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We#39;ve all been on first dates where some surprising snippet of personal information is dropped into the conversation in a way that is as jarring an earring falling into your soup. And we#39;ve all done it. The following is a list of topics that are best to avoid on a first date:我们都有过第一次约会时一些个人信息的惊讶片段进入了谈话中,就像耳环掉进汤里那般不和谐。我们都有过。下面是一张首次约会时最好能避免的主题清单:1. The ex. It#39;s best not to vomit up what went wrong in your last relationship. If you do, your date will be sure to pick up any information about how you might behave in a relationship with him or her. So zip it. Never share the details, particularly the gory ones, until you know each other a whole lot better.1.前度。最好不要抱怨你的上段恋情出了什么问题。如果你这样做,你的约会一定会涉及到在与他(她)的关系中你可能会如何表现的一些信息。所以闭嘴。绝不分享细节,特别是暴力的,除非你们很好地了解对方了。2. Your finances. There#39;s a lot of talk right now about people being financially strapped -- there#39;s even a new sitcom about a divorced woman living with her parents. But it#39;s not sexy, okay? Again, let#39;s hope that you are so stunning in other ways that your date doesn#39;t give a damn. But don#39;t count on it. It#39;s best to t softly when you reveal financial woes.2.你的财务状况。现在有很多谈话关于人们财政拮据,甚至还有一个离婚女人与父母一起生活的新状况。但这不是性感,好吗?再一次,让我们希望你在其他方面是如此的魅力四射,以至于你的约会对象并不在乎。但不要指望。当你揭示金融困境时最好谨慎行事。3. Beloved pets. Nothing is more unappealing than listening to a new date express undying love for their pet. Keep the iPhone photos to yourself. And don#39;t say you can#39;t ever have a sleepover because your cat or dog can#39;t be left alone. As for deceased pets you had in childhood, let them rest in peace.3.心爱的宠物。没有什么比听新的约会对象表达对宠物永恒的爱更缺乏吸引力。iPhone照片留给你自己。不要说你不能在外过夜,因为你的猫或不能被单独扔下。至于你童年时去世的宠物,让它们安息吧。4. Physical ailments. This is especially important for hypochondriacs. Trust me -- only your doctor is interested in a history of your ailments and injuries. And if you have any suspicious rashes, particularly on hidden parts of your body, don#39;t tell your date, okay?4.身体疾病。这对疑病症患者是尤其重要的。相信我,只有你的医生对你的病历感兴趣。如果你有任何可疑的皮疹,特别是在你身体隐藏的部分,不要告诉你的约会对象,好吗?5. Special diets. If you subscribe to a restricted eating lifestyle, don#39;t discuss it at length. Vegans should go easy, particularly if their date is happily cutting into a big juicy steak. Eccentric eating preferences should also be handled carefully. I once had a date with someone who revealed they only ate white food. I still can#39;t articulate why, but this was an immediate total turnoff.5.特殊饮食。如果你在坚持一种受限制的饮食生活方式,不要深度讨论它。纯素食者应该宽容,尤其是如果他们的约会对象正愉快地切着一大块多汁牛排时。古怪的饮食偏好也应该谨慎处理。我曾经和某人约会,他透露他们只吃白色食物。我仍然无法说清楚为什么,但这是分道扬镳的直接原因。6. Your brilliant children. All of us are crazy about our kids. We think they#39;re incredibly talented and adore their quirky behavior, but a total stranger has absolutely no need to know the details. Of course, do reveal you have kids. Mention their ages. Then move on.6.你才华横溢的孩子。我们所有人都喜欢自己的孩子。我们认为他们是难以置信的天才,并崇拜他们的古怪行为,但一个陌生人完全没有必要知道细节。当然,确实要申明你有孩子。提到他们的年龄。然后生活继续。7. You don#39;t like sex. You may get lucky and be dating someone who feels exactly the way you do. But it#39;s not likely, okay? So save this tidbit for later.7.你不喜欢性。你可能会很幸运,正与一个与你有相同感觉的人在约会。但这是不可能的,好吗?所以稍后这小消息就省省吧。8. How miserable and lonely you are. Chances are your date is equally miserable and lonely, but it#39;s still a big turnoff and should be kept for your therapist. For your date, put on your best face and keep it in the light zone. And who knows? Maybe a sliver of magic will pass between you.8.你是多么痛苦孤独。恰巧你的约会对象同样得痛苦和孤独,但它仍然是一个大的分手诱因,这只需告诉你的治疗师。为你的约会对象展现最美的容颜,并保持积极。谁知道呢?也许一道魔力将在你们之间产生。 /201305/238215。

  • The most splendid achievement of all is the constant striving to surpass yourself and to be worthy of your own approval. This is how happiness blooms.人生最大的成就是不断的超越自己,并无愧于自己的内心。这是幸福的源泉。So don’t wait for someone to bring you roses; plant your own garden and decorate your own soul with ideas and passions that bring you joy. You do not exist to impress the world; you exist to live your life in a way that makes you and your loved ones smile.因此,不要等待别人的玫瑰;自己种植满园芬芳,并用能带给你快乐的思想和热情来丰富自己的灵魂。你的存在不是为了让世界铭记你,而是用自己的方式让自己和你爱的人微笑。Stay true to your path, stay positive, and someday you will catch yourself smiling about…忠于自己的内心,保持积极乐观的心态,有一天你会发现这些能让你会心微笑……1. Memories of working on a life passion.1. 