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We may have been physically able to speak从生理上说 我们那时就可以说话了but linguists believe但语言学家认为 it#39;s more likely that the birth of language coincided with语言的产生应该是在五万年前the proliferation of man-made objects around 50,000 years ago.与人造工具广泛流传的时间相同At this time there was an explosion in art and technology.那时艺术和科技空前繁荣We start to see, for the first time in the archaeological record,我们可以看到考古记录上首次出现了lots of different tool types, lots of different implements,各种各样的大量工具 lots of different huts that people lived in各种人类居住的棚屋and so these things seemed to appear rather abruptly,这些东西似乎是突然之间大量涌现suggesting that there was some change in the way we lived.表明人类的生活方式发生了变化Many scientists think that the birth of language很多科学家认为是语言的诞生instigated this cultural boom.带来了那次文化繁荣But without a time machine, we may never know exactly没有时间机器 我们可能永远无法知道when we started to talk.人类开始讲话的确切年代But what we do know is why.但我们能知道说话的原因Mark Pagel believes that language马克·帕杰尔认为语言probably developed as a practical way of defining roles可能是作为定义社会角色的方式产生的and it formed a kind of social glue.并进而成为了社会的黏着剂 Article/201501/352381The Jacksons themselves were杰克逊家族本身interested in moving on with their career.也想要再推进他们的歌唱事业They wanted to write, they wanted to produce.他们也想写歌与参与制作so Huff and l, we helped them produce.瑟夫与我在制作方面 稍微帮了他们一下Tito was excellent, #39;cause he#39;s a great guitar player.蒂托很厉害 因为他谈吉他的技巧很高超Kenny Gamble and leon Huff was very warm, nice people.肯尼·甘柏与里昂·瑟夫 是很热情也很好的人They had a lot of soul,他们很懂灵魂音乐we had a lot in common with the music.我们在音乐上有许多的共通点When l cut their tracks,我在混音时l always included Tito节奏部份in the rhythm section.一定会加入蒂托的独奏And he told me Motown would not let him play on their tracks,他告诉我说城 不让他在自己的歌中弹奏but he played on every one of mine.但我制作的每首都有他Our studio Was running 24 hours a day, so it was like a machine.录音室简直是全天候开业 像机器似的sometimes,有时we might wanna work until the wee hours我们可能一路工作of the morning.到凌晨Depends on how strong your creative juices is flowing完全取决于当下有多少at that moment.灵感And the Jacksons were used to curfews.而杰克逊家族以前有门禁But that changed in Philly.这点在费城时改变了Well, they were older, they were teenagers then.他们那时也稍为年长 已经是青少年了But they were still trying to induce that old system,但他们还是想回到以前的那套and Michael rebelled against it.当时迈克尔就开始反抗Because Michael wanted to hang out因为迈克尔也想要into the wee hours of the morning, so... And that#39;s what he did.混到清晨 他也就这么做了 Article/201509/399708

Don#39;t let negative thoughts drag you down. Use these tips to shake off the doldrums and get back to living a happy, healthy life.不要让负面的想法影响你的情绪。根据下面的建议,摆脱负面情绪,重新过上快乐健康的生活。You Will Need你需要Courage勇气Coping skills处理技巧Positive life events积极的生活事件Lifestyle change生活方式的转变Help from friends or family members来自朋友或家人的帮助Steps步骤STEP 1 Embrace good and bad feelings1.接受好的和坏的感觉Embrace your emotions when you feel sad or depressed with courage. Don#39;t avoid these feelings, which will only create bigger problems in the long run.当你感到悲伤或抑郁的时候,鼓起勇气接受这种感觉。不要避免这样的感受,否则长此以往只会造成更大的问题。Don#39;t use food, alcohol, or other substances to feel better -- this will only lead to long term problems for short term gain.不要试图用食物,酒精或其它物质来让自己感觉更好——这样只会因为短期的效果而造成长期问题。STEP 2 Prevent dwelling on negative thoughts2.不要因负面的想法耿耿于怀Prevent yourself from dwelling on those negative thoughts, especially when you have no control over the situation. Experience the emotion,then move on.防止自己因负面的想法而耿耿于怀,尤其是当你无法控制形势的时候。体验这样的情绪,然后继续前行。STEP 3 Create skills to cope3.处理技巧Create skills to cope with negative emotions. Accept your situation and move beyond feelings of anger and hopelessness to solutions to fix your problems.想出处理负面情绪的技巧。接受这种形势,克愤怒和无望的情绪,而是想出解决问题的方法。STEP 4 Build upon positive events4.累积积极的事件Build upon the positive events in your life. Exercise, a hobby, or hanging out with family or friends will counteract the negative events.累积生活中积极的事件。锻炼,爱好,或者与家人朋友在一起可以有效抵制负面情绪。STEP 5 Change long-term habits5.改变长期习惯Change your long-term habits that invite negative emotions into your life. Set goals at your job, at home, and in your personal life to build upon the positive and be better prepared when negative emotions strike.改变导致负面情绪的长期习惯。为工作,家庭和个人生活设置长期目标,积累积极的情绪,为负面情绪袭击做更好的准备。Avoid people who trigger negative emotions or make you feel like you don#39;t matter.避免那些会触发负面情绪的人,让自己感觉并不在乎这样。STEP 6 Ask for help6.求助Ask for help from a friend or family member. Talk to them about about your feelings or write them down. Once released, you can begin to understand your negative emotions and move beyond them.请求朋友或家人的帮助。向他们讲述你的感受,或者写下来。一旦宣泄了负面情绪,你就能够更好地理解并克这些情绪。Cortisol is a hormone produced in the brain that is released in times of stress as a coping mechanism.皮质醇是产生压力时大脑作为反应机制生成的一种荷尔蒙。视频听力译文由。 /201504/368255

