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江镜镇人民医院不孕专家福清/哪里可以割包皮福清最好的性病医院 Business商业报道American telecoms美国电信A breath of fresh airwavesyou want呼吸新鲜的电波The scramble for spectrum could reshape Americas telecoms industry频谱争夺战可能打开美国电信新局面JULIUS GENACHOWSKI, the head of Americas Federal Communications Commission, has called wireless spectrum the oxygen that sustains our mobile devices.美联邦通讯委员会主席JULIUS GENACHOWSKI,将无线通讯频段称为维持移动通讯设备工作的氧气,Yet unlike oxygen, the airwaves over which telecoms companies transmit their wireless signals are in ever shorter supply.同的是,如今电信公司用来传输无线讯号的波段比以往更加短缺。According to the FCCs calculations,但与氧气不据委员会估计,America needs to make 300 megahertz of additional spectrum available by 2014 to avoid a crunch that drives up consumers mobile-phone bills and holds back innovation.为免移动电话用户账单攀升,创新停滞不前,引发频谱危机,到2014年美国需要新增300兆赫兹频段投入使用。Some critics reckon the regulators projections are too pessimistic.有的家认为委员会的预测太过悲观,But telecoms firms say an explosion of wireless data triggered by smartphones and tablet computers is indeed soaking up capacity fast.但电信公司指出,由智能机和平板电脑所引发的无线通讯数据的激增,Hence the scramble for more airwaves.实际上正快速占据频带容量,面向更多频段的争夺进而产生。On December 2nd Verizon Wireless, the countrys largest mobile operator, announced a .6 billion deal to buy spectrum from several cable-television companies.12月2日,美国最大的移动通讯运营商威瑞森无线通讯公司宣布斥资36亿美金从几家有线电视公司手中收购波段。ATamp;T, another telecoms behemoth, has been telling anyone who will listen that its billion bid for T-Mobile USA, a smaller rival, should be approved in part because it would ease a capacity headache:另一家电信巨头ATamp;T也正试图让每一个关心的人相信,它对T-Mobile USA这个小公司的价值390亿的收购企划应得以通过,部分原因是如此可缓和波段紧缺的困难:ATamp;T has plenty of capital but needs more spectrum, while T-Mobile has the airwaves but lacks the capital to exploit them fully.ATamp;T有足够的资金但需要更大的带宽,然而T-Mobile 有带宽却缺少充分开发利用的资金。The snag is that allowing ATamp;T and T-Mobile to merge would stifle competition in the wireless market—which is why both the Department of Justice and the FCC oppose it.问题在于,若允许ATamp;T 和T-Mobile合并,就会破坏无线市场的竞争公平—这就是为什么司法部和联邦通讯委员会都反对它们合并。ATamp;T and Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobiles German parent, have pledged to fight on, but the mergers chances are slim. Verizons deal,ATamp;T 和 T-Mobile 的母公司德国电信已承诺会继续争取,但合并的希望渺茫。by contrast, will probably be cleared by the FCC, which must approve transfers of licensed spectrum.相反,委员会却极有可能会同意Verizon的交易,因为它没有权力阻止已得到使用许可的波段的易主。Could more wireless capacity be liberated from other businesses that do not need it?可以从其他行业释放出更多的无线通讯空间吗?The FCC thinks so.它们并不需要那么多。It has come up with a proposal to persuade TV companies to part with some of their airwaves.联邦通讯委员会觉得可行,它已起草一项提案建议说电视公司出让它们的部分波段。It would solicit spectrum from broadcasters and then repackage it into larger lots to be sold in an auction.委员会将设法从电视台买来波段,然后将之重新包装合并,进行拍卖,The revenue raised would be shared between the government and the broadcasters.筹集的收入由政府和电视台分成。The FCC thinks this could release up to 120MHz of TV broadcast spectrum.委员会认为如此可释放多达120MHz的电视广播频段。TV companies could instead sell their holdings to telecoms companies directly.实际上,电视台也可以直接向电信公司出售频段,But this would probably mean lots of tiny, fragmented packets of airwaves changing hands.但转手的很可能是许多短小细碎的波段。Wireless operators will pay more for large, contiguous parcels of spectrum, which is why the FCC wants to orchestrate the process.为购买大容量连续带宽无线运营公司将需要付出更多金钱,这也正是联邦通讯委员会想要精心策划这项进程的原因。Legislation to give it permission to do so is making its way through Congress.