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乌鲁木齐市第三医院祛疤手术多少钱伊宁市注射丰太阳穴多少钱Thank you very much.Have a seat,please.Have a seat everybody.非常感谢 请坐下 请坐下,各位Thank you very much.I appreciate it.Im glad you are here.非常感谢 我很感激 很高兴你们在这里Id like to take all that energy and all that love.现在我想把所有的能量和所有的爱And I wanna send it to everybody in Oklahoma right now.送给俄克拉荷马州的每个人Because before I start the show I just want you to know that在我开始节目之前 我只想让你们知道our thought,our prayers are with everyone there everyone that was affected.我们的关心 我们的祈祷 和每一个受灾的人在一起It is terrible,terrible thing that happened.这很糟糕 很糟糕的事发生了But I assume that if you are watching the show right now.但我想如果你现在在看节目You wanna take a break from the news and you wanna laugh for a little while.你一定想从新闻中缓过来 开心一会儿Thats what we are gonna do.Thats what we are trying to do everyday.这是我们将要做的 也是我们每天都试着去做的事So, thats what we do now.So,heres what Im gonna do.所以 这是我们将要做的事 这是我将要做的事You are here in a good day.Im gonna do something special.你们来对日子了 今天我要做些特别的事Cuz usually I come out here and I do the show and this is it.its all taken place right here.因为我总是从这里出来 主持节目 然后就这样了 一切都在这里发生But theres a backstage that nobody ever gets to see.Ijust come out here但有一个没人见过的后台 我从那边出来and you go whats happening backstage you are wondering.然后你们想后台发生了些什么Or maybe you dont wanna know,but So I thought I would give you a little tour.或许你们不想知道 所以我想带你们参观一下So come with me.Dont you,no, you stay there.跟我走 不 你呆在那儿The camera will come with me and Im gonna show you what goes on backstage.摄像机会跟着我 然后我将会给你看后台发生了什么Because there are a lot of...Hi,Tony,How are you.Good to see you.Me,too.Ok So,look at the door.因为有很多的 你好 Tony 你好吗? 很高兴见到你 我也是 好 看这扇门 /201604/436011乌鲁木齐鼻梁变高手术 Hey, Madaonnas could be here all week long.嘿 麦当娜会来做客一周Its Madaonna week and she sent this message she kicked out.这是麦当娜周 她发来了这条信息Here she is.First you love me and I let you in.Make me feel like that I was born again.一起来看看 你的爱让我为你敞开心扉 让我感觉像是焕然新生Hey Ellen. I cant wait to see you tomorrow and spend the week with you.嘿 艾伦 我都等不及 明天见你 跟你共度一周了We are long lost cousins, right Ill come.Ill sing you some songs.我们是失散多年的表 对吧 我会来的 我会给你唱歌If you promise to wear fishnets,Deal?Deal.Threatening.Im scared.只要你答应穿渔网装 怎么样 一言为定 威胁我 好怕怕All right, Madonna, you asked for it, I am wearing fishnets.好吧 麦当娜 你都开口要求了 我正穿着渔网装呢Oh,boy.Ah,boy.I am so limber.Ah, God.Cant wait to see you.喔 啊 我柔韧性太好了 天呐 等不及想见你了So today is a big day.Michelle Obama is here.And...And there is my guest DJ.今天的个重要的日子 米歇尔·奥巴马来到了现场 还有 那是我的特邀DJThere is Twitch, everybody.Say hi to Twitch.You were good-look, arent you. Haha.特维奇 各位 欢迎特维奇 那造型不错啊 是吧 哈哈You knew that I was limber, you know that.你知道我柔韧性很好的 你知道的I know, I see... I just hadnt seen it for a while. You know.我知道 我只是有段时间没见你了 你知道的Yeah, very very limber.Hey its a big day for you too.就是 柔韧性超级好 今天对你来说也是个重要的日子Tell everybody whats going on with you wife. Absolutely.告诉大家你老婆的事吧 -当然My wife, Allison and her partner,Ricor are gonna hit the stage for the first time.我老婆 艾利森还有她拍档里科尔 首次在节目里惊艳登场Its gonna be incredible.That makes sure.They are looking good.肯定会亮瞎你们的 肯定的 他们看起来超棒Yeah, and you are going back to ;So You Think You Can Dance;?对 你要重返;舞魅天下;了吗Going back to So You Think You Can Dance season 12.在;舞魅天下;十二季里回归Thats exciting news.Yeah.Hey, since the first lady is here I want everybody to get caught up on current events.令人激动的消息啊 是 嘿 既然第一夫人要来上节目 我希望大家了解一下时事热点So, lets see whats happening.Its a new segment, called ;Local Focal;.那么 来看看都有些什么新闻吧 这是个新的环节 叫做;当地焦点; /201602/425081Two local sources told N News, two American brothers have been arrested in Tunisia on suspicion of belonging to a terrorist organization.来自两处当地消息告诉N新闻,美国两兄弟在突尼斯被逮捕,涉嫌参与恐怖组织。A senior police official said the brothers were both aged in their 30s and originally from Michigan.一名高级警方官员表示,兄弟们都是30多岁,来自密歇根。Speaking on condition of anonymity, the police source said one of the men was carrying a U.S. passport that identified him as Patrick Alan Lawwill.一位不愿透露姓名的警方人士表示,其中一名男子携带美国护照,认定他是帕特里克·艾伦·劳威尔。Declining to comment further because of ;privacy considerations,; a State Department official said it was aware of reports the pair had been arrested ;on suspicion of terrorist activities.;基于“隐私的考虑”,一名国务院官员拒绝进一步,称知道两人“涉嫌恐怖活动”被捕。译文属。201610/474537新疆省去痘医院哪家好

