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Research shows dad, not mum, is the big risk factor for childhood obesity.研究表明,爸爸(而不是妈妈)是儿童肥胖的首要风险因素。A recent Australian study has found having an overweight father quadruples a child#39;s chance of being overweight, even if they have a mother of normal weight.澳大利亚最近的一项研究表明,在家里,即使妈妈的体重正常,只要爸爸超重,孩子超重的几率就会增加3倍。Interestingly, the reverse scenario doesn#39;t have the same result. So if the mother is overweight but the father is of normal weight, the child#39;s risk of being overweight is not significantly raised.有趣的是,如果情况相反,爸爸体重正常妈妈超重,就不会出现上面的结果,孩子超重的几率不会显著提高。The study was undertaken by researchers at the University of Newcastle, who examined more than 3000 two-parent families over a four-year period. Researchers measured the children#39;s change of weight from about four to five years of age to when they were eight or nine.这项研究是由纽卡斯尔大学的研究人员进行的,他们对三千多个双亲家庭进行了为时四年多的研究。研究人员从孩子们在八岁或九岁时开始对孩子的体重进行测量,对他们的体重变化进行了四到五年的研究。Dr Emily Freeman, a researcher with the University of Newcastle Family Action Centre, says while it is early days in terms of this type of research, the results of the study are very exciting.艾米莉-弗里曼士是纽卡斯尔大学家庭行动中心的研究人员,她说这种类型的研究现在还处于早期阶段,研究结果非常令人兴奋。;It#39;s really important we#39;ve found this link, because a lot of the research tends to focus on mothers and children,; she says. ;We#39;ve had lots of stories of dads refusing to eat vegetables, then the kids don#39;t eat them either.;“我们发现了体重和爸爸之间的关系,这是非常重要的。因为很多研究更倾向于妈妈和孩子之间的关系,”她说。“我们有很多爸爸不吃蔬菜,孩子也不吃蔬菜的例子。”She says further research is needed to understand the underlying reasons for the link.她说,还需要进一步的研究来理清这种关系之间的潜在原因。Making a change作出改变So what can fathers do to become better role models for their kids?父亲该怎么做,才能更好地成为孩子们的榜样?;They should definitely be more aware of the different behaviours they are modelling to their kids; they need to demonstrate they#39;re eating fruit and vegies and get outside more,; says Dr Freeman, who has been involved with Healthy Dads, Healthy Kids, an education program in the Hunter Valley in NSW, and has seen these actions bring encouraging results.“他们绝对应该清楚不同的行为对孩子的影响;他们需要告诉孩子们,他们吃水果和蔬菜。出去吃饭的时候也要点更多的水果和蔬菜。”弗里曼士说,她参与了新南威尔士州猎人谷的一项教育计划——“健康爸爸、健康孩子” ,她发现这些行为确实带来了振奋人心的效果。;It doesn#39;t have to be formal organised sport activities – even kicking a football around or taking the kids to the park is fantastic. It#39;s an opportunity for dads to spend more time with their children.;“并不非得是正式组织的体育活动——在周围踢踢球或带着孩子去公园都是不错的活动。这些都是爸爸和孩子享受亲子时光的好时机。Easy tips for getting active with kids和孩子一起活动的几个简单贴士Plan a family day out at your local pool.制定计划,找一天让一家人都去当地的游泳池玩。On wet days, put on your gumboots and go out for a splash in the puddles.下雨天,穿上雨靴,出去踩踩水。Organise a family bike ride.组织家人一起骑单车。Involve kids in physical activities around the home, such as gardening or washing the car.让孩子在家里进行一些体力活动,比如做园艺或洗车。Walk to nearby shops together instead of driving.一起走着去附近的商店,而不是开车去。Fly a kite on windy days.在有风的天气里放风筝。Encourage organised sports. Watch kids compete and provide positive feedback.鼓励有组织的体育活动。看孩子比赛并给出积极的反馈信息。 /201301/218173Aging eyes bring more than crow#39;s feet and wrinkles. It#39;s what you can#39;t see -- the health of your eyes -- that is the bigger concern, doctors say. By the age of 40, many people may begin coping with vision problems they didn#39;t have before. These might include dry eyes and presbyopia, or an inability to focus on objects that are close up, and can leave people feeling fatigued and headachy by the end of the workday. Genetics largely determines how our eyes age. But new research suggests that nutrition and environment can lessen some of the risks to eye health and vision.