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听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Theres a face off between Governor Rick Snyder and Republican leaders over an issue thats not even at the top of anyones to-do list.The state Legislature is working away on the state budget and Republicans have been cutting Snyders budget proposal. Theyre squirreling away money but they havent decided what to do with it yet.The top contender right now is teacher retirement benefits.;This is now my top priority and it is now the Senate majority leaders top priority,; Speaker of the House Tom Leonard told reporters in Lansing. Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof said, ;we think theres an opportunity to solve one of the nagging problems of growing debt for the state and this may be one of those opportunities.;So, the two Republican leaders agree. But the question is: why this issue of teacher retirement benefits?And, why now?Voters certainly arent clamoring for it. Sure, theres a segment of the GOP base that doesnt mind taking a swipe at teachers unions. But this issue of overhauling teacher retirement really just appeals to a business-minded subset of the Republican donor class. They figure their businesses have converted to 401ks, so the state should do the same. But even that group isnt shouting, ‘do it now.And agreement that this is a problem that needs to be fixed is not universal. Our CPA governor certainly isnt on board. Snyder aly engineered an overhaul of the teacher retirement system and a plan to pay down the debt over 30 years. This plan is Snyders CPA masterpiece on a spsheet.And we dont know yet how many Republican lawmakers are on board.Some of them are certainly eyeballing the money thats squirrelled away - more than a quarter of a billion dollars - and thinking theyd like a better story to go home and tell their constituents than tinkering with teacher pensions. Like, possibly, money for roads and infrastructure. Or some form of a tax cut or rebate.So, the question again: why are Speaker Leonard and Majority Leader Meekhof pushing this now?Well, first: its convenient. It may not be anyones top priority but, its on an eventual to-do list for many Republicans.And second, Leonard needs a win to show his leadership skills after his idea to roll back the state income tax crashed and burned in the first big House vote of the session earlier this year.So, its basically timing.But this isnt across the finish line. This is still just at the idea stage.Meekhof and Leonard not only have to sell the governor on their idea. They also have to convince their Republican caucuses this is the best use of their political pot of gold.201705/507962福建一院门诊正规吗南安市去疤痕多少钱Subject: We sell everything from soup to nuts. 第一,迷你对话A: We sell everything from soup to nuts.我们商店出售的商品一味俱全。B: That’s great.那太好了。 第二,地道表达 from soup to nuts 1. 解词释义Soup指“喝的汤”,nut指“干果”。 From soup to nuts字面意思是“从汤到干果,什么都有”,比喻为“从头至尾地,一味俱全地”。它是一个副词性短语,相当于“from beginning to the end,throughout”。表示什么东西都有买,我们可以用对话中的sell everything from soup to nuts. 大概一百多年前,美国人每顿饭吃的东西的种类很多。到一家高级的酒店吃一顿饭,先是喝汤,在正餐前还吃点先,然后是鱼、鸡等肉做的菜,还有蔬菜,糕饼,最后是奶酪,水果和干果。 2. 例句拓展e.g. They supply the fisherman with everything from soup to nuts.他们为者提供全套器具,样样齐全。 e.g. You can get anything you want in that big new department store since they sell everything from soup to nuts.由于那家新开的百货公司出售的东西包罗万象,因此,你能买到自己想要的东西。 e.g. She told us everything about the trip, from soup to nuts.她把旅行的所有事情从头至尾讲诉给我们听。 e.g. I the book three times from soup to nuts.这本书我从头到尾读了三遍。 /201503/364197迷你对话:A:Im really nervous about the interview.要去面试了,我真的好紧张。