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Alex spent £675 on a washing machine and a fridge-freezer from Littlewoods, opting to “buy now pay later”. At the time his income was sufficient to make the repayments before the end of the interest-free period, but when he was suddenly made redundant he couldn’t afford to repay the debt in time, and then an interest rate of 39% kicked in.亚力克斯在小森林(Littlewoods)网站采用“先买后付”的方式,花了675英镑,购买了一台洗衣机和一台双门冰箱。当时他的收入足以在免息结束时限之内还清所欠债务,但是当他突然被裁员之后,他无法及时偿清债务,然后就开始要承担39%的高额利息。“Suddenly the payments went up from about £130 to £250 a month and I didn’t have the cash,” he says. “Buy now pay later seemed the easy option, but looking back I should have just saved up the money for a couple of months. It was naivety on my part.”他说“他每月的还款额突然从130上升到了250英镑,而且我没有现金。但是现在后付似乎是一种很简单的选择,但是回首以前,我应该花几个月时间来攒钱。就我个人而言,我还是太天真了!”Consumer credit sees fastest growth in 10 years消费信贷在10年间增长速度最快Alex sought advice from debt charity StepChange, and with its help reached an agreement with Littlewoods. In total he repaid £1,130, nearly twice the amount he borrowed. “I will never have a catalogue debt again,” he says, “If I want something I’ll save up for it.”亚力克斯从信贷慈善机构步骤转变(StepChange)寻求建议,在这一机构的帮助下,他与小森林达成了协议。他最终总共付了1130英镑,这是他当时借款额的两倍。他说“我再也不会积攒一大笔贷款了。如果我想要什么东西,我会攒够钱再购买。”Alex’s difficulties were compounded by the fact that interest rates on goods bought from catalogues tend to be higher than those on mainstream credit. At this time of year it can be tempting to use these firms to buy Christmas gifts, but finance experts warn that if you’re not going to pay off your borrowing quickly, you could end up paying a high price.购买商品的利息率比那些主流的信用贷款利息率要高很多,这一事实让亚力克斯的困境变得更加糟糕。在今年的这个时候,利用这些公司去购买圣诞礼物是很诱人的选择,但是金融专家警示称,如果你不打算进款付完贷款,你可能最终会需要付更高的价格。Traditional catalogues such as Freemans and Littlewoods have been around for decades. They allowed customers to shop at home and sp the cost with a range of payment options. The rise of the internet means these brands now operate online, and have been joined by a host of catalogue-style firms selling clothes, gadgets, gifts and furniture.传统的商品购物网站比如自由人(Freemans)和小森林(Littlewoods)已经有几十年的历史。它们允许消费者在家购物,而且可以通过多种付方法来付款。网购趋势的逐渐上升,意味着这些品牌现在开始在网上操作交易,而且还吸引了许多商品类公司的加入,从卖衣,小玩意,礼物到卖家具,商品琳琅满目。 /201703/498778襄阳第四人民医院前列腺炎多少钱襄城区人民医院泌尿科咨询Mom Arrested After Cops Find 4 Tigers, Cougar, Fox and Skunk Roaming Free in Her Home孩子妈因家养猛兽被抓A Texas woman was arrested after police discovered four tigers, a cougar, a fox and a skunk freely roaming around her home, where she was living with her 14-year-old daughter.有个德州女子因家养4只老虎、1只美洲狮、1只狐狸和1只臭鼬被警察带走。这些猛兽整天自由在她家游荡,可她家里还有个14岁的女儿。Trisha Meyer was taken into custody Monday after Houston police said several wild animals were discovered in her home after an investigation lasting several weeks.经过数周调查,休斯顿警察发现她家确有数只猛兽,于是在周一把这位叫Trisha Meyer的女子收监。According to a document from the Harris County District Attorney, an adult male tiger, three tiger cubs, a fox, a cougar and a skunk were loose in the home at the time of her arrest. There were also several monkeys in the home, ;which [the] defendant stated can be vicious, and one in particular has attacked other people,; it stated.据哈里斯县检察长提供的文件记录:抓捕她时,看到1只成年老虎,3只幼虎,1只美洲狮和1只臭鼬在屋里跑来跑去。在她家还发现几只猴子。“被告自己承认这些动物很危险,其中有只曾攻击过他人,”文件中陈述。Meyer#39;s teenage daughter, who is homeschooled, was ;petting and making physical contact with the tigers,; the report continued.Meyer未成年的女儿在家上学,据报道称,她平时就在家“养养老虎,跟老虎玩耍”。