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2020年01月28日 04:08:30 | 作者:康典范 | 来源:新华社
R25qKD@g11W7mIFwGX5TLh[*v4It isnt right that a woman should get paid 59 cents on the dollar for the same work as a man.If you play by the rules, you deserve a fair days pay for a fair days work. It isnt right that, if trends continue, by the year 2000 nearly all of the poor people in America will be women and children. The rules of a decent society say: When you distribute sacrifice in times of austerity, you dont put women and children first. It isnt right that young people today fear they wont get the Social Security they paid for, and that older Americans fear that they will lose what they have aly learned [earned]. Social Security is a contract between the last generation and the next, and the rules say: You dont break contracts.We are going to keep faith with older Americans. We hammered out a fair compromise in the Congress to save Social Security. Every group sacrificed to keep the system sound. It is time Ronald Reagan stopped scaring our senior citizens.qpo.~7dCEpQ|V0;Zo42mj@h;ulDpK~P0m(SWm~a*(5~C5c%.HC2A%201201/167845THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. On Friday, I met with a group of veterans and military families who support our troops and our mission in Iraq. These men and women know the tremendous sacrifices that our troops and their families are making. And I appreciate the good work their organizations are doing to support our men and women in uniform in their important mission to protect the ed States. This week Americans saw more evidence of how difficult that mission is -- and how central it is to our security. The Director of National Intelligence released a summary of an important document called the National Intelligence Estimate on the Terrorist Threat to the U.S. Homeland. This assessment brings together the analysis of our entire intelligence community and provides policymakers with an up-to-date picture of the threat we face. I know you are hearing a lot about this document. Some of its assessments are encouraging, and others are cause for concern. Most importantly, this document reminds us that America faces "a persistent and evolving" threat from Islamic terrorist groups and cells -- especially al Qaeda. Since al Qaeda attacked us on 9/11, the ed States has taken many steps to keep the American people safe. We've gone on the offense, taking the fight to the terrorists around the world. We've worked with partners overseas to monitor terrorist movements, disrupt their finances, and bring them to justice. Here at home, we've strengthened security at borders and vital infrastructure like power plants and airports and subways. We have given intelligence and law enforcement professionals new tools like the Patriot Act, and we continue to work with Congress to modernize the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. The actions we and our partners around the world have taken have helped disrupt plots and save lives. Here's how the NIE report put it -- e -- "We assess that greatly increased worldwide counterterrorism efforts over the past five years have constrained the ability of al Qaeda to attack the U.S. homeland again and have led terrorist groups to perceive the homeland as a harder target to strike than on 9/11." The NIE report also cites some setbacks. One of the most troubling is its assessment that al Qaeda has managed to establish a safe haven in the tribal areas of Pakistan bordering Afghanistan. Last September, President Musharraf of Pakistan reached an agreement that gave tribal leaders more responsibility for policing their own areas. Unfortunately, tribal leaders were unwilling and unable to go after al Qaeda or the Taliban. President Musharraf recognizes the agreement has not been successful or well-enforced and is taking active steps to correct it. Earlier this month, he sent in Pakistani forces to go after radicals who seized control of a mosque, and then he delivered a speech vowing to rid all of Pakistan of extremism. Pakistani forces are in the fight, and many have given their lives. The ed States supports them in these efforts. And we will work with our partners to deny safe haven to the Taliban and al Qaeda in Pakistan -- or anywhere else in the world. Nearly six years have passed since 9/11. And as time goes by, it can be tempting to think that the threat