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集美区哪里可以祛痘厦门市医院中山激光美容中心Bangladesh's Sheikh Hasina Wins Landslide Election哈西娜以压倒多数赢得孟加拉大选  The Awami League, led by former prime minister Sheik Hasina, has gained a clear majority of the parliamentary seats in Bangladesh's election. International observers are preliminarily deeming the election fair, which came after a two-year period of emergency rule by an army-backed caretaker government. There are high hopes there that the poverty-wracked country of 150 million people is putting its legacy of autocratic, corrupt and violent politics behind it. 孟加拉国前总理谢赫.哈西娜领导的人民联盟在议会选举中赢得明显多数席位。国际观察员初步认为投票是公正的,这次选举是在受到军方持的看守政府结束两年紧急状态之后举行的。孟加拉国人民热切希望,这个有着1亿5千万人口极度贫困的国家一贯奉行的独裁、腐败和暴力政治即将成为过去。Election officials say the Awami League overwhelmingly was the dominant party in the first parliamentary election here in seven years. The secular, left-of-center party, led by Sheik Hasina, captured about 230 of the parliament's 300 seats. Allied parties won about another 30. The Awami League now has a mandate to push through constitutional changes and its sweeping reform manifesto.  选举官员说,人民联盟在7年后的第一次议会选举中以压倒性多数成为占统治地位的政党。由谢赫.哈西娜领导、主张政教分离并执行中间偏左路线的人民联盟赢得议会300席中的大约230席。其它结盟党派赢得大约30席。人民联盟现在有权推行宪政改革及其全面的改革纲领。The election commission says a record 85 percent of eligible voters went to the polls.  选举委员会表示,85%的合格选民参加了投票,创下历史记录。The results are a crushing defeat for Hasina's long-time foe, former prime minister Khaleda Zia, who allied with several other parties, including an Islamic fundamentalist group.  这个结果使得哈西娜的长期政敌、前总理卡莉达.齐亚遭受惨败,齐亚跟另外几个党派结盟,其中包括一个伊斯兰原教旨主义组织。Zia's Bangladesh Nationalist Party is formally complaining that its supporters were kept from voting in various places. 齐亚领导的孟加拉国民族主义党正式投诉说,该党的持者在许多地方被禁止投票。Such allegations are not swaying the preliminary opinion of domestic and international observers that the election process, while not perfect, was conducted in a fair manner and free of the widesp vote-rigging typical of past elections.  不过,这类说法不会动摇孟加拉国国内和国际观察员对投票过程的初步评价,他们认为,尽管不是十全十美,整个选举在公正的情况下举行,而且也没有出现特别在以往选举中有过的操纵选票行为。Former U.S. assistant secretary of state for African Affairs, Constance Berry Newman, led the 65-person observer delegation of the International Republican Institute.  美国国务院负责非洲事务的前助理国务卿科蒂斯.贝利.纽曼率领一个由65人组成的美国国际共和研究所代表团前往观察。"Though observers noted many procedural irregularities they did not believe them of the scope and severity that would call into question the legitimacy of the process or the outcome," said Newman. 纽曼说:“尽管观察员们指出了许多程序上的违规,但是他们认为,这不是普遍现象,也没有严重到会对整个程序或者选举结果的合法性提出质疑。”Despite the Awami League's overwhelming victory, Melbourne University (Australia) political science research fellow Syeed Ahamed says Sheik Hasina's party must give its arch-rival a role in parliamentary affairs."Even if BNP has only some say 30 to 35 seats in the popular vote they actually present almost 50 percent of the population," said Ahamed. "That should be kept in mind. If Awami League do not put BNP in a significant position, what will happen if actually BNP resigns en masse from the parliament? It will be chaos." The two major rival parties traded power during a 15-year period that ended in 2006 with political violence on the streets spinning out of control. That compelled the military to intervene, installing a caretaker government.  两个主要对立政党在2006年之前的15年里轮流执政,2006年孟加拉国的政治暴力事件持续不断,无法控制。那种局面迫使军方介入,扶植起一个看守政府。The interim leaders vowed a crackdown on political corruption, jailing hundreds of people, including Sheikh Hasina and Khaleda Zia. The two fierce rivals, known as the "Battling Begums" and heirs to political dynasties, were freed to contest the long-delayed election. 过渡政府领导人誓言打击政治腐败,数百人被监禁,其中包括谢赫.哈西娜和卡莉达.齐亚。这两位宿敌以及两人政治王朝的继任者均获释,得以参加这次一再推迟的选举。哈西娜和齐亚人称“拼搏的贵妇人”。