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2010年2月23日,外交部发言人秦刚举行例行记者会,要求美国改善目前紧张的中美关系。 China urges U.S.to work for improvement of relationsChina has again called on the ed States to improve strained relations between the two countries. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang, reiterated the request in response to questions on Sino-U.S relations, at a regular press briefing on Tuesday.Qin, said it's in the fundamental interests of both countries, and conducive to world peace and development. China wants the U.S. to abide by principles laid out in the three China-U.S. joint communiques, and the joint statement of the two countries. Qin said Washington should respect China's core interests and major concerns, cautiously and properly handle related sensitive issues, and create conditions conducive to rebuilding the relationship. Sino-U.S. relations have been damaged by recent events including the arms sales to Taiwan, and U.S. President Barack Obama's meeting with the Dalai Lama. Article/201002/97187。

How To Make Public Displays Of Affection如何在公共场所亲热VideoJug has taken it upon itself to show you how to make public displays of affection. Learn how to be appropriately affectionate to your partner, without disgusting those around you, the VideoJug way.本期的Videojug教你如何在公共场所亲热而不引起路人的反感。Step 1: Location, location, location(地点,地点,还是地点)There are some places you really shouldn't share your uncontrollable passion, they include:Areas where other people can't get away, such as an aeroplane.The office. Public areas are not for private activites- especially if you're sitting at someone else's desk. A night out with other friends. Yes they're happy for you, but some things you just shouldn't share. The cinema. A bit of snogging is generally acceptable, but try and keep it to the back row.Art galleries and libraries are places of learning, not loving. Get a room!Step 2: Body talk(身体语言)As a general rule of thumb, any expression of feeling where you're not both upright is unacceptable. However innocent what you're doing may be, doing it together, intimately, and horizontally will get the backs up of those around you.When touching each other, think sweet and innocent; and avoid doing anything that you wouldn't want your mother to see.. Holding hands, hugging or bum grabbing are fine, anything else probably isn't.WARNING Putting hands in the back pocket of each other jeans is one of the most sickly things you can do in public, and it should be banned on taste grounds.Step 3: Kissing(接吻)Of course you can kiss your partner in public. Playing five sets of tonsil tennis, however, may put others off their food. Yes, your new love is as exquisite and delicate as a rosebud, but you may be sitting next to some poor sod who's just been dumped. Be together, but not TOGETHER and try not to get in other peoples' way. Article/201107/145008。

摄影师布赖恩 凯斯拍摄波浪以下和波浪以上的生命--如他所说,海洋的恐惧和魔力。通过分享令人惊叹的鲜为人知的海底生物的照片,他展示了有冲击力的照片如何能帮助我们作出改变。 分集介绍:摄影师布赖恩 凯斯拍摄波浪以下和波浪以上的生命--如他所说,海洋的恐惧和魔力。通过分享令人惊叹的鲜为人知的海底生物的照片,他展示了有冲击力的照片如何能帮助我们作出改变。 Article/201212/212786。

受强降雪影响,北京、天津、河北、山西、内蒙古、山东等6个省(市、区)共计30条高速、3条国道、3条省道的局部路段因路面积雪封闭交通。Heavy snowstorms hit Northern ChinaHeavy snowstorms hit most of Northern China beginning early Sunday morning. Beijing and Tianjin were particularly affected. Meteorologists say that, in the next few days, Eastern and Southern China will also experience sharp cold spells.In Beijing, snow accumulation reached more than 10 centimeters on Sunday. The second wave of New Year flurries turned out to be much heavier than Saturday's brisk dusting.The city's Metrological Bureau has upgraded its snowstorm alert from blue to yellow. Transportation authorities organized nearly 1,000 workers, and hundreds of snow-clearing vehicles, all laboring for more than 12 hours to ensure smooth traffic flow on the national capital's main roads.Forecasters say that, after the snowstorms, strong winds will blow temperatures in the city down to minus-16-degrees Celsius, hitting a record low mark not seen since the 1980s.The nearby city of Tianjin has also been blanketed by a thick coating of white stuff.Cumulative snow levels measured 10 centimeters by Sunday evening. The municipal government has mobilized 100-thousand residents to clear public areas. According to weather predictions, temperatures in the area will plummet to minus-15-degrees starting on Monday.Northern China's Hebei Province was also affected by the wicked weather. By Sunday afternoon, the city of Zhangjiakou had received nearly 13 millimeters of snow. Meteorologists say thermometer ings there will fall by 14 degrees.Temperatures in some sections of the province will even see dramatic drops to as low as minus-34-degrees. To prevent heavy damage, the local government has activated an emergency response system.Meanwhile, China's eastern and southern regions will also feel the effects of a cold front in the next few days. The country's Central Metrological Station has issued an orange alert in anticipation of the coming chill ... warning that certain areas could suffer mercury drops ranging from 8 to 12 degrees Celsius. Article/201001/93714。