of another attack on our homeland is behind us. The NIE report makes clear that the threat is not behind us. It states that al Qaeda will continue to -- and I e -- "focus on prominent political, economic, and infrastructure targets with the goal of producing mass casualties, visually dramatic destruction, significant economic aftershocks, and/or fear among the U.S. population." It goes on to say that al Qaeda will continue to seek chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear material to use in these attacks. The men who run al Qaeda are determined, capable, and ruthless. They would be in a far stronger position to attack our people if America's military, law enforcement, intelligence services, and other elements of our government were not engaged in a worldwide effort to stop them. We will meet the responsibility that history has given us; we will adapt to changing conditions, and we will not let up until our enemies are defeated and our people are secure. Thank you for listening. 200801/23803Over the last couple of weeks, Irsquo;ve been traveling around the country and talking with folks about my blueprint for an economy built to last. Itrsquo;s a blueprint that focuses on restoring the things wersquo;ve always done best. Our strengths. American manufacturing. American energy. The skills and education of American workers. And most importantly, American values like fairness and responsibility.We know what happened when we strayed from those values over the past decade ndash; especially when it comes to our housing market.Lenders sold loans to families who couldnrsquo;t afford them. Banks packaged those mortgages up and traded them for phony profits. It drove up prices and created an unsustainable bubble that burst ndash; and left millions of families who did everything right in a world of hurt.It was wrong. The housing crisis has been the single biggest drag on our recovery from the recession. It has kept millions of families in debt and unable to spend, and it has left hundreds of thousands of construction workers out of a job.But therersquo;s something even more important at stake. Irsquo;ve been saying this is a make-or-break moment for the middle class. And the housing crisis struck right at the heart of what it means to be middle-class in this country:owning a home. Raising our kids. Building our dreams.Right now, there are more than 10 million homeowners in this country who,because of a decline in home prices that is no fault of their own, owe more on their mortgages than their homes are worth. Now, it is wrong for anyone to suggest that the only option for struggling, responsible homeowners is to sit and wait for the housing market to hit bottom. I donrsquo;t accept that. None of us should.Thatrsquo;s why we launched a plan a couple years ago thatrsquo;s helped nearly one million responsible homeowners refinance their mortgages and save an average of 0 on their payments each month. Now, Irsquo;ll be the first to admit it didnrsquo;t help as many folks as wersquo;d hoped. But that doesnrsquo;t mean we shouldnrsquo;t keep trying.Thatrsquo;s why Irsquo;m sending Congress a plan that will give every responsible homeowner the chance to save about ,000 a year on their mortgages by refinancing at historically low rates. No more red tape. No more endless forms. And a small fee on the largest financial institutions will make sure it doesnrsquo;t add a dime to the deficit.I want to be clear: this plan will not help folks who bought a house they couldnrsquo;t afford and then walked away from it. It wonrsquo;t help folks who bought multiple houses just to turn around and sell them. What this plan will do is help millions of responsible homeowners who make their payments every month, but who, until now, couldnrsquo;t refinance because their home values kept dropping or they got wrapped up in too much red tape.But herersquo;s the catch. In order to lower mortgage payments for millions of Americans, we need Congress to act. Theyrsquo;re the ones who have to pass this plan. And as anyone who has followed the news in the last six months can tell you, getting Congress to do anything these days is not an easy job.Thatrsquo;s why Irsquo;m going to keep up the pressure on Congress to do the right thing. But I also need your help. I need your voice. I need everyone who agrees with this plan to get on the phone, send an email, tweet, pay a visit, and remind your representatives in Washington who they work for. Tell them to pass this plan. Tell them to help more families keep their homes, and more neighborhoods stay vibrant and whole. The truth is, it will take time for our housing market to recover. It will take time for our economy to fully bounce back. But there are steps we can take, right now, to move this country forward. Thatrsquo;s what I promise to do as your President, and I hope Members of Congress will join me.Thank you, and have a great weekend.201202/170287