200812/60108福建厦门市中医医院激光去痣多少钱 Hundreds of Shell truckers begin strike for higher wages; some gas stations could run dry At the break of dawn, Friday, Britain join the growing list of country facing protest over fuel. Hundreds of bus drivers who delivered fuel for shell want a hafty pay-increase, giving shell record profit. Shell station across the country has been bracing for no deliveries.we spent the last week ensuring that all of sites are as full as possible as it can be. In fact, I checked the data yesterday and stock level on this site was as probably as high as they've ever been.u..so a lot of contingency work has been put in place to minimize the impact.Still, with this strike expected the last 4 days since Tuesday morning, a number of shell stations are expected to start running dried this weekend.No evidence of panic buying Friday morning, especially since all rival stations are uneffected, but it's on the mind of many drivers.Well, we assume it will effect me because i need my transport, i'm going to sign with mother, so I do need transport, I use it quite a lot.Living is to be a dramastic issue. Little pass, little be doubt with from sure, but it does say I can see the grood point here.The government has an emergency measures in place if there is panic buying. Britain energy minister told CNN, the upcomming summit of oil prices in Saudi Arabia is crucial to solve the pain of pump.The impact on our socity is something that does worry me, and it's why we doing our best to see what can be done to bring down the oil prices, to see whether there can be enhanced the production, that's the discussion in Saudi Arabia, one of the reasons I am going to Saudi myself this weekend.Britain shows strike(some word like mild) in comparison to the violent protest in place like Spain and Portugal, but it's an another reminder that high price of oil is putting pressure on those whose livelihood depends on it.Jim Bolden, CNN, London.200812/58656New York renamed top fashion capital but Asia sashays inNew York has reclaimed the title of the world's top fashion capital from Milan but the annual poll suggested the top five fashion cities are seeing competition from Asia and Australia.New York had reigned as top fashion city for five years until Milan took the lead last year in the list compiled by the Global Language Monitor, a US based non-profit group that tracks the frequency of words and phrases in the media, on the Internet and throughout the blogosphere.But with the US economy recovering, New York once again took the top spot followed by Hong Kong, London, Paris and Los Angeles.Rounding out the top 10 were Milan, Sydney, Miami, Barcelona and Madrid."As the global fashion industry adjusted to the new economic reality, New York rebounded to the No. 1 spot it has now held for six of the last seven years," said Bekka Payack, the Manhattan-based fashion correspondent for the Global Language Monitor."This year's list of the top fashion capitals, shows the global fashion industry remaining in flux, with the relative decline of some of the previously leading players and formerly regional players emerging as significant new influences."She said that in perhaps a harbinger of things to come, this was the first analysis where the traditional big five fashion cities -- New York, Paris, London, Milan, and Rome -- did not dominate the global fashion scene.The biggest movers in the list were Hong Kong, Madrid and Melbourne.The group said that the top newcomers to the expanded list included Amsterdam at number 17, Cape Town and Johannesburg at 23 and 25 respectively and Vienna at No. 27.Following are the 10 top fashion capitals of 2010 and the change from the rankings1. New York (up 1)2. Hong Kong (up 5)3. London (up 2)4. Paris ( down 1)5. Los Angeles (up 1)6. Milan (down 5)7. Sydney (up 2)8. Miami (up 5)9. Barcelona (up 5)10. Madrid (up 11)Vocabulary:a harbinger of things to come: something will happen in the furture(某事将要发生)背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/111492厦门减肥医院