Meyer admitted the tigers were dangerous and could kill, but she locks up the tigers when she leaves the home, according to the report.Meyer说她承认老虎非常危险,也能置人于死地,但她出门的时候一般都把老虎锁起来。According to officials, Meyer had permits for the tigers, but none for the fox or skunk, which were confiscated by Texas Game Warden and released into the wild.官方人员表示,Meyer虽然对老虎有限制,但对其他动物却没有。不过狐狸和臭鼬现在已经被德州狩猎监管人员没收并放归山林。;I assume since they were released, they were in decent shape,; Texas Game Warden spokesman Steve Lightfoot told InsideEdition.com.德州狩猎监管部门发言人Steve Lightfoot告诉InsideEdition,“由于这些动物都在她家散养,所以都还长得挺好。”The rest of the animals, including the tigers, were also eventually confiscated by another agency.其他动物,包括老虎,也陆续被其他部门没收。The investigation began in September, when cops said she tried selling a kitten to a man in California for ,000. After she received the cash, she reportedly never handed over the kitten.对她的调查始于9月。警方说,她当时本来要卖一只3000美元的猫给一加州男人。但她收到现金后,却一直没把猫给人家,这成功吸引了警方注意。She was kicked out of her Houston home after cops contacted her landlord about her exotic animals.警方告诉房东她饲养猛兽的事情后,房东把她赶了出来。Officials said she fled to Las Vegas with her animals, and then to Pahrump in Nye County where cops finally tracked her down.相关官员说,她带着自己的动物们逃到了。最后,警方终于在奈伊县的帕伦普找到了她。She is currently facing charges of endangering a child, with bail set at ,000.现在,她以“危害孩子”的罪名被指控,需要1万美元保释金才能出来。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201611/478501Imagine a society without fathers; without marriage (or divorce); one in which nuclear families don’t exist. Grandmother sits at the head of the table; her sons and daughters live with her along with the children of those daughters following the maternal bloodline. Men are little more than studs sperm donors who inseminate women but have more often than not little involvement in their children’s upbringing.设想一个没有父亲的社会。不结婚(不离婚),家里的不存在核心成员(父亲)的社会。奶奶的家庭地位是最重要,她的儿女们与女儿的孩子们,按照母系血缘与她生活在一起。男人们更像是负责令女人怀的种马,很少参与抚养孩子。This progressive feminist world – or anachronistic matriarchy as skewed as any patriarchal society depending on your viewpoint – exists in a lush valley in Yunnan south-west China in the far eastern foothills of the Himalayas. An ancient tribal community of Tibetan Buddhists called the Mosuo they live in a surprisingly modern way: women are treated as equal if not superior to men; both have as many or as few sexual partners as they like free from judgment; and extended families bring up the children and care for the elderly.这个女权主义世界--或者你可以认为,这是与父系社会一样过时的母系社会。处于中国西南部云南省,位于喜马拉雅山脉的东部的一个山谷中。源于藏传佛教徒名为梭的古老部落,她们有着惊人的现代生活方式,女人被视为与男人平等的,男女双方都拥有的或多或少的性伴侣,他们依照自己的喜好做决定。增加家庭成员,抚养孩子并赡养老人。But is it as utopian as it seems? And how much longer can it survive?这像不像一个乌托邦?这种生活方式,还能持续多久呢?(走婚的梭族人)Choo Waihong set about finding out. A successful corporate lawyer from Singapore she left her job in 2006 to travel. Having trained and worked in Canada the US and London she felt drawn to visit China the country of her ancestors. After ing about the Mosuo she decided to take a trip to their picturesque community – a series of villages dotted around a mountain and Lugu Lake – as many tourists do. But something beyond the views and clean air grabbed her.朱伟鸿(音译)开始着手寻找这些问题的。她是新加坡一位成功的公司律师,于2006年辞职后开始旅行。在加拿大、美国、伦敦培训和工作过后,她产生了游览中国的兴趣——那个她祖先的国度。