眼睛老化带来的不止是鱼尾纹和皱纹。医生说,人们无法直接看见的东西──你双眼的健康──才是更令人担忧的事。很多人到了40岁的年纪可能就得开始应对视力问题,而这些是他们之前从未遇到过的。这些毛病包括干眼病和老花眼,后者的症状是近距离视物困难,可能会让人在一天工作结束时感到疲劳和头痛。我们的双眼如何老化在很大程度上是由遗传决定的。但新研究表明,良好的营养和环境能减少眼睛健康和视力所面临的风险。As people get older, #39;The lens of your eye gradually loses the ability to focus in and out the way it used to,#39; said Julia Haller, ophthalmologist-in-chief at Wills Eye Institute in Philadelphia. #39;Some people refuse to wear ing glasses . . . and really fight it. They may hold out a little longer but eventually we all succumb to the inevitable.#39;费城威尔斯眼科医院(Wills Eye Hospital)首席眼科医师茱莉亚#8226;哈勒(Julia Haller)说,随着年纪的增长,“你眼睛的晶状体会逐渐丧失过去那种聚焦调节的功能。有些人拒绝佩戴老花镜……并与之斗争。你的双眼可能会再坚持一段时间,但最终,我们所有人都得向这一必然趋势低头”。While we can#39;t win against Mother Nature, some strategies can minimize the damage. Avoid self-prescribing with, say, off-the-shelf ing glasses sold at drugstores, says Gary Etting, an optometrist who specializes in vision therapy in Los Angeles. People often select glasses that appear to make things clearest, he said. But this may be a stronger prescription than they need, which can encourage their loss of focus to go faster.虽然我们不能战胜自然规律,但有些措施能减少我们受到的损害。洛杉矶专攻视觉治疗的验光师加里#8226;埃廷(Gary Etting)说,不要进行自我诊断,说什么药店里就有现成的老花镜出售。他说人们常常挑选那些貌似让视线变得最清晰的眼镜。但这种选择对他们的实际需求而言可能是一种过强的处方,会加速他们聚焦能力的丧失。Also, glasses you need for ing may be different than ones you need when using a computer, he said. #39;So people who wear their ing glasses on the computer can also be encouraging their eyes to weaken faster.#39;埃廷说,此外,你阅读时需要佩戴的眼镜和你用电脑时要戴的眼镜可能并不一样。“所以那些在用电脑时却佩戴读书镜的人也是在导致眼睛加速弱化。”Scientists have been studying ways to prevent vision problems in young people, which also might help protect eyes as they age. Two studies published in the May issue of Ophthalmology, the journal of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, suggest that spending time outdoors may help minimize or prevent nearsightedness, or myopia, in children. Myopia can be corrected with glasses or contact lenses. But it can also be a precursor to severe myopia in adulthood, which is linked to the later development of eye disorders such as glaucoma and retinal detachment.科学家一直在研究帮助年轻人预防视力问题的方法,这些方法可能在人们老了的时候也有助于护眼。在五月刊的美国眼科学会(American Academy of Ophthalmology)杂志《眼科学》(Ophthalmology)上发表了论文的两项研究表明,户外活动可能有助于儿童预防近视或缓解近视症状。近视眼可以通过佩戴框架眼镜或隐形眼镜得到矫正,但近视也会成为成年后高度近视的先兆,而高度近视又与日后的青光眼、视网膜脱落等眼疾的形成息息相关。One of the studies, involving 571 students in Taiwan, compared changes in eyesight over a year between a group of children that had outside recess and another that didn#39;t require going outdoors. The other study, in Denmark, compared detailed eye measurements of 235 nearsighted children taken during periods of longer and shorter days.其中一项研究比较了两组儿童一年中的视力变化情况,其中一组儿童进行了户外休息,而另一组却没被要求这样做,共有571名台湾学生参与了这一研究。另一项研究在丹麦进行,比较了235名近视儿童的各项眼睛参数,这些参数是在日长各异的不同时期测得的。Some researchers believe the effect could be related to oxygen exposure or the amount of light exposure causing the pupil to constrict. It could also result from children focusing at far distances for extended periods. #39;I think the conclusion we#39;re most comfortable drawing is that the jury is still out on that,#39; said Rachel Bishop, chief of consult services of the National Eye Institute, who wasn#39;t affiliated with the studies. Other possible reasons, such as greater physical activity when outside or less time spent looking at screens indoors, seem less likely, she said.