B:Take it easy. Weve made enough preparations.放松点。我们已经做好了充分的准备。A:I am in such need of the job that I cannot afford mistakes.我们十分需要这份工作,因为我不能犯任何错误。B:Let’sbrush it upagain.那让我们再来复习一遍吧。A: Thanks a lot.谢谢。地道表达:brush up:复习,温习解词释义:brush是动词,意思是“把......刷干净”。Brush up本义是“打扮整洁”,引申为“重新学习过去的技能”,即“温习,复习”。持范例:Eg If youre going to Mexico, you should brush up on your Spanish. 如果你要去墨西哥,你应该复习你的西班牙文。 Eg. I shall have to brush up my mathematics before I take on that job. 我接那项工作以前得复习一下数学。 Eg. I advise you to make the best use of your time to brush up on your lessons before examination.我劝你在考试前抓紧时间温习功课。 Eg. Your ideas are good, but you need to brush up on your tact. 你的想法很好,但你得先锻炼一下做事的方法。 词海拾贝:1.be nervous about:因......而感到紧张Eg. I wonder if you arent just a little nervous about the interview. 我想知道你对这次面试是否很紧张。 Eg. She is nervous about going on a blind date. 她对由他人安排的约会感到紧张。Eg. Dont be nervous about me. Ill worry along somehow. 不要为我担心,我将设法熬过去。Eg. After we took the baby home, I was nervous about doing something wrong. 我们把小宝贝带回家后,我很怕做错事情。2. made enough preparations:做好充分准备Eg. Weve got to made preparations for the exam 我们要为考试做些准备 Eg. Have you made preparations for the coming festival? 佳节即将来临,你们做好准备了吗? Eg. She made elaborate preparations for the party, but no one showed up. 她为了聚会费心准备,但是一个人也没来。 Eg. We just cant possibly fail completely, after all the preparations weve made. 我们有准备, 决不会一败涂地。 3.take it easy:放轻松Eg. He was going to take it easy when he got back. 他回去以后,要过轻松的日子。Eg. All a man got to do is to take it easy and hell enjoy himself. 做人只要把心放开些,就能过得快活。Eg. Don t worry about the matter, take it easy. 别担心那件事,轻松一点。Eg. When the teacher found some of his students get nervous at the examination, he told them to take it easy. 老师发现一些学生考虑时焦急不安,就叫他们不要紧张。4.in need of :需要Eg. Nows the time when we are in need of personnel.现在正是用人的时候。 Eg. Perhaps they are in need of our help.他们恐怕需要我们的帮助。Eg. The houses are in need of repair. 这些房子需要修理。 Eg. He is seriously in need of medical attention. 他急需医疗照顾。5.cannot afford mistakes:不能处错误 /201208/194683泉州生物除皱的价格

泉州地区医学高等专科学校附属人民医院耳部整形德化县中心医院电话挂号It was reported today that Edward Snowden may return to the united states.今天 据报道 爱德华·斯洛登可能回到美国He is going to carpool with Julian Assange and Roman Polansi.他会跟朱利安·阿桑奇和罗曼·波兰斯基一起回来Not that funny but had to be said.不怎么好玩 不过还是该说Two california teachers,Two california teachers have been charged with having sex with students and giving them cocaine.两名加州老师被控与学生发生性关系 还给他们可卡因On the pluse side,the students involved had perfect attendance.好处是 当事的学生出勤率百分百Billy,you dont have to go to school today.I want go to school.比利 你今天不用去学校 我想上学啊A new study reveals that only 2 percent of men have a penis size that is considered abnormall small.2 percent,yeah.一项新调查显示 只有百分之二的男人 有被认为小得不正常的老二 百分之二So ladies,if a guy tell you he is in the top 2 percent,ask him to elaborate.所以女士们 如果有个男人说 他是百分之二的顶尖人士 一定让他说明白了No reason to act that one out I guess.No.But I did.I enjoy it.I think you enjoyed it.完全没必要表现出来 是啊 但我还是做了 我喜欢 我觉得你们也喜欢的I wanted to mention something that is happening on the show that is quite special.我想提件事 我们节目的事 很特别Tomorrow night,we will be broadcasting a special program ;Conan in cuba;,okay.明晚 我们将播出一期特别节目 《柯南在古巴》Long story short,when I heard the US might try to re-establish ties with cuba,长话短说 当我听说美国可能会与古巴重新建交后I decided to sneak into the country with a camera crew.我决定带摄制组溜入该国家We will air the results of my cuba trip tomorrow night.An entire show.明晚 我们将把古巴之旅的见闻播出 是一整期的节目I spent four days there in havana.Had a lot of adventures.Here is just a little taste of some of the fun.我在哈瓦待了四天 经历了很多历险 下面是精花絮201703/495701泉州医科大学第二医院在哪个区泉州欧菲整形美容医院激光去黄褐斑多少钱

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