I#39;ve got it with me now. It#39;s very light to hold, and it#39;s less like a wine cup and more like a small serving bowl-a bowl that would hold the equivalent of a very large glass of wine. It#39;s a shallow oval about seven inches (18 cm) long, so roughly the size and shape of a large mango. And on each of the long sides there#39;s a gilded handle, and it#39;s these handles that give the cup its name-it#39;s known as an ear cup. The core of the cup is wood, and through some of the damage you can just see that wood, but of course most of it#39;s covered in layer after layer of reddish-brown lacquer.我现在手里就拿着它,漆杯质地很轻,外形更像一个小碗,而容量相当于一个大葡萄酒杯。这是一个椭圆形的浅碗,直径约18厘米,形状与尺寸都像个大芒果。较长的两边各有一个镀金把手,酒杯因此被命名为耳杯。它整体为木制,我们能从一些破损处看到里面的木胎。大部分碗体由红棕色的漆层覆盖。The inside is plain but the outside has been decorated with gold and bronze inlay-pairs of birds face each other, each sporting exaggerated claws against a background of geometric shapes and decorative spirals. The whole effect is of a costly highly wrought object-elegant, stylish, confident. Everything about it speaks of assured taste and controlled opulence. Roel Sterckx, Professor of Chinese History at Cambridge, knows exactly how much effort would go into making one of these drinking cups:内壁没有任何装饰,外壁则镶嵌黄金与青铜,并绘有数对相向而立的鸟,挥舞着它们大得夸张的鸟爪,而背景是一些几何图案及螺旋纹饰。漆杯价值高昂,工艺繁复,流露出优雅、时髦与自信。每一个细节都表现出对品位的笃定,又不显得过分奢华。制作这样的漆杯到底需要多少人力物力,剑桥大学中国史教授胡司德颇为了解:;Lacquerware takes an enormous amount of time to make. It#39;s a very labour-intensive and a very tedious process, because there#39;s the extraction of the sap of the lacquer tree, followed by all sorts of procedures, mixing with all sorts of pigments, letting it cure, applying successive layers on to a wooden core, to finally produce a beautiful piece. And it would have involved several sets of artisans.;漆器制作极为费时,且需要消耗大量人力,过程又十分枯燥。首先从漆树上割取汁液,然后与色素混合,晾干,再一层层涂抹在木胎上,最后才能得到美丽的成品。这需要多种手工艺人的配合。 Article/201411/343636

在这有趣又有限的四分钟里,Reddit(一个社交型新闻网站)的Alexis Ohanian讲述了一只座头鲸变成网络明星的真实故事。喷水先生的成功被认为是Facebook时代网络流行语崛起并市场化的一个经典。 Article/201501/352821

Their branches provide shelter for a wealth of small and vulnerable creatures, many of them beautifully camouflaged.他们的枝条为成群弱小敏感身披神奇自然保护色的小生物提供了天然庇护所。But the ultimate master of disguise has to be the octopus, able to change not only its shape and colour, but its skin texture, too.然而最终极的伪装者非章鱼莫属。他们不仅能改变外形与颜色,甚至能变化皮肤纹理。 注:视频如无法播放,请刷新 /201410/332869

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