一些研究人员相信,户外活动产生的影响可能与氧暴露或光照量相关,光照会令人的瞳孔收缩。这种影响的产生也可能是因为孩子们远眺的时间延长了。美国国家眼科研究所(National Eye Institute)咨询务主管雷切尔#8226;毕夏普(Rachel Bishop)说:“我认为,目前我们得出的最令人欣慰的结论就是:一切都尚无定论。”她还说,其他一些可能的原因,比如在户外进行了强度较大的身体活动或在室内盯着屏幕看的时间减少了,似乎更不可能成立。毕夏普并未参与上述两项研究。Being outdoors also presents risks. Ultraviolet-light exposure potentially causes melanoma and contributes to the development of cataracts. Damaging rays from the sun are cumulative, so experts recommend wearing protective sunglasses and hats starting at a young age. Howard Purcell, an optometrist and senior vice president of customer development at Dallas-based Essilor of America, a manufacturer of optical lenses, says sunglasses should block UV light. Look for sunglasses with an eye-sun protection factor (E-SPF) between 25 and 50, he said.呆在户外也会面临着风险。紫外线照射可能会引发黑色素瘤并助长白内障的形成。太阳长年累月地发出有害射线,因此专家们建议,人们从小就该戴上防护性太阳镜和太阳帽。总部设在达拉斯的依视路美国公司(Essilor of America)是一家光学镜片生产商,该公司客户拓展部高级副总裁、验光师霍华德#8226;珀塞尔(Howard Purcell)说,太阳镜必须要能够阻挡紫外线。他说,要挑选那些镜片防晒系数(E-SPF)在25到50之间的太阳镜。Many eye-vitamin formulations currently on the market are based on research conducted by the National Institutes of Health in a project called Age-Related Eye Disease Study, or AREDS. The first phase of the clinical trial, completed in 2001, found that a specific combination of vitamins C and E, along with beta-carotene and zinc, reduced the risk of age-related macular degeneration by as much as 25%. AMD is one of the leading causes of blindness in older people.目前市面上许多护眼维生素配方都是基于美国国立卫生研究院(National Institutes of Health)进行的一项研究制成的,该研究是一个名为年龄相关性眼病研究(Age-Related Eye Disease Study,简称AREDS)的项目的内容,其临床试验的第一个阶段于2001年完成。研究人员在该阶段发现,维生素C、维生素E按某种比例的配方组合加上β-胡萝卜素和锌将年龄相关性黄斑变性发病风险减少了25%。年龄相关性黄斑变性是老年人致盲的主要原因之一。In the second phase of AREDS, to be published in this month#39;s Journal of the American Medical Association, researchers identified additional nutritional supplements -- the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin, found in foods such as spinach, kale and broccoli -- that further reduce the risk and progression of AMD, especially when a person#39;s diet is aly low in these nutrients. The study found a similar beneficial effect for people with cataracts who don#39;t normally get a lot of lutein and zeaxanthin in their diet.在年龄相关性眼病研究的第二个阶段,研究人员确定了额外的营养补充元素──菠菜、甘蓝菜和西兰花等蔬菜中富含的叶黄素和玉米黄质──它们能进一步减少年龄相关性黄斑变性的发病风险、减缓病情,尤其是对饮食中上述营养素含量本来很低的人群更有效。该研究发现,这些营养素对那些日常饮食中缺乏叶黄素和玉米黄质的白内障患者有着相似的积极作用。这一研究成果发表在五月刊的《美国医学会杂志》(Journal of the American Medical Association)上。The latest part of the study, which involved about 4,000 participants, also looked at the effect of replacing beta-carotene in the supplements formulation with lutein and zeaxanthin because of studies that found former smokers who take beta-carotene have a higher incidence of lung cancer. Researchers found a 20% improvement in progression to advanced AMD with the replacement, said Emily Chew, deputy director of epidemiology and clinical application for the National Eye Institute, a branch of the National Institutes of Health.这项研究的最后一部分共涉及约4,000名参与者,它探讨了用叶黄素和玉米黄质来代替补充配方中β-胡萝卜素的影响,因为众多研究表明,曾经是烟民的人摄入β-胡萝卜素后,罹患肺癌的风险会更高。美国国家眼科研究所流行病学与临床应用部门副主任埃米莉#8226;周(Emily Chew)说,研究人员发现,在用替代营养素后,有20%的患者病变至年龄相关性黄斑变性晚期的过程有所改善。美国国家眼科研究所是美国国立卫生研究院的一个分机构。Dr. Chew said the AREDS study researchers recommend replacing the beta-carotene in supplements with lutein and zeaxanthin. Benefits from the supplements have been found only in people who are at high risk for advanced AMD or aly have it in one eye.