阿拉尔去色素痣多少钱Europe French foreign policy欧洲 法国对外政策The Bamako effect巴马科效应Will France’s intervention in Mali make Francois Hollande popular at home?弗朗索瓦·奥朗德对马里的干涉会能否使其在国内大受欢迎?Bienvenue, Papa Hollande!奥朗德先生,欢迎您的到来“Vive la France!” one home-made placard; “Merci Papa Hollande!” declared another. The spontaneous outpouring of gratitude on the streets of Bamako and Timbuktu, during Francois Hollande’s lightning one-day visit to Mali on February 2nd, was part of a storybook sequence that the unpopular French president could only have dreamed of. It was, he gushed, “the most important day in my political life”. Two days later, Joe Biden, the American vice-president, stood beside Mr Hollande in Paris and applauded his “decisiveness” and “the incredible competence and capability” ofFrance’s military forces. For a politician whom members of his own party compared variously to a marshmallow, a woodland strawberry and a caramel pudding, this was bliss indeed.一个自制的标栏上写着“法兰西万岁!”,而另一个则标着“奥朗德爸爸,谢谢你”的字样。2月2日,奥朗德在对马里(Mali)为期一天的闪电访问期间,在巴马科(Bamako)和廷巴克图(Timbuktu), 像这样自发张贴的感激标语随处可见。此般戏剧性的发展恐怕是这位人气不佳的总统都难以预料。奥朗德不断的重复道,“在我的政治生涯中,今天是至关重要的一天”。两天之前,美国副总统乔·拜登(Joe Biden)在巴黎与奥朗德会见的时候,就称赞他在管理法国军队上的“果断”和“令人难以置信的能力和才干”。相比于被自己党内同僚评价为软弱无能(棉花糖,树莓和焦糖布丁是法国人给奥朗德的绰号,暗指其软弱,并非赞扬),美国副总统的评价真算得上是赞美了。Under the Fifth Republic, a French president is expected to act at once as a kind of monarch (solemnity, distance) and an active executive (decisiveness, authority). This is a tricky mix, and for the right, Charles de Gaulle has long served as the ideal. For the left, it is Francois Mitterrand, the only other Socialist president. Ever since he decided to run for election, Mr Hollande has become an adept Mitterrand mimic, in gesticulation, pace and tone of voice. Yet it takes more than physical imitation to earn authority. Before France’s Mali operation he struggled to overcome a reputation for consensus-seeking and fudge.在法兰西第五共和国,总统曾被期许拥有国王般(庄严,距离感)的威严及强有力的执行能力(果断、权威) 。这是一个棘手的混合,戴高乐(Charles de Gaulle)作为法国右翼政党总统,曾长期执政并被视为榜样性的法国总统。而对法国左翼政党来说,榜样便是密特朗(Mitterrand)了,社会党另一位总统的总统。自从奥朗德决定参加竞选,无论是从手势节奏还是语调上,他俨然已经熟练成为另一个密特朗了。然而想获得权威,不仅仅是表面上的模仿。在法国对马里问题的处理上,他努力摆脱先前人云亦云,逃避责任的名声。Now, the military intervention is prompting a reassessment. The decision to dispatch fighter jets and attack helicopters to blast advancing jihadists was taken quickly and pragmatically. It was bold, with the French enjoying little allied help. “His image has changed” and he has “dispelled doubts about his authority,” says Zaki Laidi at Sciences-Po university.现在,军事干预使得人们对奥朗德的看法有所改观。奥朗德决定派遣战斗机和攻击型直升机用来轰炸圣战分子的进程被迅速有效地推进着。法国只有小部分盟军的帮助,这是十分大胆的决定。巴黎政治大学的Zaki Laid说道“奥朗德的形象已经改变了,而且他已经消除了人们对他权威的怀疑。”Might such uncharacteristic boldness abroad translate into the same at home? In some ways, the French decision over Maliwas not difficult: Mr Hollande judged that he had no choice. As Jean-Yves Le Drian, the defence minister, put it, “there was a spectacular acceleration” of the jihadists towards Bamako the day before the French strikes began: “if nobody had intervened, Bamako would have fallen two or three days later”. Mr Hollande did not have to take on a war-weary or doubting public opinion, or hostile political opposition.奥朗德此般大胆举措,在法国国内是否能一如国外般受到认可?在某些方面,法国所作出的在马里的决定并不难:因为奥朗德认为,除此之外他别无选择。正如国防部长Jean-Yves Le Drian当圣战者直指巴马科,但法国依旧按兵不动时说的那样“事态演变的太快了。