demo of that one.天鹅绒般柔软的叶子 非常好 但你们是看不到使用示范了In the light of day, this homestead seems a lot more inviting.But it#39;s time to move on.在白天 房子看起来还挺吸引人的 但是时候继续上路了Feels kind of weird leaving this old homestead.离开这所旧房子还真感觉有点奇怪Something.. homely about it that kind of half suggests that那房子让我有家的感觉 虽然房子真的是破烂不堪there should be people nearby,even though it#39;s really dilapidated.但还是给人带来 附件有人居住的错觉On the outskirts of the homestead,I find an old telegraph pole.在房子郊外 我发现一根旧的电报杆This would usually offer the survivor a glimmer of hope,but out here, signs of civilization mean nothing.这通常都给求生者带来一线希望 但在这里 文明的遗迹却不代表什么Normally, this wouldn#39;t be a bad thing to follow.正常来说 跟着电线杆走是个好选择Being out here, look, just doesn#39;t lead anywhere just goes straight back into the ground.但现在 瞧 跟着走就行不通了 杆子都断了 直指地面 Article/201608/460378TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201609/463945

Just being this close to the water,it is something that freaks me out.单是这样的距离 就足以把我吓倒And I#39;m looking forward to try to face that fear of water.我希望我能够试着消除对水的恐惧感Now at 10,000 feet,a third the height of Everest,我们现在距地面10000英尺 这座山的高度相当于珠峰的三分之一our pilot is looking for just anywhere he can get us down.飞行员在寻找合适的索降地点Okay, Bear, we#39;re gonna turn final here for that ridge and see if we can get in there.贝尔 我们最后再在那边的山脊盘旋一次 看能否着陆Take it steady there.This will require pinpoint accuracy from our pilot.在这里稳住 这需要飞行员十分精确的定位Bear on the rope.Bear going down.贝尔抓住绳子 正在索降Getting onto the ground is always a high-risk moment.索降着地的瞬间分外危险Okay, Bear is on the floor.But how will the guys cope with it?好的 贝尔成功落地 但他们两个能够应付索降吗I mean, that was a pure Bear Grylls moment right there.我想 只有在贝尔的节目里我才会这么做It was a rocky ride coming in, very windy.绳索很不稳 风很大We weren#39;t even sure we were gonna land.我们都有点担心能不能顺利落地But when we, you know, climbed down the rope onto that peak,100% adrenaline running through my body.但是当我沿着绳索降落到地面时 所有的肾上腺素贯通全身Sean#39;s never even been in a helicopter before.肖恩从来没坐过直升机The nerves were going. It was exciting.我的神经全部绷紧了 感到很兴奋You look down and you look around, and you feel very small.四下望去 我感到自己非常渺小I just knew that we needed to get down.Okay, fan on the floor.我只知道我们必须着陆 好极了 粉丝成功着陆We#39;ve cut a piece from our fast rope.我们剪下了一截空降索With only one climbing rope to get us out of here,我们将只带一根登山索we#39;re gonna need all the help we can get.利用一切可用援助离开这里Thumbs up. We are clear.安全着陆 一切顺利 Article/201705/509359