周士说,年龄相关性眼病研究的工作人员建议用叶黄素和玉米黄质来替代补充配方中的β-胡萝卜素。但该配方的益处仅仅只在那些晚期年龄相关性黄斑变性高发人群或者已有一只眼患上此疾的病人身上显现。Some eye experts say omega-3s, found commonly in fish and nuts, appear to play a protective role in eye health with both the retina and cornea. This includes help with the dry eyes that many people, especially women, experience in their 50s. Anne Sumers, a spokeswoman for the American Academy of Ophthalmology and a practicing ophthalmologist in Ridgewood, N.J., said consuming flax seed, either as a pill or sprinkled on food, can help treat dry eyes.一些眼科专家说,常见于鱼类和坚果中的Ω-3脂肪酸看来能对包括视网膜和角膜在内的眼部健康起到保护作用,包括对干眼病也有帮助。许多人在进入50岁后就易患上干眼病,尤其是女性。美国眼科学会(American Academy of Ophthalmology)发言人、新泽西州瑞吉伍德市(Ridgewood)执业眼科医师安妮#8226;苏美尔(Anne Sumers)说,进食亚麻籽,不论是吃药片还是把亚麻籽撒在食物上吃,都有助于治疗干眼病。Too much time staring at electronic screens has given rise to another problem: computer-vision syndrome. To relax the eyes, some experts recommend that for every 20 minutes spent staring at a computer, people should take a break for 20 seconds and look at least 20 feet away, ideally out a window.长时间盯着电子屏幕看也引发了另一个问题:电脑视觉综合症。一些专家建议,为了放松双眼,人们在盯着电脑工作的时候,应该每隔20分钟就休息20秒、并远眺至少20英尺,最好是看看窗外。The decision to go to an optometrist versus an ophthalmologist is a personal one. Ophthalmologists are medical doctors who spend most of their time managing eye diseases and performing surgeries rather than prescribing eyeglasses. Optometrists#39; main focus is prescribing eyeglasses, as well as screening for eye diseases. If getting an eye checkup, be sure -- particularly if you#39;re 40 and over -- that the optometrist does a comprehensive dilated eye exam to observe the pupil opened up in order to see the retina.至于到底是去看验光师还是眼科医生,这就看个人选择了。眼科医师是医学士,他们将大部分时间都花在治眼疾、做手术上而非配眼镜上。验光师则专注于校配眼镜,他们也负责检查眼疾。如果想要进行一次眼科检查──尤其是如果你已年届40或年过40的话──那一定要验光师实施全面的散瞳眼底检查,即观察放大后的瞳孔以检查视网膜的情况。 /201305/240715Aries considers sleep too easy and makes a dare with themselves to stay up all night.白羊座:把睡觉看做是件再容易不过的事,想尝尝通宵不睡的滋味。Taurus forgot to pick up their silk sheets at the dry cleaner.金牛座:忘了把丝制床单拿去干洗店清洗。Gemini#39;s twin just isn#39;t tired.双子座:失眠的唯一原因就是根本不累。Cancer worries how everyone else is sleeping.巨蟹座:琢磨为啥其它人都睡着了。Leo is afraid to move around at all, fearful of what bedhead can do to their lovely mane.狮子座:害怕有人在你床边来回晃悠,也担心床头可能伤到你可爱的“鬃毛”。Virgo keeps getting up to re-tuck the sheets and fluff the pillows.处女座:不停地起身整理床单和枕头是失眠的最大原因。Libra can#39;t quite decide what to wear tomorrow.天秤座:哎,你还没想好明天该穿什么呢,怎么能睡得着呢?Scorpio is doing something else entirely.天蝎座:你要能失眠,估计该另当别论了。Sagittarius can#39;t stop thinking of all the better things they could be doing other than sleeping.射手座:满脑子里尽想着如果不睡觉可以做哪些好玩的事。Capricorn aly took a strategically planned power nap.羯座:善于计划的你,通常在白天就不时小憩一下,这样一来,晚上当然睡不香了。Aquarius suffers from a chat room addiction that keeps them up until all hours.水瓶座:通宵聊天,半夜三更才肯爬上床,不失眠才怪呢。Pisces has fitful dreams of past lives.双鱼座:可怜的鱼儿做梦的时间太长了,影响了睡眠质量。 /201211/209925

Some 60 years ago, Alfred Kinsey delivered a shock to midcentury sexual sensibilities when he reported that at some point in their marriages, half of the men and a quarter of the women in the U.S. had an extramarital affair. No one puts much stock in Dr. Kinsey#39;s high numbers any more - his sampling methods suffered from a raging case of selection bias - but his results fit the long-standing assumption that men are much more likely to cheat than women.大约60年前,金赛(Alfred Kinsey)的研究为二十世纪中叶人们对性问题的感知带来震撼,当时他在研究报告中称,在婚姻的某一阶段,美国半数的男性和四分之一的女性都会发生婚外情。如今人们对金赛得出的高出轨率已经不是非常重视了(他的取样方法存在严重的选择偏差),但他的结果符合人们长期以来的假设,即男性欺骗伴侣的可能性要比女性大得多。