中国的80、90后和父辈有何不同?他们面临着怎样的社会生活环境?又有怎样的心理诉求?他们要如何重塑中国社会?杨澜说,微让我们更好地了解中国的年轻一代。郭美美风波、蚁族、裸婚……杨澜透过在社会媒体中的观察,把这些话题带上了TED演讲台。 Article/201206/187794。

How Olympic medals are made  Years of hard work and sacrifice will pay off as Olympic athletes climb the podium to receive their medals in London. But exactly how are those medals made? The raw materials are mined in the Utah desert in the USA, but that’s just the start of a long and complicated process.This is the Bingham Canyon Mine in Utah, it has been dubbed the largest man-made hole in the world, and this is the birthplace of a 2012 Olympic medal.These massive trucks take the raw materials out of the ground -- and they are massive.All that earth also only produces 1 medal -- yes 1 medal.The next process is putting the dirt and earth through a series of grinders.Once the ore is turned into powder, from there it reacts with a liquid chemical which separates the medal from the dirt.The medal is actually the bubbles, that gets transferred to a smelter.  From there the copper/silver/or gold sheets -- in this case copper -- are shipped to a factory in Wales to become Olympic medals.相关资讯:伦敦奥运会和残奥会总共需要4700枚奖牌。眼下,这些奖牌正由英国皇家造币厂加紧制作。英国当地电视台日前采访了位于南威尔士兰特里桑特的皇家造币厂奥运奖牌制作车间。伦敦奥运会奖牌是怎样制作的?奖牌制作工作由18人组成的专家小组负责。具体制作工序都由非常有经验的师傅亲自操刀。一名叫哈里斯的师傅已经在皇家造币厂工作了40年。负责锻造的哈里斯说,制作奥运奖牌是自己一生最光荣的工作。伦敦奥运会奖牌是怎样制作的?以前他也做过英联邦运动会的奖牌,但不管在工艺上还是材料上,奥运金牌才是最好的。造币厂专家说,制作奥运奖牌需要22道工序,所有金属材料都来自美国犹他州的一家公司。奖牌制作的最后一道工序是把奖牌挂在紫色的带子上,然后放在盒子里。在挂带车间,一名女工说:“奥运会奖牌的最后工序在我这里完成,我感到非常非常自豪。”伦敦奥运会的金牌重量为400克,在重量、体积和价值上创造了夏季奥运会的历史之最。 Article/201207/192044。

影片改编自维多利亚女王的青年时代,从1836年她登机前一年开始到1840年她和阿尔伯特亲王结婚为止,影片着重描述的是她的爱情生活。  维多利亚的童年生活其实并不幸福,宫廷生活让她觉得厌烦和无趣。直到她的表哥——年轻而又充满活力的阿尔伯特亲王走进她的生活——一切就都改变了。从此维多利亚开始想象自己是一个普通的女孩开始追求自己的爱情和幸福。不过家庭和国家总是矛盾的,选择了一方就意味着要放弃另一方,因为在维多利亚之前的英国,女王才拥有至高无上的权力。而阿尔伯特亲王也陷入了选择的痛苦中,选择爱情,那就一定要接受一桩政治大于爱情的婚姻——因为做了国王,就意味着没有自由、没有办法主宰自己的命运。如果选择了政治,那么他并不是女王对合适的结婚对象。两个年轻人就在这种痛苦中煎熬着。1837年,18岁的维多利亚被命运推上了王位,虽然她并不想这样,但是她还是默默承担起了一个国家领袖的重任。3年后,她和表哥阿尔伯特亲王结婚,之后开创了一个强大的帝国。Queen Victoria's image on big screenFilm "The Young Victoria", now in cinemas across North America, is a 2009 British Film based on the accession to the throne and early reign of Queen Victoria and her marriage to Prince Albert. Leading the cast are Emily Blunt, Rupert Friend, Miranda Richardson and Jim Broadbent.The film is a romantic dramatization of some of the events preceding and following the coronation of Queen Victoria. It focuses on her early reign and her legendary romance with Prince Albert.Queen Victoria took the throne at 18, and married her first cousin Prince Albert in 1840.The film is directed by Jean Marc Valle, who won several awards for his last film, Crazy. He says all the cast members made great efforts to learn about people back in Queen Victoria's era.Emily Blunt earned a Golden Globe nomination for playing the young Queen Victoria, even though she admits there were times when she couldn't wait to escape the character.Rupert Friend, who plays Prince Albert after roles in other period films - from Pride and Prejudice to The Libertine - said he was happy to delve into the past again. Article/200912/93310。