I Dare You to Watch This Entire Video我敢说,你看不完这短短三分钟影片I dare you to watch this entire . I dare you to watch this entire . No skipping ahead, no pausing, no opening another tab and letting this play in the background. I dare you to sit still and do nothing but watch a single three-minute Internet .我挑战你看完这整部影片。我挑战你看完这整部影片。不能跳过去、不能暂停、不能打开其它视窗然后让这在背景播放。我挑战你乖乖坐着然后什么事都不做,只单看一部三分钟的网路影片。Hmm, it#39;s difficult for you, isn#39;t it? You#39;re becoming bored. Your brain is beginning to itch inside your skull, begging for a morsel of distraction from the Internet. And you#39;re holding it together for now, but the truth is, you#39;re frightened. It#39;s been so long since you#39;ve tried to focus like this that you don#39;t know if you can do it anymore.嗯,这对你来说很困难,对吧?你开始感到无聊。你的大脑开始在头颅内骚动,哀求着要从网路上得到一点点能分散注意力的东西。而你现在还撑着,不过事实是,你吓坏了。自你上次试着这么专注已经过了好久,久到你都不知道自己还能不能做到。And this is boring, isn#39;t it? Maybe you think it#39;s a trick, that there#39;s some reward for sticking it out. You think that at two minutes and 50 seconds, a funny message will appear for a frame or two, and you#39;ll only see it if you watch the whole thing. You#39;ve probably aly scrubbed along the bottom of the progress bar to see if that happens, right? Well, it doesn#39;t. There#39;s no joke, no prize. There#39;s just you and this . Either you watch it or you don#39;t.而且这部影片很无聊,对吧?或许你认为这是个花招,认为坚持到最后会有某种奖励。你以为在两分五十秒时,一个好笑的讯息会出现个一两幕,而你只有看完整部影片才会看到那讯息。你搞不好已经沿着时间轴拉看看那会不会发生了,对吧?这个嘛,并不会。没有笑话、没有奖励。只有你和这部影片。你要不看完它,不然就是不要看。I dare you to watch it. But the obstacles are mounting. That was an email. That was a new post on Instagram. That was a celebrity who just died on Twitter. Maybe it was Shaq. Everyone#39;s tweeting about Shaq#39;s death, and you#39;re missing it. Are you comfortable with that?我挑战你看它。不过阻碍正在增加。那是封信件。那是 Instagram 上的一则新贴文。那是推特上一个名人刚过世的消息。搞不好是侠客。大家都在推文说侠客的死,而你在错过。你对那感到自在吗?That was 10 seconds. But it felt like a year, didn#39;t it? A decade of instantaneous entertainment has made you so mentally soft and fat that you find even 10 seconds of boredom excruciating. How sad.那是十秒钟。不过感觉起来像一年,是吧?十年来的即时刺激使你心理上变得如此软弱又肥胖,你发现就连十秒的无聊都难以忍受。多悲哀啊。Remember when you were a child? You could spend an entire hour watching an ant crawl across a rock. One afternoon, you checked out a library book, and you were so engrossed that you the entire thing in just one day. When was the last time that happened to you?记得你还是个孩子的时候吗?你可以花整整一小时看一只蚂蚁爬过石头。有个下午,你从图书馆借出一本书,而你是那么入迷,所以你在仅仅一天内就读完全部。你上次那样是什么时候了?The truth is, you#39;re weaker now. Attention is the scalpel you use to cut away the fat from your life, but the Internet has robbed you of it. And now, instead of choosing what you experience, you drift from tab to tab full of content you hate, like a hungry ghost who will never be full. Your life is filtering through your fingers, and you are doing nothing to stop it. But if you watch this entire , if you make the choice to sit and be bored for these 180 seconds, you will have finally taken the first step in regaining control over the one truly unrenewable resource in life: your time.事实是,你现在变得更加软弱。专注力是你用来将脂肪从生活中切除的解剖刀,但网路已经把它从你身上夺走了。现在,不是选择你所经历的事物,你反而游荡在充满你厌恶的内容的视窗间,就像个永远不会满足的饿鬼。你的生命在从指间流逝,而你却没做任何事来阻止。不过如果你看了这整部影片,如果你选择坐着然后感到无聊 180 秒,你将会终于采取第一步,取回生命中唯一不可更新资源的控制权的第一步:那资源就是你的时间。Less than three minutes ago, I dared you to watch this entire . In a moment, you will have won or lost, and only you will know the difference. Either way, the dare will be over. To decide what you#39;ll do with the rest of your life, you#39;ll have to dare yourself.不到三分钟前,我挑战你看这完整部影片。马上,你就会胜利或落败,而只有你会知道差别。不管怎样,挑战将结束。要决定你接下来的人生要怎样,你将得挑战自己。 Article/201605/444671

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