拥有工作的回忆Passion is the key, and it’s worth making sacrifices for. It’s the secret ingredient that has kept me going through some of the most painful times of my life. Because at some point, especially when the going gets tough, you have to wonder what you’re doing and why.对于工作,很关键,而且它也值得我们做出牺牲。这是我度过人生最艰难的时光的秘诀。因为在某些时候,特别是遇到困难的时候,你必须得知道你在做什么,为什么要这么做。What distinguishes many of us who are actively pursuing our dreams from those of us on the couch is that some of us have learned the hard way – perhaps through a severe loss – that life is short, and that we must capitalize on the opportunities each day gives us, on the raw potential our minds and bodies are capable of, and on every ounce of willpower we can muster to make our journeys worthwhile.那些积极追求梦想的人和那些安逸的躺在沙发上的人之间的巨大区别就是是否体验过人生的艰辛——也许是重大的挫折——生命是短暂的,我们必须激发大脑和身体中潜藏的能力,鼓起每一分意志力,抓住人生的每一个机遇,让我们不虚此生。2. The little moments.2. 那些琐碎的时光True wealth is the ability to experience each moment of life to the fullest. Enjoy the little things, because one day you may look back and discover they were the big things.欣赏那些细微的事物,因为有一天当你回首往事时,会发现也许那些都很重要。能够尽情的享受人生的每一刻才是真正的财富。The subtle things are often the most powerful, but sometimes we get so busy that we don’t pay attention to them. So my challenge to you is this: Open your eyes. Wake up. Be attentive. Acknowledge each wonderful gift you have. See today as another day to enjoy the sights, sounds, smells, and sensations life has to offer.微妙的东西往往具有最强大的力量,但有时候我们会因为忙碌而忽视它们。所以我对你们的要求是:睁开你的双眼,打起精神,看看周围的一切。感谢生命中一切美好的东西。把每天都当成重要的时刻,来享受美景,声音,气味和生命中的每一分感动。3. The happiness you helped create.3. 创造幸福Attitudes are catchy. Whether they’re positive or negative, they’re rubbing off on you and those around you.态度很重要。积极或消极的态度都会影响你和你周围的人。So be positive. Let your intentions bleed with goodness – embodied in positive thoughts, cheerful words, and unselfish deeds – and the world will be to you a bright and happy place in which to work, play, and serve the greater good.所以要保持积极向上的心态。让心中充满爱——这体现在积极的状态,鼓舞人心的话语和无私的行为——这样,无论你身在何方,世界对于你来说都是一个充满希望和欢乐的地方,也能让更多的人都沐浴在爱之中。4. Relationships that weathered the storms with you.4. 那些和你共度难关的人No relationship is all sunshine, but two people can share one umbrella and survive the storm together.没有一帆风顺的友谊,但两个人可以相互帮助,共度难关。In fact, the best relationships are not always the best because they have been consistently the happiest; sometimes they are that way because they have survived and strengthened through unhappy times.事实上,再好的朋友也会有矛盾,因为他们有过最幸福的时光;有时候他们争执,是因为他们挺过了艰难的时刻,并因此变得更加坚强。5. Feeling beautiful on the inside.5. 内心的美好感觉As you get older, what you look like on the outside becomes less and less of an issue, and who you are on the inside becomes the primary point of interest. You eventually realize that beauty has almost nothing to do with looks; it’s who you are as a person, how you make others feel about themselves, and most importantly, how you feel about yourself.随着年龄的增长,你会渐渐觉得外表不再那么重要,重要的是你的内在。你最终会意识到美丽与外表无关;作为一个人,你是谁,你让别人感觉如何才是重要的,而最重要的是你自己的感觉。6. Knowing that you did your best.6. 知道自己已经尽力了Don’t be afraid of death; be afraid of a life unlived. You don’t have to live forever; you just have to live right now while you have a chance. Keep in mind that life doesn’t always give you second chances, so when an opportunity arises, take it.不要惧怕死亡,行尸走肉的一生才是最可怕的。你并不需要长生不老;你最需要的是活在当下。记住,人生没有排,所以当机遇降临时,一定要抓住它。And never give up on a dream just because of the time that’s required to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway. Do what you need to do so that, at the very least, you can look back on your life someday and say, “I gave it my best shot.”永远也不要因为梦想需要太久才能实现而放弃。时间总会消逝。做你需要做的一切,这样最起码,当你有一天回首往事时,你可以问心无愧:“我已经尽力了。”7. The peace in your heart.7. 内心的平静Life is short. So focus on what matters to YOU and let go of what does not.生命是短暂的。所以要把精力集中在那些对你来说重要的东西上面。Remember, it is the strength of your conviction that determines your level of success, not the number of people who agree with every little thing you do. In the end, you will know that you’ve made the right decisions and followed the proper path when there is peace in your heart.记住,决定你成功程度的是信念的力量,而不是有多少人赞成你做的那些微不足道的小事。你最终会明白,内心的平静会指引你做出正确的决定,并选择适当的人生之路。 /201301/218053。
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