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Dialogue 1Jingjing: Ohh, Im craving some chocolate right now. Let go to the store and get some.京晶:哦,我现在特别馋巧克力我们去商店买一些吧Mark: Youre in luck. I just so happen to have some chocolate in my house. After all, Spring Festival is just around the corner.马克:那你太幸运了,我家正好就有巧克力毕竟,春节快要到啦Jingjing: Youre the best. Gimme gimme gimme!京晶:你太给力了快给我给我给我!Mark: Hold your horses. I have two different kinds of chocolate: dark and milk chocolate. Which do you prefer?马克:稍安毋躁我有两种不同类型的巧克力:黑巧克力和牛奶巧克力你喜欢哪个?Jingjing: Dark chocolate please! It my favorite!京晶:黑巧克力!这是我的最爱!Mark: No problem, here you go. Just as I suspected.马克:没问题,给你,跟我猜的一样Jingjing: What do you mean, just as you suspected?京晶:跟你猜的一样?什么意思?Mark: Dont you know? People who crave dark chocolate tend to be social butterflies and the life of the party. That definitely you!马克:你难道不知道吗?喜欢黑巧克力的人往往都善于社交且受人瞩目这绝对就是你啊!Jingjing: So youre saying that the kinds of food people crave are related to their personalities?京晶:所以你的意思是说人喜欢什么食物跟个性有关喽?Mark: According to Dr. Alan Hirsch, yes. Over the past 5 years, he examined almost ,000 patients and found that there are some consistencies about what we eat say about our personalities.马克:根据艾伦·赫希医生的研究,确实是这样的在过去的5年里,他检验了近万例患者,发现人对食物的喜好和性格有一定的关联Jingjing: That amazing. You know? Lately Ive been kinda down in the dumps. Does that have anything to do with why Ive been wanting chocolate too?京晶:这太神奇了你知道吗,最近我一直过得很糟糕这是不是跟我一直想巧克力有关系?Mark: It sure does. Chocolate is a known mood booster.马克:肯定是巧克力是公认的心情助推器Jingjing: Oh, well quick, gimme some of that chocolate. I wanna feel better!京晶:哦,快,再给我一些巧克力我想心情变好!习语短语crave渴望,强烈愿望(通常用于食品)Youre in luck.你很幸运,好消息; 事情对你有利just around the corner指日可待,(时间和地点)非常接近hold your horses稍安毋躁,稍等片刻social butterfly交际花,擅于结交朋友的人the life of the party受人瞩目的人,很受欢迎的人down in the dumps伤心;情绪低落mood booster情绪助推器,让你感觉(情绪)更好的东西Dialogue Mark and Jingjing have just arrived at a restaurant. They are looking at the , deciding which type of food to order.马克和京晶刚刚抵达餐厅他们正在看菜单,决定吃什么Mark: Man, I just cant make up my mind. So many things on this look delicious.马克:天啊,我不知道怎么决定菜单上有这么多东西都看起来很好吃的样子Jingjing: Can I make a suggestion? Try these two dishes. I think youll like them.京晶:我可以提个建议吗?试试这两道菜我想你会喜欢的Mark: Hmmm. That does sound pretty good. I think Ill give it a try.马克:嗯看起来很不错我来试试看Jingjing: See. I your mind. Do you know why I chose these two dishes you?京晶:看吧?我能看透你的心你知道我为什么选择了这两道菜给你吗?Mark: Not a clue.马克:不知道啊Jingjing: One of them is sweet, the other is salty. People who crave sweet and salty dishes tend to be loners. But dont get upset! Theyre also really creative.京晶:它们其中一个是甜的,另一种是咸的一般独来独往的人爱吃甜咸口但是,不要生气!他们也很有创意Mark: Hey, how did you know that?马克:嘿,你怎么会知道?Jingjing: I did my homework. Plus, we are best friends. I can you like a book.京晶:我研究过啊况且我们是最好的朋友我可以非常准确地看透你的想法和感受Mark: That not fair!马克:这不公平!Jingjing: Also, people who like sweet and salty foods are often misunderstood as being standoffish. Now that definitely you!京晶:此外,爱吃甜咸口的人经常被人误解为很冷淡这绝对说的就是你!Mark: Tell me some more!马克:你再仔细说说!Jingjing: Well, people who crave only salty flavors tend to go with the flow, and let the outside world determine their fate.京晶:嗯,只喜欢咸味的人倾向于随大流,让外界决定他们的命运Mark: How about spicy foods?马克:那喜欢吃辣的人呢?Jingjing: People who crave spicy foods tend to dislike order and wasting time.京晶:爱吃辣的人往往不喜欢遵守秩序和浪费时间Mark: Okay, enough talking. My stomach growling. Waiter! Were y to order!马克:好吧,说得我肚子都咕咕叫了务员!点菜!习语短语make up one mind决定做某事to one mind看透一个人的内心,非常准确地猜测对方的想法或感受not a clue不知道loner独来独往的人,花很多时间独处的人I did my homework.我做了功课,我研究了这个问题 someone like a book同“ one mind”,清楚地了解某人的动机(思想等)standoffish高冷的,不友好的go with the flow随大流My stomach growling.我的肚子都咕咕叫了,我饿极了 936。

  • 8  Get Some Sleep?  It a.m., and youve counted enough sheep to fill a paddock, but you still cant get the shut-eye you need. Do you 1) start counting goats; ) get out of bed and ; or 3) take a sleeping pill? If you picked ing, your restless nights may soon be over. According to a report in a recent journal of the American Medical Association, adopting a few basic habits -- like limiting the amount of time you spend in bed -- works better than pills goats in controlling chronic insomnia.  Almost everyone experiences a sleepless night or two at some point in their lives. The subjects in a study -- all of whom were over age 55 -- had been fluffing up their pillows in vain to years. Most of them had no trouble falling asleep. The hard part was staying asleep through the night.  After excluding patients whose insomnia may have resulted from some other conditions, such as depression, researchers divided the remaining 78 subjects into four groups. One group took sleeping pills. The second group underwent cognitive-behavior therapy designed, among other things, to promote better sleep habits.  Not surprisingly, the sleeping pills helped test subjects sleep longer right away. But the results were not really different, at least in the short term, from those provided by behavior therapy and the combined treatment. And when the researchers contacted their subjects two years later, only the behavior therapy group has maintained its initial recovery. As soon as participants stopped taking sleeping pills, the sleepless nights returned.  How can you improve your chances of getting a good night sleep? here are some tips: If you dont fall asleep within minutes, get up and quietly in another room so that your brain associates your bed with sleep, not anxiety. Meanwhile, work with your body instead of against it. Dont nap after 3 p.m. Cut back on caffeine, especially in the afternoon or evening. Dont drink alcohol at night; it may allow you to fall asleep more easily but youre likely to suffer a rebound effect in a few hours. Getting up at the same time every morning is also important, because that makes it easier to synchronize your body biological clock. Whatever you do, dont panic if you become sleepless once again. Most folks find they cant break the cycle of insomnia overnight. 18695。
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