如果再没有人干预,巴马科在2-3天内绝对会被攻占。”因为奥朗德先生不需要面对厌战、质疑的公众意见或者持敌对态度的反对党。A greater test is whether Mr Hollande is bold enough to take on his own constituencies with domestic reform. He has begun to implement some measures to improve competitiveness, including a softening of labour-market regulation, which does not appeal naturally to the left. Yet these have been offset by crowd-pleasing tax increases on the rich and on companies, and a reluctance to cut public spending. Given that the public sector supplies many of his deputies and voters, upcoming attempts to reform pensions and the civil service will be a better test of his willingness to take risks.另一个更大的考验是,奥朗德是否敢于站到自己持者的对面进行国内改革。他已经开始实施一些措施来提高竞争力,包括放宽劳动力市场监管,此举当然不会获得法国左派持。但是,奥朗德同时施行了口碑甚好的富人税和企业税增税,以及反对政府开始削减,这些政策抵消了左派的不满。如果考虑到法国的公共部门(指政府部门、事业单位等)为奥朗德总统选票、议员的主要来源,即将到来的对养老金及行政部门的改革尝试,将会是对其是否愿承担风险的一次更好测试。Even less clear is whether a more authoritative image will transform Mr Hollande’s poor poll ratings. The link is not automatic. Nicolas Sarkozy, his predecessor, got no ratings jump from the war in Libya. For Mr Hollande, much depends on whether things go horribly wrong in Mali; for the moment, the French have had only one soldier killed. So far the polling evidence is mixed. One recent survey suggested that Mr Hollande’s low ratings have barely moved. A poll in Paris-Match, a weekly, showed a six-point jump in his popularity, to 43%—but a mere 37% applauded his economic policy.现在还不是很清楚的是,是否还有更权威的形象将改变奥朗德可怜的民调持率。两者并非必然相关的。前任法国总统尼古拉·萨科齐(Nicolas Sarkozy),他的前任没有从利比亚战争中得到民意持率上升的好处。对于奥朗德来说,更多的是取决于马里事态究竟会不会向恐怖、恶劣的方向发展;目前,法国人也只有一个士兵站亡。到目前为止,调查据是喜忧参半。最近的一个调查显示,奥朗德的低持率几乎没有任何变动。《巴黎竞赛》(Paris- Match)周刊的一项民意调查显示,奥朗德的持率激增6个百分点,达到43%。但是其中只有37%赞扬他的经济政策。翻译:周颖译文属译生译世201610/469841乌市高新技术产业开发区治疗黄褐斑要多少钱 Whats happening in Flint has some people wondering about whats happening in their homes.The Flint water crisis is highlighting the problem of lead exposure in kids.Lead can permanently lower IQ and cause behavior problems. Researchers have even linked children with elevated lead levels with a higher propensity toward crime later in life.Now, state officials are urging schools around the state to test their water for lead.But its also important to know whats going on at home.So with all eyes on water in Flint, you might be wondering whether you should have your tap water tested.Should I test my water?Public drinking water utilities are supposed to routinely test for lead under a rule in the Safe Water Drinking Act.Theyre supposed to go out and sample places in the system where they know lead can be a potential problem – those are places where, for example, water is delivered through an old water line made of lead.Your city is supposed to know where those lead service lines are ...Your city is supposed to know where those lead service lines are, so you can call your city and ask if they know whether theres a lead service line running to your house.In Flint, they might not be prepared to answer that question yet (the information is on index cards that they are trying to digitize). In Lansing, for example, you can give them your address and theyll tell you over the phone whether theres a lead service line running to your house.Its relatively easy, with a Google search, to find out what the lead tests show for your municipal drinking water supply.Water utilities typically manage the drinking water chemistry to control for corrosion in the pipes. It cuts down on the amount of lead that can leach from old pipes into your drinking water. Flint and state officials did not proactively manage for corrosion after the city switched its water supply in early 2014 - a pretty unusual situation.But even though the utility does tests in the