福建厦门哪家医院抽脂好厦门欧菲整形美容医院做双眼皮开眼角手术多少钱 The Olympics are only the beginning for Nike's aggressive plan to grow in ChinaWhen you think a team of US basketball, you think Nike. We're here launching in Rockefeller center, with me now is the brand president of Nike, Charlie Denson.A big redeal going into the 2008 Summer Games, what does it mean for Nike to be in China and supporting a team of US basketball?Well, for us, the Beijing Olympics is something we've been working on for, er, for years. And I think this story, this US basketball team's story is gonna be one of the biggest stories in China. These guys are gonna play as a team and they are committed to going up that gold metal. And of course they’ll take on China in the first round. So it should be interesting, but, tell me about the structure of Nike and the Olympics, I mean, on parallel, what you've done before creating footwear apparel across so many different sports this year, but what is the structure of your deal? How it’s a difference this year than the previous games?Well, this year is a little bit different, because we're sponsoring 22 out of the 28 Chinese federations. And we've actually created a new product for all 28 sports, including BMX in Beijing. So it's a little bit difference than it has been in the past and we have some of our traditional relationships with, like, US basketball, US track and field, the Russian track and field federation and things like that. So, we, we've worked over 3000 athletes and preparations of the games. So it's a great opportunity for us. You know when we spoke of a few months ago, you talked about how important China is in terms of the amount revenue brings in for Nike. What are your plans in terms of Nike’s staying in China host the Olympic Games?Yeah, it's something that we've committed to, ever since the Beijing was awarded the games. China, we've been in China for over 30 years as a manufacturing partner and a commercial partner. And one of the things, China represents a second largest country in the world. Today is a fast growing market, and we’re expecting that'll continue after the Beijing and we're staying committed and to our relationship with Chinese consumer.A lot of people out there are calling this an extreme team after the disappointment in 2004. What does it mean in terms of Nike revenue sponsorship, er, the tie-up if they don't win versus if they win? Does selling all of the apparel depending on a gold medal this summer?Well, I, I, winning always helps, and certainly this team is committed to that, to that, er, from Jerry , coach K, you know all the way done on all the players, I've never seen a group of, of, talent, this type of talent. This committed to something is just been amazing so far, so, but, but I think it's a, you know, win or lose is gonna be a great story, but I wouldn't better against them. Over the biggest challenges for Nike, going into this massive, er, sponsorship of the summer games in China, the biggest hurdles is that you guys had overcome?Why, I think, uh, we didn't really look at the hurdles but the biggest opportunity was to introduce new product in 28 different sports. I think, this represents our biggest series of innovations or innovation launches in the history of the company at any single event. And we had our very large design team worked for several years in anticipation of them. So, you know, you'll see the lightest basketball shoes ever made, the lightest track bike ever made. The uniforms that all the athletes will be worn will be considerably lighter than what it has ever been uniform before. So for us, it's what we do and what we enjoy and we are really looking forward to.200812/58327厦门假体隆鼻要多少费用

同安区人民医院花多少钱Bush to Push Free Trade at Upcoming Economic Summit布什将在经济峰会中提倡自由贸易 U.S. President George Bush talked Saturday about the agenda for next month's international economic summit at the White House. 美国总统布什星期六谈论了下个月在白宫举行的国际经济高峰会议的议程。President Bush devoted his weekly radio address to previewing his meeting with other leaders of the so-called Group of 20 nations on the global economic crisis.  布什总统利用每周例行的广播讲话向听众介绍了他跟所谓20国集团中其他领导人开会商讨全球经济危机的安排。"During the summit we will discuss the causes of the problems in our financial systems, review the progress being made to address the current crisis, and begin developing principles of reform for regulatory bodies in institutions related to our financial sectors," he said. 