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British children are among the highest users of tobacco, alcohol and drugs in Europe, but the current approach to teaching them about the dangers is not working. That's the view of the government's own advisors, who now say drugs and alcohol education has little if any impact on children's future behaviour. The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs believes a better approach will be to ban alcohol advertising on television, raise the smoking age to 18 and lower the drink-drive limit. Our social affairs correspondent Victoria Macdonald reports.Dirty Pretty Things, that's the name of the band signing the autographs at Carling Lager (a beer's brand), sponsors of the Reading and Leeds music festivals, but in today's report by the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, those cans of Lager would disappear as would all alcohol industry sponsorship for venues and events attracting young people. That's one of the proposals aimed at dealing with what the authors portray as a nation of binge drinking, cigarette puffing, drug taking, hedonistic youth.If you sum up the damages to their health and to, er, things like, you know, social cohesion, jumps of violence and, and so on. Ah, and if you look at the prospects for them in the future, when they're heavy drinkers, lifelong drinkers, when they are smoking, then the damage to society as a whole, caused by these drugs is immense and the time has come for us to really take overall stock and to do things to reverse this trend.The authors of today's report have divided it firstly into the problems. Of the nearly 7 million 16 to 24 -year-olds in the UK, nearly 30% drink more than twice the recommended daily alcohol limit at least once a week, almost a third are daily smokers and one million have used an illegal drug in the past month. The second part of the report is the solutions.Reduce the maximum legal blood alcohol level from 80 milligrams to 50 milligrams per milliliter, ban alcohol advertising on television and in most cinemas, raise the excise duty on alcohol, raise the legal age for buying cigarettes from 16 to 18, and do more to control the supply of illegal drugs.While the government is minded to change the rules on buying cigarettes, it rejects reducing the drink-drive limit.We aren't in favor of ah, of changing the rules on, on drink-drive at the moment, what matters is very tough enforcement and tough penalties, and by international standards we are very good at both of those in England. The report also stresses the importance of tobacco misuse and we're consulting at the moment on raising the legal age for tobacco sales from 16 to 18.Greg, we are gonna get some pills for the weekend, you're in?It's a decision time.The government's Frank anti-drugs ads. But the report says drug education programs on the whole had little if any impact on children's future drug use.Talk to Frank.Taking the lure off the alcohol industry from whika to wine, from ale to alcopops, the authors say the government is not doing enough to enforce the voluntary codes. The industry insists it can monitor itself.The 18 to 24 age group is a very important age group as far as drinks companies are concerned. You will have a lot of, ah, relatively heavy drinking going on within this age group, ah, but the alcohol, ah, rules actually prevent people even under the age of 25 being shown in advertising. Ah, as a sort of buffer to ensure that advertising doesn't appeal to under 18s.In Scotland, the smoking ban has been hailed as a success and Channel 4 News has learned that the Scottish Executive is now turning its sights to alcohol, looking at enforcing restrictions on such things as sales in the supermarkets, the report's authors hope, is that this trend would sp across the border.venueA place for large gatherings, as a sports stadium.