system, the situation in your house can always be a little different. The plumbing and/or faucets in your house can contain lead, so ultimately, it never hurts to test your own water.How do I test for lead in water?I called up several cities in Michigan to see how they answered this question.In Grand Rapids, they referred me to the state.In Lansing, they referred me to the county health department. But they did offer to look up an address to see whether the home was serviced by a lead service line.In Ann Arbor, they assured me they test the water, that there are no lead service lines in the city, and offered a free lead test on the first sample.In Flint, youre supposed to be eligible for a free water test if you live in the city. When I called, they were busy, so I had to leave a message at the water plant.If you end up having to pay for it, a water lead test costs around or less. Check with your county or with this state lab for instructions on how to pull the sample.Lead paint is still the main concernIf you live in a home built in 1978 or earlier, you can assume theres lead paint in it somewhere.Heres how the EPA breaks down the risk of lead being in your home depending on when its built:The question is – do you have kids that can get exposed to it? You can talk to your kids doctor about testing them for lead exposure if you live in an older home.Mary Sue Schottenfels is the Executive Director of Clear Corps Detroit. The group helps homeowners clean up lead and other potential hazards in homes.She says the only real way to know where the hazards are in your house is to hire a professional.;To really properly test for lead, youve really got to test every component that either is deteriorating, like chipping and peeling paint, paint on a porch, paint on a railing, or is inherently a hazard like a window that goes up and down, or a door that bangs.;Friction on windows or door jambs can create lead dust – and that dust is one of the biggest ways kids can get exposed to unsafe levels of lead.Paul Haan is the executive director of the Healthy Homes Coalition of West Michigan. He said he once asked a lead assessment professional in Grand Rapids about lead and windows.;And I asked her, how often do you go into an older house thats still an older house, that hasnt been remodeled... and find a window that does not have lead-based paint on it? And she just looked at me with a blank stare and chuckled and said, that never happens,; Haan said.Haan said just about every pre-1950s house tested has lead-based paint on the windows.The other reason to hire a professional is that lead can show up in some surprising places – like bathtubs – old ceramic pots and pans – or the soil outside of your house.You can find a list of professional contractors who can do these tests on this state website.Its not cheap, but you can start smallWhole house lead evaluations like this can run 0 to 0. They use x-ray fluorescence tools to find the lead, and in the end, you get a full report of where the lead is in your house. This can be useful to avoid or fix potential hot spots, and to inform any future remodeling plans.But you can start small too. Lead testing kits from hardware stores can give you an indication of where lead might be – keep in mind that you might get false positives with those kits, or you might not find lead that is below other surfaces (like under several layers of non-lead paint).Another thing you can do is take individual samples yourself. You can send in individual soil samples, or you can get wipes that test for lead in your house.You might be able to get help from federal lead hazard reduction programsThere are several lead hazard reduction programs around the state.Depending on