为使委员会具有操作权限,相关法规正在议会进行审核。It may be passed by the end of the year.这项法规大概会在年底之前可以通过。But some broadcasters have given warning that the plan could hurt some stations.但是一些广播公司提出警告,这项计划可能会伤害某些电视台的利益。Were concerned this will have unintended consequences, says Alan Frank, the chief executive of Post-Newsweek Stations, which has operations in Detroit, San Antonio and other cities.Alan Frank是Post-Newsweek 电视台的首席执行官,该台在底特律,圣安东尼奥及其他城市均设有业务,他说:我们担心这项举措会产生意想不到的后果。TV folk fret that the FCC wants to be able to force stations to swap channels if necessary, even if they do not take part in the auction, so that it can create attractive parcels.电视工作者担心委员会拟定法案是想在必要的时候迫使他们转换频道,以便构成更可观的波段组合,即使这些频道并没有参与拍卖。This will raise their costs and could lead to the disappearance of some stations in cities near the Mexican and Canadian borders, where TV spectrum is aly limited.这种做法会提高电视台的运营成本,同时可能导致临近墨西哥、加拿大的边境城市里的部分电视台消失,因为在那里频带资源本就很有限。Such concerns can be dealt with.这样的担忧是可以解决的。Legislators are likely to create a fund to compensate broadcasters who have to move channels.立法者也许会设立一项基金用以补偿那些不得不转换频道的电视广播公司,And they will probably require the FCC to try hard to preserve existing TV coverage when it repackages airwaves.并且他们很有可能要求联邦通讯委员会在重组波段的时候,尽力保全现存的电视频道覆盖范围。Congresss enthusiasm to get something done is understandable.国会热衷于达成一些成就的心理是可以理解的。For one thing, an auction will raise billions of dollars for the public purse.一方面,一场拍卖会能为国库筹集到数十亿美元的资金;For another, it will create jobs by encouraging firms to invest in their networks.另一方面,通过鼓励公司投资网路可以创造就业机会。Failure to act would send the wrong signal to one of Americas fastest-growing industries.而若举措不当则将会向这一全美都发展迅猛的产业发送错误的讯息。 /201305/238039福州市第一医院看妇科好不好

福清妇科医院电话Most of us are familiar with calluses.对于“老茧”,我们都很熟悉。These extra-tough patches of skin are generally quite useful-wemight even say handy-because they act like a kind of natural armor, protecting areas of skin thatget an unusual amount of wear and tear.这些皮肤上突出的硬皮是很有用的,也可以说是方便,因为他们扮演着保护常磨损皮肤的天然盔甲的角色。Have you ever wondered exactly what a callus is, or howit forms on your skin?你是否思考过什么是老茧?他又是怎样形成的?Callus formation is triggered by pressure or abrasion.老茧是由压力和擦而形成。The heel of your foot as it rubs inside yourshoe, or the palm of your hand if youre doing a lot of manual labor are good examples of this.脚后跟的茧是由其在鞋里擦而形成,正如手茧是在大量的劳动过程中形成。While it might feel like a callus is something extra, added to your skin, its actually just a build-up ofwhats aly there.尽管看起来似乎是皮肤上多出的部分,然而事实是已经存在的皮肤角质的累积。Your skin has a number of layers of different types of cells.皮肤是由若干层不同类型的皮肤构成。The outermost is a layer of hardened, dead cells.表层是一些坏死的硬细胞,This top layer is usually about twenty-five cellsthick, and it constantly replaces itself as the outermost cells flake off to be replaced by new hardened, dead cells underneath.通常有25个细胞那么厚,表层细胞不断的脱落,取而代之的是下层硬的坏死细胞,由此而完成自我更替过程。If your skin is subject to an unusual amount of friction, this layer of dead cells increases.假如皮肤受到不寻常量的擦,这层坏死细胞将会增加,New deadcells are added faster than the old ones slough away.新的坏死细胞增长速度比旧细胞脱落的速度快,This can build up the outer layer fromtwenty-five cells thick to over a hundred cells thick.这就致使皮肤表层的厚度增加到100个细胞那么厚,Youve grown a callus.由此,老茧便形成。While calluses are generally useful, if the process continues unchecked a callus can thicken into acone-shaped structure called a corn.虽然一般来讲,茧是有益的,但如不控制其过程,老茧厚度就会增加到被称作鸡眼的锥形结构,These super calluses can be quite painful, and may require the attention of a doctor.那样就会很疼,甚至需要去看医生。 201407/312308福清镜洋男科医院那个最好 三山镇妇女医院上环