Lately, however, researchers have been raising doubts about this view: They believe that the incidence of unfaithfulness among wives may be approaching that of husbands. The lasting costs of these betrayals will be familiar to the many Americans who have experienced divorce as spouses or children.但研究者近期对这种观点提出了质疑:他们认为,妻子的不忠行为发生几率可能与丈夫接近。这些背叛行为的长期代价为许多与配偶离过婚或经历过父母离婚的美国人所熟知。Among the most reliable studies on this issue is the General Social Survey, sponsored by the National Science Foundation, which has been asking Americans the same questions since 1972. In the 2010 survey, 19% of men said that they had been unfaithful at some point during their marriages, down from 21% in 1991. Women who reported having an affair increased from 11% in 1991 to 14% in 2010.有关该问题的最可靠研究之一当属“综合社会调查”(General Social Survey),这项研究由美国国家科学基金会(National Science Foundation)资助,从1972年开始向美国人询问同一批问题。在2010年的调查中,19%的男性表示,他们在婚姻的某个阶段曾有不忠行为,这一比例低于1991年的21%。而自述存在婚外情的女性比例由1991年的11%升至2010年的14%。A 2011 study conducted by Indiana University, the Kinsey Institute and the University of Guelph found much less of a divide: 23% for men and 19% for women. Such numbers suggest the disappearance of the infidelity gender gap, but some caution is in order.印第安纳大学(Indiana University)、金赛研究所(Kinsey Institute)和圭尔夫大学(University of Guelph) 2011年一项研究发现的性别差距要小得多:男性为23%,女性为19%。上述数据暗示,两性之间在不忠行为上的差异趋于消失,但我们应该审慎地看待该数据。An enduring problem for researchers - even those who sample with meticulous care - is that any such survey is asking for confessions from people who are presumably lying to their spouses. Researchers generally believe that actual infidelity numbers are higher than the results indicate.研究者──即便是那些取样时小心谨慎的研究者──一直面临的问题是,任何此类调查都要求那些很可能对伴侣撒了谎的人坦白自己的越轨行为。研究者一般认为,不忠行为的实际数字要比调查结果所显示的高。It should also be emphasized that cheating in the U.S. isn#39;t epidemic or inevitable, for either sex. Surveys consistently find that by far the majority of respondents value monogamy and think that infidelity is harmful. And if you believe the General Social Survey#39;s finding that 14% of women are cheating, keep in mind that 86% aren#39;t.但也应该强调,在美国,无论对男性还是女性来说,欺骗都既非普遍行为,也非不可避免。多次调查均一致显示,到目前为止,多数受访者都珍视一夫一妻制,并认为不忠行为是有害的。假如你相信“综合社会调查”结果是真实的,即14%的女性有欺骗行为,那么同时也请记住86%的女性并没有欺骗伴侣。Still, even though survey accuracy is difficult to achieve and experts are by no means unanimous, it would appear that women are, indeed, catching up. In my own work as a psychologist and in my social circle, I see more women not only having affairs but actively seeking them out. Their reasons are familiar: validation of their attractiveness, emotional connection, appreciation, ego - not to mention the thrill of a shiny new relationship, unburdened by the long slog through the realities of coupledom.不过,虽说调查很难做到精确无误,专家们的意见也不尽一致,但女性不忠行为的比例似乎确实在追赶男性。从我作为心理学家的工作经历和我的社交圈来看,我发现有更多女性不仅有婚外情,而且在积极寻找婚外情。她们的理由听起来很耳熟:明她们的吸引力、情感联系、欣赏、自我──更不用说对一种全新关系的渴望了(这种关系不受婚姻中的长期重压羁绊)。Researchers also point to other factors that might be leading women to stray more. One is what might be called #39;infidelity overload.#39; Scan the plots on any given week in television, and there seems to be more extramarital sex than marital sex. (Few spouses stay put in #39;Mad Men.#39;) With women portrayed as eager participants and aggressive instigators, there may be a feeling that infidelity has become more acceptable.研究者还指出了可能导致女性外遇增加的其他因素。其中之一也许可以称为“不忠主题泛滥”。不论哪一周的电视节目,情节中出现较多的似乎都是婚外情,而婚内情则出现得比较少。(电视剧“广告狂人”(Mad Men)中的夫妻几乎没有不出轨的)女性被描述为热心的参与者和积极的发起者,人们可能会感觉社会对不忠行为的接受程度增加了。