your circumstances, some of these programs will pay to clean up the lead in your house, some will ask you to contribute a little to the project, and some will do the work financed with a 0% loan on the house.With most of these programs, youll have to meet certain requirements.Your income has to be below a certain level.You have to live in an older home.You have to have a child in the house that is 5 years old or younger (they might want that child tested for lead).And you might have to show that the taxes are current on the house.To know the exact requirements in your area, follow the links below for more information:The State of Michigan - Lead Safe Home programDetroit – Clear Corps DetroitWest Michigan – Healthy Homes Coalition of West MichiganWayne CountySaginaw CountyGenesee CountyMuskegon CountyMost of the money for these lead abatement programs comes from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Money for the programs changes year by year, and counties, cities, and the state have to apply for the funds. The state of Michigan recently contributed .75 million to its lead abatement program.Right now in Michigan, these are the active lead remediation grants in the state:State of Michigan - ,410,000 - Lead Hazard ControlSaginaw County - ,000,001 - Lead Hazard ControlMichigan Dept. of Community Health - ,070,001 - Lead Hazard ControlGenesee County Health - ,070,000 - Lead Hazard ControlBerrien County Health Department - ,000,000 - Lead Hazard ControlSaginaw County - ,100,000 - Lead Hazard ControlCounty of Muskegon - ,100,000 - Lead Hazard ControlMichigan Department of Community Health - ,479,602 - Lead Hazard ControlWayne County - ,480,000 - Lead Hazard ControlCity of Detroit - ,525,371 - Lead Hazard Reduction DemonstrationCity of Lansing - ,728,605 - Lead Hazard Reduction DemonstrationSoutheastern Michigan Health Association - 9,995 - Healthy Homes DemonstrationYou might also qualify for a 0% development loanIf you dont qualify for a lead abatement grant program, you might still qualify for whats known as a ;community development block grant.;Typically, these are 0% loan programs to improve the housing stock in the city.Detroit has a new program called Detroits 0% Home Repair Loans program.To see whether your city or area offers these loans, check with your local community development office.And if you dont qualify for any of these programs, you can find a list of contractors who can do lead abatement work here.201510/403907阿图什市光子美白多少钱

乌鲁木齐洗文眉哪家医院好Britain Measuring poverty英国 衡量贫困The end of the line贫困终止The government sets out to redefine what it means to be poor政府着手重新定义贫穷When Seebohm Rowntree, a chocolate-maker and pioneering social researcher, began measuring poverty in York in 1899, he worked out the minimum needed to buy enough food for “physical efficiency”. In 1935, when he repeated the study, Rowntree added allowances for cigarettes, newspapers and a holiday. By 1951 he concluded that poverty was on its way towards being eradicated, with only pockets among the elderly left, and stopped counting.1899年,当巧克力制造商和社会学家先驱的西伯姆·朗特里(Seebohm Rowntree)在约克(York)开始测量贫困,他提出了“最低温饱线”的理论。在1935年,在反复研究之后,他又推行了关于香烟,报纸以及假期的补贴制度。并在1951年的时候,他得出结论,称除了部分老人外,若按此方法进行下去将会贫困将会得到消除,因此他停下了研究的脚步。Few now experience the raw penury of Rowntree’s day. But measuring poverty remains an obsession. In its dying days the last Labour government passed a law committing its successors to reduce child poverty. That is causing trouble for the present lot. Under the law, poverty is defined primarily in relative terms: families with less than 60% of the median income are considered to be poor. On November 15th Iain Duncan Smith, the welfare secretary, was set to launch a consultation to come up with a better definition. He wants to include things that he regards as the real causes of want: worklessness, educational failure and drug and alcohol dependency.