福清做无痛人流大概费用Online gaming网络游戏Streaming down the Amazon流入亚马逊Why Amazon is buying a -game streaming site亚马逊为何要购入一个流媒体视频游戏网站ON OCTOBER 4th 2013, tens of thousands of gamers packed the Staples Centre inLos Angelesto watch SK Telecom T1 triumph over Royal Club in the annual finals of “League of Legends”, a team-based game; 32m people watched the games live at some point, about 50% more than watch “Sunday Night Football”. But they did not watch on television. They used Twitch.tv, a website founded in 2011 that streams live directly to users computers.2013年10月4日,成千上万的游戏玩家挤在洛杉矶的斯台普斯中心围观SK Telecom T1在团队视频游戏“英雄联盟”年度总决赛上击败了Royal Club;观看这场游戏竞赛直播的观众人数多达3200万人,这比观看“周日橄榄球之夜”的观众人数多了约50%。但他们没有用电视观看直播,而是使用Twitch.tv,一家在2011年建立的直接面向用户电脑的流媒体视频直播网站。On August 25th Amazon announced that it would buy Twitch for 0m, an indication of the growing importance of -streaming websites. Amazon was not the only one interested: a few months ago Google had been rumoured to be on the verge of offering billion for the firm as well.在8月25日,亚马逊宣布其将花费9.7亿美元收购Twitch,这显示了流媒体视频网站日益增长的重要性。亚马逊并不是唯一一家对Twitch感兴趣的公司;数月前,有传闻说谷歌也差点想以10亿美元收购这家公司。Video-streaming websites are not new. Twitch.tv was spun out of Justin.tv, a site set up in 2007 to allow Justin Kan, one of its founders, to broadcast his life to anyone who was interested. Soon, everyone could use it, letting them make television shows with nothing more expensive than a webcam and a computer.流媒体视频网站并不是新事物。Twitch.tv是从Justin.tv独立出来的,而Justin.tv是在2007创立的,其创建者之一Justin Kan可以通过其传播他的生活点滴,任何对此感兴趣的人都可以订阅。不久后,每个人都可以使用这个网站制作发布他们各自的视频节目,且只用一个摄像头和一台电脑就能完成。It is the combination of streaming and games that has attracted Amazons interest. Gaming became the most popular genre on Justin.tv, and Twitch was created to appeal to players. Viewers watch people play competitively, give advice on how to improve, or simply discuss anything that takes their fancy. The best streamers earn a comfortable living from advertising revenue and donations from fans.流媒体和视频游戏的结合,是这一点引起了亚马逊的兴趣。游戏成了Justin.tv网站上最受欢迎的版块,创建Twitch就是为了吸引玩家。观众们观看这些玩家激烈的竞赛,获得如何提升游戏技巧的建议,或者只是谈论他们感兴趣的事。顶尖的视频网站玩家因有广告收入和粉丝的捐赠而可获得舒适的生活。In July Twitch attracted 55m viewers, who collectively watched 15 billion minutes of . That was enough to make it the biggest consumer of bandwidth inAmericaafter Netflix, Google and Apple. The typical Twitch viewer spends almost two hours a day on the site, far more than on sites like Netflix or YouTube. That delights advertisers, as does Twitchs audience: mostly young men with plenty of disposable income.在7月,Twitch吸引了5500万访问者,而这些访问者累计共观看了150亿分钟的视频。这足以使其成为美国继网飞、谷歌、苹果之后最大的带宽消费者。典型的Twitch订阅者每天会在此网站上花费近2小时,远远超过他们在Netflix或YouTube上花费的时间。这使得广告商们很是高兴,同样高兴的还有Twitch的订阅者—他们大都是有着大量可配收入的年轻人。Amazons boss, Jeff Bezos, presumably thinks Twitchs breakneck growth will continue. He is paying nearly four times what he forked out for the Washington Post in 2013. But he will need to t carefully. Twitchs users like the sites free-and-easy feel.Some worry that absorption into the Amazonian mother ship may not be compatible with a laid-back atmosphere. But if Amazon starts making changes, there is little to stop streamers and viewers defecting to rival sites such as Hitbox.亚马逊的总裁Jeff Bezos大概认为Twitch的高速增长将会持续。他收购Twitch的花费是2013年收购华盛顿邮报花费的近4倍。但是他需要谨慎行事。Twitch的用户喜爱的是该网站自由与轻松的感觉。有些人担心, Twitch与亚马逊母舰兼并的过程可能不会太轻松。但是如果亚马逊开始对Twitch的做出改变,就没有什么能阻止Twitch的视频发布者和订阅者转向Hitbox等竞争对手网站。 /201409/324973 福清哪家医院看前列腺比较好江阴镇妇幼保健医院能用医保卡吗



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