布什说:“在这次峰会期间,我们将讨论我们金融系统出现问题的原因,审议在解决目前这场危机过程中正在取得的进展,并着手制定与我们的金融部门相关的管制机构改革的原则。”Earlier in the week, Mr. Bush invited leaders of wealthy nations and the heads of major developing economies to the White House on November 15, to focus on the global financial crisis. Administration officials see the summit as the first in a series of meetings on the global economy. The president said Saturday the meeting will give world leaders a chance to sit in one room and discuss the situation. 这个星期早些时候,布什邀请富裕国家领导人和主要发展中经济实体的首脑11月15号到白宫,重点讨论全球性金融危机问题。布什政府官员认为,这次峰会在一系列有关全球经济的会议中是首开先例的。布什总统星期六说,这次会议给世界各国领导人提供了一个机会,大家得以会聚一堂,共商目前的局势。"While the specific solutions pursued by every country may not be the same, agreeing on a common set of principles will be an essential step towards preventing similar crises in the future," he said. 布什说:“尽管每个国家执行的具体方案可能各不相同,但是各国就一套普遍适用的原则达成共识是防止今后发生类似危机的必要步骤。”The summit will include the leading industrialized nations, plus emerging economies such as Brazil, India, China and South Africa. Mr. Bush said he will push hard for the principles of free trade. 参加这次峰会的有主要工业化国家,加上巴西、印度、中国和南非等新兴经济体。布什说他将努力推行自由贸易原则。"Open market policies have lifted standards of living and helped millions of people around the world escape the grip of poverty," he said. "These policies have shown themselves time and time again to be the surest path to creating jobs, increasing commerce and fostering progress. And this moment of global economic uncertainty would be precisely the wrong time to reject such proven methods for creating prosperity and hope." 布什说:“开放市场的政策提高了人民的生活水平,帮助世界各地几百万人摆脱贫穷的束缚。这些政策一再自我明,它们是创造就业机会、促进商业以及鼓励发展的最可靠途径。在全球经济目前处在不确定性的时刻,拒绝这些已经得到验的创造繁荣和希望的途径,绝对是不合时宜的。”White House Press Secretary Dana Perino said earlier in the week both presidential candidates, John McCain and Barack Obama, have been informed about plans for the initial summit. She said there was no decision on whether the winner of the November 4 election will attend. 白宫新闻秘书佩里诺这个星期早些时候说,约翰.麦凯恩和巴拉克.奥巴马这两位总统候选人已经被告知这个首次峰会的各项安排。她说,还没有决定11月4号总统选举的获胜者是否出席这次峰会。200810/54009 Dear Annie: When my son was 14, he was friends with "Tim," a boy who drank and did drugs at a young age and who once stole his father's car and took my son joyriding around the neighborhood. I didn't want our son hanging out with Tim after that, but my husband thought the boy should be forgiven and gave our son permission to keep seeing him. 当我儿子14岁的时候,他和一个叫Tim的男孩成了朋友,那是个年纪轻轻就喝酒,吸毒的小子,曾经偷他爸爸的车,带我的儿子去附近兜风。那件事发生以后,我就不想让我的儿子和Tim在一起了,但是我丈夫认为Tim应该得到原谅,并向儿子承诺可以让他继续见Tim。That was four years ago. Tim, now 17, continued breaking the law and is currently serving time in a juvenile facility for various felony convictions. He will be getting out in a couple of months. I do not want him on my property or hanging out with my son (who does not use the best judgment when he is around Tim), but my husband still believes Tim should be forgiven. Please help. 那是4年前的事了,现在Tim已经17岁了,他不断犯法,因为犯下各种重罪目前在少年监狱关押。我不想让他再带着我儿子鬼混了,他和Tim在一起就不会正确判断。但是我丈夫仍然相信可以原谅Tim。请帮帮我。 — Distraught and Worried ——烦恼又担忧的一位母亲——————————————Dear Distraught and Worried: 你好,烦恼又担忧的母亲You can forgive Tim without letting him be an influence on your son. Inform your husband that forgiveness doesn't mean disregarding another's safety. It means you let go of your anger toward the person. 如果Tim没有给你儿子带来坏的影响,你可以原谅他。告诉你的丈夫原谅并不意味着不顾别人的安全。那意味着将你的脾气撒到别人身上。It is important to discuss your concerns with your son. Calmly explain why you think spending time with Tim is not in his best interests. Tell him you have confidence in his maturity and trust him. Beyond that, have faith that you have raised him right.和你的儿子一起讨论你的关心是很重要的。平静地解释为什么和Tim呆在一起并不是最好的。告诉你的儿子你相信他的成熟,并信任他。还有,你也相信自己正确地教导了他。【生词注释】joyriding n.开车兜风to hang out with 跟…在一起;与…为伍permission n.允许;许可to break the law 犯法juvenile facility 少年辅导中心;少年监狱felony n.重罪property n.所有物;不动产distraught adj.心烦意乱的;发狂的to disregard v.不顾;忽视maturity n.成熟;完成distraught a.烦扰的201110/156766厦门市第二医院整容长泰县妇女儿童医院整形美容中心



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