And then there is the opportunity factor - more travel, more late nights on the job and more interaction with men mean that the chances and temptations to stray have multiplied for the new generation of working women.另外还存在一个机会因素──对新一代职业女性来说,更多的旅行,更多时候要工作到深夜以及与男性交往增加意味着外遇的机会和诱惑成倍上升。A 2011 study at Tilburg University in the Netherlands, published in the journal Psychological Science, argues that infidelity is also a function of greater economic and social power, which creates confidence and personal leverage for both genders. Women can now use their power in ways to which men have long been accustomed.荷兰蒂尔堡大学(Tilburg University) 2011年展开的一项研究称,不忠行为也能作为一种较大的经济和社会力量,为男性和女性带来信心和个人优势。女性现在能够以男性早已习惯的方式运用她们的力量。此项研究论文刊登在《心理科学》(Psychological Science)期刊上。A broader cultural shift may also be at work. According to a study conducted earlier this year by the biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, women are becoming less traditional about relationships. Men, interestingly, may be going the other direction. In the survey, 77% of women in a committed relationship said they needed personal space, as opposed to 58% of men. While 35% of women wanted regular nights out with friends, only 23% of men said the same.此外,更广泛的文化变迁可能也是一大影响因素。生物人类学家费舍尔(Helen Fisher)今年早些时候为交友网站Match.com进行了一项研究,研究显示,女性对待两性关系的态度变得越来越非传统。有意思的是,男性可能正走向相反方向。在调查中,有77%的处于承诺性关系中的女性表示她们需要个人空间,而男性的比例为58%。35%的女性希望晚上经常外出与朋友会面,但仅有23%的男性持同样看法。Social networks are another factor, if only by expanding the pool of possible partners. Emotional friendships that turn physical are the traditional point of entry for female affairs. It is now easy for those friendships to take root online. Some argue that social networks are merely an expediter and that cheaters will always find a way. Still, if you#39;ve never quite gotten over your prom date, today the chances are much better that you can find him.另一大因素当属社交网络,哪怕社交网络只是起到拓宽伴侣人选范围的作用。从传统上来看,精神层面的友谊变为肉体出轨是触发女性婚外情的导火索。现在很容易从网上开始发展这种友谊。一些人认为社交网络不过是助推器而已,即使没有社交网络,出轨者也总能找到办法。不过,如果你一直不曾忘怀毕业舞会的舞伴,如今找到他的几率可要比从前大得多了。Do women account for more of today#39;s affairs? Probably. But in a society that has been preaching, legislating and celebrating gender equality for decades, equality in marital misdeeds might be expected too.如今女性在婚外情中所占比例是不是更大?很可能如此。但近几十年来,我们的社会一直在宣扬和赞美性别平等,并进行相关立法,也许我们也应该对婚姻越轨中的性别平等有所预料。(Dr. Drexler is an assistant professor of psychology in psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medical College and author, most recently, of #39;Our Fathers, Ourselves: Daughters, Fathers and the Changing American Family.#39;)(Drexler士是纽约威尔康奈尔医学院(Weill Cornell Medical College)的精神病心理学助理教授,她的最新著作是《我们的父亲,我们自己:女儿、父亲和不断变化的美国家庭》(Our Fathers, Ourselves: Daughters, Fathers and the Changing American Family)。) /201211/207139What does 6 billion look like? With the picture above, probably the wealthiest portrait ever taken, you now know.试问1260亿美元长啥样?上面这张照片中所集结的人物总资产多半是史上最富有的,看看它就知道了。This photograph, which graces the cover of the 30th anniversary issue of the Forbes 400, crowned an incredible event. On June 26, 2012, 161 billionaires and near-billionaires came together in New York at the Forbes 400 Summit on Philanthropy, a chance for the most successful people on the planet to use their resources and the mind-set that built that success to try to solve the world#39;s most intractable problems.作为“福布斯400富豪榜”创刊30周年特别杂志的封面,这张照片着实为杂志增色不少,它让不可思议化为现实。在今年的6月26日,161位亿万富豪和准亿万富豪齐聚纽约,参加福布斯400富豪慈善峰会。这群地球上最成功的人士想要用自己所掌握的丰富资源、用帮助自己收获成功的心态,努力解决世界上最棘手的问题。