在读到有关梭的资料后,她决定去拜访那个散落在大山中如画般的社区,并像许多外国游客一样游览泸沽湖。但一些美好景色和清新空气之外的东西深深吸引了她。“I grew up in a world where men are the bosses” she says. “My father and I fought a lot – he was the quintessential male in an extremely patriarchal Chinese community in Singapore. And I never really belonged at work; the rules were geared towards men and intuitively understood by them but not me. I’ve been a feminist all my life and the Mosuo seemed to place the female at the centre of their society. It was inspiring.”“我成长于一个男性主导的世界”,她说,“父亲和我经常吵架,他是极重父权的新加坡华人社区里的一个典型男性。我在工作中从来没有归属感,所有规则都面向男性,且能被他们男性的思维直观理解,而非像我这样的女性。我一直是一个女权主义者,梭似乎将女性置于他们社会的中心。这很让人振奋。” /201704/503101襄阳市第一人民医院阴道

襄阳市东风人民医院能检查怀孕吗谷城县妇幼保健中医院男科咨询Men who behave like promiscuous playboys or feel powerful over women are more likely to have mental health problems than men with less sexist attitudes, according to a study released on Monday.11月21日公布的一项研究显示,越是持性别歧视,男性就越容易出现心理健康问题,比如滥交的,或那些认为自己高女性一等的男性。The analysis found links between sexist behavior and mental health issues such as depression and substance abuse, said the study which appeared in the Journal of Counseling Psychology, published by the American Psychological Association. 美国心理协会发表在《咨询心理学杂志》上的研究发现,性别歧视行为和抑郁、药物滥用等心理健康问题存在联系。;Some of these sexist masculine norms, like being a playboy and power over women, aren#39;t just a social injustice but they are also potentially bad for your mental health,; said Joel Wong, an associate professor of counseling psychology at Indiana University Bloomington and lead author of the study. 这项研究的第一作者乔尔#8226;黄是印第安纳大学伯明顿主校区咨询心理学副教授。他说:“寻欢作乐、掌控女性这样典型的男性至上行为不仅仅是社会不公平的问题,也很有可能对心理健康有害。”Its release comes on the heels of the election to the US presidency of Donald Trump, whose comments about women that emerged during the election campaign were condemned by many as sexist and misogynist. 在今年的美国总统竞选活动中,很多人谴责美国当选总统特朗普性别歧视、厌恶女性。这份研究便是在美国大选刚收官后发表的。The research synthesized results of more than 70 US-based studies involving more than 19,000 men over 11 years. 这项研究综合了70多项在美国进行调查的结果,调查对象涉及到11年来的19000名男性。This involved looking at 11 norms generally considered by experts to reflect society#39;s expectations of traditional masculinity including a desire to win, risk-taking and pursuit of status, Wong said. 黄表示,研究着眼于获得专家普遍认可、具备社会传统男子气概的11种行为,包括对胜利的渴望、对冒险的热爱,还有对身份地位的追求。The traits, or norms, most closely linked to mental health problems were playboy behavior, or sexual promiscuity, power over women and self-reliance, he said. 与心理健康问题联系最紧密的表现则为“”的行为,或性关系混乱、控制女性和自恃。;Men who have trouble asking for directions when they#39;re lost, that#39;s a classic example of self-reliance,; Wong said. 黄说:“有些男性迷路后不愿问路,这就是过于依靠自我的典型表现。”Also, men who exhibited those attitudes were also less likely to seek mental health treatment, the study said. 研究还发现,有这些行为表现的男性也基本不会寻求心理健康治疗。;Primacy of work was not significantly associated with any of the mental health-related outcomes,; said Wong in a statement. 黄声称:“‘工作至上’与心理健康问题之间并不存在明显的联系。”;Perhaps this is a reflection of the complexity of work and its implications for well-being. “也许‘工作至上’只是工作复杂性和其对幸福的含义的一种反映。;An excessive focus on work can be harmful to one#39;s health and interpersonal relationships, but work is also a source of meaning for many individuals.; “将过分的精力放在工作上对健康和人际关系都有危害,但对很多人来说,工作也是人生的意义所在。” /201612/481146枣阳市人民医院痛经多少钱襄州医院 治疗膀胱炎怎么样

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