会场大型集会的地点,如体育馆puffTo take puffs on smoking material:吸烟从吸烟类物品中吸或呼hedonistic快乐主义者的cohesionThe act, process, or condition of cohering 内聚性whikaa mixture of vodka and whiskyale淡色啤酒(较一般啤酒含更多的酒精)alcopopa term coined by the popular media to describe bottled alcoholic beverages that resemble drinks such as soft drinks and lemonadebufferSomething that lessens or absorbs the shock of an impact.缓冲器可以减轻或吸收冲击的震动的东西 200805/39452US Envoy Arrives in North Korea, Hoping to Break Stalemate美特使抵平壤期说北韩履行承诺 Washington's main envoy on the North Korean nuclear issue is in Pyongyang, aiming to convince leaders there not to reverse promises they made last year. If the talks fail, the stage could be set for the North to produce more material that can be used for nuclear weapons.美国北韩核问题特使抵达平壤,希望能够说北韩领导人不要违背他们去年所作的承诺。 如果会谈失败,北韩可能会生产更多用于制造核武器的材料。U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill made the short drive Wednesday from Seoul to South Korea's heavily armed border with North Korea, headed for a rare visit to Pyongyang.美国国务院助理国务卿希尔星期三从首尔驱车前往和北韩接壤的重兵把守的边境线,准备对平壤进行一次不同寻常的访问。Hill has been the point man in six-nation negotiations aimed at getting rid of North Korea's nuclear weapons capabilities. He says Pyongyang's recent moves to eject international inspectors and resume activity at its main nuclear reactor have dealt a serious blow to the process.希尔是北韩无核化六方会谈的关键人物。他说,平壤最近驱逐国际核查人员以及恢复其主要核反应堆的作法都对和谈进程造成了严重的打击。"What they've been doing obviously goes counter the spirit of what we've been trying to accomplish... so I would say we're in a very difficult, very tough phase of the negotiation," he said.希尔说:“他们的所作所为显然和我们努力要实现的目标背道而驰,因此我认为我们正处于非常艰难的谈判阶段。”Before leaving the South, Hill told reporters he wants to persuade North Korea to fulfill its promise to set up verification for the nuclear declaration it made earlier this year. American and South Korean officials say the North offered clear verbal assurances at Beijing talks, last year, it would agree to a verification system in line with usual international practices - such as surprise visits by international inspectors to nuclear sites.希尔离开首尔之前对媒体表示,他希望说北韩恪守承诺,为今年稍早公布的核清单建立核查机制。美国和韩国官员说,北韩去年在北京曾做出明确的口头承诺,将接受符合国际惯例的核查机制,其中包括国际核查人员对核设施的突然检查等。Hill says he understands the North is reluctant to follow through, but says the process cannot move forward without a verification agreement.希尔表示,他了解北韩不情愿接受核查,但是没有核查机制,去核过程就无法向前推进。"It's not to say that we're going to have anything verified. The verification will actually take place later on," he said. "But we need to know what the rules of the road are for verification."希尔说:“这并不是说我们就要检查所有的东西,其实核查还要稍后才会进行。但是我们需要知道核查的规则是什么。”In August, President Bush cited the North's delay on a verification agreement when he decided not to remove North Korea from a State Department list of nations suspected of sponsoring terrorism. North Korea has maintained the verification issue is separate from the American promise to remove it from the terror list. 今年8月,布什总统决定不将北韩从国务院列出的持恐怖主义国家的名单上除名,原因就是北韩拖延就核查机制达成协议。北韩则坚持说,核查问题跟美国将北韩从持恐怖主义国家名单上除名的承诺是两回事。South Korea's Yonhap news agency es an unnamed South Korean government source as saying there are signs of activity near the site of North Korea's 2006 underground nuclear test. The source in the report speculates North Korea may be trying to repair the site - possibly for a followup test - and says the South is monitoring the activity closely.韩国联合通讯社引述没有透露姓名的官方消息人士的话说,在接近北韩2006年地下核试验的地点,又出现了活动迹象,估计北韩可能在试图修复这个地方,有可能是为了继续进行核试验。这位消息人士说,韩国正在严密监视有关活动。200810/51428US Lawmakers Step Up Pressure on Iraq to Pay Some War Costs美议员起草法案要伊承担更多战费   A group of Democratic and Republican senators have begun drafting legislation that would require Iraq to fund more of the war costs that Americans are now paying. 一些民主党和共和党议员开始起草一项法案,要求伊拉克承担更多的现在由美国承担的战争费用。 Three members of the Senate Armed Services Committee told a news conference Thursday that Iraq should begin paying some of the costs of the war and reconstruction of the country.  参议院武装部队委员会的三名成员星期四召开记者会表示,伊拉克应当开始付伊拉克的战争跟重建的部分费用。They note that Iraq has a budget surplus as a result of the rising price of its oil exports, while the ed States is grappling with budget deficits and other economic problems. 