Near the end of the day, we took a dozen of the greatest living philanthropists in the world, put them in the Trustees Room at the New York Public Library, and took an unprecedented photograph. There was no digital wizardry, or Photoshop sleight of hand.活动接近尾声时,工作人员带着其中12位最伟大的慈善家来到纽约公共图书馆的管委会会议室,拍下了这张前无古人的照片。没有什么数码魔法,没有什么PS花招。Warren Buffett, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Melinda French Gates, Pete Peterson, Leon Black, Jon Bon Jovi, Marc Benioff, David Rubenstein, Steve Case, Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen and Marc Andreessen, 6 billion of personal net worth, incredible business achievement - and a desire to change the world on a massive scale. It was a moment of business and philanthropic history - and a photo for the ages.沃伦·巴菲特、奥普拉·温弗瑞、比尔·盖茨、梅琳达·盖茨、皮特·彼得森、里昂·布莱克、乔恩·邦·乔维、马克·贝尼奥夫、大卫·鲁宾斯坦、史蒂夫·凯斯、劳拉·安德森、马克·安德森,这12位富豪的个人净资产总值高达1260亿美元,各自取得了难以置信的商业成就,他们还渴望能够给世界带来巨大改变。这是商业和慈善业史上的重要一刻,这是将被人长久铭记的一张照片。 /201209/201250

Signs of a global economic recovery are glimmering, but are they enough to justify taking a major vacation?尽管全球经济隐约出现复苏的迹象,但是不是单凭这点就足够让我们来休个长假了呢?Well, the world is always bigger than our wallets are deep. One of the simplest options is to find a place that has a lot to offer but hasn’t yet been hit by the price inflation that comes with mass popularity.好吧!世界如此之大,我们的钱包永远都不够用。最简单的就是找一个乐趣多多但尚未沦陷成人山人海以及贵得离谱的旅行圣地。To help travelers in search of value, we’ve assembled, with the help of professionals from USA Today, CNN and Lonely Planet, a list of destinations that are worth going to while they’re still cheap.为帮助驴友们发掘超值之旅,我们综合借鉴了《今日美国》、美国有线电视新闻网CNN以及《孤独星球》上的相关内容,为您盘点出一系列超值旅行目的地。Mexico墨西哥Advance bookings to Mexico are at their strongest in 15 years, according to Catherine Banks, vice-president of Legacy Travel, a travel agency in the US. “Cost structure is different than most other places, ” Banks told CNN earlier this year, meaning Mexico is inherently cheap. Combine that with the negative publicity of drug-related violence and a weak world economy that is starving Mexico of its traveling business, and this country is y to make a deal.美国Legacy Travel旅行社副总裁凯瑟琳班克斯表示,前往墨西哥的机票预订量创15年来最高值。“墨西哥之旅的费用结构与其他许多地方不同,”班克斯今年年初在接受CNN采访时表示,这就意味着墨西哥之旅本身就比较便宜。由于毒品暴力的负面影响以及全球经济低迷不振,墨西哥的旅游业倍受打击,而现在这个国家已经准备好大打“旅行牌”了。“In Cancun and Riviera Maya, there are more five-star resorts than the Caribbean and Hawaii combined, ” Banks added. “And the price isn’t even close to the same.” They’re all sitting empty and waiting for guests.“坎昆和玛雅河的五星级度假酒店比加勒比海地区和夏威夷加起来还要多,”班克斯补充道。“而价格却是天壤之别。大量的空房等待客人的光临。”Currency condition: The Mexican peso has been weak and inflation low in recent months, according to Its ratio to the Chinese yuan is now 1:0.5.当地货币情况:据嘉盛外汇消息称,最近几月,墨西哥比索疲软且通胀率低,与人民币当前汇率为1:0.5。 /201306/244209Rheumatoid arthritis, a disabling disease that can inflame and deform multiple joints, may originate in the lungs, according to research published in Arthritis amp; Rheumatism. Elevated levels of rheumatoid-arthritis antibodies have been found in patients before the appearance of joint symptoms, suggesting RA has an early preclinical phase, researchers said. Lung disease is also associated with early RA. 呼吸道和关节炎:根据《关节炎与风湿病》(Arthritis amp; Rheumatism)期刊发表的一项研究,会引起多个关节发炎和变形的致残疾病风湿性关节炎可能源自肺部。研究人员说,在关节出现炎症前就已经发现病人体内风湿性关节炎抗体水平的提高,这表明风湿性关节炎存在较早的临床前阶段。肺部疾病也与初期风湿性关节炎存在关联。 