Yet those divisions do not define America.这些分歧不是美国的特色。We felt the unity and fellowship of our nation when freedom came under attack, and our response came like a single hand over a single heart.当自由遭受侵犯时,我们能感受到我们国家的团结和友情,我们的反应是齐心协力。And we can feel that same unity and pride whenever America acts for good, and the victims of disaster are given hope, and the unjust encounter justice, and the captives are set free.每当美国主持正义,受灾者得到希望,不公正的现象被审判以及人质被释放时,我们便能感受到同样的团结和自豪。We go forward with complete confidence in the eventual triumph of freedom.在前进的道路上,我们坚信自由会取得最终的胜利。Not because history runs on the wheels of inevitability; it is human choices that move events.这不是历史的必然性所致,而是人民的选择;Not because we consider ourselves a chosen nation; God moves and chooses as He wills.也不是因为我们把自己看作是受上帝垂爱的国家,而是上帝自己的意愿。We have confidence because freedom is the permanent hope of mankind, the hunger in dark places, the longing of the soul.们信心十足,因为自由是人类永恒的希望,是黑暗中的明灯,是灵魂的期盼。When our Founders declared a new order of the ages; when soldiers died in wave upon wave for a union based on liberty;当我们的奠基人宣布延续几个世纪的新秩序时,当一批批战士为了自由联邦而献身时,when citizens marched in peaceful outrage under the banner ;Freedom Now;-they were acting on an ancient hope that is meant to be fulfilled.当人们在“自由”的口号下激愤地进行和平抗议时———他们都在实践着应当实现的古老愿望。History has an ebb and flow of justice, but history also has a visible direction, set by liberty and the Author of Liberty.历史曾有过正义的倒退,但历史也有一个明确的方向,那就是由自由和自由之神确立的方向。When the Declaration of Independence was first in public and the Liberty Bell was sounded in celebration, a witness said, ;It rang as if it meant something.;当《独立宣言》首次公布于众时,自由钟在庆典上响起,一位与会者说:“它的敲响意味深长。”In our time it means something still.如今,它仍然蕴涵深意。America, in this young century, proclaims liberty throughout all the world, and to all the inhabitants thereof.在新的世纪,美国要向全世界及所有人宣告自由。Renewed in our strength-tested, but not weary-we are y for the greatest achievements in the history of freedom.我们的力量经过考验没有消沉,而是得到恢复,我们准备在争取自由的历史上取得最大的成就。May God bless you, and may He watch over the ed States of America.愿上帝保佑你们,保佑美利坚合众国。03/438297

President Bush Visits Silverado Cable Company, Discusses Economy, Tax Relief  THE PRESIDENT: I've come to Silverado for a couple of reasons: One, to remind our fellow citizens how important small businesses are to the backbone of our economy. These two brothers started this company with five employees --   MR. BOB SIMPSON: Five employees.   THE PRESIDENT: How many you got now?   MR. BOB SIMPSON: We have 70.   THE PRESIDENT: Seventy. One of the things that's important in law is to encourage certain behavior, and the stimulus package we passed encouraged investment. And so the -- these guys were showing me a new laser machine they purchased this year, and they purchased it this year because the stimulus package provided a tax incentive to do that. And the reason why that's important is when the economy slowed down, we wanted to stimulate activity.   And so the fact that they purchased the machine meant somebody had to make the machine. And when somebody makes a machine, it means there's jobs at the machine-making place -- plus their employees are more productive, they're more competitive. It makes it more likely they're going to keep their business and expand their business.   And so the first thing I want to do is, one, thank you for being entrepreneurs, and two, remind our citizens that this stimulus package that we passed in Congress is just beginning to kick in. And it's going to make a positive contribution to economic growth.   