现在很少有人能体验到朗特里时代的贫困。但是测衡贫困至今仍是个谜题。在上一届工党最后的执政日子里,通过了一项关于他们下届将会减少儿童贫困的法案。这对当下执政者造成了许多困扰。根据这项法律,贫穷的定义是相当于而言的:当家庭的收入低于收入中位数(median income)的60%时,即被认为是贫困。在11月15日,福利大臣伊恩·邓肯·史密斯(Iain Duncan Smith)着手组织咨询讨论,为其寻找一个更好的定义。他希望能把他认为真正导致贫困的原因加入进去即失业,辍学,吸毒以及酗酒。There are several problems with the current measure. Because it is relative, it is influenced by changes in overall earnings. Figures released over the summer showed a sharp reduction in child poverty over the last year—mostly the result of falling median incomes rather than a genuine improvement. The measure fails to take into account the quality of services that the poor receive, such as education and health. Worst of all, from the point of view of a cash-strapped government, huge amounts of money must be spent on tax credits and other welfare programmes to raise family incomes up to the threshold.目前贫困的标准存在几个问题。因为该标准属于相对标准,受整体收入变动的影响。如夏季公布的图表所示,与去年全年相比,今年同期的儿童贫困数量急剧下降,这主要是因为收入中位数的大幅下降并非现实状况的真正改善。这项措施并未将贫困儿童接受补助的质量纳入考虑范围,这其中就包括教育和医疗。对于现金拮据的政府来说,更糟糕的是,他们必须花费巨资在税务抵免和其他福利计划上,才能将家庭收入高于贫困线。But several charities are nervous about changing how poverty is defined and suspect Mr Duncan Smith of trying to wriggle out of a commitment to his predecessors’ targets. These had some benign effects. Since 1999, when Tony Blair announced his ambition to end child poverty, the profile of the poor has changed profoundly. Thanks to tax credits, the proportion of children living in households below the poverty line has fallen by around a third. Pensioners, who have been supported since 2003 with a special credit, are now less likely to be in poverty than younger people. But working-age adults without children are actually worse off: whereas 12% were considered to be in poverty in 1997, now 15% are.但是一些慈善组织对重新定义贫困深感不安,并且怀疑这是这是邓肯·史密斯在逃避对其前任政府所定目标的承诺。那些目标还是有些积极地作用的。在1999年的时候,当托尼·布莱尔(Tony Blair)高调宣布,他将终结儿童贫困为己任,这一系列的措施让贫困儿童的现状发生了翻天覆地的变化。由于税收抵免,生活在贫困线之下儿童的比例较之前减少了1/3。自2003年以来领取养老金者便享受一项特殊津贴,相较于那些年轻人,他们受贫穷的可能性更低。但那些处于工作适龄却没有孩子的群体的经济状况实际上恶化了:在1997年,他们中有12%的人生活在贫困线以下,而现在已经达到了15%。It is not clear that this progress will continue, says Chris Goulden, a researcher at the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. The government’s big welfare reform—the universal credit—creates strong incentives for people to work for a few hours, which may help to increase incomes. But other reforms work in the opposite direction. Mr Goulden reckons that child poverty will increase significantly by 2020, mostly thanks to a change to how benefit rates are increased with inflation.约瑟夫·朗特里基金会(Joseph Rowntree Foundation)的研究人员克里斯·戈尔登(Chris Goulden) 认为目前还不清楚的是,这项改进计划是否会持续进行,而政府一项中较大的福利改革——全社会的税收减免——极大地激励了人们每周增加工作时间,将有利于增加他们的收入。但是其他的改革却是与此背道而驰的。戈尔登认为,2020年儿童贫困将会大大的增加。这主要是因为即使福利保障水平会上涨,但是通货膨胀水平也会不断上升。The long economic slump and the rising price of food and energy have aly made life harder for the very poorest. At a church in Brixton, in south London, desperate folk wait for parcels of donated food. Many similar food banks have opened recently, mostly helping people in debt, or those whose benefits have been suspended. The church recently collected donations from annual harvest festivals in schools. In the past, children collected food for the elderly, remarks the vicar. Now they collect it for their classmates.漫长的经济衰退时期以及粮食和能源价格的不断上涨,使得贫困者的生活更加举步维艰。在伦敦南部布里克斯顿(Brixton)的一座教堂里,无论可走的人们在等待人们捐赠的食物包裹 。而在近期,开放了许多类似的食物发放站,主要用来帮助那些负债累累或者救助金暂停发放的人们。而教堂近期的捐赠是从一年一度的校园收获感恩节(harvest festivals)上募集来的。牧师称,在过去,孩子们为老人家募捐。但是现在他们为自己的同学募捐。 翻译:周颖译文属译生译世 /201608/462736 石河子假体植入丰胸多少钱阿克苏鼻头鼻翼缩小多少钱



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