The study examined airway abnormalities in 69 patients from Denver and Los Angeles, 42 with RA antibodies and no joint symptoms, 15 with no RA antibodies or joint symptoms, and 12 with early RA. All the participants underwent lung-function testing and CT lung imaging. Pain, stiffness or swelling were reported in at least one joint by 50% of antibody-positive and 53% of antibody-negative subjects at the time of imaging. Of the 12 with RA, three had been previously diagnosed with asthma and three with emphysema. 这项研究对来自丹佛和洛杉矶的69名呼吸道异常的患者进行了检查,42人有风湿性关节炎抗体但无关节炎症状,15人无风湿性关节炎抗体也无关节炎症状,12人患有初期风湿性关节炎。所有患者都进行了肺功能检查和肺部CT显像。在肺显像时,50%抗体呈阳性者和53%抗体呈阴性者表示至少有一处关节有疼痛、僵硬和肿胀。在有风湿性关节炎的12人中,三人以往曾被诊断有气喘,三人被诊断有肺气肿。 Airway abnormalities were found in three quarters of the antibody-positive subjects, one third of the antibody-negative subjects, and nearly all the early RA subjects. Adjusting for smoking, joint tenderness, or previous lung disease didn#39;t alter the findings. Of antibody-positive subjects, two developed RA within 13 months. Airway abnormalities seen in the study were due to inflammatory changes, researchers said. 抗体呈阳性者中有四分之三发现有呼吸道异常,抗体呈阴性者中是三分之一,几乎所有初期风湿性关节炎患者都有呼吸道异常。综合考虑抽烟、关节柔软或肺病史因素后,结果也未受影响。在抗体呈阳性的人群中,有两人在13个月内患上风湿性关节炎。研究人员说,这项研究中所见的呼吸道异常是由于炎症变化引起的。 Caveat: Researchers didn#39;t analyze lung tissue from subjects. The concept that RA is generated outside the joints is speculative, they said. The study was small. 注意:研究人员并未分析研究对象的肺组织。他们说,风湿性关节炎源自关节以外这一观点目前还只是一个推测。这项研究规模较小。 /201208/195850

今天是全球洗手日(Global Handwashing Day),全球洗手日是促进用肥皂洗手公私伙伴组织(PPPHW)发起的,号召全世界各国从2008年起,每年10月15日开展用肥皂洗手活动。此前一份调查显示,仅7%城市居民保持良好洗手习惯。实际生活中,有很多接触细菌情境我们不知:每次进餐、如厕、接触钱币等情境下都要洗手;洗手时要使用流动水;洗手时要使用肥皂、香皂或洗手液等清洁用品;洗手时长不少于20秒等。全球洗手日,你会不会正确洗手?正确洗手的7个步骤教你全面清洁手部远离细菌:1. Get your hands wet.把手弄湿Turn the tap on and evenly rinse your hands in warm water. Contrary to popular belief, hot water does not remove bacteria more effectively than warm water, and may even increase the ;irritant capacity; of some soaps.打开水龙头,用温水均匀的冲洗手部,人们普遍认为热水比温水除菌的效果更好,但事实并非如此。而且热水还可能会增加某些肥皂的刺激性能力。2. Use soap.使用肥皂Any type of soap will work, but if it helps you wash your hands more consistently to have soap that is a fun shape or color, or a pleasant fragrance, go for it.什么肥皂都管用。但如果你对某种可爱造型、颜色或是芳香的肥皂有特殊情结,它会让你的洗手工作更能坚持下去,那就果断用起来吧。3. Work up a lather.打肥皂泡Scrub on both sides of your hands, in between your fingers, and your wrists. Remember to wash around and under your fingernails.擦洗手部两侧,手指之间和手腕都记得擦洗干净。记得全面清洗,指甲下面也别放过。4. Wash your hands for about 15-20 seconds.洗15-20秒Be sure and rub your hands vigorously, and don#39;t rinse off the soap right away. Give it time to do its job and give yourself time to get soap everywhere it should be.一定要用力的擦双手,不要立即就把肥皂泡沫洗掉,你要花时间把肥皂泡沫均匀地擦满整个手部,这样才会发生作用。5. Rinse your hands thoroughly.彻底清洗手部Place them under running water with your hands pointed downward but not touching the sink. This removes both the soap and the bacteria that was on your hands.用流动的自来水冲洗手部,把手直接伸到水龙头下面,但注意不要碰到水槽。这样清洗才能去除掉手上的肥皂和细菌。6. Use a towel to turn off the faucet, particularly in a public bathroom.使用毛巾关掉水龙头,特别是在公用卫生间If the faucet turns itself off on a spring or a photocell, let it. If not, use a paper towel, your elbow, or your forearm.如果水龙头是通过弹簧或是光电管自行控制,那就不用管了。如果不是,请使用纸巾、肘部或是前臂来关掉水龙头。7. Dry your hands with a clean towel.使用干净的毛巾擦干手Although they are not as good for the environment, paper towels are more sanitary for drying your hands than cloth towels. If you use cloth towels at home, launder them regularly. If you are in a public restroom, you can also use the hot air dryers if they are available.虽然可能使用纸巾不环保,但是在擦干手的时候使用纸巾要比毛巾卫生得多。如果你在家的时候使用毛巾,请记得定期洗涤。如果是在公共卫生间,要是有热风烘干机的话你也可以使用。 /201210/203878

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