The other thing it's important to remember is that a company such as these -- as this one -- pays taxes at the individual income tax rate. So when you hear these politicians campaign and say, "We're going to raise taxes, oh, just on the rich people," they're raising taxes on companies like Silverado. (%bk%)  What you don't want to do is take money out of the treasuries of these small businesses across America. If you're interested in economic vitality and growth, you want these -- owners of these small businesses to have more money to invest. It's good for their employees, it's good for their growth, and it's good for our nation.   And so I strongly urge the ed States Congress to make the tax relief we passed permanent so that companies such as Silverado don't have to worry about what their tax burden is going to be in two years come. See, we have times of economic uncertainty right now, and what creates more uncertainty for owners of businesses like these is whether or not their taxes are going to go up.   And Congress ought to just declare once and for all we're going to make the tax cuts we passed permanent -- add peace of mind for these businesses leaders; it'll make it easier for their employees to keep a job; it'll make it easier for them to do what they want to do and take care of their -- people that work here.   And so I'm thrilled to be with you. Congratulations --   MR. BOB SIMPSON: It's our pleasure. Thank you so much.   THE PRESIDENT: Congratulations on being dreamers and doers.   MR. MITCH SIMPSON: Thank you Mr. President.   THE PRESIDENT: Yes, sir. Loved meeting your employees, too.   MR. BOB SIMPSON: Well, if you have just a minute I have a few more back there.   THE PRESIDENT: All right, good. Thank you 200806/41820

国际英文演讲高手 Chapter3-3暂无文本 200709/17879


Friends and Fellow Citizens: Called upon to undertake the duties of the first executive office of our country,朋友们、同胞们: 我应召担任国家的最高行政长官。I avail myself of the presence of that portion of my fellow citizens which is here assembled to express my grateful thanks for the favor with which they have been pleased to look toward me,值此诸位同胞集会之时,我衷心感谢大家寄予我的厚爱。to declare a sincere conciousness that the task is above my talents,诚挚地说,我意识到这项任务非我能力所及,and that I approach it with those anxious and awful presentiments which the greatness of the charge and the weakness of my powers so justly inspire.其责任之重大,本人能力之浅薄,自然使我就任时忧惧交加。A rising nation,sp over a wide and fruitful land,traversing all the seas with the rich productions of their industry,一个沃野千里的新兴国家,带着丰富的工业产品跨海渡洋,engaged in commerce with nations who feel power and forget right,同那些自恃强权、不顾公理的国家进行贸易。advancing rapidly to destinies beyond the reach of mortal eye when I contemplate these transcendent objects,向着世人无法预见的天命疾奔——当我思考这些重大的目标,and see the honor,the happiness,and the hopes of this beloved country committed to the issue,and the auspices of this day,当我想到这个可爱的国家,其荣誉、幸福和希望都系于这个问题和今天的盛典,I shrink from the contemplation,and humble myself before the magnitude of the undertaking.我就不敢再想下去,并面对这宏图大业自惭德薄能鲜。Utterly,indeed,should I despair did not the presence of many whom I see here remind me that in the other high authorities provided by our Constitution I shall find resources of wisdom,of virtue ,and of zeal on which to rely under all difficulties.确实,若不是在这里见到许多先生们在场,使我想起无论遇到什么困难,都可以向宪法规定的另一高级机构寻找智慧、美德和热忱的源泉,我一定会完全心灰意懒。To you,then,gentlemen,who are charged with the sovereign functions of legislation,and to those associated with you,因为,负有神圣的立法职责的先生们和各位有关人士,I look with encouragement for all that guidance and support which may enable us to steer with safety the vessel in which we are all embarked amidst the conflicting elements of a troubled world.我鼓起勇气期望你们给予指引和持,使我们能够在乱世纷争中同舟共济,安然航行。During the contest of opinion through which we have passed the animation of discussions and of exertions has sometimes worn an aspect which might impose on strangers unused to think freely and to write what they think;在我们过去的意见交锋中,大家热烈讨论,各展所长,这种紧张气氛,有时会使不习惯于自由思想、不习惯于说出或写下自己想法的人感到不安;but this being now decided by the voice of the nation,announced according to the rules of the Constitution,但如今,这场争论既已由全国的民意作出决定,而且根据宪法的规定予以公布,All will of course arrange themselves under the will of the law and unite in common efforts for the common good.大家当然会从法律的意志,妥为安排,为共同的利益齐心协力。All,too,will bear in mind this sacred principle,that though the will of the majority is in all cases to prevail,大家也会铭记这条神圣的原则,尽管在任何情况下,多数人的意志是起决定作用的,that will to be rightful must be reasonable;that the minority possess their equal rights,但这种意志必须合理才属公正;少数人享有同等权利,which equal law must protect,and to violate would be oppression.这种权利必须同样受到法律保护,如果侵犯,便是压迫。01/84396

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