他们指出,由于出口石油价格不断增长,伊拉克现在有预算盈余,而美国则在跟预算赤字和其他经济问题作斗争。"It is time now for Iraq to assume responsibility for its future with its own investments. Real investment in its own infrastructure and national security. The American public is growing weary of financing every aspect of Iraq's future, from combat operations to electricity grids and highways," said Senator Ben Nelson, a Nebraska Democrat. 来自内布拉斯加州的民主党参议院纳尔逊说:“现在是伊拉克通过投资为她自己的前途承担责任的时候了。伊拉克需要在自己的基础设施和国家安全方面进行真正的投资。美国公众已经厌倦了给伊拉克未来的每个方面提供资助,从作战运行到电力网到公路建设。”"The blank check written by the American taxpayers to the government of Iraq must stop," said Senator Evan Bayh, an Indiana Democrat. 来自印第安纳州的民主党参议员贝赫的言词则更为直截了当。他说:“美国纳税人开空白票给伊拉克政府的情况必须结束。”The senators are considering attaching the legislation to a war-funding bill expected to be debated by Congress in the coming weeks. The bill calls for more than 0 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. 这些参议员在考虑把这一议案附加在国会在未来几个星期将要辩论审议的一个战争费用的法案上。那个法案将要求国会提供一千多亿美元的资金用于伊拉克和阿富汗的战争。Senator Susan Collins, a Maine Republican, says she and the other senators are working with the Defense and State Departments to identify costs that could be paid by the Iraqis. "I do not believe that it is unfair in any way to ask the Iraqi people to begin shouldering more of the costs of rebuilding their own country." 来自缅因州的共和党参议员柯林斯说,她和其他参议员正在跟国防部和国务院协商,以便认定哪些费用可以由伊拉克方面承担。她说:“我不认为要求伊拉克人民开始承担更多的重建他们自己国家的费用是不公平的。”The lawmakers suggested the cost of some of the weapons, the training of Iraqi troops, and the salaries of security forces known as Sons of Iraq, could be among those paid by Iraqis, either directly or through loans. 这些参议员提出,某些武器的费用,以及训练伊拉克军队,还有伊拉克保安力量人员的工资可以由伊拉克方面直接或通过贷款来负担。At a Senate hearing Wednesday, White House Budget Director Jim Nussle said the Bush administration would be open to considering having Iraqis pay more of the war costs. 在星期三举行的一次参议院听会上,白宫预算办公室主任纳斯尔说,布什行政当局愿意考虑让伊拉克人承担更多的战争费用。200804/35759Welcome back to Tip Top Trading where everyone seems a bit flustered.欢迎回到Tip Top Trading,大家似乎都还处于慌乱之中。…and we really need the best biscuits there are.我们要准备好最好的饼干。Yes, and I’ve made sure there’s tea and coffee…是的,我确保提供茶和咖啡。…and the carpets? …have they been cleaned.地毯呢?收拾干净了吗?Don’t panic Paul, all taken care of.别紧张,保罗,都处理好了。You see, the big boss from America, Mr Socrates, is in town and everything must be just right.你看,美国来的大老板苏格拉底先生到镇上来了,一切都要准备好。What’s he like Anna?安娜,他怎么样?Well, so far he seems OK.到目前为止,他看起来还行。A bit bossy, quite short and… a bit smelly!有点爱发号施令,很矮,身上有点味道!Well, he did just fly in from the States.他刚从美国飞来。But you booked him into a good hotel so hopefully he’s had a chance to clean up.但你给他订了好酒店,希望他有机会收拾一下自己。I hope so! Oh, I had better get that.希望如此!我得接电话了。Hello? Ah hello Mr Socrates, did you sleep well?你好?你好,苏格拉底先生,谁得好吗?Oh! I see… I see… erm… well… oh, I don’t know…我明白了,我明白了,我不知道……Tom said it was five star… well… OK… goodb Oh, he’s hung up.汤姆说是五星级,好的,再见,他挂了。Everything OK Anna?安娜,一切都好吗?You look a bit pale.你脸色有点苍白。It was Mr Socrates. He’s not happy.是苏格拉底先生,他不高兴。 /201702/491112

Here’s a reminder of the phrases she used: Would you mind not doing that please?下面再来看一下她都用了哪些话:你可不可以不要那样做?I’m afraid it’s against company policy.恐怕那样有违公司规定。I’m afraid it’s not permitted.那样做恐怕是不允许的。Sorry to have to ask you this but…很抱歉让你这样做,但是……Anna, there you are…. (sniffing) Have you been smoking? No!安娜,你在这儿啊……你是不是吸过烟? 没有。You smell of cigarette smoke.你身上有香烟的味道。Look, I know you’re under pressure – but smoking in the building is not permitted. Bbbut…我知道你最近压力比较大,但是公司规定不允许在室内吸烟。 但……We take this very seriously. You had better step in to my office and we’ll talk about this.这件事我们要严肃对待。你最好来我办公室一趟,我们聊聊。Oh dear! Anna’s in trouble for no reason.天啊!安娜被冤枉了。Let’s hope she explains the mix-up, but that means telling Paul about Mr Ingle smoking.希望她能解释好这一切,但这就意味着要告诉保罗关于英格尔先生吸烟的事。This is going to be difficult.这可就不好办了。Until next time, bye!我们下次再见,再见。 /201702/490904

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